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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 7, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. on ktvu fox two. it's official. one month after san francisco voters decided to recall district attorney chase a boudin mayor, london breed has appointed his replacement. we have, i think an extraordinary woman who will take the helm of the d a s office. ladies and gentlemen, brooke jenkins. we
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are still a city of second chances, but we have to draw the line with people who choose to continually commit crime. brooke jenkins is san francisco's new district attorney. good evening . i'm julie julie haener savage . she's a former prosecutor who left her job to lead the recall effort against her former boss chaser boudin. we get live coverage tonight from ktvu elissa harrington with what jenkins says will be her top priorities in office. alyssa that's right. the person replacing chasing boudin is also one of his biggest critics. jenkins said that she is committed to restoring justice and accountability in san francisco. we are a city of second chances, but the truth is, we have to draw a line with people who choose hate violence in a life of crime. brooke jenkins, a former prosecutor and now the newest district attorney of san francisco, promised to reform the criminal justice system in a city that, she said
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is at the tipping point. jenkins said. many san franciscans don't feel safe and assured consequences for violent and repeat offenders. we also know that we have to end the existence. open air drug markets in our city, and that will be one of my top priorities. jenkins said she would enforce drug crimes on day one and would hold those who commit hate crimes accountable. asian community can no longer continue to live in fear. of being attacked simply because of who they are, as they go about their daily lives in this city mayor london breed appointed jenkins as the new d a to replace chaser boudin, who was ousted in a recall election. jenkins has been in attorney for 15 years and served as the prosecutor in boudin's office. she quit her position late last year and became one of the leaders of the recall campaign against her former boss. she sacrificed her career. to fight. for people in this city. to fight for victims
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who needed a voice in this city . i think it comes as a bit of a surprise that one of the people that was a very central figure in the recall was the choice supporters like christine soto deberry, his former chief of staff and the founder of prosecutors alliance, said she's hopeful jenkins will embrace reform. it gives me a bit of pause on some of the areas where she has expressed wanting to roll back reform. um, issues like cash fail and, um approaches to some of the more challenging issues. this is a slap in the face to everybody who has worked on reform former police commissioner and recall opponent john hamasaki is concerned jenkins will focus on putting people in prison. he called her appointment to d, a missed opportunity and an insider pick, aligned herself with the police union and the republicans and the recall. it also called for a return to policies of mass incarceration.
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so i think, um. jenkins will hold this position until at least november, when there will be a special election. she said. she does plan to run in there is that chance that chases boudin will run again reporting live in san francisco. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. okay we will wait and see if that happens. alyssa. thank you. city leaders are reacting to jenkins appointment. police chief bill scott tweeted out this message of support, saying, i know brooke to be a person of principle and integrity. i wish her success and i'm looking forward to working closely with her to ensure the safety and security. of everyone in san francisco and supervisor catherine stephanie tweeted this past june, san franciscans chose to prioritize safety and security over excuses and slogans. i'm thrilled to congratulate brooke jenkins on her appointment, and i know she will do everything she can to make san francisco safer for all. supervisor stephanie was among those said to be
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considered for that position. breaking news in japan tonight where that country's former prime minister has been shot. shinzo abe was shot during a campaign speech in western japan and rushed to a hospital. reports say a babe is in heart failure in japan officials sometimes use that term heart failure to describe situations where victims are no longer alive, but have not been formally declared dead. so far, though, it's unclear exactly how serious abe's injuries are. this attack came as a shock in the country that is one of the world's safest with some of the strictest gun laws. tonight the chp is investigating a possible freeway shooting in san leandro . witnesses called 911 around four this afternoon. they reported that two vehicles were involved in a shooting on eastbound 5 80. the chp responded to the area but was unable to find any victims or vehicles that may have been involved, but investigators say a victim with a gunshot wound
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was brought to eat in medical center. we're told the victim will survive. investigators are now looking for witnesses and any information about the shooting. yeah okay, okay. a man and his fiancee just driving down 5 80 last month had a very close call. this dash cam video shows a bullet coming into their car and narrowly missing the two the couple says they were cut off while trying to get on the freeway. the car sped in front of them, and they say within a couple of seconds they heard and felt the shot. they pulled over and called 911. neither was seriously hurt. the chp says it is now investigating the case. family and friends of the three oakland men who drowned saving a boy over the holiday weekend or hoping they can take their bodies back to their home country. all three of those men were immigrants from guatemala and worked in construction. there were 10 ktvu is amber lee
