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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 25, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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it's now california's largest fire of the season, and it continues to grow count. fire, however, is making progress. the good news is the line on the east side was held today very nicely, and firefighters are currently putting in line and
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trying to hold it on the south side as well as well. the north and west side. the oak fire is now 10% contained. more than 2500. firefighters are assigned to get control and put it out. that includes several crews from all over the bay area. san francisco, the latest agency to send over a mutual aid strike team who will be available for a range of tasks. structure defense to fire front followingg the duration unknown depends on incident needs, uh and resource needs were prepared to be there for 15 days with this current crew more than 3000. people evacuated the fires. danger zone d a wall says that's opening up opportunity for crime. his office already reporting at least two cases of looting to me, particularly deplorable action. you're taking someone at the moment of their weakness. is when there gone from their home and taking advantage of that is
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office. also keeping a close eye on cases of fake go fund me accounts and people impersonating journalists across restricted areas, according to california statutes, those crimes can be punishable up to three years in jail. i wanted to make it sure clear to individuals who might have that intent for our community that we will prosecute them. that's the just and fair thing to do, and we will protect the homes and property of people who evacuated. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. and while the oak fire is burning more than 100 miles away in mariposa county smoke is forecast to reach the bay area. ktvu early responses here live to explain what we can expect close to home and in the lake tahoe area alley andre the situation is improving for air quality in lake tahoe. it appears that smoke from this oak fire is moving east away from the lake and the bay area right now. even so, eric quality officials have extended in the air quality advisory today for here at home. we may see some hazy and smoky skies and that
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can be kind of alarming. that's why the bay area air quality management district is extending its advisory through wednesday. the good news smoke from the oak fire burning in mariposa county won't be at ground level here in the bay area. it will remain aloft at 3500 ft. in elevation or higher so we might be able to see the smoke through hazy skies, but most of us want, smell or breathe it. even so, for people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution, um it's a great idea to or you have, say non ozone producing hepa air purifier, fire burning west of yosemite has scorched more than 16,000 acres. as of this morning, it's 10% contained over the weekend, the satellite images showed lake tahoe in the direct path of the smoke. but a check of air quality conditions right now show an improvement, even though the air quality in the tahoe region is no longer at hazardous levels of thick layer of smoke and haze continues to hover over the lake more likely to see a challenging wildfire season ahead, so it's really important to prepare now. and
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preparing means stealing any cracks or leaks in your windows at home and investing in an air purifier or merv 13 filter for your h vac system. live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu fox two moves thank you. and be sure to download the ktvu weather app for the latest information on the firefight happening here in california, the san francisco board of supervisors rules committee is once again debating a plan to give police more access to private surveillance cameras. right now. the rules committee is continuing its hearing on the plan. the new policy would allow police to view feeds from private cameras as events are occurring the third time the plan has gone before the rules committee, the police chief bill scott, and supporters of the change to the policy say they would strike a balance between public safety and privacy. the changes that you mentioned, i think both safeguard the constitutional rights and privacy that we all i want to safeguard but also put guardrails in place. more responsible use of surveillance. do. technology to really address
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some of the criminal and crime issues in our city and protect bar scale public events. if the policy changes approved by the rules committee, it will go before the full board for a vote. gas prices dropping across the country. even here in california, we found this gas station in oakland, where gas costs less than $5 a gallon. tripoli says the average cost of gas in california is down 17 cents from last monday at $5.73 a gallon. demand for gas is lower due to a slowdown in the summer travel season. the most affordable gas in the bay area is marine at solano counties. on average, people filling up in napa county pay the most russia is going to further reduce national gas flows through a major pipeline to europe. gazprom the russian state owned company, says it's going to reduce natural gas through the north stream one pipeline to germany by another half to 20% of capacity. the move is increasing fears russia may cut off gas as political leverage over the war in ukraine, as europe builds up storage for the
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winter. russia has already cut off or reduced natural gas to a dozen european union countries, lower gas prices and a red hot job market. the white house is waiting for some important economic reports that come out this week. mike emanuel has the latest from washington, d. c. summer vacations are in full swing. with gasoline prices dropping travelers packing the roads, skies and beaches and that's exactly what the white house is hoping for, as the biden administration downplays recession fears this is not an economy that's in recession, but we're in a period of transition in which growth is slowing. and that's necessary and appropriate . multiple key reports coming out this week should give us a clearer picture of our economic standing in the white house, trying to get ahead of some potential grim numbers, including a second quarter of negative growth, which would signal a recession. we can't fix a problem that we don't think
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exists. but americans are questioning the rosy picture that biden administration is painting as they pay more to dine out or fill their grocery carts. inflation is eating away at their pocketbooks. what they're trying to do is tell the people in this country not to believe what they're experiencing in the american people know what they're experiencing in their personal economy, i think with the white house has to focus on is to demonstrate everything that they possibly can be doing to try to lower energy costs and sustain that to try to ensure that food prices come down and to try to ensure that we continue to create jobs in this economy. to help combat inflation. the fed is expected to raise interest rates another three quarters of a percent on wednesday. in washington. mike emanuel ktvu, fox two news spends another day working in isolation after his recent covid diagnosis, the virtual events he's addressing and the latest on his condition was a lottery prize nearing
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record territory, where the mega millions now stands before tomorrow's drawing.
