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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 24, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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five, not unexpected decision. the u. s supreme court overturns roe v. wade which legalized abortion in the united states, and, as expected, the ruling set off a wave of protests nationwide. constitution. all right? abortion on demand abortion, there were competing demonstrations outside the supreme court from the moment the ruling was announced. americans are reacting with anger, joy, fear and confusion after this historic decision. good evening. i'm christina ringo andre senior. in its ruling, the high court eliminated the constitutional right to an abortion that has stood for half century instead of leaving the issue of to the states. here's a live look over city hall in san francisco right now, take a look that massive crowd right there. this is just
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one of a handful of demonstrations taking place across the bay area in response to this ruling, people gathered there in protest of what happened today, and it's not the only one. we are seeing protests across the country. we want to show you now look at the crowd growing inside throughout the day in washington, d c outside of the supreme court. cameras here showing all of that crowd gathered eight zoomed in here on the crowd, but we can tell you we've been watching the cameras for the past few minutes. we have seen a very, very large crowd gathering outside of supreme court and again, not the only one other cities as well. we do have live team coverage on the ruling reaction. the fallout as well will begin with fox's caroline shively. she's at the protest. good evening, caroline. hi there. andre and christina. it was a big crowd this morning when this ruling came out at 10 o'clock local time, but it's been growing minute by minute. i'm going to step out here so you can see this crowd. definitely peaceful crowd, but absolutely fired up. they have
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signs they are chanting. there's a speaker at the podium. it is all wrapped up. the supreme court has a wall, blocking them off the crowd here on the streets. they are reacting and so is the city, the nation and the president. the conservative majority of the supreme court shows how extreme it is. how far removed they are from the majority of this country. president biden condemning the ruling, calling it a sad day for america. the highest court in the land ultimately decided to mississippi law that forbids abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy is constitutional. the decision led to a mix of emotions from pro life and pro choice activists outside the supreme court was coming. what we need to do is women organized , organized, organized the first step in america nation, people are lives that equality for women, so freaking excited lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. also reacting today is one of the darkest days our
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country has ever seen. being millions and millions of american women are having their rights ripped away by a maga. hard right supreme court. i would love to see abortion ended in the united states. the ruling doesn't completely outlaw abortion. it leaves it up to the states to protect or restrict abortion rights. missouri became the first state to invoke a trigger law banning all abortions minutes after the ruling 16 states plus dc, already have legal protections for abortion, and 26 states are likely to ban or restrict it going forward. congress could step in and pass a law concerning abortion. a senate panel is set to have a hearing next month and decide on those steps forward. private reporting live from the supreme court. i'm caroline shively ktvu box to noon. caroline thank you. let's take a look now at where st stand now that roe v. wade has been overturned at least 13 states across the country have so called trigger laws. those
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laws been abortions immediately or should ban all abortions. within weeks of that ruling now, according to the guttmacher institute, a pro abortion rights research group. those states include arkansas, idaho, kentucky, louisiana, mississippi , north dakota, oklahoma, south dakota, tennessee, texas, utah and wyoming, and five other states had abortion bans on the books before roe v. wade. abortion is there are banned immediately, and they include alabama, arizona, michigan. west virginia and wisconsin, the democratic governor of michigan and wisconsin have pushed back against those laws. michigan governor gretchen whitmer father lawsuit back in april asking her state supreme court to stop enforcement of the states 1931 abortion ban. wisconsin's governor, tony evers, has called for the repeal of an 18 49 state law that makes abortion a felony now for additional states have lost banning abortions after the six week mark of pregnancy, and they include georgia, iowa, ohio and south carolina. those laws have been ruled on
