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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  July 4, 2022 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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joey chestnut will compete again at the annual contest on new york's coney island. it's become something of 1/4 of july tradition. he'll be eating hot dogs on crutches. he recently ruptured a tendon in his leg. he says he is still confident he will win. ah! two drownings in just one week at lake berryessa what investigators are saying about the situation as a father dies, trying to save his son also ahead, supposed to leave, and they delayed it to three p.m. already today, so i don't know if i'm going to get out or not on time, a snag in plans this holiday weekend as thousands of travelers are facing flight cancelations and delays were looking into current numbers at bay area airports. plus from parades to fireworks debate area has so much plan to celebrate this independence day . what you need to know to celebrate safely. welcome to the nine on this fourth of july. a gorgeous look along the oakland
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estuary. lots of gray skies, many of you wondering at those clouds will linger if you're heading to san francisco for the big fireworks show. and, yes, there is a chance you will see colorful clouds. now people in the east bay have already been lining up for one of the amazing fourth of july parade that takes over some of the small towns. i believe we're live in alameda. to bring you these pictures as people are lined up to celebrate the fourth of july. there are no danville has a great kind of small town atmosphere as well, wherever you are. we are so thankful that you're joining us and i hope you get to get out and celebrate our country later today, let's talk about dollars and cents. here is the cost of your fourth of july. barbecue is likely higher this year than it was last. the american farm bureau federation estimates the cost of the fourth of july. barbecue is up 17% compared to last year. prices are up for burgers, beer and chicken wings, among other things. but those who can say they will celebrate with a lavish spread. back
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from the pandemic and consuming at perhaps a higher than average rate just because it's pent up demands. cause we couldn't really get together for the past two years. let's go big this year, economists say being flexible with your menu planning can help save money, and i don't know if you're like me or sort of old fashioned, greg. i look at those the ads that, like the big grocery store chain said in the mail, and i'm like, oh, court of the cough is on sale will serve that wherever it is cheap. good that's what i like. perfect you know how they call this independence day? my parents apparently didn't get the memo because they actually got married. so today is their anniversary. i'm not going to say how many years ago because that we're really age me, but i'm and dad like it. very sweet . of course, it is the fourth of july in the bay area and everywhere for that matter. that means there are a number of parades and fireworks shows to choose from. james torres joins us now, with kind of a rundown of all that's happening today.
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james celebrate happy anniversary mama and papa liggins to you over there. and, of course, lots of celebrate here. lots of dress up for we've all got the red on today. we know the parades. are happening in so many different areas in the bay area. let's take you live out to the streets of alameda this morning where, according to the city, the parade, there is the nation's longest for the parade route stretching more than three miles long. we didn't see so much activity in the last hour we see now the chairs set up here. that parade is set to start at 10 this morning. and you know, people are gonna be lining up and waiting for that to start pretty shortly. we know of at least 1 11 year old who's pretty excited for it. well it's like a tradition been doing it since i was six months old. um and i haven't watched in a while because of covid. preparations and road closures already in place for the parade in danville , that should get started any minute now at the north end of hearts avenue near san ramon valley high school that will last about two hours. and some people watching this morning have held their spot along the
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parade route since six o'clock last night, eager to see the parade at full swing after two years of covid-19 restrictions. being back here for the tradition and being able to bring together our community again. i think it's important. more importantly, just continuing the traditions that we lost over two years. it feels good to be to be able to go to big events like this. still a little bit skeptical of getting too close to people. you know a big crowds at least. let's talk fireworks. one of the largest displays will be in san francisco tonight. you can see them shoot off from a barge near pier 39 aquatic park, starting at 9 30, the best place to get a good view. try the hard street, hyde street harbor and fisherman's wharf. you will need to get there early. it's going to be packed. another good fireworks show the oakland a's game tonight they'll take on the blue jays just after six o'clock, but after the game the team will offer on field seating so you can watch the night sky light up how to get there. we'll
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count terrain and bart will help . they'll operate on a limited schedule for most of the day today, but they will add extra trains later in the evening for people heading to places like san francisco and oakland. specifically for those fireworks shows. the last count train is scheduled to leave the city just after midnight. some other events to consider the city of clinton's pancake breakfast has been underway for a couple hours . now you can go to that and pay $10 to participate and then stick around for free parade set to start pretty shortly down the peninsula, the city of paolo alto is making changes to what used to be its annual chili cook off. instead you can. you can hand over the mitchell park for a day of food trucks and family fun. all that set to start at 11 this morning, garcia. jason torres. thank you. a big holiday weekend light show planned for north lake tahoe has been postponed because of windy weather. the city of kings beach and tahoe city have delayed their drone light shows until labor day. shows were expected to be similar to what we saw during queen elizabeth's jubilee celebration at buckingham palace . dangerous weather conditions are also creating concerns for
