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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 27, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27. on. fox two tonight. a woman says she was the victim of a hate crime after being attacked , walking in san francisco south of market neighborhood. mentally i'm just left wondering why me? this is not necessarily the first time i've seen hate and
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jolly, rimi says as a south asian and transgender woman, she is no stranger to hate. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach heather holmes. that attack happened around 11 30 on saturday night at fourth and mission streets in san francisco . that's when remy says someone on a motorcycle sped hit her attend. tonight is amber lee. joining us live now in our newsroom. after talking to the victim as well as police amber, heather rimi tells me she's still shaken up from the incident. she suspects she was attacked because of what she was wearing, and that she appeared to be an easy target. i just feel very violated then, like i said, we re me is recovering from injuries she says she suffered after being deliberately struck by a motorcyclist in san francisco, her arm wrapped in a cast on saturday night around 11. 30 she tells me she was dressed in a red sorry she had parked her car in the mission street garage and was crossing the street at mission and fourth in the
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crosswalk going to a hotel when she heard a motorcyclist, rev his bike and speed towards her. he hit me so hard that i could not feel the right set of my body suspects how she was dressed as a south asian woman made her a target because there were other people walking nearby. this person saami and something sparked in their mind . um, you know when they came at me because they had some sort of asian hate built in them. no words were exchanged, she says the impact toward the straps of her purse and that the motorcycle is made no attempts to take her purse before speeding off. investigators are will be looking for video surveillance in the area. police say. at this point, there is no evidence of a hate crime and that the attack is being investigated as an attempted robbery. but it is an open investigation. as of right now, we don't have any direct evidence to indicate that it may be a prejudice space incident as you're aware, usually the bar for that is fairly high. we have to have some direct evidence
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that the suspect said something . what is that? let me tell me this is video of her at a transgender community event shortly before the attack. she says she's proud of her activism work for which she has received recognition from state lawmakers . the 42 year old has a message for the motorcyclist for a minute or two. you made me feel unsafe in a city that is so beloved and close to me and my to my heart has given me life. has given me platform and you know many things. um but he didn't you didn't win. and you know. taking my taking my strength and courage away. i'll be okay. remy tells me her doctor says she should fully recover from the injuries to her arm in a month or two. heather. let's hope that surveillance video in that area will in fact , lead authorities to that motorcyclist, amber. thank you.
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meantime san francisco police say a road rage incident eventually led to a crash. there are market street viewer video from the scene shows a man coming out of the truck that's flipped there on its side. you can also see officers appearing to detain someone near the white audi police say the road rage incident actually started at lombard in laguna streets around 4 15 this afternoon, a driver brandished a gun and fired a shot before fleeing. police later spotted the suspect vehicle and chased it a short distance before the crash happened with the truck. a witness said he saw the white car run a red light. a white car dress went through over there and then that but the white card pollster not being you turn, but they hit the white truck right there. and then i got really hard. really loud hit. two people were detained. there's no word yet from police on which of these vehicles was involved in that initial road rage incident
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, a grass fire that started right near a homeless encampment in pittsburgh has been contained. that fire started just around six o'clock tonight. this is right near an industrial area of the city, no homes or other structures wherever threatened. firefighters quickly controlled the fire. no injuries were reported, and the cause of that fire is not yet known. asbury health departments clamor for monkey pox vaccines santa clara county today released new data showing latino, gay and bisexual men are being infected by the virus at disproportionate rates of the county currently has 39 cases, and nearly half are from the latino lgbtq plus community. ktvu lamonica peters is live now for us in san jose with the vaccination effort. and new concern about stigmatizing this virus lamonica. santa clara county. public health officials say they've already administered 662 vaccine doses for monkey pox, and they expect to get 700 additional doses to help contain
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the virus, the public health department in santa clara county wants to bring more awareness and information to the people who are most at risk of contracting monkeypox. monkeypox is spread through skin to skin contact most, but not all of the cases that we have identified have been among men who have sex with men, santa clair counties. public health director says new data shows 41% of monkeypox cases are among the gay or bisexual latino community, the latinos or 26% of the county's population. information given at wednesday's press conference was also translated in spanish. and so what we know now of the 39 people with monkey parks a little over half belonged to the latin x community. um and as i said, most are among men who have sex with men, and this is similar to the pattern that's been seen in other parts of the bay area and across the country . doctor cody says santa clara
