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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 6, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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is having a positive impact on gas prices. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener alex savage. the average price here in california still is up nearly $2 from one year ago, but it's down compared to last month . ktvu lamonica peters tells us if the relief will last. this pain at the pump seems to be easing up a bit as people all over the country are hitting the road this summer. on tuesday, the price of crude oil dropped 9% the largest drop since march. trading for natural gas, gasoline and heating oil have also recently declined, but oddly, over the last three or four weeks, i've been noticing them going down, and that was kind of a welcome surprise, considering that i'm pretty disappointed with having spent 100 bucks or more to fill my tank severin bornstein from the energy institute at high school of business, says mounting fears about a global recession is affecting oil prices overall, slower economy means people drive less people fly last
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there's less demand for oil to heat and so forth, and other mostly in other parts of the world. um and the reduction in demand causes a big drop in prices so much economic uncertainty around the world, bornstein says. no one can predict of gas prices will continue to fall. he says. most economists believe a recession is likely. and for now, people should do what they can to take advantage of lower gas prices. this is a time when you're likely to see big differences, sometimes even just down the block. so now's a great time to really shop around and try to find those better prices, which not only gets you a better deal , it also puts pressure on the high price stations to lower their prices more quickly. but for some drivers, the price of gas is still too expensive. gas prices are going down just a little bit. but not enough. not
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enough. not nearly enough. i'm scraping into all my money just to get here and there says that unless oil prices dropped like they did at the height of the pandemic, we can expect to see gas prices no lower than about $6 per gallon here in california. lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. the average price of gas across the country is $4.77 a gallon but of course, a much different story here in the bay area, the county with the highest price per gallon is napa. it's $6.42. the county that has the lowest price in the bay area is solano county at $6.18 a gallon. all bay area counties are over $6 a gallon right now. new at 11. job openings dropped a bit in may, but the labor room market remains strong, the bureau of labor statistics said today. there were more than 11 million open jobs at the end of may. that's almost two jobs for everyone available job seeker.
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the quit rate also remains high 4.3 million people left their jobs in the month of may and 6.5 million people were hired. more legal maneuvering in the proposed ban on jules electronic cigarettes. today the fda and jewel agreed to put their court fight on hold while the government conducts more reviews of e cigarettes. the fda ordered a ban on the products two weeks ago. joel says it has submitted enough evidence to show that its product meet government standards. it can continue to sell the product while the review is going on. new tonight . 19 year old man is clinging to life at a hospital after being hit by a car while watching a sideshow in vallejo, and tonight his family held a prayer vigil. this ktvu is amberleigh reports. they're calling for a crackdown on those side shows my sense fighting for his life because of shows that people are doing in hurting each other family and friends gathered in front of north bay medical center in
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fairfield to pray for tyler ingersoll, his mother tells me the 19 year old is in critical condition and has undergone three surgeries for traumatic brain injury after being hit by a car while he was watching a sideshow parent, it's the most traumatic feeling i've ever felt in my life to see my child their life that did not be able to do anything to help him to be able to hold him to be able to make him better. mom has a warning about side shows for your kids. don't let this go on. and to you kids out there. they think it's fun in it. you guys think it's okay? you could lose your life just by watching it. on sunday night, ingersoll was a spectator at a sideshow near six flags amusement park in vallejo around 10 30 when he was struck by a car. his girlfriend, alyssa gastelum tells me she was with him when she heard gunshots down from the gunshots. one a bullet went right here through my hair and everything. and i was bending over and when i got up, i seen tyler on the ground.
