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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  July 7, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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attorney, both laying out their top priorities here, brooke jenkins here side by side with the mayor, both of them talking about the priorities being accountability and also saying that criminal justice reform both of those top priorities and both of them, saying those can both be done successfully. rug jenkins stood out because of her understanding of both sides. of having the experience. a family members on both sides. and understanding the need for compassion and understanding but also accountability and justice. there is nothing more important than voters, recalled boudin the first week of june. and now that that election is over, the mayor is making her latest appointment book. jenkins is a former san francisco felony prosecutor with seven years experience in the d a s office now she quit under chasing boudin and was one of the leading voices in the recall effort. jenkins today vowed to
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crack down on san francisco's open air drug use and open air drug markets in the city, as well as violent and nonviolent crimes and lifestyle. crimes like burglary is an auto burglaries, jenkins said that criminals can and should be held accountable. but she also said that there's room for criminal justice reform. accountability does not mean that we reject reform. we can have responsible reform. and accountability both at the same time, and i vowed to this city to balance both in the pursuit of justice and safety for all jenkins is far from the mayor's first appointment. she's already appointed three new members of san francisco's school board, the mayor referencing going through the same process with the district attorney, as she did with the school board members seeking a lot of input from the public on how to proceed. francisco voters will have their first say about jenkins as district attorney in november, when they decide
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whether she should serve out the remainder of the term. then voters will have another vote in the regularly scheduled district attorney race election in november of 2023. now in the past, the mayor has said she's only interested in appointing people who will go on to run for the position when that opportunity comes up. that means that we could see jenkins running against chase boudin as early as this november for the remainder of this term, and then possibly even again in november of 2023. at this point, we have not heard anything from chasing boudin as to whether he intends on running for the office of district attorney again here. in san francisco. now again, my colleague elissa harrington working on this story bringing you all the elements throughout the evening, and we will also have coverage for you tomorrow. brooke jenkins is expected to be sworn in tomorrow as san francisco's new district attorney. we're live in city hall in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox. two news. a lot of elections coming up as soon as she gets to work she has
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to like, almost run again for that same position, christian. thank you. chilling new details about the mass shooting at 1/4 of july parade in the chicago suburb has now led to new calls for background checks when people buy guns in this country foxes garrett tenney has details now from illinois. 21 year old robert primo. the third will face seven counts of first degree murder after police say he confessed to being the gunman in the fourth of july. mass shooting in highland park, illinois. prosecutors say it's just the beginning charge many charges for each individual victim. every victim deserves justice. in this case, if somebody was injured by gunfire , there will be an attempt murder as well as aggravated battery with a firearm and there will be other charges regarding aggravated discharge of a firearm and attempt murder of other people who weren't injured . the deadly attack killed seven people, dozens injured and sent hundreds of marchers, parents and children fleeing in fear. the shooting now, fueling new calls for enhanced background checks and causing many to
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question how cremo slipped through the cracks to legally obtain a gun. there was no new information. to establish a clear and present danger. no arrests. criminal records. predators words protection. no other just qualifying prohibit ear's firearms restraint. for now, items left behind by spectators still line the streets and sidewalks. his family members try to cope with their new reality. on wednesday , the community came together to pay their respects. events like that, really put a huge gash in our lives all of our lives next court date is at the end of this month, and if he is convicted, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. in highland park, illinois. i'm garrett tenney fox news. you're a senator alex padilla talked with community leaders today about gun violence in cities across california, senator padilla held a virtual roundtable today. this follows the passage of the bipartisan safer communities act, which president biden signed into law last month.
