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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 28, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr engel grabbed his arm. said, sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back to the west wing. we're not going to the capital. from ktvu . fox two news. this is the fourth cassidy. hutchinson provided the explosive account during a surprise hearing called by the house committee. welcome to the four i'm cristina rendon . this is just one of several bombshells revealed during hutchinson's testimony. boxes madeline rivera begins our coverage from washington. and today's surprise hearing the star witness and aid to former chief of staff mark meadows revealed some stunning outbursts from former president trump after his aides tried to rein him in on january. 6th. thank you. you may be seated, former white house staffer cassidy hutchinson, testifying before the january 6th committee tuesday, hutchinson served as an
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aide to chief of staff mark meadows and said he was aware of the threat days before the capital riot something to the effect of there's a lot going on, cass, but i don't know. things might get real real bad. on january, 6th committee replayed her prior private depositions where she said, a white house official told former president trump about weapons at his rally that day and suggested the president had no issue with his supporters marching to the capital armed just to be clear, miss hutchinson, is it your understanding that the president wanted to take the mags away and said that the armed individuals were not there to hurt him. that's a fair assessment. hutchinson described in dramatic detail how trump demanded to be driven to the capital after his speech and lunged at his security detail and tried to grab the steering wheel from him when he was told he could not go, the president said something to the effect of i'm the acting president. take me up to the capital now. to which bobby responded, sir. we have to go
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back to the west wing. trump lasted hutchinson on his social media accounts, saying he doesn't know her and called her bad news in washington. rivera fox news force him inside into this latest testimony and its impact we are joined by uc hastings law professor david levine. david always appreciate your time. i want to start with some late breaking info here, seeing some reporting that the secret service agents in question are prepared to testify under oath that mr trump never lunged for the wheel broadly here explained the seriousness of the oath. all these witnesses take here. well the oath uh, is your promise that you're going to tell, of course, famously tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but it's a way of confirming that you have obligations under federal law to tell the truth or your potentially going to be held in crib for criminal perjury, so it's a very serious moment. it's something that we've used for hundreds of years
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to confirm that solemn moment. i know. sometimes there are swearing contests. sometimes people remember things differently. and in the case of mr trump, supposedly lunging for the wheel, miss hutchinson was careful to say she got that story from somebody else. she named the secret service agents . uh so it would be very interesting if they were to testify under oath. ah and we're different, but but sometimes that happens. we do call those swearing contests because people see things differently. they remember things differently. david at the end of today's hearing, vice chair, liz cheney suggested there may be some examples of witness tampering for this committee as they continue their work. how severe are these allegations? well, it's proven those are also very serious federal crimes if you if you could prove that somebody was intentionally tampering with a witness intentionally trying to get them to change their testimony. sort of thientially y serious. that's uh, that's a
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felony. david with that in mind , as you watch these public hearings is the community does as well how much of what we are seeing, do you believe is meant to try and get the attention of attorney general eric carlin and his office and have you seen examples that could very well lead to charges. i think an awful lot of it is directed to the justice department to say look at what we have. and how can you not pursue an indictment or certainly to investigate? here there's any number of charges. remember when, uh, the impeachment occurred. the second impeachment occurred. it wasn't clear that mr trump was part of the conspiracy to have these things happen. uh it wasn't clear that he was deliberately inciting the crowd that he had participated as much as he had in trying to change the outcome , votes, the electors, the different states, and what we've learned through these hearings is that mr trump was front and
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center through the whole thing. it really was a big conspiracy. and mr trump was in the center of it, and there's just no question. i think if you look at this evidence that he and many other people are potentially guilty of quite a few very serious crimes, david very quickly here in closing. do you think what we heard today has the power to change anyone's mind. i do think so, in a sense that look, there's a large number of people that aren't paying enough attention that will never have their minds change, but i do think that there's a certain element of people where there's at least a little bit of reasonable doubt and a little bit of room to say . wait a minute. at least this is not the person who should be put in power. 31 thing is to say it's somebody has or has not committed a crime should or should not be indicted. but gosh, given what we've learned. is this really the person you want to give the nuclear codes too? really? yeah all right. we have to leave it there. you see