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county has requested vaccines through an emergency process for both county operated clinics and healthcare systems to vaccinate their own patients who are at a higher risk. so remember the vaccine needs to be given for someone with a known contact like after their exposure. but also to people who are most likely to be exposed before they get exposed. the world health organization also advised on wednesday that men who have sex with men reduced their number of sexual partners. but local lgbt q plus advocates believe that approach is flawed. so you can't tell people to have less partners. it is better to educate about how to be safe with the people. you are close to. and that is really what needs to happen. and talovic also says she worries that a stigma will be attached to monkey pox as it was with the aids virus in a political environment where now there is so much hate against the lgbt q
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community, and this can be an excuse to add to that hate. dr cody says that the department doesn't want to stigmatize anyone who contracts monkeypox, but they do think it's important that people be proactive that they educate themselves and also get vaccinated. heather alright , lamonica peters. thank you. san francisco. health officials, meantime, also say they are expecting more monkey pox vaccine doses this week, but as in the south bay, they're not sure yet when they will get here. they say they were told that more than 4200 doses are on the way. the city says it will keep people updated on when the clinic zuckerberg, san francisco general will once again reopened for walking vaccines that clinic had to close yesterday after it ran out of shots. overall federal officials say that nearly 800,000 doses of the monkey pox vaccine will soon be available for distribution. the fda says. the doses are already
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here in the u. s after a manufacturing plant in denmark was inspected and certified. health officials say they will announce their allocation plans tomorrow. our coverage of the monkey pox virus continues online. just visit ktvu dot com. you can find the latest developments right there on our homepage. the federal reserve raised its benchmark interest rate for the second straight month by three quarters of a point, the fed betting at this rate hike. can actually tame inflation while not triggering a recession, ktvu tom vacar reports. fueled by high consumer demand from any goods and services and is still sluggish supply chain both of which aggravate inflation. the federal reserve raised interest rates and other three quarters of the point to tamp inflation down. so far, the effects have been, uh, constrained mostly to the real estate market. we've seen a dramatic slowdown in home sales. in home construction, perhaps
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even a little bit of softening and home prices, looking at just the last two rate hikes in may, a $500,000 home purchase with 20% down required a monthly payment of twenty two hundred $9 . today that payment is 25 94. in may of five year $35,000 car loan plus tax required a $694 a month payment. now it will be 730. in may, a credit card with an average $6200 balance with the old interest rate meant that the monthly interest cost alone was over $84 a month now the interest charge is 88 50. even before today's increase, the wharton school of business at the university of pennsylvania says due to inflation the average american household is paying $3500 a year more now than in 2000. but having said
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that, not including today's interest rate, increase the price of some things big and small, have actually come down. we are already seeing signs that the federal reserve's monetary policy making is starting to slow down the economy. so far, it's been in that gentle way that we would hope they area regular gasoline prices have dropped 15% since their mid june all time highs. today's new car prices are 20% higher than pre pandemic 2019 and used car prices 30% higher, though they have fallen from their peaks. there's still 12% higher than a year ago. most of the effect has yet to be felt. uh, and there's still more interest rate increases, probably coming between now and the end of the year. ktvu fox two news and on wall street stocks closed higher. the gains followed the fed's announcement and were led by rallies and microsoft and alphabet stock. the gallery
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gained 436 points. the nasdaq was up for 69 4% gain in the s and p finished the day up 102 points and for more on the federal interest rate hike. we spoke to financial adviser brian dennehy from california financial advisors. and he says. more interest rate increases are likely on the way this is most likely going to lead to our continuances of hiking inflation rates for the month of july, august and september at the current rate, unless we start to see some major impact on inflation, we might be looking at 10% inflation rate by the month of october or just their past. then he goes on to say we are not in a recession just yet. that's because consumer spending is still high, and unemployment is low. us. senator joe manchin says he has reached an agreement with majority leader chuck schumer on a major energy and healthcare bill. the west virginia democrats, says the
