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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 6, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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mom, we need to talk to you about yiorgos. don't you think it's a little odd he showed up in your life right when you became a gigillionaire?! he's a gig-digger, mom! he's using you for your at&t fiber. now that it has hyper-gig speeds. he spends half day shirtless, playing vr games. kids. why do you think i became a gigillionaire in the first place? yes, i am yiorgos. we know. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs. limited availability icu fox two. a 19 year old is fighting for his life tonight after he was seriously hurt while watching the side show and tonight his loved ones are calling for action to try to curb those dangerous street shows. i mean, i would survive this and i'm just scared for his life. i'm scared for everybody else involved. i don't want to
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see any more of this happened. anybody family and friends are gathered outside the hospital in fairfield tonight to pray for 19 year old tyler ingersoll. good evening, everyone. i'm alex savage, julie julie haener. he is currently in critical condition with a traumatic brain injury after being hit by a car while watching a sideshow over the weekend. new attend tonight. ktvu is amber lee joins us now live from fairfield with the message from his loved ones, amber. julie the vigil was held here outside north bay medical center. dozens of people attended the gathering. the family is calling for a crackdown on side shows. my son is fighting for his life because of chose that people are doing in hurting each other family and friends gathered in front of north bay medical center in fairfield to pray for tyler ingersoll, his mother tells me the 19 year old is in critical condition and has undergone three surgeries for traumatic brain injury after being hit by a car while he was watching a
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sideshow as a parent, it's the most traumatic feeling i've ever felt in my life to see my child their life that did not be able to do anything to help him to be able to hold him to be able to make him better. mom has a warning about side shows for your kids. don't let this go on until you kids out there. they think it's fun in it. you guys think it's okay? you could lose your life just by watching it. on sunday night, ingersoll was a spectator at a sideshow near six flags amusement park in vallejo around 10 30 when he was struck by a car. his girlfriend, alyssa gastelum tells me she was with him when she heard gunshots down from the gunshots. one a bullet went right here. through my hair and everything, and i was bending over. and when i got up, i seen tyler on the ground. witnesses told her. the impact from the car cost english salt to land on his head. police say 200 cars were involved in the sideshow and that one person was also shot bristles father once law enforcement to crack down on
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side shows to be done. my boy's gonna victim of this. this this this ridiculous game. tyler ingersoll is the father of an eight month old daughter, and he's expecting another baby with gastelum. she says he was getting ready to start a new job at a winery can't hear his voice or hold him. the family wants to drive a responsible caught you right now for doing this to me and my family, but i know we shouldn't have been there either. because things like this happen. the family says the car that struck in your soul and left the scene is a silver mustang with black rims. his mother tells me. doctors cannot say if ingersoll will survive. alex. amber lee reporting live for us tonight. amber. thank you. now to mountain view where police say a nine year old boy has died after drowning in a swimming pool. authorities say they received a report of a boy unresponsive in a pool at an apartment complex. edmund edmund
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merry way monte avenue at about four o'clock this afternoon, officers were on the way they gave cpr instructions to the collar. authorities took the boy to a nearby hospital, where he sadly died. police say they are working out to figure out the circumstances around the drowning. 10 danville police say two juveniles and an 18 year old have now been charged for an armed robbery that happened outside of a trader joe's store on sunday. we have had a lot of questions as to connection with other crimes and the status of our robbery from the week prior , and we don't have any information on that to release at this time. other than to say that we are continuing to investigate that robbery that took place on hartford. uh, that's being aggressively investigated. the chief also touched on safety measures at the fourth of july parade that happened monday. from an anxiety standpoint, that's one where we
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put a lot of effort in and we put a lot of attention to and it does generate a lot of concern for us because i think that you all put a great deal of faith in us to properly plan an event and make sure that it runs smoothly and it makes sure we have resources in place to mitigate any hazards should they come up. the chief said deputies from the contra costa county sheriff's department as well as san ramon and alameda county, joined the danville police departments. 30 officers for that parade. now to illinois, where prosecutors say the man suspected of carrying out that mass shooting in highland park confessed to the massacre. authorities also said today the suspect was also considering an attack. at another fourth of july celebration in wisconsin. fox news, garrett tenney tells us the new revelations come after a hearing where the suspect was denied bond chilling. new details are emerging about the gunman who fired into a crowd of spectators at 1/4 of july parade in highland park, illinois. investigators say the suspect drove to neighboring madison, wisconsin, where he considered
