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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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former president trump intended to go along with his supporters down pennsylvania avenue. ktvu political reporter greg lee joins us here in studio with some of the highlights of today's hearing. greg yeah. mike heather. the sole witness today was former white house staffer cassidy, hutchinson and aid the chief of staff, mark meadows. she said she was told that the day of the riots following his rally, former president trump insisted on joining the crowd at the capitol, even moving to grab the wheel of the presidential limousine as secret service agent bobbi angle tried to stop him. the president said something to the effect of i'm the acting president. take me up to the capital now. to which bobby responded, sir. we have to go back to the west wing. president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr engel grabbed his arm. said, sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back
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to the west wing. we're not going to the capital. mr trump, then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby angle. hutchinson also testified that former president trump through his lunch, including a porcelain plate wall after former attorney general william barr said that there was not widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. i first noticed there is ketchup dripping down the wall, and there's a shattered porcelain plate on the floor. the valley had articulated that the president was extremely angry at the attorney general's ap interview. and had thrown his lunch against the wall. hutchinson also testified that her former boss, mark meadows, sought a presidential pardon along with rudy giuliani. meadows is in litigation to avoid testifying in front of the committee. mr trump blasted hutchinson on his social media
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account today, denying her testimony, saying he doesn't know her and calling her quote. bad news earlier at four, i asked hastings law professor david levine if today's testimony and others could persuade the justice department to file charges against mr trump. what we've learned through these hearings is that mr trump was front and center through the whole thing. it really was a big conspiracy, and mr trump was in the center of it, and there's just no question . i think if you look at this evidence that he and many other people are potentially guilty of quite a few very serious crimes. the house committee also suggested that members of the trump team may have tried to intimidate witnesses without naming names. they said one witness was told to be a quote team player. another was told that trump was quote thinking about you. he knows you're loyal. you're going to do the right thing. now late this afternoon. we are seeing some reports that the secret service agents in question are prepared to testify under oath that mr
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trump never reached for the steering wheel. like heather. we will see if the committee moves to call those agents as well as who they plan to call in july as these committee hearings continue, you can expect more fallout. all right. thanks so much, greg appreciate it well. today's committee hearing was only announced yesterday. the date of the next hearing has not yet been determined. but the earliest it could happen is on july 11th. today state lawmakers advanced a bill in response to the supreme court's ruling that limited california's existing laws on concealed carry permits. a supreme court decision last week struck down in new york law that limits who can obtain a concealed, carry permit and be armed outside of the home. the ruling also applies here in california and a handful of other states, with similar gun laws. bill making its way through sacramento would replace that law in question and preserve limits on concealed carry permits. the court is now seen as a political branch. i think it's time for the other political branch, the legislature and the executive to simply say that the supreme
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court no longer decides what the constitution is. it will be decided by law. senators dianne feinstein and alex padilla sent a letter to state lawmakers today urging them to indeed approve this bill. the bill now heads off to the senate appropriations committee. north bay congressman mike thompson is in the bay area talking to law enforcement and others about the benefits of the newly signed gun safety bill. congressman thompson met with vallejo police chief shawne williams and the leo school superintendent, william spaulding. thompson was part of a bipartisan group of lawmakers who helped craft the $13 billion gun safety bill. it expands background checks to include juvenile records. it also includes red flag loss to seize guns from those deemed dangerous. and it seals the so called boyfriend loophole borrowing domestic abusers from purchasing weapons. the bill that we passed and was signed into law was a compromise bill that saves lives. i am positive that these changes in law and
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support services will help keep guns out of the wrong hands and will provide critical support to states and local communities working to prevent the epidemic of gun violence. the bill comes in response to recent mass shootings, including the one at that grocery store in buffalo, new york and the school shooting in your reality, texas fire on the street and pleasant in has plenty of neighbors concerned. police say two men tried to steal a man's car right along canyon meadows circle early this morning, and that's when the victim fired his gun at them. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee explains. this is the second time in a week that a victim or witness in the east bay has shot at criminals. possible shootout before dawn in normally quiet, pleasant and where resident fired shots and would be car thieves. it's like the wild, wild west. it happened at about 4 45 in the morning in the canyon meadow condo complex near 5 80 in pleasanton. a resident heard noises outside and confronted two men trying to steal his dodge durango. he was