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senator padilla and the community leaders talked about how the new law will help support local community based efforts to help make communities safer, he says there's still a lot of work to do to prevent gun violence. we will keep up the pressure so that we can keep making progress to deal with gun violence because we cannot accept gun violence as just a fact of life in america. we cannot and we will not. the new legislation improves background checks for gun buyers under the age of 21. it also helps states implement red flag laws and strengthens protections for victims of domestic violence. then east bay couple injured after a police chase and crash that killed their cousin are now trying to get their suv back after it was towed. they say it's unfair, the unfair for them to be on the hook for those towing fees as a crime reporter henry lee shows us a couple already traumatized by the death of their cousin and the injuries they sustained. we're dealing with a ton of red tape. and
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killed until ktvu got involved. this is a tragedy. that continues to get worse and they were nothing but completely innocent victims here. baalu and her husband, daniel fifita, are frustrated. their suv was towed because it was among those hit by a speeding psycho suspect after an oakland police chase the crash at 54th and international in east oakland killed their cousin i and also let his mother with a broken back. the couple was also hurt. she suffered a concussion and hurt her knee and has trouble walking. her husband bruised his kidneys. they were also dealing with red tape trying to get their volkswagen atlas out of impound. they had to leave it behind because they were hurt, but oakland police have since told them they will be connected with the fans, so they wanted to pay any fees out of pocket car was told. as a result of it, you know, haven't been involved in this collision. their attorney at dante pointer says they can't afford the tow fees which are $1200 in climbing. the couple, now off work are also trying to take care of seven children, four of whom belonged to a
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relative who recently died. they find it ironic that the car belonged to sakai, who was killed is sitting outside their home after they agreed to tow it back themselves. while their own suv is still locked up, they should be offered and given every bit of assistance that the city of oakland pd can give them in order to put their lives back together. me they're helping the couple get an official toe release form. their attorney tells me they'll likely be steered to a victims assistance fund. the sideshow suspect has since been built and has not yet been formally charged. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. a wildfire is now threatening some homes in truckee. police there have issued an evacuation order due to a wildfire east of the truckee airport. it sparked this afternoon. the last details were have shown that that fire has now burned 10 acres. the electric fire in the sierra foothills has now grown to california's second biggest wildfire of the season. that fire which is already burned more than 4200 acres along highway 49, near the city of
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jackson is right now 40% contained. mitri shows us some evacuation orders have been lifted, and some residents are now returning home. without power. the hum of the generator has been a constant generators, a savior out here, and most folks have them. so we're getting by. it works at this point, larry do close is just happy to be back home in the jackson area in amador county. well, yeah, we were relieved and his wife had left after the electric fire sparked evacuation orders on the fourth of july. took the travel trailer over to my brother's sister over neighboring little town center creek. out of harm's way. so we stayed there the first night. then, yesterday afternoon, he learned the evacuation order in his neighborhood was downgraded to a warning to go come on home. here we are few miles from his home. are continuing their work
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along the mccullough, me river getting more and more of the fire contained helicopters playing a crucial role in putting out those flames in the steep canyon. i don't think any of us can say enough for the amount of resources and everything that they were thrown at this thing. and again that was lizzie mitri reporting two men were found inside the electric fires evacuation zones . amador county sheriff's officials made both arrests yesterday. the first was made just before noon when the chp spotted a vehicle driving past a roadblock. the man from plymouth was arrested for a number of charges, including unauthorized entry into a disaster area and later that day, another man was found inside the evacuation zone. he was also arrested. coming up here at six o'clock tonight holding pg and e accountable for fires sparked by their equipment. that was the goal today by protesters, the meeting to discuss the utilities future next guilty on all 12
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charges the second trial and that there was fraud case ends the same way as the first the punishment. former executive sunny boudouani now faces. and it warmed up a couple of degrees. today it's going to continue to warm into the weekend, not a heat wave. just warmer. i'll see you back here with that. and coming up tonight. here at six o'clock, we'll talk live with south bay congressman ro khanna about actions being taken on the federal level to help americans with the rising cost of living right now, we will also discuss an important summit about the impact of inflation that was held
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on wall street stocks rose broadly today and put major indexes on track for weekly gains. at the close today, the dow gained 346 points. nasdaq was up 259 and the s and p finished the day up. 57 points. the u. s. dollar has been surging so much that it's nearly
