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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 24, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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for the court and for the country. that ruling fundamentally changes the legal protections around abortion nationwide, and the court signals that other significant rulings could be next. good evening. i'm andre senior cristina rendon. today is the day anti abortion advocates have been waiting for well. the ruling is outraged abortion rights supporters. let's get right to those demonstrations happening across the country and here in the bay area. protesters criticizing today's supreme court ruling and this gathering began about two hours ago, a large crowd marched down market street in san francisco gathering at civic center plaza . other demonstrations have been taking place at the federal building and in other parts of the city. protests are also taking place in states where abortions could soon or will be outlawed soon. demonstrators have gathered at the federal courthouse in austin, texas, in opposition to today's supreme court ruling. texas has a so called trigger law, which means
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abortion will be criminalized in the state 30 days after the supreme court formally overturned. roby wait. currently abortion in texas is illegal. after six weeks of pregnancy. look tonight in washington, d. c a large crowd has been gathered outside of the supreme court all day today. the decision attracted both those who support the court's decision as well as those who are outraged. authorities have tried to separate the two crowns from crack, clashing into each other. fox's caroline shively is live outside the supreme court. with more on what with more caroline, what's the latest from where you are? christina take a look at the crowd. it's a smaller crowd. that's certainly feistier than we saw when the sunlight was out there, chanting they are talking . they're protesting. they do not like this decision for the supreme court. reaction is pouring in from the folks on the street in the city and across the nation as well as president biden. conservative majority of the supreme court shows how extreme it is. how far removed
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they are from the majority of this country. president biden condemning the ruling, calling it a sad day for america, the highest court in the land ultimately decided to mississippi lol. it forbids abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy is constitutional. the decision led to a mix of emotions from pro life and pro choice activists outside the supreme court coming what we need to do as women organized, organized, organized the first step in america nation, people our lives, equality for women, so freaking excited lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. also reacting today is one of the darkest days our country has ever seen. millions and millions of american women are having their rights ripped away by a maga. hard right supreme court. what a great victory. for life,
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and it's not just a victory for life. it's a victory for millions of people who have been part of this pro life movement for decades. the ruling doesn't completely outlaw abortion. it leaves it up to the states to protect or restrict abortion rights. missouri became the first state to invoke a trigger law banning all abortions minutes after the ruling 16 states plus dc, already have legal protections for abortion, and 26 states are likely to ban or restrict it going forward. president biden admitted today there's not much he can do to change the decision coming from the supreme court, but he urged congress to act. a senate panel is meeting next month to decide if they want to take on this issue. christina you, caroline in washington tonight. thank you, caroline. meantime governor newsom and state leaders are promising to take new action. in response to the decision. the governor and his wife formed first partner jennifer siebel, newsom, spoke today during an emotional news conference. state lawmakers have been preparing for months for the likelihood
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that thousands of women would travel here to california from states where abortions will be illegal. california lawmakers and governor newsom are calling the court's ruling quote dark, devastating and dangerous. this is about wrecking families destroying lives, destroying dreams, putting lives yes, the shannon said at risk. and never would this happen if men were the ones having babies ever and you know that and i know that every person knows that, and that's the elephant in the room. because women are treated as second class citizens in this country i heart my heart. because out to all of the women in this country. and i hope you know. i hope you know that california has your back. governor newsom also signed an assembly bill into law, which protects abortion providers and their patients who come from other states that may face civil
