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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 23, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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and all area you're watching live pictures here as cal fire's helicopter comes in to do another water drop on this fire and try to slow its spread and to protect homes in that area. we also have a pretty large fire again burning contra costa county in the ports cost area. that's going to be sort of just east of the car. queensbridge if you're familiar with that area, and then the third fire burning up in the vacaville area that we are following as well, we want to get you updated on all of these wildfires burning across the bay area right now, the ktvu news at four o'clock begins right now. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth good afternoon. everyone wildfires to have have people under evacuation orders across the bay area this afternoon. welcome to the four. i'm alex savage jana katsuyama. we have been following the efforts to put out three wildfires that are burning in this area right now in alameda county, near pleasant, and people in golden eagle estates are being asked to
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leave. because of a fire that's burning along kill care road in signal. now people are being asked to evacuate and head north on foothill road to an evacuation center set up at the pleasant and library and people should make their way there. the pleasant and library is on burnell road, 400 bernal that fire burning in back of ill is in the area of one of vista lane and tim road. that fire started around 2 20 this afternoon and evacuation order is in effect for residents north of cantaloupe road south of peaceful glen road. east of dove creek trail and west of tim road . so again an evacuation order for people inside that area. if you are traveling in that vicinity, you are being asked to give way so that emergency vehicles can get in there. alright import cost a in contra costa county flames are threatening homes right now. this is video that was taken a short time ago from sky fox. you
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see the air attack launched by cal fire as you get one of those planes coming in, presumably to dover tarred and drop on the leading edge of this fire, trying to slow it down. contra costa counties alert system. has told residents in the area of car kenya's scenic drive and pork cost a reservoir street to prepare to evacuate and we have been monitoring all of these fires that terribly dry conditions the heat we're going to bring in meteorologist roberta gonzalez. now with a look at what the conditions are that the firefighters and the people in the area are facing. they're not very good at this time. it's 95 degrees in pleasant in and the winds are pretty breezy out of the west southwest at 14 mph and will continue to blow up to about 15 mph. until sunset now is trying to pinpoint pleasant in on a map here for you. pleasant in is a community of roughly 70,000 people. it's extremely diverse, and it's actually considered the wealthiest midsize city in the entire united states of america
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. over here you're looking at when you see this. that's the football field to foothill high school and right in front of it is foothill road that leads all the way into tsunami. so right now we have the fire and it is on the pleasant in ridge. it does encompass golden eagles on the pleasant inside golden eagle is actually the former home of john madden and his wife, virginia and family still lives there on the other side of the ridge is so normal and so no is where many cyclists including myself, we ride into sonoma, we go up kilger road. from the very bottom of it to the very top. it's about a four mile stretch and then you're at the pleasant tim ridge. the ridge itself is about 1000. miles 1000. ft. i should say pardon me. 1000 ft. high in elevation and i lived right underneath that ridge at the corner of foothill and burnout for over 25 years and the whole time i was there. we never once had a blaze. now it is lush. it is green. but it
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also has a lot of dry vegetation. we have a lot of horseback riding up there. we have a lot of running trails up there and hiking trails there as well. i just received a text message from a friend who lives in castle would and that encompasses the castle would golf course many luxurious older homes are there and they live on the 11th hole, and they just evacuated. from council would estates again castle would his state's is just kitty corner to golden eagle? they back up to each other right off foothill road in the pleasant and area. i'm now receiving a text message from pastor father mark of our church, st augustine and pleasant in and he's saying they welcome all of that. huey's there. also in pleasant in synagogues and churches that 399 and that is burnell avenue. so it's very close to the library as well. you just cross over first street, you head up the hill, and it's on your left hand
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side so people unpleasant and mostly know of this church. they know where the library is, for the most part as well. the library is just at the corner of main street and burnell right there and pleasant in. i would suspect another great place to evacuate would have to be foothill high school, which is on foothill road, and that would be as if you are heading in a northerly direction as well. but i gotta mention i have to mention this. the impact of the commute at this hour is tremendous people are getting off 6 80 heading north as if they're going through pleasant in towards the dublin area and also towards danville, san ramon , and they cut across what he'll heist foothill road all the time to get to 5 86 80 as a shortcut. now, if they're trying to do that, at this time, while they're going to be blocked off, hopefully because they will just interfere with the firefighting efforts. at this time. the traffic is always congested at this hour and throughout 6 80 heading north through the signal and pleasant in area. plus we have the alameda county fair just blocks away right now from