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traditional fireworks shows set for south shore tonight. we're looking at when's picking up today into tomorrow, so we're going to have to kinda wait, watch and see they could be postponed and that's supposed to drone sure that we're talking about that's an incline village and over at king's beach, as well as the lights of the lake and south source, so we're just going to have to wait. i think the national weather service forecast is for the winds that start to subside about 56 pm those shows start at 7 45 on the north shore and 9 45 down on the south shore, but that's south shore lights over the lake. it is absolutely fantastic, but we have to be safe and sound. we don't want to have another wildfire. still big crowds are expected to celebrate the fourth of july at lake tahoe. we've seen a lot of people come out from the bay down in the valleys, but desta stopped in sacramento. so we're definitely seeing that flow back up here getting ready for the summer operations all have happening at all the ski resorts. i mean, if you go around the lake right now, most of campgrounds are full. there are still some lodging opportunities on the south shore and up here on the
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north shore, but we are seeing a lot of people. lake tahoe has been crowded all year round during the past two years of the pandemic, many people have the option of working remotely headed to lake tahoe, instead of staying at home in the bay area and elsewhere. many pet owners have come to dread this fourth of july holiday. the loud bangs and booms of fireworks stress out many dogs and cats and studies show more pets go missing on the fourth of july than any other day of the year. animal shelters are overwhelmed with calls for pet owners. who lose their pets while the fireworks are going off, but experts say there is one simple way to always keep track of a dog or cat. a number of dogs that come into the shelter. it's a small minority that have any kind of identification or microchip. a tag with your your name and phone number. a microchip is best and easiest way for us to find a family. experts also advise pet owners to keep their dogs and cats in rooms without windows, so their pets can't see the bright light%
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of the fireworks. all right, let's talk about those fireworks are those colorful clouds, which will it be if we're on the coast tonight? roberta? yes, clouds of the couch. partly cloudy inland , hopefully a little bit of a break in the activity as far as the cloud deck is concerned later this evening, so you can get a glimpse of some beautiful firework displays. and seasonably cool. two mile on this independence day. we have clouds and drizzle at the seizure with a little hand declaring today sunny, breezy inland a bit on the muggy side span 64 to 81. this is the scene looking out towards the estuary where people have been busy canoeing and rowing this morning under a gray slate right now on the estuary at 62 degrees, it's also 62 inland and walnut creek. back into the alamo and two down there, then we jump to 63 livermore pleasant in and also in dublin. it's 63 degrees in pella out in a little bit more mild and redwood city. these temperatures are anywhere between about four and seven
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degrees warmer than 24 hours ago , and you will feel the difference if you're getting out to go for a bike ride or walk your dog. winds have been predominantly out of the south this morning, but right now they're rotating around all over the place, but generally under 10 mph, with one notable exception right there, and fairfield at 16 mph winds will be out of the southwest today 10 to 20, and that's why we have a little bit of a mugginess filling to us and a little bit more on the mild side. it will continue to be cloudy tomorrow with hints is sunshine and gradual warming begins by wednesday, pretty much more by thursday. this is interesting. this is a trough. we've had a series of them stacked up like planes at sfo out over the pacific. this latest one has been bringing some rain showers to the redwood coast now, as the cloud cover continues to sag to the south, it's going to scour some of our marine layer out today. that's why we'll have a hint of some sunshine and then more sunshine as we venture towards midweek but meanwhile, let's back it up. to today's forecast because you can see that we're starting to see the
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thinning of the marine layer and inland areas. but when you see these blue specks that is shower activity, nothing notable as far as accumulation is concerned, but nonetheless, watch this as we tick on by during your afternoon. that's rain, and it's skims to the north of santa rosa. so i have to put a stray shower in the far reaches of the north bay from talking about sonoma, napa and lake counties and certainly in mendocino as well, nothing to wash out any of your outdoor activity plans, but you may go. oh, what was that? that was a raindrop. alright as far as your fireworks are concerned, and they're inland areas, we will have the partly cloudy skies. but at the embarcadero temperatures in the mid fifties to high fifties it's worth celebrating. temperatures for us today in the afternoon hours, 64 beaches high sixties and seventies around the bay. this temperature in san francisco is two degrees above average. when we left you on friday, the high was only 60 in san francisco. so you're going