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actions from those other states. the legislature is also considering a constitutional amendment to preserve the right to abortion in the state's constitution will have much more on that coming up at 6 30. demonstrations are expected to continue tonight and throughout the weekend across the bay area . ktvu zach sauces live in the city tonight where large crowds of people have been gathering since this afternoon, and jack how does it look now? well large rally here outside of the san francisco federal building, moving on just a short while ago . earlier hundreds gathered here with signs in hand to protest the decision in roe v. wade they held up signs through claiming women's rights are human rights , a decision that was expected after that league draft opinion but has been nonetheless emotional for so many across the bay area. is not right. herbert holding back tears friday morning after the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade i'm afraid that women will take risky. options over
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safety ones because they don't have a safe one to take. and that's really dangerous. one of those foundational pieces we felt like that kind of represented our country. within hours of the decision, the governors of california, oregon and washington promising to defend access to reproductive health care, including abortion and contraceptives. but for many, the decision still viewed as a startling step backwards for women's rights. carole swan, just learning about the court's move. i'm shocked. oh, my god, that's terrible. this country's going backwards message to the six supreme court justices who voted to overturn the 1973 landmark ruling. i'd say you're wrong, and this is. a complete loser because you're not going to stop women from having abortions. you're just going to make it more dangerous. but for some friday was a day to celebrate. the decision by the court characterized as long
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overdue. i'm glad they overturned it being anti uh, abortion. um it's kind of a personal thing for me. meanwhile, nancy getting er personally against abortions but still supportive of a women's right to choose. personally i could never have an abortion myself. but if my daughter needed one or a friend. i would be able to take them. i'd be unhappy, but i would take them, making it clear that she was a staunch supporter of roe v. wade i'm scared about what this country is becoming, because, um they're telling women now what we can do with our bodies and what's it going to be next? and that rally that was your earlier expected to make multiple stops throughout the city. there exact route is not known at the moment . christina and i on things out there. say save zach starts in the st san francisco zack. thank you. elected leaders in the south bay came together to denounce today's supreme court
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decision more than a dozen officials from the county and city levels as well as some school district leaders gathered in front of san jose's federal building. they vowed to do everything in their power to protect the rights of women and girls, not just in santa clara county, but throughout the nation. we know that california will become a sanctuary community in the post roe world , but we recognize as leaders in california that california cannot be an island. that we must continue to push these rights back out across this country. we are not going to ignore. county district attorney jeff rose until the gathering that the country or the county will not help our will not help out of state officials who try to prosecute anyone who comes to the county for an abortion. google says it will let its employees move from states where abortion is restricted or banned two states that protect abortion rights. the company says employees can apply for relocation without justification . google losses center reminder to employees that it's healthcare plan does cover adam
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state medical procedures that aren't available where an employee lives or works across the country. and here in california antiabortion groups are celebrating today's supreme court ruling overturning roe versus wade, and earlier on the four we spoke with jonathan keller, president of the california family council. it's hard to believe that this issue that has been, you know, roiling the nation for nearly 50 years. i certainly would not say that today's decision from the court settles the issue, but it certainly is an incredible inflection point. keller says his involvement with the anti abortion movement began when he and other high school students prayed outside an abortion clinic 25 years ago, he says, it's now time for abortion opponents to step up to the plate and provide hope. help and support to anyone going through an unplanned pregnancy. lawmakers in sacramento, trying to number touring a number of ideas to protect reproductive rights. voters could have their say abortion now illegal in
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eight states and counting a national nonprofit based here in the bay area, is trying to offer help to women facing mew legal challenges. and a burial weather another warm to hot day today, especially inland and it looks like this pattern wants to stick around. as we head into the weekend. we'll have the update coming up, also had three weeks to the day alameda county drops its indoor mask mandate the reasoning behind this chain. and a live look of our evening commute. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of people heading into the city almost looks like a morning commute will be right back. you're watching ktvu news at six.