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- you okay? - there's a flex alert today so i'm mentally preparing for the power outage. oh, well we can help stop one because we are going to reduce our energy use from 4-9pm. what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours. today. president biden spending another day in isolation at the white house as he continues to recover after testing positive for covid feeling much better than i sound. last time we saw the president was on friday sounded a little horse. during a virtual meeting. the president
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was diagnosed with the b a five variant of covid on thursday. he's being treated with the antiviral pilpacks lovett and his medical team says he's making progress. he had a good day, he worked a little rested a little finally listening to some of us on the advice to get some rest. today the president delivered remarks virtually to black law enforcement executives also has a virtual meeting scheduled with ceos and labor leaders. the white house says he'll continue to carry out his duties and isolation at least through tomorrow. president biden test negative for covid he could come out of isolation as early as wednesday. colleges across the us are losing students. a report from the national student color housing research center says college enrollments have dropped by about 1.3 million in two years, they fall offs continued through the pandemic and the spring public colleges and community colleges have seen the sharpest drop in enrollment. part of the reason could be cost. the uc system reports. many students who delayed their enrollment during the pandemic are starting
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to now return to campus across the northeast will finally get a break from the heat this week high temperatures that will shift west where they could climb into the triple digits, casey steagall reports. the sweltering heat moving across the us keeping more than 40 million americans under weather alerts. we still do have some anticipate by the end of the week. we may not have any a c s left after a cooler start to the summer, the pacific northwest is bracing for a week of intense temperatures. the national weather service says places like seattle could see the mercury top triple digits at times. people say they're doing anything they can to get a break from the sun. we have a little pool house so we can apply the river, so that's probably what we're gonna do in the northeast will get a break from the stifling heat this week as cooler temperatures move in the weekend saw daily record highs fall in parts of massachusetts and rhode island man this weekend has been like scorching. temperatures prompting officials
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across the region to declare heat emergencies. as conditions forced power outages for tens of thousands of people in new york and philadelphia communities opened up cooling centers and splash pads to give relief to keep on truck and plenty of water. water ice understand that their condition but when it comes swimming forecasters say conditions can be dangerous even at night, with many temperatures not dipping low enough to provide relief. that's the latest from dallas. casey steagall, ktvu. fox two news, all right time for checking your forecast with meteorologist rosemary oroczo rosemary. how's it looking out there on this monday? it's a beautiful day. we are looking at that possibility of perhaps a little bit of smoke coming our way as we talked about right at the top of the hour. outside of that just very seasonal numbers. temperatures are a little cooler for inland cities this afternoon. here's a look over at san hose sfo almost at san jose, where we do have the low clouds. they're just on the back side of the hill, mostly blue skies over areas of
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sfo at this time, here's a view of storm tracker to along the coastline and just inside the bay. we're still partly cloudy to mostly cloudy, especially closer to the coast there, and as we take a look at some of the winds, we do have just a week onshore breeze that continue news fairfield reporting. 23 mph napa reporting of south priest at about 10 in northwest right now. over areas of oakland reporting 10 as well. if i pull back just a little bit, notice the flow here. this is right at about 5000 ft. up so that the surface we do have a little bit of an onshore breeze through the delta, but we also have a bit of a southeasterly breeze higher up, and that's where that possibility of perhaps a little bit of smoke coming from yosemite could drift in our direction. meanwhile outside our doors, here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change where again we are. cooler in many areas this afternoon, down by six degrees in santa rosa. so you're feeling a difference there as well as livermore. down by seven san jose, you're four degrees cooler and then around the bay. it looks like we're