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committing a second attack on revelers at a celebration there, he did see a celebration that was occurring in madison. i seriously contemplated using the fire army and his vehicle to commit another shooting. it could have been further tragedy and that's why when an event like this happens all of law enforcement throughout the area. and other communities have to be on alert. police say they're not sure why the government decided to drive back to illinois. the revelation comes on the same day. the suspect, 21 year old robert cremo, the third appeared before a judge. he is charged with seven counts of first degree murder and was ordered to be held without bail. justice department head merrick garland reflected on this weekend's massacre. just another horrific reminder. of the violence and the gun violence that we face and that we must do everything in our power to end. the shooting is also prompting renewed calls to enhance red flag gun laws across the country . the reality is when somebody is exhibiting signs of suicide or wanting to hurt other people , that red flag should prevent you from buying a weapon. now
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whether or not the family needed to take steps or law enforcement needed to take steps that has to be worked out and determine if convicted. the alleged gunman could spend the rest of his life behind bars in prosecutors have said they plan to file dozens of more charges over the coming weeks. in highland park, illinois. i'm garrett tenney fox news. that we're learning more tonight about the people who were killed in that parade shooting 35 year old irena and 37 year old kevin mccarthy. both died. they were at the parade with their two year old son, aiden. stranger found the toddler and watched him until authorities were able to reunite the young boy with his grandparents. nicholas zaragoza , was visiting his family in highland park from morella's mexico. the 78 year old was a father of eight and beloved grandfather. he was shot three times on monday. 63 year old jackie sundheim was a cherished member of the north shore congregation israel in glencoe village, just north of chicago.
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she lived in highland park, where she also had been a preschool teacher. 88 year old steven strauss also lived in highland park and still took the train to his chicago office five days a week. working as a stockbroker. he survived by his wife, two sons and grandchildren. katie goldstein was described as having a winning smile. she also lived in highland park. goldstein was 64 years old, married and had two children. you may have noticed a slight dip in just how much you are shelling out at the gas pump. the price of oil has dropped 22% since last month, but experts say it may only be temporary. ktvu lamonica peters live now in san jose, with more on what to expect at the pump over the summer, lamonica julie , you know it's a catch 22. it's really great to see that gas prices are going down. but a local expert said says that it's because of a tough economic outlook here in the u. s and around the world. oddly over the
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last three or four weeks, i've been noticing them going down, and that was kind of a welcome surprise, considering that i'm pretty disappointed with having spent 100 bucks or more to fill my tank. the pain at the pump seems to be easing up a bit as people all over the country are hitting the road this summer. on tuesday, the price of crude oil dropped 9% the largest drop since march. trading for natural gas, gasoline and heating oil have also recently declined. severin bornstein from the energy institute at high school of business, says mounting fears about a global recession is affecting oil prices overall, slower economy means people drive less people fly last there's less demand for oil to heat and so forth, and other mostly in other parts of the world. um and the reduction in demand causes a big drop in prices with so much economic uncertainty around the world, bornstein says. no one can
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predict a gas prices will continue to fall. he says. most economists believe a recession is likely. and for now, people should do what they can to take advantage of lower gas prices. this is a time when you're likely to see big differences, sometimes even just down the block. so now's a great time to really shop around and try to find those better prices, which not only gets you a better deal , it also puts pressure on the high price stations to lower their prices more quickly. but for some drivers, the price of gas is still too expensive. gas prices are going down just a little bit. but not enough. no no, not nearly enough case. i'm scraping into all my money just to get here and there. borenstein says that unless oil prices dropped, like they did during the height of the pandemic, we can expect the average price of gas to be no lower than about $6 per gallon
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here in california, julie going down, but like the man said, not enough, lamonica. thank you. president biden headed to ohio today for his sixth visit as president. he told union workers in cleveland that federal funding will help shore up pensions that were facing insolvency. millions of retirees at risk of losing their retirement security through no fault of their own. based on conditions and unrelenting attacks on unions that were taking place. the money to support those pensions comes from the american rescue plan signed into law in 2021. the visit comes as president biden faces rising discontent among voters about the state of the u. s economy. the economy is, um everything is spiked gas astronomical, so we're getting hit in every aspect. the latest polls show voters are unsatisfied with president biden's job in office. monmouth university has a 58% disapproval
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rating. polling also shows voter dissatisfaction with the government's handling of the economy as a whole. on wall street stocks were higher today after investors saw the minutes from the federal reserve's most recent rate policy meeting, which offered no major surprises . the dow gained 69 points nasdaq rose 39, the s and p finished the day higher by 13. the bay area facing another coronavirus surge coming up tonight at 10 30, what experts say is prompting the 15% test positivity rate. and temperatures remain on the mile . the cool side around here, fire danger is lower. but things are going to heat up as we head into the five day we'll look at that coming back, and a wildfire in the sierra foothills continues to burn. why authorities here in the bay area are keeping a close eye on where the flames spread.
