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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 18, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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scene of one of the busiest ports on the west coast. why this is happening at the port of oakland and how it's affecting operations? plus so i grabbed my four year old and i'm trying to get my wife and my kids to go. a shooting at a bowling alley over the weekend and livermore. the whole thing happened is children were inside celebrating a birthday, the latest on the investigation and what's next as the bowling alley reopened for the first time later today. then changes happening today on bart why the agency says that face masks are no longer required how riders are reacting. the wo news at noon. good andre senior happening right now . truck drivers have walked off the job and are protesting at the port of oakland. this is video from sky fox. they're trying to send a message about a california law, they said it's making it harder for them to do their jobs. ktvu is james torres has a look at the impact on port
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operations now. there are signs there are shirts and there are plenty of voices from truck drivers here in the bay area, hoping that state leaders will acknowledge that 85 is something they do not want drivers doing what they can to disrupt operations at the ports of oakland's international terminal as the signs and shirts will tell you they are against assembly bill five. this low he's trying to like is forcing us to do something that we don't want. the law passed in. 2019 puts a stop to independent truck drivers who helped transport goods from ports like here in oakland, it was designed to guarantee independent contractors living wages and benefits. they want to let the governor know that they're very dissatisfied with that, and that maybe the law came from a good place. but ultimately they're not happy. those independent contractors must now be employees with the company. they do business with california truck drivers challenged the law. but at the end of june, the
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supreme court rejected to hear those challenges. now independent drivers and the companies who employ them are showing their teeth. if the company i got in my truck list, too. told me to do something that i want to. i didn't do it. first of all, i could do whatever i want to. yeah. and if i became a company driver was well, basically going to have to do whatever that company sent me to this affects about 70,000 independent truck owner operators in the state and the majority of drivers at the ports of oakland. a lot of the container drainage companies here within the court of oakland started out drivers being independent contractors and then starting their own business. so it's been a business model that has worked for decades here in the ports, and the drivers want to stick with it. a statement from the ports of oakland reads. in part, it's still too early to know what impacts may arise from the abbey five trucker classification law since the u.
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s. supreme court denied the california trucking associations petition. barely two weeks ago. the ports is following the situation closely as it unfolds , trucking is vitally important to the bay area region and the entire global supply chain. protesters say the demonstrations could last until wednesday, reporting from the port of oakland. i'm james torres ktvu news. we're not a bowl in livermore will reopen after a deadly shooting there over the weekend. it happened saturday night when the bowling alley was full of people in eight year old girl was having her birthday party there. police say that some men started arguing in the bar, one of them pulled out a gun and started firing, killing one man and injuring two others. the bowling alley there near downtown was closed as police investigated. first it was front. you're frustrated because you're thinking why would someone come to a bowling alley? teachers grateful. grateful you got everyone out. you feel bad for the person that passed livermore police say they've identified a
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suspect and are searching for him. police say they're following leads in sorting through surveillance video. we're not a bull responded to the shooting by saying our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, the safety and security of our customers and employees is and always will continue to be a top priority. we will do everything in our power to assist local authorities in bringing the responsible party to justice. staying in the east bay. oakland police are looking for a driver who struck and killed a pedestrian but did not stop to help, police say just after 10 o'clock last night, officers respond to reports of a pedestrian hit by a car on bancroft avenue near 61st avenue . when officers arrived, they found a man in the street. he was pronounced dead there at the scene. investigators say a silver or white pickup truck was seen driving away right after the collision. now the san jose where police are also looking for a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian and didn't stay at the scene. this happened around 11 15 last night at the intersection of story road and colbert drive a few blocks from the east capitol expressway. police say the unidentified man was standing in the road, not in
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a in a crosswalk. he died at the scene, according to police, he was hit by a dark colored minivan. this marks the 23rd pedestrian fatality this year in san jose area. medical officials are trying to get more monkey pox vaccines to keep up with demand. over the weekend, the san francisco aids foundation held an appointment only monkeypox clinic health workers administered 500 vaccinations to people at castro district health center. vaccine supplies are struggling to keep up with the man now appointments went to people who are on the waiting list of 3400 people. over pride weekend. a lot of folks in the community has started to become symptomatic, meaning they're showing some symptoms of monkeypox. they're concerned and they're going into a clinic to get screened. the vaccine is 85% effective in preventing infections and lessening the severity of the disease has ended its mass requirement it's re installed three months ago. the move was made after a short period where there were no mask requirement now once again face