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pepper sprayed. hearing what he believed was a shot. uh he had been armed with a gun and fired three shots. no one was apparently hit, but bullets hit two parked cars. president police sergeant marty built says investigators aren't sure if the men fired at the residents there have been reports there was an exchange of gunfire. however again, we're trying to, uh, confirm that the resident is legally registered to own a gun . that man declined to comment, authorities say even if the sailors had not opened fire, the resident may have been within his legal right to open fire on the grounds that the pepper spray momentarily incapacitated him and made him fear for his safety. jeffrey mcfadden lives in the complex, and many other neighbors were jolted awake by the gunfire. walking up about 4 45 by least three gunshots, maybe four gunshots and some yelling. i heard three quick shots. i don't know who it's who had the gunner who would shoot or why, but i mean in a
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neighborhood like this, it's a pretty pretty quiet neighborhood. i think that's really out of character for pleasant in as i was like for this neighborhood because it's kind of in the middle of nowhere. this is the second incident in the tri valley area in which a resident opened fire at criminals. just last week, a danville man got into a shootout with roberts outside his home. police say it's better to let them do the confronting what we recommend is to not confront people that are breaking into cars or committee and crime and to be a good witness. it's crazy . you know, everybody has guns. you never know. you know who's going to have a gun. the bad guys took off in a pickup truck. anyone with information or surveillance video is asked to contact president police. in president henry lee ktvu, fox two news. of the biden administration is also announcing new sanctions to protect access to abortion. i am directing all agencies in my department. to work to ensure that all providers from doctors to pharmacists clinics have appropriate training and resources to handle family
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planning needs, including administering patient referrals for care. and helping patients navigate this new reality. health and human services secretary javier becerra called the supreme court's decision to quote moment of crisis in health care. he pledged to do everything within our legal limit of the law to support patients and providers. a federal court has allowed tennessee to ban abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy. today the sixth circuit court of appeals vacated a lower court's injunction blocking the law. this comes as the state's other abortion ban is set to restrict abortions almost entirely in less than a month. both measures would make performing an abortion a felony and to reject doctors to a maximum of 15 years in prison, while the u. s. supreme court is expected to release more rulings tomorrow, and some of the remaining major cases of the court is set to decide a major case on how the government can
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regulate greenhouse gas emissions. that case began as a dispute between the state of west virginia and the epa over pollution at power plants. it has since turned into a bigger question over how much power federal agencies have. to enforce all kinds of regulations . the fallout from the recent supreme court decision on roe v. wade is having a ripple effect throughout the country. some family law experts now say the ruling could go beyond abortion. gator views. christian captain spoke with some same sex parents who are concerned about their own rights. the nation is still trying to determine exactly how the supreme court's decision overturning roe versus wade will impact reproductive rights, family law expert deborah wald says. without a doubt, women will bear the brunt of the decision. but she says the decision could also impact lgbtq couples looking to create their own families through assisted reproduction, including in vitro fertilization. that procedure could result in unused embryos and unknown legal implications. practice reproductive law. it's
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close to 50% of my practice and the shockwaves for certain are going through the reproductive community because of exactly what you're raising, says justice thomas went even further in his consenting opinion, saying he'd like to revisit supreme court decisions governing access to birth control. the legality of same sex relationships and same sex marriage signs. wald says that the supreme court is waiting into the political realm, wald says that's a sign the supreme court is no longer above politics. all of our lives could be impacted and absolutely. the extent to which lgbtq lives could be impacted. um if clarence thomas wins the day, jacobs works for family builders by adoption, another route by which lgbtq families are created . she says adoption should not be viewed as a viable option to legal and safe abortion. and if people really want to adopt children, um there's for over