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hastings law professor david levine always appreciate your time, sir. always a pleasure, greg. see you later. we will have continuing coverage of the january 6th committee public hearings. they are expected to resume in july after the independence day holiday break, though a date has not been set for the next one. you can also go to our website ktvu .com for the latest information. we want to get to some breaking news. now that we're following in the sierra foothills. these are live images coming to us from nevada county of a new wild this afternoon. this is near the community of french corral, which is along highway 49 just north of grass valley cal fire calling this the rice fire and we do know there's already evacuations underway evacuation warnings as well for other parts of neighborhoods in that area. early reports that we're following say that this fire started as a structure, fire and then spread to vegetation you can see here it is growing rapidly. strong flame shooting high into the sky visibility and issue for fire crews there. one
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estimate puts the fire at 150 acres and growing again. this is the rice fire. in nevada county , just north of sacramento. little bit northeast of sacramento will update you as we learn more but again, this wildfire now burning with mandatory evacuations in that area, for some will keep you posted. we moved to san jose, where police there are investigating the city's latest hit and run a woman was killed, crossing a busy street early this morning, and the driver took off. ktvu s mark sayer joins us on jackson avenue near highway 6 80 with the latest details mark well, christina sends a police say the woman was crossing from the west side here to the east side of jackson avenue when she was struck and killed and now san jose police are asking anyone who may have seen this incident or possibly has any video. to please come forward. at the scene of the fatal accident or some fresh police markings and a shopping cart off to the side of the road full of personal belongings, while police are not identifying the victim, nor saying if any of
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these items are connected to the victim or to the crash, they do say the victim was not in a marked crosswalk at the time of the collision. when officers arrived, they discovered an adult female pedestrian who had been struck by an unknown vehicle, possibly a 2000 and 18 to 2022 honda accord. that driver remains unidentified. it is not in custody. the incident was called into police around 4 45 tuesday morning and resulted in an investigation, which closed jackson avenue for several hours. this also marks an alarming increase in pedestrian fatalities in the city of san jose. so far this year, there have been 33 fatal traffic related incidents resulting in the deaths of 21 pedestrians. at the same time last year, police recorded 25 traffic fatalities with eight pedestrian deaths. obviously the reasoning behind that is many factors as a group and public here in the city of san jose. we want to encourage drivers to follow the rules of the road.
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make sure that they're looking out for pedestrians, bicyclists as well as motorcyclists. back at the crash scene resident francisco lopez says it is not unusual to see vehicle speeding along this stretch of jackson avenue, despite recently installed signs asking drivers to slow down. he says he was also sadly not surprised that the driver did not stop because people act stupid are going to continue acting stupid. so if you're speeding, you're not supposed to hit someone you're going to just take off and hopefully they find him because , like it's not an elderly people. now santa's a police say they are indeed paying extra attention to traffic related violations. right now, for example, beat patrol officers are actually doing traffic enforcement in between their regular calls. san jose police well aware of the rising pedestrian fatality rate, and they're doing what they can to have safer roadways in the city reporting live in san jose, i'm mark sayer, ktvu fox. two news mark. thank you. judge has
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upheld a 1.251 point $102.5 million judgment for two women who were sexually abused when they were in middle school by a music teacher in san jose. that's according to the bay area news group, the former teacher samuel nypd, is serving a 56 year prison sentence. a jury awarded the women the money and their civil lawsuit against the union school district in san jose. the district filed a motion for a new trial, saying the jurors findings were unfair and excessive. attorney general rob barter has released the latest report on hate crimes here in california in the state justice department's 2021 heat crime report released today. there were 1763 bias events. overall hate crimes reported in the state increased 32.6% from 2020 to 2021. banta says there is still a clear and present threat of hate crime in the state. he is creating a statewide hate crime coordinator position to assist state and local law enforcement efforts to combat hate crime. one hard
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truth in our state. just as well as we've seen across the nation is that the epidemic of hate we saw spurred on during the pandemic remains clear. and present threat. take a look at these numbers, according to the report. hate crimes targeting black people remain the most prevalent and increased 12.5% in 2021. that's up from 456 in 2022 513 last year. have once again increased dramatically rising 177 and a half percent from 2020 to 2021 reported hate crimes involving a sexual orientation bias also increased significantly up 47.8. i'm coming up with roe versus wade overturned and now about there's questions about how the law varies across the country. we're going to take a look at the so called trigger law states and why they are not all the same. and demand for emergency
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contraceptives are spiking after that supreme court decision now some retailers are taking action to try and ensure their supplies. details next another beautiful day around the bay and hot inland temperatures will begin to trend downward as a cooling trend gets underway tomorrow. better big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too.