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constitutional and therefore they will likely be revisited now that robie wade has been overturned christina within hours of this ruling, the governors of california, oregon and washington issued a joint statement condemning the court's decision to end constitutional abortion protections. the three states agreed to protect patients from other states seeking reproductive health care as well as safe as well as safe access to contraceptive and abortions. they also agreed to refuse to cooperate with states that have laws punishing either people seeking reproductive healthcare or doctors who provide abortions. the big area has been preparing for pride demonstrations this weekend. but this gathering here in san francisco tonight is not a pride celebration. it is a demonstration against the supreme court's decision. that is where our team coverage continues a shower with ktvu. zack. zack, what are you seeing out there? pose you can see that rally already underway to protest. the decision in roe v. wade of course, is the decision that was not unexpected. after
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that draft opinion was leaked, but has been nonetheless incredibly emotional for so many across the bay area. is not right. bert holding back tears friday morning after the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade i'm afraid that women will take risky. options over safety ones because they don't have a safe one to take. and that's really dangerous. one of those, um foundational pieces we felt like that kind of represented our country. within hours of the decision, the governors of california, oregon and washington promising to defend access to reproductive health care, including abortion and contraceptives. but for many, the decision still viewed as a startling step backwards for women's rights. carole swan, just learning about the court's move. i'm shocked. oh my god, that's terrible. this country's going backwards message to the six supreme court justices who voted to overturn the 1973
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landmark ruling. i'd say you're wrong, and this is a complete loser because you're not going to stop women from having abortions. you're just going to make it more dangerous. but for some friday was a day to celebrate a decision by the court characterized as long overdue. i'm glad they overturned it being anti uh, abortion. um it's kind of a personal thing for me. meanwhile, nancy getting er personally against abortions but still supportive of a women's right to choose. personally i could never have an abortion myself. but if my daughter needed one or a friend, i would be able to take them. i'd be unhappy, but i would take them, making it clear that she was a staunch supporter of roe v. wade i'm scared about what this country is becoming, because, um they're telling women now what we can do with our bodies and what's it going to be next? yes.
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and this is just one of several stops. this rally will be making as it moves its way through the city and one of several rallies expected over the weekend live in san francisco. ktvu. pakistan news exact thank you. demonstrations expected across the bay area and the country this weekend. this is a look of a map of the planned nationwide protest, including those locally. they're being called. we won't go back and have been planned by collection of the women's groups, planned parenthood and a c l u just to name a few of those organizations. another significant aspect of today's ruling is the conjuring opinion of justice clarence thomas. he singled out other cases that he says the court should reconsider that includes access to birth control and same sex marriage. those cases are the following grizz world, which affirms the couple's right to concentrate contraception lawrence, which said that a state could not outlaw members of the same sex from having sexual relations and overfill. that case establishes
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a constitutional right to same sex marriage until more insight into what the country is dealing with today. the big changes that we're witnessing before our very eyes greece howard assistant professor at san jose state university's department of justice studies. great, thank you so much for joining us today. we appreciate it. your expertise is in reproductive law and politics, the criminalization of pregnancy, reproductive rights. how will people in states where abortion is outlawed? seek here now? it's a really scary time for so many people in this country who have just had one of their constitutional rights taken away from them. it's pretty astonishing if you are somebody who lives in a state where abortion has just become illegal . we have data that suggests people are not going to stop getting abortions in those states. people are going to do what they can and so we can't anticipate people. um using self managed abortion techniques now, something that makes this time different than pre roe v. wade is that the abortion pill does exist, and it's safe to use on
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your own too soft manage and abortion, but you are taking a legal risk when you when you take that illegally with this ruling, now does that affect taking that the pill that you can take over the counter? does that affect that in those states right now, or does this only affect people that go in to get the procedure? no this covers all forms of abortion, including pill abortions, um, method christo and amuse across dollar , the two chemical compounds that are used to induce an abortion using pills and, yeah, those are no longer a legal option in these states. so does that mean you can go to the your neighborhood store? get these things. so does that mean these stores that carry these things like to pull them off the shelves? hmm so i should make a distinction. there is a difference between emergency contraception, which you can buy over the counter and abortion pills, which you generally need a prescription to use. and so doctors won't be able to legally prescribed these. we do know that there are websites that are you can order these things. um
