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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 29, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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unlimited possibilities. you go by lots of titles. veteran, son, dad. -it's time to get up. -no. hair stylist and cheerleader. so adding a “student” title might feel overwhelming. but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, family, finances and mental health. it's coming along. well, it can. national university, supporting the whole you. on box too. by the luxuries in life, because that's what i hope to do. um and then by my by everyone that's helped me out a
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house. grab your tickets. we have winning numbers for the country's third largest lottery prize in history. at least $1.28 billion is what's at stake tonight. good evening. and thanks for joining us, i'm cristina rendon greg lee. let's get you right to the numbers. every mega millions player needs to check. the winning numbers are 13 36. 45 57 67. the mega ball is 14 operators have not yet announced whether there is a winning ticket out there. ktvu amanda gitana is live in fremont . tonight were a lot of people showed up to get tickets. hi, amanda. hi yes, the line was out the door for most of the day here at quick and convenient. and because people know that this is a lucky place to buy a ticket you can see on the window there. they have sold winning tickets before 10. years ago. they sold the ticket worth more than 50 million in 2018. they had a $10 million winner. many people felt like the history here. would bring them some luck tonight. oh this big spenders
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feeling lucky, very, very, very lucky. okay and those who know it just takes one ticket to win hadn't purchased a lot, but i mean, just one ticket a maybe the golden ticket, so just fingers crossed. i guess they're all testing their luck tonight, even if the game has taken their money for years. i can't hear it just about a dollar. can't or they just became old enough to gamble. this is my very first time i had to, like, ask her for help, and i was like so nervous the possibility of winning more than a billion dollars is baffling to all of them. it would be a huge, life altering event with the jackpot up to $1.28 billion. the cash option is more than $747 million, but then federal taxes takes away 24% that's almost 180 million. luckily, california that doesn't take state taxes, so the winner would still get more than 500 million. so if you're holding
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that winning ticket, what should you do? i would highly advise somebody who is the winner of the jackpot to, um you know, first celebrates, of course, but after you celebrate, start planning, and the best way to plan would be to hire a financial advisor. maybe contact the c p a or a tax attorney in california. the winner's name is public, so you can't remain anonymous. but you can still protect yourself. unfortunately there are a lot of scammers out there and you need to be protected. i think the rule of thumb is if you didn't know this person before you won the lotto. you probably don't want to know him after you won the lotto analyst james mcbride says 70% of lotto winners end up broke in just seven years. just because you won the lotto doesn't mean you're a good investor. still, those planes have big dreams for themselves and others by everyone. that's helped me out a house because just why not? lord many people are suffering. people don't have money for
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treatment. people don't have money for food. although most winners do take that cash option , you can also take the price split up into 30 years and each year that payment is 5% more than the year before. now, you do need all six of those numbers to match to get the jackpot. but there is a total of nine ways that you could win ranging from the jackpot all the way down to just getting your $2 back. live in fremont. amanda quintana ktvu fox tunis a bit that uncle sam reaches in that pot to take their share their cut of it, but life changing money for sure. amanda. thank you. it's important to keep in mind the odds for mega millions players. you have a one in 303 million shot at winning this prize obviously doesn't stop people from playing. the game is played in 45 states. washington d. c in the u. s. virgin islands new at 10 surveillance video shows how thieves took their time stealing from a club in san francisco's
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tenderloin district. this theft was just one of two crimes to hit the club within hours. ktvu is amber lee joins us now in the newsroom after speaking with the clubs operate. others about how this went on for so long, amber. greg the operations director tells me he's disappointed by what happened and the police response. what happened what started as a vandalism ended in what looked like a free for all with people coming and going, taking whatever they wanted. music at black cat jazz supper club in san francisco's tenderloin district is not missing a beat. despite surviving an 18 month long pandemic shutdown and now vandalism and burglary early tuesday morning, the a battle to keep our business alive. a man is captured on surveillance video, breaking the glass door with a skateboard around 1 15 in the morning and runs off. not long after people started burglarizing the club. from the
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hands up just over an hour later , police officers arrive after being alerted by a witness. the fire department tells me it responded at the request of police as a courtesy and temporarily covered up the shadow door. officers say they made multiple attempts to contact a representative of the business but was unsuccessful after police and fire left. people can be seen inside the club stealing again like they have to secure it, but at least to not come back and check on him again is very disheartening. chapman with black cats as more than 20, people burglarize the club for hours until an employee came to work around seven am finding shattered glass and empty shelves. feel violated a little bit right. it's like your place your space. this is like my second home here all the time living its proverbial nine lives did not close the day despite what happened. there's no damage to the inside of the club that would have been catastrophic because we have a lot of like