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master optional so far barked board of directors has not made a decision about extending the mask mandate. i personally will keep wearing a mask just to be as conscious as possible, but i'm really happy that all the filtration systems are going in place and whatever people are most comfortable with, i won't judge them for, but i personally apologize, wearing a mask to each his own. if you want to wear a mask, i would suggest you were a very high level mask like 95 like i have on don't wear just a little blue mask or cough matthis. where something that's really going to keep the coronavirus away from you and then try to keep your distance from people centers for disease control recommends that face mask should be worn indoors in public spaces. the number of people being hospitalized because of covid is rising again, even after two months of high case rates, doctors say people being treated in hospitals now have less severe cases than people who are hospitalized during the earlier waves of covid. medical experts say that vaccines and other therapeutics are likely the reasons that cases are less severe. but there are growing calls for mask mandates to be
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reinstated. because communities are different, uh and their patterns of transmission are different. that said. cdc has very clear guidance on this as well through through their covid community levels. and the cdc recommendation is that when you're in a high zone, that sort of orange zone as l a county is ah, you know, people wearing masks indoors is really important and it really will make a difference. state officials report. nearly 90% of all californians live in counties with high transmission rates, the cdc says. that should trigger universal masking an indoor public places. today u. c. irvine is requiring all students and staff to wear masks while inside campus buildings. other schools including u c l, a, have brought back their mask policies as well. the sentencing trial has begun for the parkland school shooter. the 23 year old pled guilty to charges of murder and attempted murder last year and now faces the death penalty . phil keen ease and fort lauderdale with the latest life in prison or the death penalty trial against the gunman in the
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school shooting in parkland, florida kicking off on monday, but at 12 person jury will not weigh whether nicholas cruz is guilty. the mass shooter already copped to killing 17 people at his former school on valentine's day four years ago. instead the jury will decide if cruz should be set as to capital punishment. or life in prison without parole now 23 year old made prior offers to plead guilty in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. but prosecutors rejected that proposal. the jury was finalized last month after the case was delayed over and over again, partly due to the pandemic. seven men and five women will decide if cruz will be one of the youngest people to receive the death sentence in florida. prosecutors claimed that while evidence proves crews may suffer from behavioral disorders, he wasn't mentally unfit when he carried out the murders cold. calculated. manipulative. and that families
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of the victims say the trial will bring them some relief. knowing that down the line there will be a verdict rendered. okay i that part will definitely be closure. this mini trial is expected to last up to four months. and downtown fort lauderdale. phil keating, ktvu fox two news. at noon in san francisco board of supervisors rules committee is debating a plan to give police more access to private surveillance cameras . if approved by the board. the new policy would allow police to view feeds from private cameras as events are happening. this issue came up during the smash and grab robberies. we saw union square last november. police couldn't watch the live feeds to see where the robbers were meeting up or whether getaway cars were waiting. supervisor aaron peskin says it's important for the policy to strike a balance between public safety and privacy. i think there is agreement. i mean around exigent circumstances. i agree that the police should have should have
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access in real time to live monitoring to do their work. civil liberties groups, including the electronic frontier foundation announced a c l u opposed the proposal. they say it would be an extreme escalation in police surveillance powers. hundreds of jobs will be lost when amy's kitchen closes at san jose production sign in september, the company tells us economic challenges such as inflation, skyrocketing material costs, labor shortages and supply chain disruptions have accelerated the shutdown. they say the centers east side has been losing about $1 million a month over the last 6 to 8 months. amy's kitchen still produces frozen food in santa rosa, medford, oregon, and pocatello, idaho, in a statement to us, amy's kitchen says our employees have remained top of mind during this realignment, in addition to continuing employee salaries and benefits during this transition, we will continue to live our promise of doing what is best for our customers, our farmers, our employees and our planet. still to come. at noon, another dead whales washed up onto a beach here in the bay area, the warning in place for people to
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stay away, plus a gas prices are coming down. that's the good news. the bad news is, they may go right back up towards the end of the year. and uh, glue seder in washington will tell you why coming up. and around the bay area this afternoon. our forecast persist as we look at temperatures sixties along the coast, nineties inland, beautiful look there at the low clouds moving inside the bay. i'll have a look