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to notice a difference there. 70 foreign napa low seventies and throughout cupertino and campbell almost 80 in redwood city. and low eighties and morgan hill and in gilroy, tonight with the blanket of clouds fifties and sixties 61 degrees in san mateo. you know, i got out that extra blanket a couple of nights ago and just not so good. but now i'm going to toss it off. all right, here's your extended forecast. we do have some unseasonably cold weather each and every day until about the weekend. then we start to feel a little bit more summary. greg and gas. you have a safe fourth of july certainly will. thank you very much. roberta. appreciate it time now . 11 minutes after nine o'clock , we now go to the north bay, where napa county sheriffs are investigating another drowning in lake berryessa in the same part of the leg, where a teenager drowned just last week. both drownings occurred in the area known as oak shore's on the west side of the lake. the latest drowning happened yesterday afternoon when the sheriff's office has 35 year old marcy. i owe perez of san pablo's went out to bring his
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son back to shore, but press slipped under water and did not come back up. several people dove in to try to help perez, but it was already too late. i think the combination of the water clarity not being great, um it's oak shore's itself. as soon as you get into the water, it drops off pretty rapidly and i think um a lot of people assume that the water line every once they hit the water line that it's not very steep, but it drops off pretty quick. so you know, you step off five ft and water now. you went from, you know, five ft. deep to 30 or 40 ft. deep. r c i. o perez of san pablo died, but his son survived , and that drowning occurred in the same spot where a 16 year old boy drowned one week ago. the sheriff's office says, where a life jacket if you plan to be out at the lake, even if you're going to be just near the water the search for three men missing in the sacrament of delta has turned into a recovery operation. now sheriff's deputies say the men were part
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of a group fishing on the river bank near three mile slough bridge across the river for rio vista. they saw an eight year old child struggling in the water. five men jumped into the river. the child was pulled to safety, but only two of the men, including one you're about to hear from were able to get out. we're asking for help. i screamed. i get tired. and then there's a piece happens so fast. street people by friends. the coast guard continue the recovery operation through the night. so far, no signs of any of the men. that part of the river has strong underwater currents. a tense moments for people in pleasant hill coming up on the nine. the intersection was so smoky you can hardly tell how many cars our police officers say they were attacked when they tried to break up a sideshow also ahead, even though fireworks are illegal in almost all areas, cities, you're still going to hit them going off in
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if we can't talk a little bit more about the weather because the forecast on the fourth of july very important here, roberta, we have fireworks. before that we have parades. in between. we might have a barbecue, so maybe we can get people dialed into what they can be doing today. we have a lot of outdoor activities planned today. and so this is a really important forecasts. it's one of those forecasts if you don't nail it. people remember it, so we're going to go with it like this first up outdoors, a gray slate, mostly cloudy skies, it is the marine lyric continues to hover over the bay area. it's been hanging tight to the coast since about last wednesday. we will see a little bit of a break today, san jose has already seen some partly sunny skies at 66 were seen a hint of some
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sunshine in francisco, were fri, the daytime high with only 60 degrees conquered in the mid sixties. now the wind is making all the world of difference. it has been blown out of the south this morning. that's why there's a little bit on the muggy side right now. it's kind of all over the page under 10 mph, except for fairfield inn, travis at 16 mph. buchanan field in concord at seven. these winds will be increasing during the day 10 to 20 mph, but notice the relative humidity. this is a good thing because we have been so bone dry. very brittle terrain around the bay area, and with that southerly and southwesterly wind today, the humidity won't drop into the teens, as it did last week. now average high temperatures this time of the year. 83 santa rosa today we're checking in. 11 degrees below that eight degrees below normal and livermore but san francisco a couple of degrees warmer than where we should be for this time of the year, pretty spot on in
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oakland and san jose checking in eight about three degrees below the notch for where they should be. this area of low pressure. it has been hanging to the north of us all weekend, drawing down that cooler air mass during the day in the evening hours now, as it continues to jog in a southerly direction, you could see the front right here, and it's been producing some rain showers around the pacific northwest, diving into down north, a county and even mendocino this morning couple of light rain showers as we move ahead throughout the day. today the cloud cover remains over mendocino and then surges into the bay. a area as well. now it will begin to disperse by wednesday and then we'll have more. clarity and clear skies along the coast side here is your future cast starting with right now. at this hour, we see the clouds are already retreating out of the tri valley. that's where we're starting to see the sunshine. same thing in san jose, but this is what i want you to take note of the blue specks indicates the
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rain showers and watch as we take on by this afternoon. you see this wants to move on shore into the santa rosa area. now let's see what happens here. bam you may have a stray light rain shower today for reaches and then sonoma area, napa county and lake county as well. no accumulation is expected. but nonetheless you could get wet today under a shield of clouds. we will have some clear skies around san francisco and the coast into the mountains. we go where it's 61 degrees in the south shore, but very breezy wins today. north shore has canceled their drone show for tonight. that was to replace the fireworks display, so they're going to go ahead and just postpone that to labor day. otherwise some very pleasant temperatures. as far as we are concerned, it's really mild. it is pleasant. it is unseasonably cool in some areas, but nonetheless, 76 mountain view and 76 hours over alejo venetia