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joining us live tonight after speaking with family and friends about those men, amber. alex they tell me the men were well loved and never hesitated, hesitated to help others. now the daughter of one victim is working to help send them back to their homeland. is the observance of guatemalan culture . the family of edwin rivas is hosting nightly gatherings at his oakland home for nine days to honor him and his two friends. they drowned while rescuing a boy. my daughter is a hero. so and now i see it. how much the people love him. wendy rivas described her father as a hero to many in various immigrant communities in oakland , where he's lived for 36 years . everybody come in here and ask for help. him never say no. on sunday, edwin rivas and his friends danilo gutierrez and edwin perez were on an annual july fishing trip near brennan island in the sacramento delta. they were among five men who
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jumped into the water when they saw rivas, eight year old nephew struggling two of the men returned safely, but the trio did not survive. riva's daughter says her father was a strong swimmer and struggles with what happened. there's no first time uh, him trying to help the people. the same and the same river. rescue crews recovered their bodies tuesday, having more peace because i find that the body chris hoffman is also hoping to find peace as she mourns. one of the men, danilo gutierrez worked for her construction company in oakland . everything he did he did with an nyu and finesse and a great work ethic. she tells me. he did landscaping work here, and he painted this home. it's just hard to work on the same site that he was. i won't be able to not think of him. friends and families. tell me the men known as the three amigos spent a lot of time together, watching and playing soccer and going on fishing trips every time they go
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out anywhere to camp or fish. they're always together, so just just great friends. when the reverse is planning fundraisers , she hopes to raise enough money to transport the three men back to guatemala so their families can bury them in their home country reporting live amberleigh ktvu. fox two news. guilty on all counts. after four months long trial, a jury handed down guilty verdicts today for sonny alwani. he's the former theranos executive and business partner of elizabeth holmes. his conviction comes months after a split verdict in homes case ktvu marks there was in the courtroom today for the verdict. it took the jury four full days of deliberations to reach its unanimous verdicts. ramesh sunny ball. wani arrived in court with his attorneys at his side, not making any comment as he walked inside the courtroom to hear the verdicts. boudouani was facing 12 criminal counts 10 for wire
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fraud and two for conspiracy. in the case of the failed startup theranos. the jury unanimously found that alwani both conspired to and did defraud both investors. and patients of theranos and convicted him on all counts. six months after the elizabeth home strong. this story has concluded that holmes's business partner ramesh. also bears responsibility. friday friday, investors in the company claimed that it had invented specialized blood testing equipment that could provide extensive medical information with just a single drop of blood. but the equipment did not work in january. elizabeth holmes was convicted on four of the 11 counts of fraud against her. she has not yet been sentenced. the jury also concluded that money also perpetrated frauds. on unsuspecting patients. i want to
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thank the jury for dutifully navigating through the complex issues presented by this case. in a statement, the lead attorney for sunday, boudouani said, we are obviously disappointed with the verdicts. we plan to study and consider all of mr baldwin. these options, including an appeal. after the verdicts were read the judge increased balinese bale to $750,000. he faces 20 years in prison when he sentenced in november, reporting at the federal courthouse in san jose, mark sayer. ktvu fox two news. elizabeth holmes will be sentenced in september. she also faces up to 20 years in prison. jurors in her case found holmes guilty of four counts of fraud, acquitted her on another four counts and deadlocked on three counts. former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin was sentenced today for violating george floyd's civil rights. a federal judge in minneapolis sentenced shobin to 21 years in prison. he pleaded guilty in
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december two federal charges of depriving florida his civil rights when he kneeled on floyd's neck for almost nine minutes as he was detaining him in 2020. prosecutors had asked for a 25 year sentence as part of a plea agreement before the sentencing, shoving briefly addressed floyd's children in court in a statement, he wished them all the best in their life. shelving it's already jailed on state murder charges for his role in floyd's death. he was sentenced last year to 22 a half years in prison. major disparities affecting the black community in silicon valley coming up tonight at 10 30 how one local congressman wants to try to level the playing field. and a cool day today, but a little bit warmer, and that's the trend a little warmer each day as we head into the bay area weekend, i'll have that coming up. also firefighters right now battling the second largest wildfire of the season so far in the sierra foothills will have
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subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshi- it's in custody tonight after admitting to starting a small fire in truckee this afternoon.