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i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. and least eight states. the supreme court decision this morning effectively banned abortion in wisconsin, south dakota, missouri, kentucky, oklahoma, arkansas, louisiana and alabama. abortion is also severely restricted and expected to be banned soon in another
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eight states to talk about the legal troubles that many women across the country will not now be facing. is sarah aims worth? she's a senior legal and policy director at if when now it's a national nonprofit based in oakland that provides legal advice and defense on reproductive rights. sarah thanks so much for joining us today and first off, let's start with today's decision in terms of how it's impacted services. have you seen an uptick in calls from women already seeking help? thank you for asking that. yes, our help planet if one how has had more than 50 calls in the last hour since before i joined you i've been talking to people all over the country are staff attorneys have been talking to people all over the country. there's a lot of fear. there's a lot of concern. there's a lot of fear about what if happens. and then, of course, there's people who actually, we're in the throes of meeting abortion care right now and unfortunately had appointments canceled. we've been here. go ahead. i'm sorry. go ahead. go ahead. i was gonna say we've already been hearing that that, uh, that abortion services have been or i guess
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locations have been calling women and canceling those planned abortions in the coming weeks that we know that women will still find ways to get an abortion. but the question is whether it will be in a safe manner. so how does if when? how step in thank you so much for that. so we have a legal helpline and a legal defense fund. and the important thing to understand is that we're not going back to the days before roe versus wade when abortions that people got regardless of the law were very dangerous. medically abortion pills are very safe and effective, and that is the method most people around the world used to end their own pregnancies, regardless of the law. it's the legal risk that we're concerned about. so our helpline provides legal advice and information for anyone with questions about their rights and self managed abortion, and with our helpline is available. i'm sorry our defense fund is available to provide bail and legal support for anyone who is, unfortunately criminalized as a result of their abortion care does that also include people who may
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perform abortions and be prosecuted for that? um there are bail fans available through our report legal defense fund for providers who might provide abortion care for others who might be accused of aiding and abetting somebody just because they're a loved one or close friend helping someone get the care that they need. our fund is available for that, and there are both our organizations and numerous other reproductive rights organizations that we stepping in to provide support as well. what about the organization helping women who need help traveling to states where abortions are legal? is that something that your organization provides as well? we do not provide travel support. we answer legal questions for people who might be interested in providing that care to help them understand their legal rights to provide basic care to people in their community. okay so california we know a governor newsom has said it will become a sanctuary for women seeking abortions. if people are looking for information about their legal
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rights, where can they go? anyone in california or across the country can contact us at reprobate legal helpline dot org . um they can contact us through our website. it was so a phone number and we will be able to return their call. if it's not an emergency within 2 to 4 days, and if it's an emergency, if you've got any legal um uh, investigation happening or police investigation will call you back immediately and get you connected to legal health. and you said 50 calls within the last hour alone. what are women saying or what are people saying? and how are you feeling about this? people are asking what they can do now, do they have any options? people are really scared because they may have had appointments that are cut off. i personally am devastated and also angry, but i also want people to understand that once again, we're not going to go back. um and we may be setting back but we weren't going to step out of this space . we will be here advocating for
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abortion rights and for reproductive justice and people's rights. regardless of what this supreme court decision said, we have numerous legal options and we will use them. sarah aims worth senior legal and policy director at if when now, thank you so much for joining us and giving us your insight. starting tomorrow, wearing a mask indoors in alameda county won't be mandatory. the county is ending its mask mandate. alameda was the only barea county to reinstate a mask mandate earlier this month. in response to a recent uptick in covid cases, the county's health officer says conditions have now stabilized following the sustained increase in cases and hospitalizations in may. very weather looks like june out there almost two different weather worlds with some cool temperatures. kasey but inland once again some very hot rating, so this is summertime in the bay area. that's what we have with the temperatures for today. in the region. take a look at some of the highest from this afternoon. san francisco 69 oakland 72.
