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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  June 20, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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rating because of its sexual content. it's the first original film by netflix rated nc 17 blonde is based on the novel of the same name. the movie streams on netflix starting september, 23rd. i didn't really see this coming. honestly when? when we started camp, i thought we could be pretty good. but i didn't. i didn't know we could win a championship. the golden state warriors are celebrating 1/4 championship in eight years. we're live in san francisco. with what you need to know if you plan on going to the victory parade in the city. plus the cost of a gallon of gas is still high, but prices are taking a very slight dip a breakdown of the relief that could be coming to ease pain at the gas pump. also ahead, the youngest americans now eligible for the covid-19 vaccine, a timeline of how soon those shots will be available for children younger than five years old. and welcome
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to mornings on tuesday nine. today is monday. june 20th. we're looking live at market street in san francisco. this is the first championship parade san francisco has hosted since the 2014 san francisco giants parade. i remember that well and of course, the warriors have one other championships, but those parades working in oakland. alright this morning's warriors victory celebration is certain to provide a much needed economic boost for the businesses along the parade road and really anywhere in downtown san francisco, many of these restaurants and bars in the market st area have been struggling during the past two years of the pandemic. many businesses came in extra early some of the people to get ready for the big crowds expected today. we are just unbelievably excited and we're expecting huge crowds. many slaves trans grow, and we're planning on opening a rub them. uh will be opening
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news. well we're going to open around the clock in the morning. of course, we've seen several championship parades for the giants and the last time when the 49ers had one. okay some of the people on the set may have not been alive. i was, though i was actually at that parade for the 49ers back in the day. but again as i mentioned this is the first celebration for the warriors because, as you remember, they played in oakland, and that's where their parades were. let's bring in ali and gosha and, um you know as that that first bite when steve kerr said i thought we were good, but i didn't think we were that good. i think warriors fans would disagree, though. i think everyone's really excited that they made it this far in that they get this fourth. title so i think you're seeing a lot of that energy out there on the parade route this morning, and you heard a lot of that. i mean, think about where we were not too long ago as a team with the warriors and now to win this i mean, it's hard to pick like which one of your children is your favorite, right, but i
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think steve kerr and stephen curry both said, you know, this one in many ways is the most meaningful. so let's talk about that. yeah, but it is. i think you're right. absolutely. let's get you out to the parade. now, if you're not one of those lining market street ktvu james torres has been there. since the early morning hours of mornings on two you're seeing more and more people show up, and i'm guessing the energy is changing as well. god said. we've been here since the early morning hours. these fans have been here for them early early morning hours and you know, this whole journey to the nba finals for the warriors has created a lot of phrases. a lot of hand signals. fans aren't aren't sleeping tonight. they're not sleeping tonight. they're not sleeping today. they're excited, started championship here. some of the phrases that they've developed that holy cannoli we heard from clay thompson after winning the warrior invitationals. that was a big coming from draymond green. course you see these guys with the floaties enjoying that pool party? we gotta fans all over the place here. just absolutely stoked to see the warriors coming by. for some of them. it's their first ever celebration, the first ever parade. but we know the warriors have some sort of dynasty. so for a lot of these people, this
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is their 2nd 3rd maybe even their fourth in the last couple of years. i want to talk to this group of people here and, uh, couple. you guys are friends from like, grade school. you guys have invested for longest time here. this is your first parade. right and what is your name? tell everyone your your name. edward who are you? most excited to see great. we got seth curry fans who got clay thompson fans. we've got jordan pool fans. we got fans for the entire warriors team, and everyone is just waiting and waiting. we're about two hours now away from that parade getting started. where we're standing is about halfway up the parade route, so it's probably gonna take a little bit of time after that start until we actually see the players coming through. but, boy, you better believe we're only at nine o'clock. and these guys have so much excitement there so loud this morning, so one side 11 12 o'clock hour rolls around. it's going to be absolutely deafening here, so we'll stand by. we'll show you what that looks like in a little bit, but in the meantime, let's send it back to you on the desk. james i wonder
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if you've encountered any fans who remember going to the last warriors championship parade back when it was in oakland. and are they talking about? it wasn't easier to get to the parade route today. is it a different feel different atmosphere? we've had some of that conversation, right? of course, these guys who are coming out today are longtime warriors fan. so of course, they've got a couple of these different celebrations. there haven't been very many comparisons yet so far, and i think that's because the parade actually hasn't happened yet. uh if there's any mention of parades in oakland, they just say i've been there, so they're excited to see what san francisco has in store. i think we'll hear some of those comparisons a little later on. alright take stories live there along the parade route. thank you. we'll bring you back in throughout mornings onto here. look if you don't want to deal with the crowds and traffic, i get you. you can stay at home and just watch the victory parade as it unfolds. live right here on ktvu. we have continuous live coverage of dub nation celebration that starts at 10 o'clock and of course, up until then, we're going to have updates for you throughout the