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up on a beach in pacifica, the marine mammal center says it was initially reported saturday morning. it's located about halfway between mori point and sharp park beach. there are signs of warning people to stay away from the whale. it's not clear yet what the plans are for removing the whale carcass continue to follow the latest developments out of indiana, where three people were shot to death in a shopping mall and two others were hurt. it happened yesterday in greenwood, indiana, just south of indianapolis. that doesn't include three victims and the gunman and a 12 year old girl is among the two others who were hurt. a short time ago, police announced the government was a 20 year old man from greenwood investigators he began firing in the food court area after leaving a bathroom in the ball carrying a rifle and several rounds of ammunition around six p.m. 22 year old good samaritan who was legally carrying his own handgun shot and killed the shooter. investigators confiscated a
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suspicious backpack found in a bathroom near the food court. shooting victims include one male and four females, the conditions of the two people who were injured are set to be stable. gas prices have dropped again overnight as douglas data reports from washington. the biden ministrations worries, though this could be the calm before another storm. gas prices may be the only bit of good economic news for the white house right now, but the administration is hoping for a multiplier effect here with cheaper gas, helping ease inflation person with climate without congress president leaving church in washington late yesterday, silent in the face of mounting questions, he had just returned from saudi arabia, where his fist bump with the crown prince generated headlines and criticism that the white house doesn't need right now. but through it all, gas prices have been slowly falling. according to triple a. they're down 15 cents over the past week , and the white house likes what it sees expected to come down more towards $4, and we already
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have many gas stations around the country that are below $4. and that would be a relief for the president with our new fox news poll showing that more voters blame him for high gas prices than either russia or oil companies. but what comes down could go right back up with oil prices, possibly spiking this fall just before the midterm elections, and there are two huge variables out there that are going to affect our oil prices. one is how the europeans clamped down on russia when they stop buying russian oil, and the second one is the possibility of a global recession and as far as the possibility of a global recession is concerned, the white house still thinks it can be avoided. it is very hard. hard. to conclude that we are in a recession when you look at the payroll and the job gains that we've seen now it is tricky to look around the corner here and i'm not going to predict quarters down the road and in about a week and a half new gdp numbers come out and we'll get a better read on whether the
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country is in fact already in a recession. in washington, doug loose ader fox news. stocks here because things started off strong, but look at where we are now. dow jones is underwater by about one quarter of 1% after a great start this morning, right when that bell rang. it's losing 70 plus points right now, this pattern is exactly the same as what's happening over on the s and p, which is now down by almost one half of 1% similar pattern again on nasdaq, down by about just as much more stable in the stock market is right now, rosemary oroczo is here with more on that rosemary oroczo along the coast . temperatures remain in the sixties. not going to see a whole lot of change as we go through the next couple of days, we do have one subtle change going on, and i'll show you that here in just a moment. how about a live look outside our doors? sfo their blue skies and a little bit of cloud cover there just up against the hills, clouds and fog inside the bay along the coast. half moon bay right now, two degrees warmer
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than yesterday at this timing, while nevado is four degrees cooler oakland up by four degrees, so most of us within a few degrees of where we were yesterday and 65 degrees right now for san francisco. upper fifties half moon bay. we have upper eighties inland cities already at this time, 88 reported in brentwood, 88 conquered. meanwhile in the north bay, it's a beautiful day napa 72 for you there a warm 84 in the south bay of san jose, the onshore breeze continues. it's a fairly weak out there we do have fairfield reporting, 21 mph and napa reporting 14. meanwhile, oakland a northwest breeze at about 10, mph and the clouds along the coast expected to remain partly cloudy for today. the rest of us mostly sunny and our air quality is good to moderate. if i pull back just a little bit. notice what is happening here? we've got some of that moisture coming in from the desert southwest over areas of southern california. and if you look fairly close, you can't even see those lightning strikes associated with that moisture. i don't expect anything really in our
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area, although a little bit of cloud cover, definitely a possibility. here's a look at the future cast model. there is a look at the lunch hour. we've got partly cloudy skies along the coast. mostly sunny for the rest of us by by 67 o'clock notice. it is drifting and it's coming as far north. it looks like it's about monterey, maybe areas of the south bay so you may see an increase in mid and high level clouds out there, but really, that looks to be about it. meanwhile, around and the bay area for today. temperatures in the low sixties for pacifica , 67 san francisco seventies and eighties around the bay 76 for you, hayward 82 in redwood city in the north bay. it's a warm one upper eighties for santa rosa, and even hotter than that far inland communities 94 unconquered for today, our our south by 89 in markethill better details in the extended forecast, including a sneak peek into your weekend coming up in just a little bit. rosemary thank you still to come at low and high surf warning for all of the hawaiian islands look at the damage already caused by historic swells.
