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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  July 1, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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millions of people getting out of town for the holiday weekend . huge numbers of people are getting away despite nationwide air travel challenges and record high gas prices. welcome to the four. i'm greg lee brooks jarocz . the weekend is here in thousands have already started their long weekend getaways. let's first take a live look at i 80 tonight despite the high gas prices. more than $6 a gallon in california. tripoli expects 42 million people across the u. s will take to the roads over the weekend. california highway patrol wants you to know extra officers are on duty this weekend, looking out for bad drivers. 43 people died in crashes on california roads during last year's independence day weekend. that same weekend, chp officers issued nearly 10,000 tickets. and we already see drivers running into some major traffic tie ups today. a big rig and vegetation fire shut down traffic in both directions of highway 50 this afternoon. this happened just east of khyber is, as you see these photos that's on the way to lake
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tahoe. one way traffic control is in effect at the moment, but chp officers are advising drivers to find alternate routes. long delays are still a problem. fortunately we don't see major problems at bay area airports tonight. this is a live look at sfo. ktvu is christian captain. talk to families travel traveling into and out of the bay. he joins us live in san francisco, where people are ready to celebrate the fourth of july, christian yeah, absolutely guys, folks, very eager to celebrate the fourth of july this year, right now we're on the embarcadero near the ferry building. this is one of the hot spots that people congregate at to watch the fourth of july show in san francisco. if you've ever been to that show, you know it draws people from near and far. but today, though, people are hitting the road and hitting the air for the holiday weekend. the july 4th holiday celebrates the founding of our nation, and this year people are traveling the length and breadth of the u. s. for the holiday weekend. san francisco international airport was buzzing with activity with
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only about 8% of flights delayed and 1% of flights canceled. alex hooks says he's taking advantage of the long holiday weekend for a long overdue family visit into l a. actually i'm gonna go see some family haven't gotten a chance to see them since covid. so, like my cousin had had two kids since then. so hopefully to spend helping to spend some like wholesome family time. go to the pool thinking about dropping down in tijuana from from l. a in the south bay. mineta san jose international airport is expecting 139,000 travelers between friday and monday, the airport says. so far things are running smoothly. it is busy. and we do recommend folks get to the airport about two hours before domestic flight in three hours before an international flight family arrived in oakland friday morning. parents brian and carol are in from hawaii. jonathan kona, who would come into the bay area from hawaii. well we are because of the wedding par my daughter's
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friend. daughter christine and her husband in from portland's, and they're ready to share news that their family is growing. all came together and we're going to celebrate a great day and share good news of great granddaughter to the grandma a little bit so marcel gay is on his way out of the bay area, he says family seems to be a common theme to go to texas and for a family reunion. and man just have a good time, bro. a lot of folks looking for that good time. you don't have to leave to have a good time. of course, if you're planning on staying here in the bay area, there's lots of activities for local travel parades and martinez, danville and alameda and fireworks and sausalito conquered. sarah fell. and of course, right here in san francisco. we're live in san francisco. ktvu fox two news back to you, greg. chris you are san francisco experts. so for folks that want to see the fireworks show any advice about getting a good spot along the
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route where you are now. yeah you know you want to get there early if you want to get a good spot and bring chairs and of course, if you're going to be in san francisco, even though it's july, bring layers because it can get cold and get ready because sometimes it's great and you can see the show and sometimes it's just with the fog. it's just a beautiful pastel light show in the sky. so either way, it should be a great time. temper your expectations, right, christian captain live in the city for us tonight, christian. thank you. people have been hopping on planes over this holiday weekend, and they don't want to see a repeat of the cancelations and delays experienced like last week. this is another live look at san francisco international, which has been performing much better than many airports across the country, avoiding any major delays and cancelations. still, the airport is recommending travelers get to the airport. at least two hours before domestic flights and at least three hours delays and cancelations have been an ongoing problem for airlines this year. major unions representing airline workers say
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at least 15% of flights that carriers originally planned for june through august have been dropped with not enough staff to operate them. we went through a lot with the pandemic. um a lot of operational challenges one we're experiencing now, with our staffing crisis. we feel management is capable of solving that problem by not overscheduling. the airline. so far more than 2800 flights have been canceled today across the u. s more than 5000 have been delayed according to flight, aware cancelations and delays at bay area airports have been minimal. some people in southern california started the holiday weekend with free gas cars crowded around a gas station and camped in this morning for gas giveaway. each driver who showed proof of residency in the area was treated to $50 worth of free gas. that would be nice. city council person and the local singer company grow, sponsored the event. it is now a little more expensive to travel around
