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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 28, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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break into his suv. possible shootout before dawn in normally quiet, pleasant and where a resident fired shots and would be car thieves. it's like the wild wild west. it happened at about 4 45 in the morning in the kenyan meadow condo complex near 5 80 in pleasanton. a resident heard noises outside and confronted two men trying to steal his dodge durango. he was pepper sprayed. ah hearing what he believed was a shot. he had been armed with a gun and fired three shots. no one was apparently hit, but bullets hit two parked cars. president police sergeant marty built says investigators aren't sure if the men fired at the residents there have been reports there was an exchange of gunfire. however again, we're trying to, uh, confirm that the resident is legally registered to own a gun. that man declined to comment, authorities say even if the sailors had not opened fire, the resident may have been within his legal right to open fire on the grounds that the pepper
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spray momentarily incapacitated him and made him fear for his safety. jeffrey mcfadden lives in the complex, and many other neighbors were jolted awake by the gunfire. walking up about 4 45 by least three gunshots, maybe four gunshot and some yelling. i heard three quick shots. i don't know who it's who had the gunner who would shoot or why, but i mean in a neighborhood like this, it's a pretty pretty quiet neighborhood . i think that's really out of character for pleasant in as i was like for this neighborhood because it's kind of in the middle of nowhere. this is the second incident in the tri valley area in which a resident opened fire at criminals. just last week, a danville man got into a shootout with roberts outside his home. police say it's better to let them do the confronting what we recommend is to not confront people that are breaking into cars or committee and crime in the be a good witness. it's crazy. you know, everybody has guns. you never know. you know who's going to have a gun. now the bad guys took off in a white color or
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gray or silver pickup truck. anyone with information or surveillance video is asked to contact pleasant and police in pleasant and live. henry lee ktvu fox two news. thank you, henry. north bay congressman mike thompson is in the bay area, talking to law enforcement and others about the benefits of the newly signed gun safety bill. congressman thompson met with vallejo police chief shawne williams and the vallejo school superintendent, william spaulding. thompson was part of a bipartisan group of lawmakers who helped craft that $13 billion gun safety bill that expands background checks to include juvenile records. it also includes red flag laws to seize guns from those deemed dangerous. and it seals the so called boyfriend loophole barring domestic abusers from purchasing weapons. the bill that we passed and was signed into law was a compromise bill that saves lives positive that these changes in law and support services will help keep guns out of the wrong hands and will provide critical support to states and local communities. working to prevent the epidemic
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of gun violence. the bill comes in response to the recent mass shootings, including one at a grocery store in buffalo, new york and the school shooting and you validly texas vibe tonight. two women have now filed federal claims against four correctional officers of sexually abusing them at the all women's prison in dublin. as one example, marie washington set a guard. forced her to engage in sex acts with her cell mate and show her private parts while she was in covid quarantine. come to my door like every single night all night. um every single round that he did, he would, you know , say, like sexual things to me. he would, um asked me if my i'm sorry for my language. if my asked was real, um, he would ask me to like dance for him, um hey bunkie as well and he told us to do something that he you know
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that he knew that we wanted that he wanted to see lower. cheney said guards would tell her to serve as a lookout so they could have sex in the prisons kitchen area and she alleges that one officer would routinely rub up against her. she said she was too scared to report the abuse. when i s i s called me and asked me. did i witness anything at normal from an officer? i said no, because i was afraid to speak up because for one, i didn't want to be put in special housing. i mean, like i didn't want my room tour up like it's just strange and like it just seemed like if you don't go with the flow there like the outcast you and treat you worse, sir. none of the officers has been criminally charged. the women have since been released from prison. the bureau prison's responded in a statement that quote these claims of staff misconduct at fc i dublin. if
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true or important, our agency is fully cooperating with the officer of inspector general on active investigations that relate to these allegations and will bring to justice those who abuse public trust. you can find much more detail on the allegations against those correctional officers, as well as the recent legal trouble for fc i. dublin right there on our website just had two ktvu .com. now to some breaking news that we're following in the sierra foothills in these right now are live pictures coming to us from nevada county of a new wildfire this afternoon and the firefighters you see there with a large plane. dropping a large amount of retardant. this fire is called the rice fire. we understand this is near the community of french corral, which is along highway 49, just north of grass valley. there are some evacuations underway. early reports say this fire started as a structure, fire and then spread to vegetation. and as you see here in these live pictures,