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inflation reduction act of 2022 will address record inflation by paying down the national debt. lowering energy costs and lowering healthcare costs. the deal also invest in climate change programs to reduce carbon emissions. the move is a reversal for the one senator who has been blocking key parts of president biden's agenda. mansion says the deal would generate 3300 and $13 billion in new revenue over 10 years by increasing the corporate minimum tax. among additional financial sources. san francisco's new district attorney hires a new head of victim services. why, she says, helping people affected by the trauma of crime is personal. for me. it is crucial that the victims have a strong voice throughout the whole process. and a barrier weather the summertime fog already pushing into the bay. as far as your thursday forecast, temperatures could be warming slightly. we'll have more on your forecast coming up and san
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francisco's downtown office workers slow to return later tonight. the two major companies downsizing office space. in order for small businesses to thrive, they need to be smart. efficient. agile. and that's never been more important than it is right now. so for a limited time, comcast business is introducing small business savings. call now to get powerful internet for just 39 dollars a month. with no contract. and a money back guarantee. all on the largest, fastest reliable network. from the company that powers more businesses than anyone else. call and start saving today. comcast business. powering possibilities. seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes
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to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. brooke jenkins announced the new head of her victims services division. willis will lead that division that provides assistance to crime victims and
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their families. ktvu evan sernoffsky sat down with this new division chief to learn more about her vision for this new job, evan, that's right. monifa willis is stepping into this role amid criticism that the previous d a didn't do enough to help victims. she told me she's going to make sure those victims voices are a priority in her office. i always say that this has been a calling for me to willis will be the new head of the victims services division in the san francisco district attorney's office. d a . brook jenkins made the announcement wednesday the latest high ranking position to be filled after a staff overhaul following the ouster of former d a chase a boudin coming into an office that has so much honestly , controversy going on around it. my first priority is to really make sure that the victims advocates and the staff that's in the office fill hard will. this is a bay area native ? she spent two decades as a
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community health professional, recently working as a psychiatric nurse practitioner at children's hospital of oakland and a professor at ucsf is super important that we recognize the impact of trauma and individuals, but the impact of trauma on communities because , as i'm sure people are studying to hear hurt people hurt people, her unit assists crime victims and families with resources like counseling and financial assistance. they also keep them updated on criminal cases and consider their desires for outcomes. willis says her trauma informed approach is something she knows about personally after losing her brother who died in a stabbing, it can take you apart and then then you have to heal from that, and i know what that looks like as well. will. this is stepping into the job as political tensions remain ultrahigh. several members of the division quit under boudin, claiming victims were being left in the dark. disputed those claims. he
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was recalled earlier this year, and it's still unclear if he will run for the post again in november. willis says she wants to stay out of the fray and focus on the work ahead. the center of this work it is the victims and it is the people of san francisco. now willis will begin her new role at the da's office on august 8th. she told me she's already been in touch with the former head of the unit under d. a george gascon. it's learning everything she can. in the meantime, heather take on this new role, which is so important. all right, evan. thank you. thank you. the california attorney general's office says it will not take over a case. involving the brother of san francisco mayor london breed san francisco de a . brook jenkins has recused herself in the criminal case against napoleon brown. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, armed robbery and carjacking. jenkins asked the california attorney general's office to consider brown's request to reduce his prison sentence of more than 40 years. the district attorney was
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recently appointed by mayor breed and wanted to avoid any appearance of conflict. she said that she is now exploring other options, including transferring the case to other agencies in the bay area. was quickly contained a fast moving brush fire that broke out in sonoma county. today the point fire started around five o'clock tonight near syria's point in the sonoma raceway. fire says the fire was burning quickly, but crews were able to stop the blaze about 50 acres burned. no structures or homes were damaged because of that fire is under investigation. firefighters are making progress on the oak fire near yosemite national park. containment is now up to 36% that's up from earlier this afternoon. the fire started friday in mariposa county, west of the park's main entrance, more than 3000 fire. firefighters are on scene. so far, nearly 19,000 acres have burned and 63 homes have been destroyed. some evacuation orders have been lifted, but most remain in place. and some