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human services announced its response to the supreme court's reversal of roe versus wade h. h s secretary, xavier buscetta shared details about access to abortion pills and whether the white house can help women traveled to states where abortion is legal. fox's aston westfall joins us in nashville, tennessee state moving to ban abortion. austin is a biden administration now saying. christina as far as abortion pills go, the administration is saying that federal law mandates that abortion bills can be given out in special circumstances. no matter what state you're in those special circumstances include the situations like rape
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, incest and whenever the mother's life is at stake, are explained that all federally supported programs and services should comply with the law, regardless of what state you're from, although he did stop short of guaranteeing that all states will comply, he says. ultimately it might still depend on each state's policies. we will continue to try to clarify for you, but mostly for the american public what their rights are what are authorities are and so that way they know if indeed anyone, whether a state politician or a provider in your state is violating your rights will try to be there. and we'll try to make it clear what your rights are. now on monday, louisiana court blocked enforcement of the stage trigger bans on abortion, allowing the procedure to resume for now. a similar suit was brought up in utah on monday and another in texas today. on the flip side today in tennessee, a federal court announced that it will allow the state to ban abortions as early as six weeks into
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pregnancy. so here are the states where abortion is protected by law. aside from these states, basara was asked about using federal land like national parks, or v, a facilities to build abortion clinics. he says the administration is considering the idea, but no decision has been made yet. but sarah was also asked the white house will help people travel to protected states to get abortions. he kept his answer vague, saying that they're still exploring what their powers are. as far as that goes. and what kind of money they have in order to do things with those powers. ultimately he did say that they're keeping all their options open on the table. and nashville, tennessee, austin westfall. ktvu faxed to news thank you. one bay area telehealth company is reporting a 5000% increase in demand for emergency contraceptives since friday's historic supreme court ruling favor is a digital health company that can provide birth control help in all 50 u. s states. company executives say women are contacting them in record numbers. now that rovi
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weight has been overturned. preparation for this moment we launched a and a standalone emergency contraception product offering, meaning that people can come to favors website hey favorite dot com sign up just in order to purchase emergency contraception or p b. favor was formally. it has an estimatd 200,000 current members. cvs rite aid and walmart are now rationing the plan b morning after pill after a spike in demand since last week's decision. cvs and rite aid are limiting purchases to three per person. walmart's limit is six. plan b is available without a prescription and is designed to be taken up to three days after unprotected sex. planned parenthood is discouraging people from stockpiling the drugs because they have a limited shelf life and could make supplies scarce for women who need them now. but with the ruling now changed on roe versus wade, many people in the
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fertility industry are worried about the ramifications. this may have on the work they do, and for people seeking help getting pregnant by using in vitro fertilization. joining us now is dr heather huddleston, a specialist in reproductive endocrinology and fertility infertility at ucsf. dr huddleston. thanks so much for joining us. first off. how are you and others in the industry feeling about what we just witnessed last week in the supreme court? um i would say, for the most part, everyone in you know, in our field. it's pretty concerned just because we do see, uh, access to safe and legal abortion as being so important for women's healthl ff us in our field, in addition to being reproductive specialists are trained in o b, g, y n and so there's a strong awareness that this is going to you know, potentially be very dangerous for women. explain that. can you expand a little further because it's still unknown how the ruling could impact your work, but a lot of people are now shifting their focus to the
4:19 pm
future of ivf treatment. explain the concerns around that. well, so with ivf, you know, major tenant of it is that we do create embryos, and we often will create more embryos than are ultimately going to be used. that's one of the ways that we are able to achieve. success is that we're creating more embryos and then able to select the embryo we think is most likely to implant but some of the states since the roe v. wade ruling are really elevating the status of an embryo essentially staying that, you know, potentially personhood or the right to be protected by the state. begins at conception, which is one in egg and sperm. when a sperm fertilizes an egg, so we are handling large numbers of embryos on a daily basis, and which you know by these new statutes would potentially be considered. persons that would be deserving of protection, meaning that if they became discarded at some point, if there was at lab er at any time with this mean that ivf clinics work work criminally liable. so