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within a few degrees areas over half moon bay. actually, a little bit warmer right now. 59 degrees for you their fifties and san francisco. we have low sixties in oakland, you go into the inner east bay. it's mild to warm 72 in livermore upper seventies in brentwood in the north bay 64 for you napa 64 in santa rosa. so for the afternoon today we're going to go very seasonal. we've got 77 along the peninsula in redwood city, 70 degrees the afternoon high for the east bay shore and hayward in the north bay mid to upper seventies, a very pleasant day. coming your way and into the afternoon foreigner east bay going to be warm, but not too bad 84 in livermore in our south by 84. morgan hill temperatures will continue to drop off as we get into the business week. better details on what you can expect as well as your weekend coming up in just a little bit. alright, rosemary. thank you so much. here's a question a lot of people are likely asking themselves is $2 worth of possibility of winning $790 million, and that's because that is what the jackpot now is for tomorrow's mega millions. drawing 790 million, is the fourth largest jackpot in the
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game's history prize went up again this weekend after no one matched all six numbers in friday night's drawing. the winner can spread out their payments over 30 annual installments or choose a cash option of $464 million mega millions is played in 45 states, including here, of course in california, from one health emergency to the next local doctor says about the risk to public health from monkey pox here
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california is now near the top of the list of states with the highest number of monkeypox cases, according to the cdc. there are 356 cases here in california, the only state with more monkeypox cases is new york with 900 reported cases in san francisco this morning, there was another long line from monkey pox vaccines outside zuckerberg, san francisco general hospital. earlier on mornings onto the nine i spoke with ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peterson hung, he says on a scale of 1 to 10 monkeypox ranks as a 3 to 5 in seriousness to public health. and the reason why i didn't give it higher is because it doesn't cause a lot of deaths. however it does cost a lot of suffering , and that three or five has a lot of asterix next it because the reason why we need to act urgently is because there there's monkey pox and lots of countries that don't normally have monkey pox and it becomes it can become endemic if we don't nip it in the bud right now. and right now there are outbreaks and more than 75 countries around the world, which don't usually have
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monkeypox outbreaks. experts are reminding americans that unusual work hours could be sabotaging their sleep. doctor say to get better sleep people should avoid working late into the night drinking caffeine after four in the afternoon, and that includes soda and sleeping in on weekends thinking you're catching up on ms sleep during the week, doctors say, that's actually a sign. you're sleep deprived. the cdc recommends at least seven hours of sleep a day for adults, 60 and under it's been four months since the u. s. senate unanimously passed a bill to make daylight saving time permanent across the country, but it appears the house is not even close to taking a vote on that measure as members have been arguing over the specific language of the daylight saving bill and making little progress . what's more, many members of congress say they have more pressing issues to deal with, such as gun safety and inflation. some us based organizations are helping ukrainian soldiers who lost limbs fighting for their countrs arrived in minnesota over the weekend. we hero's welcome supporters c national anthem thy
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received sunflowers, the national flower of ukraine as a welcome gift. the protest foundation is helping ukrainian children, soldiers and civilians get free prosthetics in the united states. we started to think how the from minnesota can help ukraine instead of sitting and talking about it. we decided what we can help. the soldiers are being fitted for their prosthetic legs this week and are expected to be in minnesota for about three weeks. recovering the largest fire in the state is burning near yosemite here from some of the people who were forced to evacuate their homes, the latest on the investigation into a mass shooting at los angeles area park over the weekend. we know two people are dead and a
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back. now to our day's top story that large fire burning in california here, the oak fire burning west of yosemite has grown to more than 16,000 acres. cal fire now reports the fire is 10% contained. that's up from 0% containment. last night, the bay area sent a handful of strike teams to help with the firefight . this includes a team from san francisco. they arrived this morning and they're tasked with protecting homes and businesses . they say they are prepared to be there for 15 days. and as crews are making good progress, some people are fearing what's been lost. chris foster talked with one of the evacuees who
12:27 pm
escaped with nothing but the clothes on their back. state of emergency declared in california's mariposa county is the oak fire continues to burn yosemite national park fire spread to more than 15,000 acres. this is going to be a long haul with calling this a marathon and not a sprint. we're going to do our best to get people back to some sort of normalcy as soon as possible. 1000 firefighters are working to contain the flames, attacking the fire from both the air and ground. they face tough conditions, including steep terrain. high temperatures and low humidity is burning and multiple fronts right now, this is one of the more active parts and obviously you can see over my shoulder that there's a lot of available fuels. so what we're seeing is all that fuel being consumed by the fire. so far more than 6000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes at the base of this year in nevada mountains, one couple leaving with nothing but the clothes on their back to leave. thousands of homes and businesses in the area of lost power. everything around us burned everything and. we were