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of the smoke from the oak fire impacting or affecting air quality across portions of california, including the bay area tomorrow, the air quality advisory continues. now here's the smoke forecast models kind of showing you that smoky plume kind of right around the fire, as you would expect not seeing widespread and widespread distribution over the state, but some of the upper level smoke will be approaching the region. so as a result, we could have some of that hes in the upper level, so the air quality advisory extended for one more day. through tomorrow with the least as a little bit of different look to the sky throughout the day tomorrow, as far as highest from this afternoon, san francisco 62 oakland 71 degrees some eighties up in the north bay and the hotspots upper eighties to the nineties out towards antioch. here's the satellite where you can see the low clouds and fog near the near the immediate coastline. low clouds, in fact, already pushing back into the bay for tonight and a pretty good onshore breeze as well. so just like last night, the night before we're still talking about
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some overcast to start out your boarding, at least for portions of the bay area. here is a live camera and we do have a current temperatures out there. santa rosa 55 conquered 69 degrees san jose checking in 64 the plan tomorrow morning. once again, some cloud cover not only coast side but also pushing back into the bay. the possibilities and drizzle with temperatures in the fifties and the sixties and then into the afternoon hours. here's your eventual temperature range . cool for the coast warm to hot inland, but not a big change, although a few spots could be just a little bit warmer. compared to what today san francisco 60 for santa rosa in the upper eighties and close to 90 degrees out toward antioch's . this is for your thursday forecast. what about your weekend? we'll have the full update coming up in just a few minutes. you soon mark. thank you. leave it to beaver star tony dow has died. that was family confirmed that he passed away this morning. tony dow starred as wally cleaver, the big brother to theodore beaver cleaver on the classic sitcom that ran from 1957 to 63. he was
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just 12 years old when he took on that role down, recently announced that he had been diagnosed with both prostate and gallbladder cancer, had reportedly been receiving hospice care this week. tony dow was 77 years old. coming up masks once again be required on bar reaction from riders as the agency considers another mandate , and berkeley activists say the struggle continues later tonight the rally to save people's park from turning into housing. when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us,
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making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27.
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three school students are recovering faster than other school age groups from pandemic learning loss. researchers from the northwest evaluation association looked at assessment data from more than eight million students in grades three through eight and found elementary school students had more learning recovery last school year than any other student group. researchers say the data is a sign of hope for these students who researchers initially thought would have the
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toughest time recovering from distance learning board will decide tomorrow if riders must again where our masks. the new mandate being considered will be in effect until october unless the board extends it. previous mask requirement was put into place in april and expired last week. right now, the cdc recommends that people wear a mask in public indoor places and all bay area counties as the chance of infection remains high . bart riders we spoke to today said masking up on trains is a good idea. i think it's a pretty good idea. for me, for the most part is just a little more respectable and allows people to protect themselves, especially with the new variants that are going on. and also just being able to have something just to protect yourself and others. right now. face mask are optional at bart stations and on trains. twitter is downsizing office space in the bay area and really around the world. according to market watch. twitter is closing its office on 10th street there in san francisco, which is right behind
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the market street headquarters. the company also canceled its plans to open an office in oakland on broadway. twitter spokesperson says the office closures won't affect employment and that the company is simply re sizing, certain locations based on use online retailer. etsy says it will close its offices in san francisco because not all workers are returning back to the site, company officials said in a statement. it is also shutting down offices in hudson, new york, at the employees in those offices will be transitioning to fall remote work, the company says. they'll focus on a few office hubs, including their headquarters in brooklyn and offices in dublin, ireland. in mexico city. and with that san francisco supervisor asha selfies urging workers to get back to the office in san francisco in a tweet, he said, people need to return to the office. reason. number one san francisco needs you are economy and the recovery of our city is dependent on it. the citizens of the city are not safe. under the leadership of shawne williams, leo's police
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chief under fire the reasons for a clash with the police union as a number of city officials stand by the top cop. and £3 of meth now off the streets in the north bay, the arrest police announced today and why the suspect also faces child endangerment charges . curry and his wife, aisha, honored today at the oakland a's game we'll hear from steph coming up later in sports and roe v. wade backlash continues the two states where judges blocked abortion bans just today.