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400,000 children in foster care in this in this country right now, as we speak. the majority of those children are children of color and they need families , jacobs says. the lgbtq community is already worried about what's next terrified. and then you add to that want to eliminate gay marriage, and then that's going to question you know, lgbt families adopting kids, uh and, you know, ironically, it's our lgbt folks that most often step up for the sibling group of four kids. well, there aren't currently any cases before the supreme court on same sex marriage. there are a slew of laws and bills under consideration across the country that could impact lgbtq rights. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. a woman was killed while crossing the street in san jose , and the driver took off. police are looking for any clues . lawmakers are demanding more accountability from social media companies that concerns that more children are having trouble unplugging. i promise better
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sleeping weather tonight. we have that forecast straight ahead. and it's not just those illegal fireworks and authorities are concerned about this fourth of july, the warning about legal ones and the harm that they can do, and here is a quick check of that evening commute. this is the mark mcarthur maze, looking out from our emeryville camera. little sluggish for those headed toward the bay bridge on what is the last tuesday of the month? you're watching ktvu new
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sierra this fire started this afternoon in nevada county, north of grass valley. it's being called the rice fire. we've been told that this is right near the community of french corral, which is along highway 49. there are evacuations underway in an air attack has been underway as well for a few hours now. early reports say that the fire actually started as a structure, fire and then spread to vegetation. cal fire says at last check. this one has grown
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to 350 acres will continue to monitor this one. and as we get more information, and we will bring it to you firefighters are investigating the death of a man of any wildfire in sonoma county . this fire started yesterday afternoon, right near petaluma, calif. viruses the fire burns 63 acres and was contained within a few hours. as sonoma county spokesperson says the investor says investigators do not yet know exactly how the man died. the ntsb is investigating a small plane crash along the peninsula, officials say two people on board a single engine plane suffered minor injuries in a crash at san carlos airport. sky foxx was up top. and as you can see the cessna 1 20 down below, with damage to the nose after it apparently hit that fence. the ntsb says the plane was trying to return to the airport about 10 45 this morning when the crash occurred. with the threat of fire very real this time of year summer sounded the alarm about the sale of all kinds of fireworks. ktvu tom baker explains the concerns about both legal and illegal fireworks. dublin has 15
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locations were licensed nonprofit groups may sell so called safe and sane, state approved, non exploding and non flying fireworks from june 28th. through noon july 5th these sales are a major fundraiser for service, sports, educational, music and church groups very important because it makes you aware of where the money is going for these boots and things like that, so it's really helpful to get the community coming out and buying things from, you know, local charity in the case of dublin, united soccer it's using the money for inclusion. all of the funds that we raised during the fireworks sales goes to our players that aren't able to afford full scholarship. first soccer due to the realities of inflation prices are higher due to supply chain disruptions. supplies are limited. definitely sooner than later. a lot of the assortment packs are still locked up at the ports. so what inventory we got now is definitely much more
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limited than it has been in the years passed in most of the bay area, fireworks of any kind or flat out illegal due to fire dangerous, made worse by three years of drought. even here in dublin, there are places celebrators can and cannot use safe and sane fireworks in town. they are allowed at single family residences, as well as four local parks, but only a chanin, alamo creek, emerald, glenn and dublin sports grounds and only on july 4th from 10 a.m. 2:10 p.m. no fireworks are allowed in dublin, mori housing units, any other city facility or any school. those thinking of making a trip to the few places where safe and sane fireworks are sold and then bring them home. are actually subject to the laws where they set them off , regardless of where they were purchased. example the county next to alameda fireworks of any type, no matter how they're labeled here in contra costa county are illegal. last year,
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we responded. con fire alone responded to 100 fires in the four day independence day weekend. unfortunately many californians by illegal exploding, flying and skipping fireworks. those are the ones that often add to the wildfire. fear factor, some resulting in the real thing. tom baker, ktvu fox. two news and different cities are trying a number of different approaches to crack down on fireworks in oakland, anyone got with fireworks, even the safe and sane ones. could get fined up to $1000 and anyone with large amounts of fireworks could face up to $10,000 in fines and potential jail time. the oakland fire department has set up collection barrels throughout the city, where people can turn in unused fireworks. two women have now filed federal claims against four correctional officers of sexually abusing them at the all women's prison in dublin. as one example, mayor mary washington said a guard forced her to engage in sex acts with their
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cell mate. and show him her private parts while she was in covid quarantine. come to my door like every single night all night. um every single round that he did, he would, you know , say, like sexual things to me. he would, um asked me if my i'm sorry for my language. if my asked was real, um, he would ask me to like dance for him, um he then would like flirt with my bunkie as well and he told us to do something that he you know that he knew that we wanted that he wanted to see laura cheney said guards would tell her to serve as a lookout so they could have sex in the prisons kitchen area and she alleges that one officer routinely rub up against her. she said she was too scared to report the abuse. when i s i s called me and asked me. did i