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really nice things in here. you know, they could have broken things they could have spray painted it really. it was just the cash cash grab chapman. stolen items include alcohol, food, musical equipment and instruments. the estimated loss is 25,000 to $50,000. chapman says it's important to have this club thrive in the tenderloin, a space for young jazz musicians after something like this happens at the black cat. it's not gonna happen again. i don't see it. i think that they're probably gonna, you know, figure out ways to make sure something like that doesn't happen again. chapman tells me additional security measures are being added at black cat. the police department says it is currently working on creating policy to better address incidents such as these christina. yeah pretty remarkable surveillance video there. amber. amber lee in our newsroom member. thank you. also do you attend tonight. an officer involved shooting in san pablo last december has been ruled a suicide corners, jury announced. the finding today in the death of 45 year old said
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he'll escalator valdez of san pablo. surveillance video from the evergreen market in san pablo showed him holding what appeared to be a real firearm for officers fired at the suspect after he refused to drop the apparent weapon. a coroner's inquest ruled his death as suicide at the hands of another person. one person was shot and killed by sonoma county sheriff's deputies. it happened this morning on thomas road in geyserville in a facebook post. the sheriff's department says they responded to trade monte lane after a man threw a rock through homes window and allegedly told a resident to shoot him. deputies say the men stole the residents truck and took off once deputies caught up with that person, they say on thomas road, that he appeared to be holding a weapon and that he refused to drop the weapon. one deputy tried to taste the man. but when that did not work, another deputy shot and killed him. the sonoma county d. a s office is investigating the shooting. community leaders brought their message of peace to east oakland. tonight volunteers with different faith
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organizations and nonprofits walked through the neighborhood near st benedict's church on 82nd avenue near bancroft carried signs with messages of hope, they say, is always there, hoping to raise awareness about alternatives to gun violence. if you are involved in gun violence, or your family member has been involved in gun violence. come seek us out at ceasefire. we have some options that would maybe help you in your situation so you can evolve and it's just better in the city along with the rest of us. weekly ceasefire. night walks have been scheduled across the city next friday. the group is set to march near saint patrick's church on peralta. the trend of high end watch thefts continues in the bay area with another victim targeted this time in daly city crime reporter henry lee tells us that serena's video shows one suspect, pistol whipped and robbed the man. this is surveillance video showing an elderly man being confronted by an armed robber and daly city in broad daylight. the victims pushed up against the pickup truck. robert evans, the victim
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handovers, expensive watch when he doesn't the man pistol whips him. it happened at about 4 30 thursday afternoon on skyline drive near longview. to continue to struggle as the robber again demands the watch robber eventually grabs the man's watch someone else in awaiting red dodge challenger backs up the robert jumps in and the dodge takes off. the victim was treated at the scene for minor injuries. when the attack began , his wife ran across the street to a postal carrier for help. it's the latest watch robbery in which victims have been followed by thieves. similar incidents have been reported across the bay area, just like shocked that that happened here because this is a quiet, friendly edward william fan lives on skyline and says he's upset that the sense of safety has been shattered the people up and down the street all day so aren't aren't from ad here because because yeah, none of the people around would would do that. some have suggested
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that people refrain from wearing expensive watches and public. i think we should be able to wear what we want to wear. but we just have to be very cautious where we're at when we're wearing it. and not put ourselves in that predicament to begin with anyone who recognizes that distinctive car as information about this, robert should contact daly city police in daly city. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. monkey pox, covid and the flu coming up the health care system gears up for a taxing fall. and a barrier weather fog already pushing back into the bay for tonight. no big changes in your saturday forecast, but eventually we could be talking about some thunderstorm chances. we'll have more on your forecast coming up . the house passes a package of nearly 50 bills focused on nearly 50 bills focused on filp. when i make decisions
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as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27. ♪
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at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that. fire. firefighters say this night flying technology is one of the tools helping firefighters make progress. containment of that fire is now at 48% that's up from 45% earlier today, the fire has burned more than 19,000 acres. at least 163 homes and other buildings have been destroyed