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santa rosa arrested a man who was found with more than £3 of methamphetamine. 32 year old francisco sandoval garcia was arrested yesterday after a traffic stop in search of his
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home. there are ministry to montecito boulevard. police say they found £3 of meth in an attached patio where the suspect small children play. they also say they found drug packaging material cellphone scales. and cash in the home. sandoval garcia was booked at the sonoma jail for narcotics trafficking of methamphetamine as well as felony child endangerment. police chief is facing criticism from his own officers. the police union announced a no confidence vote today, saying that chief shawne williams has lied under oath and lacks transparency. but as our crime reporter henry lee tells us, many in the community are standing behind the chief. the citizens of the city are not safe. under the leadership of shawne williams, and something has to be done, police union attorney michael raines says chief shawne williams has unfairly disciplined officers and hired friends on this command staff. last december, the union issued a vote of no confidence against the top cop. they are sick and tired. of
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being maligned by a police chief who is incompetent, who is unethical? who does not support them? the chief fired lieutenant hermann robinson, a 48 year veteran for allegedly improperly sharing information without their officers. but robinson, a former officer of the year, was recently reinstated with back pay. his attorney, julia fox, says the chief is all fizz, but no gin chief williams oftentimes vomits a word salad of the quote unquote. 21st century policing pillars. the chief declined to comment, but instead referred to an annual report that touted the department's progress with reforms and technology. like in car cameras. the top cop has the backing of city manager mike malone. in a statement, malone said, in part, the city council and i continue to express our strong support for the williams and the transformational reform initiatives being employed to create a department that serves the needs and desires of the whole community. outside the news conference, citizens and a council member made their displeasure. with a union clear that the police union has been
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putting out this propaganda against our police chief who has been really, really trying his best community standpoint, we see him doing the things that we have. we have asked the city to do michelle monroe. rosa said she supports the chief because he wants to fire the officer who fatally shot her brother sean. right now there's an alignment with the chief, you know, our overall goal is to terminate, um jared town and to not be put back on the force. the city manager is also asking all unions, staff and the community to work together for the veteran of the laiho in vallejo, henry lee ktvu fox studios in east oakland, a day of action was aimed at providing help to residents. the event happened right there along international boulevard between 82nd and 90th avenues. the community safety task force offered resources including housing, job training, even free haircuts and meals. the organizers, including district seven, council member trevor reid said they hope to transform not only the eight
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blocks that they focused on today, but the entire neighborhood of east oakland. we believe with this collective support this ongoing support that we are launching today that we will see this corridor transformed. and as we see this quarter or transform, we will take whatere and model it throughout the city that we will and thriving, but our city rising and thriving more with showing up and meeting our community where they are. community leaders, who spoke said they want to stop violence by touching as many lives as they can with these services are sam liccardo was asking the center clear a county board of supervisors now to reverse a covid era policy that released nonviolent criminals from jail as ktvu jesse gary reports, some say the mayor's request is driven by politics. wednesday san jose mayor sam liccardo lashing out over the practice of what he calls a revolving door at the county jails and we are
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looking for a return. exactly what california constitution calls for a mandate in article one primary seen public safety. and that release decisions be made by judges presented two high profile cases dating back to 2020. the alleged criminals were arrested and released multiple times as part of a santa clara county effort in jail populations due to the spread of covid, one of the men is accused of committing to homicides after being let out. the mayor says hundreds of people have been arrested and released or just cited without going to jail. the problem is when the objective of depopulating the jail. is taken with such singular focus. that it neglects the purpose of the jail, which is the community say the mayor points to some business owners who complain of being victimized by the same criminals over and over again broke in and took cast racist er. second time in march. they burn. our ali doesn't have any evidence that this practice is
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what causes people to be released. we're working with the court and the public defender and the d a. and any time there's a release, they all have to agree that this individual is low risk, santa clara county executive jeff smith says the mayor's beef is with other county offices, not his and smith adds. this issue is being raised now in an election year. he's trying to make a vagrancy issue into a safety issue. that's just not true, but i think he's trying to play the law and order game for his friend matt mehan is running for mayor in the fall, and there is speculation that mayor ricardo is supporting him. ricardo for his part, is calling on city staff to establish a dialogue with county officials to talk about this issue of releasing nonviolent inmates. in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox two news in san francisco more than 250 tenderloin, housing clinic workers went on strike over pay
10:36 pm
issues. this strike is the last resort. we were fought for the last eight months and contract negotiations and good faith. the city funded workers support 24 of san francisco's single room occupancy hotels they keep people housed who otherwise would be homeless. the workers say. this is a 24 hour strike. they also say they have been struggling with years of turnover. burnout in short staffing because of low pay. the city's department of homelessness and supportive housing has not yet commented on the strike. well, judges blocked abortion bans in both wyoming and north dakota today in lawsuits filed by abortion rights supporters and north dakota judge this afternoon blocked that states trigger law . it was set to go into effect tomorrow and would affect the state's only abortion clinic. the clinic argues that the north dakota constitution guarantees the rights of life, liberty safety and happiness. and wyoming. the judge sided with the firebombed women's health clinic, which argued the ban
10:37 pm
would harm health care workers and their patients and violates that state's constitution. just getting here since the fourth grade. i'm almost 50 years old. coming up tonight at 11. crowds of people lined up outside one of the bay area's few remaining roller rinks. golden skate, maybe saved from closure for now. and a barrier weather a little bit of a warm up as we head into your thursday forecast . but what about your weekend? we'll have the update coming up after the break. at first another protest in berkeley's people's park is activists say their fight to prevent student housing is not over.