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witness anything at normal from an officer? i said no, because i was afraid to speak up because for one, i didn't want to be put in special housing. i mean, like i didn't want my room tour up like it's just strange and like it just seemed like if you don't go with the flow there like the outcast you and treat you worse, sir. none of the officers has been criminally charged. the women have since been released from prison, the bureau of prisons responded in a statement saying, quote these claims of staff misconduct at fc i dublin . if true, are abhorrent. our agency is fully cooperating with the office of inspector general active investigations that relate to these allegations. and will bring justice to those who abuse public trust, and you can find more details on the allegations against the correctional officers, as well as the recent legal trouble for fc dublin. right there on our website just had two ktvu .com.
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officials sundown is at 8 35 on a day when we banked between 63 degrees in half moon bay to 93 degrees and livermore and also to the south and morgan hill. currently slow to cool in santa rosa at 82 after realizing a high today of 86 degrees, it's in the mid eighties, also in concord, san jose, the recipient of us pretty aggressive wind right now, 77 degrees right now, the relative humidity still awfully dry. morgan hill at 18% 19% in santa rosa. 92% relative humidity, the closer you get to the water now. meanwhile here you have those winds at 15 right now. and san jose 24 sfo oakland international at 13. it's an onshore push. 22 mile per hour winds and fairfield. these winds will be breezy tonight pretty much out of the west 10 to 20. we will have the coastal cloudiness and then tomorrow for what? your wednesday coastal clouds gradually clear it will be breezy and look at the temperatures finally entered 90
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degrees in inland areas. we've got the full forecast, and that's still a few minutes away. robert c. soon new signs of western allies working together . key nato leaders cooperate on new plans to fight off russia's advances and elon musk has accused twitter of misrepresenting the number of spam accounts, twitter says he's drawing the wrong conclusions.
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yeah. on wall street stocks
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closed broader lower today after a discouraging snapshot of us consumer confidence. the dow fell 491 points nearly 2. the nasdaq was down 3% or 343 points in the s and p 500 finished the day down. 78 points will the bill aimed at protecting children online faces a vote in the senate judiciary committee a b 24 oh, eight would hold companies such as tiktok and instagram. responsible for features that can be addictive and harmful to children and will make them liable for damages and civil penalties if the no if they knowingly or negligently addict children to their products. the bipartisan bill would only apply to companies earning at least $100 million in revenue a year. is not meant to hinder innovation. this is meant to help us build innovations that support the emotional well being of our youth. because over the last 10 years, there hasn't been anything in place to
6:26 pm
prevent this, and now we're paying for it. tech industry groups argue that the bill as it stands, maybe too broad could push children onto more dangerous platforms. elon musk has now gained access to the twitter data that he said was needed to complete his $44 billion acquisition of the company. after some legal back and forth twitter has now provided musk with historical tweet data and access to its so called firehose of tweets. they're all the tweets, people post hundreds of millions of times a day on the platform. musk's access to that data could smooth the way towards completing the purchase. musk has said the deal would not proceed unless he could evaluate the company's claims about how many of its users are spam or fake accounts coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 new details in the train derailment in missouri that left four people dead how a boy scout troops stepped in to help the injured before first responders arrived ahead tonight
6:27 pm
another setback and scott peterson's bid for a new trial. the reason behind this latest delay and coming up later in sports a wimbledon shocker as serena williams gets a first round exit, joe fonzi is here with the
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to a surprise hearing by the house committee looking into the january 6th ride, offering bombshell testimony from an aide
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to former white house chief of staff mark meadows. cassidy hutchinson said that former president trump new people in the crowd at his rally that day were armed before he urged them to march on the u. s. capitol she also testified that meadows told her days before that things might get quote bad on the sixth unpleasant in, say, a man took matters into his own hands when he heard a noise and then confronted two people who were trying to steal his suv. officers say the man shot at the two after he was pepper sprayed around 4 45 this morning. no arrests have been made in. no injuries were reported. with the threat of fire very real, especially this time of year due to the drought. summer sounded the alarm about the sale of legal fireworks. in a few bay area cities the sale of so called safe and sane fireworks are legal as major fundraisers and most of the bay area off fireworks are illegal, though due to fire dangers. in the east bay alone last year. con fire responded to 100 fires over the