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this prompted an evacuation order after it started burning east of the truckee airport. that fire, though, is holding tonight at about 12 acres. the electric fire in the sierra foothills has now grown to be california's second biggest wildfire of the season. so far, some evacuation orders have been lifted for people in amador county, but they do remain in effect for people in neighboring calipari's county. this fire has burned more than 4200 acres along highway 49 near the city of jackson, and tonight it is 60% contained efforts to set backfires to keep flames from spreading seemed to be working. so far. no homes have been destroyed in this fire, and no injuries have been reported joining us now to talk more about this fire, and the overall fire season is cal fire public information officer robert foxworthy joining us by phone tonight, robert really appreciate the time. thank you for coming on. let's start first on the electric fire here, as we said one of the largest fires so far this season. you're getting
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good containment so far. what are the key factors that have allowed those crews to get the upper hand on this fire? so yeah , we're up to 60% contained as of this evening, and it's been really hard work put in by those ground crews that have been able to get those numbers up. um we've been seeing some smoke coming off the fire today and majority of that is actually been coming from some firing operations. basically crews are in there, um, using fire. to burn out some pockets of green fuel to basically strengthen those lines and get that actual what we call black line or burned out area. a little bit larger, so we don't have that chance of fire, basically running towards our lines and jumping those containment lines that we have. so that's what kind of been helping us and i would say a lot of it is influenced by the weather. we've
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had some cooler temperatures higher relative humidities that have given the crews the ability to get in there and fight that fire really favorable conditions. we know that recently, cal fire has really shifted its approach when it comes to fighting fires like this one from the air, and i did see a tweet from cal fire that last night, cal fires fire hawk helicopter was doing its first ever night flying operation on the electric fire. this is a big breakthrough here in terms of fighting these fires and being able to do it after dark. how much of a difference does this make for cal fire? i would say this is a huge step in in this direction. obviously to this point. we've never had the ability to do this and basically giving us all of those nighttime hours to put additional drops on fire. is huge. historically the evening and those later nighttime hours is when the fire activity usually decreases, and
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those crews were able to get into some of those areas. so having the ability to also use aircraft to drop water is huge moving forward, especially when those fires break out late in the day, and you want to really jump on them. we know that we are now in what we have traditionally come to know as peak fire season. obviously, things have really shifted. here in california in the last few years, but it we're in the summer months, the trees in the brush or dryer now based on what we've seen so far in terms of wildfires. what what are the expectations that cal fire for? have these next few months are going to play out in terms of the severity of the fires were likely to see. so obviously predicting what's going to happen is incredibly difficult. we can never say how many fires were actually going to have start, but we can predict some of those conditions. and as we're seeing now, and what's predicted for the next few months is that those conditions are going to continue to dry out
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and the chance for us to have those significant, larger fires will also increase as those fuels continue to dry out through the summer. so i would expect that that potential will go up over the next few months. so obviously yes, this is why we go out to the public and tell them now is the time to be ready and get prepared. because now is when we will see those, uh, increases in fire activity. it could be a tough couple of months coming up here really appreciate the time tonight, cal fire public information officer. robert foxworthy. thank you for coming on. thank you. as fire season heats up pg and he knows it's under the watchful eyes of government officials and its customers. many want pg you need to become a public property and accused the utility of negligence because of fire sparked by faulty equipment. ktvu is tom baker tells us about the latest push for more accountability. more agreed. we
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should own our energy reclaim our power utility justice campaign, a coalition of social and political action groups stood on san francisco city hall steps. to encourage supervisor connie chan to submit a resolution to the board of supervisors. the resolution that governor newsom withhold pg and his safety certificate which the coalition says, alas, the utility to use rate payer dollars to pay for damages. their equipment causes. newsome and others have completely left them off the hook. despite pvs languages and causing catastrophic mega fires every single year since 2016 let's not forget that it was pg needs gross negligence. of directing money that we paying our bills. to upgrade infrastructure. and actually moved it into bonuses for the ceo and investors of the corporation. the time to act is now and the governor should reject teaching these license to