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this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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in berkeley as the fight to save the area from new housing gets louder, not as little as you
10:40 pm
think you are not point tonight , musical performers and speakers rallied at the park there on hay street. organizers say they will continue to hold public events and protests in hopes of gaining support to save the park. uc berkeley wants to convert the part or part of it at least into student or faculty housing. critics say this will displace the unhappy housed who camped there. we know that this is the place. when you were hungry. when you needed clothes. when you fell through that social safety net when we fell through the cracks. people's park was here to catch us. people's part, also a historic landmark. it was the site of many protests back in the 19 sixties and has been named to the national list of historic places. a federal judge today extended a temporary restraining order against clearing a homeless camp along job or doted trail there in santa rosa. the order is now in effect, at least
10:41 pm
until friday. the judges original order said that sonoma county and the city of santa rosa were planning an eviction without providing shelter options as required by federal law. the cali tells ktvu that it is hopeful that the judge will see that it has complied with its legal obligations. they say they are working with about a dozen residents still at the camp to get them into shelters. california's supreme court chief justice will not seek another 12 year term. chief justice tony gore can't osaka yea said she plans to retire when she concludes her current term in office on january 1st of next year. she was nominated back in 2011 by former governor arnold schwarzenegger and is the first person of color and second woman to serve as the state's chief justice of the state department of water resources today released a new proposal for an underground tunnel to take water from the sacramento river to the central valley in southern california. former governor jerry brown had pushed for twin
10:42 pm
tunnels to deliver water from the sacramento river. to southern california governor gavin newsom scale back the project to 1 45 mile tunnel. officials say it will help capture water during major storms that otherwise might be lost. a price tag was not released, but prior estimates pegged the cost at $16 billion. alright still to come. the proposed deal to possibly bring w n b a star britney griner home from russia, plus how the department of justice is now looking into former president donald trump's conduct after he lost the 2020 election and coming up after the break tonight, our meteorologist mark tamayo breaks down. what are they area communities can expect in his five day seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes.
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it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27.
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♪ subway's drafting 12 new subs for the all-new subway series menu
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the new monster has juicy steak and crispy bacon. but what about the new boss? it looks so good it makes me hangry! settle down there, big guy the new subway series. what's your pick? it's tonight to try to get w. n b a star britney griner out of a jail in moscow and back here to the u. s. secretary of state antony blinken says the u. s has made substantial proposal to secure the release of greiner and former u. s marine paul whelan. blanket did not offer details, but a person familiar with the matter says the us government is offering to exchange viktor bout convicted russian arms trafficker for the two americans serving a 25 year u. s prison sentence. greiner was back in a moscow courtroom today to testify in her defense,
10:46 pm
she said at the time of her arrest, no one explained her rights and that she was ordered through a translator to sign documents. that point i got on my phone and i contacted my spouse. sports agent. and my club teams translator. i can only assume that they were about the search and the cartridges. we have to use my phone for google translate for him to be able to tell me a little bit. grindr has pleaded guilty to the charges, but says she had no criminal intent. her trial was adjourned until tuesday. the justices smart department is reportedly investigating former president donald trump in a criminal probe over his attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. as richardson reports the investigation focuses on whether or not the former president may have tried to meddle with the electoral vote count. former president donald trump's conduct is now part of the justice department's criminal investigation into efforts to
10:47 pm
overturn the 2020 election. this according to the washington post , but attorney general merrick garland has refused to say whether the doj is investigating the former president as the congressional january 6th committee leads a parallel investigation committee is doing enormously wide ranging investigation as well. yes it is inevitable that there will be things that they find before we have found them and they will is inevitable that there will be things we find that they haven't found everyone. the post reports , investigators focused on the fake elector scheme led by trump's outside lawyers, rudy giuliani and john eastman. investigators also seized eastman's phone. former justice department official jeffrey clark's phone and former chief of staff. mark meadows. phone records. no former u. s president has been charged with a crime. trump has broken all the rules, and he's paying a price for it. some republicans say they're waiting for the justice department to finish its work. trump was impeached over his actions. you know how much