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about 2200 people. america owes a county or still under evacuation orders, and crews are working in remote communities in this year in nevada foothills looking for more damage because of the fire is under investor. stig ation. and we move now to this. the house of representatives today passed a bill aiming at helping the us deal with severe drought and wildfires. the measure combines 49 separate bills it would set minimum pay for firefighters to $20 an hour and increased benefits. it also steps up mitigation projects for communities affected by climate change. projects vulnerable, protects rather vulnerable watersheds and enhances forest management. and its streamlined but streamlines federal assistance for wildfire victims . the bill will now go to the senate. alright let's give you a live look. the oakland estuary on this clear night, most days and nights, and in most spots, it's a pretty scene, but some who live by it say there has been something suspicious in the water for days. they say it has been murky and muddy. ktvu is brooks jarocz checked it out to
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try to find out what's in the water. we got up in the morning the ocean was brown. and not muddy brown like it is after the rain. it was brown like something had been mixed into it . for a decade. michael west has lived on the water here at the embarcadero cove marina on the oakland estuary. everything that happens out there on that water comes down here. and stops. but this week something stopped him from seeing clearly the water he and his neighbors say, has been a murky, mucky mess brown and very muddy. it looked like clouds of mud roiling through the water. this is sediment is very unusual, the regional water quality control board tells ktvu . there was a reported sediment plume near the park street bridge. after our questions, the board said it would send someone to check it out. one big concern for people who live here. the marine and wildlife we have ducks, geese. all different types of birds, and it is about
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the animals. we are now seeing greatly improved water quality, and the evidence of that is the return of birdlife. and also marine mammals. the ports of oakland says it's unaware of what could have caused the brown water but say it could even be the hull of a ship, scraping the bottom and churning up mud. there could be many different sources so we would look to any illegal discharge that might be happening, um, maybe an overflow at one of the treatment plans while there's a nearby storm drain east bay municipal utility district and the city of oakland both say they've had no sewage spills. but it's the tides come and go live aboard, residents say the dirty water has stuck around for the past three days. no one here that i've spoken to in years people have been living here for 2030 years i've ever seen anything like it. the regional waterboard and east bay mud both say they will be monitoring the estuary water to make sure there's nothing unusual going on and that the water is safe. in oakland,
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brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. it's july. almost august. into a weather to hit. colorado is not exactly over helmet it look more like winter and estas park last night. hours later, people started reporting sightings of a tornado near arapahoe county. the national weather service suspects, so sightings were a large dust devil. unlike tornadoes, dust devils are not associated with thunderstorms. all of this is happening as a monsoon. third put serge pushes through that region, and that is not the only state getting hit with rare weather events. check this out in las vegas. enough rain fell last night have fled a parking structure on the strips and casinos were also damaged as well. the area was under flash flood and severe thunderstorm warnings again this morning, but those events do not compare to what people are dealing with here in the midwest. kentucky's
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governor says it may take weeks to find all victims of flooding from torrential downpours, faxes mexico or din shows us the match. search and rescue teams working across kentucky friday looking for anyone still missing in floodwaters. at least 16 people have died, some of them children, and more fatalities are expected. thursday's heavy rain sent many people fleeing to safety. kentucky officials say hundreds of boat and aerial rescues have already taken place , as well as neighboring states are providing resources to help with those efforts if there are additional resources that are needed for these lifesaving missions, we will continue to bring in those resources, kentucky governor andy beshear says. mudslides and flooding blocked more than two dozen roads in the region. making it difficult for first responders to reach hard hit areas. crews are working around the clock to regain access. we have bridge inspectors and engineers in the field but were unable to even get to some of these roadways. it is so bad crews are still hard at work, clearing as much mud and debris as they can. on
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friday, president biden signed a disaster declaration for kentucky, which will free up federal funding for recovery efforts. local officials say more than 200. people have such shelter, and for many, it will be a long road to rebuild in some areas, water rushed into homes and wiped out entire communities came down so hard and so fast. that's that's why you're probably got all the water had nowhere to go. forecasters say flash fighting remains a concern, with more rain expected over the weekend and hyneman, kentucky, mexico, gordon fox weather and so much active weather elsewhere. we're not. we're just talking about some minor changes, at least as we start off the weekend, maybe if somewhat of a pattern change as we head towards sunday as we take a look at the maps right now we're showing you this the national perspective, thankfully right now, not a lot happening in kentucky, and as we take a look out toward the west, we have the low clouds and fog out toward the coastline. of course, that fog big kind of having a big influence on our temperatures for today, with the coastline only in the fifties san francisco 62 degrees around