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nine. alright other news now on the coronavirus front this morning. children under five are now eligible for the covid-19 vaccine fastest jonathan series in atlanta this morning and tells us why the man may be off to a slow start. it's official covid vaccine access has been expanded to one of the last remaining groups of eligible americans starting tomorrow. children as young as six months old will be able to get vaccinated. the cdc signing off on shots for kids just a day after the fda gave the green light and the white house says it is ready about 10 million doses. initially going out to doctors, hospitals and community health centers around the country, with health officials, stressing the vaccines are safe and effective. some kids just you know they kind of don't feel as well. they feel tired. they don't have the same appetite, but thankfully, there have not been any serious side effects of these vaccines. the child size shots from fighter are about 1/10 of a regular adult dose and three shots are needed. moderna's is two doses each about a quarter of what adults get. both companies say they
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detected strong antibodies and vaccinated kids. and doctors say that's important because young children are still developing their immune systems and cannot fight off infection as well as adults appear. disease can occur in children, even if they don't have much of a medical history or medical underlying medical condition. it's still unclear how much demand there will be for these child sized shots. but most doctors are urging parents to consider it saying it's the best way to keep kids safe. children shouldn't have these outcomes. it's just an unnecessary um tragic event. the cdc estimates 18 million young kids are now eligible for the vaccine in atlanta. johnson siri ktvu, fox two news. well, tomorrow is the first day of summer and right on schedule. we're going to have some warmer weather, which of course, brings a higher risk of fire danger. we want the public to have knowledge, knowing that that that the fire danger really is
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increasing with this hotter, drier weather. a prime example of that happened on saturday night in the hills just south of the oakland zoo. people who live below the ridge and the chef build village area watched nervously as the fire that started their lit up the night sky. wish saw the orange. just go from here all the way across like this. i mean, it was going very rapidly. and then, as we were looking and trying to, you know, gauge the progress of it. one of the trees just lit up like a firecracker. this time of year brings another danger illegal fireworks they can usually be seen in the skies over many parts of the bay area as we get closer to the july 4th holiday, only seven cities allow fireworks sales or the use of what are called safe and sane fireworks. but fire crews remind everyone that even those can start fires. let's get over to steve paulson would look at today's weather this afternoon. i know a lot of people out in san francisco already. good thing that praise happening today and not tomorrow they'd be
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pretty hot might be a little toasty even in the city for tomorrow. although not bad. today you three that's for sure. the fog is not an issue. he had a teeny bit early this morning that's disappeared except for a few high clouds, and that's really only something people in weather would probably notice. it's all systems go for a nice forecast here for the parade. had a low of 53. there were a few upper forties early this morning, but we'll go 67 11 20 end up probably in the low seventies. the forecast high for the city today is 74 nice degrees. those higher clouds are coming down from the north that maybe it from the north for a while because all eyes are now start to turn south. i'll show you that in a second last full day of spring, but an active spring a windy spring, no doubt about it, but we have lots going on. with all these lows dropping in, we even had some snow up an incline village on the weekend and saturday sixties on the temps here for many, we had a couple of forties and fifties on the lows. now we're seeing temperatures except for half moon bay running two degrees cooler. everyone else is running warmer by one. 27 degrees, with livermore leading the leader of the pack there out front there
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at seven plus degrees for a couple of things are going on below. the main low is kicking out the high in the pacific and the high also in the desert southwest are building northward. and as they do, and as they build in the combination of two will start to bring in some cloud cover. there's also going to be a low forming in between west where it ends up can make a huge difference, but it's going to funnel and cloud government get partly cloudy wednesday thursday. and it sure looks like some showers. thundershowers over the mountains will develop as we head towards wednesday night thursday. maybe friday. the rain is good. the lightning would not be good, so it's something to watch going forward here. later this week. today though, it's about getting warmer, sunny, mostly sunny sixties seventies eighties nineties. tomorrow we'll say hello to summer, and it will be hot nineties one hundred's inland seventies eighties around the bed. and depending on how much cloud cover we get an amount of humidity. it'll still be pretty warm, but it looks like temp start to come down thursday friday. thank you, steve. this is just the second year of the federal government has recognized juneteenth as a national holiday. president biden signed the legislation making june 19th the federal
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holiday last year just two days beforehand. because the 19th fell on a sunday this year. the government holiday is today. this means all federal government buildings, courts u. s. postal service, banks and stock market are closed today state and most local government offices that were open because california has not declared juneteenth, a state holiday. juneteenth was celebrated in cities and counties across the bay area with one of the biggest at oakland's lake merritt. sing it. hundreds of people went to the lake to mark the day. last slaves in texas were notified by us troops. they were freed. by the immensity ation proclamation . now that dave revolves around family, culture, community and love. liberation day. somebody got to tell us we're free, right? so i'm here to let us know we're here. we're free. you know, to appreciate the sun taking the energy live in the culture. around the lake were closed so people would have plenty of room to dancing, eat and celebrate, as well as shop
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at the booths set up by local craft artists. gas prices still high across the country in the state, but the average price of a gallon of gas is actually going down slightly coming up mornings onto the nine the latest proposal from the white house to provide consumers with some relief at the pump. plus it is a big day for the golden state warriors and the big area. we are less than an hour away from the start of the championship parade in san francisco ktvu roberto gonzales francisco ktvu roberto gonzales live it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin. i mean, c'mon! hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! i'm scared. in a good way.