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witnesses told her the impact from the car costing gerstle to land on his head. police say 200 cars were involved in the sideshow and that one person was also shot. in bristles father once law enforcement to crack down on side shows to be done, my boys coming victim of this this this this ridiculous game. tyler ingersoll is the father of an eight month old daughter, and he's expecting another baby with gastelum. she says he was getting ready to start a new job at a winery can't hear his voice or hold him. the family wants to drive a responsible caught you right now for doing this to me and my family. but i know we shouldn't have been there either. because things like this happen. the family says the car that struck ingersoll and left the scene is a silver mustang with black rims. his mother tells me. doctors cannot say if ingersoll will survive in fairfield, amberleigh ktvu. fox two news. a tongan family says they have yet to lay their loved
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one to rest after he was killed last month during a police pursuit related to a sideshow. the victim's family, says lolo psy chi chi was an innocent bystander caught up in a police chase on international boulevard on june 26th that chase came to an end when the driver crashed into a row of parked cars and motorcycles. one of those motorcycles was ejected into the air and fell on top of sockeye killing him. family says an autopsy has not yet been conducted. but the alameda county coroner expects to release his body sometime this week. once the family has a funeral date, the ceremony will be public. they say, that's what soak i would have wanted. san jose residents got to ask questions tonight at a community forum about a plan to allow un house people to park rvs and other vehicles at the senate teresa light rail station parking lot. what kind of guarantees can you give us that it's going to be, you know,
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within the fence line will say that our previous safe parking programs at southside community center and roosevelt did not see an increase in crime. people also had questions about pollution from rv generators as well as blackwater and gray water disposal. the nonprofit life moves will be operating the site, and they hope to open that site. in october. new video to show you tonight of a brush fire that burned in san francisco for a time. it started around 8 45 tonight at corona heights park. this is video from the citizen app. people who live nearby recorded the flames from their homes. fire officials say. this was only grass and brush that burned and it was quickly put out. there's no word tonight on a cause for that fire. more coronavirus infections are being reported here in the bay area. public health leaders say the increase is largely a result of new sub variants of the omicron variant. all of the bay area's
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nine counties are now considered at a high risk level for spread of the virus. infectious disease expert dr peter chin hong is reminding people not to panic. but to take basic precautions doesn't mean you stay at home and shelter in place indefinitely. it means you continue to engage in life. we all know what to do mask up and public or crowd. health officials say the vaccine continues to prevent severe covid-19 and the majority of people who get it. and despite the uptick in the number of cases, hospitalizations remained fairly low. another point brought up to health experts is about why masks are so important . they say, there are still quite a bit that remains unknown about how covid affects the human body, especially long term. and east bay toughest restaurant is closing after nearly 25 years why the owners say the famous chez panisse is to blame. plus, there are fresh calls for enhanced red flag laws after the fourth of july massacre in highland park, i'm
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rallying around a toddler who was found alone covered in blood in the chaotic aftermath of monday's mass shooting in highland park, illinois. the parents of two year old aidan mccarthy were killed at that fourth of july parade. a stranger took the little boy to a police station and waited for word. once aiden's grandfather was found, he rushed to the boy
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asked his grandfather are mommy and daddy coming soon. his grandfather says the family will be taking care of aden and they will have help go fundaccount tn suspected of carrying out that shooting confessed to the massacre. fox news, garrett tenney tells us authorities also said today the suspect was also considering an attack. at another fourth of july celebration in wisconsin. chilling new details are emerging about the gunman who fired into a crowd of spectators at 1/4 of july parade in highland park, illinois. investigators say the suspect drove to neighboring madison, wisconsin, where he considered committing a second attack on revelers at a celebration there, he did see a celebration that was occurring in madison. i seriously contemplated using the fire army and his vehicle to commit another shooting. it could have been further tragedy and that's why when an event
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like this happens all of law enforcement throughout the area. and other communities have to be on alert. police say they're not sure why the government decided to drive back to illinois. the revelation comes on the same day. the suspect, 21 year old robert cremo, the third appeared before a judge. he is charged with seven counts of first degree murder and was ordered to be held without bail. justice department head merrick garland reflected on this weekend's massacre. just another horrific reminder. of the violence and the gun violence that we face and that we must do everything in our power to end is also prompting renewed calls to enhance red flag gun laws across the country. the reality is when somebody is exhibiting signs of suicide or wanting to hurt other people. that red flag should prevent you from buying a weapon. now whether or not the family needed to take steps or law enforcement needed to take steps that has to be worked out and determine if convicted. the alleged gunman could spend the rest of his life behind bars. prosecutors have said they plan to file dozens of more charges
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over the coming weeks. in highland park, illinois. i'm garrett tenney. fox news, a new report details more of the missed opportunities. police had to stop the quality texas school mass shooting. a sweeping critique was released today by a training center at texas state university for active shooter situations. it found that a police officer watched the gunman walked toward the campus. but did not open fire while waiting for permission from a supervisor to shoot. the supervisor either did not hear or responded too late. that report also says some of the 21 victims could have been saved had they received medical attention sooner while police waited more than an hour before breaching the classroom findings are based on video taken from the school police body cameras, testimony from officers on the scene and statements from investigators. police in virginia say a hero citizen helped them to thwart another mass shooting. also on the fourth of july, the caller
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claimed to have overheard two men making plans to shoot up the independence day conn richmond. those two suspects were taken into custody. police seized two assault rifles, a handgununition at the home where those two men lived. richmond police say they are working now to determine a motive in this case. two men released after being arrested for transporting hundreds of thousands of fentanyl pills, and now they are on the run. also an impostor arrested in the north bay on alert homeowner helped authorities catch the man who tried to break into his home wearing a fake comcast uniform. and we are tracking these cool and we are tracking these cool mild temperatures into it's still the eat fresh® refresh at subway®, and now they're refreshing their classics.