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the legality of this is complicated. but research shows that when even when you buy abortion pills illegally online most of the time you are getting what you ordered. alright so this leads to the other issue the issue that that we have seen in the country before world versus wade happening, and that is people seeking out abortions either way in these states where they are illegal and the dangers that they carry. what can you tell us about that prospect? yeah so the united states is unique among developed democracies in that our maternal mortality rate is actually rising and research has indicated that we can expect around 21% increase in maternal mortality as a result of this ruling for black women who already face a heightened risk of maternal mortality. their risk is anticipated to go up 33% people will be taking their care into their own hands because being forced to be pregnant and give birth whether or not you parent that child. is a
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tremendously dangerous and disruptive thing. um and so i think we can anticipate people using other forms of abortion inducement like the old clothes hanger stories that we hear about, um, right that you know, when texas put out one of its big abortion bans. a few years ago, people were calling abortion clinics back then and saying here are the chemicals i have under my sink. what can i drink to get rid of this pregnancy? and now that is going to be the case in about half of the states and that is the danger that you have to think about here. and one more quick question before we go. what does this decision mean? for constitutional rights just overall. yeah well, the right of privacy is gone right? this case relied on the right to privacy, and this court has said that because the right to privacy isn't explicitly stated in the constitution, and it's not part of their cherry picked version of history and tradition of the nation. that is not a right anymore. and so, yes,
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contraception goes gay marriage goes non procreative sex goes, um, but any other right that isn't explicitly listed in the constitution or part of their version of history goes away. so like prohibitions on cruel and unusual punishment. we interpret that very differently now than we did in 17 76 right, but this ruling would say, go torture a 12 year old, right like that's fine. um that's where we are right now cannot be understated . the big changes that we're witnessing an undergoing in our country right now. grace howard san jose state university department of justice studies. thank you so much for joining us, everybody or insight. we appreciate it. thank you st with ktvu for continuing coverage of the supreme court's roe v. wade ruling. you can find more information on our website. just like west coast states have expanded access to abortion will have more information on that. that's on ktvu .com. what will today's decision mean for the november midterm elections? coming up at 5 30 are greg lee explains how both republicans and democrats are framing the
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issue. all san francisco police have canceled all days off this weekend as the city gears up for its biggest pride celebration in years at 5, 45 k tvs. tom baker shows us san francisco and i was kicked off friday weekend at city hall. details about what led up to a deadly officer involved shooting this week in san jose, including how he suspected killer terrified his own grandmother and two children during what police say was a deadly rampage, plus the video just released by police. very hot week in our inland areas and extremely dry now, the change you need to know about for the weekend as the news continues, right here on ktvu, fox two. this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end.
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ended connection with the deadly shooting on immunity metro train he's been identified as 26 year old davon green. investigators say they received several tips after the release of surveillance video following the shooting wednesday. and green was arrested at a home in pittsburgh last night and faces several charges, including homicide. the san francisco medical examiners identified the man killed his 27 year old nest up, bowen. investigators believe he was shot during a verbal argument on board the train as a travel between the forest hill and castro stations. a 70 year old, innocent bystander was also shot. that person has since been released from the hospital. we're learning more about a shooting in san jose involving police and a suspect who is being investigated for two homicides late today. the police department released never before seen video of the incident. interviews mark sayers live in san jose outside police headquarters, where a news conference just wrapped up mark. well christina san jose police chief, anthony mata said his
5:18 pm