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now about just two hours away from the warriors championship parade in san francisco ktvu roberta gonzalez has been talking with fans along the parade route. roberta i know you have a lot of energy yourself. there's a lot of happy people out there. we're here on the corner. hi we're on the corner of market in montgomery street, enjoying just chatting it up
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because it feels like family out here, and i was just now talking over here. what is your name? caleb what is your job duty today? operating the confetti cannon canyon. this is where it's going. you know, we're having audio problems, i think comes out. you're gonna shoot off today boxes. each box has £25 of confetti. £25 of confetti. how do you know when you shoot it off? uh you just look for the cars like the best gig to have out here. it's pretty nice. pretty fun, huh? who cleans it up afterwards? you know what? i don't know. don't care. well not. i mean, we appreciate those people because , you know, of course, the streets do get dirty after that, so well, thank you for spending your time with us and have a lot of fun with your confetti canyon today, meanwhile, get the best fans area here right now. what is your name? eric. when your rodeo eric acosta, here. dublin
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dublin, dublin in the house. what brought you here today? except the celebration? god we came here at four o'clock in the morning. we'll do it all over again. we're just warriors die hard fans love you from dublin. it's amazing people have come forward near. we've been talking to people from texas and high. what is your name? nolan from alameda love that sign. it's a significant that sign. you don't mess with the curry family that will tell you one thing. you know in boston celtic fans had signed that said, i can't cook and we were all talking. you don't mess with our family. right so how are you all feeling today? did you ever expect to be here today after the season, the warriors had one. we're here. we're here to support the warriors are so dedicated were dedicated to them. go warriors. we were talking that we've been fans. you and i probably about 2025 years. 85 yes, i was there in 86 when other people were
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showing up to the game to cheer for the other team. yeah, that's right. but always warrior van. true and diehard warrior fan. win or lose. we're with the warriors. who's your favorite player? probably like curry the best because he's so inspirational that that's a message. we're hearing over and over here today. the warriors are just awesome on the court, but off the court. they're just so intimate with their fans and always send personal messages. actually have a special connection with the warriors? yes my daughter used to dance for the junior jams. so it's alumni. she graduated jenna. here we go. okay there, and we have so many fans here behind us. i wish you could see them. they come young and alder here, but the bottom line is we're here in the corner of marketing montgomery street. the route starts down there and then they come across here with the confetti cannon, and then they make their route. the whole route is about a mile total. and
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along the way here we have people that have been gathering we've been noticing since we've been out here at six o'clock this morning. they're trickling in, and the reason is a security is much tighter now than ever before. and i can say that pretty much with authority because this is my fourth warriors parade. how many parades have you been to before parade, to have only been two to this young guy says over here. i wish you could see his beautiful small back here. but again, we're here in the beautiful city by the bay, san francisco. it's a significant historic day for the bay area. as a golden state warriors bring home their first world championship to the chase center, which opened up in 2000 and 19. it's a beautiful day in san francisco, we got crystal blue skies and air temperature in the sixties, going up to the low seventies. today parade kicks off officially at 11 20, but we're gonna be out here till about one or two o'clock today to bring you all the action all
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the life support. there's lots of people vendors out here selling some swag, and i even took advantage of that a little bit here and a great you can smell the food up and down the streets here. and what is your name? my name is gail. where'd you come from? dublin california big east bay. contingency out here today, right? yeah dublin again. and your name is meghan. dough from dublin. also, yes, i am dublin, dublin. and who are you? men for? san jose san jose . and what time did you get out here today, 10 minutes ago. yeah nice to know you can still get here. that's a good dublin come okay, well, very cool here. is this your first parade? second parade? how is this any different to you? it's every every parade is different. yeah this one has so much significance here. what historical significance is this have to you? i think it's just
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the first one for the city for san francisco chase center, right. it's been a while we've been celebrating in oakland. so this is the first one in san francisco and it brings oakland and san francisco together doesn't exactly exactly the bay. we are the bay again. montgomery market street here in san francisco for the golden state warriors fourth world check. celebration back to you in the studio, roberta. thank you. no shortage of fans out there and you can avoid the crowds and traffic and just watch the victory parade in the comfort of your own home. right here on ktvu are continuous live coverage of the dub nation celebration. begins at 10 o'clock this morning, and we'll have live updates throughout the nine hikers can now enjoy new trail in the hills of san mateo county, just in time for summer. the grasshopper loop trail is nearly a mile and a half long it wraps along a rolling hillside above downtown la honda. hikers on the trail can get a bird's eye view of a wide range of the bay area between palo alto and half moon bay is more and more companies make sustainability a