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those flames continue to consume many more acres. cal fire says the fire has grown to 350 acres . we're going to keep an eye on this fire in nevada county and bring you more details as soon as we learned that and with the threat of fire very real this time of year summer sounding the alarm about the sale of legal fireworks, the national fire protection association says fireworks are responsible for thousands of fires each year, as well as burns and even fatal injuries. ktvu is tom vacar lives tonight. in dublin, one of the few places that does allow them and provides places to actually set them off. tom yeah . you know, it's really interesting because safe and sane fireworks so called safe and sane fireworks are available here. but already what we've learned is inventories on the first day are low. dublin has 15 locations were licensed nonprofit groups may sell so called safe and sane, state approved, non exploding and non flying fireworks from june 28th. through noon july 5th these
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sales are a major fundraiser for service, sports, educational, music and church groups very important because it makes you aware of where the money is going for these boots and things like that, so it's really helpful to get the community coming out and buying things from, you know, local charity in the case of dublin, united soccer it's using the money for inclusion. all of the funds that we raised during the fireworks sales goes to our players that aren't able to afford full scholarship. first soccer due to the realities of inflation prices are higher due to supply chain disruptions. supplies are limited. definitely sooner than later. a lot of the assortment packs are still locked up at the ports. so what inventory we got now is definitely much more limited than it has been in the years past most of the bay area fireworks of any kind or flat out illegal to fire dangers made worse by three years of drought. even here in dublin. there are
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places celebrators can and cannot use safe and sane fireworks in town. they are allowed at single family residences, as well as four local parks. but only at shannon , alamo creek, emerald, glenn and dublin sports grounds and only on july 4th from 10 a.m. 2:10 p.m. no fireworks are allowed at dublin mori housing units, any other city facility or any school thinking of making a trip to the few places where safe and sane fireworks. are sold and then bring them home. are actually subject to the laws where they set them off, regardless of where they were purchased. example the county next to alameda fireworks of any type matter how they're labeled here in contra costa county are illegal. last year, we responded . con fire alone responded to 100 fires in the four day independence day weekend. unfortunately many californians
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by illegal exploding, flying and skipping fireworks. those are the ones that add to the wildlife fear factor, and those are the ones that very often result in wildfires themselves. reporting live. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. alright tom. thank you for that safe and say fireworks are on sale in san bruno for the fourth of july holiday. the city says they can be used starting today. all the way through july. 4th people are allowed to set them off from noon until nine at night until july, 3rd and then from noon to 11 at night on independence day . the money from the sales all goes back to the san bruno community. all of these are non profit. organizations that's the only ones that can get permitted by the city to sell fireworks, safe and sane fireworks. the city of pacifica also allows the sale lift safe and sane fireworks along with restrictions on the hours of use . people are not allowed to set them off within 10 ft over residents and miners must be supervised by an adult. there
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was a major bus in the north bay center, rosa police found and confiscated more than £500 of illegal fireworks. and they arrested 31 year old moreno's yesterday for being in possession of the large loot and santa rosa. all fireworks are considered contraband and anyone caught with them. can face fines and even jail time. officials in santa clara county say fines will be issued to anyone using possessing or selling illegal fireworks, and they were encouraging people to watch legal fireworks shows instead. san jose is having a big show at almond in lake regional park, santa clara residents can watch fireworks above great america mountain view will have assured there at short show rather at shoreline amphitheater, and people in morgan hill can watch the fireworks at the outdoor sports complex. you can go to our website at ktvu .com for a complete list of fourth of july celebrations here in the bay area. i'm the acting president. take me up to the capital. now the president reached up towards