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i think you know, right now there's a lot of work to really understand the different trigger laws. um there's not really any thought right at this minute that any state right now would prohibit ibf but there really could be some very significant unintended consequences that are going to come from these rules that are coming down in various states. yeah, i mean, there's already talk that some fertility clinics could face potential wrongful death claims may be criminal charges when they do describe those embryos. i am assuming those concerns really do have merit, though, because when you look at the future of what could come, is there any terms any kind of plans that fertility clinics are now doing or putting into place to get ready for potential of that reality? i mean, i think right now the main organization that sort of the main organization for fertility providers, the american society of reproductive medicine is actively investigating and trying to understand from a legal perspective. what all of these rules mean. i do think that at
4:21 pm
an advocacy level there is an you know, major movement going forward to make sure that people's ability to build families when they want them and to have families when they want them is protected. and so i think that you know we're uniting with all of our providers across across all field and all parts of reproductive medicine to really see what we can do to ensure that women have the rights to have families when they want them and everything that's in, you know, it's part of that. but specifically, you know, beyond advocating at state level and at the national level to some degree, our hands are tied. i mean, i think that this ruling or overturning of a ruling has really made, um you know, has has opened us up to a type of regulation by the state. i'm gonna type of control. um over what we do. that is unprecedented, and i don't think anyone really knows where this is going. but it's very destabilizing on that note. is there any concern as well for
4:22 pm
women who choose to freeze their eggs and what kind of ah, implications that this ruling might have on them. you know, i think it's a good question. i mean, i think for right now, i would say that is likely to be something that will still be able to happen because there is if the definition of life is going to be at the point of conception, which is when the sperm fertilizes the egg. eggs are before that point, and so eggs are not a human being at that point, um so i would really hope that at no point would that be something that is, um you know, going to be subject to sort of regulation under these rules. but it's really more the use of eggs. the combination of egg and sperm which we do you know, of course, on a daily basis before we let you go. we know here in california. the governor has already said that they will protect women seeking abortion. they will have safe legal access to abortions. what can you say about the work that you're doing? have people flooded your office with calls do women. what kind of questions
4:23 pm
? are you being asked? and do you think that you will receive more women coming forward seeking your help? i means to be in california, which is going to, you know, do everything i can i think to protect people. there's no real concern right now that states like california are going to be. um subject to some of these, you know significant concerns that are going to be you know, in other states such as oklahoma or texas, so i think i hear important to know that people living in california don't need to really be concerned right now, and we get patient asking these questions. but we have to reassure them that what's happening is that states are now able to decide things. and we're in a state that, at least for now appears to want to protect people along these lines now whether patients will start to leave other states or whether there's going to be difficulty pursuing fertility treatments in certain states that have very significant restrictions. that's a possibility. and then in the same way as abortion care, you
4:24 pm
may see that there's more traveling. to various states like california to provide services in a way that, um is you know the best care for the patient in and you know, in an unfettered way. so we will have to see but certainly we're ready to do whatever wehelp women from other states again be able to have the full access of reproductive health care. dr heather huddleston with ucsf. we appreciate you joining us and giving us your insight. thanks for your time. thank you. instagram and facebook have started removing posts offering abortion pills for women who might not otherwise be able to get them. social media users report some posts about how to obtain the pills through the mail had been taken down. offers to sell or donate. the pills have also been removed. meta which is the parent company of both facebook and instagram, says it has a policy against giving or selling any pharmaceutical drugs. but it says it does allow users to share information on other ways
4:25 pm
to get the pills. another beautiful day around the bay area a little warm for some of our inland cities that will begin to change as early as tomorrow. a cool down that begins that will actually lead us all the way into the holiday weekend, giving you a look here at what is happening out at the golden gate bridge. we've got blue skies there. we do have a little bit of an onshore breeze that is helping us out along the coast and around the bay. very comfortable, even a little cool along the coast. here is the view from up above a little bit of fog at the coastline. those low clouds are going to move back across the bay and into the east bay. little bit more widespread for tomorrow morning as again we do begin to see a bit of a transition. i'll show you the future cast on that in just a moment. let's check in on that onshore breeze coming in from the west nevada reporting a south wind at 70 mph. oakland reporting 16 fairfield 22. so we know for inland cities has to be a little bit stronger than that, but not bad temperatures are actually down in areas like livermore this afternoon, down by four. meanwhile santa rosa notably warmer for you today
4:26 pm
