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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 24, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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sponta demonstrations from the bay area wade and protections for abortions nationwide. now with must be very clear. the health and life of women in this nation now at risk swift action from washington democratic leaders, including the president , you saw there calling today a sad day in america. 50 years 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. emotional reaction coast to coast tonight after decades old, right is upended. hello again. thank you for joining us. i'm andre senior christina randon. today's decision means abortion will likely become illegal in half of the country or coverage begins in washington, d c tonight with fox's caroline shively caroline a full day of protests there. absolutely for about 13 hours, andre and christina. thousands
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of demonstrators lined the street behind me directly in front of the supreme court. many people agreed with the ruling earlier this morning, but many more are angry about the what the supreme court has done to robi wade. emotional outbursts from pro life and pro choice activists outside the supreme court after one of the most monumental rulings in its history, the opinion in the mississippi case challenging abortion rights overturning roe versus wade, the case that for years guarantee the right to an abortion in the united states. now abortion becomes an issue decided by individual states, 13 of which have so called trigger laws to ban abortion upon roe versus wade reversal. what this means to women as such an insult. it's a slap in the face to women conservatives hailing the ruling. the majority opinion authored by justice samuel alito, writing quote the constitution makes no reference to abortion and no such right as implicitly protected by any constitutional provisions. today we do give voice to the voice
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list, and i am hopeful that the state legislatures across the country will take action and swiftly passed protections for our vulnerable babies. the white house reacting quickly to rose downfall, calling it a sad day for the country and saying the decision puts the health of women at risk realization of an extreme ideology and a tragic error by the supreme court. the president insisting he can't change abortion laws with executive orders. and pointing to november's congressional midterm elections, saying row and personal freedom are on the ballot. both sides tonight saying they will take this fight to the halls of congress pushing for federal legislation. christina back to you and caroline, can you just briefly described the mood? they're in washington tonight. we've seen the protests likely to continue tomorrow. and in terms of the police response. what is that, like? the police from d. c police to capitol hill. police
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to some of the local military bases were all on alert, waiting for potential violence. but i have to tell you, christina here on the street where we were for all day, i saw very little confrontations of folks were yelling a little bit of pushing. but from the vast majority of folks here on the ground, peaceful protest only caroline shailene washington tonight, caroline thank you. abortion rights supporters took to the streets nationwide today in new york city. thousands of people marched in lower manhattan, chanting to quote, pack the courts and calling for abortion to remain legal nationwide. in georgia, dozens of people held signs and chanted at the federal building in atlanta. and a similar scene in downtown austin , texas. that's one of the states. it's effectively banned abortion. but travis county's district attorney says he will not be enforcing that law. large crowds also gathered in downtown los angeles tonight. some protesters even marching onto the 1 10 freeway, disrupting traffic. mhm. in sacramento, a
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gathering that started on the sidewalk in front of the federal courthouse spilled out onto a busy intersection during rush hour. it was one of several abortion rights demonstrations near the state capital following the supreme court's ruling. many say they simply wanted to be with others to express their frustration about the high court's decision. and here in the bay area, there were a number of protests tonight in san francisco alone, thousands of people fill the streets. camberley joins us now to tell us about their message. amber. just dina andre protesters were spontaneous and emotional. many tell me they're fighting for future generations and women who are in states where abortion rights are being taken away. thousands of people converged at the intersection of market and eighth friday evening, they came to protest the u. s supreme court overturning roe versus wade. many sat at the intersection blocking traffic for 49 minutes. one minute for each year, the right to abortion was guaranteed. protesters tell
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me they were prepared to risk arrest. we're not going to let this right go without a fight. because they're not just coming for abortion. they are also coming for our for our birth control. they're coming for international marriage. they're coming for same sex marriage. this act of civil disobedience did not end in arrests. many had attended earlier rallies held at the federal building, city hall and the ferry building. driven by passion and apprehension decision is devastating. sorry two daughters and i just can't imagine what this means for their futures and it's really terrifying and devastating. others tell me they saw protests on the streets, supporting abortion rights and joined spontaneously. this group of doctors from sucker berg san francisco general tells me they're fighting to make sure all women have access to choice and care. we're all abortion providers, and this is something that's very important to our