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martinez all the way back to the rodeo american canyon as well. 74 napa and low eighties will become and the further you go to the east. 80 degrees in fairfield, low eighties and morgan hill and in gilroy high seventies today around redwood city, dropping down his 61 tonight, so these temperatures are mild. i mean, santa rosa was 49 degrees over the weekend. tonight overnight 56 degrees with that blanket of cloud cover, and here goes your extended forecast. we have pleasant conditions existing each and every day temperatures inland still below average, for the most part until we reach the weekend. then we start to see some summary conditions returned to the bay area have a happy and safe fourth of july. garcia and greg thank you looks like we don't really need our sunglasses much today. but for most summer days here in the bay area sunglasses are key not just for fashion because those same harmful rays from the sun that cause skin cancer can also damage your vision. jenna sacks shows us which sunglasses give you the best protection. when
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you're having fun in the sun, you may reach for sunglasses for some relief from the sun's blinding rays, but those rays aren't only uncomfortable they can be dangerous sun damage to the eyes accumulates slowly over time, and it could contribute to a higher risk of cataracts or macular degeneration. just as sunscreen shields your skin by blocking uv radiation sunglasses can shield your eyes from harmful rays. but with so many choices at prices ranging from a few bucks to a few 100 bucks, consumer reports says finding the right sunglasses is important for sunglasses that fully blocked both uv a and uv b. you can look for a label that says they offer 100% uv protection or 400 m, which meane thing tinted corrective lenses that have this
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uv protection built in polarized lenses don't block uv rays on their own, but they can help you see better on bright days by reducing glare with light blocking filters. because of that, they're great for boating and fishing, since they reduce the glare on water, and in the winter, they work well. when the sun shines blindingly bright on snow. jenna sacks reporting, their experts say when it comes to style. i like this, the bigger the better because those glasses help protect the sensitive skin around your eyes . and it's hard to cover that. which is sunscreen alone. so that that jackie o. look i guess the big ones. yeah i like it. and you said your son wears some sunglasses. you guys call them the bidens like my little boy just got a pair of aviators similar to what the president wears now calling my 12 year old son. like i taught him what potus means? because he didn't know it was just a little voice. so i joke. would you like your breakfast in the oval office, so he's living it up with those aviators, sunglasses? biden's i like it. okay, cool. well. as
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the drought continues across the state, there is a glimpse of hope c from the snowpack isthe bay area, but are they all qualified? a snapshot one expers a growing teacher shortage. when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics
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two new oh macron sub variant is reportedly prolonging a wave of covid cases across our state b a four nba five are now believed to be responsible for most new infections nationwide. doctors say the strains are concerning because it not only contagious, they're capable of re infecting people who battled an earlier oh macron infection. health officials say. in the coming weeks, we could see significant spread of the virus and an increase in hospitalizations. meanwhile the fda is recommending drugmakers such as pfizer and moderna move ahead with making omicron specific booster shots for the fall. both
9:26 am
companies have already started making boosters variants, but the agency is now recommending those companies move along with the booster thoe available starting in early to mid fall. scientists now say the so called hybrid immunity to covid-19 doesn't seem to be effective against some of the new variants. that's according to the chronicle early on in the pandemic sciences thought that people who were vaccinated but got infected with covid anyway would have dual protection. they say that seemed to be the case for early versions of the virus, but not with more infectious strains like macron. new research has found the bakery school districts lag behind others in california when it comes to having qualified teachers. the study conducted by the bay area news group finds the gap is even larger in some of the struggling school districts. the research focused on the qualifications of bay area teachers, instructing students from kindergarten through high school study found
9:27 am
many of the teachers were not fully qualified in handling the subject matter taught in their classrooms. on that subject. there is a new ranking of the best school districts in the bay area, according to niche. the best school district is the lost ghettos saratoga joint union high school district. second best palo alto unified school district. third mountain view. los altos union high school district, fourth uncle lonnie's union high school district and fifth fremont union high school district. he says it's ranking is based oneducation and reviews from students and pa. what else might be vulnerable that we otherwise thought was settled law. the controversial decision by the supreme court overturn roe versus wade has many people in marginalized communities worried about their rights. how some are now seeking legal help as they prepare for what could come also had a massive sideshow in the south bay ends in
9:28 am
hundreds of citations here from some who say the illegal activities are essentially part of the area culture now
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mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day e it hasuldn't let stiff jointsjoint shield... ...clinically shown to improve