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burn. tony is director of turn the utility reform network, a longtime consumer watchdog of pg and e. pg and he has over 250,000 backlog. uh repairs that need to be made that they're behind on pj any continues to have its, uh, inspections fail to meet the basic standards. uh doing the vegetation management in the high risk fire zones. pg and e says it already holds a valid state issued and approved safety certificate and we should note the proposed resolution which, like all resolutions, does not have the power of law, which has no real legal effect. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. all right. we have that
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interview with the cal fire gentleman talking about the weather and how helpful it's been to fire something we've been talking about. for a few weeks now we've had a really mild week, certainly since the fourth of july, but even before that, temperatures today warmed up a little bit. that means fire danger ratchets up a little bit, not red flag warning stuff, not out of the normal at all out of the out of the average is just going to get a little warmer, not a heat with but as we go to the weekend by saturday and sunday, some mid nineties and the inland spots like livermore, not by conquered from the highs from today, highest tomorrow. we're gonna be right about there. no fog at the coast right now. kind of pleasant high. you see the golden gate bridge there , and you actually see a little fog trying to show up at the coast. they'll be patches of it again tomorrow and this is the reason for the cool down or the mild weather. it weakens a little bit in this high starts to build in from the east comes back towards us, and that's when the temperatures begin to warm again. it's just gonna get a little warmer each day, but really, very pleasant, especially tomorrow and into friday or into saturday and then more significant warmth on
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sunday into the mid nineties. see you back here at full forecast. all right. we'll see you in a bit, bill. thank you. santa clara county sheriff's office is investigating after car slammed into a coffee shop. authorities say it happened this afternoon at the starbucks on homestead in cupertino. two people who were inside the store were hurt and taken to the hospital. still no word tonight on their conditions. the driver was not hurt and is cooperating with the investigation. authorities are looking into what caused that driver to crash and are asking witnesses to give them a call. ideal in jeopardy. the reports that elon musk's $44 billion plan to buy twitter is on shaky footing, plus major layoffs, the tech company announced today. also ahead, saying goodbye to hollywood legend from the godfather to brian's song to the holly holiday favorite elf. look back at the life and career of james caan.
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bands in hollywood honored late actor james caan. today a wreath was delivered to a star on the hollywood walk of fame following the news of his death, con was best known for his role as sonny corleone chor leoni on the godfather, but also had roles in films such as misery elf and brian song. foxes. ashley dave orkin takes a look at how hollywood is honoring the actor. they want to get mixed up in the family business. legendary actor james caan has passed away at the age of 82, a statement from his family said. it is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of jimmy on the evening of july. 6th the family appreciates the outpouring of love and heartfelt condolences and asks that you continue to respect their privacy during this difficult time. new york city born and an athlete in school, started his acting career on stage before going to hollywood, becoming a star of film and tv together breakout
10:27 pm
small screen role was in the 1971 tv movie, brian's song, for which he earned an emmy nomination business will have to suffer alright soon after he created a classic as sonny corleone in 1972 is the godfather. the role earned him his supporting actor academy award nomination thinking about doing it. please don't do it. the many movies, which followed included starring opposite kathy bates in the stephen king novel turned horror thriller misery showing off his comedic side in films like honeymoon in vegas and mickey blue eyes and in 2003 , he became a part of a holiday tradition, reaching more generations of fans as buddy's dad in elf. among those sharing their thoughts upon news of his passing were rob reiner, who directed misery. james gunn, who posted favorite james caan movies led by the godfather, jon lovitz, who noted he was lucky to have worked with him and said he was always a fun guy to be around, and edgar wright, who wrote to a genuine megawatt movie star, khan was married and
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divorced four times. he has survived by a daughter and four sons in hollywood. ashley verkin, fox news. wanted to meet with the leaders of the black community to hear what is it that we're missing? a new pain index shows black people in silicon valley are disproportionately homeless and experiencing food insecurity. how one bay area lawmaker wants to change that. also ahead tonight, a major turnaround from senator dianne feinstein what she is now saying about removing the filibuster to codify abortion rights plus the hot job market could be cooling a bit. new economic numbers come out friday. i'm caro
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big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too.