around the bay within a few degrees down by three in hayward up by four at sfo, and here is a look at the numbers outside right now. 72 in nevada. we've got 70 in oakland closer to the water low sixties half moon bay mid sixties in san francisco. although we lost that reading there temporarily you go inland . it's another toasty 1 92 in concord 90. degrees in livermore . you're going to be at the giants game later today. make sure you dress in layers, maybe even a jacket low sixties in the forecast, and that west wind is going to pick up under mostly clear skies at 20 mph. and we have that game starting at 6 45 . i have a look at the cool down that begins tomorrow and what you can expect for your holiday weekend coming up in just a little bit. we're learning more about the heroic passengers who saved lives after monday's deadly amtrak train crash, garrett tenney in
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[ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. i amtrak train crash in missouri . garitano is also there and tells us a troop of boy scouts
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onboard took action to help injured passengers moments after an amtrak train derailed in mendon, missouri, a group of boy scouts jumped into action general in context kicked in, and i something took over and i felt like i knew what to do. and more than a dozen scouts were returning from a backpacking trip on monday when their train hit a truck. several rail cars toppled under their sides. the group of teenagers used first aid training to help passengers until first responders arrived. just got out of my seat shoes on and started opening a window. getting our scouts out. first and trying to get phones call 911 investigators from the national transportation safety board arrived on scene today they will be looking at the train's black box as well as the intersection where the crash happened. it's an uncontrolled crossing, meaning there's no lights or gates to let people know what train is coming. a local farmer says he had alerted county officials to the possible dangers. i tried to prevent this . i've done everything i knew to do in my power have talked to numerous people. and anyway, i'm
4:30 pm
just really saddened that i wasn't able to do more. the incident left at least four people dead and 150 people injured. those who survived they they're still trying to process what happened. just really fortunate to be here. right now, it is hard to comprehend that i made it out okay with no injuries when the lady across the aisle from me, actually had to get care flighted out. just a few days ago, three people were killed in another amtrak train crash in northern california, which again involved an uncontrolled crossing. in mendon , missouri. i'm garrett tenney fox news. legal fireworks sales are underway in some area communities, but sellers are already facing challenges, plus the warning from firefighters in the warning from firefighters in an extreme fire
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my 100% beef burgers adouble bacon cheesy jack,. w only pay for what you need. with double the bacon and double the cheese. it's so good, i put my name on it! the double bacon cheesy jack combo starting at $5.99. order on the jack app today. in the sierra foothills. these are live pictures coming to us from nevada county of a new wildfire burning this afternoon . you can see the flames and the trees there. we understand. this is near the community of french corral, which is along highway 49, north of grass valley northeast of sacramento. the latest update from cal fire about 25 minutes ago on the so called rice fire, estimated at 350 acres and growing. there are some evacuations underway. early reports say the fire started as a structure fire, then spread to vegetation. we will of course, update you as we learn more details. pull down to this
4:34 pm
fourth of july weekend just days away, and it is prime time for fireworks. but the national fire protection association is warning fireworks are responsible for more than 8000 fires and could be risky due to fire season. ktvu tom vacar joins us live from dublin tonight one of the few places that allow them and provide places to set those fireworks off, doc. well, today is only the very first day of the permitted sales of so called safe and sane fireworks, and already, inventories are low. dublin has 15 locations were licensed nonprofit groups may also called safe and sane, state approved, non exploding and non flying fire workers from june 28th. through noon july 5th. these sales are a major fundraiser for service. sports educational, music and church groups. very important because it makes you aware of where the money is going for these boots and things like that, and so
4:35 pm
it's really helpful to get the community coming out. and buying things from, you know, local charity in the case of dublin, united soccer, it's using the money for inclusion. all of the funds that we raised during the fireworks sales goes to our players that aren't able to afford full scholarship. first soccer due to the realities of inflation prices are higher due to supply chain disruptions. supplies are limited definitely sooner than later. a lot of the assortment packs are still locked up at the ports. so what inventory we got now is definitely much more limited than it has been in the years passed in most of the bay area, fireworks of any kind or flat out illegal to fire danger is made worse by three years of drought. even here in dublin. there are places celebrators can and cannot use safe and sane fireworks in town. they are allowed at single family residences, as well as four local parks. but only at shannon, alamo creek. emerald
4:36 pm
glenn and dublin sports grounds and only on july 4th from 10 am to 10. pm no fireworks are allowed at dublin mori housing units. any other city facility or any school, those thinking of making a trip to the few places where safe and sane fireworks are sold and then bring them home are actually subject to the laws where they set them off, regardless of where they were purchased. example the county next to alameda fireworks of any type of matter how they're labeled here in contra costa county. are illegal. last year, we responded. con fire alone responded to 100 fires in the four day independence day weekend. unfortunately many cali, california decided to buy illegal exploding, fire flying and skipping fireworks. those are the ones that give people great fears of wildfires. they're also the ones that start