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it's still the eat fresh® refresh at subway®, and now they're refreshing their classics. hold up. if you're going to talk about classics, you should get a classic... [classic refresh] because the classic sweet onion sauce you love is getting refreshed on the new sweet onion steak teriyaki. so, how are we going to refresh the tom brady ending? i got an idea. you take the tagline, buddy. you gotta refresh to... uh...line? it's on the teleprompter. you had one job. subway® keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshing. their homes tonight due to the electric fire burning in the sierra foothills. authorities have lifted evacuation orders for people living in amador county, but some orders are still in effect tonight in neighboring calipari's county. that fire is burning along highway 49 near the city of jackson. the fire has now burned more than 4100 acres or about 6.5 square miles at last check.
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cal fire reported containment to be at 40. crusade backfiring operations have been successful at keeping the fire away from built up areas. objective of firing operations is to starve the fire fuel before it has a chance to actually reach our lines. so if something does decide to come out of the canyon it's got a nice buffer to slow it down and stop it. as of now, no homes have been lost, and no one has been hurt in that fire, utility and water officials here in the bay area are keeping a close eye on that electrify rare . the big concern is the impact on the power grid and water supply. ktvu is tom baker explains how the fire could cause problems closer to home. fire debris from the electoral fire will create a lot of ash and other organic materials that can fall into or later washington, the upper mcw alameda watershed that flows directly into east bay muds party reservoir, which could create water quality issues for
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the 1.4 million customers. that utility serves. we are keeping an eye on the water quality, and so once the fire clears, we'll be doing an assessment and will be working with blm, the bureau of land management to check the soil. well to check the water quality and treat the water accordingly. water utilities are used to dealing with all kinds of contaminants in their water supplies. water treatment plans will handle, um, the situation but we want to know exactly more specifically what the situation is and see if we need to make any adjustments to our processes . fire says that various critical electricity facilities are also threatened. including 11, major distribution and transmission poles and towers that have already been damaged. pg and e says it's closely monitoring some hydro electric generation. powerhouse and substation facilities, and that's the fire continues to spread. some additional power shutoffs may be necessary really thick, heavy smoke has so many
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particulates in it that when smoke runs between the lines it can actually short out and cause huge interruptions. what pg and e has chosen to do is to cut power in major fire areas locally. and reroute the power to non fire areas, surgically reducing and de energizing lines to make them safe during fires is a lot better than pg and e is previous practice of having massive the energizing every time the wind blows a year ago, the bootleg fire in oregon threatening electricity inter tie that sends power to northern california that could have instantly cut the energy of 10 large natural gas fired power plants to the golden state. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. the electric fire is one of four wildfires that cal fire is battling across the state. right now, the others the garrison fire in monterey county. this
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one started on monday and has burned nearly 4000 acres, and it stands at 10% contained the table fire is in fresno county. it also started on monday. it's grown to 166 acres with 95% containment, and the rice is fire in nevada county is at 93% containment. it started last week, and it's burned more than 900 acres. so far this year, cal fire has responded to nearly 3600 wildfires and those fires are responsible for burning more than 22,000 acres. alrighty another cool day out there today . fire danger greatly reduced because of the cooler, lower temperatures and higher humidities, which has been something we've been dealing with for a while now, which works out pretty well, considering we're concerned a lot about fire around here. these are the highest from today . these do not look like january or july. early july temperatures. these numbers 80 and antioch's 79 in fairfield
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and expect those numbers to be in the low nineties in the inland spots now, tomorrow is going to be almost the same day very similar. start off with a bunch of clouds. some fog. some low clouds because the fog has been getting lifted up and it's become, it becomes low clouds like this morning we had all nine bay area counties had low clouds. i think tomorrow morning will be the same way. and then tomorrow act the same way it'll be a slow burn off and then temperatures end up in the seventies for most of us with a few low eighties, and this is the reason why that low pressure center we had drizzle last night. we might see a little bit of drizzle tomorrow morning. that's not necessarily a big deal. other than it's like, yeah, it's raining, but it's really just a heavy mist or drizzle, especially along the coast. about inland temperatures tomorrow and around the bay mimic what we had today. friday is pretty similar, and then we warm up a little bit into the weekend. no heat wave but warmer. i'll see you back here with the full forecast. all right, bill. we'll see you in a bit. thank you. well the day after the fourth of july, is known as one of the dirtiest