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and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. okay met with leaders from the african american community in
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silicon valley. today he says he was disturbed by a recent report highlighting disparities affecting black people throughout the south bay. ktvu south bay reporter lamonica peters live now in cupertino, with more from that meeting and what they hope to accomplish lamonica. congressman rural comment says after he read silicon valley's pain index he wanted to address the needs of his african american constituents, and in this meeting, they told him that they felt ignored and left out of the conversation when it comes to community investment. the index says that black people in silicon valley are leaving that they are disproportionately the homeless in san jose. they're disproportionately have food insecurity, and so i wanted to meet with the leaders of the black community to hear. what is it that we're missing? about a dozen people gathered at nirvana , soul and cupertino to discuss issues and resolutions that
10:32 pm
affect the black community in silicon valley and throughout santa clara county. so what we find is in any areas throughout santa clara county. there's plenty of food, but it's all fast food fried food quality convenience store high sugar foods, so what we're doing is actually fueling diabetes, fueling heart disease, fueling obesity. community leaders told connor that less than 1% of venture capital goes to black business. there are very few black executives and major silicon valley companies. and small, black owned businesses are not receiving the support they need. one person said that the african american community has been celebrating juneteenth for 41 years. and yet a lot of the company's never reached out to the people who've been celebrating it long before it was a holiday. advocates also say some form of reparations and financial investment are crucial to engaging and maintaining the black community in the south bay close to 20% of the homeless population here in the county. how can we ensure housing for
10:33 pm
black residents? how can we invest in projects like that? how can we invest in agencies like the community service agency like the roots community health center and so on that serve our community. connor says that they will continue these conversations throughout the year in santa clara county announced today that they will join president biden's house america plan working to house 20,000 people by 2025. julie important conversations to have lamonica. thank you. elon musk $44 billion deal to purchase twitter is reportedly in serious jeopardy, the washington post says must team has stopped having discussions about funding. the tesla and spacex ceo has threatened to walk away from the deal if twitter can't prove that less than 5% of its daily active users are spam accounts. twitter executives said again today that spam accounts are well under the 5% threshold. they also said they removed one million spam accounts each day from the
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platform and huge layoffs announced at twitter today, techcrunch reports the company is cutting 30% of its recruitment team. it's unclear how many employees that amounts to, but it comes after twitter announced the hiring pause back in may. it's unclear if must deal impacted today's announcement. on wall street stocks rose broadly today and put major indexes on track for weekly gains. at the close today, the dow gained 346 points . nasdaq was up 259 and the s and p finished the day up. 57. we'll get a snapshot of the economy tomorrow when the june jobs numbers come out. expectations are businesses are still trying to hire, but inflation is still a fact of life. faxes caroline shively reports tonight from washington. economists looking for signs of recession are plowing through weekly data ahead of friday's june jobs report. while there are roughly two openings for every job seeker, unemployment claims rose unexpectedly last week and layoffs grew to a 16
10:35 pm
month high. but in a red hot jobs market, helping fuel inflation. a little cooling off could be a good thing. the labor market is clearly slowing down a little bit. that's exactly what the fed wants to engineer is a loosening in the labor market, a senior white house official tells fox moderation they expect to see in jobs and wages is a healthy sign for the economy. we are stronger economically than we have been. in history when you look at the unemployment numbers at 3.6% when you look at the jobs numbers more than 8.7 million of new jobs created that is important. some members of the house say their constituents have a different take. businesses are just getting hit with inflation. now they're having to scale back. they're having trouble getting raw materials because of the supply chain crisis. the june inflation rate will be announced wednesday in the federal reserve will be watching closely to decide whether to hike interest rates even more. in washington. caroline shively fox news. the father of the men suspected of
10:36 pm
carrying out that deadly mass shooting on the fourth of july, insists that he is not to blame for anything tied to the tragedy . he sponsored an application for his son to obtain a gun license in 2019. that happened months after a relative called police to report robert cremo. the third had threatened to kill his family. speaking to abc news, the father said, quote they do background checks. whatever that entails. i'm not exactly sure. and either you're approved or denied, and he was approved. the director of the illinois state police says the ongoing investigation will include looking into the father's involvement. i can only speak from my perspective as a citizen and as a father that we all have a duty. we all have an obligation. we all have to be mindful of the safety of others. and that sometimes that requires some difficult things as a parent. seven people were killed