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the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr engel grabbed his arm. said, sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back to the west wing. we're not going to the capital. former president donald trump fought and argued with secret service agents for control of the presidential suv, as he demanded that he wanted to go back to the u. s capitol during the january 6th. insurrection all of that, according to testimony there today from an aide of former chief of staff mark meadows, cassidy. hutchinson provided detailed accounts of what she saw and what she heard on that day boxes madeline rivera as details from today's revelations. and today's surprise hearing the star witness and aid to former chief of staff mark meadows reveals some stunning outbursts from former president trump after his aides tried to rein him in on january 6th. thank you. you may be seated, former white house staffer cassidy hutchinson,
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testifying before the january 6th committee tuesday, hutchinson served as an aide to chief of staff mark meadows and said he was aware of the threat days before the capital riot something to the effect of there's a lot going on, cass, but i don't know. things might get real real bad. on january, 6th committee replayed her prior private depositions where she said, a white house official told former president trump about weapons at his rally that day and suggested the president had no issue with his supporters marching to the capital armed just to be clear, miss hutchinson, is it your understanding that the president wanted to take the mags away and said that the armed individuals were not there to hurt him. that's a fair assessment. hutchinson described the dramatic detail how trump demanded to be driven to the capital after his speech and lunged at his security detail and tried to grab the steering wheel from him when he was told he could not go, the president said something to the effect of i'm the acting president. take me up to the capital now. to
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which bobby responded, sir. we have to go back to the west wing. trump lasted hutchinson on his social media accounts, saying he doesn't know her and called her bad news in washington rivera fox news earlier today on the four we spoke with uc hastings law professor david levine. he says these hearings are part of an ongoing effort. to get the attention of the justice department and that they could lead to charges being filed. an awful lot of it is directed to the justice department to say look at what we have. and how can you not pursue an indictment or certainly to investigate here ? there's any number of charges and what we've learned through these hearings is that mr trump was front and center through the whole thing. it really was a big conspiracy, and mr trump was in the center of it, and there's just no question. i think if you look at this evidence that he and many other people are potentially guilty of quite a few very serious crimes. there
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are late reports this evening that the secret service agents mentioned in today's testimony are willing to testify that then president trump never lunch for the steering wheel or assaulted either one of them. if you saw something, come forward and say something tonight at 5 30 san jose police searching for answers after a driver hits a woman and leaves her to die. and if you were planning to party at an airbnb for the fourth boy, think again. the announcement today from the san francisco based vacation rental company and what could happen if you don't follow the rules. first women were not the only ones affected by the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade with the ruling does for those families looking to adopt. temperatures have been well above normal for the past week in inland areas, the cool down and the day to expect it the details as the news continues right here. on ktvu fox two
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people playing a lot of different roles, and so some people come and they are in the streets and some people go and they vote. some people vote with their dollars and people, you know, unfurled banners and people work at it, and some people climb a crane. these abortion rights advocates climbed the crane in washington d. c this morning their massive banner asking president joe biden. to protect abortion rights through executive actions . climbers are activists from states that have now banned abortions, and they say they are part of the women's march movement. californians will decide in november of the right to an abortion should be guaranteed in the state constitution. state lawmakers were already working on the resolution even before the supreme court decision
5:18 pm
overturning roe v. wade came out on friday. the resolution was passed overwhelmingly and both houses of the state legislature. if approved by voters, the amendment would make it undeniably clear that in california abortion and contraception are considered healthcare and our private matter between a patient and their medical provider. the biden administration is also announcing new actions to protect access to abortion. i am directing all agencies in my department to work to ensure that all providers from doctors to pharmacists clinics. have appropriate training and resources to handle family planning needs, including administering patient referrals for care. and helping patients navigate this new reality. health and human services secretary javier becerra, calling the supreme court's decision a moment of crisis in health care, but sarah pledged to do quote everything within our legal limit of the law to