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days of the year across the country, visitors to parks and beaches often leave behind massive amounts of trash on mornings on to today, zack smith of clean up the lake said. they had help from hundreds of volunteers, both onshore and in the water picking up litter, and the news was very encouraging tahoe's nevada beach clean up the lake was diving in along nevada beach in 2020 and 2021. we removed over £400 those past two years and yesterday we are super excited to only find £45 of trash. smith told us that most of the trash they did find was plastic and rubber, and he said they also picked up a lot of smaller items things such as cigarette butts and bottle caps . there's some sad news at the san francisco zoo, its oldest magellanic penguin, has died. captain eo was the last of the founding members of the zoo's magellanic penguin colony and one of the oldest penguins living under human care. he was estimated to be about 40 years old. the life expectancy for his
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species is 20 to 30 years, the zoo says. captain neil was truly a legend and a penguin that has seen generations of penguins succeed him. coming up. it's not just covid anymore. the spike in monkeypox cases in san francisco and the organization urging the city to do more than that to get those at risk vaccinated. up first, though, in two minutes the changes president biden is making to nato's relationship with afghanistan. we gotta see this selection for ourselves. tile, wood, stone, laminate and vinyl. this hardwood is beautiful.
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designation as a major, non nato us ally. president biden announced that decision in a letter to congress today the designation during the obama administration allowed the u. s and afghanistan to receive defense and economic assistance. today's move follows the u. s. military withdrawal from afghanistan last year after nearly 20 years of war. the country has since fallen under
10:24 pm
taliban rule. bologna donald trump's former white house counsel, is scheduled to testify friday before the house committee investigating the january 6th attack at the u. s. capitol. the subject or the committee subpoenaed napaloni last week, his reported resistance to former president trump's efforts to overturn the election has made him a long sought after witness simple only agreed to appear before the committee for a private transcribed interview on friday . the next public televised hearing is set for july 12th at seven a.m. our time. senator lindsey graham says he will not comply with a subpoena in the investigation of possible interference in georgia's 2020 election. attorneys for the south carolina republicans say they are prepared to challenge the subpoena for grams testimony to the fulton county grand jury. the subpoena claims graham made at least two phone calls to georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger as former president trump disputed the results of the 2020 election. millions of dollars in grant
10:25 pm
money is being distributed to california nonprofits that are working to stop a p i hate san francisco assembly member phil ting this morning announced the new round of grants, which total over $30 million there are 12 grant recipients, including four of them here in the bay area, they'll receive a combined total of over $12 million. this is round two of the stop ap. i hate grounds. this is called the transformative grants really larger grants made to have a much bigger impact in our communities. this stuff $30 million that is being is being granted. a few of the things that grant money will be used for include better services for victims, adding senior escort programs, mental health programs and activities that promote greater cultural understanding. the city of los altos has a new police chief angela everette will take over the police department on august 1st. she will oversee it apartment, which
10:26 pm
includes 32 officers, she has served more than 25 years in law enforcement. beginning with the hayward police department and has been deputy chief at bart police she created and ran a progressive policing and community engagement bureau at bart. she is replacing longtime los altos police chief and andy talia, who retired last week. hospital rates are going up with great as well but nowhere near prior surges. health officials are urging calm amid another surge of coronavirus here in the bay area. their advice next also proof that people are ready to have some fun. after years of the pandemic, the latest revenue report from one bay area fair also ahead tonight, fan interference changes the outcome of a really clutch hits for the giants as they try to snap a six game losing streak. also a woman from the east bay returns home after helping ukrainian refugees in poland how she's describing that experience coming up at 10
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court judge has ruled against the los angeles county unified school district when it comes to his student vaccine mandate the judge, citing instead with a father of a 12, year old student who challenged the mandate. the judge said the district exceeded its authority and that the power to require children to be vaccinated to attend school lies with the state. the ruling has no immediate effect because in may, the school district postponed its mandate until at least july of next year. here in the bay area. all nine counties are now considered high risk by the cdc for the spread of the coronavirus region is seeing a 15% test positivity rate. but as ktvu zach sauce tells us, it appears vaccines are still working to prevent severe cases. not everybody is going to get
10:30 pm
covid. it's just a matter again of using tools in the community sensibly to try and reduce risk with the bay area's covid-19 positivity rate, now hovering around 15% in line with a trend seen statewide infectious disease expert dr peter chin hong, reminding people to take basic precautions doesn't mean you stay at home and shelter in place, and definitely it means you continue to engage in life. we all know what to do mask up and public or crowded areas. that's what the cdc is recommending across the bay area's nine counties now considered at a high risk level for spread of the virus, the california department of public health also reminding parents to get their kids the vaccine now authorized for children under five. these vaccines are safe. they're effective. we have never accumulated so much data so quickly on vaccines and over 20 million other children of older ages have gotten vaccines. so far, state epidemiologist dr