10:37 pm
and dozens of others were injured on the fourth of july when the gunman opened fire or is accused of opening fire on a crowd gathered for a parade in highland park, illinois. investigators say criminal the third has confessed to being the shooter. authorities are still trying to figure out what the motive was. coming up at 11 like a phoenix rising from the ashes and artist making something beautiful out of what was left by the destructive halldor fire. some of the workers is challenging to look at. i know that but i wanted to include light in every single piece of that. there's always an element of hope. and this artwork will do more than just bring hope. and the weekend just around the corner. now we've got the full forecast coming up. see you back here. first though w n b a star britney griner pleads guilty to drug charges in russia how this drug charges in russia how this could help the athletes make it
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go with 5-hour energy for every road trip. in russia. american basketball star britney griner pleaded guilty to drug charges. she's now waiting for her next court appearance coming up next week. and as she waits, her friends and family are urging the biden administration to do more to bring her home. fox's lauren blanchard is in washington with the latest efforts to bring her back here to the u. s. in a moscow courtroom. w n b a star britney griner pled guilty to drug possession and drug smuggling charges during the second hearing in her trial, only the audio was made public. guilty on charges no incision. great, interesting policy. the basketball star was arrested at a russian airport when customs agents found vape cartridges with cbd oil in them. cbd is a
10:41 pm
banned substance in russia, and the drug charges can carry a 10 year prison sentence, certainly expecting the leniency of the court, as i have already said my colleague agrees with me. we are hoping for the softest verdict possible. griner has asked the judge for time to prepare her testimony. meanwhile her family and friends have made public pleas to the biden administration to work harder to secure her release. we are going to do everything that we can the president has this top of mind to make sure that we get brittany home safely. greiner has been in russian custody since february, and efforts to bring her home so far have not been successful. what i do know is that 99% of russian trials end up with a guilty verdict, so we need to just our government to continue doing what they're doing and exhausting every measure possible to help bring pg home secretary of state antony blinken says they were able to deliver president biden's letter to griner. he
10:42 pm
also said they would not stop working. to bring home detained americans in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news san jose is donating lifesaving safety equipment to help first responders in ukraine mayor sam liccardo in the san jose fire department today announced the donation of self contained breathing apparatus and air regulator mass there among thousands of items sent to being sent to first responders in several ukrainian cities. we know our fellow firefighters, ukraine are facing dire circumstance. dire circumstances excuse me circumstances as we speak. they're working to save lives and property in the situation. where they are not expecting to have to do that. chief williams and mayor liccardo are also urging people and businesses to make cash donations to nova ukraine. it's a nonprofit dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to ukraine. still to come tonight on the 10 o'clock news, the new study that shows the disparities in who is impacted by wildfire
10:43 pm
smoke. plus it's great because now we can. you know, we can spread out our health care system a little bit more in hopefully reach out to people who who need it. more ways to get treated for covid-19 the change that allows you to get packed slovin without going to a doctor. meteorologist bill martin is back after the break with what we can expect this weekend.
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and feinstein has now voiced her support for a carve out to the filibuster as a way to codify abortion rights in a tweet today, feinstein said, let me be clear if it comes down to protecting the filibuster or protecting a woman's right to choose. there should be no question that i will vote to protect a woman's right to choose. this is a shift for feinstein. she has a longtime supporter of the filibuster and face pressure from democrats last year to back a filibuster carve out to support voting rights change for those trying to get the covid-19 drug packs slovin the food and drug administration now says state licensed pharmacists can prescribe it. not just physicians, ktvu cristina rendon explains how these changes will benefit those who are most at risk of getting severely sick. so this this is the path. the paxil covid mark. chuckle of berkeley is in quarantine on the east coast despite being fully
10:47 pm