officers had no choice but to shoot the suspect who came bursting out of the shed carrying a handgun, and he also released some new details in this crime spree that spanned from san jose. all the way to modesto. this video provided by the san jose police department shows the suspect, raymond calderon, running out of the shed, in which he was hiding, carrying what turned out to be a stolen gun. it was shortly after this video was taken that calderon pointed that weapon at tactical officers who had been involved in a standoff with him overnight at approximately 7 22 am the suspect ran out of the shed. and raced toward the perimeter officers and chief mata says. that's when officers first saw the gun in calderon's right hand man ran towards officers surrounded the house and raised and pointed the gun. at special operations officer. two officers fired their weapons at the suspect striking him twice. this entire situation began tuesday afternoon when
5:19 pm
police received their 1st 911 call from the mother of two have called iran's children. called her on had the kids ages six and seven in his truck with him and his own grandmother, police say, called iran had the three stay in his truck when he allegedly first killed a man whom police say he knew on mount shasta drive in san jose. police say he then traveled to modesto, where he killed the mother of another of his children, 29 year old michelle gonzalez. calderon was then chased by chp as he returned to san jose, forcing his children and his grandmother out of his truck in gilroy. grandmother had two black eyes and stated that she was pistol whipped. by calderon called iran and tried to break into several houses near roundtable and ben dwarf drive in south san jose before finally holding up in an unlocked shed. calderon senselessly killed two people. and when finally confronted by the san jose police department and the highly populated neighborhood, he opened fire around them as a last ditch
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effort to escape. san jose mayor sam liccardo says it is a very sad episode for all involved, applaud the patient and courageous efforts. of san jose police officers. prevented raymond calderon. from inflicting even more horrific toll than the two lives he had already taken. there are still many unanswered questions, including what was the exact relationship between calderon and the first person that he killed here in san jose. the two officers that were involved in the shooting had both been placed on administrative leave. they both were wearing body worn cameras. those cameras were on and we're told the video will be released in the next several weeks, reporting live in san jose police headquarters. i'm mark sayer. ktvu fox two news something we will definitely be following up on mark. thank you. hard to firefighters have been monitoring four brush fires in the east and north bay's neighborhoods in vacaville, pleasant in import cost or evacuated yesterday, but those evacuation orders have been
5:21 pm
lifted. there was another fire that sparked just east of livermore. he was the latest on those fires. now at last check, cal fire says the canyon fire and pleasant in 20% contained 71 acres burned in contra costa county. the scenic fire import costs has now burned 120 acres and is 70% contained. in vacaville. the tim fire, which started yesterday, has now burned 26 acres and now 80% contained and in redwood city, the edgewood firebird 20 acres and is 98% contained. it's already been a busy year for wildfires here in california, according to cal fire and the u. s forest service. there have been over 3300 fires so far this year over 21,000 acres have burned. now last year. this time it was just over 3700 fires and 32,000 acres burned both years are far ahead of the state's five year average for the same time of the year. roberto gonzalez is here now, with more on our fine weather, roberta every single day this week in our inland areas away from the bay. we've had temperatures well into the nineties and even
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triple digits. and right now it is 99 degrees in brentwood. it was 100. we did top off at 98 livermore. it is now in the mid nineties, check out the temperatures to the south and san jose 85. but we also had numbers there today in the nineties, but it is cool at the coast 57 degrees. that's a big spread 57 to 99 at this hour. meanwhile it is bone dry in our inland areas, 16% relative humidity and livermore, 14 and morgen hill and 17. in concord, of course, higher 93 where we have that marine layer along the seashore. we do have the winds whipping into december. no gap. we have guts up to 30 mph at s f o oakland international now reporting augusta 24 mph winds will remain consistent 10 to 20 during the early evening hours, then began to dial back, but high pressure going to flex its muscles by sunday. the change you need to know about sunday is going to be even warmer, but
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meanwhile, it will remain cool at the coast tonight. sleeping weather 51 degrees in santa rosa to the low sixties across the rose garden district. back in through morga, neil. and in gilroy, 66. pacifica tomorrow, 97 degrees and fairfield temperatures just a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow around the central bay as well. we'll toss in that. full weekend forecast that's coming up. plus we'll talk about also the san francisco pride parade and celebration forecast, roberta thank you. it has been one year since america woke up to see and hear about the collapse of a condo in florida that killed nearly 100. people alive report coming up on how all of the victims are being remembered and the safety changes that have since been implemented. and monitoring growing abortion rights rallies in texas coming up at six. how obey area nonprofit is trying to provide legal help to women in states where abortion is now bad. i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom!