10:31 pm
eric upon says the vaccine continues to prevent severe covid-19 in a majority of people who get it despite the uptick in cases. hospitalizations remained fairly low. hospital rates are going up a bit as well, but nowhere near prior surges and santa clara county. most of those cases are tied to newer so very ints of oh, macron what we're seeing in a lot of the wastewater data, which is what we're currently relying on. in addition to our case data is that we are seeing these variants continue to have a high level of transmission in the community. their superpower is reinfection. so even if you got infected two weeks ago, and all these that will probably get view at least three months off. uh it's not so would be for nba five. that's why they agree. masking remains important, but as far as another mandate, but we're not at the point where we're ready to institute another mask mandate. another point brought up about these health experts about what i'm asking is so important, they say much is still unknown about how covid affects the human body, including long term in the
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newsroom. zach sauce, ktvu fox two news. the number of monkeypox cases here in san francisco has more than doubled over the past week, the san francisco department of health is reporting an additional 24 monkeypox cases, and that brings the total number of cases in the city to 40. there is also word tonight from the organizers of last week. san francisco pride parade. they've been alerted about a pride attendee who's reported having monkeypox virus primarily spreads through direct contact with infectious sores, scabs or body fluids and sexual activity. and the san francisco aids foundation says the city needs more monkey pox vaccines. in a statement online, the foundation says, quote organizations like the san francisco aids foundation or uniquely positioned to reach communities who may be at higher risk for monkey pox and do so in ways that are affirming and compassionate. the organization says it currently has fewer than
10:33 pm
100 doses of the vaccine and says it likely needs thousands more to inoculate high risk groups. despite the surgeon, coronavirus and monkeypox cases , more visitors are heading to san francisco this summer. and it's ktvu christien kafton tells us businesses that are still recovering, could not be happier . well, no one likes waiting in long lines, the long line at the powell street cable car turnaround is actually a good sign for the city's tourism industry. a lot of families taking advantage of the summer holiday to travel and they've chosen san francisco. we're from here from battery park, new york city, and i can't believe in san francisco is popping. we love it. we were great place for tourism. we never imagined that my son was the one that picked it out, and we're pleasantly surprised. dalesandro from travel sf says pre pandemic. nearly two thirds of the city's leisure travelers were from overseas. and while the city is not back yet, at that level, the international travelers are returning about 70% occupied in
10:34 pm
our hotels right now typically would be about 90% this time of year, so we still got some room for growth. but we are starting to get back and we're seeing international visitors coming in from europe, especially, alessandro says visits from asia are still lagging with many asian countries. continuing to restrict travel due to covid concerns, but travelers from canada, central america and europe are back. sara foster and her family are from england. so we're on our summer holiday that we booked about a year ago, and we're starting some francisco and traveling right down through california and then going to las vegas and then from there, and like most visitors, she says, they're spending their money here. we certainly are. yeah it seems quite expensive, but yeah , no, we're certainly funding for many years, some of that money going to support small businesses such as san francisco deluxe hop on hop off. what it is coming back. it is coming back where they say after a slow start to the year, they're starting to see more people
10:35 pm
hopping on and visiting san francisco. that's what i'm starting to see. they did have a lot of ships coming in as well. but now tourism coming in from all over the world. now it's getting busy again. it's going to be a good year and travel sf says the final piece of the visitor puzzle is convention visitors. travel sf says june was a strong month for conventions, but next year is looking better. salesforce has recently announced that it will be returning to a large convention in september, up from the smaller convention that we saw last year in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. new attend of revenue for this year's marine county fair increase by more than 25% over 2019 numbers, proving that people are ready to have some fun after two years of covid restrictions. the fair, which ran from thursday through monday , generated nearly $1.9 million compared to $1.5 million in 2019 proof of covid-19 and covered 19 vaccination and masking were not
10:36 pm
required to attend this year. officials say if the event shows an increase in infections, those numbers could show up in marines case data, which is released every tuesday and friday. the state of california is significantly overhauling its cannabis tax structure in an effort to help the struggling legal marijuana industry. the changes were adopted last week as part of a broader state budget agreement. they include creating tax credits for some cannabis businesses and switching the collection of a state excise tax from distributors to retailers. that tax will pause at 15% for three years, after which the rate could be adjusted to replace revenue last jew to the cultivation. due to the elimination of a cultivation tax under legislation that was approved last week. the bodies of three bay area men who tried to rescue a child from the sacramento river have now been recovered. those three men were swept away by the current on sunday near the three mile slow bridge and highway 1 60.