12:28 pm
fine. our house is still standing. others were not all around us taking this just for a couple of nights of evacuation, or am i taking this because i'm expecting my house to burn down? two different things you're going to be taking not a lot of relief in the upcoming forecast, with temperatures nearing triple digits and no rain currently expected. chris foster fox news remember the san francisco branch of the is now joined the call for school sports were school board member and sue to resign the vote. they voted rather unanimously to call for her immediate resignation after the executive board met with her last week. excuse me show ignited a firestorm earlier this month by saying unstable family environments hinder the educational progress of black and brown students. naacp issued this statement after yesterday's vote. it says quote or comments indicated profound disconnect between sue and the black community and blame the effects of systematic racism on the targets of racism. county
12:29 pm
sheriff's office is now asking for the public's help as they investigated weekend shooting of three people. officers say one person was killed, two others wounded in gunfire yesterday morning near cold driving marine city today, the identified the man who died as michael, author rogers of 42 year old from oakland. the sheriff's office says he first deputies arrived within 30 seconds of the initial call. the responding deputy found rogers and a woman near a car. they attempted life saving measures on him, but he later died in the hospital. we're told hospital with non lifeto threatening injuries. a third person showed up at a local hosp are unknown at this time. obviously it'snvestigation this is our second homicide for the year in the area. we had a 18 year old who was shot and killed down there recently this year. so obviously, the uptick in violence is a concern to the sheriff's office and the we will be addressing that to the best of our abilities. marin
12:30 pm
sheriff's office says they have identified a person of interest in the homicide. anyone with information about the shootings being asked to contact the marin county sheriff's office. there are more calls in the south bay to close down a small airport after a plane crashed onto san jose city streets friday night, residents near reid hillview airport held a rally over the weekend again demanding the airport closed. they they don't feel safe living in that neighborhood, especially after that single engine plane crashed. no one on the ground was heard and the pilots expected to be okay. but some residents worry about the airport, especially because this isn't the first time a plane has crashed there. it's kind of scary. you know what having that having the airport right next to my parents hours. it's nerve racking. it's scary. you know what i mean? what about if it were to fall inside the house or something like that? it's just it's something that you don't want to think about. the smallest centers, airports been the focus of anger from residents and activists after a report from the county found children in the neighborhood near the airport have higher levels of blood in there. excuse
12:31 pm
me higher levels of lead in their blood. the airport stopped using leaded fuel after that report came out to protest this plan to stop the killing of geese and foster city, the national goose protection coalition. from the group in defense of animals will protest outside city hall later this afternoon. foster city council members voted last week to move ahead with the plan to kill as many as 100 geese. the city says he sidewalks and grass are littered with droppings from the birds, and they also are making water quality in the lagoon. worse the geese have been called a public nuisance and a health risk. the protesters say they are not. there are rather nonlethal ways to get rid of these geese. the avian bird flu is spreading across california has some northern california zoo is taking action to keep their birds protected. visitors are noticing some changes at the sacramento zoo crews drain the upper lake that would have usually had the bright pink flamingos in it and put them in quarantine pools to keep them safe. part of the reason is that neighborhood ducks come and make the lake their home. but cruz
12:32 pm
say those wild ducks carry disease for the past week, bird crews moved the 50 flamingos 20 whistling ducks and conduct one by one to their new temporary home. workers also suit up in full ppe as another line of protection for those birds. yeah, pretty much treated like a full quarantine area. fully fully suited to go in and out. it could be massive implications of avian influenza, really taking hold and spreading in california is could be disastrous for wild waterfowl population department of agriculture said the spread of avian flu is partly to blame for the country's recent surge in egg prices. supply is down because the flu is killed approximately 30 million egg producing chickens. governor newsom is criticizing a decision by judge to allow oakland's largest homeless camp to stay. the governor issued a statement after a federal judge street encampment and if the governor said the decision will quote delay caltrans critical work and endanger the public. he also pointed out that the state has already given nearly $5
12:33 pm