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training to our belief that health care should be accessible and that abortion is health, health care, and so it's really important to be here today so that we can see that for our patients, particularly those that are most marginalized. protesters tell me even though the leaked draft from the high court indicated this may be coming, there is still a sense of shock. it hurts. it feels like a betrayal, overwhelming sense of um, despair and like you feel it in your body like it's real. there are more protest scheduled throughout this weekend in san francisco and other parts of the bay area . organizers described the high court ruling as outrageous and unacceptable. andre christina alright, everly reported person alive, amber, thank you so much appreciate it. while the supreme court decision wasn't unexpected , the confirmation was nonetheless triggering for woman who underwent an abortion procedure years ago, walking into a clinic by myself having to sign that paperwork by myself. annoying that if i were
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faced with today's verdict, then that i might not have been able to make that choice for myself. like that's what it's about. how was my choice have been affected, then? need a joiner is a native oakland. er, the owner of feel more adult also teaches sex education at private schools around the bay area. today uh, fillmore is located around a couple of high schools usa and berkeley high and just seeing young girls, young kids walking down the street and how their decisions are going to be affected by this on a daily basis. from now on out. joyner says the decision by majority of the justices and any other future ruling in similar issues will deprive americans of the ability to make critical decisions about their lives without pressure. from the government, the u. s attorney general says states can't ban fda approved pills to carry out abortions in a statement merrick garland right states may not
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bend the medications based on disagreement with the fda. last year, the fda allowed doctors to prescribe the medication online and send it to patients by mail how that will be regulated in states that plan to outlaw abortion is not yet known. well across the country and here in california, anti abortion groups are celebrating today's ruling earlier on before we spoke with jonathan keller, president of the california family council, it's hard to believe that this issue that has been roiling the nation for nearly 50 years. i certainly would not say that today's decision from the court settles the issue, but it certainly is an incredible inflection point. keller says his involvement with the anti abortion movement began when he and other high school students prayed outside an abortion clinic 25 years ago, he says, it's now time for abortion opponents to step up. to the plate and provide hope, help and support to anyone going through an unplanned pregnancy. in san francisco archbishop salvatore code, leone celebrated today's
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ruling. in a statement, he said, in part quote this historic supreme court decision would not have happened without 50 years of patient. loving hard work by people of all faiths and none in diverse fields, including social service, religion, law, medicine , culture, education, policy and politics. but our work has just begun. a north bay city has a new police chief, and we hear from him one on one about the changes that he wants to see to make santa rosa safer. and the police shooting left a pregnant teenager dead. the jury awards worth $20 million that's coming
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million dollars to the family of a pregnant teenager who was shot and killed by fremont police nearly five years ago. police say 16 year old elena mondragon was shot while sitting in the passenger seat beside an armed robbery suspect. police say officer started shooting after the driver of the car rammed into their van and sped away the city of fremont and the driver of the car were ordered to split payment of the $21 million. the jury found both of them responsible in mondragon's death. 11 police in san francisco need the public's help and identifying a sexual assault suspect. police said the man sexually assaulted woman yoga avenue, about two blocks from ocean avenue around 6 30 sunday morning. he's around five ft. tall and was last seen wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and dark
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pence. you may also have injuries to his fingers during a struggle with the victim. anyone with information should contact sfpd. very a new top cop in santa rosa. his name is john krieg, and he's a familiar face to the apartment, having worked with the gang unit, and it's a motorcycle officer. ktvu crime reporter henry lee met up with the chief today and got a sense of his priorities. we went about 2018 to the new graphics here graphics and a new chief for the santa rosa police department. john creegan, is taking over the force after serving as interim top cop. very good guy very lucky to have him excited to have him as the as the new chief. congratulations showed me around. the department actually went to lunch this week with sour solano where his portrait isn't even up yet on this wall of ex chiefs and creek gets no outsider. the former nevada officer has been with santa rosa police for 17 years and lives in the city. i live here with my wife and i have two teenage daughters to go to school here in santa rosa. so for me, it's an honor to be able to work here
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in the city that i live in. but there's a lot to be responsible for. we have a lot on our plate here in santa rosa, and some of the priorities right now is going to be focused on violence reduction. last year, there were 407. one shootings and six homicides this year. they've already been seven killings. the chief says he wants to bring back the gang unit. he also wants to focus on side shows. we're seeing them. unfortunately weekend after weekend. we're putting some proactive measures to eliminate the side shows from recurring. there are 100 and 81 sworn officers, but 16 vacancies so hiring lateral and new officers will be key with the national reckoning on police abuse and racial injustice. creegan says he'll strike a balance. our police department is better trained today than it's ever been to respond to any type of civil unrest in our community. while still allowing people to protest their first amendment constitutional rights pd has been affected by tragedies like the covid related death of detective mary lou armor and repeated wildfires in the area. each one of those things have taken a toll on our officers and all of our staff, and it's important that i understand those. the chief says he wants to be able to take