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equal now in value to the euro for the first time in 20 years, but that trend threatens to hurt american companies because their goods become more expensive to foreign buyers if american exports were to weaken as a result, so would our economy. this is a positive side for americans. a stronger dollar provides modest relief from runaway inflation because the goods that are imported into the country become less expensive. strengthen. dollar also delivers bargains to american tourists sightseeing in europe. today south bay congressman ro khanna hosted a summit in cupertino to discuss ways to address rising prices, where the focus on how inflation and income inequality disproportionately affect black residents. for more. we're joined now by congressman kana. always appreciate the time, congressman good to see you first. tell us who took part in the summit today and what was discussed. alex we were at a black on the business in cupertino and with leaders in the black community give us the
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reality. the black population has been leaving the bay area and tana's a since 1981 of the reasons they've been leaving is gentrification. i mean, it's certainly too hot, too costly to buy a house or rent. prices are up kind at the lack of space for the community, the lack of investment in the community and how difficult it is for them to deal with a lot of the current rising prices. and obviously right now we are seeing historic inflation at levels. we haven't seen it about four decades. how much more significant? is the toll from inflation taking on people of color here in the bay area. it's a disproportionate impact. this recommend people take a look at this report pain index in silicon valley and it is just proportionately impacting black and latino individuals in terms of the homeless population in terms of the population that doesn't have a ticket with nutrition in terms
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of the population. that is being affected with rising rants, and that is why we need to do everything in our power to bring gas prices down to bring food prices down, but also to put more money in the pockets of the working class of the four of the middle class. we're in the shadows of a very prosperous silicon valley. all right, i know that that you believe president biden at at this moment should be taking bolder action to help curve inflation in this country, which, as we said, is as high as it's been in 40 years. what more would you like to see this administration do the first thing is very simple. we're exporting 3.4 million barrels of oil every every day, some of it going to china, some of it going around the world. there's no reason to do that. we should have. congressman connor. we're having a little difficulty with your signal, and we want to make sure you get to finish the thought.
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we will. we'll try to reconnect with congressman canada into the ends. we have him back. yeah, we had a little trouble with the signal. congressman finish finish your thought here on what more. you think the biden administration should be doing at this moment to address inflation. bayan exports and have a big oil profit tax on the wind fall profits on these extraordinary money that exxon and chevron is making and put that in back in the pockets of working class americans. all right. what what? what sort of concrete solutions were discussed at this summit today the focus obviously on inflation and rising prices and how it impacts communities of color in the bay area, did you did you reach some some concrete solutions and ways to help folks on the local level right now who are really struggling? yes i mean of what they want is more investment. they the leaders have said. we have systematically under invested in the black community in the bay
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area under invested in their health under invested in their community services and then under invested in the black businesses, i mean less than 1% of venture capital. ghost of people who are black or latino, even less to the women. and so the call was for more investment in communities and desperation, saying that people are leaving the bay area, and that is really sad, given that they have been rooted in the community since the late 17 hundreds. alright, well, glad to hear that there was some progress made here with this summit today. always appreciate you coming on to discuss these important issues. south bay, congressman ro khanna. good to see you. thank you, alex. alright i hope you have a nice stay today. beautiful out there. little warmer probably noticed that a couple of degrees especially inland and temperatures tomorrow will be about the same. so it's about in some places. it was five and 10 degrees warmer inland today, so it's more of a warm up than we anticipated. still very pleasant around here
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. fire danger manageable air quality manageable. beautiful beautiful day. these are the highest from today and you see that worst spot. fairfield was up a good 10 degrees 87 86 in the anti archives tomorrow, about the same maybe a degree or two warmer in this trend continues right into the bay area weekend. so it is. it is a heat wave. no is it getting warmer to where it's more like it should be for this time of year. yes that's exactly what it's doing, so it's not. none of this is unusual. beautiful what's kind of unusual though you see the fog, shifting your swatting in their wafting in but what's kind of nice is the air quality. we've had. really really nice air quality. i mean, i'm just basic right now on visibility, but the clear christmas of the atmospherics right now we've had some pretty good wins. a lot of westerly winds at all elevations of the atmosphere, not just download, not just up high, so we've kind of had a nice scouring out this picture. when i look at that in the blue water off the bay, it looks like something you might see in clarity looks like sort of an october november kind of