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lots of eighties around the bay for sandra fell, hayward, fremont and san jose. and once again another hot day inland temperatures in the upper nineties touching 100 degrees. course this time of year we talked about the marine layer and the depth of the marine layer. and today it's very shallow about 1000. ft that means the fog that's out. there is really just focused on the coast side that having a big impact on the inland temperatures, so that would be the case this weekend beaches in the sixties around the bay approaching the low to mid eighties and inland hotspots will be hot all weekend long, at least the mid nineties could be approached in the upper nineties. to right around 100 degrees. here's the satellite picking up on some of the fog coverage once again out toward the golden gate bridge out towards pacific up and right around half moon bay. as far as the plan tomorrow, overnight temperatures will be in the fifties and the lower sixties as bright colors once again do represent some pretty hot numbers. upper nineties well inland, but that seabreeze keeping things in check coast side and even right around the base, a plan on some very hot numbers out toward fairfield and
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anti oxana francisco approaching the lower seventies and san jose approaching the lower nineties. this is very saturday. we will eventually cool things off a bit. the five day we'll have more on that. coming up. interest a few minutes, mark. thank you. san jose. police arrested man accused of killing two people within a two hour span, and police say he took his family along for the ride. police arrest a suspect accused of killing a man on community trade in san francisco. while investigators say they are confident it was an isolated
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in with this week's deadly shooting at many he's been identified as 26 year old driven green. police released surveillance images following the shooting earlier this week and helps of getting information leading to an arrest. while police say they got several tips. the man was arrested at home in pittsburgh last night. and faces several charges, including homicide. the san francisco medical examiner has identified the man killed his 27 year old nesta bowen. investigators believe the gunfire started after a verbal argument. inside a train as a travel between the forest hill and castro stations. based on our investigation. you know, we can safely say that this incident had no relationship to the castro area, the lgbtq community or pride weekend. um and just want to, you know, put people's minds at ease, especially our residents and visitors who are getting ready to celebrate pride that this was not any kind of incident targeting the lgbtq community or pride events. a second person was also shot. that person was a
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70 year old and has since been released from the hospital. we're learning more about a shooting his and hers, a involving police and a suspect who was being investigated for two homicides late today, the police department released video that had never been seen before . ktvu shelby reporter mark sayer has the latest on the investigation. this video provided by the san jose police department shows the suspect, raymond calderon, running out of the shed, in which he was hiding, carrying what turned out to be a stolen gun. it was shortly after this video was taken that calderon pointed that weapon at tactical officers who had been involved in a standoff with him overnight at approximately 7 22 am the suspect ran out of the shed. and raced toward the perimeter officers and chief mata says. that's when officers first saw the gun in calderon's right hand man ran towards officers surrounded the house and raised and pointed the gun. at special operations officer. two officers
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fired their weapons at the suspect striking him twice. this entire situation began tuesday afternoon when police received their 1st 911 call from the mother of two have called iran's children. called her on had the kids ages six and seven in his truck with him and his own grandmother, police say, called iran had the three stay in his truck when he allegedly first killed a man whom police say he knew on mount shasta drive in san jose. police say he then traveled to modesto, where he killed the mother of another of his children, 29 year old michelle gonzalez called ron was then chased by chp as he returned to san jose, forcing his children and his grandmother out of his truck in gilroy. grandmother had two black eyes and stated that she was pistol whipped. by calderon called iran and tried to break into several houses near roundtable and ben dwarf drive in south san jose before finally holding up in an unlocked shed. calderon senselessly killed two people.
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and when finally confronted by the san jose police department, and they highly populated neighborhood, he opened fire around them as a last ditch effort to escape. san jose mayor sam liccardo says it is a very sad episode for all involved, applaud the patient and courageous efforts. sanjay police officers. prevented raymond calderon. from inflicting even more horrific tall than the two lives he had already taken. the two officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave their body worn camera video will be released in the next several weeks. reporting in san jose, i'm mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news. the federal fraud case against former theranos executive sonny bill wani is now in the hands of the jury. the panel began deliberating today following four days of closing arguments and the three month long trial. alwani is the former boyfriend of the company's founder and ceo elizabeth holmes . she was convicted earlier this year of four counts of fraud for lying to patients and investors
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in her blood testing company. holmes is due to be sentenced in september and faces up to 20 years in prison while he faces 10 counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy in the case against him. if convicted, he also faces up to 20 years in prison. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30, california lawmakers want to preserve reproductive rights in the state constitution , and they say the time is now. also ahead. today's ruling is causing political candidates to rethink their strategies for the webbers. election parties are hoping to take advantage in sports. the newest warriors make their appearance in the bay. they share their emotions after getting drafted to the defending champions.