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golden eagle. it's right there off of foothill. boulevard. and burnell. at the alameda county fairgrounds, right across the street from the safeway, and i'm having people text me saying that they can see the smoke from the fairgrounds. they could also see the smoke. boyd's blowing in a good direction. westerly right now, when we looked at that shot a moment ago, and we really pushed in on some of those trees. look, you can really see those trees kind of whipping around quite a bit there, and obviously, that's that's pretty concerning. wen when you're cal fire, and you're coming in here , trying to trying to get a fire like this one under control in heart dry conditions. i mean, it does look like you're getting kind of some of those swirling winds that you tend to get when a fire like this really starts to get going to step back just a moment and let people know about what they're looking at here. a live picture from the ground in the pleasant in seasonal area just west. of interstate 6 80 in those foothills up right? there is where there is a brushfire
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burning this afternoon. the last word from cal fire is that this fire has burned 50 acres or so one home has burned as well. we don't know the extent of the damage there. but cal fire says at least one home has caught fire this afternoon and again, evacuations have been ordered for people up in those foothills. yes and 0% containment and we've certainly seen here in the bay area. time and time again if an evacuation order comes through, officials really urge you to take it. seriously grab grab what you can but leave as soon as possible and get to a place where it's safe. they did say that they are facing some challenges in getting all their crews into the area. so please, if you are this area. which is on 400 bernal. that is the area they have designated right now. it's an official evacuation site. if you don't have another place to go, and you can see right there, just the visibility for the
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aircraft that are trying to fight this fire very challenging with a lot of the smoke that is there. um and it seems to be hovering right now. these both the helicopters. we've seen two different aircraft coming in trying to get a handle on it from the air, as well as some of the ground crews that are just trying to get into some of those areas that seem to be very difficult to reach. yeah and cal fire crews and firefighters across the bay area more broadly speaking, are really stretched to the limit this afternoon because just an hour to an hour and a half ago, we had several fires break out all at once. there was this fire here in the signal pleasant in area. another fire up in vacaville and then another fire in the ports costal area of contra costa county near the car, kenya's bridge east of crockett, and all those fires sort of erupted around the same time and cal fire crews. you know, they like to jump on these fires quickly with the air attack as quickly as they can, but they were really stretched
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in and now we're getting word of another brush fire that has started up in benita this afternoon. this is on court dorado in venetia. so we're just getting word of that right now. another fire has broken out here with the bay area on a hard dry afternoon, especially in those inland areas. so brush fire in venetia. at this point we're being told no evacuations have been ordered for that brush fire in benin sha but of course, venetia. if you're familiar, right, it's just directly across the bay or the delta. i guess you could say from where that fire is burning in the ports cost area and we have been hearing from people in venetia that they were seeing the smoke smelling the smoke from that court. cost of fire. so certainly this is a situation where you have multiple fires going on in these different areas. we do want to remind people that there are evacuation orders for the vacaville area fire near one of those delaine
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so if you are in that area, you know these are live pictures here from pleasanton. but there are these other fires that are happening where cal fire is really urging people up in that vacaville area to leave their homes. evacuate the area so they can get their equipment and we also just want to let you know that we do have crews that are heading there to the scene right now and trying to make their way through the traffic to get there so that we can bring you some live reports as soon as they get to the scene, all right, so this is a brush fire, burning near pleasant in and seen all this afternoon that has prompted evacuation orders. for a number of people living up in the hills just west of interstate 6 80. another fire in the ports cost a region of contra costa county. another fire in vacaville, and now we're learning about 1/4 fire that's broken out in venetia. that one is not prompted any evacuation orders, but we're still trying to get word on on the size of that particular fire a lot happening this afternoon firefighters working hard to try to contain
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q back to this fire that is burning near pleasant in evacuation orders have been issued from cal fire for the area that you're seeing right now, um, in the snow area, there's a ridge there that has been burning for some about an hour a little more than an hour. now there is one structure that was damaged, and they also you can see right here. cal fire crews that are trying to do aerial attacks on this on this site. yeah they're really trying to slow the spread of this fire here. but in the meantime again as you as you mentioned janet, they've issued evacuation orders. mandatory evacuation orders for people along golden eagle way and kill care road in those hills that are just west of interstate 6 80, right. where soon all meats pleasant and again. this is being called the