10:48 pm
the law becomes a political tool ? that's a dangerous thing to do , but i'll withhold judgment until i see what they do for mike pence officials have also testified before a grand jury. do you think the doj is making a case? ah against top officials tied to january 6th. i can't i can't know that, brad. i mean, i certainly don't think we would have been subpoenaed unless they were. but i don't know that the washington post also reports, investigators asked witnesses hours of detailed questions about meetings. trump led in december, 2020 and january 2021 his campaign to pressure the former vice president. to overturn the election. in washington rich edson fox news. well there are big changes to the overall barrier forecast over the next few days, although temperatures and a few neighborhoods will be warming for your thursday and possibly into your friday, but these are all just so minor day to day changes. nothing too exciting for us. you can see the bottom row what the temperature is from
10:49 pm
today and as we show you the top row, these neighborhoods expected to warm up a little bit for tomorrow. santa rosa up into the upper eighties san francisco slightly and fremont from 73 to 77 degrees. you can see what's happening, though at least graphically we're trying to illustrate we have a layer of warm air moving in. we had the fog out there. and, of course, the marine layer. that's a kind of compresses that fog bank and over the fog is it's locally dense. this could impact the visibility once again first thing tomorrow morning, checking out the satellite. lots of low clouds and fog just offshore here and already pushing back into the bay. pretty good onshore breeze. that will help keep temperatures in check over the next few days. as far as the winds they were talking about the wind. you can see that fairfield observation right now. that's a gust of up to a 36 miles an hour, so windy out toward the delta if we show you a few more spots, oakland airport 15 miles an hour and sfo in northwest wind. checking in at about 18 miles an hour. here's a live camera looking out toward oakland, already a solid deck of cloud cover, moving back
10:50 pm
into the picture. so mostly cloudy skies in oakland, least from this particular vantage point, santa rosa right now 55 conquered, actually still mild 69 in san jose, checking in 64 tomorrow morning, waking up to with some low clouds and fog, coast side and right around the bay, maybe even some wet roadways out toward the shore line. we could have some drizzle returns so don't be surprised that first thing tomorrow morning if you will see some that drizzle fifties to the sixties and the forecast model just like this morning and the day before. it's kind of repeating the same old story. the low clouds and fog near the coast and right around the bay, gradually clearing back to near the shore line and a big guts. biggest summertime temperature range from the low sixties near the coastline where it's still foggy out towards the right around 90 degrees well inland. tracking a couple of things, though, as you can see the big picture that moisture moving in from the south, that big arrow we could see a few high clouds approached the bay area over the next couple of days. and, of course, the heat up to our north, you can see a place like
10:51 pm
portland's close to 100 degrees over the next few days in a place like reading that forecast high tomorrow 113 degrees, so that's the extreme heat. and it will stick around into the weekend. thankfully we're not reaching those levels you can see highest for tomorrow. the hotspots close to 90 degrees out toward fairfield and antioch. san francisco 64 look ahead. your five day forecast, maybe just a touch warmer in your friday forecast and then just touch cooler into the weekend, so the fog will be part of the forecast and more sunshine. into the afternoon hours, a nice forecast as we had to the to the weekend. alright, mark. thank you. san francisco is hardly strictly bluegrass festival announced its lineup today, and some of the performers do include marcus mumford, allison russell, buddy miller and sam bush. the music fastest returning to golden gate park after being held online the last couple of years because of the pandemic. the annual free outdoor concert will take place september 30th through october 2nd. the festival began in 2001 and draws about half a million
10:52 pm
visitors to the park each year. lot of fun coming up day one of the 49ers training camp and our cameras were there. we'll have the very latest on the deebo samuel situation and then on the 11 o'clock news, a leveling off of covid cases in los angeles county. but is it enough? to prevent an indoor mask mandate from returning later this week. a new chevy is the smart way to hit the open road this summer. the smart way to road trip—. ♪ and seek new adventures. ♪ go a little farther this summer in a new chevy. find new get up and go. find new roads. enjoy the open road