4:37 pm
most of them reporting live. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. thank you. north bay congressman mike thompson was in the bay area today talking to local leaders in law enforcement about the benefits of the newly signed gun safety bill thompson met with valet hold leaders, including police chief police chief excuse me, shawne williams and alejo school superintendent william spaulding. thompson was part of a bipartisan group of lawmakers who helped to craft the $13 billion gun safety bill that expands background checks to include juvenile records and also includes red flag loss to seize guns from those deemed dangerous and it seals the so called boyfriend. loophole borrowing domestic abusers from purchasing weapons. the bill that we passed and was signed into law was a compromise bill that saves lives. i am positive that these changes in law and support services will help keep guns out of the wrong hands and will provide critical support to states and local communities. working to prevent the epidemic
4:38 pm
of gun violence. how the bill comes in response to recent mass shootings, including one at a grocery store in buffalo, new york and the you've all the texas school shooting. today fda advisers voted to recommend a booster that targets the omicron variant this fall. both moderna and fizer have created modified booster shots to be a combination of the original vaccine and an omicron targeted one. it will be the first time the panel has proposed that vaccine makers modify those shots to hone in on a different variant. and while the latest data shows that cases of stabilized, health officials warned that cases are not dropping after years of abuse accusations, gallon maxwell is sentenced to 20 years in prison for comments in court today as she apologized to her victims. and i'm tracking a cooling trend that will carry us all the way into your holiday weekend. better det
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rick snyder andnd others involvd in the flint water crisis will be dismissed. the michigan supreme court ruled the judge had no authority to indict snyder, his health director and seven others for their actions in flint. snyder was charged with two misdemeanors in the case, while to health officials and others were charged with higher counts for several deaths connected with legionnaire's disease. in 2014 city managers appointed by snyder switched the city's water source to the flint river to save money. investigators later found. state regulators did not treat the water, which became contaminated with lead and flow through the system for 18 months. this led to several legionnaires deaths and lead poisoning in the cities, predominantly black community. going maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison today following her sex trafficking conviction connected to billionaire jeffrey epstein. foxes tom graham has more on the story. socialite jill lane
4:42 pm
maxwell will spend the next 20 years in a federal prison. the former girlfriend of convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein, was found guilty in december of 2021 on multiple counts of sexual abuse. prosecutors say maxwell worked alongside epstein to recruit and groom underage girls as young as 14. they asked judge allison nathan to give maxwell anywhere between 30 and 55 years in prison prosecutors say that, uh, both dylan maxwell and jeffrey epstein, we're using their famous people contacts to convince these teenage girls that? hey, we're really important and powerful defense team painting a complete opposite picture, accusing epstein of being the mastermind secures only focused on their client after epstein committed suicide while awaiting trial, her lawyer asked for a prison term of 51 to 63 months.
4:43 pm
describing the federal sentencing guidelines as harsh and unnecessary. one former survivor slammed the former socialite for her lack of accountability, saying her life was turned upside down because of the abuse she endured at the hands of maxwell. the prison because i been in #### and back the last 17 years. the fact that she still maintains her innocence is beyond anything i've ever i still can't believe it intends to appeal her sentencing in new york. tom graham fox news. san francisco based airbnb announced today it will make its ban on parties permanent. airbnb placed a temporary ban on house parties in 2020 to follow restrictions put in place by the pandemic. and in 2019, the company rolled out several safety features after five people were killed in
4:44 pm
a shooting at one of its bookings in orinda. today the company said the temporary ban proof to be effective. airbnb said that guests who attempt to violate its rules will face consequences varying from account suspension to full removal from the platform. 6600 guests were suspended for violating the party ban in 2021 , in addition to making the party band permanent airbnb is lifting a 16 person occupancy limit it also introduced in 2020. around the bay area. another summer like day sixties at the coast, nineties inland, we will begin to see a transition, though, and enjoyable forecast coming for inland cities as we roll into the end of the business week. temperatures will begin to fall off tomorrow, but it will be a gradual cool down here is a look at the golden gate bridge, a beautiful one out their air quality was good to moderate earlier, but since then, the onshore breeze has turned on just a bit more air quality at this time is good from the north base for the central bay and down through the south bay. got
4:45 pm