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has eliminated the constitutional right to an abortion, instead leaving the issue up to the states to decide in a 6 to 3 decision, the court upheld the mississippi law that banned most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. five conservative justices then went further overturning roe versus wade and demonstrations are taking place across the country and here in the bay area to large crowds have gathered in san francisco at civic center. the federal building and other parts of the city organizers plan to hold protests throughout the weekend county is ending its indoor mask mandate effective tomorrow, alameda was the only bay area county to reinstate a mask mandate earlier this month in response to a recent uptick in covid cases. the county south . officer says conditions have
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now stabilized following the increase in cases and hospitalizations in may watching ktvu foxy news at 6 30, today's supreme court ruling could have major implications heading into the november midterm election. already democrats are working to make it a driving force in turning voters out. ktvu is greg lee has more on how both sides of the aisle are framing the issue today. this cruel ruling is outrageous and heart wrenching. today's supreme court decision and dobbs is the most important pro life ruling american history in the wake of the supreme court's decision to eliminate the constitutional right to abortion, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle began to look ahead to the midterm election. this is deadly serious. that we are not going to let this pass. a woman's right to choose. reproductive freedom. is on the ballot in november. house speaker nancy pelosi committed to making reproductive rights a major issue in november, democrats
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holding a slim margin in the house republicans celebrating the decision. the people have won a victory. the right to life has been vindicated. the voiceless will finally have a voice. former vice president mike pence, a longtime opponent of abortion, went a step further calling for a national ban on abortions. in a statement, he said the supreme court has given the american people a new beginning for life, and i commend the justices in the majority for having the courage of their convictions. he went on to say we must not rest and must not relent until the sanctity of life is restored to the center of american law in every state in the land. political analyst brian sobel says democrats will look to use this as a rallying cry to get voters to the polls where republicans may treat it as an example of promises kept, but he says it may not drive voters as much as issues like inflation. issues that are affecting americans economically and some of the fears of things
6:32 pm
going on around the world will overshadow this as an election issue, it will be an election issue. sobel also points out a lot can change in the months before the election. still in an address to the nation, president biden leaned in as he spoke directly to voters fall. must elect more senators representatives who codify woman's right to choose and the federal law once again in the moments following the ruling, several democratic lawmakers, including speaker pelosi and governor newsom sent fundraising emails asking supporters to help them protect abortion rights. greg lee ktvu fox two news, california lawmakers are working to make sure the right to an abortion is guaranteed. they're trying to pass a proposed amendment to the state constitution by june 30th so that it can be added to the november ballot, and voters approved this it would enshrine reproductive rights in the state's constitution. earlier this afternoon. i spoke with state senator nancy skinner about the urgent effort now
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underway after today's ruling. did, but it's just a gut punch. it's wrenching. i've grown up since my reproductive age with the right to make a choice about my future about my bodily autonomy about myself determination, and that is now ripped out. as of the right of americans, because the constitutionally the court has stripped it from us, and we've got 26 states that within 30 days. will have abortion criminalized for almost all their residents and a number of those states where a woman would be forced to carry a pregnancy to term, even in the case of rape or incest. it is terrible. so senator on the state level here, efforts are being made to ensure that women here in california will have access to, uh, reproductive rights. so we're talking about s c a 10 toast little bit about that effort. that's our constitutional proposed
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constitutional amendment. but first let me be really clear. abortion is legal in california it is today and it will continue to be. the court's decision does not affect california's rights. however california's right to an abortion is based in our constitution on privacy, and anyone who reads this decision sees that the court stripped privacy rights so we have to change our constitutional rights in california and in shrine at the explicit right to an abortion and contraceptive services in our constitution to ensure that this court decision doesn't affect us. do you foresee any issues with the proposal? uh making the amendment right now? what can you tell us about that? not at all. the legislature has to pass by a two thirds vote to put it on the ballot. so far, the state senate easily got that two thirds vote. expect that the assembly will do the same. but once it's on the ballot, we only
6:35 pm
need a majority plus one of california voters, but we already know from the polls overwhelmingly californians support the right to choose. and americans also do over. 60% of americans did not want roby way overturned only 30% only a small minority wanted this decision. we have got to change legislatures across the country so that we have pro choice legislatures and we've got to change the congress because we can no longer rely on the courts. new at six. chevron is planning to move out of its global headquarters in san ramon . the wall street journal reports. chevron wants to relocate some employees to houston, texas, chevron park campus and said ramon has been the company's headquarters for two decades. company officials say chevron will remain based in california, but they're looking for a smaller space. a spokesman for chevron told the paper. the current real estate market offers the company an opportunity to adjust its office space needs. today marks one
6:36 pm
month since the school shooting nobody texas and in washington lawmakers are working to pass one of the most significant gun reform bills in decades, and today's supreme court ruling is also a chilling warning too many in the lgbtq community concerns that more civil rights could be in danger.
