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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 19, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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it's our coming together to honor juneteenth and crews jump on a fire in the oakland hills overnight as agencies all over the bay area braced for hot, dry conditions this week. and an increase in fire danger. this is ktvu fox two news at six. and good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes mike mibach. we begin tonight with juneteenth celebrations all over the bay area today. sing it to death. in oakland, hundreds of people came to lake marriage for some music and dancing. there were dozens of vendors selling food and drinks along with handmade
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crafts. juneteenth commemorates the day back in 18 65. when enslaved black people in galveston's texas we're told that they were free two years after the emancipation proclamation gateways james torres has more now on today's celebration in oakland. juneteenth at lake merritt has said to honor community family culture and love, and that's why several vendors came out here to set up hours before any scheduled events to honor the holiday. just a good celebration for us and his father's day to rejoice for more than one reason. liberation day. somebody gotta tell us we're free, right ? so i'm here to let us know we're here. we're free, you know, to appreciate the sun taking the energy live in the culture is one of dozens of vendors around lake merritt while selling handmade bracelets and necklaces she talks about honoring the liberties she has today. that her ancestors may not have had before, and juneteenth is just another leveler like just a reminder.
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you are who you want to be. you are free. you have that choice. cameron lacy owns this food cart . he says juneteenth reminds him of the opportunities he has to pursue what he loves to do. seeing young people see me do it. you know what i mean? that's a big influence on our community. a block away. next door to the grand lake theater is a new location for red bay coffee, black owned coffee shop honored juneteenth with a grand opening. we are black owned coffee roaster from oakland and during teens is a special day for all of us were excited that this is, you know. a new holiday that we all been celebrating for years, and it just correlated with us getting this little beautiful spot right here. by the grand lake theaters for hours. roads on the east side of the lake were closed, and oakland police made their presence known. they hope to prevent any violent crime like during events last year when a deadly shooting cut celebration short i've come out here for years has always been saved. you know, of course, there's a
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couple knuckleheads, young guys who do their thing, but it really doesn't, um, affect the overall big picture. hopefully security of scare the knuckleheads from doing, you know. senseless things. but as the music played in the sauce was made people around lake merritt took the weekend to honor culture, remember history and spread love with their neighbors and families as black people for us during teens is a special day reporting in oakland. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. and this is the first year juneteenth is being recognized as a federal holiday president biden signing the legislation last year and since the 19th falls on a sunday this year, government buildings postal services banks in the stock market will be closed tomorrow in observance of juneteenth. well now for a look at our weather, and things warmed up just a bit today. here is a look at mount diablo and contra costa county temperatures are expected to rise this week with those hot conditions. of course, comes increased fire
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danger. ktvu greg liggins is here. now with a look at how fire agencies are preparing for those conditions and another threat on the horizon, greg yeah , heather, that other threat is just a couple of weeks away right now. conditions are bad, and they are going to be getting worse. so as demonstrated last night during that 2.5 acre blaze in the oakland hills, firefighters have to act quickly to prevent a small fire. from getting out of control. just after 10 o'clock saturday night . flames are seen chewing through the dry brush in the hills above the neighborhood of sheffield village, just south of the oakland zoo. right below the flames homes and they're nervous owners watching the fire light up the night sky saw the orange just go from here all the way across like this. i mean, it was going very rapidly. and then, as we were looking and trying to, you know, gauge the progress of it. one of the trees just lit up like a firecracker thing. it
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just four alarm fire was in an area challenging to access requiring four wheel drive rigs and hundreds of feet of hose. but firefighters knocked it out by midnight. cruise remained on scene through much of sunday because of the risk of a flare up. we have two engines, which total of eight personnel on it and their perimeter walking the perimeter, making sure that there's no hot spots or anything like that. this fire comes just before the anticipated arrival of increasing temperatures that will exacerbate already dry conditions. and will be accompanied by northerly winds public to have knowledge, knowing that that that the fire danger really is increasing with this hotter, drier weather. then there's another risk, the fourth of july and the illegal fireworks that will be popping off. a day of dread for law enforcement and fire fighters who are preparing for this chaos. a lot of lot of responses. we will be going all night long all our crews. firefighters are urging people
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to stay away from all types of fireworks, which can spark wildland fires. they suggest leaving the fireworks to the professionals. now in many places, fireworks are illegal, and even when they aren't firefighters say, the risk of you using them is just too high. greg legans ktvu fox two news. better to just avoid them. all right, greg, thank you. an act of vandalism in san leandro, now being investigated as a hate crime officers say anti asian epithets were spray painted on a religious sign and on the garage door of a home on inverness street over the weekend. police say the crime is being investigated as a targeted hate crimes since the realtor, property owners and the most recent tenants of the home are of asian descent. anyone with information about the case is asked to call san leandro police francisco six people are recovering tonight from injuries after an suv crashed into um uni bus in the marina district. authorities say the suv was speeding when it crashed into that bus. around 11 yesterday at