10:37 pm
according to the real vista fire department. those men went into the water when a child who was swimming began to struggle to stay afloat. the child was pulled to safety. emergency crews searched the water for days and finally located the bodies of all three men last night. family at the scene identified those men as edwin rivas, edwin perez and danilo solorzano. all three of them lived in oakland. coming up tonight on the news at 11, the release of two alleged fentanyl dealers causes outrage, and now authorities can't find them the latest on this case at 11. and i'm tracking the mild weather will have that weekend forecast with the five day coming up. up first california campaigning to guarantee a right to abortion. the coalition rolled out today, right after the bre
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right to abortion in the state constitution is rolling out today. coalition of reproductive healthcare, human rights and justice groups are endorsing prop. one today, the campaign launched its website along with twitter, facebook and instagram channels. voters will decide in november whether to amend the state constitution to ensure a fundamental right to abortion and protect access to birth control. this could be san francisco district attorney chase a boudin's final week in office after he lost a recall vote. bodine likely is expected to be removed by the end of the week. san francisco mayor london breed will name his replacement among the people who have been interviewed for the job. current supervisor catherine stephanie, former san francisco prosecutor brooke jenkins, current alameda county prosecutor nancy tongue. superior court judge erik fleming and former police
10:41 pm
commissioner commission member joe elliott oto varanasi backers of a recall of los angeles district attorney george gascon turned in their signatures to the county registrar today. they need more than 566,000 verified signatures to force a recall. election organizers arrived at the registrar's office with a truck they say was filled with 717,000 signatures. backers say gas collins criminal justice reform policies are too soft on crime. one man whose son was killed in an armed robbery, said the d a. is making l a less safe. you have mr george gascon , aiding the public defender trying to take off the enhancements off of our case. i can't bring my son back. i can't breathe jacob back, but i can help protect that person's child. and that person's grandchild over there. organizers expect if the signatures are verified that there will be a special election in december or january unless
10:42 pm
the county is able to expedite the recall and put it on the november ballot. gascon was san francisco's district attorney up until 2019, the man who killed rising rap star nipsey hustle was convicted today, jurors found 32 year old eric holder, a former acquaintance of household guilty of first degree murder. the verdict brings an end to a legal saga that has lasted more than three years and a trial that was often delayed because of the pandemic. holder and hustle had known each other for years when a chance meeting outside the grammy winning rappers los angeles clothing store led to the shooting and his death. a close friend of hustle was in court for every day of the trial. he was a close friend. it feels good to get some closure. the same token. i still need to know why, you know a jury of nine women and three men deliberated for a total of about six hours over two days before reaching the verdict. still to come tonight. here on
10:43 pm
the 10 o'clock news. the war between russia and ukraine is raging on and efforts are still underway to help the millions of ukrainian refugees after the break tonight. from one bay area woman who just returned from poland to provide relief. also more clouds today, but will it start to feel more like summer? chief meteorologist bill martin will have your five day forecast coming up after the break? it's still the eat fresh® refresh at subway®, and now they're refreshing their classics. hold up. if you're going to talk about classics, you should get a classic... [classic refresh] because the classic sweet onion sauce you love is getting refreshed on the new sweet onion steak teriyaki. so, how are we going to refresh the tom brady ending? i got an idea. you take the tagline, buddy.