vaccinated, having three boosters and wearing a mask. he traveled for family memorial service and caught covid on monday. jackal quickly texted his doctor because he's immuno compromised. i was able to work with him right away to get tax over it from a pharmacy and i was on it within 90 minutes is an antiviral drug by fizer used to treat covid-19 on wednesday, the fda said. those at risk of becoming seriously ill from the coronavirus can now get packs livid through a pharmacist. instead of going to a health care provider or covid test site . it's great, because now we can. you know, we can spread out our health care system a little bit more and hopefully reach out to people who who need it, catherine yang at ucsf medical center says people who are eligible for the drug our patients with risk factors for severe covid like obesity, age, hypertension or dementia. yang says. you'll need to bring your most recent blood tests and a list of your medications to the pharmacy for prescription paxil bid can have, um, drug
10:48 pm
interactions with your existing medications or with over the counter products or with herbal medications. so it's very, very, very important that you bring the list into the pharmacy. and with the pharmacists see it so that they can check to make sure there are no dangerous interactions packs taken over the course of five days. three pills in the morning three at night. of course, there are side effects. jekyll is experiencing the most common ones, diarrhea and packs covid mouth. have the metal taste in my mouth, which i think a lot of people on chemotherapy often get um, which is not great, but it's much better than having severe covid or being hospitalized. i guarantee you says, no matter how careful you are have a plan. if you get covid. it's kind of like we're supposed to be ready for earthquakes and fires. i feel like we need to have a covid plan and i had one. thank goodness. it must be taken within five days of symptoms. there were some initial supply issues when the drug first came out. but health experts say that pharmacies should have ample inventory. cristina rendon ktvu
10:49 pm
fox two news. monkeypox cases are on the rise, and health officials are becoming increasingly concerned across the world that has now been more than 6000 cases recorded in 58 countries. the world health organization says globally cases rose 30% in the past two weeks, with europe seeing the vast majority of those cases responsible for 80% of new infections around the world. the u. n says expanding vaccination efforts and improving monkeypox surveillance will be crucial to curtail a future outbreak. new york city is now being dubbed the epicenter of the monkey pox virus here in the us health officials say the number of probable cases increased to more than 119 as of this week. earlier this week, san francisco announced a doubling of monkeypox cases here. the number of cases is now up to 40 and late today, santa clara county announced its second case of monkeypox, a new stanford
10:50 pm
university study shows common approaches to keeping wildfire smoke out of homes. may not be working normally, when wildfire smoke goes into the hazardous air pollution levels. public health officials urge people to stay indoors, closed windows and use air filters. buy new research from stanford shows americans rarely succeed in keeping the smoke from wildfires from entering their homes earlier today on the four we spoke with stanford researcher sam heft neil, who co authored this study, he says they found the disparities between low income and wealthy neighborhoods is significant when it comes to taking the proactive measures recommended by health officials. well all across the income spectrum. people are interested in air quality, and they do google searches for air quality when wildfires in present but the actual response taking the next step of searching for aarp , your if fires of changing your movement to protect yourself, those only really occur at the higher income level. neil also
10:51 pm
says the government should change its strategy to reduce the risk of wildfire smoke exposure by targeting people who are the most vulnerable, including people with asthma and those without the resources to protect themselves. checking in on the temperatures from today. it was a nice one out there. we had 87 fair film that was up a couple of degrees say with the antioxidants a little warmer, especially inland. today. temperatures tomorrow about the same maybe a degree or two warmer. i think we'll see a couple of low nineties tomorrow for your friday and then, as we get into saturday and sunday, it warms a little more, not a heatwave but warming up and nothing in or out of the norm. this low has been out of the norm. that thing's been hanging out for quite some time. it's been very helpful. you heard our cal fire interview earlier in the newscast and the gentleman was talking about why why we're not having massive problems with fires and why we didn't have a lot of fires after the fourth of july and has a lot as he said, and i would agree had a lot to
10:52 pm
do with this low pressure center in the cool air coming in now we've got this high building in out of the desert southwest. it's going to push into our southern region and inland region. so let's bakersfield, fresno. modesto stockton, sacramento. it'll hit a little bit of our inland bay valleys, but just to the tune of 92 93 degrees, not 100 degrees. so it's not a massive heat up just to warm up and it's going to cool down after that. you'll see that in the five day forecast, so that's kind of a good little pattern for us. there's the low up here. this is the wind direction we've been experiencing, which has been advantageous. not just for fire, but for air quality as well and mild temperatures, but it continues that green is just false reflectivity there. that's nothing going on kind of looks like rain, but it's not. these are the forecast overnight lows , right like last night, pretty much some fog at the coast. little patchy fog. tomorrow morning's fog footprint looks like this and you can see it extends all the way down into the santa clara valley. not quite as extensive as the last few mornings. that's why temperatures probably slightly warmer last couple of years.