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the intersection of lombard and fillmore streets. the driver was detained by police. all six victims were taken to the hospital. none of their injuries is life threatening, but two were said to be in critical condition. now we go to union city where police they're asking for help locating a missing at risk. woman 63 year old larissa meredith was last seen yesterday morning in the area of petunia court in union city. she's described as an asian woman for feet tall, about four ft 11 inches tall and weighing about £160. she was wearing a yellow baseball hat and black sweatshirt. police say that meredith has medical issues that puts her at risk. so if you have any information, please call police survey out suggests a recession is indeed headed our way. the wall street journal as economists about the probability of a recession in the next 12 months. 44% said that scenario was likely that same question was posed back in january, and just 18% of economists surveyed said that the us was on track for a recession. today the
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treasury secretary said that while inflation is too high recession is not a foregone conclusion. i don't think a recession is it all it all inevitable chair powell. clearly inflation is unacceptably high. it's president biden's top priority to bring it down. and sure, powell has said that his goal is to bring inflation down while maintaining a strong labor market. that's going to take skill and luck, but i believe it's possible. i don't think a recession is inevitable. and in addition to that very strong job market, janet yellen points to robust consumer spending for her optimism on keeping a recession at bay. some lawmakers are now proposing a suspension of the federal gas tax to try to help reduce the pain at the pump as foxes lucas tomlinson reports. it is an idea that the white house is open to with inflation
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spiking at its sharpest pace in decades, the nation's bleak economic outlook now appears to be the primary challenge for the white house as it heads into the midterm elections. prices are unacceptably high right now, and that's why the president has said. we need to make this our topic and ah mick focus and do everything we can to get them down a recent a piano rc poll found that just two in 10, americans think the economy is doing well. last week's decision by the fed to raise interest rates is likely to drive prices even higher. all those factors are fueling fears that recession could be on the horizon. the dominant probability would be that by the end of next year, we would be seeing a recession in the american economy, americans are getting hit particularly hard at the gas pump. some lawmakers have floated the idea of suspending the federal gas tax something administration could be open to gas prices have risen great deal, and it's clearly burdening households, and that's an idea that
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certainly worth considering that gas tax just about 18 cents per gallon, some modest relief for drivers with the national average hovering around $5 per gallon. at the white house. lucas tomlinson. fox news. well parts of yellowstone national park will reopen in just a few days after weeks of historic floods there, the national park service says yellowstone's south loop will reopen to the public on wednesday, but with limited capacity this is after what we saw here in this video of those rocks just crashing down onto cars, their cars with license plates, ending with an odd number will be allowed on odd days of the month back into the park, while license plates ending with an even number, including zero will be allowed to enter on even days of the month. this reopening follows several days of record rainfall that led to those mudslides that we just showed you down trees and also damaged roads still ahead a new assessment of the war in ukraine by nato officials how long they see the war continuing and how ukraine can
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possibly gain back control of some regions, and the price of air travel is dipping coming up for customers will see a difference in air fares. and i am tracking that weather forecast. we're going to warm up we did today. we're going to continue to warm right through tuesday. we'll talk about the potential for some fire concerns wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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again today. one police officer shot the tires of a car right near st peter's square, authorities say the driver of the car described as a 38 year old albanian man was already known to police. allegedly failed to stop at a police checkpoint on one of the main streets in central rome and a police chase didn't sue. police said the suspect drove along the main street leading to st peter's basilica at a time when thousands of pilgrims were arriving to hear pope francis speak. firefighters in spain are battling wildfires all across the country in northwest spain, more than 61,000 acres of burned and at least 10 villages had to evacuate more than 500. firefighters were deployed to contain this wildfire. officials say the wildfires are the result of a heat wave in western europe. well, the nato secretary general is warning that the blood ukraine could last for years, and he's urging the west to continue its support of the nation and its people. meantime,
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russian forces are ramping up attacks in the eastern donbass region. box of steve harrigan is in odessa, ukraine, with the latest the head of nato is now warning that the war between russia and ukraine could last for years, also saying that with proper military aid, ukraine can begin to take back territory in the east. it has been losing to russia. in the meantime, ukraine's president zelensky left the capital of kiev for the black sea coast to tour embattled cities of michael ioffe, as well as odessa gave out medals, visited hospitals and towards scenes of destruction. all the while trying to raise morale. we will not give away the south to anyone. we will return everything that's ours and the sea will be ukrainian and safe. finally family members of three former u. s service members are speaking out about the possibility that their family members may have been captured by russia. they came here to fight for ukraine. so far, the
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state department is not giving any official confirmation on the status of these three americans , but they are repeating a warning issued by president biden that americans should not go to ukraine. in odessa, ukraine. steve harrigan, fox news angeles county coroner, as released the cause of death for the man accused of fatally shooting two police officers, authorities say 35 year old justin floors died by suicide from a gunshot wound. police say floor is shot and killed to el monte police officers last week when they responded to a domestic dispute at a motel that was on tuesday. flores was on probation for a gun charge at the time of the shooting. the previous day. his probation officer requested that he returned to court later in the month. workers at a maryland apple store are celebrating after voting to join a union. on the store they're in to scene has more than 100 workers and voted they voted by a 2 to 1