good air quality there a lot of green on the screen checking in on storm tracker, too. so we have a system that is moving through the pacific northwest and in through areas of canada a little bit of rain going on there. no rain for us. but again, it is introducing that transition to our weather pattern so we'll go with one more afternoon. today we're we've got that warm weather and then we will begin to drop those temperatures tomorrow, although it may take a few days for inland cities to really feel the difference when i show you the extended forecast, temperatures come down 15 even 20 degrees from today into the weekend. here's a look at the future cast a little bit later into the evening hours. that low cloud cover along the coastline is going to cross cross over the bay. and tomorrow morning, we're going to wake up with the possibility of some drizzle out there knows the few specks of blue you see. and then the east bay shore as well as into the north bay, and it may even creep a little bit farther inland. through those gaps so more widespread than what we saw this morning this morning, waking up with a little bit more sunshine. and then as we get into the
4:46 pm
afternoon, it does retreat and we do have partly cloudy skies along the coast and mostly sunny for the rest of us, and we'll kind of see that repeat tomorrow night into thursday and then as the days go on temperatures right now. 71 degrees in nevada, still upper eighties in santa rosa, you can easily see where that onshore breezes influencing areas inland. nevado not so much santa rosa and then you go well inland and it's 95 degrees this afternoon in brentwood. 90 for livermore around the bay a beautiful 70 degrees in oakland mid sixties right now in san francisco, low sixties expected for the giants game later today, tomorrow morning temperatures ranging from low fifties in santa rosa to mid fifties in san francisco will go upper fifties to about 60 degrees over areas of concord and then into the afternoon. another warm day. but finally dropping out of the nineties for many of us will go at 89 for concord into the north by 88 over santa rosa around the bay, a beautiful 76 in hayward. nice and warm and redwood city 82. there's your extended forecast getting into your bay area thursday. temperatures
4:47 pm
dropping a little bit more and then into the weekend. far inland cities mid upper seventies in the forecast low seventies around the bay low sixties at the coast. very enjoyable weather for all those holiday festivities that will begin back to you. looks like a nice week ahead, rosemary. thank you coming up supporting lgbtq seniors how one bay area organization is using its services. to improve the quality of life for seniors who apart who are a part of this community , plus the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade may have far bigger effects on the lgbtq community. also at five what the ruling may mean for those families looking to for those families looking to illinois is in the middle. and what do you find in the middle? ♪ the middle course of the foodie universe.
4:48 pm
♪ we're in the middle of dinosaurs! ♪ meet us in the middle of the mother road. woohoo! we're flying through the middle of everything! welcome to the middle of everything.
4:49 pm
voices and organizations in the lgbtq community. seniors of the east bay provides social support services for seniors through outreach, advocacy and education . i spoke with the organization's president about the services they provide. lavender seniors of the east bay's mission statement is to
4:50 pm
improve the quality of life for older members of the lgbtq plus community described the services you offer and how important they really are. our mission is to, um, provide, uh, senior focus lgbt q services. centers are monthly e newsletter. but we also provide a free 10 weeks support group addressing issues of aging for lgbt q elders. some of the topics include facings, f while caring for others. um isss , so this the groups are led by a license psychologist. there's also, uh, friendly visitor program. this particular program. friendly visitors that we better clients and we make sure that we match our volunteers, um to the interests of that, you know, there is one on one social communications can
4:51 pm
occur, providing assistance in conversation. some of these activities include, you know, walks, shopping conversations picking up medical prescriptions . we often talk about the need for more senior programs period. but specific to the lgbtq community. how important is that to have a culturally competent places for people to feel comfortable in those spaces? it is very necessary to have to let folks know that they are safe and visible that we are here to help them that they can call on us whenever they need assistance, whether it be going out to shop for them, or, you know, having a licensed clinical psychologist that they can access to help them with these various issues on but also to also help those seniors to age in place. um what one you know, like i mentioned our various programs. uh how do that you know, victor, this pride month we've been talking a lot about the lgbt community facing renewed but an ongoing hate and
4:52 pm
threats and many of these seniors came of age at a time where they were thought to be criminal for being engaged in these acts. so what is the advice that you've heard from them about this new generation? uh about enduring this and beating it and coming back stronger than ever. you know, we were just resilient. um and we talked to each other, but make sure we put the stand up and protect one another a lot of our seniors. you don't have have been in the closet most. most of them have been married and have families, um, and felt like they had to live. you know, heterosexual lifestyle, you know, having in the closet. andk as we progressed with, you know the stonewall riots. um and what have you? i think it's enabled us, uh, are over generations to help pioneer and paved the way and trail blaze for my generation, and you know there, there's the i'm also paving the way for our our gen z. um and
4:53 pm
are millennials so you know, we're all working together. i think it it gets easier. it gets better. if you would like to volunteer or donate to lavender seniors of the east bay scan that qr code on your screen right now or you can head to our website ktvu .com/ giving day for more information. a popular theme park in the bay area set to close for good what we're learning about a multimillion dollar sale and just how much more time people will have
4:54 pm
there's a reason comcast fastest, reliable the protection of securityedge™ and the most reliable 5g network. want me to keep going? i can...