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gods we rise from the floor. we
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find a fortitude that we didn't know we had. today we gather to remember the 98 people lost. one year after condominium collapsed in the community of surfside, florida first lady dr jill biden . you saw there, delivering a message of encouragement to the families of the 98 victims. that tragedy remains one of the deadliest structural failures in u. s history. and investigators still struggling to understand why it happened. they still do not know why foxes caroline elliott joins us live from the memorial site with more on this, caroline. andre victimsfamilies met at the building site around 1:20 a.m. this morning the same time in the same date that this building collapsed last year. now we also know that families met with first lady jill biden as well at a public memorial earlier today, but what families say they still need tonight? his answers. every sunrise is a
5:27 pm
reminder even a year and i've never seen so many sunrises in my life. i don't sleep to keep fighting for answers. and surfside, florida i love my baby. and no father. should go to what i'm going through cloud most people in champlain tower southwest sleep with the building collapsed around 1:20 a.m. it took over two weeks for my sister nikki to be recovered every day. we would just hope and pray. that we would get notification. of anyone being alive just to have hope that our loved ones will be alive. and that day never came for any families without answers. family can't move on to this day. a week ago. we are still receiving phone calls that human remains are being identified. these are things no one knows the collapse
5:28 pm
still haunts the rescue proofs. the team searched for weeks but found very few survivors. it was something that i've never seen in real life before. other than you know, movies and obviously, news footage of, you know. the world trade center. 9 11 kind of flashing your mind, but i've never seen in real life anything like this. investigators believe it could take another year to understand why the 12 story building suddenly collapsed, but families say they won't give up on answers. they need to find out what happened because buildings they do not collapse by themselves. there's something wrong. and these families are not just fighting for answers. they're also fighting for a permanent memorial at the building site. the longest felt family tells us there's a 98 reasons to build a permanent memorial here at the building cyber right now they're fighting against the developer that already bought the property. in surfside, florida. caroline elliott, fox two news. you found
5:29 pm
a strong praying for you validate those messages right and center in that small texas town one month since the deadly school shooting next, we'll go live to validate where there's still anger, frustration and debilitating sadness and we head back to sky fox right now live over san francisco growing crowd, hundreds of people there perhaps even much more than that. today's roe v. wade decision bringing in there. sure to be front and center in the midterm elections to how this decision could affect the leadership of our country. and former first lady michelle obama says today's ruling takes the country back to a time when the government denied women control over their reproductive functions. in a statement, she says, i am heartbroken for the teenage girl full of zest and promised you won't be able to finish school or live the life she wants, because her state controls her reproductive decisions for the mother of a nonviable pregnancy, who is now forced to bring that pregnancy to term. for the parents watching their child's future evaporate before their very eyes
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for the health care workers who can no longer help them without risking jail time. we'll be right back. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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ruling could have major implications heading into the november midterm election. already democrats are working to make it a driving force in turning voters out. ktvu political reporter greg lee shows us how both sides of the aisle are framing the issue today. this cruel ruling is
5:33 pm
outrageous and heart wrenching. you know, today's supreme court decision in dobbs is the most important pro life ruling american history in the wake of the supreme court's decision to eliminate the constitutional right to abortion, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle began to look ahead to the midterm election. this is deadly serious. that we are not going to let this pass. a woman's right to choose. reproductive freedom. is on the ballot in november. house speaker nancy pelosi committed to making reproductive rights a major issue in november, democrats holding a slim margin in the house republicans celebrating the decision. the people have won a victory. the right to life has been vindicated. the voiceless will finally have a voice. former vice president mike pence, a longtime opponent of abortion, went a step further calling for a national ban on abortions. in a statement, he said the supreme court has given
5:34 pm
the american people a new beginning for life, and i commend the justices in the majority for having the courage of their convictions. he went on to say we must not rest and must not relent until the sanctity of life is restored to the center of american law in every state in the land. political analyst brian sobel says democrats will look to use this as a rallying cry to get voters to the polls where republicans may treat it as an example of promises kept, but he says it may not drive voters as much as issues like inflation. issues that are affecting americans economically and some of the fears of things going on around the world will overshadow this as an election issue, it will be an election issue. sobel also point out a lot can change in the months before the election. still in an address to the nation, president biden leaned in as he spoke directly to voters fall. must elect more senators representatives who codify woman's right to choose and the
5:35 pm
federal law once again in the moments following the ruling, several democratic lawmakers, including speaker pelosi and governor newsom sent fundraising emails asking supporters to help them protect abortion rights. greg lee ktvu fox two news over the past several years, several west coast states have taken action to expand access to reproductive health care in preparation for the potential overturn of roe versus wade. and here are some of those actions in california governor gavin newsom proposed a $125 million reproductive health package to expand access for women and help prepare them for the influx of women seeking reproductive healthcare from other states. you some recently signed legislation eliminating copays for abortion care services and signed into law a legislative package that further strengthens access and protects patients and providers. governor kate brown signed oregon's reproductive health equity act into law in 2017, a first of its kind bill that expanded access to reproductive health services