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margin to become union members of the national labor relations board certifies that election. it will then begin contract talks with apple on working conditions, wages and benefits. this is the first apple store to take a union vote. but stores in atlanta and new york have also made steps in that direction. millions of americans are seeing delays and cancelations at airports, coast to coast, and some people are even getting worried about their summer travel plans, including over the fourth of july. transportation secretary pete buttigieg's says he wants to ensure the airlines can operate all of their planned flights with existing staff and also hire additional customer service workers have needed the secretary is warning airlines at the transportation department could potentially impose fines on airlines that fall short of consumer protection standards that transportation secretary's actions come in response to growing complaints from travelers. when we had checked in the butt ticket agent had said that almost all the flights were delayed or canceled today.
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so i was just glad at least ours wasn't canceled completely. but now we won't get home until one a.m. airlines attribute the cancelations and delays on a variety of factors, including severe weather and staffing shortages due to covid infections, and here is a live look out at san francisco international airport on this sunday evening. the airport reporting about two dozen cancelations today and more than 100 delays. an airport spokesman says those numbers are typical for this time of year. oakland and mineta san jose international saw a handful of cancelations and delays today. well there is some welcome news. if you are, in fact planning a trip, a drop in prices for some domestic flights boxes bailey miller has more now for us from phoenix on what's driving this trend. domestic airfare fell for the first time since the beginning of the year, but many of the travelers we spoke with at sky harbor say they haven't noticed any difference in price , adding that more needs to be done to bring those prices down
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. prices are just stupid. i know when you can get reasonable prices, and it's not been reasonable for the last two years, travelers say their domestic flights have been extremely expensive this despite new reports, saying the cost of flights are down. domestic airfare is about $20 cheaper than what it was at the peak in may. the travelers say even that decline isn't enough spending like $500 more like what's $10? that's nothing, you know. i mean, for the last several months, prices have been higher than usual for travel. so why is it getting cheaper now? the app hopper says. it has to do with demand. most people vacation in spring and early summer, and experts are adding that this is good news for consumers. because they expect those prices to continue to drop all the way into september and october. anything because the more you know the more money you can save the better, you know, international travel is a totally different story. experts say prices are up 20% from last summer. they add that the best
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time to travel or in september and october in phoenix. bailey miller fox news. alright dub nation getting ready for the final big event of this incredible season for the golden state warriors. of course, i'm talking about the victory parade that is planned for tomorrow. that event honoring your 2022 nba champions is set for tomorrow morning there in downtown san francisco. this right here is a look at the parade route. it runs down market street from maine all the way to eighth street. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take part in this nation celebration and tomorrow , golden gate ferry will run to special trips. bum larks bird to the san francisco ferry terminal for the warriors parade. the ferries will arrive at the terminal in time for passengers to make their way to market street for the parade that begins at 11 20. there will be a special return trip from the san francisco ferry terminal, arriving in larkspur after the parade. very operators are asking the passengers to arrive
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about 30 minutes prior to departure. to allow time to purchase tickets at the machines there in the terminal. and if you're not watching the parade in person, well, you can see it right here on ktvu fox to ktvu live coverage begins at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning and again, the parade is scheduled to start around 11 20 should be a great party there on market street. well, it's father's day in style that lake chalet in oakland this afternoon. our father is very important to us. he stands as a foundation and we've been able to commemorate this day by coming out going to church spending some time together, and it gives us a moment to appreciate everything that our father does for us. father's day has been marked as a holiday for more than 110 years and is celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide. santa rosa police officer is being credited for saving a rogue billy goat earlier today, the goat was causing a disturbance in creating a safety hazard by running through traffic. and when officer jerry ellsworth arrived on scene, he
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was able to corner that goes in the field. but the goat attempted to flee the scene, and officer ellsworth gave chase. the officer was able to eventually tackled the goat. just short distance away there. the officer was not injured in the goat was then returned to his own. all worked out. i hope you have a nice day today. i hope you had a nice father's day and got out and did what you wanted to do or didn't do what you didn't want to do or something like that. the temperatures today did warm and it was noticeable. you know, we've been all weekend. we've been warming a few degrees each day. tomorrow we're going to warm further and tuesday we peak, which is very similar to the last few weeks where we've had a heat up first part of the week and then a little bit of a cool down at the end of the week. the downside of this week is the back half. it does cool down a little bit. but it's that's it's just that a little bit so when we reach 101 in the in a conquered on tuesday, the next day in congress going to be 98, so it's cool in a 97. so it's still going to stay hot inland. so fire danger. is definitely going to be a thing.