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the bay area rates went up for yes, bart. we have the golden gate bridge and gas pumps in california. ktvu is james torres breaks down the increases. it's the last thing you about before the fourth of july weekend, the price of traveling around the bay area and california is going up. we have inflation. what inflation means is prices and wages go up going up today. the toll on the golden gate bridge rising 20 to 35 cents. the golden gate highway and transportation district, says about 85% of drivers have a fast track pass for them on the bridge will now cost $8.40 part fairs are also rising today. this is part of a program which the board put in place in 2000 and three in which fares go up every other year by a modest amount at just to keep pace with the cost of all the things that go into running, a railroad fares are up 3.4% for context that will add about 15 cents to
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the average fare worth. $3.78 that increase was originally set for the first of the year, but it was delayed for six months due to the covid 19 pandemic. bart says the fare increase helps pay for all it takes to run a railroad agency. while they continue to see only 35% of ridership during the week compared to pre pandemic levels . we don't anticipate changing that. however we are, you know, reconsidering the funding model . can we re riders to pay the majority of our costs? probably not, so we'll need to just meet with lawmakers and people who set the policy and study what the new paradigm is statewide. california's gas taxes increasing three cents per gallon right as the state begins to use its newly approved budget signed into law by governor gavin newsom earlier this week. that budget includes a rebate for california taxpayers meant to offset the rising cost of gas and inflation residents making less than $250,000 will get a
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check between 203 $150. economic experts say more needs to be done to help people handle the rising inflation. at some point, you have to come to terms with the underlying forces in the economy, and you know you can put band aids on or you can deal with the fact that you know their underlying causes that we need to deal with james torres ktvu. fox two news. there's a growing new tourism market, which might be very popular for people who love nature and the outdoors. it's called agro tourism. for campers. it really provides amazing access for hosts. it provides opportunity for them to make money off of this really amazing land. okay so what is it well, agro tourism sites are campsites on private land. they can be found on platforms like hip camp. it's like an airbnb for camping, according to an industry expert, there's been five times more demand for agritourism sites
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since the start of the pandemic. we're gonna have more on this growing trend coming up later in this newscast. alright let's talk about our weather to start this holiday weekend. a live look from our roof cam here in oakland, the sun finally made its way through the clouds, although maybe not for san francisco in the distance there a beautiful but cool day. absolutely let's bring in ktvu meteorologists roberta gonzalez to give us a look at how the fourth of july weekend is shaping up. hey roberta! hey, there. it is your summertime typical weather pattern where we do have clouds at the coast. we got the sunshine inland. what is not so typical are the very cool temperatures now here you have the clearing of the skies that are inland areas where we were socked in this morning with a layer of clouds. we'll call it the marine layer and it was about 2500 ft. deep you can see the trees wavering. just a bit of windsor up to 17 right there at mount diablo, where it is 71 degrees. humidity is low at 13% down right now, as we take a look at some of these temperatures, we are in the seventies and for the most part
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except sixties at the beaches are current winds right now are up to about 18 mph. but what we have been talking about is not so much tonight's overnight lows in the forties and fifties, but what you can anticipate for the holiday weekend and that is coming up when he has some subtle changes that you want to know about, gentlemen. alright roberta. thanks so much, and as a reminder you can use our weather app to track conditions where you're headed to this weekend. you can download it for free from your appstore. santa's a police officers hope releasing this new surveillance video will help bring in three men accused of trying to kill a convenience store clerk over beer shots were fired during this robbery in the lynn haven neighborhood ktvu. south bay reporter jesse gary is live in the neighborhood after speaking to that store clerk jesse yeah, and that clerk says he learned a very valuable lesson, a lesson that almost cost him his life. sing on car says his brush with death started with an argument over
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the purchase of beer. san jose police investigators releasing surveillance video, they say, shows three massive suspects entering the 7 11 store on south winchester boulevard. march 3rd. on car says the underaged trio tried to buy beer, but was denied. they then stole the alcohol, prompting him to follow them into the parking lot, one of the initial suspects that and entered the store branch to firearm and discharge in his direction. nearly striking the clerk. were you afraid when they shot at you and me outside the shot on me and i'm scared and customers they're going inside. on car, says two shots narrowly missed him. he ran inside and called police who arrived minutes later. his story eerily similar to that of manuel, kenya , held the 24 year old safeway employee shot and killed almost a month ago while trying to stop thieves from stealing alcohol. a sidewalk memorial is still outside the willow glen store with the crime occurred. his mother, maricela cornejo. lopez says many funeral was just a few