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meaningful action in response to community concerns and being willing to not be defensive to those and being saying you know what we do have some changes need to be made, and we want to hear from our activist community. we want to hear from our community here in santa rosa, chief creegan also plans to install cameras and all police cars to increase transparency and accountability. in santa rosa henry lee ktvu fox studios, the federal fraud case against former thoroughness executive study ball wani is now in the hands of the jury. the panel began deliberating today following four days of closing arguments in the three month long trial. well one is the former boyfriend of the company's founder and ceo, elizabeth holmes. she was convicted earlier this year of four counts of fraud for lying to patients and investors in her blood testing. company homes is due to be sentenced in september and faces up to 20 years in prison. by one, he faces 10 counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy in the case against him. if convicted. he also faces up to 20 years in prison. pride weekend in full swing coming up the events you can expect in the east bay as
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people in san francisco say sunday's big parade will be more of a protest in support of abortion rights. and check this out this massive light that's a beaming down market street in san francisco. this is a live look at it right now. we will tell you what this is all about coming up right after the break. add and whether some patchy fog in that scene over san francisco so the coast not warming up too much this weekend, but the inland spots a
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how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. cisco. kicking off pride weekend with a massive laser. this is a live look at it tonight. a 4.1 mile long laser is stretching down market street from the ferry building to twin peaks tonight. this light has been alternating between the colors
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of the pride flag and the transgender flag. the laser will illuminate market street from 9 30 pm until midnight tomorrow and sunday nights. the city will be playing host to a number of pride events this weekend. but for many people, today's supreme court ruling has changed the feeling of the celebration. ktvu elissa harrington tells us how folks are feeling. writers. always it's kind of help coming for the lgbtq communities. thousands packed mission dolores park friday for a trans march one of san francisco's largest events during pride. this is to support transgender and gender nonconforming people amidst the celebration were some feelings of anxiety and even fear. many people are telling me that they are concerned about their safety in ways they never had to have been before. at pride. san francisco supervisor raphael man delman said the supreme court's abortion ruling along with reports. justice clarence thomas wants to reconsider same sex
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marriage and other rights has caused alarm people are #### off . angry um it's kind. i mean, people are celebrating because it's pride and you know that's you are so we're supposed to celebrate, but i think it's worth a membrane. pride started as a protest, and i think that energy is going to probably carry a lot of people through the weekend, gentlemen said this should not stop people from celebrating, he said. people should instead direct energy to electoral change this weekend is going to be i think carly celebration partly expression of rage talk to like alex limburg said they were happy to come together during such an emotional time. first fight since 2019 since the world changed, but you know, there's definitely a lot of hesitation to i've heard rumblings of proud boys downtown and i've heard, you know, there's obviously the supreme court decision today was devastating for everyone. attendees said their rights are under attack, citing recent events like bans on transgender athletes, bathroom bills and here in the bay area. protesters
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crashing drag queens story hour and san lorenzo were both under attack by the same group of conservative far right forces, merle said the trans march and even the weekend parade may feel more like a protest. back in a w of unity, big part of being a quitter and trans is love, and that making our voices heard and standing up for each other is love and action in san francisco . i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. and fried facilities are already underway in oakland, the oakland black pride festival kicked off wednesday and continues through this weekend. it's the first and only black lead pride celebration in northern california. the festival's series of events include a queer expo, a queer pub crawl and masquerade, gallup organizers say oakland black pride is an opportunity to circumvent traditional understandings of being black and queer. there is a very critical intersection, blackness and queerness and because of that, it deserves a
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more nuanced solution. right and so we have created that the programming is developed by people of color. well general admission to most of the events is free to the public. we also want to remind you that our monthly program voices for change airs this weekend. ktvu political reporter greg lee takes a look at the increase in attacks nationwide against the lgbtq community as well as the message and lessons behind juneteenth. you can watch the voices for change sunday at 9 30 right here on channel two. bulgaria weather as we head into the weekend, it looks like this warm to hot pattern wants to stick around for a few more days. that means some hot temperatures inland, not only for your saturday but also in a sunday and into monday. now this time of year, we typically talk about the marine layer and the depth of the marine layer. what's happening right now i can see that marine layer just over 1000 ft. so with that, it really can't rush over all the hillsides to really cool off the