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that type of government should be rewarded with a visit by the president of the united states. president biden said that he told the crown prince he holds him personally responsible for cash. oh jews, killing saudi officials have confirmed that president biden raised the issue of jamal cash. augie's killing with the crown prince, top saudi diplomat who was in the room for president. biden's meeting with the crown prince gave a different version of what was discussed to reporter alex hogan. biden on his trip spoke to the crown prince, saying that he holds him directly responsible. how did he respond to those comments? i didn't hear that particular phrase. this is where this one hand is. the crumpets explained to the president that the steps that surgery best taken and the fact that we did what every civilized country and serious country will do, and, unfortunately, mistakes happen. over the place. president biden said when he brought up the killing of kuleshov duty to the crown
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prince. he said he was not responsible. in washington, the next insurrection hearing set for thursday, according to the house committee investigating last year's attack. details in this week's hearing will show the american people what president trump refused to do as a mob stormed the capital. meantime the committee says it has subpoenaed the secret service as it investigates allegations the agency may have deleted text messages sought his evidence. it is quite crazy that the secret service would actually end up deleting anything related to one of the more infamous days in american history. secret service has nothing was intentionally erased , but that some data was lost during a routine device migration and then all of the text requested by the committee had been saved new at noon. doctor anthony fauci is planning to retire by the end of president joe biden is current term in office. the news comes from an interview with politico, the 81 year old became the face of the nation offering medical advice during the coronavirus pandemic. he has served more
12:25 pm
than five decades of federal service under seven different presidential administrations. warning signs are posted along several east coast beaches after shark sightings and attacks, local officials near long island closed down several beaches following two attacks last wednesday. first a man was knocked off his pedal board by a sand tiger shark, which then bid them later that same day, another man who was standing in waist deep water was bitten from behind. both men are expected to recover. those recent attacks aren't stopping beachgoers from going into the water. i'm trusting the lifeguards and the drones and the and the county to keep an eye out for the sharks. because sampling as women today that's why i'm here. we just gotta keep our guard up. you have a game plan if you see one yes. went to the water. l fast believe that works so far this year, there have been 24 people bitten by sharks around the country to incidents were here in california. people in hawaii are heading to higher ground as another day of massive water surges are hitting the islands.
12:26 pm
we have video here that shows giant waste crashing over a two story condo on the big island saturday. the huge surge hit beaches across the islands with wave heights, passing 20 ft. in some places, some buildings were damaged roads had to be closed. these kinds of huge waves aren't common this time of year in hawaii. the national weather service called the swell historic and warned that hazardous surf is continuing today. here at home. in the south bay. maintenance crews are working to repair water main break on the eastern edge of san jose, the 16th break in the pipe at columbine drive and martin avenue was not affecting water service, and there is no major flooding. are still to come. wildfire season ramping up the new tools from the federal government to help firefighters here in california. plus a scathing new report surrounding that deadly shooting in a texas elementary school. how it's taking aim at the more than 370 officers who responded that day. your projects done right
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one you. this noontime truck drivers are staging a protest at the port of oakland. the protest in california assembly bill five. the law passed in 2019 puts a stop to independent truck drivers who transport goods from ports, such as those in oakland was designed to guarantee independent contractors livable wages and benefits. those independent contractors must now be employees with the company. they do business with. california truck drivers
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challenged the law. but at the end of june, the supreme court rejected hearing those challenges. it has ended its mask requirement. the face mask mandate was reinstated three months ago after a short period during which there was no face mask requirement. once again now face masks are optional, but recommended so far boards board of directors has made no decision on extending the mask mandate. the centers for disease control recommends face masks be worn in indoor public places. in san jose police and now arrested suspects in two separate homicides that recently took place in the city. 40 year old sunray winchester was arrested in the stabbing death of a woman near south market street between west san fernando street and park avenue. that happened july 12th. police say winchester was homeless and was known to frequent the downtown area. received a call that a female was being physically attacked by a male suspect. homicide detectives worked this case and identified suspect winchester is the primary suspect responsible
12:31 pm
for that homicide. in another homicide. san jose police arrested 20 year old manuel gutierrez. investigators say he is the primary suspect for shooting that killed a man on july 15th. it happened at the plant shopping center at monterey road and curtner avenue, according to witnesses. gutierrez who is homeless, pulled a gun during a confrontation with another homeless man. he was taken into custody without incident. in mountain view of man is facing charges of attempted murder, accused of shooting a peace officer. police say it happened early saturday morning during a traffic stop near villa street and wild cherry lane. jeffrey choi was arrested. investigators released still images of the injured officers, body camera video, and one image appears to show a man in the driver's seat of a vehicle pointing a gun at the officer. there are people who are kind of out in public with bad intentions. um and it's our job to really come across these people and to really take them off the streets, and it's we never want to wish to be the victim of a violent crime like