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canyon fire. it's burned about 50 acres or so far we're going to continue to monitor the situation. they're in pleasant and as well as several other brush fires that have broken out this afternoon across the bay area, and we have a crew on the way we will bring you updates as we get them. for now, though, we are going to turn to some other news here in the bay area of family bike ride in downtown oakland has ended in tragedy. the father, who is deaf, struck and killed by a hit and run driver, as his two young sons watched crime reporter henry lee joining us now live after talking with the victim's family today. henry, what do they have to say? while this deaf father could not have heard that speeding car barreling toward him and his family, but the police chief says that his disability should not have mattered. he says the driver was reckless and needs to surrender. the surveillance video is horrific. dmitry putin, olive and his two young sons are riding bikes together in downtown oakland as they approach the busy corner of 14th and jefferson, the 42 year old
4:15 pm
father, who was deaf ventures out first and is hit and killed by a speeding black infinity. the driver never stopped. his sons, ages six and eight are hearing they weren't hurt, but witness their dad's death at about 8 30 in the evening on june 16th. now her kids are negotiate therapist. in the granite counseling. i spoke to putin loves ex wife, elena, who is also deaf. as her son interpreted, he should have stopped and checked. what happen if he did hit him like you really need, like, stop and check not just drive away. we cannot think that this is okay that this is tragic and two for two children. they have to see this happen. is devastating for all of us, oakland police chief laurent armstrong says even if the father could not hear the speeding car, all bicyclists feel safe, regardless of any disability. this is an issue of someone's callousness and someone's here. disregard for human life. and not in driving at a speed that is inappropriate in anywhere in our city put a lot of known as dema was born in
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the soviet union. he moved to the us for better opportunities and working construction. friends say he was the glue that held many ex soviet deaf people in the bay area together, people remember as the hard worker really just supporting his co immunity. ah no on the deaf community. seraphine barlow says he wants the driver who killed a stepdad to be brought to justice just stopped and checked, and it's just it's not just left him there to like die. anyone with information about the identity of this infinity driver is asked to contact oakland police live in oakland, henry lee ktvu box to new awful crime, henry. hopefully someone comes forward with information in this case. and in tampa rue no 34 year old man is facing charges of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence in a crash that happened as he was fleeing from police last
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weekend. the incident on sunday began at the 10 french shopping center. investigators say the suspect, matthew fredrickson, shoplifted and then jumped into the driver's seat of a getaway vehicle. nearby police officer tried to pull him over. prosecutors say fredrickson then drove away at a high rate of speed, ran a red light at san bruno and huntington's streets. and then hit a car t boning it and killing a 59 year old man. investigators say fredrickson was in a stolen vehicle and he was under the influence of fentanyl. it is a pretty pretty breezy day around the bay area at this hour. the winds will continue to blow up to about 15 mph, and this does not assist any kind of these fire efforts as far as fighting these different for different fires within the bay area right now, the winds are up to 18 in the concord area. 16 fairfield 16 in oakland as well notice a very breezy conditions from napa through nevada into santa rosa. now in livermore, approximately
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about 10 miles away from the golden eagle slash channel area where we do have the canyon fire burning in the pleasant in region. the winds are up to 60 mph 17 in san jose and 24, mph winds and san francisco and adding a little insult to injury . take a look at the temperatures again right now. 94 in livermore 95 degrees unpleasant in throughout most of the tri valley, the temperature stands in the mid nineties. the relative humidity has been banking anywhere between about 28 34% not dyer dry, but nonetheless, it is dry today. 63 degrees. currently in san francisco. the temperatures range from the high seventies to the low eighties around the peninsula so yesterday we had over 66,000 lightning strikes within the state of california, making it one of the top five weather events in the state of california since 2000 and 15 usually you see 20 to 30,000
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lightning strikes associated with that kind of subtropical moisture that plowed into the bay area. most of that activity continues to lift up to the north into the east. invading the greater lake tahoe area. we have now seen a different in our weather pattern, according to our satellite imagery in from those pictures we've seen at the coast and the return of the low clouds and the patchy fog now as of tonight, will still see that fog hanging very tight to the immediate seashore from monterey bay all the way up the coast to santa rosa. you're noticed by our future cast at the fog persists. tomorrowland immediate seashore, and this is going to allow some cooling at the beaches all the way into the central bay void of our inland areas, so our temperatures will still be toasty well into the nineties over the weekend that marine layer is going to deepen significantly and that's going to usher in some stronger winds, and that will be more of an onshore push. so the temperatures gradually come down inland, but they will stay put pretty much in the low sixties