million in grants to rehouse people. last week, the judge placed a temporary restraining order on the efforts to clear the camp in west oakland, saying they did not give enough notice to the people living there. caltrans says recent fires at that camp show it is unsafe. berkeley teenagers completed an incredible achievement at lake tahoe 14 year old maya marriages , now the youngest female to accomplish what's known as the lake tahoe swimming. triple crown. maya was just 12 years old when she swam the 12 mile width of lake tahoe. the next year, she finished the 10.6 mile vikings home course, which takes one diagonally from cave rock in nevada to emerald bay on the california side. and now, andre , she has finished the trifecta swimming the 21, a half mile length of the lake from camp richardson in south lake to incline on the north shore. my says it was all to raise money for a good cause. i have known a lot of people that have dealt with cancer in their life. and i also know a lot of doctors who work at ucsf benioff children's hospital and knowing that what
12:34 pm
i'm doing with my fundraising and my swimming is helping a lot of people that i know that are personally getting treatment there. is really good motivation while i'm swimming to just keep going. on my swim cap. the names of people have been touched by cancer, she says. she's now looking at possibly swimming in hawaii and the english channel. likely a few terrifying moments on this small boats over the weekend, where this close encounter with a whale nearly took out a boat. and around the bay area this afternoon temperatures running slightly cooler, especially inland. i'll have a look at what you can expect for the rest of today and the
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angeles police are still looking for the gunman who opened fire, killing two people and injuring five others at a park. this happened hood police say the shooting started during an argument between two groups of people at that car show. there are about 500 people in the park. many of which had. cars so it was not necessarily a permitted car show. that was a draw of the park. there's no word yet on a motive in the shooting. so far, no arrests have been made. russian missile strikes in ukraine hit the southern ukrainian port city of odessa, one day after ukraine and russia agreed on a deal to restart grain exports from ports in the black sea. ukrainian president talansky says he missile attack shows russia cannot be trusted
12:38 pm
florida congressman mike wallace met with president zelensky over the weekend in kiev and says ukraine needs more weapons. we're seeing some success with what we provided, but we need to provide even longer range i having advisers help the ukrainians not on the front lines, but help with their planning, helped with the logistics and hopefully help them go on the offensive soon. the congressman says those advisers could come from the u. s military to better track the billions of dollars of weapons pouring into ukraine. treasury secretary janet yellen says while the u. s economy is slowing down, the country's not in a recession, a recession really means is a broad based contraction in the economy. and even if that number is negative , we're not in a recession now. this coming thursday, the commerce department will release a new report on the economy's output in the second quarter. the economy shrank 1.6% in the
12:39 pm
first quarter, two straight negative quarterly reports in a row, usually considered a recession. treasury secretary says the strong job market and hiring show otherwise he was on the court of oakland says it's back to operating at full capacity after a weeklong trucker protests shut down all entrances to the ports. the truckers were protesting the gig . worker law, maybe five. the bill requires trucking companies to hire independent contractors and reclassify them as employees . many truckers say they don't want that to happen. cortez it was back open for full business on saturday, meaning millions of dollars worth of goods things like medical supplies, agricultural products, auto parts and manufacturing parts are now on the move once again. the has been cracking down on robocalls during the past year, but a growing number of americans are learning those robocalls are now being replaced by unwanted text messages. consumer experts say there are ways to stop receiving text spam text messages, which are being sent to cell phones and record breaking numbers. the message
12:40 pm
does offer a way to opt out do that. you can also forward unwanted text 27726. it's free and it helps your carrier take action. privacy experts say you should never respond to any suspicious text message. they suggest deleting the text and blocking the number or utilizing the carriers technology and reported as spam. summers rise in flight delays and cancelations at airports across the country has airlines taking a closer look at preventing this in the future. the main focus is trying to fill more than 8000 open pilot positions. american airlines has launched a new program that it hopes will add to the ranks and motivate more interest in the airline industry is providing loans to help students cover the cost of tuition to go to its flight school. still see quite a lot of folks coming from the military, but we've got to really bolster up the path, the civilian path. and so that's where the cadet academy comes into play, even though i know that i'm in over $100,000 worth of debt. i just know that one day it will be 100% worth it. regular it costs
12:41 pm