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support patients and providers. end quote. a federal court has allowed tennessee to ban abortion six weeks into pregnancy. today, the sixth circuit court of appeals vacated a lower court's injunction blocking the law. this comes as the state's other abortion ban is set to restrict abortions almost entirely. in less than a month. both measures would make performing an abortion of felony and subject doctors to a maximum of 15 years in prison. the fallout from the recent supreme court decision continues to have ripple effects throughout the country. some family law experts say the ruling could go beyond abortion and affect families. christian captain joins us now live from san francisco's castro district with the concern and the lgbtq community christian. yeah we spoke with a family law expert today who said that the supreme court decision will certainly impact women. but she said it will also likely impact lgbtq families. the nation is still trying to determine exactly how the supreme court's decision overturning roe versus
5:20 pm
wade will impact reproductive rights, family law expert deborah wald says. without a doubt, women will bear the brunt of the decision. but she says the decision could also impact lgbtq couples looking to create their own families through assisted reproduction, including in vitro fertilization. that procedure could result in unused embryos and unknown legal implications. practice reproductive law. it's close to 50% of my practice and the shockwaves for certain are going through the reproductive community because of exactly what you're raising, says justice thomas went even further in his consenting opinion, saying he'd like to revisit supreme court decisions governing access to birth control. the legality of same sex relationships and same sex marriage signs. wald says that the supreme court is waiting into the political realm, wald says that's a sign the supreme court is no longer above politics. all of our lives could be impacted and absolutely. the
5:21 pm
extent to which lgbtq lives could be impacted. um if clarence thomas wins the day, jacobs works for family builders by adoption, another route by which lgbtq families are created . she says adoption should not be viewed as a viable option to legal and safe abortion. and if people really want to adopt children, um there's for over 400,000 children in foster care in this in this country right now, as we speak. the majority of those children are children of color and they need families , jacobs says. the lgbtq community is already worried about what's next. people are terrified. and then you add to that want to eliminate a marriage, and then that's going to question you know, lgbt families adopting kids, uh and, you know, ironically, it's our lgbt folks that most often step up for the sibling group of four kids. yeah well, there currently aren't any cases before the court on same sex marriage. there are a slew of laws and bills under consideration that
5:22 pm
could impact lgbtq rights. we're live in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. california attorney general rob bonta has released the latest report on hate crimes here in california in the state justice department's 2021 hate crime report there were 1763 bias events. overall hate crimes reported in the state increased 32.6% from 2020 to 2021 bonta says there is still a clear and present threat of hate crime in the state. is creating a statewide hate crime coordinator position to assist state and local law enforcement efforts to combat hate crime. one hard truth in our state. just as well as we've seen across the nation is that the epidemic of hate we saw spurred on during the pandemic remains a clear and present threat. and according to the report, hate crimes
5:23 pm
targeting black people remain the most prevalent and increase 12.5% last year there up from 456 and 2022 513 last year. reporting anti asian hate crimes have once again increased dramatically rising 177 and a half percent from 2022 last year and reported hate crimes involving a sexual orientation bias also increased significantly up 47.8. something you could not see earlier. today was a lot of the mixing of the air mass aloft. the end result is something you could see, which was let's cloud cover, which meant by lunchtime today, our temperatures were substantially warmer than 24 hours ago. and then this clear skies from the coast through the bay into our inland areas. gorgeous postcard picture of the city by the bay number spend 66 in san francisco to 92 degrees inland in concord, san carlos at 78 3 slightly warmer in san jose
5:24 pm
. it is now 87 degrees in santa rosa. yesterday. at this hour, it was 92 degrees in livermore. today now it is seven degrees cooler also cooler and hayward and in san jose, but a bit warmer in san jose. it all comes down to the wind, and currently it's out of the west, and it's picking up through that san bruno gap there, agus now up to 36 mph s f o. we do have a 15 mile per hour wind out of the north and san jose wins now at 12 and conquered. all the way through clayton and into one a creek. so we have an area of low pressure right here, providing some rain showers up and throughout the pacific northwest, a little bit of blow off could cause a little bit of light shower activity across southern california from what was once a tropical depression. celia we're dealing with later on tonight, and partly cloudy skies low clouds along the seashore numbers forties fifties and outside number 61 degrees in antioch's tomorrow, rebounding, a partly sunny skies breezy southwest winds 10 to 20 gusts to 30 mph sixties to under 90
5:25 pm
degrees for the first time the past seven days and our inland areas full forecast still coming up. right roberta. thank you. summer parties are straining police resources coming up after the break. we're going live to one florida beach talent to see how it and others are handling a recent spike in summer crime and we're still awaiting more decisions from the united states supreme court this session coming up tonight at six. the rolling yet to be handed down. on environmental regulations that could have sweeping implications.