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ailable at your localiff jointsjoretailer and club. gorgeous look at that gorgeous city. lots of gray clouds over san francisco and i'm afraid that won't clear up perfectly if you're heading out to the waterfront to check out the city's big fireworks show, so it might be one order of colorful clouds pleased tonight on this fourth of july. let's talk about maybe driving across that bridge right monthly car payments. they've hit a new record. this comes as both new and used car prices continue to climb. cox automotive and moody's analytics say payments on a car now average $712 a month. my first department was like half of that kelley blue book says the average price for a new car in may was about $47,000. prices on new cars are up more than 12% from last year. prices for used
9:31 am
cars are up 16% it is incredibly expensive right now. my husband and i are both driving to very old cars, and i said we can't just drive it into the ground. no you cannot compare. you cannot compare. i drive an old car 95. i haven't had a car payment since. wow 1000. yeah. amazing payments of any 1995 so did you beat me? i'm like 2000 and seven so, but i'm going to drive that thing into the ground until it quits. we have to get past this whole, you know, financial crisis and whatever i'm thinking, maybe. hopefully in two years we can buy something, but my next one will probably be electric. yep. i'm with you all right? well the fourth of july maximum enforcement period for the california highway patrol. the chp reports its officers have made more than 600 dui arrests since the start of the holiday weekend. extra officers will remain on duty through midnight tonight watching for distracted drivers, people who are speeding
9:32 am
or under the influence of alcohol or drugs are cracking down on side shows as well. in the south bay on saturday night, one involved at least 200 cars. police issued more than 500 citations to a crowd that gathered at 10th and almost streets in san jose, right, understand as a state spartan stadium, please across the bay say that side shows are growing both in number and size. enforcement officers say that side shows are dangerous to drivers, spectators and people who just come upon one in the middle of the street. some young people say they are now a part of a area culture. we have people who defend it, and you have people who are against it. but it isn't going to prevent it are the people who are against it and prevent it from happening? no you can't control everyone get into a teenager's mind. you know, they're thinking more of excitement, you know of the moment and not really thinking about the outcome. police say that side shows don't always stay contained, and when officers show up, many participants try to get away last month, a sideshow that started in antioch's led to a 100 mile an hour police chase on southbound 6 80. putting freeway
9:33 am
drivers they're at risk. two cities in contra costa county are looking for information about side shows that happened earlier this weekend video from the one in pleasant hill was posted on social media people. who live nearby, say as many as 40 cars were involved in a sideshow friday night in a quiet neighborhood off morello avenue. now will you talk with neighbors who are upset and scared enough . they didn't want to be identified. the intersection was so smoky you could hardly tell how many cards will noise was horrific. then the police came and everybody took off and they were squealing tires and it was probably going on for about 15 20 minutes. police say when they pulled up on the scene. the crowd started banging on patrol cars, and someone threw at least one brick at a car. police believe the drivers and onlookers came to pleasant hill after holding another sideshow. about five miles away in concord . anyone who has information including video or photos of the sideshow is asked to contact
9:34 am
conquered or pleasant hill. police san francisco police have arrested a man of they say, vandalized several cars using a sledgehammer on friday, several people who park their vehicles along lake street near 18th avenue reported their windows were broken. the aftermath was caught on camera here, then posted to social media. police say 35 real charles shelton was arrested and is now facing nine counts of felony vandalism. no word yet on a possible motive. further south police in palo alto are asking for the public's help in their search for to would be thieves. investigators say. the man and woman in this photo tried to take a woman's wallet from her purse while she was walking on el camino real thursday night. the victim told police she felt someone grab her wallet. she then turned around and grabbed that person's wrist , causing the wallet to drop. the pair, then ran off. i know this morning. sacramento police are investigating a shooting in the downtown area that killed one person. police say a total of five people were shot outside the mixed nightclub at 16th and l streets. just before two
9:35 am
o'clock this morning as the club was closing down, police say at this point, they don't have anyone in custody and it's not exactly clear what led up to the shooting. also new this morning , walnut creek police are investigating a stabbing that happened early today. police say it around 4 20 am they responded to a report of a fight at sunnyvale avenue in north main street. i say one person was taken to the hospital with stab wounds. several other people were taken to the hospital as well. at this point, police haven't released any other information on what happened. the supreme court's time security officer is asking police to crack down on demonstrations outside the homes of supreme court justices. the marshal of the supreme court is asking federal, state and local law enforcement officers. to enforce the laws that ban protests and picketing at those locations. in recent weeks, there have been several demonstrations outside the maryland homes of chief justice john roberts and justices samuel alito and brett kavanaugh. they're all tied to the high court's recent ruling on abortion
9:36 am