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july 4th holiday weekend, and you are watching ktvu, fox two news at 6 30 san jose police investigating the city's latest hit and run a woman was killed, crossing a busy street early this morning in the driver took off ktvu self. a reporter mark sayer has a look now at how bullies are hoping for any leads. at the scene of the fatal accident or some fresh police markings and a shopping cart off to the side of the road full of personal belongings, while police are not identifying the victim, nor saying if any of these items are connected to the victim or to the crash, they do say the victim was not in a marked crosswalk at the time of the collision. when officers arrived, they discovered an adult female pedestrian had been struck by an unknown vehicle, possibly in 2000 and 18 to 2022 honda accord. that driver remains unidentified. it is not in custody. the incident was called into police around 4 45 tuesday morning and resulted in an investigation, which closed jackson avenue for several hours. this also marks an
6:32 pm
alarming increase in pedestrian fatalities in the city of san jose. so far this year, there have been 33 fatal traffic related incidents resulting in the deaths of 21 pedestrians. at the same time last year, police recorded 25 traffic fatalities with eight pedestrian deaths. obviously the reasoning behind that is many factors as a group and public here in the city of san jose. we want to encourage drivers to follow the rules of the road. make sure that they're looking out for pedestrians, bicyclists as well as motorcyclists. back at the crash scene resident francisco lopez says it is not unusual to see vehicle speeding along this stretch of jackson avenue, despite recently installed signs asking drivers to slow down. he says he was also sadly not surprised that the driver did not stop because people act stupid are going to continue acting stupid. so if you're speeding, you're not supposed to hit someone. take off and hopefully they find him because
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like it's not an early people. san jose police say they are paying extra attention to traffic related violations right now. the idea, they say, is to raise awareness and hopefully have safer city streets. reporting in san jose. i'm mark sayer, ktvu fox two news hearing in redwood city for convicted murderer scott peterson was delayed because of covid. according to the court, one of his attorneys tested positive for the virus and peterson himself. was exposed to covid at san quentin peterson was said to have a status conference yesterday in his germ misconduct hearing to see if he can get a retrial. a new date has not yet been announced. the jury convicted peterson of murdering his wife, lacey and their unborn son 20 years ago. after the hearing ends. the judge will then have up to 90 days to decide if peterson gets a retrial or not, at least 50 migrants are now confirmed dead after being trapped inside a sweltering tractor tractor trailer in texas. in what appears to be a human smuggling attempt that abandoned truck was
6:34 pm
discovered in san antonio, where temperatures outside have risen above 100 degrees, officials saying there were no signs of water or working air conditioning inside that truck. san antonio's mayor says law enforcement along the border has seen a surge of migrants trying to enter the us illegally. has been increasing volumes over the last, you know. six months, 12 months related to you know the policies. president biden released a statement saying in part quote this incident underscores the need to go after the multibillion dollar criminal smuggling industry preying on migrants and leading to far too many innocent deaths. three people have been taken into custody as the department of homeland security continues its investigation. federal investigators now on the scene of a deadly amtrak train crash in missouri, and as guarantee any reports from the scene. troupe of boy scouts took action to help injured passengers
6:35 pm
moments after an amtrak train derailed in mendon, missouri, a group of boy scouts jumped into action, general context kicked in, and i something took over and i felt like i knew what to do. and more than a dozen scouts were returning from a backpacking trip on monday when their train hit a truck. several rail cars toppled under their sides. the group of teenagers used first aid training to help passengers until first responders arrived. just got out of my seat, got my shoes on and started opening a window. and getting our scouts out. first and trying to get phones call 911 investigators from the national transportation safety board arrived on scene today they will be looking at the train's black box as well as the intersection where the crash happened. it's an uncontrolled crossing, meaning there's no lights or gates to let people know what train is coming. a local farmer says he had alerted county officials to the possible dangers. i tried to prevent this . i've done everything i knew to do in my power have talked to numerous people. and anyway, i'm
6:36 pm
just really saddened that i wasn't able to do more. the incident left at least four people dead and 150 people injured. those who survived say they're still trying to process what happened. just really fortunate to be here. right now, it is hard to comprehend that i made it out okay with no injuries when the lady across the aisle from me, actually had to get care flighted out. just a few days ago, three people were killed in another amtrak train crash in northern california, which again involved an uncontrolled crossing. in mendon , missouri. i'm garrett tenney fox news. justice served for some of jeffrey epstein's victims and judge sentences. dylan maxwell, two decades in prison and a public housing complex in san francisco, was slated for demolition, but its residents say not so fast.