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it will make its ban on parties permanent vacation rental company placed a temporary ban on house parties back in 2020 to follow restrictions put in place during the pandemic. and in 2019 , the company rolled out several safety features after five people were killed in a shooting at one of its bookings in orinda . well today, the company said that temporary ban proved to be
5:28 pm
effective. airbnb said that guests who attempt to violate its rules will face consequences from account suspension to full removal from the platform. more than 6000 guests were suspended for violating the party ban in 2021. several beach towns all across the country or imposing curfews to crack down on summer crime, especially involving teenagers. enforcement agencies are blaming part of the problem on social media. boxes rebecca castor is live now for us and what's one such town? panama city beach. good evening, rebecca. why do officers believe that curfews are now necessary? well heather here in panama city, one problem section of the beach is closing at 10 pm because of underage drinking fights in a shooting during spring break. it's the first time city officials here have extended that spring break curfew into the summer. when you get one or two people on the beach. not an issue. you get 2
5:29 pm
to 5. typically no problems. you get 200 to 500 people down there in the dark. it becomes an issue, the panama city beach police chief says social media is changing the game for teenagers organizing unruly summer parties strain on our resources when you have strangers able to send one message out and now congregate. one specific time. that's exactly what happened earlier this month in another florida panhandle beach town, snapchat videos show a massive group of teenagers at a party inside a multimillion dollar home. there was boxing in the living room and the teens posing with the homeowners expensive jewelry. county sheriff's office says the partygoers broken while the homeowners were away. there's no doubt that from our investigation so far that it was planned, really trying to focus our efforts on who organized and who hosted the event, social media safety consultant josh oakes says. it's simple for videos of kids participating in illegal activity to go viral and
5:30 pm
for a party of five to turn into 500 in minutes. if it's more exciting, it shoots up in the algorithm 30 years ago, you could break the law and nobody would find out now you can carry out devious actions like we've seen recently. and bring all of your peers along for the ride. 18 parties getting out of hand have also led to beach curfews along the jersey shore in virginia coast in panama city beach, florida. rebecca castor ktvu, fox two news. well. there have been nearly three times as many pedestrian deaths in san jose compared to the same time last year, and investigators need your help with the latest one. we are live with details and why two men charged with possessing 150,000 fentanyl pills. were released from custody just days after being arrested.
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at the san carlos airport this morning sky fox is up top over the scene where you could see the cessna 1 20 with damage to the nose after it apparently hit a fence. the ntsb says the plane was trying to return to the airport at about 10 45 this morning. when it crashed. san jose police investigating the city's latest hit and run a woman was killed, crossing a very busy street early this morning, and the driver took off ktvu. esmark's air live tonight there are jackson avenue near 6 80. with the story mark. mike san jose police say the woman was crossing from the west side to the east side of jackson
5:34 pm
avenue, which is where we're standing. when she was struck and killed and tonight, police are asking anyone who may have seen this crime or possibly has video. to come forward. at the scene of the fatal accident or some fresh police markings and a shopping cart off to the side of the road full of personal belongings, while police are not identifying the victim, nor saying if any of these items are connected to the victim or to the crash, they do say the victim was not in a marked crosswalk at the time of the collision. when officers arrived, they discovered an adult female pedestrian had been struck by an unknown vehicle, possibly a 2000 and 18 to 2022 honda accord. that driver remains unidentified. it is not in custody. the incident was called into police around 4 45 tuesday morning and resulted in an investigation, which closed jackson avenue for several hours. this also marks an alarming increase in pedestrian fatalities in the city of san jose. so far this year, there have been 33 fatal traffic related incidents resulting in
5:35 pm
the deaths of 21 pedestrians. at the same time last year, police recorded 25 traffic fatalities with eight pedestrian deaths. obviously the reasoning behind that is many factors as a group and public here in the city of san jose. we want to encourage drivers to follow the rules of the road. make sure that they're looking out for pedestrians, bicyclists as well as motorcyclists. back at the crash scene resident francisco lopez says it is not unusual to see vehicle speeding along this stretch of jackson avenue, despite recently installed signs asking drivers to slow down. he says he was also sadly not surprised that the driver did not stop because people act stupid are going to continue acting stupid. so if you're speeding, you're not supposed to hit someone just take off and hopefully they find him because like it's not an early people. no san jose police say they are taking extra action at the moment to try to enforce traffic
5:36 pm