4:20 pm
with very breezy conditions throughout the weekend now. meanwhile how does all of this affect the greater lake tahoe area? we were talking about this of tropical moisture. it continues to lift into the higher elevations of the greater lake tahoe area. currently we have temperatures in the sixties and seventies there with the chance of that thunderstorm at any point. of our late afternoon into the evening hours over the weekend will keep that chance of thunderstorms continuing each and every day, in fact, all the way through sunday, so the bottom line is our forecast for tonight is partly cloudy, but the breezy winds will continue. they will rotate around to the northwest right now. pretty much variable all over the place. west and southwest right now in that tri valley area, but later on tonight out of the northwest for friday morning, some coastal cloudiness and then eighties and nineties will persist in our inland areas. coastal clouds again for the weekend temperatures today again we are forecasting 96 degrees in livermore and pleasant and that's spot on for today and
4:21 pm
their extended forecast will have that coming up a little bit later. in this newscast. okay we'll talk to you then. roberta. thank you back now to the breaking news. we continue following for you this afternoon. live pictures here from the pleasant in area and this is where a brush fire is threatening homes and has prompted mandatory evacuation orders this afternoon. this fire is close to the border with signal just west of interstate 6 80. this has been called the canyon fire. it's burned about 50 or so acres here, and people are being told to evacuate along golden eagle way as well as kill care road. both of those roads up there in those hills just west of pleasanton, and signal right along foothill road, and that's the evacuation route that authorities want people to take here if they are in that danger zone close to where this fire is burning this afternoon. that's right. and i just want to make mention real quickly. i just got word from the contra costa, chp
4:22 pm
public information officer who said they are now starting evacuations. they're the sheriff's offices, so they are working on trying to pinpoint exactly where that is. we will bring you those details. but again, that is a second fire that is burning near the car. keenness bridge will have more
4:23 pm
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two years, reviewing jewels, products and weighing the benefits of vaping for adult smokers against the popularity of e cigarettes among underage users. back in 2020, the fda banned the sale of all sweet and fruit flavored vaping products. jewel limited its marketing and stop selling those fruit flavors . the company did apply for approval to continue selling e cigarettes. but again, the company was denied by the fda. for more we are joined now by
4:25 pm
valerie yerger, ucsf professor of social behavioral sciences. valerie thank you so much for taking the time today. what were the key factors? you think that led the fda to take this action against jewel? well you know they had opened up process whereby they could ah, look at any sort of application being submitted by joel to, um um, get approval to a premarket approval to sell their products and after reviewing jules, um application . the fda found that joel did not sufficiently demonstrate that its products were safe enough to be marketed or even appropriate for the protection of the public health. we know the jewel has repeatedly been accused by federal agencies by prosecutors in various states across the country. as you mentioned of marketing its products directly to teenagers and two young people. how much
4:26 pm
did did that play a role in this decision by the fda. well i you know, i think it played a huge um part of their decision. it's what initiated them to take a look at it. but but the key factor is that joel had an opportunity to provide their own data and their own arguments as to why their products or safe enough to be marketed. and even with all that joel was providing the fda still found that um, that jewel it's on. internal findings raised a lot of concern for the fda about the potentially harmful from these,m from these products and just basically found that the products were not safe. so let's look at it sort of the big picture now, though, so jewel labs is not allowed to sell any of its vaping products here in the us, but at the same time, the fda for the time being is
4:27 pm
permitting other manufacturers to sell their vape products here in this country, so do you think this is just sort of the first shooter? drop here? what's what's likely to happen in regards to some of these other companies. yeah, well, i can't speak on behalf of the fda, but i think that this is a major step. um, joel, as you know, is responsible for the huge uptake of vaping by our youth, and it was shown to be responsible for the epidemic. so i think that this is a huge opportunity, um, for the fda to continue taking protective action by not allowing the products. that are manufactured by other companies , um, to be allowed in the marketplace, but the thing that i think are very important 0.2 is that joel is big tobacco and the fact that, um, despite having the support of altria, which is the parent company for
4:28 pm
philip morris supporting it, and um and providing the resources that i'm sure lead to insufficient evidence of the protective um, properties of theses joel was even falsely claiming were, um, cessation devices. so um, i think that this is a huge opportunity. but the one thing that i'm really excited about this is that it includes mental . so when, um joel made the decision to voluntarily removed their um, fruit flavored e cigarettes devices. they um, kept mental on the market. so now we have this tandem approach to providing a very comprehensive opportunity to protect all children despite demographics, a huge decision with significant implications. we have to leave the conversation there really appreciate your perspective. valerie yorker ucsf professor of