about more than $100,000 for tuition and board to become a commercial airline pilot website glassdoor says american airlines pilots on average earn about $200,000 a year rhinos are often thought of as tough animals, but the population is vulnerable and there are fears of extinction. marianne rafferty reports on an ongoing conservation project that aims to foster biodiversity and promote tourism. the sun rising over south africa. amazing says the stage for a massive conservation effort, aiming to give the continent's population of black and white rhinoceros. a new lease on life. come along the fence, you'll you'll see him and while it looks terrifying, watching people stare down and endangered species from the barrel of a gun, these rangers are on a mission to sedate and secure dozens of rhinos and reload. oh, kate them to zeynab national park in neighboring mozambique,
12:42 pm
the east african country where rhinos have been locally extinct for more than 40 years. we're hoping that transportation is like this going forward will maybe save or certainly make a difference in the numbers of rhinos in the world, poaching and habitat loss. continue threatening these creatures with the south african government alone reporting roughly 400 rhino deaths from poaching last year. the relocation initiative is headed by the peace parks foundation. and comes as officials are trying to re diversify mozambique's wildlife build back vulnerable ecosystems and help reinvigorate tourism. certain creditors that we've moved in and elephants we've moved in peace parks foundation is aiming to move more than 40 rhinos to mozambique over the next two years with hopes these relocation efforts will encourage the rhino population to grow. in the next 10 to 20 years. marianne rafferty fox
12:43 pm
news report on the world's tiger population is offering new hope for that endangered species and you study by an international group of scientists say as many as 5500 tigers now live in the world around in the wild, rather around the world up almost 40% from that figure back in 2017. researchers credit that to the increased global effort to protect them. they also say the system to count tigers has improved dramatically during the past seven years. is this a close call or the thrill of a lifetime? andre be the judge here depends on you. asked to take a look at this incident that happened over the weekend of breaching whale you're about to watch it land on the bow of a small boat. this is what happened off the coast of massachusetts. someone in your bible records the whole thing. well by the way, believed to be a humpback whale above the boat nearly plunges into the water before popping back up after seeing all this. would you believe andre two pieces of good news number one. no injuries reported the boat was not
12:44 pm
seriously hurt. what a magnificent creature to have so close. just kind of right up in your face there. maybe it was just an accident. who knows? but i'm sorry. the whale is okay to hopefully yeah. well what an amazing sight. i think i've seen anything quite like that before. all right. speaking of the outdoors, rosemary oroczo is here with a look at the forecast for this monday. rosemary that awesome, i guess, right, my goodness. nonetheless story those voters have to tell. yes we actually have very pleasant weather outside our doors. garcia andrei, hello to you. hello to all of you enjoying the blue sky, i hope and perhaps the bit of cooler weather out there. here's a look over sfo. we do have mostly blue skies right overhead, but you could see some low clouds. they're still hanging on. right on the back side of that hill storm tracker to hear high pressure remains locked over the four quarters for corners, and we continue to see some of that monsoonal moisture drift into areas of nevada as well as southern california. it's a little bit closer to us today as we
12:45 pm
continue to watch. this shouldn't bring us much of anything. we are not looking at any possibility of thunderstorms . of course we are with that possibility and risk of maybe some thought. fire smoke coming our way from the yosemite area. as we move back just a little bit. there's that hype. pressure there. that kind of just remains locked right about there, with only subtle changes going on in the trough remains over the pacific northwest. and for what? what that means for us is just some very pleasant weather, even a little bit below average for this time of year. the future cast model, keeping an eye on a couple of things. here's a look at the low clouds ride along the coastline and as we get closer to sunset, moving back across the bay once again into the east bay into the north bay, but notice what's coming from this direction. we do have some cloud cover, perhaps some smoke being pushed our way and as we roll through the overnight hours, and in the early morning hours, it continues. to move towards the bay area and northern california . so we've been talking about it this hour. if you smell the smoke, if you see it a loft that's definitely where it's coming from the yosemite area
12:46 pm
tomorrow morning, patchy drizzle a possibility as well as the low clouds, maybe a few minutes. high level clouds, maybe a little bit of smoke. here's a look at the air quality around yosemite. take a look at all those reds indicating just very unhealthy air, but you get closer to home. we are good to moderate and likely remain good to moderate at the surface. if you do see that smoke. chances are it's going to be higher up in the sky 58 degrees right now. san francisco 64 in napa right now, we have temperatures in the low seventies and walnut creek seventies and san jose and for the afternoon today, 77 santa rosa 60 to san francisco. upper sixties oakland low eighties livermore in san jose, so well below average again from most a better look at some of these numbers here along the peninsula 72% tomato in the north bay, a 74% rafael and for the east bay 86 for you conquered 84 for more gun hill. the extended forecast temperatures don't change much, just a slight drop in the numbers for tomorrow. then we're