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cornerstone of their operations . one family owned sugarcane farm in florida, making sure nothing goes to waste. the family first set up that sugar production plan on 4000 acres of land outside west palm beach shortly after fleeing cuba in 1959, the owner says the current sugar cane operation includes the most sustainable farm in florida, thanks to some modern innovations. we strike the sugar from the cane. we use the water that comes with the cane in the process itself and the leftover or the fiber that it's when we process that came. therefore we convert into energy and we produce our own electricity. that's enough electricity to provide power to the entire sugarcane farm and even the company's offices. warning from the fbi to parents about an increase in crimes targeting young boys online coming up on mornings onto the nine the reason the fbi says parents need to be on alert for predators targeting kids and looking for cash. plus it was another weekend of gun violence across the us as congress tries to hammer out a bill on gun reform, the latest on where those talks stand wh
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this is now leading the investigation into a deadly police shooting in vallejo. it happened last night shortly before seven o'clock near pennsylvania and sutter streets. investigators say the incident began when deputies were called to assist the police with a crash involving one person armed with a knife. deputies say officers then shot and killed that suspect. authorities are expected to release details later today. on what led up to that shooting. it was another violent weekend across the country with shootings in several cities. madeline rivera reports. this all comes as talks on gun reform continue in the u. s. senate. chaos in washington, d. c sunday night after a shooting left several people, including a police officer, hurt and a 15 year old boy dead. he was screaming out for his mom. and it's hurtful to hear that man and nobody was able to help him. at least one person is also
9:25 am
died and several others are injured. after a mass shooting early monday, a total of nine people shot two females and seven males 21 year old male was friends transported to lincoln hospital, where he was pronounced deceased shootings come as lawmakers and capitol hill try to hammer out a gun reform bill. talks hit a snag last week over providing funding for states that don't have red flag laws and the so called boyfriend loophole which prevents people from buying a firearm if they are convicted of domestic violence while living, married or have a child with their partner. democrats want to expand that law for dating partners. frankly, it's common sense, law abiding folks that shouldn't have any fears in terms of what's what's going on . there's still some hope that the senate can pass legislation before leaving for a two week july four recess, but others say they want more details before backing the bill. senator cornyn and others have been sincere in reaching out to us and having
9:26 am
conversations but i still have yet to see bill text. meanwhile the supreme court is set to issue a ruling on the new york gun case that will likely expand gun rights, a decision that's expected to come down before the end of the month. in washington mother rivera, ktvu. fox two news. the fbi is worrying warning teenagers and their parents about a disturbing increase in crimes involving sex , extortion in computers. agents see a growing number of adults are posing as young girls on social media sites to coerce teenage boys to share sexual images of themselves online. the predators, then demand money from their teenage victims. there's like now you're going to go to your mom's wallet and give me your credit card and give me the pin number on the back. and i'm going to charge $1000 if you don't your church, your sport, your work. your school are all going to see what you just did. and here's some samples of what we have. the fbi says there were 18,000 of these crimes reported across the country last year, and that figure is expected to get much higher this year. we are staying on top of what really is an unfolding saga for
9:27 am
residents of a high rise building in san francisco that flooded earlier this month. next on the time we're talking live with one of those residents about the ordeal he has been through and when he might be able to return home and really we'll talk future plans as well. also on a much happier note. it is a big day for the golden state warriors and the bay area. we're getting ready for the championship parade in san francisco. we're going to bring clotting long back into all this. she has been busy talking with people gathered along the parade now that you can get anything delivered with uber eats,
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if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. back. to the ninth. could the weather be any better? nope. this is perfect live look at downtown san francisco. people are gathering waiting for the much anticipated warriors parade . we're gonna bring you live coverage of all the excitement from the city right here on ktvu through the morning and early afternoon so you can just stay put or you can jump on bard and get off. let me see sally, i
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have this right embarcadero. montgomery powell or civic center. very good. right along the parade route. a lot of excitement. we're going to take you there all morning. we've had crews out all morning and it's great salad here. people who have come from, you know very near and also far for the big party and you mentioned public transportation. i love it because well, you don't have to park but also, you know, let's say that you're with your buddies and you're having a few adult beverages. no worrying about driving because the police do not take the day off. they're looking for that kind of thing. so it's all in all a good thing, ali. to plan to celebrate responsibly and this is you know, as we've been reporting this is the warriors first parade championship parade in san francisco, and i was thinking about all the parades that we've covered in san francisco. san francisco does parades. well, they know how this is not their first rodeo. i was looking at the crowds out there from some of our live pictures, and everyone already knows what to do. they're all lined up. everyone's in a good mood. it's just a great thing to see out there. we're going to check in with claudine wang because she is at the beginning of that parade route, and i was