4:29 pm
social behavioral sciences, thank you. thank you for having me. and we want to take you back again to these live pictures that we're showing you as a fire in pleasant in, we will be back with more information about the evacuations and the
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pictures here from our crew on the ground here, giving us some perspective. you see some of that smoke in the hills there, this fire burning in the hills west of interstate 6 80. the evacuation orders are mandatory for people. living along golden eagle way as well as kill care road and people are being told to get onto foothill road and to immediately evacuate from that area because of this 50 acre brushfire that is threatening homes in that area, and there are other fires as we've been telling you. the fire burning in vacaville is in the area of one ofhis delaine and tim road. it started around 2 20 this afternoon. there is an evacuation order that was put into effect for residents north of cantaloupe road south of peaceful glen road east of dove creek trail and west of tim road , and officials first responders there are asking if you are traveling in that area. please try and get away take a detour so that they can get their
4:33 pm
emergency vehicles in and another fire to tell you about this one is in contra costa county in the ports cast area flames there are threatening homes. this is video here that we took a short time ago showing the cal fire air attack moving in. the contra costa county alert system has notified people in the area of car, kenya's scenic drive and pork cost a reservoir street to prepare to evacuate. although a short time ago we did get word from the chp that evacuations maybe getting underway shortly again because of this brush fire that continues to burn out of control. import costume and we were hearing from people indonesia that they were getting smoke from that fire. but we are also learning now that there might be 1/4 fire indonesia so we are working to get some pictures and some confirmation from some of the first responders there, but certainly it has been a very busy, very hot and difficult day for a lot of the firefighters and cal fire crews. that are out there.
4:34 pm
certainly those those firefighters stretched thin this afternoon and facing some tough weather conditions will continue. following all of those fires will move now to some other news and today, the house january 6th committee showed how the pressure that former president trump put on the justice department could have led to a constitutional crisis following the 2020 election foxes, caroline shively now has the latest from washington. this is the committees fifth hearing this month today, former justice department officials detailed their interactions with president trump in the days leading up to the january 6th riots. lawmakers on the january 6th committee hearing testimony from former acting attorney general jeffrey rosen, his top deputy, richard donohue and stephen engel. together these public servants resisted mr trump's effort to misuse the justice department. as part of his plan to hold onto power. rosen, who took over for attorney general bill barr detailed his talks with former
4:35 pm
president trump on his claims of election fraud. we did not think that they were appropriate based on the facts and the law as we understood them, rosen said. he threatened to resign and that more doj employees would follow if mr trump replaced him with the lower level official named jeffrey clarke, who supported the president's false claims. it was clear to us that there are a lot of people whispering in his ear. feeding him these conspiracy theories and allegations, and i felt that being very blunt in that conversation might help. make it clear to the president. these allegations were simply not true . and on wednesday, federal authorities searched clark's home in virginia republicans on capitol hill have largely ignored and dismissed the hearings as a distraction. this thing is a joke. this is not a congressional hearing. thursday's hearing is the last one scheduled for june. more hearings are set for next month in washington, carolina shively fox news and that was the final hearing that we will see. in
4:36 pm
june. the committee plans to call for additional public hearings after congress returns from summer recess in early july and you can get caught up on the details and witness testimony are ktvu app and the ktvu dot com website has a summary of everything we've learned from these hearings. our online coverage also includes a breakdown of the testimony before congress. in california. we're going to make it clear that an assessment of dangerousness is an essential element of the concealed carry application process. the assessment is going to be robust. that state attorney general rob bonta along with state lawmakers today, announcing new legislation in response to the u. s. supreme court's decision to strike down new york's concealed carry gun law. that decision was unveiled today by the high court. california has a similar requirement to new york for obtaining a concealed weapon license says the new legislation will address where concealed
4:37 pm
firearms could not be taken as well as clarify any qualifications for obtaining a concealed carry permit. the state is planning to look at a rest records, convictions, restraining orders and mental health standards. the supreme court's ruling today is considered one of its most significant gun rulings in a decade. foxes madeline rivera has more now on the decision from washington, d. c a major victory for gun rights advocates the supreme court striking down york law regulating who can carry a gun in public. the 63 opinion was split along ideological lines with the course. three liberal justices in dissent lawful. and legal gun owner of new york state. is no longer going to be persecuted. seven states have similar laws requiring people to prove why they need to carry a firearm proponents calling them common sense gun safety measures at a time on gun violence in cities nationwide is rising laws and 40