could possibly reexamine past rulings on same sex marriage. supreme court justice clarence thomas suggested the high court reconsider its ruling on same sex relationships and marriages following the recent decision by the courts. conservative majority to strike down roe v. wade i'm afraid with what just happened and how easy it happened that they might come for us and come for our rights. many same sex couples are now seeking legal advice on protecting themselves and their spouses and families if their marital status has ever targeted. things appear to be going smoothly at bay area airports on this fourth of july holiday, you are going to be taking a look right now at a live picture. at sfo, and you can see cloudy but of course, supposed to clear up a bit later today, hopefully the travel web site. flight aware reports, there have been seven cancelations at san francisco international during the past 24 hours. at last check. there has
9:37 am
been one cancelation at the oakland airport and two at san jose, but across the country the mass flight cancelations and delays continue. charles watson has an update from hartsfield jackson in atlanta. the fourth of july holiday weekend, bringing a surge of travelers to airports across the country, with many seeing their biggest crowd since the pandemic began in 2020. those travelers are facing thousands of flight and , according to flight, aware there were more than 1200 flights canceled friday and saturday, along with thousands of delays, some travelers looking to do whatever they can arriving to the airport hours early, hoping to get out on time actually arrived four hours earlier. just so that i won't you know, just prepared for anything, and he had any sort of delight. so right now, so far, it's fine, so hopefully it will stay that way. delay shrinking by 25% in cancelations cut in half from
9:38 am
saturday to sunday, but that came as little relief to travelers on monday morning with hundreds of cancelations and delays already reported. my wife i said, we're gonna be lucky to make it home on the oh, uh, on time lines are struggling to keep up with this surgeon passengers thanks to staffing shortages in overscheduling, leading some pilots from delta to take to the picket lines last week, calling for better pay as they continue to work overtime to help keep flights running. we have pilots out there flying right now likely on their day off as well on an overtime trip, helping to keep the operation running. we take great pride in delivering our passengers safely and on time to their destination , saying more than 3.5 million people expected to take to the skies this weekend at hartsfield jackson, atlanta international airport trolls watson ktvu, fox two news. operations at jfk airport in new york are recovering after a bomb scare. thousands of people were evacuated from one terminal
9:39 am
yesterday after reports of a threat all roads to and from the terminal were temporarily closed. took about an hour before, officials declared. everything was clear. the port authority says the scare happened because of an unattended bag when he passengers had to go through long lines to get back into the terminal. pilots with american airlines are trying to get extra pay for inconvenience systemic from a recent glitch in the company's computer system, the glitch allowed pilots to drop thousands of july assignments overnight on saturday, which american later reinstated. pilots with americans say that time off in the summer is hard to come by, and they picketed recently against what they call grueling schedules, something they want addressed in a new contract. right now. we don't have ideal conditions for fireworks. but of course we have many hours to go, so hopefully things will clear up and right now we're going to go over to the weather center and check in with roberta gonzalez, and she's going to tell us that that's going to happen or not. i promise you at least a hint of some sunshine today just a handle on the coast and into the city by the bay. otherwise we
9:40 am
will have some clear skies and our inland areas. we'll call it partly cloudy later on tonight it is another unseasonably cool to downright mild day here in the bay area with some clouds and drizzle this morning and then a little bit of clearing sunny, breezy inland today and it feels a bit on the money side. mid sixties to low eighties for daytime highs. you see the several decks of clouds out here roughly down to 500 ft . another deck 1200 ft. another one about 10,000 ft. so that's why it takes so long to have the sun bust through that deck of clouds. 61 in san francisco, now high fifties along the seashore . it's in the mid sixties in san jose, but check out brentwood. 71 degrees, with some sunshine now being reported there, but look at the difference between yesterday and today, they're taking the dog out for a walk or getting ready to jump on your bike and let's say go up. mount diablo! all 3800 ft. good for you. we're about nine degrees warmer in petaluma at this hour. now take a look at the winds are
9:41 am
all over the place. but for the most part, the wins have been out of the south today because of that southerly breeze. it's ushered in some of that relative humidity to be on the higher side winds right now are 16 at travis and fairfield. so here's your weather headlines for today for this fourth of july will have a little bit of coastal clary. um winds out of the southwest 10 to 20 during the afternoon hours tomorrow cloudy start and then turning partly cloudy and wednesday. we will have some gradual clary. this has been the story for the past several days. we've had one trough after another part to the north of us, this latest one brought down the cooler air masses weekend. now you see the front right here, slicing across that northwestern portion of the state of california. it has brought some rain showers this morning to the redwood coast and as our time progresses, you see, the cloud lingers with us, but we're seeing a little bit of the scaring out of that marine layer due to that trough. better clearing on wednesday, but meanwhile, interesting doings. this weather patterns suggest that we have the rain offshore
9:42 am