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days ago. it's still so much pain, but happy, happy in appreciate with all people than was supporting us very much. my son has had a beauty of beautiful goody goody for service san jose police say potential crime victims should always look to protect themselves first and not engage would be criminal using common sense. is a case of beer really worth somebody's life? absolutely not. but these criminals possibly believe that it was. it's a basic life lesson. sing on car is thankful he's still alive to learn, said don't come outside of the something no problem. yeah. now we know i would say. on car says the person you see first in the surveillance video, which you highlighted is the person who fired shots and tried to kill him. if you have any information about that person or the entire trio want to call police family
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says people are going to gather outside the safeway over in the willow glen section of san jose on the fifth of july, which is tuesday to mark the one month anniversary of manny's murder. we're live outside the 7 11 here in the limb haven section of san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news back to you in oakland, right. all right, jesse. thank you. firefighters get control of the massive commercial building fire in valais ho coming up new video of that fire, plus the latest on the damage caused and the investigation now underway. plus it's raining and chill vis in san francisco. coming up, an expert explains what's causing the fish to seemingly just fall the fish to seemingly just fall from the sky. alright. shortest roost fry drives next. ♪ worth it. ♪ my $4.00 roost fries with 100% all-white-meat chicken, melty cheese, and good good sauce. order on the jack app today.
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what do you call my fries topped with 100% all-white-meat chicken... melty cheese, and good good sauce? i call them roost fries. but you might call them “hey! get your own!” try my $4.00 roost fries. order on the jack app today. afternoon showing just how intense a large commercial structure fire was alejo. the fire started yesterday near broadway and sharing street
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firefighters say strong winds in the area may have caused that fire to just blow up in size. the crews were able to keep them from spreading to a neighboring lumber yard and a large mobile home park. the crew spent the night cleaning up and checking for hot spots. it is not yet known. how that fire started. khan fire and the east contra costa fire protection district have now joined together to form one department . the transfer of command ceremony was held this morning in brentwood. the nx station of the east contra costa fire protection district brings 128,000 east county residents under the purview of the larger fire district service areas, expanding from 304 square miles to 553. that's a 45% increase. the merger is expected to improve and streamline service. the response times getting resources to you. a response times have been doubled the national average as they should
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be. and starting on june one this past month. we start to repair that in over five years, we're going to work to eliminate all of the existing service levels and we have mechanisms in place to deal with the growth challenges as we move into the future. chief him lick will now become a deputy chief with con fire, which is headed by chief louis bouchard. he's been con fires chief for the last three years. fish falling from the sky . people living in san francisco , some of the outer richmond and others in the castro have reported fish raining on the sidewalks, backyards and more. there is a scientific reason. for this fish phenomenon for an explanation. we're joined by adam ratner, associate director of conservation education at the marine mammal center. adam appreciate the time. let's break down the reasons it's raining anchovies first. tell us why there are so many anchovies off the coast right now. yeah there's truly never a dull moment in the san francisco bay area, but it just goes to show how wonderful it is to be along
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such an amazing piece of coastline. so right now there's a lot of cold water that's upwelling along our coast, creating perfect conditions for anchovies. all of these anchovies are coming together right along the coast and the feeding frenzy. that spring. all the other animals things like birds, seals, gray whales and humpback whales and some of those birds in particular, i think are getting a little uber excited. i mean, we're seeing some fish dropping from the sky. we're also seeing fish getting into things like lagoons where, unfortunately with tides, they can wind up getting caught, and that's resulting in some of the things in molina's that you've seen. so perhaps those birds picking up more than they can handle. adam this is not the first time this has happened, right? it's not. we have seen this in 2017. it lasted around two months. and right now we're around a month into this current events. we do anticipate this to continue a little bit longer, and it's really resulted in quite the experience for wales in particular right along our
4:19 pm
coast, as you've seen in some of these pictures, particularly gray, well, feeding right off the coast of pacifica. adam i want to ask you i know climate literacy is so important to you. so from a climate change perspective, we know warmer water temps are becoming normal . so is it a welcome sight for you to see this? because the water is so cold and knowing for at least the time being. the ocean ecosystem is operating how it should it's certainly wonderful to see all of these animals with the feeding frenzy right now we know that this is a for the most part of natural occurrence that we think is happening right now with long nina and el nino cycles that we tend to see. um and certainly we want to make sure that these animals stay as healthy as possible and just speaks to how much interaction we can have with the ocean and everything we can do at home at school at businesses. to create a healthy ocean for all these animals, so love seeing them so close to shore right now and doing well and i just encourage everyone to be able to take action in their own lives that we can keep the