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quality has been great. you know, we've had some really windy days we really have and unusual weather patterns. you know this kind of low pressures that come through cool us off with that cleans out the atmosphere. so we had a stunning yet another day of just beautiful, clear, crisp visibilities. that's going to go away a little bit as this pattern. high pressure sets up. so here we are heating up monday tuesday, the warmest day wednesday, still pretty warm and continuing into the weekend in the mid nineties, low nineties. uh towards the end of the week. inland so it's just gonna be a classic summer pattern with some heat on tuesday, they could easily you know, i wouldn't be surprised if the weather service popped heat advisory or something in there on tuesday. the winds conquered 23 miles an hour. it's 36 mile an hour at sfo windsor going that way, but starting tomorrow, we'll even tonight they're gonna start going that way. right, so the more north northeast. it's not going to be up the fire danger will come up. but it won't be a high fire. wind event fire danger it'll be heat and humidity which, if a fire does start which i got to tell you, a
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fire will start will have fires next week. brushfires for sure. that's just how it is. but getting a handle on. i'm not so tough because the winds should not be an issue. they're going to be a bit northerly, but they're not going to be gusting to 2030 40 miles an hour overnight lows are going to be in the fifties daytime highs tomorrow. yellows are seventies. oranges are eighties, looking at heat up. that's how it's going to be. these are the forecast highs 95 out in fairfield 95 in antioch's high tomorrow, warmer by a few degrees, and then it peaks on tuesday. on tuesday. we're going to see some low 100 , so don't freak out. it's summer. this is what happens, but we are going to be increasing that fire danger concern, certainly on tuesday, wednesday and into thursday because it's just slight cooling . i popped the weekend in here you can see it doesn't cool off that much so inland spots are going to be doing the summertime dance, which is, you know, definitely dry. definitely hot right through the week. all right, bill. thank you. coming out final round drama at the us open. our joe fonzi is coming up next with sports people working
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hello again, everyone. here's what's happening tonight in sports. you win a major on the golf tour, and you have earned a permanent revered status in the game's history. final round of the u. s open today, just outside of boston, doubling as a great place to spend father's day. matt fitzpatrick and wills alatorre is began the day tied for the lead. 400 par. they battled all day fitzpatrick down the street because he punched for birdie at 13 from a different area code and fitzpatrick gets it to fall for a share of the lead. two holes later, fitzpatrick dead center with another birdie attempt that puts him up by a stroke gives his mom and brother something to celebrate. so it came down to the 18th of fitzpatrick had already made par, finishing with the 200 par round of 68. salvatore's needed this birdie put the force of play off the ball just slips by on the high side. fitzpatrick has his first major. he wins the us open on the same course where he won the u. s amateur championship nine years ago. he and jack nicholas are the only two players to win the open and the amateur
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championship on the same course. a father's day crowd and pittsburgh hoping not to see their team swept by the giants. the giants took a two nothing lead in the first, but they're tied to two here in the sixth, and they are tied. no more rookie jackson ski hits and no doubt to right center of sammy long to win skis second homer, the game pirates in front. then it all came down to the ninth inning, tyra strada goes down and gets that david bednar pitch , the ball hugs the foul pole tied at three. but here comes that guy again in the pittsburgh ninth. wenske leads off the inning against tyler rogers and everybody's going home. the third homer of the game is the 11th of the season for cywinski. the pirates managed one win in the series 4 to 3 in this one now on to atlanta for the giants for the first of four tomorrow, and no matter how your team is playing there still enjoyment to be had in major league ballpark. aids playing an equally struggling team today and the kansas city royals. seth brown gets the a's on the scoreboard in the first inning. brown goes the other way against brady singer that's over the 3 67
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signed for his ninth homer of the season and the a's again went long ball to add on in the six sean murphy. hit a three run homer and that one the a's win four to nothing. nice father's day gifts, absolutely. players who are dad's. thanks to appreciate checkmate. (groans) again?! obviously, you're not well suited for three-dimensional chess. perhaps three-dimensional candy land would be more your speed. just reset the board. it must be humbling to suck on so many different levels. (knocking on door)


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