laws, for example, beat officers are citing people for traffic violations in between their routine calls. the department says the idea is to raise awareness and try to improve the safety of city streets reporting live in san jose. i'm mark sayer. ktvu fox two news and mark, i know you said that police are asking if anyone has video to come forward handed over at this point. have you heard from police that they actually have any video at all of the incident because you didn't give that description or they gave the description of the vehicle? right we have we have heard some information that there is an audio recording is somebody had of some noises that occurred at the time if investigators actually had video evidence at this point, we're not aware of it. this is a very industrial area. they're all low rise buildings, so they're not any obvious cameras that we see around this location. of course , that doesn't mean there's not surveillance video or possibly someone reported something out of a dash camera vehicle. but at this point, the police are not saying they have any actual video tips. let's hope the leads come in. all right, mark cheryl live tonight in san jose mark
5:37 pm
appreciate it. well now we go to napa county where detectives they're looking for a burglary suspect. they released these photos of the band that they're looking for. they say he's he's linked to at least three burglaries this month. one photo shows the suspect with a holstered gun right there on his right hip. deputies are patrolling the areas where the burglaries have occurred. well, a judge in the central valley ordered the release of two men accused of having $750,000 worth of fentanyl. that's right, according to the salary county sheriff's office, the suspects 25 year old jose's and data's in 19, year old bonito matter, gral. were in possession of 150 packages, each containing 1000 fentanyl pills when they were arrested. the two men went through what's known as a risk assessment process, and then the judge reviewed the assessment and determined the two suspects could be released on their own recognizance. sheriff mike bordeaux disagreed with the decision. i could not believe that we had 150,000 fitting all
5:38 pm
pills, one of the most dangerous epidemics that is facing our nation today. with people in custody that we may potentially be able to impact the future of this type of drug trafficking organization and or cartels in california in my county, and we let them go, the sheriff says. the men provided addresses in washington state when they were arrested, but also says his office has information pointing to addresses in mexico. will a court hearing in redwood city for convicted murderer scott peterson was delayed because of covid, according to the court, one of his attorneys tested positive for the virus, and peterson himself was exposed to covid at san quentin. peterson was said to have a status conference yesterday in his germ misconduct hearing to see if he can get a new trial. a new date has not yet been announced. the jury convicted peterson of killing his wife, lacey and their unborn son 20 years ago. after the hearing ends, the judge will have up to 90 days to decide if peterson gets a
5:39 pm
retrial or not. advisors for the food and drug administration or recommending updated covid-19 booster shots this fall, modified to better match covid-19 variants, health officials say waning immunity and more variants pose a threat this winter. as we head inside, increasing the chances of another outbreak. today's recommendation paves the way for the fda to push drug companies to make reformulated boosters in time for fall. the better than that of the vaccines circulating strain we believe may correspond to improve vaccine effectiveness and potentially to a better durability of protection. now the fda is said to be leaning toward a combination of the existing vaccine and one tailored to sub variants of omicron b, a four nba five. together they make up more than half of the new covid cases in the us of international flights loaded with baby formula have arrived in the united states, but formula stock rates. are not
5:40 pm
improving. industry experts say it will take at least another couple of months for this to change as both supply levels and consumers perspectives level out . this is what the shelves look like at the target in stones town gallery in san francisco on sunday, mostly empty what was there was locked up and there were signs limiting what was allowed to be purchased. so far more than a quarter of the white house's formula import commitment has been delivered. it's about 13 million bottles. formula sales in the u. s actually jumped 24% last month. experts say formula sales are typically consistent and the increased demand is evidence consumers are likely stockpiling retailers are considering telling customers to keep unwanted items instead of returning them. some big store chains, including target walmart gap and others say they just have too much inventory, and it's costing them a lot of money to store it. so instead of piling returned merchandise onto this growing inventory heap. stores are considering just handing customers their money back and letting them hang onto
5:41 pm
the stuff they've built want. industry experts say returned merchandise cost retailers up to 30 cents per dollar to handle. dylan maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison following her sex trafficking conviction connected to billionaire jeffrey epstein today, sentencing was the culmination of a prosecution that detailed how the duo flaunted their riches and associations with prominent people to groom vulnerable girls and then exploit them. backsies tom graham as the story. socialite jill lane maxwell will spend the next 20 years in a federal prison. the former girlfriend of convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein, was found guilty in december of 2021 on multiple counts of sexual abuse. prosecutors say maxwell worked alongside epstein to recruit and groom underage girls as young as 14. they asked judge allison nathan to give maxwell anywhere between 30 and 55 years in prison. prosecutors say that