5:36 pm
for all oregonians and codify the right to an abortion into state law and in 2018. washington governor jay inslee signed the reproductive parity act that requires all health plans. that include maternity care services to also cover abortion and contraception. elected leaders in the south bay came together today to denounce the supreme court decision more than a dozen officials from the county and city levels there, as well as some school district leaders gathered in front of san jose's federal building to speak out. about this. they vowed to do everything in their power to protect the rights of women and girls, not just in santa clara county, but throughout the nation. we know that california will become a sanctuary community in the post roe world , but we recognize as leaders in california that california cannot be an island. that we must continue to push these rights back out across this country. we are not going to county district attorney jeff rosen told the gathering that
5:37 pm
the county will not help out of state officials who tried to prosecute anyone who comes to the country county for abortion care. long time anti abortion activists are celebrating today's supreme court decision. it's a day they've been waiting for fighting for, really for decades and joining us now is brian johnson, executive director of the california pro life council. brian thank you so much for joining us. first off, give us your reaction here. a major decision from the supreme court overturning roe versus wade. that's right. and i think it's important to know what roby wade actually did it prohibited any state from giving that like legal access to the child to be alive. the rights of the child had denied to this states. so what? this decision this doesn't actually ban a single abortion. it lets the states decide when they can start protecting that baby. most americans and most californians don't believe in late term abortion if there's nothing wrong with the mom or child, but that's a choice made
5:38 pm
choice means abortion on demand just for choice. there need not be any reason. and most americans and most california's don't agree with that definition of choice yet that's what governor newsom users. if you want it, you get it. that's what defines you as a woman being able to kill your child. states now we're free as of today. to say well in our state. we like to give some consideration to the life of the child, at least at some point, so it's very significant that states are now free. to consider and that lawmakers can actually go beyond the simplistic rhetoric of choice. and can look at the life of that child and say as they did before, roe, you know that's a human baby. and that baby is somebody wants to raise that kid. there are people waiting for years to adopt that same child. that's a human life, so yeah, we're excited. and in california, especially this doesn't ban a single abortion,
5:39 pm
not a single abortion, everything that california is done multiple millions of dollars poured into the abortion industry. well, that's going to continue. exactly we've seen that already in terms of governor newsom, saying that california will become a sanctuary for women seeking abortion. we've also seen states already make decisions and in ruling that abortion is illegal in their states, so i'm curious to know where does the fight go from here is a nationwide ban on abortion, something that will be pushed for next. do you think that's where we're headed? no actually, because all this has done is this is given pro life people the ability to point out that this child is through this person is and in fact speaking of governor newsom, many of those states, you know, a third of abortions are done on minors is gavin newsom gonna fly miners across state lines because he doesn't want parents to know all about this. but many states have
5:40 pm
those laws. there's a lot of things about this tourist abortion. multiple million dollar industry he's proposing and again this is all government sponsorship of killing human babies. and when you look at the baby if you only talked about women then oh, wow, that's great. but we're actually talking about where you and i come from. these are human beings and science acknowledges that when people do abort, often, the baby parts are sold because those are human or against their valuable for science. this is a human life. and now that states are free to protect you lives. it should be debated more do you have to get away from you have a message for women who say that their fundamental right to make a decision about their own body has been stripped away today. well i actually wrote a book on road and i recommend that we're not gonna show what i have here . but most people don't know
5:41 pm
that roe v. wade denied women that right read roby weight and actually sent, uh, justice ginsburg agrees with me. i'll be glad to send you her coat. coat your quote on that it only gave rights to abortionist. they make all the decisions and it's specifically in rovio way there's no there is no absolute right for a woman to have a choice. she can only consult with the position. all of the rights were given to the position they determine who live or die. the position determines who will be granted the legal protection of the law. but that should be up to the state to decide that now stay will be free to decide that. that's exactly what we saw today. okay. brian johnson with california pro life council, we appreciate your time and coming on the show. thank you so much. thank you very much. appreciate it and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on the supreme court's roe versus wade ruling. you can
5:42 pm
find more information on our website, including where abortion bans are now in place. that is on our website ktvu .com. summer day today, 19 children and two teachers were shot and killed inside their texas elementary school, the classroom there and one month later prayers and support continue pouring into the community boxes, actually, so rihanna joins us live from your body with more unhappy people there are holding up good evening to you actually talked to her like she was still there. and help really does and go in there and say good morning and goodnight. like you should. it means my mind. she's still there. nine year old jackie was a student at rob elementary. she was in class on may 24th the day the gunman shot up the school june 10th was supposed to be jackie's 10th birthday. smart little girl. she was feisty. she's a. go get her. she loved to help other people out of personal. give her shirt off her back if she could to help