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after rain kind of a thing so that we got that going for us. this will pressure center has been lingering. it's going to continue to linger, but slowly doesn't move or at weekends. and so this high is gonna nudge in and when that happens when the high nudges in temperatures will start to warm in the inland valleys. that's where the warm ups coming from. so the coastal still stay pretty pleasant. so what's happening another day tomorrow like today, the weekend's gonna be warmer and inland. it will be noticeable, especially on sunday, maybe some mid nineties. that's hot, but it's not crazy, hot icu back here at the full forecast a few minutes we'll see you then. bill thank you still ahead tonight, people who test positive for covid now have an easier way to get their hands on the antiviral pilpacks covid. it's great, because now we can. you know, we can spread out our health care system a little bit more and hopefully reach out to people who are who need it. what you
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need to know about paxil vid
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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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those trying to get the covid-19 drug pack slovene, the food and drug administration now says state licensed pharmacists can prescribe it. not just physicians, ktvu cristina rendon explains how those changes will benefit those most at risk of getting severely sick. so this this is the path the pack slovin mark. chuckle of berkeley is in
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quarantine on the east coast despite being fully vaccinated, having three boosters and wearing a mask, he traveled for a family memorial service and cut covid on monday. jackal quickly texted his doctor because he's immuno compromised . i was able to work with him right away to get tax over it from a pharmacy and i was on it within 90 minutes is an antiviral drug by fizer used to treat covid-19 on wednesday, the fda said, those at risk of becoming seriously ill from the coronavirus can now get packs lived through a pharmacist. instead of going to a health care provider or covid test site . it's great, because now we can. you know, we can spread out our health care system a little bit more and hopefully reach out to people who who need it, catherine yang at ucsf medical center says people who are eligible for the drug our patients with risk factors for severe covid like obesity, age, hypertension or dementia. yang says. you'll need to bring your most recent blood tests and a list of your medications to the pharmacy for prescription. paxil
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bird can have, um, drug interactions with your existing medications or with over the counter products. or with herbal medications, so it's very, very, very important that you bring the list into the pharmacy and what the pharmacists see it so that they can check to make sure there are no dangerous interactions packs taking over the course of five days. three pills in the morning three at night. of course, there are side effects juggle is experiencing the most common ones, diarrhea and packs covid mouth. have the metal taste in my mouth, which i think a lot of people on chemotherapy often get um, which is not great, but it's much better than having severe covid or being hospitalized. i guarantee you says, no matter how careful you are have a plan. if you get covid. it's kind of like we're supposed to be ready for earthquakes and fires. i feel like we need to have a covid plan and i had one. thank goodness. it must be taken within five days of symptoms. there were some initial supply issues when the drug first came out. but health experts say that
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pharmacies should have ample inventory. cristina rendon ktvu fox two news monkeypox cases are on the rise in health officials are becoming increasingly concerned across the world that has now been more than 6000 cases recorded in 58 countries. the world health organization says cases globally rose 30% in the past two weeks, with europe seeing the vast majority of those cases responsible for 80% of new infections across the globe. the un says expanding vaccination efforts and improving monkeypox surveillance will be crucial to curtail the future outbreak. new york city is now being dubbed the epicenter of the monkey pox virus here in the us health officials say the number of probable cases increased to more than 119 as of this week, and earlier this week, san francisco announced a doubling of monkeypox cases. it's now up to 40 confirmed cases. and also late today, santa clara county
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announced its second case of monkeypox. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30, a different defendants different trial, but the same result still ahead tonight the guilty verdicts in the second theranos broad trial surprise plea from us basketball star britney griner. she pleaded guilty to drug charges today in a russian court. what that means for her future coming up plus troubled british prime minister boris johnson resigns coming up what's next for england? - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19
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san francisco has a new district attorney mayor london breed announced just in the past couple of hours that she will appoint brooke jenkins to be the d a. jenkins was a former prosecutor in chasing boudin's office, but resigned last year to join the recall campaign that ultimately removed him from office. the electric fire in the sierra foothills has now grown to california's second biggest wildfire of the season. the fire , which is already burned more than 4200 acres along highway 49 near the city of jackson is 40% contained tonight some evacuation orders have been lifted, and some residents are starting to return home. and east bay couple who were injured after a police chase and crash that killed their cousin are now trying to get their suv back after it was towed. they say it's unfair, unfair for them to be on the hook for those towing fees. now they're also dealing with red tape trying to get