5:42 pm
, uh, both glenn maxwell and jeffrey epstein were using their famous people contacts to convince these teenage girls that hey, we're really important and powerful defense team painting a complete opposite picture, accusing epstein of being the mastermind secures only focused on their client after epstein committed suicide while awaiting trial. her lawyer asked for a prison term of 51 to 63 months, describing the federal sentencing guidelines as harsh and unnecessary. one former survivor slammed the former socialite for her lack of accountability, saying her life was turned upside down because of the abuse she endured at the hands of maxwell. the present. because i've been in #### and back. the lost city teen years. the fact that she still maintains her innocence is beyond anything i've ever. i
5:43 pm
still can't believe it intends to appeal her sentencing in new york. tom graham fox news. just a horrific discovery inside an abandoned tractor trailer coming up after the break details on the migrant tragedy near the southern border. also, we're learning more about the people who raced to help the dozens injured. after an amtrak train derailed the missouri a live report from the
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5:46 pm
for the deceased. the ailing. the families at least 50 migrants confirmed dead after being trapped inside a sweltering tractor trailer in what appears to be a human smuggling attempt. the abandoned truck discovered monday in san antonio, texas, where temperatures outside have risen above 100 degrees, officials saying there were no signs of water or working air conditioning inside the truck. this incident comes as law enforcement continues to struggle with a surge of migrants illegally crossing the southern border. there has been increasing volumes over the last , you know, six months, 12 months. related to you know the policies texas governor greg abbott, placing the blame on president biden, saying these deaths are result of his open border policies. former dhs secretary chad wolf echoing that sentiment, migrants are putting their hands, putting their lives
5:47 pm
in the hands of smugglers and traffickers and others. they don't care about their lives because they need to get to the u. s. and they know that if they get there, they're not going to be removed president biden releasing his statement tuesday , saying, in part, this incident underscores the need to go after the multibillion dollar criminal smuggling industry preying on migrants in leading to far too many innocent deaths. three people have been taken into custody as the department of homeland security continues their investigation. in eagle pass, texas. griff jenkins fox news. there were warnings that a missouri crossing was dangerous before an amtrak train collided with a truck coming up after the break the new details from that tragic crash and just how much cooling to anticipate and exactly where we've got the details as the news continues, right here on ktvu. bucks, too.
5:48 pm
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delighted with a dump truck in the state of missouri, another 150 were injured, including 15, who remain in the hospital tonight and today. federal investigators did arrive at the scene of that derailment. and that is where we find foxes. madison scarpino live and mended missouri. good evening, madison. what did we learn today? hey good evening, mike. so investigators are trying to figure out exactly how this crash happened yesterday afternoon, and we're learning that nearby farmers had been warning for a while. now that the crossing maybe dangerous, you see, there's no types of flashing lights or barriers that warn when a train is coming, and records show that the missouri department of transportation were aware that improvements were needed on this site. our hearts really go out to the families. you know, i tried to prevent this. i've done everything i knew to do in my power. i've talked to numerous people. and uh, anyway, i'm i'm just really saddened that i
5:51 pm
wasn't able to do more. passengers i spoke with say they felt the collision before the eight car train slowly started tipping over some boy scouts on their way home from a week long hiking trip in new mexico race to help passengers after the crash. one of the boy scouts, eli scripts, found the truck's driver. lying in a ditch and tried to comfort and stabilize him before he ultimately died. scripts access as boy scouts. they trained for emergency situations, but not something like this. but the general in some of the pain you can't really feel so that helped to and just running back and forth . i was just carrying stuff carrying people. um getting trying to get the kids out first, um and china people with anything back issues. just laying them down and um, trying to mobilize them and but they didn't have head injuries. give them water. because i mean every everyone was panicked. in the
5:52 pm
national transportation safety board, said today that for years they've been recommending improvements of these kinds of crossings, ones that again don't really show any warnings when a train is coming, but it isn't cheap and could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in mendon, missouri, madison, scarpino ktvu, fox two news. residents of a public housing complex in san francisco or fighting the planned demolition of their homes. they held a news conference this afternoon at plaza east there on buchanan street in the fillmore district. the 193 unit complex is slated to be redeveloped to include market rate units, along with public housing tenants want the site to remain low income housing. san francisco supervisors are considering a resolution that would urge the developer to evaluate a plan to make 100% of those new units affordable. market rate. temperatures still well above average for this time of the year and inland areas and we worked at a 30 degree