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esters gathered this evening for what they called a march to reclaim people's park. they are upset because u. c. berkeley wants to turn a portion of the park in the student or faculty housing. the park has a rich history and was the site of many protests during the 19 sixties. in more recent years, it served as a gathering place for those who are in housed. earlier this month, a state appeals court granted a stay order temporarily halting the ucs construction at that site. cal was set to begin building student housing there this summer. the park was founded in opposition to the university, and it has always existed in opposition to the university. throughout his 53 years, the university has been consistently trying to build on and make a profit off of the park. well this placing the low income, mostly black and brown people who rely on it. the park was recently named the national
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list of historic places popular restaurant in berkeley, is closing after 24 years, the tapas bar cities are announced on instagram today it will officially closed on july 23rd. the closure comes after a battle with the famous restaurant chez panisse. japanese is right next door and owns the building. the restaurant opted against renewing, say sars lease, japanese owner alice waters says, say sars owners were given one year's notice and offered to hire all staff impacted by the restaurants. closure. cesar says it is hoping to move to a new location. a man from san francisco was caught posing as a comcast worker and trying to break into a home in marin county. as ktvu cristina rendon shows us now at the authorities say that man drove off in a stolen comcast explain itty ban and crashed in the east bay while trying to escape. a scraped up xfinity events. it's his evidence at the marine county sheriff's office. debris
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still stuck on a tire after it was stolen and crashed by a man posing as a comcast worker. the marin county sheriff's office has a homeowner on bret hart road in san rafael, called authorities to report a suspicious men in a comcast uniform trying to get into his home around one in the afternoon on the fourth of july. the homeowner was out of town, watching the activity from his ring security camera when a deputy got to the house, the burglar was in the garage. what appears to be an xfinity? service worker running out of the garage that was propped open with a ladder. jumps into an xfinity van and takes off out of the driveway with the van door still open. brenton schneider says the deputy chased the driver in the xfinity van from marin across the richmond san rafael bridge to richmond. the vent crashed in debris on the off ramp to cutting boulevard, california our patrols helicopter happened to be in the area, so as soon as we ask for their assistance, they were able to get overhead and kind of help us when he took off on foot from the vehicle, the suspect, 30
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year old tyler, christopher ramirez, of san francisco, is believed to have stolen the xfinity van from headquarters location in richmond. before he tried to burglarize the home in san rafael. unbelievable we don't have that type of crime in this area. marin county. we live here because it's a big bubble, and we absolutely love the safety and security. so for us, that's pretty eye opening. jennifer manohar is a realtor in the area who says neighbors keep an eye out on their houses and each other authorities say some mail was taken from the house. but thanks to the quick call to the sheriff's office, the deputy prevented the home from being ransacked. i just thank you can't be too careful. trust no. one. or maybe verify or if it's not scheduled. don't believe it . the suspect is facing a number of charges. i reached out to comcast corporate office for clarification on how and when the van was stolen, but a spokesperson told me they are unable to comment due to this being an ongoing legal matter and police investigation. cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. wreckage you set up on
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your thursday. we've got temperatures are going to be just like today. as a matter of fact, tomorrow is a duplicate it will be a duplicate pretty much what we have. today. cloudy in the morning kind of sweatshirt weather in the morning and then slow burn off everywhere. oakland's lafayette. it's going to be slow to burn the fog or the low clouds. planet sun comes out partly sunny, mostly sunny and highs just in the seventies in low eighties in the warmest spots like today, those are the highest from today highs. tomorrow will be almost spot on, uh, see the fog see the low clouds. you can kind of see a little bit of everything. it really is just fog, but it's been lifted up and that's what you're seeing, and that's why it's going to cover pretty much the entire bay area because it's up over the topography. now it's low clouds. so did not mean to do that. so let's push forward here and see if we can change that around. made a little computer area here. here we go. um push forward. push forward, which for there we go. this is the current temperatures. you can see. lots of those sixties
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wins are on shore, fire, danger and pretty mild. look at that. just that's what you want to see if your cal fire you want to see that southwesterly wind means inversions lacking and also means that you put in expecting or or pushing really moist, cool air far inland, not just into the bay area. higher humidities your we're talking up around granite bay up around, rose, fellows. those, uh those humidities are in the forties 45 percentile range and the fires on the electric fire. that's 45% up in those areas. this time of year is double at least double what you'd expect to see humidity wise. these are the forecast numbers for tomorrow, then, just like today. yeah maybe a little warmer in fairfield by a degree or something like that. there's a five day forecast looks good. it's gonna warm up on the weekend side of heat waves. just a little warmer. of course, fire danger will ratchet up a little, but it's nothing red flag warning ish or or spare the air. ish i'll see you back here a little bit. i'll see you back here tomorrow. alright. thanks,
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bill. questions are being raised tonight about a decision by a judge in tulare county to grant unconditional releases 22 suspects who were allegedly found in possession of enough fentanyl to potentially kill a small town. jose's india's and benito madrigal were taken into custody 10 days ago after police say they stopped their truck carrying 150,000 fentanyl pills and £4 of cocaine. but a judge let them go. and now no one knows where the two men are. another judge has issued a nationwide warrant preemptively setting bail at $2 million each, so this doesn't happen again. if those two men are caught ban interference changes the outcome of a really clutch it for the giants as they try to snap a six game losing streak. highlights are coming up next.