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woman who recently traveled to poland to provide aid to ukrainian refugees is sharing her story. sorry heymann helped raise more than $12,000 in supplies for refugees fleeing the violence in ukraine. tonight she talked about her experience with friends and neighbors, saying it was a deep personal connection that compelled her to help. my father's family and my mother's family are from western ukraine, and so it just hit very close to home. this could just as easily have been me as a refugee. if my parents my grandparents hadn't been able to leave. later at decision many of those who attended tonight's discussion contributed to hammond's fundraising effort. she says she is still in awe of the resilience of the ukrainian people. a silicon valley based organization that regularly sends aid to ukraine is making a
10:47 pm
desperate plea. oh, founder and marketing director of nova ukraine is urging people to step up donations, yulia zimmerman says in the first months of the war, nova ukraine raised more than 22 a half million dollars in donations. but in recent months those donations have waned, she says the need for donations continues because ukrainians need help now, and they will need help after the war is over, as the country begins to rebuild. russia's military is making more advances in ukraine. russian missiles, missiles rather seriously damaged university in ukraine's second largest city. one person died and three others were injured. the russian military says it's poised to take control of more parts of eastern ukraine. but ukrainian leaders say they are not backing down. box news. nate foyt has more now from lviv, ukraine. russian forces are now pushing for all of don boss using heavy artillery and missile attacks in
10:48 pm
the city of slovyansk, the governor of the donetsk province now telling 350,000 people to evacuate the city for their own safety and the benefit of ukrainian forces. shelling on civilian infrastructure and endangers lives. when they evacuate, we will be able to concentrate more on our enemy. ukraine still controls half of donetsk province officials hope western aid will fortify its defense as russia relies on superior firepower. on tuesday, a russian official restating moscow's goals of d notifying and demilitarizing ukraine and enforcing its neutrality between russia and nato. the facts are well known. the western countries should, of course, realize their responsibility for the deaths of civilians. the biden administration promising to push back at the upcoming g 20 summit here in the united states speak clearly with our allies and partners against what russia is doing in terms of its
10:49 pm
invasion of ukraine. the g 20 summit starts later this week. right now it's unclear. secretary of state antony blinken will meet with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. reporting in the vive ukraine. i'm nate foy ktvu, fox two news. there are growing calls from inside the uk government for prime minister boris johnson to resign three top members of the cabinet and dozens of junior officials have resigned in protest. johnson is accused of mishandling the response to sexual misconduct allegations against a senior official. the prime minister is resisting calls from his fellow party members to step down. and when we had the biggest war in europe 80 years, mr speaker, that is when that is exactly the moment that you would expect the government to continue with its work not to walk away. the prime minister narrowly fought off a no confidence vote last month. another vote couldn't happen for another 11 months unless
10:50 pm
parliament changes certain rules. another cool day or mild day. i mean, it's more like a early spring kind of a day, maybe a little mid spring 80 degrees in antioch was the hot spot liver more than 76. 18. morgan hill. greater quality strong onshore winds that's kept fire danger down. that's given us good air quality keeps temperatures cool or lower. as well. oakland newsy it's cloudy out there is cloudy, basically all bay area counties right now because of this low pressure center that continues to linger now the high is going to do this move or it builds in back out of the four corners kind of towards us. that's where the warm up comes. but it's not a heat wave. it will be really hot for, say, bakersfield and vegas and those places phoenix but for us, it's just going to nudge in don saturday and sunday and temperatures are warm up. a few degrees. right now. it's mild, low sixties strong onshore flow. there's the winds. there's that low that this low is the thing. that's what's kept us below
10:51 pm
average. that's what's helping with fire danger that low stays put for the next three or four days. pretty much as it does we get the continued weather pattern. so cloudy. when you wake up, it was cloudy and almost all nine barrier counties this morning. it will be cloudy in basically all communities tomorrow morning with mild overnight lows, so upper fifties low sixties and some spots, there's the morning fog or cloud. low cloud footprint. if you it's basically fog, but it's a deep marine layer. so it's at the beach. it's gonna look like little clouds and around san francisco, but you can just see how much of it there is and how slowly it burns off in the afternoon. this reminds me of today is exactly how today was that's probably our tomorrow is going to be for sure. and then friday be a little bit quicker burn off on saturday and sunday more rapid on the burn off in a little bit warmer until we see on saturday and sunday. these inland temperatures, not in the eighties, low eighties but in the low nineties, not a heatwave just warmer. so with that said tomorrow, just like today,
10:52 pm
almost a spot on duplication and then the five day forecast to see temperatures warming up on saturday, sunday and into monday , but again, nothing extreme, actually a very pleasant weather pattern with really good air quality. fire danger that's manageable and just a pleasant, pleasant weather pattern that certainly helps the cal fire situation. so i'll see you back here at 11. we'll update that forecast. all right. we'll see you then, bill. thank you. okay, take a look at this. spain's running of the bulls is back after a two year covid band. thousands of revelers celebrated in the streets of pamplona. wednesday ray waving red handkerchiefs and shouting the highlight of the nine day festival is the early morning runs in which thousands of people scattered to avoid six balls as they charge along a winding cobblestone route to the city's bullring. at the beginning, we follow. it was going to be more of a local thing that people from spain we're going to come as you can see, it's much the same as the
10:53 pm
other users are really excited about that. the bull runs begin tomorrow through pamplona's narrow streets over a stretch of about a half a mile. the festival was made world famous by ernest hemingway's 1926 novel , the sun also rises. right francisco giants they are looking to avoid getting swept by the d backs and snap their six game losing streak. we'll show you how they did it up next. then on the 11 o'clock, news activists marched against the plan to turn people's park into student housing. their message for the uc berkeley administration at 11.