9:31 am
just thinking of your shot that you had position for us. seems like there's still some room for fans to come in and take part in the celebration. yeah it is awesome out here. this is the start of the race because you look at what's around us from the platform that we're on. you can see if you're coming here and thinking, okay, i'm going to get right up to the front. you may have to think again. we're about 10 15 people deep. this is where everyone's lining up and people already. they've been out here for hours. also been out here for hours. just ask your name nine a game. oh my gosh. we've been talking about throughout the season about getting to this moment. yes no one was allowed to say parade before we had to do the work beforehand. but here we are. what do you think of this crowd? i mean, it's the fourth time we've got a parade the first time. yeah. i mean, this is incredible. i mean, downtown's been empty for, like 23 years. i mean, there's mass exited out of the bay area to begin with them to see everybody come back, super special and this team to do it, the one team that represents both sides of the bay
9:32 am
area. it's super special. steph curry the coronation of his career. this is what you dream for sports and look how many thousands of people are here. it's amazing. we talk about the vibe. so when people are at home, and they're super excited to see everything and watch it, there is something about this crowd. players we heard them say this one feels different, curry said. this one feels different. it doesn't someone who's been covering these grades. it does feel different. i'm having trouble wrapping my arms around what exactly it is. maybe it is everything that everyone's been through, not just the teacher appreciation, especially after kevin durant left covid. there's been something for everyone to doubt this team. i didn't think they'd get back. you're dreamin got hurt. this year. clay hasn't played for two years. curry got hurt right before the playoffs start and for them to do it, like kind of prematurely. i think we all have this greater appreciation on what today means and i just think that we're looking back, and we're like wow smell the roses and the weed. you know that you chamber of commerce weather. we've been talking about the fans out here,
9:33 am
too. i also feel like they come from all over here for literally hours in the dark, waiting to get up close and personal here. we've had the #### band behind us in terms of when we were talking, abandoned seeing them out here. it feels it feels like all positivity here. i mean, everybody's super thrilled and pumped to be outside number one beautiful day. i mean, this is incredible. and then i just think that people are ready to give these guys the proper love. that we've been dying to give them a one on the road. so now we get a chance to take them at home. go down market street. this is truly special as a city boy who's caused a lot of havoc up and down market street. sorry about the officers out there. it's just really cool to see this moment in this time because this is a special day for the city in the middle of that street and look straight down, straight shot going all the way. it really is incredible. i mean , look at this. thousands of people chanting warriorscs. thiu
9:34 am
live for as a sports, is single pride to the fullest. it's the one thing that unites the bay area. i'm just really proud of my team and great guys to represent our community. steph curry. i mean, he's a child's hero for a reason. and you'd want him to marry your daughter. the guys too good to be true, right? and i will say this. this is what we've always said about the warriors. they are obey area team. absolutely the services go niner 49ers. we've had the oakland raiders, but the doves they are all of the area. hold it close the reason they're called golden state because they barnstorm throughout the bay area and, you know, obviously were raised in san francisco moved to oakland spent almost 50 years there, the other back. but they represent both sides of the community. and the one thing that we don't separate giants and a raiders and niners warriors are for everyone. and so it's really, really, really cool and just to see the sea of blue and yellow. i mean, this is special deputy. it is special loving it. we get to watch it on tv. listen to you on the radio at the same time, and so, you know, everyone wins. everyone wins. hand it back to
9:35 am
you go doves. all right. great to see that energy they're cutting and, you know, i mentioned that it looked like there was still space for fans. but as you pointed out, right where you are there about 10 15 deep, so your time is running out to get out there. i mean, there's space. there's space there going to be, you know, you'll be able to see them and there's space. but not a lot of space and you'll be making friends with a lot of people. so you know, i don't want to discourage anyone from coming down here. they're probably saying, look, you guys said you know, the parade starts at 11 20. there's still time, but cluck. everyone's excited and really you come down here for the whole atmosphere, all of it , so space is a relative term. like guess that leads us to our next point we want to make. if you don't make it down there, you can avoid the crowds and the traffic and watch the victory parade from the comfort of your home right here on ktvu. our continuous live coverage of the deb nation. celebration starts at 10 o'clock this morning. alright this morning. there are
9:36 am