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tell your doctor about any new or worsening trouble breathing, cough, or chest pain. serious liver problems can happen. symptoms include fatigue, appetite loss, stomach pain and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you're nursing, pregnant or plan to be. every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. following of wildfire in nevada county in the sierra foothills, and unfortunately things have worsened. it's being called the rice fire. it is burned 510 acres now and right now there is 0% containment, mandatory evacuation orders are now in effect for the communities of french corral and birch ville near highway 49 again. these are live pictures that you're looking at. of this fire in nevada county. there are also some voluntary evacuation orders that are in effect right now for the surrounding areas. we have
6:40 pm
seen crews responding by both the air and the ground, and they're putting in a number of resources on this fire as it inches closer to homes as i mentioned leading to those mandatory evacuations. we will continue to follow this firefight and bring you any details coming up on the seven over on ktvu. plus maxwell has now been sentenced following our sex trafficking conviction connected to billionaire jeffrey epstein. maxwell was sentenced today in new york to 20 years in federal prison. the former girlfriend of convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein was found guilty last december on multiple counts of sexual abuse . prosecutors say maxwell worked alongside epstein to recruit and groom underage girls as young as 14. one former survivor today slam maxwell for her lack of accountability. it must die because i been in #### and back the last 17 years. the fact that she still maintains her innocence is beyond anything
6:41 pm
i've ever i still can't believe it. maxwell's attorney says she intends to appeal the sentencing residents of a public housing complex in san francisco or fighting the planned demolition of their homes. they held the news conference this afternoon at plaza east. it's on buchanan street in the fillmore district. that 193 unit complex is now slated to be redeveloped to include market rate units alongside public housing. tenants say they have endured substandard living conditions in her mouth facing the prospect of losing their apartments. to this date. you can look around the site and see nothing has really been done. we do a lot of advocating, um but no transparency. this is federal property, and we can feel as tenants, federal guidelines, federal laws, tenant and housing have been violated the site to remain low income housing. san
6:42 pm
francisco supervisors are considering a resolution. that would urge the developer to evaluate a plan to make 100% of those new units affordable. for the past week. the temperatures have been well above average in our inland areas, and now the cool down and the data expected . the forecast is up next. alright, let's check in with cristina rendon. now for a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus christina ivor, arrested after attacking in northern california woman and breaking into her house. we hear from that victim and tell you who police arrested. plus she's moving on from television and into the podcast world details on radio and tv legend wendy williams exclusive interview with tmz and what we can expect from her new podcast. the stories are much more coming up. live at seven over on ktvu. plus okay, we'll see you in just a few minutes. thank you, christina. but first right here on the news at six after the break, national health leaders
6:43 pm
worry the country might not be protected against the coronavirus surge in the fall, the hope that new tools might be ready
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
at a shopping mall in central ukraine. at least 18 people were killed in yesterday's attack and nearby factory was also struck. the kremlin claims there were western made weapons inside that factory. though ukraine denies that claim. president biden is in spain meeting with nato allies following the summit summit in germany, the group appears ready to admit finland and sweden after turkey dropped its objections to their joining
6:46 pm