4:20 pm
ocean healthy again for generations to come about being able to see more of those animals coming to shore or near the shore because of the water right now, so how long might this last and obviously people want to take advantage of seeing those gray will so close. yeah we anticipate that it might last around another month. but of course, the ocean is quite dynamic. right now. it's particularly off the coast of marin, san francisco san mateo county that we're seeing a lot of these big bursts of anchovies close to shore and our researchers at the marine mammal center or out there documenting this and actually catching some things for very the first time. we think in terms of these gray whales actually eating anchovies right at the surface along the curse, so it's truly remarkable scientific just temporary and hopefully we'll continue to learn more in the weeks to come, really is amazing. all right, adam rattner from the marine mammal center, adam, thanks for the time. have a great weekend. thank you. it's wonderful seeing it just how so excited that adam is about the anchovies, right? absolutely i just can't imagine
4:21 pm
the smell, though. okay let's progress and move forward inland . clear skies there at mount diablo, currently 71 degrees. relative humidity is down 13. good afternoon. everybody look at all that clear blue sky, and that's one of the few spots it's inland. you have to go to have the clarity because along the coast it's socked in and half moon bay at 57 degrees, otherwise where we do have the clouds. it's pretty much stuck into the fifties like san francisco, we are at 61 degrees . importantly cloudy and hayward 78 degrees for sunshine and throughout the tri valley, and the warm spot is 83. in fairfield. so we have this deck of low clouds and some areas of patchy fog, even producing some condensation in the form of drizzle overnight tonight, again in march is a good 50 miles inland towards the tri valley and even saturates the central valley. backs off during the day tomorrow. by the evening hours, we still linger in the overcast conditions from the city through ocean beach into pacifica and half moon bay must speech.
4:22 pm
montara beach, you get the feel for this, and then sunday the marine layer actually enhances it deepens and so we see very little sunshine. so you gotta ask what's going to happen for our independence day. well we do have a sagging area of low pressure right off the coast. it looks like instead of scaring out the clouds is going to deepen those clouds. so if you have any kind of fireworks viewing plans or you're barbecuing plans, clear skies and inland areas. partly cloudy at the bay. for the embarcadero . you know what it's like. it looks like a stain when those fireworks go up, and they project against the low clouds of the patchy fog temperatures into the fifties. i tell you what we'll have the full five day forecasts and even tossing a tahoe outlook that's still coming up, gentlemen. thank you , roberta ahead of the fourth of july holiday and urgent warning from firefighters how fireworks and extremely dry conditions could spell disaster. and look
4:23 pm
for another w w e smackdown in primetime tonight on ktvu that gets started at eight, followed by are 10 and 11 o'clock newscast. hope you'll join us.
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turning a roe v. wade are still reverberating around the country as some states moved to protect reproductive rights. california voters will decide in november whether to add the right to an abortion. to the state tion. the state legislature show. the issue is michaelson with a little preview, alex. bef the bro show this afternoon. yek and we've got a big debate on the left. gloria allred, of
4:26 pm
course, has been talking about this issue for so many years and on the right is attorney and talk show host eric early, who almost was in the finals for california attorney general and they go back and forth on abortion. here's a preview. we have to remember in november. we have to get out there and vote for pro choice candidates we can't take for granted that we live in a blue pro choice state . we have to get out there and also support approaches. candidates get people who are pro choice to run for office contribute to them. this is alex war against women, and it is about risking our lives in many states to get an abortion because it's unsafe and possibly illegal. notwithstanding the dobbs ruling the right to an abortion remains legal in the state of california. because lee the decision. i ask you a qu
4:27 pm
means it's up to the people of the s in california we have a legislature that has that supports. abortion so whether i agree with that ruling or not, here, it is legal in california here. we don't need an amendment to the constitution. so speaking of that legislature just this week they passed and governor newsom signed a $300 billion budget as part of that, though they set aside $200 million for what they call reproductive care and part of that. is setting up a fund to help support women coming from other states where abortions are illegal to come here to california and get those abortions legally done here, so this issue is going to be talked about a whole lot in the months between now and that election in november, greg and brooks but you know, we could see in that
4:28 pm