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real has been growing every day
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with a consistent flow of people dropping off flowers, stuffed animals and cards. parents of the children are still demanding to know how the gunman was able to walk into that school without encountering a locked door and why police waited more than an hour to engage him through texas legislative committees have been created to investigate the law enforcement response. and this week the valley school district. police chief was placed on administrative leave. the house of representatives today passed the historic gun safety bill. it's now on president biden's desk for his signature. the houseboat panels, the state senate approval last night. the $13 billion compromise bill was crafted by senate democrats and republicans. it expands background checks to include juvenile records. red flag lost to seize guns from those deemed dangerous and it seals the so called boyfriend loophole borrowing domestic abusers from purchasing weapons. this was a team effort. everybody worked extremely hard for one purpose and one purpose only, and that's
6:40 pm
to save lives. the bill comes in response to recent mass shootings, including one at a grocery store in buffalo, new york, and, of course, the one in your body while the bill has its bipartisan support, there are still critics who say it doesn't go far enough. well there is a new top cop in santa rosa 17 year department veteran john creegan is taking over the force after serving as interim police chief chief. creegan says his priorities include bringing back the gang unit. cracking down on side shows and increasing officer accountability at a time when departments across the country are confronting racial injustice and police abuse. i think that our police department is better trained today than it's ever been to respond to any type of civil unrest in our community while still allowing people to protest their first amendment and constitutional rights. chief creegan says with all the changes he wants to implement the ultimate goal is to reduce violence in santa rosa . there have been seven homicides so far this year. last year, santa rosa recorded six homicides and 471 shootings.
6:41 pm
almeria weather another hot day inland, some foggy conditions, coast side and this pattern wants to stick around all weekend long. we'll take a look at the forecast highs coming up after the break. ktvu as alex savage. now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news, ktvu. plus, andre, thank you coming up tonight on the seven. our coverage does continue on the overturning of roe v. wade by the supreme court today. will continue to explore what the landmark ruling means here in california and what could come next in this fight. plus we'll take you live to san francisco, where hundreds of abortion rights supporters have taken to the streets tonight to protest the supreme court's ruling on abortion. those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu. plus alex. thank you. but first after the break, the san francisco pride parade and festival is back in full swing for the first time. in three years. the preparations in store for this weekend
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i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ in san francisco. and while celebrations are in full swing, today's supreme court decision to overturn roe versus wade has some in the lgbtq community. worried in a concurring opinion , justice clarence clarence thomas singled out other cases that he says the court should reconsider, including griswald, which affirmed a couple's right to birth control. boring is which said that the state could not outlaw members of the same sex from having sexual relations and obergefell. that case established a constitutional right to same sex marriage. this decision was horrific in terms of abortion, but it's not just about abortion and justice
6:45 pm
thomas and we saw this coming sent a clear warning this pride weekend. it's time to recommit. to this fight. we can't just roll over. san francisco state senator scott wider goes on to say the next step for democrats is to win elections and take back the supreme court. authorities in san francisco say they are prepared for a weekend of safe pride celebration. tom baker spent the day in the city where celebrations are already underway. it was a sunny, warm day in san francisco's castro, a perfect place to re launch a full scale pride celebration akin to the pre pandemic days for locals and visitors from afar. very excited. it's about time covered, struck us really, really hard and glad to be back . you know, we needed this pride wanted to be here to celebrate pride and his birthday on i would love san francisco. there will be many events and likely some possible protest, which is both expected and prepared for
6:46 pm
canceled days off. for this weekend, so we will be very heavily deployed as a result of the cancelation of days off and we make adjustments as we need to anything. the rainbow flag stands for unity and where is there a better place in the world to unite here in san francisco city hall during pride week, 65 couples straight and gay made reservations to marry in the city hall today. that's why a small army of deputy marriage commissioners was on hand in a place and on a day that was joyous for everyone. the fact that we can celebrate the lgbtq plus community today is really kind of exciting to for us to come in here and participate with these couples and help join them in love. it's so wonderful. i just think it's great to pass a miracle on. besides we let's let's be real. um we're feeling threatened. in some political circles. that is