12:47 pm
up again on wednesday, climbing a little bit more on thursday, only to welcome down a bit on friday and then hold steady all the way into the weekend sixties at the coast upper seventies around the bay low nineties expected inland back to you, rosemary. as a child 27 years later, that note has been found. oh, my gosh. look at that. that's my handwriting. and if not home, leave it on the answer. machine shows how data that is, right? four boys through a message in a bottle into the ocean. back in 1995, the keep lamarche beautiful commission was looking for garbage over the weekend. someone found that bottle. the paper inside, broke the bottle open and found that message with the kid's handwriting. how to do a double take on the on the on the piece of cardboard right? and i said, wait, that's my phone number i that's my handwriting. that's my signature. the message was discovered only about two miles
12:48 pm
away from where they originally threw it in the water. it survived 27 years and several hurricanes since no water got in the bottle was particularly touched to see one of the signatures from his close friend travis see travis died about a year and a half ago. well, it looks like one generation is more likely to use subtitles, according to a survey conducted by a charity called stage text generation z uses subtitles more than any other generation, experts say it's creative capturing and shows such as stranger things it has started on the movie. they found four out of five adults ages 18 25 you subtitles while watching tv and less than a quarter of people ages 56 to 75 use subtitles. researchers say the main two reasons are because younger adults are watching more international shows. and the second reason is so they can look from their phones and take in a scene quicker. former gold state warriors player in oakland native want toscano anderson spent the weekend giving back to students in his hometown. he hosted the jtf foundations back
12:49 pm
to school. 2022 annual backpack giveaway at fremont high school in oakland. yesterday afternoon , hundreds of students received so much needed school supplies. that's going to anderson says he's only doing a small part of the work that needs to be done to support students in the east bay. these kids need a lot more than just backpacks and supplies . they need support, you know, and they need better, you know, better resources. this is our future here. these kids they can change the world that can be the next president. they can be the next athlete, whatever. and so i just want to be here to, you know, share some positivity and tried to inspire some young young children. in addition to the school supplies, the young students also got free haircuts . lunch was served as well. the second annual backpack giveaway organized by the jt a foundation and ktvu is raising money with your help to help families with new school supplies for the new school year. we appreciate your donations. in fact, we've already raised more than $12,500 . so far, we have the goal to raise 50,000 ktvu partnering up with a nonprofit supply bank
12:50 pm
.org. asking viewers to donate money to help buy school supplies for 2500 bay area students in need, and they will stretch your dollar. a $20 donation will mean $65 worth of school supplies. all the money raised stays right here in the bay area, please head to ktvu .com. forward slash school to get involved. it is the stinkiest time of the year inside one of south bay's greenhouses, the corpse flower at san jose state university set to bloom any day. now the plant is actually called titan arum. but it's called a corpse flower because when it opens, the plan actually smells like a rotting flesh until the plan is believed to be the first corpse flower ever to bloom in silicon valley , according to the university, only an estimated 1000 course flowers are still living. in the world due to habitat loss. a familiar sound, andre for anyone . it was a child of the seventies, eighties or nineties. it's also one of those things that used to be everywhere but
12:51 pm
now is pretty much disappeared. we'll look back at some of the other things that we would only find in the
12:52 pm
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of americans has lost faith in the u. s government. the poll also says many feel it may soon be necessary to take up arms against the government. researchers at the university of chicago say two thirds of republicans and independents said the u. s government is quote corrupt and rigged against everyday people. that figure comes in at 51% among democrats , responding to the same survey survey also found roughly 28% of all american voters say might be necessary at some point for citizens to take up arms against the u. s government. researchers found. 35% of republicans and independents have that view. that figure is 25% among democrats. debate is already starting over the new california law that would let people sue gun manufacturers of the shootings in an op ed in the los
12:55 pm