12:32 pm
this, but it you know, we do understand that this does come in terms of the dangers that are out there. you know, we try to be as prepared as we can as possible. the officer who was injured, is recovering. he has not been identified. there are more questions about the delayed police response to the mass shooting, and you validly texas reporter casey stengel breaks down a preliminary 80 page report on that shooting that killed 19 children and two adults when the shooting broke out here at rob elementary school in new valley, it was clearly an all hands on deck situation. let's show you now the actual law enforcement response. 376 police total showed up here of those 149 were u. s border patrol agents 91 state police 25 you valley city police, 16 county sheriff's deputies and five school district police. the rest were u. s marshals, dea and
12:33 pm
neighboring county deputies surveillance video obtained by the austin american statesman newspaper and ktvu tv that has been edited down shows the mass of officers gathering in the hallway. so the report questions with so many there and the quote lack of a strong incident commander. why nobody else with higher rank or more training didn't step up sooner. the gunman entered rob elementary at 11 33. it wasn't until 12 50 until he was taken down door locks are another major part of this report stating that if both the exterior and the classroom doors had been locked as they should have been, it could have slowed the shooter and possibly bought more time. and while the committee stopped short of saying that this botched response actually cost more lives, the report does say it's quote plausible. some of the victims could have survived if they did not have to wait. 73 minutes 73 minutes before they
12:34 pm
were rescued. we do not specify which officers should have taken over command in here because that'd be kind of a little bit of our opinion as to who should have what i will tell you is this there are officers in that building who knew or should have known more needed to be done. 21 people lost their lives that day 19 children and two teachers. texas lawmakers will now use the information in this report to see if new laws need to be enacted or policies need to change to ensure this doesn't happen again. that's the latest from you. valley texas. casey stegall. fox is now underway for a man charged in the death and disappearance of ascent luis obispo college student more than two decades ago, paul flores, suspected of killing kristin smart 25 years ago when they were both students at cal poly prosecutors say the floor is killed, smart while trying to rape her in his dorm room in 1996. her body has never been found. floors his father, ruben floors, is charged as an
12:35 pm
accomplice. both men have pleaded not guilty. let's get us some breaking news. we're following here in the east bay in pittsburgh, hellfire responding to a vegetation fire that's burning in the area of altai vista and your woodland hills park not far from kerkar pass road south of highway for it can clearly see the smoke rising in this camera. of course, it is a time lap time lapse image we're showing you gives you a good idea of the situation here. we see some burned area about 15 acres in size has burned already. fire crews say they're mounting an aggressive attack on this fire. of course it's windy outside, sonny. i mean, it's not sort of the height of fire season. we're not in triple digit temperatures and extremely strong winds like we have seen in this area, but still a cause for concern. given that drought that we're in. we will continue to follow this story here. crews responding to a wildfire in pittsburgh will bring you more information as we get it. pittsburgh firefighters in pittsburgh having particularly busy, in fact, because firefighters and contra costa spent the night putting out a number of grass fires in the city of pittsburgh . they shared an image of the fairway fire burning off golf club drive. they say there were
12:36 pm
multiple fires in the same area. in total, roughly 11 acres burned, but no one injured and the fires were contained. after a few hours, we reached out to contra costa county fire to ask how those fires started. we'll let you know and while smoke from the fire burning in the delta near pittsburgh and be point continues to be a problem , an air quality advisory has been extended. at least through today. the fire has been burning in the marsh. since the end of may. contra costa county fire and the local water district are teaming up to pump water from the delta into the fire zone. county officials say they hope flooding the area will drown the members by the end of the week. fires has approximately 20,000 gallons of water per minute or flowing onto the site. right now people who live in a community near yosemite national park are being allowed to return home today after being evacuated because of wildfires there. the washburn fire started back on july 7th and has burned more than 7.5 square miles since then. that fire has been limited to yosemite, but it's also burning in the sierra national forest. it has burned away from
12:37 pm
the mariposa grove, and it's not currently a threat to these giant sequoias. park superintendent says decades of prescribed burns in the area helps save the grove, the superintendent says the oldest tree in the mariposa grove, the grizzly giant is 2700 years old governor newsom says california will be getting seven airplanes from the federal government to use in fighting wildfires. one of the critical technologies at our disposal are c one thirties per wildfire suppression. this is something we've been waiting for, which is final schedule for the delivery of 71 thirties. the u. s air force. military transport planes will be modified to use in wildfire suppression. the hope is that they will be delivered by the end of summer next year. many homes and business owners are having trouble finding insurance to cover their properties, ktvu tom baker reports and independent study suggests much more needs to be done to help them. california's fair plan was created by the state legislature more than a half century ago. it's the insurer of last resort