new numbers on gas prices and the prices at the pump are down just a very little bit the latest triple a survey released just a few hours ago shows the average price for a gallon of gas in california. is now $6.40 . that's down four cents from a week ago. the average price for a gallon of gas across the country also dropped a few cents dipping to below $5 a gallon. triple a says the average price is now $4.91. that's down from one week ago when drivers have been paying $5 or more for a gallon of gas. more congressional lawmakers are now proposing a suspension of the federal gas tax. the white house now confirms president biden supports the idea as part of a wider effort to ease the pain at the pump. right now, the federal gas taxes about 18 cents per gallon, and u. s treasury secretary janet yellen says the biden administration is doing everything possible to bring down gas prices. gas prices have risen great deal, and it's clearly burdening households and
9:37 am
that's an idea that certainly worth considering. critics say they are concerned about losing funds from the federal gas tax, saying that could put many of the infrastructure projects in jeopardy. there are growing frustrations for air travelers after another weekend of flight cancelations as reporter jeff flock explains, federal officials say they may have to step in and take some action if these problems continue. every flight is totally full now, so that's like pretty tough. it was a similar scene across much of the country travelers scrambling to find a way home after their flights were canceled or delayed. more than 6000 flights were delayed. on sunday alone, hundreds more canceled since thursday. more than 19,000 flights have been impacted. you're going to go to maine to a national park and do some fathers day stuff with our son, and that's all canceled down, blame several factors, including severe weather and staffing shortages. travel experts warn
9:38 am
the issue could get worse heading into the busy summer travel season. you can book with a travel agent, because if you do get delayed or canceled, you can turn to that person to find you a way to get to your final destination. federal officials are asking the airline industry to make adjustments ahead of the july 4th holiday, in an interview with the associated press, transportation secretary pete buddha judge urged airlines to hire additional customer service agents. he's also asking carriers to stress test their flight schedules to ensure that they can operate planned flights . those that fall short could potentially face fines. it's going to be a challenging summer across the industry. we're doing everything we can to make sure we get everyone to where they want to be secretary buddha judge who himself had a flight canceled last week. says the government will wait until after the july 4th holiday to take any enforcement action. in philadelphia. i'm jeff flock. ktvu, fox two news. let's bring things back home to the bay area
9:39 am
because some people who live in the san francisco high rise still can't go back to their homes this morning, and they likely won't be able to return until at least july. 1st will share again this video from earlier this month. it shows what happened when some 20,000 gallons of water the equivalent of a backyard swimming pool, flooded the building at 33 to hama. the water went through the building into elevators into the residential units affected the electrical rooms and so much more so this morning. we're happy to welcome to the 91 of those residents who has been displaced. good morning to you, tyler patterson. good morning. you guys got the call middle of the afternoon on friday. the building is flooding. you need to get out. take it from there, so i had once been displaced by flooding before, so i wasn't going to take my chances again. so i grabbed my cat and my dog and made my way outside. my partner grabbed a few essential items and we just waited to find out what happens next. and you're in the middle of working from home. so your your life, your home your office your everything. we're in that unit. correct yes. and most of my life still isn't that unit and you've been at a hotel ever since. yes
9:40 am
unable to go back a couple times? yes. what do you see? the there's a lot of, um dryers and loud construction. people walking around the building. yes, luckily and doesn't damage to my unit this time. um but yeah, it's very wet, smelling and loud while the fans right right. and so how do you feel about the way things have been handled so far? you know, both times around displays due to flooding. i saw the same kind of lack of empathy and communication from the building. we have answers. we still haven't been, um reimbursed for are pretty, um yet, so we're still having to take those funds on credit cards or they put you up in a hotel. but if you order breakfast, that's on you exactly what you have a per diem, but we have yet to see those fans so many of us are racking up credit card debt. i talked to her mom with a laundromat who is struggling to afford to feed her kids because of this displacement, right? right so what would you like to see happen like to see them figure out compensation quickly for our per diem, improving communicating with us and also give us some answers as to what happened. with the with the
9:41 am
flooding. when you say communication, i mean, is there a manager in charge of the building? whose on site is it far away? corporation that owns it. how does that work right now? various heinz employees have been assigned like as customer service reps to us, so we have one customer service. rep. who can answer questions for us, um, but what we see a lot of times when question there essentially is reading. it takes us to us. what we see is a lot of times we get information from the building. we've already heard it through whatever mouth and those waiting a long period time to share with. you imagine you wish that you could be the first person to know to give yourself an ease. what's it been like living in a hotel for this long? really difficult. it's me, my french bulldog on my cat and my partner. um so a lot of us a small room working from there, you know the conveniences of home, not having all of our things. it's pretty difficult to go back. but clearly most of your stuff is still there when you look out two when you are allowed to come back in. what's your future in that building? my races at mid july, um, and as of now, the earliest returns to life first. i've heard rumors from that will be even later