clip there got a little testy, so i'm wondering. do you have any insight alex into the likelihood of a constitutional amendment passing in california? california is an overwhelmingly pro choice state. it is an overwhelmingly democratic state in the primary for governor. gavin newsom got 60 plus percent of the vote, so one would think that this would be kind of a shoe in to win in november. the question going forward is. are there legal challenges to that? that's something that some on the right have brought up. but if you had to bet on something passing in november, you should bet on this. all right, alex michaelson tonight. thanks for the preview and look for more on the abortion debate sunday morning. on the issue is alex will also speak with california first lady jennifer siebel newsom. she's opening up about her new documentary, which explores an imbalance of gender dynamics in many homes. the issue is starts sunday morning
4:29 pm
at 5 30 right here on ktvu. this is not over that was president biden's message about the fight for abortion access today, coming up what he is urging the senate to do in response to the overturning of roe v. wade. plus bay area. lawmakers responded a huge increase in hate crimes against asian americans will tell you the actions they're taking in sacramento. stay with there's a reason comcast business powers more businesses than any other provider. actually, there's a few... comcast business offers the fastest, reliable network... the protection of securityedge™
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trip overseas and is now focusing his attention on
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abortion access following the supreme court overturning roe v . wade in a meeting with some democratic governors, president biden urged them to continue the fight as foxes madeline rivera reports he also took on the filibuster. faced with growing pressure to take executive action and abortion rights, president biden held a virtual meeting with democratic governors working to shore up access to the procedure in their states. george zip code should not determine your rights administration is struggling with few options. president biden urging senate suspension of the 60 vote threshold required to pass most legislation. to make it easier for abortion rights to become law. however even he admits the senate will likely never do so without the support of senators joe manchin and kherson cinema. we don't have the votes in the senate to change the filibuster on on at the moment. that means we need two more votes now. poll shows 51% of voters think abortion should be legal all or
4:33 pm
most of the time. the split, leaving some to wonder whether a middle ground can be reached. we've seen polls for a long time that a majority of americans opposed opposed striking down rovi wade, but at the same time they supported serious restrictions on abortion nationwide. but several pro choice advocates ballot box increase the political pressure so that and are held to account for the conseque2% of americans consider women's or abortion rights a top priority. that's up from just 8% in december and washington. mala rivera, fox news and governor. newsom did not participate in the meeting because of a previously scheduled family commitment. new at four bay area lawmakers are speaking about another rise in anti asian hate
4:34 pm
crimes they gathered outside the chinese historical society in san francisco today, calling it a deeply concerning trend. in 2021. they say california saw an unprecedented 177% increase in anti ap i hate crimes over the year before it's the highest level since 2000 and one two bills in the state legislature are meant to help stop hate crimes that happened in public spaces. one bill would help retailers to offer training on recognizing hate incidents. so that they can have a training program so that when people go into a store employees know what to do how to identify a hate crime, had a address the hate crime had ensured that they know how to react if there is a hate incident. at a retail is other l would help provide training for mass transit agencies on how to respond to harassment and hate crimes. lawmakers noted that hate crimes against the black latino jewish lgbtq communities
4:35 pm
are also on the rise. californians to report incidents when they witnessed them. governor newsom is now declared states of emergency in santa barbara and monterey counties to help the process of recovery from recent wildfires. the declarations allows caltrans to request immediate federal assistance for highway repairs and reconstruction following those wildfires. in santa barbara county. there is a provision to ease access to unemployment benefits for those unemployed as a result of the alice l fire. it burns 17,000 acres in october. the colorado fire in january near big sur burned nearly 700 acres. cal fire now says it's safe for evacuees from the rice's fire to go back home. the fire in the sierra foothills has burned more than 900 acres in nevada county and has destroyed at least four buildings. the fire started tuesday as a structure fire, but the flames quickly spread to
4:36 pm
nearby grass. the fire should be fully contained by sunday. it is about 22% contained right now. 13 fire fire fighters have been injured since the fire started in butte county. the sandra fire has forced evacuations. it started yesterday afternoon, and it's burned more than 30 acres in the community of forbes town east of oroville. it is 50% contained tonight. the cause is under investigation. the recent hot, dry weather can be dangerous as some people start setting off their own fireworks . not only can airborne fireworks caused injuries, they can also start new fires. fire officials warn at this time of year dry and windy conditions can lead to disaster if you aren't careful, battalion chief at cal fire tells ktvu. the agency is prepared for the fourth of july weekend and is out looking for illegal fireworks. paired for this weekend. we will have our prevention officers working with local and federal law
4:37 pm
enforcement task force out seeking out people using illegal fireworks or using safe and sane fireworks and communities that they're not approved for. and those caught could face fines up to $50,000 and even jail time. gavin newsom signed into law the nation's most sweeping restrictions on single use plastics. after the break, an environmental group weighs in on the impact it will have on the climate and communities. from june gloom to know sky july plus the holiday forecasts is on deck. this? this is supersonic wifi from xfinity. it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business.