10:53 pm
we've had clouds and all nine barria counties in the morning. in the afternoon. it burns off little quicker than it has been heat in the valley. some low nineties but again microclimates green, yellow and orange for the most part sixties seventies and eighties in in our bay area, we might see a couple of nineties like fairfield will touch on 90 degrees. morgan hill 88 89 in the anti oxo nice day for your friday saturday little warmer sunday. actually pardon me. it's a little cooler on saturday and a little warmer on sunday and then temperatures peak on monday and start to cool down on tuesday. it's all subtle stuff, but the cool down is what i'm looking forward to just because it takes the pressure off. the cal fire men and women when we do have a couple of days of heat, and then it cools off. i'll see you back here at 11. okay we'll see you in a bit. bill thank you coming up tonight history in las vegas will introduce you to the new groundbreaking higher by the raiders on the 11 o'clock news. hate crimes up 177. how
10:54 pm
california now wants to spend $30 million in an effort to prevent hate against the asian american community.
10:55 pm
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has made history with a new hire. today they announced sandra douglas morrigan is the new team president, making her the first black woman in nfl history to be named to that position. morgan is the former chairwoman of the nevada gaming board. at a press conference today. she said she is thrilled to join them as they embark on one of the most exciting times in the history of the organization. as i shared with the team earlier today, i was raised in las vegas and have truly witnessed this city ascend to one of the sport's capitals of the world. visited by millions across the globe, and
10:57 pm
it is an honor of a lifetime to serve as the president of this organization. morgen begins her new role immediately. she is the third woman and third african american to be president of an nfl team. rafael nadal is done at this year's wimbledon tournament, the 22 time grand slam champion, was scheduled to play in the semifinals tomorrow against nick curios. but withdrew with an abdominal tear , he said. it's been bothering him all throughout the tournament. but after winning this grueling quarterfinal match, he says that he just could not continue. some people say the worst day on the golf course is better than any day at work. and there's one sonny bill golfer who may not agree with that. he had to be rescued after he got stuck in the mud while trying to retrieve a ball at the sunnyvale municipal golf course on tuesday. so sunnyvale, public safety officers used a ladder and carefully crawled their way to the man to help rescue him and pull him out of all that
10:58 pm
mud. there's no word on whether he was able to recover his ball save there. president biden awarded the medal of freedom to 17 accomplished americans today, saying they represent the soul of america and the power of possibilities. the white house says the honor is reserved for americans who have made exemplary contributions to the prosperity, values or security of the united states. box news caroline shively reports now on this special ceremony at the white house. president biden honored winners of the presidential medal of freedom at the white house on thursday, a list that includes athletes, actors and activists, the nation's highest civilian honor. that's who we are as americans. and that's what we see an extraordinary extraordinary group of americans up here in this stage, 17 americans received the reward posthumously like war hero and senator john mccain and apple founder steve jobs. many are household names like academy award winner denzel washington and simone biles and
10:59 pm
advocate for mental health and the most decorated american gymnast in history. she turned personal pain and a greater purpose to stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. today she has to her medal count of 32. i know we're gonna find room honorees are lesser known, but have had great impact on aspects of american life. because you're khan is a gold star father and an advocate for religious freedom. critical care nurse sandra lindsay was the first american to receive a covid vaccine outside clinical trials on live television. sandra as i told you before. if there's any angels in heaven, they're all nurses. mister biden is a medal of freedom winner himself. president obama bestowed the honor on biden a week before the two left office in 2017. in washington. caroline shively news the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now is sorely missed already in so loved and he was such a bright and beautiful spirit. when we work together, he was always
11:00 pm
joking. co workers, friends and family are in mourning tonight after three men drowned, trying to save an eight year old boy in the delta. those three men lived in oakland and worked in construction and loved ones say the men were loved. and never hesitated to help others. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage. julie julie haener new tonight as ktvu s amberleigh reports, now the daughter of one of the victims is working to send their bodies back to their home country of guatemala. yes in observance of guatemalan culture. the family of edwin rivas is hosting nightly gatherings at his oakland home for nine days to honor him and his two friends. they drowned while rescuing a boy. my daughter's assassin hero so and now i see it. how much the people love him. wendy rivas described her father as a hero to many in various immigrant communities in oakland, where he's lived for 36


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