6:47 pm
something on a specially the minds of these newly wed women. more than ever. we want to show our things in gratitude for those who fought to get us to this point and know that we have to keep fighting. initially after this morning. yes um and getting married this weekend is also really exciting and empowering the festivities. it was clear at city hall and the castro that roe v. wade's reversal. had many lbgt folks, fearing that they, too might be on the legal rights hit list. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. here's a rundown of other major pride related events. this weekend, business owners in the castro district will hold their first ever castro family pride block party. it's from 11 tomorrow morning to five p.m. and then there will be the #### march. it will begin. it starts at dolores park at delores in 18th street's rather and the pride parade kicks off at 10 30 sunday morning at the corner of
6:48 pm
market and beale street's there are more than 200, perry, contingents and exhibitors this year. and we want to remind you that our monthly political program voices for change airs this weekend. ktvu political reporter greg lee takes a look at the increase in attacks nationwide against the lgbtq community. as well as the message and lessons behind juneteenth. you can watch voices for change sunday at 9 30 on channel two. and of course, we're watching the weather this weekend, some warm to hot temperatures, especially inland . you probably hearing that story all week long and no big changes in our forecast all weekend long, so you can see saturday some areas of fog, primarily coast side because of some patches right around the bay, a big temperature range. from the sixties, all the way to the nineties, warming up again on sunday and some very hot numbers inland. at least that's away from san francisco away from the coastline, so we kind of have those microclimates to talk about the pride parade forecast. sunday morning. partly sunny skies temperatures close to 60 degrees here is the route
6:49 pm
on market street and heading toward civic center plaza. mostly sunny skies by two o'clock temperatures will be close. to the 70 degree mark now today, though, this looks like a typical june day in the bay area. lots of fog, coast side and some hot temperatures inland and you can still see the marine layer clouds hugging the coast from the marine headlands. out toward ocean beach pacifica and in half moon bay. here is that the overall weather setup? of course, we have this big area of high pressure offshore area of low pressure out here and kind of dealing with that onshore wind. so with that we have the microclimate to talk about a warm to hot weekend. coastal spot in the mid sixties temperatures inland on track to reach at least the mid to upper nineties and a few spots could be flirting with 100 with 100 degrees all weekend long. here's the forecast model. here we are tomorrow morning at seven a.m. temperatures in the fifties to lower sixties. and then into the afternoon hours, of course, all these brighter colors although the assortment of colors representing all sorts of temperatures, most areas falling
6:50 pm
within this range 65 all the way to the mid to upper nineties so we could have some patchy fog coast side keeping it cool there, but then inland once again in the upper nineties run 96 to 97 degrees. take your pick with temperatures eighties in san rafael, oakland, 79 san francisco downtown 72 degrees and the coast, not warm enough too much, mainly in the mid sixties for tomorrow afternoon. here is the look ahead. your five day forecast and you can't see coming up here and nice hot day. well, hot date if you like the hot temperatures inland. but if it looks like it's hot patterns and stick around into sunday, now, if you do not like the heat, it looks like we'll bring in some refreshing air in the next week, especially by tuesday, and even more so. by wednesday, so you can still steve not a big change in temperatures all weekend long sonoma cooling into the next week, but one of the few spots it seems like we could either be talking about 63 all the way to 95 97 degrees, and that would be the happened happening all weekend long here in the bear. all right, mark. thank you. the
6:51 pm
new warriors are in town, see their reactions to learning. they were drafted to the defending champions. jesse gary joins us next in sports, and here's a look at tonight's lineup here on channel two. you can watch w w e friday night smackdown and eight and
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
one warriors enjoyed mondays parade so much. the team added three nba draftees in hopes of having enough firepower to repeat in 2023. the team introduced the trio earlier today, patrick baldwin. 28th overall pick in thursday's draft 19 years old 69 forward averaged 12 points, almost six boards a game during his freshman year at the university of wisconsin milwaukee. with their 44th pick , the dubs acquired the rights to 63 guard ryan rollins from the atlanta hawks. university of toledo standout has a mid range game and shoots 80% from beyond the arc. they love that. and in the second round, the 55th pick the warriors took brazilian g santos. these are working progress, who likely play overseas for a few years to improve his shooting. but he has rebounding and defensive acumen , which are complemented by his long arms and strong frame.