5:43 pm
somebody out, jackie loved to sing and dance to when she had big dreams for her future. she loved animals. she want to become a vet. and. and one of our dreams was to go to paris. so, um unless something that you know, unfortunately that we want to do you know her spirit in your honor. it's a tough road ahead, go back and look at pictures and videos and then we have that makes us happy, then. um. we had those times that we get that little punch in the chest. you know that. you couldn't help but cry. but javier casseroles says he and his family are fighting every day to heal. it would be different. if it was she had cancer or something. again i know that one day she might pass, but it's the way she was brutally taken from us as a difference. ordinary hurts harder. but we're strong and we're trying to get through it. it's just it's gonna be very
5:44 pm
hard to um i can't say we're going to start breeding because academy my baby is gone. that was ashley soriano reporting for us, javier cassara said. they will keep the tradition but will now leave the rocks at jackie's gravesite. in san francisco police want everyone celebrating pride this weekend to feel safe coming up what the department is doing differently this weekend. plus, we're going one on one with the new top cop in santa rosa to see what he'll
5:45 pm
(music throughout)
5:46 pm
santa rosa. he is john creegan, and he's a familiar face to the department, having worked in the gang unit and as a motorcycle officer, ktvu crime reporter henry lee met up with the chief today to get a sense of his priorities. we went about 2018 to the new graphics here graphics and a new chief for the santa rosa police department. john creegan, is taking over the
5:47 pm
force after serving as interim top cop. very good guy very lucky to have him excited to have him as the as the new chief. congratulations again showed me around. the department actually went to lunch this week with sour solano where his portrait isn't even up yet on this wall of ex chiefs and creek gets no outsider. the former nevada officer has been with santa rosa police for 17 years and lives in the city. i live here with my wife and i have two teenage daughters to go to school here in santa rosa. so for me, it's an honor to be able to work here in the city that i live in. but there's a lot to be responsible for. we have a lot on our plate here in santa rosa, and some of the priorities right now is going to be focused on violence reduction. last year, there were 407. one shootings and six homicides this year. they've already been seven killings. the chief says he wants to bring back the gang unit. he also wants to focus on side shows. we're seeing them. unfortunately weekend after weekend. we're putting some proactive measures to eliminate the side shows from occurring. there are 100 and 81 sworn officers but 16 vacancies so hiring lateral and new officers will be key with the national reckoning on police abuse and
5:48 pm
racial injustice. creegan says he'll strike a balance. our police department is better trained today than it's ever been to respond to any type of civil unrest in our community. while still allowing people to protest their first amendment constitutional rights pd has been affected by tragedies like the covid related death of detective mary lou armor and repeated wildfires in the area. each one of those things have taken a toll on our officers and all of our staff, and it's important that i understand those. the chief says he wants to be able to take meaningful action in response to community concerns and being willing to not be defensive to those and being saying you know what we do have some changes need to be made, and we want to hear from our activist community. we want to hear from our community here in santa rosa, chief creegan also plans to install cameras and all police cars to increase transparency and accountability. in santa rosa henry lee ktvu fox studios. check this out. your eyes are not deceiving you a short time after roe versus wade was overturned, a pro abortion rights protester scaled up the frederick douglass bridge in
5:49 pm
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it's on the teleprompter. you had one job. subway® keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshing. there preparing for a weekend of safe pride celebrations. ktvu tom vacar spent the day in the city where the celebrations are already underway. it was a sunny , warm day in san francisco's castro, a perfect place to re launch a full scale pride celebration akin to the pre pandemic days for locals and visitors from afar. very excited . it's about time covered, struck us really, really hard and glad to be back. you know, we needed this pride wanted to be here celebrating pride and his birthday and i would love san francisco. there will be many events and likely some possible protest, which is both expected and prepared for canceled days off. for this weekend, so we will be very
5:52 pm
heavily deployed as a result of the cancelation of days off and we make adjustments as we need to anything. the rainbow flag stands for unity and we're is there a better place in the world to unite here in san francisco city hall during pride, 65 couples straight and gay made reservations to marry in the city hall today. that's why a small army of deputy marriage commissioners was on hand in a place and on a day that was joyous for everyone. the fact that we can celebrate the lgbtq plus community today is really kind of exciting to for us to come in here and participate with these couples and help join them in love. it's so wonderful. i just think it's great to pass a miracle on besides, we let's be let's be real. um, we're feeling threatened. in some political circles. that is something on a specially the minds of these newly wed women. more than ever
5:53 pm
. we want to show our things in gratitude for those who fought to get us to this point and know that we have to keep fighting. initially after this morning. yes um and getting married this weekend is also really exciting and empowering festivities. it was clear at city hall and the castro that roe v. wade's reversal had many lbgt folks, fearing that they, too might be on the legal rights hit list. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. just about every day this week. we've had a temperature in the triple digits, and today was no exception. everybody we had 100 degrees apiece in antioch and in livermore very hot weekend throughout the tri valley. we had a high temperature today of 87 degrees in santa rosa, backing through windsor eighties comment around the peninsula 98 degrees in morgen hill, where you are welcoming that marine layer, which is hovering around sutro towers, standing 977 ft.