10:54 pm
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wait for win tonight in arizona after losing their last six
10:56 pm
games and trying to avoid getting swept in this three game series, joey barton back with the giants after a minor league stint, we go to the top of the fifth the d backs leading forward to nothing at this point , bart up to bat, and bart crushes some merrill kelly pitch to left three run homer makes it a 43 game. but the play is reviewed and not the review. you can see a fan reaches out into the field of play to catch the ball. this was ruled fan interference. the giants only get one run because it's ruled a double and the fans objected. for two. now in the eighth inning, darren ruff takes a joe meant to apply pitch deep to left, two run shot ties the game at 44 rough seventh homer of the season. then in the top of the ninth bases loaded for the giants in austin, slater goes opposite field for the two run double. the giants take a 64 lead san francisco holds on to win this 175, and they snapped at six game losing streak. they avoid the sweep giants hoping to
10:57 pm
carry the momentum into their next series facing the padres in san diego. for four games. alright let's go over to the coliseum in oakland and talk about some a's baseball they're taking on the blue jays today. vladimir guerrero there with a nice shades at the ballpark, top of the 4th 00 ballgame, toronto with two on and lourdes gourriel jr grounds, one up of james kaprielian. nick allen dives to make the play to first for the out allen with the nice save their saving a run for the a's bottom six now same score, but not for long, remote. liriano sends the jose berrios pitch deep to left. nice catch by the fan in the stands. by the way, they're laureano sixth homer of the season and the a's lead one. nothing former all star athletic matt chapman, then get some revenge on his former team. chapman ties the game with a solo shot of the seventh. chapman's 13th of the season. we're tied 11 here top of the eighth. bo bichette breaks the
10:58 pm
tie for the blue jays solo home run off domingo acevedo. that was bichette's 13th homer of the season. it's 21 toronto blue jays at the jays win by that score the age take two or three, though from toronto, still those searching for their first series sweep of the season the nfl quarterback carousel continues. but jimmy garoppolo is still a member of the 49ers today, the cleveland browns agreed to trade former first round first round pick baker mayfield to the carolina panthers for fourth or fifth round pick in 2024. that depends on mayfield's playing time with the panthers. mayfield, the number one overall pick in the 2018 draft, joins the panthers team. it already has sam donald the number three overall selection in 2018 on its quarterback. depth chart. former nhl player and current scout for the san jose sharks has died. bryan marchment was 53 years old . the former nhl defenseman was selected 16th overall in the
10:59 pm
1987 nhl draft. he played 17 seasons in the nhl, including with the san jose sharks before becoming a scout for the team in 2000 and seven according to the league. marchment was attending the nhl's draft when he died unexpectedly. the sharks tweeted a statement and mentioned in part quote brian's lifelong love of hockey was unparalleled, and he was amongst the most dedicated physical and fiercest players to ever play the game. most importantly, brian was a loving son, husband and father. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. oddly over the last three or four weeks, i've been noticing them going down, and that was kind of a welcome surprise. some welcome changes at the pump. gas prices are dropping, but some experts say the relief may only be temporary . it is not your imagination. over the past month, the price of oil has dropped 22% and that
11:00 pm
is having a positive impact on gas prices. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener alex savage. the average price here in california still is up nearly $2 from one year ago, but it's down compared to last month . ktvu lamonica peters tells us if the relief will last. this pain at the pump seems to be easing up a bit as people all over the country are hitting the road this summer. on tuesday, the price of crude oil dropped 9% the largest drop since march. trading for natural gas, gasoline and heating oil have also recently declined, but oddly, over the last three or four weeks, i've been noticing them going down, and that was kind of a welcome surprise, considering that i'm pretty disappointed with having spent 100 bucks or more to fill my tank severin bornstein from the energy institute at high school of business, says mounting fears about a global recession is affecting oil prices overall, slower economy means people drive less


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