12:38 pm
for people canceled by insurers at an investigative hearing an independent study ordered by the insurance commissioner found that the fair plan is not fair. the list. unfair in accepting customers providing poor coverage is not disclosing or properly interpreting coverage clauses illegally adding coverage limits illegally charging higher rates, delaying claims. failure to apply required discounts as well as poor business practices, including customers and agents, inability to even contact the fair plan staff organization ise working with consumers working with your team. um and a lot of the testimony we've been hearing about today. none of it is new to us the root of the problem, says harvey rosenfield, whose prop one oh, three has saved car and homeowners. $100 billion in
12:39 pm
premiums since it passed in 1988. is that the fox is watching the henhouse. the legislature put the put the insurance companies in charge. and so it's the it's the insurance companies who are chasing people out of their private market by refusing to sell insurance in their communities, and then you go to the fair plan, and lo and behold , it's the insurance companies that is exactly right. traditional market insurers are responsible for the day to day operations of the fair plan, and they handle those operations by virtue of their membership on the governing committee of the fair plan. while there are four so called public and interested party members on the governing committee. only the nine insurance industry members may actually vote. the insurance commissioner then has the ultimate authority to exercise final approval on things that the fair plan wishes to do because of that ultimate authority insurance commissioner ricardo loris message to the
12:40 pm
fair plan is the fare plan has to change. the fair plan says it follows all laws and rules. fact the fair plan made up a lot of the rules. this is made even more critical since wildfires will force many other home and business owners into the fair plans. customer ranks. tom baker , ktvu fox two news. the ntsb is investigating the deadly crash ofd that aircraft. the napa county coroner has not released any information about them. yet the crash caused a small fire in the barriers. estate neighborhood fire contained the flames after one acre burned still to come at noon. obey area woman files a lawsuit against the maker of skittles why, she says the popular candy is unfit for human consumption. and our summertime warmup continues over areas of our inland cities well into the nineties, once again, meanwhile , very enjoyable around the bay and a bit cool at the coast. better details on what you can
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newsroom to bring to you now on that deadly shooting at grenada bowl in livermore over the weekend, police announced just minutes ago they are looking for 27 year old roger alleman garcia in connection to the deadly shooting. police described garcia as a convicted felon with a prior criminal history, including an assault with a deadly weapon. the shooting happened saturday night when the
12:44 pm
bowling alley was full of people. one man was killed, two others injured. anyone with information on garcia's whereabouts is being asked to call livermore police. there is a reward being offered in this case. new at noon. police in antioch have made several arrests under a joint operation with federal law enforcement, the police department with the help of the department of justice, says 23 suspects are under arrest for alleged crimes include homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, sexual assault and robbery. the mayor lamar thorpe, said many of the suspects are not from antioch there from other cities across the bay area and the country. last week, the antioco police department executed a key violent crime warrant sweep operation or as i like to call it operation we're not messing around. would anybody and we're not as a result of this warrant sweep. we've made 23 high level felony arrest. raging ranging also said the joint operation with the city's federal law enforcement partners marks the beginning of the end of antioch being a place where violent people can come and hide out.
12:45 pm
it's a mystery worth more than $100 million, an armored truck transporting jewelry and gems headed from san francisco to pasadena for convention was robbed last night. pictures show only a small fraction of what's missing. investigators say that these got away with dozens of unique pieces like diamonds and rolex watches. the truck company hasn't explained yet how these thieves pulled us off. but the jewelry shows director says brings had a good reputation. drivers can't leave the vehicle . there's always two or more armed officers in the vehicle. um they have bulletproof glass. they have run flat tires. they have their red radio tracking alarm systems. very sophisticated. brinks is the largest of valuable transport company in the world. the show's director, says they're waiting on a report from the fbi. that may better explain how the highest was pulled off. he says the guards were not heard and no shots were even fired. the
12:46 pm
containers with the precious cargo weighed £100 apiece. police are investigating separate incidents of vandalism and theft at two pacific schools . officers responded to a report of a pride flag stolen from oceana high school last wednesday. then on thursday, police arrived at the after school program at sunset ridge elementary to find someone had broken into two portable classrooms. thieves stole several electronic and police say the vandals scribbled a swastika on a doll. pacifica police released a statement saying quote these type of hateful incidents will not be tolerated in our community, and we're seeking the public's help in identifying the responsible persons obey area. woman says skittles candies are unfit for human consumption, she filed the lawsuit in oakland against mars incorporated the maker of skittles, the suit says the candy contains heightened levels of titanium oxide. a toxic chemical found an artificial coloring. researchers have warned of the health risks in a statement of mars spokesperson said, quote while we do not comment on pending litigation, our use of titanium dioxide complies with fda regulations.