9:42 am
than that, so i don't imagine that have recently being in that unit again. what were your hopes when you when you when you got into that building really during the pandemic? i mean, it's a beautiful building. you know, you're not what you're paying an arm and half a leg about 3300. am i right per month. so what were your hopes when you moved in? you know, i would hope that the building would, you know, be more responsive in an emergency situation. might help that have consistent housing throughout the entire time of my tender there. um you know, um just i hope i see more empathy from from a such a large building management company. it sounds like a case. we're just a little bit of compassion, michael. really long way with you. yes, i agree. is there are you looking out? sort of passed, you know, let's say you get another place. in august is the realization settling in because some people have been through similar things, and they say this followed me for years as that sunk into you yet. i think so. i think we're preparing. you know if this is the kind of battle we have to be, you know, just to be reimbursed for our per diem just to be communicated with for the
9:43 am
smaller stuff. the smaller stuff. i think when it comes to, you know, people's damaged units damaged items. it's going to be a much longer, longer battle. are you keeping in contact are all the people who have been forced to leave the building staying where you are, or are you all spread out? but i'm you know, keeping at this point text and stuff like that. at this point, we're in various hotels around the city or some people relocate outside for the temporary time. um but yeah, we have a group of about two and 50 years who are communicating online, do you? i know. the supervisor for the area has been tweeting about this as anyone from the city reached out, do you do you hold the city responsible? i know they're looking into, you know, were there any violations in the building? it's quite a new building. um kind of who's responsible for this. dorsey has been in touch and we do want some help keeping the building accountable and figure out what happened this time with the flooding. where reached out to the mayor's office. i was told i'd probably be back in my unit by the time i got a response. oh wow. yeah, i would like more help in the scene, ensuring that this building is safe, multiple incidents of flooding and since i've lived there, and it's this place, mate, it's probably the
9:44 am
last thing you thought of when you signed that lease. exactly well, i'm really i'm so sorry for all the trouble that you're going through you and so many others there. at 33 to hama. i hope this ends well. all right. thank you so much. tyler patterson for joining us. ali saleh back to you. all right. thank you. garcia will still to come on the nine a lot going on in hollywood over the weekend. up next. we're talking live with extra host billy bush about lori laughlin first red carpet appearance in years, as well as the fallout from the amber heard johnny depp
9:45 am
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the minions are coming to ihop. with an all new menu you're going to love. ♪ ♪ excuse me! enjoy the minions menu at ihop. for a limited time kids eat free! and catch minions: the rise of gru. yeah. you think people are deeply up? here's a live look at the celebration in san francisco for the warriors parade. stay
9:47 am
with us as our live coverage and domination. celebration begins at 10 o'clock, just 15 minutes from now, right here on ktvu busy weekend in hollywood, with lori laughlin being seen for the first time on the red carpet since the big college admissions scandal rocked the country with us now for more insight. it's extra tv host billy bush. billy. good morning. there you are. okay big sal. good morning to you happy father's day. belated great, dad. everybody knows that. thank you, sir. i appreciate that. you know what? do you think there's any resentment for lori loughlin? billy she's out there. she's on the red carpet. some people obviously think that what she and others did to get their kids in the college was quite frankly , privilege. it was wrong. and you know, then her daughters were on i g and all that. are people willing to forgive. absolutely 100% lori laughlin was the nicest nicest actress person in hollywood, but before i mean, even nicer than tom hanks for the love of god, she
9:48 am
was everybody loved aunt becky. and of course, you know, she made a mistake, and she paid a very heavy price for it a lot. by the way, the most recent defendant the most recent person, of course, who's not famous. just got off entirely in that exact same scandal, so she pulled you know a bozo move, but as we all do in life, but i think, uh, what she has built up over time will prevail and it's great to see her back out there smashing as ever. really. you make a good point that americans by and large, are willing to forgive if there is contrite nous there. i want to go to amber heard and johnny depp because we've talked to ever seen one. that is a great sector. you, billy. thank you. all right, you know, guys. amazing. thank you, billy. billy got to get you on my payroll. um amber heard and johnny depp. we talked about this last time or, i guess a few times ago that this was a bad trial for them because it put all their dirty laundry out there and again, the
9:49 am
theme is recovery. who's going to recover the best? you know? look, i shop at t. j. maxx. and some people here shopping tj maxx but for somehow seeing her at tj maxx just seem a little sad. i don't know what's wrong with my brain for thinking that, billy, but it just seemed a little sad. yeah but so the tj maxx was located in bridgehampton. that's the hamptons, my dear. oh, i see. the rent that they're paying the least that there to tj maxx. they better be moving a lot of units and then we were like, wow, that's so weird to see a t. j. maxx and the hamptons well, you know, rich people are cheap, too, and we all shop at different plan more of a marshal's guy. but remember the last image of amber that we had was sort of getting on a private jet. i assume head off to her interview with savannah guthrie. so that didn't play so well, what is she doing in a private jet? and she can't pay the bill that you know the 10 million she owes johnny and now she's here at t. j. maxx and it's oh, look at her a t. j. she's doing it on