5:54 pm
tall so it gives you a good indication how low to the ground that marine layer actually is. it's ushering in. it's very strong sea breeze in throughout the san bruno gap right now it's 64 degrees in san francisco. pleasant in napa at 77 degrees. we're still in the mid nineties and throughout livermore, pleasant in dublin, san ramon, and in danville, high pressure, the key component not going anywhere very quickly. we have cool days ahead at the coast. in fact, tonight couple degrees cooler into the fifties and sixties tomorrow. daytime high sixties beaches seventies bayside to under 100 degrees in our inland areas, by the way that 52nd annual san francisco pride parade steps off at 10 30 at marketing embarcadero, wrap it around to the civic center by then, 72 degrees. here's your extended forecast. enjoy your weekend will slide back into the eighties by wednesday. and our inland areas and into thursday until then, take care of one another. roberta thank you coming up all new at six more
5:55 pm
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embrace this phase. help protect them in the next.
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balance even before they step on the plane, airline cancelations and delays might be the new normal us airlines delayed or canceled more than 35,000 flights over father's day weekend foxes lydia, who has details with summer travel, ramping up we overheard a traveler earlier today, telling his family to say a little prayer that their flight is not canceled today, just a small indication of what travelers are
5:58 pm
feeling here at newark liberty international airport, a lot of anxiety as we are coming out of a week of brutal cancelations and delays in the airline industry. nearly 8000 flights traveling into leaving or within the united states have been canceled within the past week. nearly one in four flights across the country were delayed. we've been asking travelers here in newark should airlines be penalized for canceled flights? everybody is struggling with that across the country, so i don't know. i don't think they should be penalized. if it's whether something uncontrollable maybe not. but if they're overbooking, they know what their staff is. um so i think at that point they should reimburse the airlines are struggling to meet a surge and consumer demand for air travel as they face worker shortages, but some pilots accused the airlines of overscheduling the flights. as pilots. we are beyond exhausted . they're trying to get us to fly to the maximums that the faa
5:59 pm
has. the bad news is, it means a flight cancels. when you schedule the airline to the max , you're going to have failures , and now some airlines are pulling back on their schedules . american airlines announcing this week it's going to suspend service to four small cities across iowa, new york and ohio. starting in september. united airlines, also saying this week it's going to suspend 12% of its departing flights that leave from newark starting after july. 4th. reporting from newark liberty international airport. lydia, who box business. this is ktvu fox two news at six. 49 years to the week a landmark supreme court decision has been overturned. supreme court justices stripped away the constitutional right to end abortion in america. it didn't limit it. i simply took it away. has never been done to right so
6:00 pm
important to so many americans. but they did it. it's a sad day for the court and for the country. that ruling fundamentally changes the legal protections around abortion nationwide, and the court signals that other significant rulings could be next. good evening. i'm andre senior cristina rendon. today is the day anti abortion advocates have been waiting for well. the ruling is outraged abortion rights supporters. let's get right to those demonstrations happening across the country and here in the bay area. protesters criticizing today's supreme court ruling and this gathering began about two hours ago, a large crowd marched down market street in san francisco gathering at civic center plaza . other demonstrations have been taking place at the federal building and in other parts of the city. protests are also taking place in states where abortions could soon or will be outlawed soon. demonstrators have gathered at the federal courthouse in austin, texas, in opposition to today's supreme court ruling. texas has a so called trigger


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