offer north coast now is that clock ticks on by. you see that little energy right here? that's a rain shower. nothing as far as accumulation is concerned, but computer model wants us to skim across santa rosa. watch that right there so you could see a raindrop or two in the early afternoon hours and portions of sonoma napa in lake county and certainly mendocino county as the day progresses with the cloud shield. meanwhile to the mountains, we go temperatures fifties and sixties at this hour. very breezy winds. 2025 guests up to 30. we have temperatures pleasant in the sixties and seventies were in the sixties and seventies and few low eighties away from the bay into our inland areas, but that 80 degree reading in livermore still eight degrees below average 81 in morgan hill, ending gilroy in 76. degrees alejo, venetia martinez and also american canyon high seventies in redwood city, all the way up until about east palo alto 73 degrees. and san mateo today, so
9:43 am
if you're heading out to the baseball game, lucky you, it's gonna be so much fun fireworks. after the game is done, fans get to go on the field and watch 66 degrees of first pitches. 607 pm we have cold urban on the mound for the good guys. he's a lefty and good luck to him. alright mostly cloudy tonight temperatures fifties and sixties fifties and hayward backing through castro valley, san leandro and san lorenzo. and we have 59 degrees overnight low in san francisco. your extended forecast calls for a series of mild days. pleasant conditions each and every day and then. summer returns right here to the bay area on saturday and sunday have a safe and wonderful fourth of july and we certainly will. thank you, roberta. well, many of us use payment apps well, garcia doesn't but there's a new warning over scams coming up on mornings onto the nine the reason, cyber security experts say it's easy for criminals to target people on apps such as
9:44 am
venmo and paypal and what you can do to
9:45 am
♪ so i climbed into the cab, and then i settled down inside ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere ♪ ♪
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i knew this morning. although san francisco is frequently cited for its large homeless population, the city of sacramento actually has more homeless people living on the streets. that's according to the chronicle, which says the latest homeless count found 5000 homeless people in sacramento and 4400 in san francisco, which has a larger overall population . san francisco officials tell the chronicle that funding from prop c has helped place more homeless people into permanent housing. few people carry cash anymore these days, and more people are turning to apps such
9:47 am
as paypal, venmo and sell as a quick and easy way to send money reported. jenna sacks explains what you can do to protect yourself and your money when making payments through your phone. 20% it. you've spent it. that's what many electronic payment apps tell users. sure there speedy and convenient, but consumer reports warns their lack of user protections like those offered with most credit cards can make these services vary attractive to fraudsters and risky for consumers. the main risk in using a p two p app is that you have no recourse in getting your money back if you send money. two scammer or to the wrong person or if you send the wrong amount because of a type of last year alone, the federal trade commission says there were more than 70,000 reports of fraud and $130 million in losses with mobile payment. apps and the apps are under fire from consumer advocates demanding protection from fraud and errors for users.
9:48 am
but until that happens, consumer reports says, one way to protect your payments using p two p apps when your credit card to the app and fund your payments through the credit card when you do that you could benefit from the same purchase protections that your credit card offers. but it might not be free. many p two p apps charge about 3% when you use a credit card. if you do choose to keep your p two p app linked to your bank account. consumer reports offers this word of caution. if two p account for things like sending money to people you don't know you really have to be very careful because you have no way if something goes wrong to get that money back, and that could be very costly. jenna sacks reporting their cash app. paypal venmo zell alltel consumer reports that keeping users informed, educated and protected from fraud are top priorities now to another warning about cyber criminals hacking your phone
9:49 am
through public charging stations. law enforcement calls it juice jacking hackers break into the charging system to download malware or virus that's then downloaded to your phone while it's charging. you plug your phone or your laptop or you were your ipad or any other type of tablet? it can download malware onto your phone. it's really a problem. nobody knows about it. experts say to protect yourself, bring your own adapter , plug it into a wall outlet or carry your own cell phone charger. state water officials say the third year of the california drought is still something to be concerned about , but they have found one very small, bright spot. runoff from the snowpack is slightly better than it was last year. that's the water that melts and flows into rivers and streams. last year, the ground was so dry, it absorbed much more water than water experts expected this year . the ground is still soaking up much of the runoff, but not as much as last year. that's
9:50 am
encouraging because runoff from the sierra and cascade mountain ranges makes up more than two thirds of the state's annual water supply. marine county water officials are looking for ways to expand their water supply. they are examining the balance of building desalination facilities or expanding reservoirs against how much that's going to cost. they're also looking at importing more water from sonoma county and adding adjustable gates on dam spillways. they say no decisions will be made right away, but they have to consider all of the possible options and their costs kind of wild fire retardant is being tested in the united states. the forest service's tests on the new retardant started last summer, and they're continuing this year with magnesium chloride. the company behind the new retardant says the main ingredient is extracted from the great salt lake in utah and that it's more environmentally friendly before service used more than 50 million gallons of retardant for the first time in 2020, as increasingly destructive wildfires ravaged the west garcia imagine winning the
9:51 am
lottery jackpot three times in the last five years. that's what happened to a woman on the east coast. and i'm wondering if she's single still to come on the nine you won't want to miss her lucky strategy. stay with us.