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whether your small business is starting or growing, you need comcast business. technology solutions that put you ahead. get a great offer on internet and security, now with more speed and more bandwidth. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. stressed holiday travelers. nearly 3000 flights were canceled nationwide yesterday alone, experts say stamping shortages are to blame, and they say travelers should embrace for the possibility of more cancelations is fourth of july weekend. said passengers offered their suggestions for dealing with the delays. travel with a
4:56 pm
pillow and a blanket and water once you go through security, make sure you have your toiletries. make sure you have some food. so you were you're good in full when you get on that plane. airlines recommend arriving to the airport, 2.5 to 3 hours early, even on domestic flights. i guess parents will be okay and downloading the airlines app can allow travelers to re book quickly if their flight is canceled. california's great america now under new ownership and is expected to close in the near future. torres reports the details and tell us how much longer you have to enjoy the rides and entertainment. california's great america has been the south bay's local amusement park since 1976. and now it has at most 11 years left before doors are closed for good. it's been a long time, long time where rides , entertainment and events staged in the backyard of the bay area, the reign of california's great america is
4:57 pm
coming to an end. i don't know much, but i've heard it's a blast and we were considering going today, the amusement park's owner, cedar fair, announcing the sale of great america to a san francisco based real estate company. can prologis a price tag of about $310 million president and ceo of the silicon valley central chamber of commerce, christian malice. six says he saw this coming with the price of land in silicon valley going up up up and doesn't seem to be any stop to it. it's hard for a park that covers so much acreage like great america. to make the kind of revenue it needs to make the stay open, says it looked to sell the park since 2021 hoping to reduce its debt and invest more money in its other resort properties. according to federal filings. cedar fair will now lease the park from religious for at least six years at a rate of more than $12 million a year. cedar fair will have an option to renew the lease for an additional five years. but
4:58 pm
prolonged, just does have the power to cut the deal short so long as they give a two years heads up. that means great america will not stay open longer than 11 more years as far as a local amusement park. it was great america so fact that it's going away. that's yeah, it's weird. closing may seem like a bummer. having a big heads up is a huge deal for nearby businesses needing to adjust to the change employee has ever given their employer 10 year notice. that's certainly tons and tons of time. and you know, with things like the world cup coming before that that's going to balance things, the skills the other way in and fill up all the rooms everywhere and bring all kinds of jobs to the area. in the meantime, nothing about the park will change. in fact, representatives with great america say they have a lineup of entertainment events and festivals for the remaining years. lodges did release a statement to me, saying they are excited to work with the city of santa clara to determine what
4:59 pm
will take over this land. next they say they have not yet made that decision. reporting in santa clara. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. ktvu fox. two news at five starts now. about 4 50 in the morning. i heard three gunshots and i heard somebody yelling, so i got up and i called 911. i think that's really article pleasant as well as like for this neighborhood. now in five a neighborhood and pleasant and turns into a crime scene when burglars pick a would be victim who does not back down . that resident started shooting at two men early this morning. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach heather holmes, the neighborhood targeted along canyon meadow circle. it is the second time in a week. that a victim or witness in the east bay has shot at criminals are prime reporter henry lee live now for us at the pleasant and police department. with more on this latest case, henry ahead of this resident took matters into his own hands. every heard a noise outside, saw flashlights
5:00 pm
and caught two men trying to break into his suv. possible shootout before dawn in normally quiet, pleasant and where a resident fired shots and would be car thieves. it's like the wild wild west. it happened at about 4 45 in the morning in the kenyan meadow condo complex near 5 80 in pleasanton. a resident heard noises outside and confronted two men trying to steal his dodge durango. he was pepper sprayed. ah hearing what he believed was a shot. he had been armed with a gun and fired three shots. no one was apparently hit, but bullets hit two parked cars. president police sergeant marty built says investigators aren't sure if the men fired at the residents there have been reports there was an exchange of gunfire. however again, we're trying to, uh, confirm that the resident is legally registered to own a gun. that man declined to comment, authorities say even if the sailors had not opened fire, the resident may have been within his legal right to open fire on the grounds


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