4:38 pm
of these states are still in place. based on the decision not good enough, but it's i think it's a bad decision comes as congress moves forward with a bipartisan gun bill aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of those deemed a danger to themselves and others. for legislation cleared a procedural vote just hours after the supreme court released its ruling. this bill will, um strengthen our red flag laws and amplify them. it will strengthen our background check system. however some critics are calling the bill an overreach that steps on second amendment rights should do is we ought to be increasing funding for law enforcement. we ought to be increasing the penalties for gun crimes was still passed the bill before it heads to president biden's desk. house minority whip steve scalise has pushing republicans to vote no on the measure. but fox has told there are a handful of gop members that could vote yes in washington. mala rivera fox news and as we mentioned today's
4:39 pm
supreme court ruling on new york's gun law could potentially have an effect on gun laws here in california will take a closer look at the implications coming up tonight on the news at five o'clock. san francisco police investigators have released images of a person of interest in connection with the deadly shooting on immunity. metro train the photos show the man standing on, um uni light rail vehicle. police say the alleged shooter killed a 27 year old man and wounded a 70 year old innocent bystander yesterday before leaving the station. san francisco supervisor rafael mandel men who represents the castro district says that it appears the man got into a verbal argument with someone he may have known and then began shooting. i have confidence that they're going to investigate this and pursue it and find that person and bring that person to justice. police say it appears the shooting was an isolated incident. they are asking the man in the photos to come forward and speak with investigators. alright we are
4:40 pm
continuing to monitor breaking news in the bay area. several wild fires have broken out all across the region, including this one that's burning in pleasanton. live pictures here of this fire that has prompted mandatory evacuation orders were getting the latest information from firefighters and from authorities about evacuations and the potential these flames, getting close and we're going to (music throughout)
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officials warning about the spread of monkeypox as people travel and take part in large gatherings. over the summer months. officials are urging everyone to protect themselves from the virus, which spreads through prolonged skin to skin contact and bodily fluids. officials say to beware of crowded indoor spaces. the virus can also be spread through sexual contact and shared clothing or bedding. the illness
4:43 pm
often begins with flu like symptoms before the emergence of a rash. while the virus has spread all around the world, officials say, the risk of monkeypox to the general public right now is low. and it certainly is the summer travel season. travelers hoping for a smooth journey are facing a bit of a nightmare at some airports. 35,000 flights have been canceled since last weekend, and the travel headaches just keep coming for those who are flying today. it has been rough for a lot of folks. foxes austin westfall joining us now live from charlotte douglas international airport in austin. how many cancelations are we seeing right now across the country? yes what we're seeing right now is at least 800 flights canceled. just today. another 4000 have been delayed and that's according to flight, aware, they say that there's a number of reasons contributing to this travel app. hopper says that staffing challenges rising fuel costs unpredictable weather. those are some of the things that are big factors
4:44 pm
right now. now combine that with the fact that demand for travelers returned in a big way. that's a recipe for trouble. hopper has seen a significant increase in flight cancelations this month compared to may. we see disruption from weather and from crowded airports every year , but this june we've seen a 63% increase in flight cancelations and 22% increase in flights delayed. those are thousands of flights being disrupted. this is not the norm. many airlines have canceled flights scheduled for this summer in an attempt to reduce overall disruptions. for example, starting in july, united airlines is cutting 50 flights per day in newark airport. and between july 1st and august 7th. delta airlines is going to be cutting 100 flights daily. all those primarily being in the u. s and in latin america. meanwhile says that this past friday was the most busy travel day that they've seen so far. airports no doubt constant travel headaches
4:45 pm
, hopper says that it is not normal to see these types of disruptions this early in the year. and charlotte asked the west ball ktvu faxed to news pretty frustrating for all those travelers. austin thank you. and we're going to weather now. roberto earlier about all of the lightning strikes, the dry conditions that we're seeing right now, at this time of year, really a difficult and dangerous situation we're seeing. you have to wonder if there happened to be some dry lightning strikes that caused the number of fires that are breaking out around the bay area. but as of last night, and this morning we didn't see anything come close to the bay area as far as lightning is concerned, except for maybe san benito county and also the salinas valley and 200 miles, also in our inland areas of lamar, which we shared that video that lightning video with you. yesterday as of your tuesday lightning there were over 66,000 lightning strikes and this makes it one of the top five weather events since 2015.