5:53 pm
temperature span from pacifica at 63 degrees to 93 degrees. that was today's daytime high and throughout livermore. pleasant inn. also dublin 93 degrees in morgan hill as well so seventies and eighties were pretty common around the peninsula while 83 degrees was experienced in vallejo, and in san rafael, back in through terror linda and john marin city 75 degrees and fremont and in union city blue skies officials sundown tonight is at 8 35. we'll start to see some low clouds gathering along the seashore. 63 degrees in half moon bay right now also moss beach and a mtera. it's still warm in santa rosa at 87. it's toasty in brentwood at 94 degrees cooling off in san jose at 79 due to that northerly breeze at 15 guts to 25 you notice the wind coming off the ocean at sfo, gus over 30. we do have currently wind up to 22 fairfield inn 14 in oakland. so
5:54 pm
our numbers due to the wind tomorrow and it will be breezy to downright windy out of the southwest of 20 to 30. these temperatures cooling by 10 degrees and throughout the tri valley and a modest cool down around redwood city at 78 degrees, we still have some storms tracking while to the north of the bay area. we do have a shield of clouds to the south of us all some spin off from what was once a tropical depression is named cilia tonight, boy. that's great sleeping weather in santa rosa at 49 degrees fifties around the peninsula 55 livermore, otherwise, tomorrow's daytime highs, 61. 2 88 degrees. we're talking under 90 degrees for the first 7 to 8 days, so you'll be able to turn off that air conditioner inland easily by the tail end of the weekend. we're working cooler temperatures and then slightly below average and are ill in areas. have yourself a great evening. roberta thank you coming up. president biden touches down in spain his plan to keep nato allies united against russia despite mounting
5:55 pm
economic pressures and coming up tonight at six o'clock less than a week after a supreme court decision rolled back some of california's gun laws state lawmakers are hoping to keep some gun restrictions in place. also ahead, more children or having trouble logging off from social media. the new attempts to hold tech companies
5:56 pm
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♪ i've been everywhere ♪ ♪ and to keep nato allies aligned as russia's war with ukraine drags on sanctions are not a quick fix, and the jolt in energy prices has hit the u. s and european economies. but as foxes, caroline chiefly reports the alliance seems committed to confronting the russian security threat by beefing up its defense. as russia continues its
5:58 pm
bombardment of ukraine, hitting the shopping mall incremental with long range missiles. president biden is meeting with the nato allies in europe, vowing the alliance will stand strong against vladimir putin. together the new commitments will constitute an impressive display of ally unity and resolve but behind the scenes four months into the conflict, the us and its nato partners are feeling the strain of pumping billions of dollars worth of weapons into ukraine and trying to punish russia with economic sanctions that are helping make gas prices soar worldwide. predicted it for awhile. excuse me, returned on monday, french president emmanuel macron buttonholed president biden outside a g seven meeting and briefed him about failed attempts to get arab nations to substantially increase oil production. ukrainian officials worry those economic pressures combined with recent russian victories could mean allies will lower expectations that ukraine can win back lost territory
5:59 pm
essentially means easing putin. and going back to this 1938 practice of appeasing dictators like hitler wasn't president. biden is set to travel to saudi arabia next month to make his own attempt to encourage arab nations to increase oil production. in the face of $5 a gallon gas prices here at home. in washington, carolina shively news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. former white house aide testifies about former president donald trump's actions on january 6th how she describes an enraged president after the secret service prevented him from going to the capital during the riot. it was. unpatriotic it was un american. we are watching the capitol building, get two faced over a lie. the sworn testimony contained new allegations about what former president donald trump said and what he did during the insurrection. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach heather holmes the new details
6:00 pm
call into question just how far former president trump intended to go along with his supporters down pennsylvania avenue. ktvu political reporter greg lee joins us here in studio with some of the highlights of today's hearing. greg yeah. mike heather. the sole witness today was former white house staffer cassidy, hutchinson and aid the chief of staff, mark meadows. she said she was told that the day of the riots following his rally, former president trump insisted on joining the crowd at the capitol, even moving to grab the wheel of the presidential limousine as secret service agent bobbi angle tried to stop him. the president said something to the effect of i'm the acting president. take me up to the capital now. to which bobby responded, sir. we have to go back to the west wing. president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr engel grabbed his arm. said, sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're


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