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their volkswagen atlas out of impound. they had to leave it behind because they were injured and late today, oakland police are connecting that couple to a fund so they will not have to pay any fees out of pocket. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 guilty on all counts after a four month long trial, a jury today handed down guilty verdicts for sonny alwani , the former theranos executive and business partner of elizabeth holmes. his conviction comes months after a split verdict in homs case reviews. mark sayer was in the courtroom for today's verdict. it took the jury four full days of deliberations to reach its unanimous verdicts. ramesh sunny ball. wani arrived in court with his attorneys at his side, not making any comment as he walked inside the courtroom to hear the verdicts. alwani was facing 12 criminal counts 10 for wire fraud and two for conspiracy. in the case of the failed startup theranos. the jury unanimously found that ball wani both
6:31 pm
conspired to and did defraud both investors. and patients of theranos and convicted him on all counts. six months after this in the elizabeth holmes strong this story has concluded that holmes's business partner ramesh. also bears responsibility. friday friday investors and knows the company claimed that it had invented specialized blood testing equipment that could provide extensive medical information with just a single drop of blood. but the equipment did not work in january. elizabeth holmes was convicted on four of the 11 counts of fraud against her. she has not yet been sentenced. the jury also concluded that bill wani. also perpetrated frauds. on unsuspecting patients. i want to thank the jury for dutifully navigating through the complex issues presented by this case. in a statement, the lead
6:32 pm
attorney for sonny bill, wani said, we are obviously disappointed with the verdicts. we plan to study and consider all of mr baldwin is options, including an appeal. after the verdicts were read the judge increased balinese bale to $750,000. he faces 20 years in prison when he sentenced in november, reporting at the federal courthouse in san jose, mark sayer. ktvu fox two news. former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin was sentenced today for violating george floyd's civil rights. a federal judge in minneapolis sentenced shelvin to 21 years in prison. he pleaded guilty in december two federal charges of depriving floyd of his civil rights when he kneeled on floyd's neck for more than nine minutes as he was detaining him in 2020. prosecutors had asked for a 25 year sentence says part of a plea agreement before the sentencing. shoving briefly addressed george floyd's children in court in a short statement, he wished them all
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the best in their life. chauvin is already jailed on state murder charges for his role in floyd's death. he was sentenced last year to 22 a half years in prison. after months of detention in russia, american basketball star britney griner pleaded guilty to drug charges she is now waiting for her next court appearance next week. but as she waits, her friends and family are urging the biden administration to do more. fax news. lauren blanchard is in washington with more on this story and the latest efforts to bring her home. in a moscow courtroom. w n b a star britney griner pled guilty to drug possession and drug smuggling charges during the second hearing in her trial, only the audio was made public. charges no instance great. the basketball star was arrested at a russian airport when customs agents found vape cartridges with cbd oil in them. cbd is a banned substance in russia, and the drug charges can carry a 10
6:34 pm
year prison sentence, certainly expecting the leniency of the court, as i have already said my colleague agrees with me. we are hoping for the softest verdict possible. griner has asked the judge for time to prepare her testimony. meanwhile her family and friends have made public pleas to the biden administration to work harder to secure her release. we are going to do everything that we can the president has this top of mind to make sure that we get brittany home safely. greiner has been in russian custody since february, and efforts to bring her home so far have not been successful. what i do know is that 99% of russian trials end up with a guilty verdict, so we need to just our government to continue doing what they're doing and exhausting every measure possible to help bring pg huh? secretary of state antony blinken says they were able to deliver president biden's letter to griner. he also said they would not stop working. to bring home detained americans in washington. lauren
6:35 pm
blanchard, fox news as russia's invasion of ukraine grinds into its fifth month, some residents close to the front lines remain in shattered and nearly abandoned neighborhoods. one such places in kharkiv neighborhood of salty but saltimbocca once home to about a half million people now, perhaps only dozens of people who live there now in apartments, blocks with no running water and little electricity. while some towns and villages around the capital have begun rebuilding other places cannot jose is donating lifesaving safety equipment to assist first responders in ukraine. mayor sam liccardo at the san jose fire department today announced the donation of self contained breathing apparatus and air regulator masks. they are among thousands of items being sent to first responders in several ukrainian cities. we know our fellow firefighters, ukraine are facing dire circumstance their circumstance stance scuse me circumstances as we speak.