6:55 pm
immediately i knew i was coming into a culture and i'm stepping into a winning culture. um and i just knew from, you know that day forward i've got my best foot forward. i was very excited, you know, just hearing my name card. it was almost like a foot in the relief, you know, just all the hard work that you put in over the over the all over the years be here and us and run run for your dream. that's that's that's amazing for was that it was a great experience for me. congrats to those three young men now if the 1st 18 holes in a golf tournament, told the entire story in g. chun could pick up the check and the trophy and call it a weekend, the south korean bolted to the best start ever in a woman's major. that was yesterday. today it's a second round of the women's pga championship at congressional country club. says the maryland we pick it up with one of the best. this is lexi thompson second shot on the par 4/17 some
6:56 pm
call this spin back. i call it magnetism right into the hole for an eagle. thompson ends her day at three under. we move on to the par 5/9 hole, and this is lydia ko, who's chasing the leader. she helps her on cars with this long birdie putt co. tied for second at five under after shooting a second round 567 and as i said earlier, in the g. chun is the pacesetter. here. she is on the par 4/4, which he birdies to get the 10 under. she finishes at 11 under and has a six stroke lead going into play saturday. the oakland athletics have a second shot at the kansas city royals this weekend. this after dropping two of three to casey at the coliseum last weekend. kauffman stadium fans watching to sell it dwellers do battle, and that's that's about what it was in the bottom of the third royals right fielder edward oliveira's goes yard that's his first of the year. the thai it up in the top of this fourth inning on a single by seth brown, which
6:57 pm
plates tony kemp, green and gold, trying to snap their three game skid. bottom of the fifth though, that man again olivarez does it again his second home run of the game and second career to home run game, it breaks the tie. solo shot has the royals up to one will have more on that later this evening. a little cto on this t g. i f and this is the reason why you do not do the carnival games. steph curry, and i think we all can agree. he's pretty good at basketball. where he's at six flags down in the south bay, proving the basketball shooting game may not be on the level the nba's greatest shooter, he shoots five for 12 from beyond the arc. 41% really seriously. okay, somebody check the rim, please. because that's not possible the time, aren't they? yeah, there was definitely a regular. it's not regulation. that's the other problem. you're right. alright, if having you see the first round action of the travelers championship thursday, not a headless horseman but renegade golf course golf cart that rolled
6:58 pm
past the 16th hole and into the drink and right by this man and right on man who made a good business decision decided to avoid embarrassment and not try to stop the cart. you know, i got a funny story about that when i was a college working at the country club kid did the same thing right into the drink. and he just he did that. and then he just went and got in his car and left because he knew what was coming. that was the end of getting so yeah, job. that was years ago. okay later tonight we're gonna highlights on the giants playing the reds. you have more on the a's, uh, stanley cup final game five in colorado. ongoing will have some of that too. alright. busy night tonight. thank you so much. pre she ate, they'll do it for us. the big bang theory is next. right here on channel two. views continues at seven over on ktvu . plus we'll leave you with a live look of san francisco and live look of san francisco and the bay bridge.
6:59 pm
well, i must say, leonard, when i first heard your idea for giant jenga, i was skeptical. i can't blame you-- tiny twister was a complete bust. no, i was wrong. the looming threat of being crushed under a pile of lumber does add a certain spice. i've never felt so alive. (knock on door) oh, hello, alex. uh, let me go get you last night's recordings. what recordings? well, you remember when you told me i talk in my sleep? well, it occurred to me that, like most things i say, it's probably pure gold. so i started recording it all, and now alex gets to comb through eight hours of what i like to call "sheldon after dark." hey, leonard. hey. just playing a little giant jenga here. oh, i know-- i'm the one who had to buy him the helmet.
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so, do you have any plans this weekend? well, most of saturday's gonna be figuring out where to put this game when we're done. how about you? oh, i'm gonna go see kip thorne give a lecture on subatomic space-time. ooh. that's his take on john wheeler's quantum foam. that should be great. well, if you want, you can come with me. ah, i'd love to, but i'm supposed to hang out with penny. well, bring her. well, she's not really into that kind of stuff. yeah, okay. well, if you want to hear about the lecture, i can tell you all about it at work, or, you know, over dinner sometime. what? giant jenga, i win! ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool ♪ ♪ the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ♪ ♪ we built the wall ♪ ♪ we built the pyramids ♪ ♪ math, science, history, unraveling the mystery ♪ ♪ that all started with a big bang ♪


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