12:47 pm
back to that breaking news. we're following for you. in pittsburgh, cal fire crews responding to a vegetation fire there is burning in the area of alta vista near woodland hills park, not far from kerkar pass road. we sent sky fox to the area, and it's now giving us a great look at the bright orange active flame burning. this is again in the far east bay city of pittsburgh, we can see a thick plume of smoke active orange flame. thanks to sky fox up above. at this point, we know at least 15 acres have burned there in pittsburgh as we keep sky fox up above, or cruiser heading there as well or in contact with fire officials and we have to discuss the weather as we bring in our meteorologist rosemary oroczo. what do you see in that area when it comes to winds, humidity and temperatures? rosemary is with us. we would love to get her thoughts on what's happening here, andre, you know, as we get this live, look here again active orange flame, but as we get a bit of a wider look, we also see just all that brown dry grass. those hillsides just appear to be waiting to burn. alright, rosemary oroczo here
12:48 pm
now with a look at the conditions in that area right now, rosemary oroczo look too strong in my meteorological tools here are showing the winds are generally light but temperatures already in the eighties over areas of pittsburgh and this time of year temperatures could go 5 10 degrees above that, by the second part of the afternoon. take a look at some of the relative humidity out there pittsburgh at 32% but then you look over towards mount diablo. relative humidity is 13% so already very dry at this noon hour. the winds don't look too strong, but the temperatures will continue to warm into the afternoon when we have those hot temperatures. the fire just burns that much faster, giving you a look here at the air quality as well around the region for today. as we know the air quality for the inner east pay due to the marsh fire, and now we have the pittsburgh fire out there that is going to, of course, compromise air quality right now, quality looks good to moderate expected to remain moderate for the bay area today , but if you do smell the smoke
12:49 pm
as very hazardous for your lungs , always close your windows try to stay indoors. meanwhile outside our doors here at sfo, we have a little bit of cloud cover out there along the coast just inside the bay, keeping things really comfortable in and around the coast in the bay. hey you go in lindo. as we showed you a moment ago. temperatures are already heating up right now. santa rosa reporting mostly sunny skies at 81 upper sixties in san francisco upper eighties for conquered san carlos along the peninsula 73 san jose at 84 . the clouds along the coastline will remain partly cloudy for today, mostly sunny for the rest of us and our winds are expected to remain generally like to through the delta. we're seeing a travis air force base reporting just 20 mph or so hopefully, that is some good news for the firefight out there in pittsburgh at this hour. high pressure will just continue to sort of nudge our direction and then back off as we get into the coming days, so only slight variation in temperatures expected we are going to look at to the possibility of bringing
12:50 pm
temperatures down, but it will be a subtle drop in numbers. we're going to remain fairly warm for the week ahead. meanwhile also the circulation around that high pressure, bringing some of that monsoonal moisture back into southern california and we could see just some of that mid and high level. how'd cover actually approached the south bay? it doesn't look like much by about 67 o'clock eight o'clock this evening notice it's coming in from this direction here areas over monterey san benito counties definitely have the better possibility of some build up in that area. but for us, it doesn't look to occur. we'll continue to track that for you. meanwhile the temperature is in and around the bay area's we showed you a moment ago already warm. here's a few more numbers for u 88 degrees right now in walnut creek and along the east bay shore. we have 70 degrees in berkeley. the afternoon highs for the khowst and around the bay very much where we should be for this time of year, but our inland cities a little bit above average 88% of rosa today 95 expected in livermore along the peninsula 78 for san mateo for areas over at the east bay shore will go 76 hayward and your
12:51 pm
extended forecast here, so temperatures dropping off ever so subtly getting into your bay area tuesday and then wednesday into thursday, not much change, perhaps additional cooling, but not by much. getting into the weekend, upper eighties for inland communities upper seventies around the bay low sixties at the coast back to you. thank you. rosemary noon san francisco, putting some new trash cans to the test will explain a new pilot program in the city and how much it will cost for city workers to keep the streets clean. plus we would love to help give barry a children the tools they need to succeed. ktvu is proud to partner up with the nonprofit supply bank dot org to help buy school supplies, and we would love your help. a $20 donation will be $65 worth of school supplies. our goal is to raise $50,000 to provide 2500 local students with new supplies. and already you've helped us raise more than $5000 to learn more. just head to ktvu .com. forward slash school or scan the q r code in the middle of your
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mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day because it has joint shield... ...clinically shown to improve joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex - available at your local retailer and club.