6:36 pm
they're working to save lives and property in the situation. where they are not expecting to have to do that. the fire chief and the mayor are also urging people and businesses to make donations to nova ukraine. that's a nonprofit dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to ukraine. the united kingdom will soon have a new leader, prime minister boris johnson announced his resignation today. box news greg palkot has more now from london. in politics, no one is remotely indispensable. it was an announcement months in the making. british prime minister boris johnson resigning on thursday, bowing to pressure from the public opposition and his own political party, johnson had tried to stay in power in the face of major revolt from conservative lawmakers. humanity stepped down amid growing series of controversies, he says they'll stay in power until a new leader is selected, promising to support whoever wins brilliant and darwinian system. will produce another leader equally committed to
6:37 pm
taking this country forward through tough times. but there are serious questions about whether parliament will allow johnson to remain in office, with some, fearing he could use his position to push new conservative policies. as a caretaker. you're really expected to practically say or do nothing, just keep the ship of state afloat. boris johnson doesn't strike me as a natural candidate for that kind of role . meanwhile, the streets of london. party like atmosphere developing outside 10 downing street following the announcement, voters here saying they're ready to turn the page, with few still supporting the prime minister. i am a conservative. boris has to go disgrace. i'm just surprised it took them so long really? johnson says he's already told the cabinet that he won't implement any new policies or make any major decisions. until a new prime minister is chosen
6:38 pm
in london. greg palkot fox news coming up tonight. the loss of a hollywood legend from the godfather to elf look back at the career of james caan. police officers catch several children and their mother as they jump from an apartment engulfed in flames see more of the amazing rescues caught on body cam video coming up a
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film and tv james caan has died . family and friends are sharing their thoughts as we remember the actor who created iconic roles from the godfather to elf fox news, ashley gilbertson has more now on the remarkable life of james caan. they want to get mixed up in the family business. legendary actor james caan has passed away at the age of 82, a statement from his family said. it is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of jimmy on the evening of july, 6th. the family appreciates the outpouring of love and heartfelt condolences and asks that you continue to respect their privacy during this difficult time. new york city born and an athlete in school, started his acting career on stage before going to hollywood, becoming a star of film and tv together breakout small screen role was in the 1971 tv movie, brian's song, for which he earned an emmy nomination business will have to suffer alright soon
6:42 pm
after he created a classic as sonny corleone in 1972 is the godfather. the role earned him his supporting actor academy award nomination. whatever you think about doing it please don't do it. the many movies which followed included starring opposite kathy bates in the stephen king novel turned horror thriller misery showing off his comedic side in films like honeymoon in vegas and mickey blue eyes and in 2003, he became a part of a holiday tradition, reaching more generations of fans as buddy's dad in elf. among those sharing their thoughts upon news of his passing were rob reiner, who directed misery. james gunn, who posted favorite james caan movies led by the godfather, jon lovitz, who noted he was lucky to have worked with him and said he was always a fun guy to be around, and edgar wright, who wrote to a genuine megawatt movie star, khan was married and divorced four times. he has survived by a daughter and four sons in hollywood. ashley verkin, fox news. alright. i'm
6:43 pm
back in a couple of minutes. we're gonna take a look at the forecast. it's not too early to look at the weekend. see you back here with that. go to ktvu is greg lee. now with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over in ktvu. plus julie, thank you. we continue to follow the appointment of san francisco's new district attorney will have a live report outlining brooke jenkins promises on public safety. her new role. plus what's the impact of the sunni bologna verdict on the industry? biotech expert joins us after a jury convicted the theranos executive of fraud those stories and more coming up at seven ktvu plus but coming up first after the break tonight, holding pg and e accountable for wildfires blamed on its equipment tonight at six fighting what some call pg and e s license to