9:52 am
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in the january 6th insurrection could make criminal referrals involving former president donald trump panels vice chair republican list. cheney said the committee may make referrals to the justirges against the former president and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. cheney also added there could be more than one criminal referral . google's making a policy change in keeping user location history data, the search engine giant says it will delete entries from the person's location history when users visit sensitive health locations such as abortion clinics were domestic violence shelters. google says the changes meant to protect user privacy in abortion cases it will protect users from legal problems from states
9:55 am
banning abortions. tracking with counseling centers, fertility clinics, weight loss centers and cosmetic surgery clinics will also be deleted. dockworkers along the west coast are staying on the job despite an expired labor contract. the pacific maritime association and the union representing more than 22,000 longshore workers. say they will continue talks and maintain normal operations at the ports until an agreement is reached. the labor contract expired on friday. workers are seen as having additional leverage during these negotiations as carriers are reportedly making record profits in a very tight market. causes no longer for sale. the department store has announced its ended its strategic review process and will no longer consider selling itself to franchise group. cole's blamed extreme market volatility and said its finances are healthy enough to operate alone. franchise group offered to buy the retailer for $60 a share, however, it lowered its offer price in recent days due to the
9:56 am
slowing economy. facebook and instagram parent company, meta has cut plans to hire engineers by at least 30% this year, the menlo park based companies reduced its target for hiring engineers to around 6 to 7000, which is down from its initial plan. to hire about 10,000 new engineers during a q and a session last week, the ceo mark zuckerberg said. this might be one of the worst downturns we've seen in recent history. medical affirmed hiring pauses last month, but exact figures hadn't been reported. earlier this year, coda made history as the first oscars best picture winner with a predominantly deaf cast. the film also put a spotlight on disability representation in hollywood and how more doors could and should open. well we keep that conversation going with another look at any moves forward in the industry. some new projects hope to help bring authentic representation to the screen is ashley devore can shows us how children's programming is a big part of it? otas best picture win was a
9:57 am
milestone for disability representation in hollywood, which could lead to more opportunities. have you seen anything so far, even since the big oscar win? yes. that is always the hope that when there is a big win that that's going to open it up doors for so many other people who are deaf and disabled. unfortunately things don't necessarily happen as quickly as we would like, uh, but i do think each win each success story does open up doors . lauren appelbaum of nonprofit respectability hopes codas success results in funding for authentic stories. some of these bigger companies that will want to turn around and say hey, yes , i want to invest in you early on to dance. a recent example is cha cha. real smooth picked up by apple tv plus for a reported $15 million at sundance respectability consulted on it, including with the role of lola played by vanessa burkhart. she was able to bring her authentic
9:58 am
self as someone who is autistic to the film as well. a lot of times people are nervous about bringing in an actress with a disability, and so they want to reach out. they want to ensure the language that they're using in script is okay. they want to ensure that the set is set up appropriately for success and another area making moves. forward is children's content funhouse. they added a deaf character. you play your drums with my gnome band less than 1% of children's content features a disabled characters. so another preschool series is teams and go go. this is another instance where the actual actor hascan b. taking kindness to the in hollywood. ashley berken fox news. maryland woman is celebrating her luck after winning her third lottery prize of at least $100,000 in five years. she has a strategy she and her husband by scratch off
9:59 am
tickets for games that have been on sale for a long time and still have big money prizes now. let us talk about what she's doing with all that money, she says. she's putting it all in the bank for her children, at least buy something for yourself like i get it, but you know yourself. treat yourself to virginia, where one man won the lottery in a unique way he wants $250,000 after using lottery numbers that he says came to him in a dream. the ticket matched the first six numbers. he did not stay asleep long enough to get that missing bonus fall. so heading, not woken up for the alarm. who knows how much bigger that gorgeous smile would be? dream about the numbers? that's the trick. i'm doing it all wrong. i just get the quick pick. i hardly ever do play, but i like you know my husband's birth year my children's birth month, so i'm very strategic. and i've never won even a dollar so don't listen to anything for me. it's always the quick pick because you know i have. i do have a lucky number. 13 choose numbers. i'll choose a 13 in there somewhere. but usually it's the quick pick because the odds i'm gonna lose anyway. but you know, the fun is just in the
10:00 am
dream. it is nice to work with you i know are longtime ktvu viewers remember when you're on mornings onto a little bit ago, so it's good to have you back, greg, thanks so ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feeling how we're feeling ♪ ♪ and we're feeling what we're feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ >> and now, here is your guest, michael rapaport. [cheers and applause] >> audience: whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop!


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