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project some hope will help local teachers fight inflation. new apartment complex in daly city opened earlier this year it's owned by the jefferson union high school district was built to house the district teachers and the teachers pay deeply discounted rents an effort to keep teachers and allow them to live in the community they serve. i can walk to work, so gas prices aren't going to affect me as as much. um i have a sense of community which i think is more valuable than anything else as housing costs rise, and school districts are struggling with teacher shortages, more and more getting interested in. can we build workforce housing? you know the one thing that school districts have is land. 2016 study for redfin found 17% of homes in california, where affordable on the average teacher salary about 80 employees live in the new daly city apartments. another 30
12:56 pm
are applying to live there. today is the start of san francisco 60 day test of six versions of new trash cans three or custom designs that cost between $32,000 each. the others are off the shelf cans costing less than $3000 each. the city will put five of each of those custom cans and three of each of the mass produced cans for the public to use and critique each can will be in two different locations during the two month test. san francisco public works . officials have not said how long it will take to make a final trashcan selection aids walk returned this weekend to golden gate park in san francisco, is one of the biggest fundraisers in the fight against aids walk raises money for organizations that are fighting aids and hiv. the event has been going onlion. you know, we're we've been so used to pandemics. unfortunately the last couple of years, but this pandemic started back in the eighties, and i had friends that were affected by it decades ago, and we need to just keep this fight alive and i'm proud
12:57 pm
to be here with my anderson team and walking on behalf of our team on on behalf of all of those who have been affected by this pandemic and others, so we need to find a cure and we need to keep fighting. organizers say this year's aids walk san francisco raised more than $750,000. baseball's major league draft will continue today. with the first pick of the 2022 mlb draft. the baltimore orioles select jackson holiday, a shortstop. from stillwater high school in stillwater, oklahoma. it right there. the first pick in the draft was jackson holiday by the baltimore orioles shortstop was named the baseball america high school player of the year, and by the way, he is the son of seven time all star and former oakland a's matt holliday, drew jones, the son of five time all star andrew jones went second overall on sunday to the arizona diamondbacks. the biggest shock came after the number three overall pick as he texas rangers selected kumar rocker. he was
12:58 pm
drafted number 10 overall last year, but wasn't signed after problems with his medicals and wasn't expected to go in the first round this year. wrapping up the top five, was shortstop to mark johnson to the pittsburgh pirates outfielder elijah green to the washington nationals. the oakland that by that so, like daniel's. well, the hope they drafted their catcher of the future by selecting daniel sasaki's 19th. overall sex started all 64 games as a sophomore this season for the university of arizona. susak was an unanimous all american who went to jesuit high school in sacramento. and he is the younger brother, andrew sasac, who played for the giants in 2014 and 2015 selected local player henry bolt from palo alto high school in the second round. now, with the 30th pick overall , the giants made an interesting selection by selecting reggie crawford. heard from the university of connecticut. crawford is a power hitting first baseman and a left handed pitcher he set out this past
12:59 pm
season after undergoing tommy john surgery. before that, his fastball would hit more than 100 , mph celebrity couple. jennifer lopez and ben affleck are now officially, husband and wife jennifer lopez confirmed the news on our website. couple was married in las vegas on saturday . the first became engaged 20 years ago, but split up went on to marry other people and have children before reuniting about a year ago on her site, lopez wrote. quote we did it. love is beautiful. love is kind and it turns out love is patient. 20 years patient well, thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon before we leave you. here's one more. look at that breaking news that we're following for you in pittsburgh cal fire on the scene of a fire. it is burning in the area of alta vista. this is video taking my sky fox just a short time ago. this is not far from the pass road south of highway four. the fire is currently at 15 acres inside inside, rather, but you can see the intense flames that firefighters are having to deal with. right now. we'll continue to follow this story
1:00 pm
and bring you more information as it becomes available. we're also going to have the latest for you on our ktvu .com and ktvu news app as well and we'll also be updating the latest on this firefight. on our social media pages again. you can follow us there and we will se'n "the good dish?"and we will se'n it is a crazy chocolate show. we are your go to for decadent desserts with chocolate master jacques torres. the perfect romantic meal. >> we are smoking on valentine's day. >> even edible chocolate decor and tradition with the the bachelorette's rachel lindsay. >> from the moment i met ryan, we just had a vibe. and then, that kiss. >> that is next. let's dish. >> the kitchen has always been at the center of my world. because life is more delicious when it is full of food and fun. >> everybody knows i am a culinary judge and food expert on television. but also, i am just a


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