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and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything.
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old stamp to protect the environment. a new bill just signed into law by governor newsom will dramatically change how plastics are used and produced. the law creates the country's toughest plastic reduction rules. alexis brooks,
4:40 pm
who's with the nature conservancy and environmental nonprofit. she joins us now, with some perspective on how this new policy will tackle the problem of plastics pollution. alexis first, let's just set the stage here. we've seen lots of plastic products end up not just in landfills, but in the ocean, even the san francisco bay so how concerned should people be about plastics pollution? yeah you know, we've seen of skyrocketing rate at which we're seeing plastics produced. we know that in the next 10 to 20 years, the amount of plastics that are entering our oceans is expected to almost triple. so these threats are real. the more that we learned from research. we know that these plastics are ending up in our food. they're ending up in our drinking water there, even ending up in our bodies. and so the question of what cost we're paying for. plastic pollution becomes more and more real for a number of people. you know, this new law is pretty ambitious. it's calling for 25% reduction in
4:41 pm
single use plastics by 2032 huge increase in recycling efforts for all plastic items sold imported into california by 2032 . so if that happens, what kind of effect do you think that will have on our environment here? yeah we anticipate that as a result of this legislation, we would see a decrease in the tens of millions of tons of plastic. that is an enormous amount and the impact of that would definitely have impacts to the wildlife that we care about, but also to our communities, particularly those communities that have borne a disproportionate impact because of our plastic consumption. but i think that this bill also incentivizes producers to be moving towards more circular and sustainable options for their packaging. it creates those incentives. you know the big question. i think many people wonder is what's it going to look like at the grocery stores? you know when we reach for that bottled water, maybe a yogurt container or that plastic jug of laundry detergent. so we, you
4:42 pm
know, what do you think? yeah so this legislation has really focused on holding the plastics industry accountable from the impacts that they're having on people in nature, and for a long time those impacts have been borne by local government and also by consumers as they're working to pick them up. um, and so what we know is that in the grocery store and also at places like restaurants now those plastic single use plastic packaging and food wear will be required by 2032 to be recyclable or compostable, so the hard work has been done for us as the consumers which is really the importance of having this producer responsibility model. alexis brooks with the nature conservancy. thanks so much for joining us appreciate your insight. thank you. okay i was just asked. what do i mean by no sky july while that means foggy, cloudy sky at the coast, but we've got blue skynner inland areas. take a peek at this right now looking out towards mount diablo and i keep
4:43 pm
noticing the tree. the limbs are wavering back and forth, and that's because right there in the mount diablo area, the winds have been blowing up to 16 mph. the relative humidity is actually very dry. we have a warmer temperature at 3100 ft at ben lomond in the santa cruz mountains right now, where temperature 57 degrees in half moon bay where we have not seen the sunshine at all today, a little hint of some clearing in san francisco at 59. otherwise 78 degrees in santa rosa. it is 80 in concord in clayton, backing through one quickly dropped down to 74 mid eighties to be noted in brentwood. so these temperatures are actually a little bit warmer today throughout most reporting stations, and it all has to do with the winds currently centers, a wind up to 15 mph out of the north 23 at s f o fair filled with the wind gusts up to 25 mph. the marine layer has been deepening overnight again. it was anywhere between about 2500 and 2800 ft deep and when
4:44 pm
it's that deep you start to see some condensation and the form of drizzle. you might even have to use your windshield wipers from time to time, and it looks like overnight. this is really cool. the marine layer spreads inland towards a tri valley. good 50 miles inland. i was able to sleep with my windows open last night for the first time all month long, so it has that cooler rush of air all the way into the sacramento valley, wrapping around to yolo county again, the blue specks is an indication of some of that condensation. so here's your saturday morning waking up with overcast conditions. it backs off all the way through your sunday it's hit and missed again . wash rinse and repeat with that marine layer. so what happens on monday? here we go buy fireworks time. you're not really going to have that great display at the embarcadero, but you might want to go inland towards concord or livermore for the clear skies heading to the garden lake tahoe area for the holiday weekend. we do have a lake wind advisory in place for
4:45 pm
some very gusty winds and cooler conditions by independence day, so let's wrap up. this forecast was saying tonight we do have the coastal cloudiness. it is sucked in over the weekend coastal drizzle fest and then monday a little bit more sunshine and clouds remain next to the coast. heading out to the baseball game tonight, the white sox the american league come to town to play the national league and we have 59 degrees westerly at 15 overnight tonight 49 in santa rosa for the cool spot. otherwise everybody settling into the fifties with that westerly 10 to 20. tomorrow's daytime highs come down ever so gently under a partly cloudy sky eighties and morgan hill for one of the warmest okay asians. meanwhile the coolest day coming up this weekend will be on sunday. there's your fourth of july and then we start to see a subtle warm up as we head towards the end of next week, gentlemen. alright. a nice week ahead, roberta. thank you. w n b