4:46 pm
and just to keep track of things on an average 25 americans do die annually due to lightning, and that is data that has been compiled over the past 10 years . and they say lightning striking use one in a million, but to see 25 americans die annually. that's quite the number so you have to think about the dry conditions here in the bay area, and i was just reading a report this morning, suggesting that and stating actually, that this is the worst drought in the last 1200 years as we zero on in anywhere from cisco, um county all the way to imperial county to the south. we do have extreme drought conditions and then that maroon area signifies alpine county all the way into really sam benito county, and we do have a lot of extremely dry conditions, and thus should kaplan some couple in some windy conditions. you also tap into that very dry air mass as well as the temperatures in the mid nineties as well as triple digits. we've had record heat here. we have to welcome
4:47 pm
this. it's the return of the fog that has moved into the golden gate bridge into the central bay. tagging the emeryville area at this hour 63 degrees in san francisco, but across the bay at 73, degrees in oakland and in el cerrito, as well as alameda temperatures have come down significantly due to that surge of the fog that's worked its way up the coast and half moon bay. otherwise we have cooled into the eighties. remember just a couple of days ago was 104 degrees in santa rosa. meanwhile where we do have the canyon fire burning in the pleasant and bridge just outside of golden eagle and also encompassing kilgore road in signal. it is 94 to 95 degrees with the relative humidity at 21% but the winds are also factoring into this equation at this hour and livermore and in pleasant in the winds have been pretty much out of the west and southwest. 15 to 16 mph with gusts up to 20 mph that does not make things easy for the firefighting efforts. 24
4:48 pm
mph winds along the seashore also where we have the pork cost of fire. the winds have been gusting up to 15 and 20 mph 16 along the immediate bay in oakland and also in alameda. now the wind forecast it looks like we're going to continue to see the winds at least for the next couple of hours up to 20 mph. then overnight, they begin to subside and throughout the tri valley and also pork cost us more gun hill area. your winds will be up to about 11 mph where we have the additional fire. that is now, um, become newsworthy as well. 18 mile per hour winds in san francisco. we see the fog right here, and it lays next to the seashore next to the coast side all day long. adding to our storm tracker. as we forge ahead into our thursday evening, and to our friday the five bank is going to deepen and therefore will have some cooler temperatures along the coast. but talking about that risk of thunderstorm activity all that tropical moisture that we were
4:49 pm
dealing with yesterday and even saw a few raindrops across the bay area actually took a picture of a rainbow last night before sunset and send it off to chief meteorologist bill martin. well, that activity is now moving into the high sierra. currently we have 66 to 74 degrees with the threat. have a thunderstorm each and every day, actually, all the way into our sunday and that is quite notable. because of that dry lightning, it could spark a fire around the greater lake tahoe area. so again we see the fog right there along the coast side. it does enter the central bay as we approach our saturday and it deepens, and we want that because it's going to raise the relative humidity across the bay area. it won't be as bone dries. it has been but the heat has high pressure continues to build in will be felt in our inland areas away from the bay and the seashore. now tonight overnight partly cloudy with that wind 10 to 15 mph subsiding overnight. coastal cloudiness tomorrow morning, sunny and hot inland,
4:50 pm
but cooler along the coast and bay and then over the weekend. it's the typical summertime, whether here in the bay area with the heat on inland but cooler at the coast. in fact, 64 degrees in pacifica must speech montara and also and half moon bay temperatures pretty much around the central bay in the seventies. we bump up to 84 degrees around the peninsula in san mateo, warmer and redwood city and notice these temperatures into more gun hill still toasty. 95 degrees. relative humidity would drop down to probably around 20% at its lowest point during the afternoon. tomorrow 90 degrees in napa tomorrow, backing through sonoma tonight, overnight, a little bit more comfortable sleeping weather into the fifties across the board, with the notable exception of 61 throughout the tri valley, also more gun hill and in san jose. your extended forecast. the hottest day coming up will be on sunday, a little bit of relief in our inland areas by tuesday. be safe out there, roberta. thank you. the
4:51 pm
european union's leaders have agreed to make ukraine a candidate for eu membership. that body approved both ukraine and moldova today for candidate status. the eu says the approval represents a crucial step on the path toward membership. ukraine applied to join the eu just days after the russian invasion back in february. the european union has not welcomed any new country since 2013 when croatia joined. and we are monitoring these four wildfires that have broken out across the bay area. some of them are prompting evacuations and the contra costa fire district says that they are expecting a five pm update shortly on the pork cost of fire . in addition, there are also fires burning and pleasant in venetia and vacaville. we'll have the latest another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place.