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trailer era is underway in santa clara is the 49ers held their first practice of training camp 90 players as camp opens to be trimmed down to 53 by the end of august. lance now taking all of the first team reps after being named the starter yesterday, and with jimmy garoppolo officially on the trading block. lances top
10:55 pm
three targets figure to be wide receiver brandon aiyuk, who trained with lance this offseason, all pro tight and george kittle and last year's offensive nbp deebo samuel, who was at camp but isn't practicing as he awaits a contract extension. um i just had a good talk with devo. i know there's we all know there's a lot going on with devo right now. his representation and tory with prague and john and hamp. they're talking nonstop right now, so we'll see what happens. hopefully we can figure something else soon. um but we're in a good place for today. and earlier today, the 49ers released pass rush specialist d ford now when healthy ford was a force on defense, but back injuries forced him to miss all but seven games over the past two seasons and by cutting for the 49ers save a little over a million dollars against the salary cap. the giants. they have not won a game since the
10:56 pm
all star break their losing streak now at a season high seven straight games, gabe kapler searching for answers, but he didn't find any today against the diamondbacks, though the giants did take the lead in the fourth when tiro estrada steals second, and sergio alcantara can't handle the throw . luiz gonzalez scores from third on the head first slide to one. san francisco now tied at two in the seventh with 21 jose herrera lays down the bunt. brandon belt. oh, no air mails, the throw from close range that allows not one but two runs to come in to score four to d backs. that was it for logan web and the next batter is josh rojas. and he takes sam long, deep to right center for the solo home run ball one hopping into the swimming pool. giants lose 5 to 3 and are swept by the diamondbacks to fall two games below 500. as astros was a mismatch on paper houston with
10:57 pm
the second best record in the american league, the a's dead last in the a. l but that is why they play the games, folks. maybe steph and aisha brought them some good mojo, even if their first pitches were just a little off the mark more on the curries in a moment as we as we show you, the big leaguers stephen vogt, in particular facing christian javier. and vote wins that match up deep fly to right over the wall votes. fifth home run of the year. one. nothing athletics next batter steam for scotty, there goes back to back home runs for the a's get a nice pitching performance out of coal. irvin to beat the astros 4 to 2, and they make it a clean sweep of the division leaders. in fact, the aids have owned houston this year to the tune of five wins in six games. now back to the curries, who marked the third anniversary of their eat learn play foundation by bringing in about 1000 kids to the game at
10:58 pm
the coliseum. steph even gotten some batting practice and, of course, yeah, he looked like he could play baseball if he wanted to. he posed for some pics and said it was good to be back on this side of the bay. this is definitely special occasion and obviously coming off. the year that we had a nice to be back in open. i miss it a lot. i was that was next door for a little bit just to poke my head in just realizing how much we accomplished in that building, but to be back here for eat, learn play and this you know this this special occasion? it means a lot. draymond green wants to be a warrior for life. but he also wants a max deal and that max deal would pay him 164.2. million of the next five years. green technically has two years left on his deal, but he can opt out of that contract after next season and the warriors they're already well over the luxury tax with andrew
10:59 pm
wiggins and jordan's pool also looking for big paydays. not one but two catches of the night. you got to check this out. the dodgers are red hot. thanks to places like this. clay thompson's baby brother trace leaping to make the catch against the wall. that was nice concentration. as the dodgers beat the nationals. they have won 20 of their last 24 games to the motor city for catch number two. the tigers victor reyes giving chase and going full extension to make the grab and foul territory. that's pretty sweet, robust, keeping his eye on the ball as detroit wins to take two of three from yes, sir . go get it. yeah, and i will go get some more highlights and i'll be back about 11 25. sounds like a date. alright jason. thank you. next at 11. now there is so much hate against the lgbt q community and this can be an excuse to add to that. hey, as
11:00 pm
monkey park spreads. so do concerns about the stigma of the virus and its effect on the lgbtq plus community. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. and a warning tonight from santa clara county. monkeypox is disproportionately hitting the latino community. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes mike mibach new data shows latino, gay and bisexual men account for nearly half of the county's monkeypox cases. as ktvu lamonica peters reports here. while there's more doses of the vaccine on the way , there is new concern about stigmatizing the virus. santa clara county's public health director, says new data shows 41% of monkeypox cases are among the gay or bisexual latino community, the latinos or 26% of the county's population. information given at wednesday's press conference was also translated in spanish. so what we know now?


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