4:46 pm
a star britney griner appeared in a moscow courtroom for the first day of her trial as her wife is urging us officials to try to win her freedom is boxes . amy kellogg tells us moscow maybe using this case to win the release of a russian arms dealer. american basketball star britney griner standing trial on drug charges just outside moscow on friday. during the hearing, the judge listened to testimony from witnesses, including an airport customs official. grinders next court date was set for july 7th two prosecution witnesses were called. everything is going according to the plan strictly by the book. phoenix mercury star was arrested in moscow back in february. authorities say they found vape cartridges and her luggage that contained cannabis derived oil. on friday, the judge formally told griner she's charged with intentionally importing narcotics into russia. u s officials say she was wrongfully detained. i can assure you that the united
4:47 pm
states government at the very highest levels is working very hard. to bring miss griner as well as all wrongfully detained us citizens safely home in russia less than 1% of criminal defendants are acquitted. but unlike in the us and acquittal can be overturned grinders wife is pleading with the biden administration to do more to secure brittany's release. this is not. um are typical system so bgs not walking into a situation where there is a balance of justice. russian media has speculated that grinder could be swapped. for russian arms dealer viktor boot. he's currently serving a 25 year sentence for conspiring to sell weapons intended to kill americans if convicted on drug charges. griner faces up to 10 years in prison in milan, italy. amy kellogg fox news well, the idea of camping may not be for everyone but a spin on this way
4:48 pm
of connecting with nature is taking off coming up. see how people are buying into the idea of what's being called agro tourism. plus what happens when a fleet of driverless taxis suddenly stops the answer? coming up at five? also at five day after day, one marin county woman making it her job to woman making it her job to rescue a wild animal in danger. this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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my 100% beef burgers are seasoned as they grill. like my new double bacon cheesy jack, with double the bacon and double the cheese. it's so good, i put my name on it! the double bacon cheesy jack combo starting at $5.99. order on the jack app today. the camping typical campgrounds to enjoy the great outdoors, but many people find putting a spin on that camping experience can leave a lasting impression thatn dollar industry called agro tourism. foxes. stephen going joins us live from cleveland, ohio for look at how this all works, stephen hey, you said that people are flooding the campgrounds right now, after years of covid restrictions, so some are camping differently, taking their trips to places you
4:51 pm
wouldn't normally go. take a look. at a christmas tree farm and ohio's ko hoga valley. the start of summer is busier than you might expect. it never occurred to him. you could camp on a christmas tree farm among the trees, you'll find dozens of tents and eager campers ready to stay the night all part of an agritourism economy that's surging as more people visit farms across the country, just for fun. nice access both to modern amenities, restaurants and, you know, shopping. but out here, you might as well be out in the wild wilderness. it's every bit of a national park environment, heritage farm's owner, george harem. it has offered that experience for seven years, and he says it's more appealing than ever, with typical campsites harder to find and reserve after camping got a lot more popular during the height of covid-19 the problem with a lot of state parks as it tends to get crowded, so we always try to look for other areas where it allows us to just separate ourselves from our city life that we experience every day on platforms like hip camp, think air b a and b but for camping agritourism is taking
4:52 pm
off with five times more demanding since the pandemic started for the thousands of private land campsites listed on the service for campers, it really provides amazing access for host. it provides opportunity for them to make money off of this really amazing land. it's a big boost to farmers like jeremy's, who has a longer off season than most. time he says the farm can use to cash in on a growing trend, while these trees continue to grow for december, but if you could imagine christmas tree farming, you get paycheck two weeks a year, something that gives us a little bit of something else going across three or four. months. well, that that looks good to us. now if you're looking for another reason to consider agritourism think about gas prices. the national average is about 4 84, hoping to spend less gas this summer. stay close to home. you might find one of these farm getaways near you. in cleveland . stephen golan, ktvu. fox, two news even i don't want this to go without notice. you are braving the elements in the rain for us, and brooks is from ohio
4:53 pm
and tells me you're also braving the mosquitoes. so we appreciate you being live for us tonight. of course, thanks. baguette i've had better than this is in paris like that's it like. it's incredible. and you can find that right here in the bay area. coming up. get your appetite. ready zip trip to venetia highlights some of the best places in that city to grab a bite to eat.