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spirit for win tonight in arizona after dropping their last six games, and they were trying to avoid getting swept in this three game series with the d backs joey barton was back in the lineup for the giants. after a stint in the minor leagues. we go to the top of the fifth the diamondbacks are up four to nothing. barred up to bat and he crushes a merrill kelly pitch to left three run homer and this makes it a 4 to 3 game, but that play is reviewed. and when you watch the replay, you can see that fan reaches out. into the field of play to catch a ball a big no, no, it was ruled fan interference. giants only get one run because that's ruled a double. the fans objected for two now in the eighth inning, darren ruff takes a joementum apply pitch deep to left. it's a two run shot at ties things up
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at 4 4/7 homer of the season. then we go to the top of the ninth. the bases are loaded for the giants austin slater goes opposite field for a two run double. the giants take a 64 lead and they hold on to win this 1725, and they snapped at six game losing streak. they avoid the sweep to the d backs and they're hoping to carry this momentum into their next series taking on the padres in san diego for four games there, alright to oakland. now the a's and the jays playing out at the coliseum vladimir carrero junior with some sweet shades, their top of the 4th 00 ballgame, toronto with two on and lourdes gourriel jr. grounds one off james kaprielian. nick allen dives makes the play to first for the out allen with a nice diving save, and that saves a run for the a's. bottom of the sixth. now it's the same score, but not for long. veriato sends that jose barrios pitch deep to left. nice catch by the fan
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there in the stands soriano's sixth homer of the season. and the ears are up one to nothing over all star athletic matt chapman gets some revenge here on his old team. chapman ties the game with that solo home run off james kaprielian. that was chapman's 13th homer of the season. the game tied 11. then at the top of the eighth, bo bichette breaks that tie their solo homer, domingo acevedo, it was beset 13th homer of the season. 21 toronto lead and the jays went on to win by that score, took two or three from the blue jays. they are still though searching for that first series sweep of the season, the nfl's quarterback carousel continues. but jimmy garoppolo is still a member of the 49ers today, the cleveland browns agreed to trade former first round pick baker mayfield. to the carolina panthers for 1/4, or fifth round pick in 2020, for that depends on mayfield's playing time with panthers may feel the number one overall pick
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in the 2018 draft, joined the panthers team that already has sam donald the number three overall selection in 2018 on its quarterback depth chart. former nhl player and current scout for the san jose sharks has died. bryan marchment was just 53 years old. the former nhl defenseman was selected 16th overall in the 1987 nhl draft. he played 17 total seasons in the nhl, including with the san jose sharks before becoming a scout for the sharks in 2000 and seven, according to the league. marchment was attending the nhl's draft when he died unexpectedly. the sharks tweeted out a statement and that statement said in part, brian's lifelong love of hockey was unparalleled, and he was amongst the most dedicated physical and fiercest players to ever play the game. most importantly, brian was a loving son, husband and a father gone far too soon.
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far too young. and that will be our report for tonight. thanks. so much for watching ktvu news at 11. our news will continue with mornings on to beginning at with mornings on to beginning at four a.m. night, ev i'm so glad you like the house! hey, so a few things -- one, all the appliances are included, two, the previous residents were murdered there, and three, it just passed mold inspection. so, when should we -- uh-huh. yeah. i get it. well, we'll -- we'll just keep looking. although it does give the house character. if those walls could talk. i agree. it's not funny. bye-bye. it's okay, honey. you're gonna sell that murder house. thanks. "ahh, get this blood off me!" what? wh-- off who? morning. oh, would you like some coffee? god, no. i've been up all night. i got to get to bed.


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