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did to get their covid-19 shots for their children. now that the
4:54 pm
fda has approved shots for children under the age of five foxes jonathan sarah shows us how they're working to keep up with demand and correct a big gap in who gets antiviral treatments. i was happy to get it done as soon as i could. anxious parents finally breathing a sigh of relief as covid vaccinations for small children accelerate across the country. doctors and health officials say the program is off to a good start. most are reporting stronger than expected demand for the child sized doses as parents anticipate a busy summer for their kids. for some , it was an emotional moment more than two years in the making felt until this moment that i've held my breath. this is the first time i've breathed again. that means that but so far more than 2.7 million doses of the initial 10 million purchased have been sent out to the states and the biden ministrations says it's working to secure more promising. there will be enough shots for every parent who wants to get their
4:55 pm
child vaccinated. the shots for tots are ramping up as infections remain at a high rate more than 100,000 new cases every day, and a new cdc report shows covid therapeutics are not reaching the americans who need the most saying those in low or income areas were half as likely to get the pills. as those in more affluent towns and cities despite having vaccines despite having more therapeutics. we lost more people last summer, and i think that's because everybody thought we were through it. the cdc says. a big reason behind the disparity is healthcare access with many rural pharmacies lacking a doctor to prescribe the therapeutics in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. and we have a quick update for you. you can see that the fire crews are staging right now for a five o'clock update on the fire airport costa again this fire import costa. they have their resources there. we ar
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
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order on the jack app today. chargers for your phone, your computer and your smartwatch. you are not alone. european lawmakers are doing something about it. and as foxes, even brown reports, the u. s. congress could soon follow. it's become one of the biggest cultural arguments ever. what charger do you use? apple lightning or usb? well now europe is taking the first step in ending that high tech struggle. ruling all devices must switch over to the more universal usb c by 2020 for the european parliament step towardg consumer confidence. european frustrated with multiple charges piling up within their homes. now they will be able to use a single charger for all portable electronic. the eu says the plan
4:59 pm
will save consumers more than $260 million every year. it ran into some resistance at first because it would force companies to make all their devices from phones and tablets to computers and even cameras. use the usb c charger instead of proprietary technology. apple would feel the biggest impact after investing millions in its lightning chargers, but the company says it is now testing a usb c option for future iphones and most apple computers already use usb technology for charging and we could be seeing some of those same rules here in the u. s. a group of senate democrats has already asked the commerce department to go ahead and follow europe's lead and set a common charging standard in miami. eben brown fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. and we are following breaking news right now. at five, a series of fire set off evacuation orders this afternoon in both the east bay and north
5:00 pm
bay just three days into summer now, and we're facing yet another day of wildfire evacuations. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes mike mibach right now, in news conferences getting underway at one of those fires. this is import castor right near the khorkina straight. let's go over right now to the news conference and listen in to fire officials here. we immediately called for a second alarm, along with cal fire resources to come to the scene. cal fire was able to send quite a few resources, including the air resources we initiated originally and evacuation for the town of poor costa. since that time, we have downgraded that to an evacuation. standby prepared to evacuate. at this point, the acreage of the fire is 50 acres with 0% containment. but we are making progress on the fire. it is in heavy brush, heavy grass and some trees. at this point, we have ample resources on scene from our partners with con


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