the alliance. that's fox's caroline chiefly reports the leaders are committed to confronting the russian security threat might beefing up their own defenses. as russia continues its bombardment of ukraine, hitting the shopping mall incremental with long range missiles. president biden is meeting with the nato allies in europe, vowing the alliance will stand strong against vladimir putin. together the new commitments will constitute an impressive display of ally unity and resolve but behind the scenes four months into the conflict, the us and its nato partners are feeling the strain of pumping billions of dollars worth of weapons into ukraine and trying to punish russia with economic sanctions that are helping make gas prices soar worldwide. prison predicted it for a while. on monday, french president emmanuel macron buttonholed president biden outside the seven meeting and briefed him about failed attempts to get arab nations to substantially increase oil production. ukrainian officials
6:47 pm
worry those economic pressures combined with recent russian victories could mean allies will lower expectations that ukraine can win back lost territory essentially means easing putin. and going back to this 1938 practice of appeasing dictators like hitler wasn't president. biden is such a travel to saudi arabia next month to make his own attempt to encourage arab nations to increase oil production. in the face of $5 a gallon gas prices here at home in washington, carolina shively news. today fda advisers voted to recommend a booster that targets the omicron variant this coming fall. both moderna and fizer have created modified booster shots to be a combination of the original vaccine in one targeted to the more contagious omicron varying if approved by the full fda, it would be the first time the panel has proposed that vaccine makers modify the shots to focus on a different variant. it's possible the booster might only
6:48 pm
be recommended for older adults or those at high risk. what a day today was yet another day in which we had microclimates come into play a good 30 degree temperature spam from the seashore at 63 degrees to another toasty 93 degrees inland and livermore and also to the south. in morgan hill. good evening, everybody we checked in at 73 in oakland, otherwise eighties were pretty common across the northern portion of the bay area, seventies and eighties around the peninsula. in fact, san mateo with a pair of sevens, meanwhile, right now slow to cool in brentwood at 90 , after realizing the high today of 95 degrees. 66 however, novato it is pleasant in palo alto at 75 degrees all the way through east palo alto. clear skies official sundown tonight at 8 35 a little bit of a breeze out there, and that means the temperature differences eight degrees cooler in livermore, but it's four degrees warmer at sfo , even though we've been
6:49 pm
enduring a win there up to 24 mph stronger gusts at times 15 mile per hour winds in san jose oakland international airport, sporting a wind at 13. so it's going to be a breezy night west released 10 to 20 mph. here we have it. storm tracks still well to the north of the bay area. producing some copious amounts of precipitation from seattle back in through portland's, and then we have a shield cloud cover, you can see a few green specks of shore that's all associated with what was once a tropical storm. downgraded now to a tropical depression. its name is cecilia could see a couple of raindrops across the l . a basin for us locally. we have that westerly onshore. push overnight tonight all the way through your wednesday morning commute with the stratos hanging very tight to the seashore. in fact, it will penetrate the central bay and then it will back off ever so gently in the afternoon hours, very slight burn off there and then you see it re gather by thursday. it's the june gloom. it's very typical for this time of the
6:50 pm
year, but it doesn't tend to by and with that westerly pushed the temperatures come down. got a lot of upper air aloft movement mixing, so that means that we do see some cooler temperatures as well. it has been scattering the cloud cover tonight, however, 49 degrees better sleeping weather in santa rosa through qatari into windsor mid fifties around the central bay from hayward through castro valley into san leandro and san lorenzo. 61 degrees outside number that will be experienced in antioch. otherwise, tomorrow's daytime highs in the low sixties coming down to under 90 degrees away from the bay into our inland areas. 87 degrees in morgan hill down from 94 degrees, it will be comfortable and 80 and napa backing through sonoma. and here is your extended forecast. we roll out a few eighties in inland areas over the next three days, and then we drop into the mid seventies below average as we enter independence day on monday, making a great night, everyone thanks, bro. to bark bears are set to go up starting
6:51 pm