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big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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good job. good job. um, on on you. job. i'm on. a police officer says he went into dad mode when he arrived at the scene of this fire in indiana. it broke out early sunday morning, and residents were trapped because the staircase was engulfed in flames. so officers lined up under window as you see from the video, and they called out for those kids and their mom to jump down each one of them did and everyone thankfully, is okay after that dramatic rescue. in texas officials are trying to figure out what caused this pipeline explosion. it sent flames shooting out of the ground in west fort bend county, texas today. luckily that area is isolated in a field in the surrounding area is restricted. no one was hurt here in this explosion, and there are no
6:47 pm
buildings close enough to be damaged by the flames. the fire burned until the pipeline company was able to shut down that line. as fire season gets into full swing, pg and e knows it's under the watchful eye of government and customers want pg and e to become a public property. they accused the utility of negligence because of fires sparked by faulty equipment. ktvu is tom baker tells us about the latest push for more accountability. more agreed. we should own our energy reclaim our power utility justice campaign, a coalition of social and political action groups stood on san francisco city hall steps. to encourage supervisor connie chan to submit a resolution to the board of supervisors. the resolution that governor newsom withhold pg and his safety certificate which the coalition says the last the utility to use rate payer dollars to pay for damages. their equipment causes. newsome and others have completely left them off the hook. despite
6:48 pm
leaving his languages and causing catastrophic mega fires every single year since 2016 let's not forget that it was pg and these gross negligence of directing money that we paying our bills. upgrade infrastructure. and actually moved it into bonuses for the ceo and investors of the corporation. the time to act is now and the governor should reject teaching these license to burn. tony is director of turn the utility reform network, a longtime consumer watchdog of pg and e. pg and he has over 250,000 backlog. uh repairs that need to be made that they're behind on pj any continues to have its, uh, inspections. fail to meet the basic standards, uh
6:49 pm
, doing the vegetation management in the high risk fire zones, and he says it already holds a valid state issued and approved safety certificate and we should note the proposed resolution which, like all resolutions, does not have the power of law, which has no real legal effect. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. alrighty part of me taking a look at the temperatures from today a little bit warmer. and that is the trend right? it's been really cool since the fourth of july holiday weekend fire dangerous been down. their quality has been good. warmed up a little bit today, but still you had 71 in oakland, 84 in santa rosa. these are all really temperatures we can live with not just from a fire danger standpoint, but from the air quality and just comfort level that's pretty nice stuff specifically, was 62 degrees. not a lot of fog. today there's some of it. there's some, but it's kind of having a tough time establishing itself. battle changes we get closer to the
6:50 pm
weekend when things warm up beautiful live camera shot. outside. i love that shot and you can see it just has such a clear, crisp look to it for this time of year. july you don't usually see their quality. i think at least visibilities that are that crisp and clear, and that's because we've had wind at all different elevations of the atmosphere down to the surface up high, um, just from this low , and that's why we've been cool . that's why humidities have been high, but it's also done a nice job cleaning out the atmosphere. that high is going to build out kind of retrograde what you call it, but it's going to work its way towards the west, which they don't usually do. most pressure systems. they moved from west to east where this is going to back up a little bit, and that's why the heat comes from. that's why we're warming up a little bit. each day and into the central valley by saturday and sunday, mid nineties potentially so warmer heat wave. no, it's going to cool off early next week again, so it's just going to be a classic warm up to about where or just a little above average, and then temperatures will drop back down. so right now temperatures running ahead of
6:51 pm
where they were last night by seven degrees in fairfield, six degrees and livermore, eight degrees in concord. this pattern . there's the low you can't. maybe you can't see it. i mean, i point to it all the time, but it's just it's just that fragmented cloud mass there, but the rotation, you see those arrows right? that's the southerly flow and it wraps back around. that's a low. the high pressure is not where it's supposed to be, and that's why we continued with this pattern. the high is going to build back in from the east as i showed you, and that will heat us up towards the weekend sunday being the warmest day on the bay area weekend. so tomorrow morning. there you go. you're gonna find temperatures generally in the seventies, tomorrow eighties, low nineties and then temperatures over the next couple of days are going to just go up a little couple of degrees quite pleasant. fire danger is going to come up. we'll see brush fires and roadside fires. but even as we get into the warmest days, which will be on saturday and sunday, the fire conditions in terms of wind, high heat, humidity, things like that not out of control, so not