4:54 pm
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get a great offer on internet and security, now with more speed and more bandwidth. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. nine and the road again. our third zip trip of the year took us to benita. and while we were there ktvu south castaneda sort of some of the best places to eat. if you drive through venetia and don't stop, you might want to rethink that down first street. there's a whole bunch of good things to eat near the corner of first street in east st sits one house bakery.
4:56 pm
or the locals line up to order from an extensive menu. the baked goods are amazing. the savory foods are amazing. we visited one house bakery during a busy lunchtime service, where the large kitchen was churning out orders and bakers were plying their craft. sandwiches are built with house made bread salads with fresh greens and ingredients, and there are chicken pot pies, waffles and more. this place has a reputation for good food. the only baguette i've had better than this is in paris like that's it like. it's incredible. finally purvin is at the helm ad then when it came back, it came back wrong. so and a whole pleta of fruit and vegetables and tastes rancid and wrong. so i've been has been challenging cooking while everything smells and tastes disgusting. so how does she do it? because if
4:57 pm
anything, the food has become even more popular here over the last year. so just a matter of. really focusing on what things taste like together in my brain and then asking my team. it's as this tastes the way it should. what? i tried the food here, and things definitely taste the way they should, including that delicious, crunchy. and slightly salty french baguette. and when you buy your food, you can sit outside and one house cafes beautiful garden down near the water at the end of first street sits bella sienna white tablecloth restaurant that attracts people from all over the area because of its good food and good views of the car, keenest straits this restaurant reminds me of the type of place you can go to celebrate a birthday graduation or just get a good cocktail. the food is a mix of a talent in california cuisine. you can get a goo. wort about bella sienna and on the weekends, people come from all over the region, but on a regular day you'll find the
4:58 pm
locals. it's like all regulars. basically you know, on the weekends. of course, we're going to get more diverse group. but you know every lunch you can always count on the same. guys at the bar, you know, having the coors light for something completely different. how about a walk up hamburger and hot dog stand to has a good one in showers. hot dogs. regular hot dog check. big meaty burger check and it's definitely not fancy. come out, bring the kids to easy little spot. so we have a lot of families that come lot of families and if you want a good sports party might want to stop by the bottom of the fifth, which is at the corner of military, east and east fifth street. they have a sports clipping wall where i had a cold one and just read all the headlines from great bay area moments in sports. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. using common sense is a case of beer really worth somebody's life?
4:59 pm
well now at five, a convenient store clerk lucky to be alive after he tried stopping three under each people from stealing alcohol, he says, when he followed them to the parking lot they shot at him. good evening. i'm andre senior cristina rendon . this happened at the 7 11 on the 900 block of south winchester boulevard. tonight centers. a police are hoping a new clue will help bring those men accused of trying to kill a convenience store clerk over beer hope to hope to bring them into custody. ktvu jesse gary is live in the neighborhood where this happened. good evening, jesse. christina andre. good evening to you. and that new clue is surveillance video. the overnight clerk here at the 7 11 says he learned a very valuable lesson that night, one that almost cost him his life. car says his brush with death started with an argument over the purchase of beer. san jose police investigators releasing surveillance video, they say, shows three massive suspects entering the 7 11 store on south
5:00 pm
winchester boulevard. march 3rd. on car says the underaged trio tried to buy beer, but was denied. they then stole the alcohol, prompting him to follow them into the parking lot, one of the initial suspects that and entered the store branch to firearm and discharge in his direction. nearly striking the clerk. were you afraid when they shot at you outside the shot on me and i'm scared and customers they're going inside. on car, says two shots narrowly missed him. he ran inside and called police who arrived minutes later. his story eerily similar to that of manuel kenya, who the 24 year old safeway employee shot and killed almost a month ago while trying to stop thieves from stealing alcohol. a sidewalk memorial is still outside the willow glen store with the crime occurred. his mother, maricela cornejo. lopez says many funeral was just a few days ago. it's still so much pain but


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