on friday. fares will increase by 3.4% system wide as one example of one way trip from walnut creek to pal station. will increase by 15 cents from $5.70 to 5 85. the board says the increases in an effort to keep up with inflation bart, meantime, is opening more restrooms at its underground stations. restrooms reopened today at the montgomery and lake merritt stations. the restrooms are also staffed with attendants who will greet riders and discourage unwanted behavior. restrooms that palin 19th street opened in february. bart says the attendants have resulted in fewer maintenance issues coming up after the break the oakland a's continue their road trip in the bronx as they take on the yankees joe fonzi
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
happening tonight in sports the a's again trying to gain some respect at the big ball park in new york against the team with the best record in baseball. frankie montas was the guy tonight who had the tour of trying to cool the yankee bats. you're gonna going in the first innings two on two out, jose trevino slaps one the other way . dj lemay, who scores from
6:55 pm
third josh donaldson, trying to score from second, but remote laureano has a strong arm, donaldson cut down at the plate. great play by shaun murphy to grab that. throw on a hop and apply the tag one nothing, new york yankees added on in the second marwin gonzales. it's a no doubter number three on the year for gonzalez. looks like another good pitching performance by monti's is going to waste their in the eighth inning, with the yankees leading two to nothing. serena williams has been stuck in the number two spot for women's grand slam tennis wins, and it's looking less and less likely that you'll ever catch margaret court the all time leader, serena today in the first round at wimbledon against harmony tan of france, the two players split the first two sets serena in the far court goes ahead 54 in the third set with this point breaking tan serve, but tan now in the far court wasn't wilting a backhand winner and they were getting tied at five. 10 now serving for the match. she wins 10 7 in the tiebreaker. serena playing for
6:56 pm
the first time in a year, will not get an eighth wimbledon title. this year. she's stuck on 23 grand slam titles to margaret courts. 24. the nba free agent signing season is nearly upon us. the speculation continues to be who the warriors have been able to keep. according to reports yesterday. it sounds like cuban loony is likely to stay with the team that drafted him. probably fair to say gary payton. the second is their second biggest priority when it comes to re signing one of their own. peyton's story is a testament to perseverance when he didn't make the warriors opening night roster, all 29 of the nba's other teams. passed on him before the warriors eventually brought him back peyton's contributions to the warrior championship or well documented nba reporter mark spears today on can be are on why the dallas mavericks might make a run. it paid terms of dallas with with peyton a second. keep an eye on that. because i expect that point guard to go in free agency runs
6:57 pm
into new york. remember that jason kidd and gary payton senior go back a long, long time? okay, okay, friends. are the warriors willing to pay $10 million for him like what's going to be the number um, but certainly keep an eye on dallas for peyton. really really strong suitor sports, but stay on the topic of future landing spots. the 49ers jimmy garoppolo is said to be on schedule in his recovery from shoulder surgery. this won't help the 49ers leverage as they try to deal garoppolo back in garoppolo stays with the patriots. he was injured on this play. while serving for tom brady, who was serving a four game suspension. garoppolo left that game and the next week was replaced by jacoby . brissett percent was injured the next weekend, garoppolo was set to start the final game of brady's suspension. after practicing all week, garoppolo decided not to play. it was forced into action and on a podcast a week. this week,
6:58 pm
garoppolo was called out by former teammate martellus bennett sentiment echoed by another former teammate julian edelman. you can't win with a for a quarterback. first of all , you know, i guess you know, jimmy was practicing and then you know, decided not to play and jacoby played with, you know , no ligaments in his thumb, which you can't do that as a quarterback. you can't grip and if it's your left, and a lot of lot of guys got mad about it. lot of guys got mad. i'm not gonna lie. i got mad about it. you know, i sacrificed my body all day long. okay how much that kind of talk comes into play in the future, but never like to hear it said about yourself. giants playing the tigers tonight in town. alright joe. thank you. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here coming up at 10 tonight. be sure to stick around the seven o'clock news will begin over on ktvu plus it again. we'll see you tonight at 10 and 11. have a good night.
6:59 pm
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