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england spots. most of the fog is kind of focused out toward the coast, and that'll be the plan this weekend temperatures there in the sixties around the bay warming up into the low to mid eighties and very hot inland. 95 to 100 degrees. not that we're not talking about extreme heat here in san francisco this weekend for the pride parade on sunday, but more sunshine temperatures will be on the warm side approaching 70 degrees as we head into sunday afternoon. here's the satellite for tonight, still picking up on some of the low clouds and fog near the coastline, so we're not completely in the clear the low clouds already pushing back into the bay for tonight. into tomorrow morning. current numbers out there for the 11 o'clock our san francisco right now, 55. we have napa checking in 60 creates 69 in san jose. the south reporting 65 degrees. there's another camera shot once again looking at that beautiful laser beam in san francisco for tonight. and we have some patchy fog trying to drift into this picture for tonight, so eventually over the next few hours and patches of some fog trying to at least approach the
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bay bridge. this area of high pressure wants to stick around. so with that we're still talking about some hot temperatures inland. for your saturday basically all weekend long, but we still have that onshore breeze for the beaches and even right around the bay that will help moderate temperatures. so here we are. tomorrow morning, fifties and sixties and then into the afternoon hours. the eventual temperature range kind of like today from the mid sixties, all the way to the upper nineties. by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. san francisco downtown in the lower seventies , the coast mainly in the sixties, lots of nineties for fairfield, antioch in brentwood , san jose 91 san mateo 86 degrees and look ahead. your five day forecast these temperatures really not moving around too much for saturday, sunday and into monday, maybe just a slight cool down on a monday and then temperatures will be definitely trending down in the next week for tuesday and into wednesday. but it looks like this hot stretch inland will continue, at least over the next three days. it is summer market. thank you. alameda
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county, ending its indoor mask mandate affective tomorrow, alameda was the only big area county to reinstate a mask mandate earlier this month in response to a recent uptick in covid cases. the county's health officer says conditions have now stabilized following the sustained increases in case and hospitalizations in may. giants trying to gain ground in the n l west up next in sports, see if they were able to take advantage of facing the worst team in the national league. but first, here's what it looked like around sunset in san francisco tonight. pretty cool, huh? it's a time lapse of the fog rolling in around the city skyscrapers. you're watching the 11 o'clock news on ktvu
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time since the so called slap heard round the world last month . cincinnati players sporting fam across their t shirts during warm our warm ups to ward off the cold reception from the notorious left fielder. tommy pham. yeah tommy pham received a bronx cheer in the field and at the plate. we pick up the action in the top of the second and two outs. reds leading one. nothing nick sandals hard grounder past. evan longoria played mike moustakas scores scores from second. cincinnati is now up to nothing in the bottom of the fourth. longoria gets revenge. his solo shot cuts the lead in half. that's his sixth of the season, but the orange and black would never catch up. on the top of the fifth a dribbler by x giant donovan solano causes brand friend brandon crawford's throat off line run scores on the error. the reds are up 31. the giants dropped the series opener for two and lose their third in a row. giant hunter strickland actually gets to save
11:28 pm
in this one. oakland a's have a second shot at the kansas city royals this weekend after dropping two of three to casey last weekend at the colosseum were at kauffman stadium. you see in the top of the bottom of the third, the royals right fielder edward oliveira's goes yard that's his first of the year. the score in the top of the fourth single by seth brown at plates tony kemp and we're tied. the green and gold trying to stop their snap their three game scared but in the bottom of the fifth man again, olivares does it again his first career home run game that breaks the tie shop has the royals up to one. they go ahead and win 3 to 1. lord stanley's cup is a roadshow all on its own for the rest of the nhl final. what's been called the greatest trophy in sport being wheeled from east to west and back again, as these are all not all now elimination games game five in denver tonight. avalanche trying to close it out and in the third with tampa, up to one, colorado's coal car shoots the
11:29 pm
savings made but the puck bounces in off escape. good goal. we're tied at two. he gets his eighth of the season. tampa does win this window, and they live to see another day late in the third. when one timer goes, squeezes past the avalanche goalie dorothy kemper, lightning hold on 32 win series is now 32 in favor of colorado. but game six sunday in florida. now you know, we do on a friday a little see to it right for those of you wondering about pam public, sandoval and what would happen if he ever ran full speed into a much smaller mantle? here's your answer. he's playing in the mexican league. he's on second single to center, and he's coming home and he's not stopping. he crashes into cathy runs over the casual, terribly runs over the catcher. sandoval is out because the catcher held onto the ball. the catcher is out hans wilson because of the collision. um and you remember
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when i had everyone in the palm of my hand with a two-foot putt like "pasghetti." we both know you know how to say it.


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