9:50 am
purpose or how far she's fallen or whatever it is. i mean, she's a sensible call her what you want. includes sensible okay, well, good. good enough. who do you think works better? in other words, gets more work. after all. this is done. it is it. who is it going to be? i won't. i won't tempt. i won't take the interview here. i just want you to hear it. i hear it from you. it's johnny. i mean, you know, look, he won, you know winners winners. go on to do better. usually in these things that think about amber is she's dug her heels in and people have decided that she is not likable, and she's dug her heels in, so i think the best thing she can do. is, you know, check out for a while. alright one last thing before we go because every day at 10 o'clock for years i've been doing this show we would always go at 10 o'clock to wendy. wendy's not here anymore. she's not doing her show. but she's doing something new, and you talked about it with her. yeah a couple of times a week or maybe once a week. i get a
9:51 am
little text that says, call me it's wendy. i have a great report with wendy. we talked about all kinds of she's a real groundbreaker. she's incredible . what an icon of television. she's the one who went in there and said. everything that people were thinking like the female howard stern. you know what i mean? just the stuff that we all kind of pause for a second, not wendy. anyway she says the parting is completely amicable between mort and ira. the two men who run deb mar, which is the production company that owns the wendy show. they parted ways in a very amicable way, and wendy is going off to the podcast world. she's a great legend of new york radio, so she's great on the mic, and that's what she wants to do. but 13 years on on the air is pretty great. billy bush is the host. of entertainment tonight and thank you for joining us, billy. ciao. it's extra cell. i'm on your air. did i say x? did i say extra entertainment? every time i get a chance to talk to you on
9:52 am
nbc. i love it. alright billy touche. touche was going to say let's end this year. katie l a where am i? working words? clearly, my bad. i don't know why that came out. i know it's extra. it's just i misspoke. i hope you will. forgive me, billy. but down on on on on. ah thank you both. that was that was that's okay. my foot in my mouth. that's alright. that was bad. move on, let's actually circle back to say we wouldn't following for months. now the worker shortage impacting just about every kind of business the cruise industry. sadly no exception. we're looking into the reason behind the tight labor market and how cruise
9:53 am
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are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. welcome back here is a live look at the celebration in san francisco for the warriors parade. however, the past several hours since we've been on the air, we've seen the crowds lined up along market street start to grow like six
9:56 am
o'clock this morning. just a few people out there now you can see other spectators lined up about 10 to 15 people, deep lot of people supporting their blue and gold ready to cheer on their nba championship team at that group makes its way down market street . stay with us is our live coverage of the parade starts at 10 o'clock right here on ktvu. in other news, a new survey suggests economists are worried about a possible recession. the wall street journal asked economists about the probability of a recession in the next 12 months, 44% said it is likely the journal asked economists that same question in january and back then just 18% of economists said the us was headed for recession. treasury secretary janet yellen says that while inflation is too high, she doesn't necessarily believe a recession will happen. i don't think a recession is it all it all inevitable chair powell. clearly inflation is unacceptably high. it's president biden's top priority
9:57 am
to bring it down. and sure, powell has said that his goal is to bring inflation down while maintaining a strong labor market that's going to take skill and luck. but i believe it's possible. i don't think the recession is inevitable. now, along with a very strong job market. yellen says that strong consumer spending also has her optimistic about the us avoiding a recession. banks are reporting more borrowers are asking about second mortgages now that interest rates have nearly doubled since the first of the year. currently, the most popular type is the home equity loan that lets you borrow against the value of your home. but you don't have to take all the money at once. instead, you get a line of credit that's usually good for about 10 years. you can use that when you need it. and whatever amount you need, so you're not paying interest on borrowed money. you're not using the cruise industry struggling to find enough staff, a backup for visas at florida's department of employment has forced some operators to limit capacity on
9:58 am
ships, close onboard restaurants and even cancel some sailings. we want to thank you for joining us on the ninth. stay with us on ktvu. we'll have live coverage of dub nation celebration. just a couple of minutes. there. you see that live picture ♪ ♪ ♪ from the mountains to the coast, ♪ ♪ el estado with the most. ♪ ♪ we do tacos from the city to every little town. ♪ ♪ best bites. best vibes. ♪ ♪ california, hands down. ♪ ♪ go on and check my drip. ♪ ♪ take a bite. feelin' fit. ♪
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minutes many emotions and still will just because of what it took to get back here. i'm just at a loss for words at times because i just knew this was possible but to be here in real time, man, i don't i don't want to leave. i just want to enjoy. every second is four times champions, baby. incredible. celebration has arrived. the warriors are ready


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