6:52 pm
a bad deal at all. it looks like we're going to be in pretty good shape, but we'll keep you posted and warmer right into the bay area weekend, a little bit more fog returns. to the coast will see you back here tomorrow night. we'll see you then. bill thank you now to gas prices. and finally, some good news prices in california have dropped 20 cents in the past month. we're still paying on average, though . 66 19 a gallon around the bay area, you can find gas and conquered for his low as 5 50 a gallon, according to gasbuddy .com in san jose, you can find gas for 5 69 a gallon. in alameda. it's around $6 and in nevada, most drivers are paying 6 15 a gallon. experts say the price drop is most likely due to a tough economic outlook across the country and around the world. overall slower economy means people drive less people fly last. uh there's less demand for oil to heat and so forth and other mostly in other parts of
6:53 pm
the world. um and the reduction in demand causes a big drop in prices. severin bornstein says. with so much uncertainty, there is no way to tell a prices will continue to drop even if we continue to see that decline in california, he doesn't expect to see the average price below. $6 born seen ads going to cheaper stations will pressure other stations with the higher prices to lower their prices. in your term personal pain and the greater purpose to stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. they are the soul of america. that's how the president described the medal of freedom recipients today. the amazing men and women honorable . it's one of the highest honors . it's one of the highest honors this country can give. when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all.
6:54 pm
for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie.
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6:56 pm
it'll of freedom to 17 accomplished americans today, saying they represent the soul of america and the power of possibilities. boxes caroline shortly reports on the special ceremony that happened at the white house. president biden honored winners of the presidential medal of freedom at the white house on thursday, a list that includes athletes, actors and activists. it's the
6:57 pm
nation's highest civilian honor. that's who we are as americans. and that's what we see an extraordinary extraordinary group of americans up here in this stage, 17 americans received the reward posthumously like war hero and senator john mccain and apple founder steve jobs. many are household names like academy award winner denzel washington and simone biles and advocate for mental health and the most decorated american gymnast in history. she turned personal pain and a greater purpose to stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. today she has to her medal count of 32. i know we're going to find room honorees are lesser known, but have had great impact on aspects of american life. because you're khan is a gold star father and an advocate for religious freedom. critical care nurse sandra lindsay was the first american to receive a covid vaccine outside clinical trials on live television. sandra as i told you before. if there's any angels in heaven,
6:58 pm
they're all nurses. mister biden is a medal of freedom winner himself. president obama bestowed the hou on biden a week before the two left office in 2017. in washington, carolina shively fax news. some people say the worst day on the golf course is better than any day at work. there is one golfer in sunnyvale, who might not agree with that sentiment. he had to be rescued after he got stuck in the mud while trying to retrieve a ball at the sunnyvale municipal golf course this happened on tuesday. you see the crews out there. the study, veiled department of public safety officers used a ladder and they carefully crawled their way out to the man. there is no word on whether the ball was recovered, but you can see the mud covered golfer there made his way out. talk about a serious hazard. i mean some mud there. i mean, who i get it happen. never want to believe that that ball is lost. i think there's always hope to find it went to great lengths to find that ball. oh my goodness. well,
6:59 pm
that'll be our report for tonight. thanks for joining us, tonight. thanks for joining us, everybody the interface is pretty simple. you put your horizontal "x" coordinate here, vertical "y" coordinate here. when you're happy with those, you press this button. got it. leonard, you'll never guess who i just found online-- hey! nice shot. eh, his giant head did most of the work. very mature. you're lucky i'm out of silly string. as i was saying, leonard, you'll never guess who i just found online: professor proton. (chuckles): you're kidding. he's still alive? yes! who's professor proton? he was the host of this great-- hey! yes! sorry, tell me about professor proton. professor proton hosted my favorite science show when i was a child. i never missed an episode. he demonstrated scientific principles using everyday objects. it was pretty cool. aw, so cute when you use the word "cool" wrong.
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