angeles times, the dean of the uc berkeley law school, says, even though texas's law that allows people to sue over abortions was held up by the supreme court, the new california law could still be the subject of lawsuits. he predicts it will go before the courts. some gun rights activists say the new law is an attempt by a progressive governor to restrict the second amendment. that's like saying if we got in an accident and a drunk driver hit us, but the fact that the drunk driver was driving a ford you can sue forward. this is a way admitted by the governor and his, uh, cronies in the legislature to try to bankrupt. the firearms industry by taking them to court. there's no principle way the united states supreme court can overturn this law. and uphold the right for texas to continue to move forward with s. b a lawyer is set to go into effect in january. the dean of uc berkeley's law school, believes he courts should uphold the new law project is now in a way that's designed to make bike
12:56 pm
riding safer on mount diablo. it's $1.5 million effort to build 30 new bicycle turnouts on that winding, narrow road. it turned out to look like regular bike lanes, and they give cyclists more room to move to the side of the road so drivers can pass safely. the project is set to be complete in the next three months. 24,000 athletes fill the streets of san francisco this weekend for the 45th annual san francisco marathon. organizers of this year's event say their goal was to make the big race across the city more inclusive than ever. we spoke to the winner of the marathon's first ever non binary category. i don't know where i would run without it, so it's really excellent label and other there multiple categories category that it feels like it represents me, and i wouldn't have the relationship i have with running if i didn't have a space to run. yesterday's race included people from all walks of life with all different levels of experience when it comes to running a 26 mile marathon feel great, that's wide open, beautiful san francisco breeze. no problems at all that
12:57 pm
we're not going to get across the golden gate bridge is here, but we got golden gate park, which is equally beautiful. this year. san francisco marathon also included a special program for runners with disabilities. boyd for the oakland a's made what many fans are calling the play of the game at the oakland coliseum saturday night. take a look at this incredible catch. shot five. i came during the eighth inning of the 8321 victory over the texas rangers. johnny tall balloon is the right field ball boy for the a's. he dove to his right and made an incredible backhanded grab a ball that was lined into foul territory. the ball boy got a huge share from the a's fans and guess what he is talking about on his first day of school soon, all right down to southern california here is comic con has returned to san diego as an in person event for the first time since the start of the pandemic, some 100,000 fans of comic book
12:58 pm
superhero movies and video games attended that four day conference at the san diego convention center. those there were clearly thrilled to be taking part in the wild and fun comic con events for the first time since 2019. so refreshing to get back and see the people we've run into so many of our loyal fans first time really fully dressing up and seeing all the cool cosplay. and meaning all a bunch of people and taking photos and stuff. it's been really fun. fans about to celebrate all things comic con with virtual and dramatically scaled back events for the past two years. studios released the first trailer for black panther wakanda forever at comic con. queen powerful nation in the world. stay a family. it's gone. not given everything. and i wait more months with the announcement, the film's writer and director shared his memories of the late chadwick boseman,
12:59 pm
who died back in 2020 following a battle with colon cancer has been played the iconic role of the black panther in the franchises first movie film will follow his characters remaining family as they cope with his loss. black panther wakanda forever will arrive in theaters on november 11th one online threat happening on reddit right now reveals things that were everywhere in the nineties but are now pretty much non existent . some of the top items on the list. andre include disk man's video rental stores and calling a phone line for a weather report or a movie. showtime of course, home telephones and answering machines. also on that list, and of course you and i remember that unmistakable sound of logging on to dial up the internet. as soon as you got onto an aol, you hear that message? you've got mail. i remember that all too well or the windows sign on the a o l. you know, you've got bail or goodbye. with that machines machines? yeah although you can never get them to work, right? still can't get them work right? so email was definitely an
1:00 pm
improvement. even though $2 gas, i think is also what we miss. remember paying 99 cents really back in the day. that's a long ago. this was can never find that anymore. all right. thank you. so much for joining us. the newsh pantry raid? 15 minute meals with ingredients you already have. >> dish the details on your skillet baked cheesy tortellini. >> fast to make, easy to clean up, delicious to eat. >> my oh my. >> and we are going to show you how to take the best food pics. >> look at that. >> amazing. ♪ >> that's next. ♪ >> let's dish. >> the kitchen has always been the center of my world. because life is more delicious when it is full of food and fun. >> everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television. but also, i'm a mom trying to get dinner on the table. >> from hollywood to home, i


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