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and the best in seventies, the warm spots inland in the eighties and a few spots in the lower nineties. tomorrow morning. lots of cloud cover. maybe some drizzle first thing tomorrow morning still felt fairly warm inland. and then on sunday, this could be the day of some change will bring in a few extra high clouds and also the humid. the humidity could be going up as well for the second half of the weekend. once again, the fog hanging out near the immediate coast and already pushing back into the bay, in fact, already pushing into portions of the south base of lower clouds out their current numbers. santa rosa 57 conquered 62 san jose 63 degrees. here is the expected cloud pattern tomorrow as we start off your weekend and once again, maybe some drizzle. especially out towards the coastline, and then into the afternoon hours, skies becoming partly sunny. some high clouds added to the mix and still keeping it cool for the beaches. so there's that temperature range from 60 all the way to the upper eighties for tomo saturday not a big chae in temperatures for tomorrow into sunday, we could be bringing in the possibility of a
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few isolated thunderstorms. we'll talk more about that forecast coming up in a few minutes. alright mark, look forward to it, seeing a bit good weather tonight for children's fairy land in oakland to host its annual adults only night. it's the one time of the year when adults can visit the park without children. every other day of the year. adults cannot enter the park unless accompanied with a child. some attendees go all out for the fundraising event dressed up in costumes you see there along with the usual attractions. there was also a dj and local beers on tap so excited to open our gates every few times a year for adults to experience the magic of fairyland, so we're really excited for this particular event because it really celebrates oakland. organizers say the last time they hosted adults only night was back in 2019 before the pandemic will bring you more diverse chefs and voices to the table, one of northern largest d
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in television legacy is hosting its summer party this weekend. ktvu tom vacar revisits the history of soul be one of the first black owned stations in the country. saturday july 30th is soul beat day in oakland for a quarter century from 1978 to 2003 soul beat was oakland's erm , born and bred local public cable channel unique in the bay area. it was a completely free form, mostly live local and accessible channels channel dedicated to an entire city. whether it was the politics whether it was the music whether it was the you know, community current events so be was right there every day. more than that
10:25 pm
it was solutionary because it gave oakland's people not a tube to stare at. but a mirror so bee just showed the beauty of black faces black owned businesses. black talent in one small city so be it was the first music video network in the nation on in several cities, so be day keeps that beat alive basically a year every year party to you know, commemorate, so be it and its legacy. so this year we're doing a daytime party and we're bringing out some great artists. great music from the dj from the soundtrack of our lives because of its strong legacy and the black history it helped make already agreed upon documentary is being made. johnson's working on plans to get soul beat back on the screen to help that there are planned concerts, merchandise and a lot of public support. everybody wants the network back like people want to see the building come back, and when they on tv like they want
10:26 pm
to see that 24 hour experience again. so be day is saturday 2 to 7 p.m. at the new parish in oakland with special reunited acts like the loonies three times crazy and djs diverse crowd in the audience of people who appreciated soul beat tickets are available at eventbrite .com. tom vacar. ktvu fox two news. monkeypox cases are on the rise in covid variants are fueling a surge of infections coming up. hospitals prepare for a busy fall with flu season thrown out of the mix, driven by recent mass shootings . house democrats revived the assault weapons ban will show you how they voted. plus what's next for the bill? plus nfl training camp can be a grueling experience. but 1 49 years pro bowler says it's the best camp he's ever had. that's good news for 49ers fans, jesse kerry. we'll have that later in sports and honoring a baseball legend.
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we sit down with will clark before he receives the highest honor from the giants retiring his number. ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that.
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when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27.
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packs cases rise. healthcare systems also need to brace for the return of flu season. ktvu is elissa harrington joins us in the newsroom with look at how hospitals are preparing for this triple threat. alyssa great christina monkeypox covid and flew all of these pose a health risk as people continue to gather and the school year is starting back up doctors i talked to say they are most concerned about covid and the spread they are seeing. even in vaccinated people. they say they are also not getting the funded needing to tackle monkeypox. there are now 786 confirmed or probable monkeypox cases in california, and the bay area continues to be a hot spot for
10:30 pm
infection with 257 cases in san francisco, covid numbers also continue to climb and with the return of the flu and the fall and winter months on the horizon, hospitals are preparing for outbreaks. regular winter is a lot of demand period, but i winter with influenza, monkey pox and covid together. i can't even imagine and what that might look like dr peter chen hong and infectious disease expert at ucsf, said he's concerned about the strain these viruses could put on hospitals and does not want to see healthcare staff getting burnt out. the hospital isn't only about the beds. it's the flexibility of the system to deal with calls the emergency department for triaging and a lot of demand during the winter . dr chen hong did say covid and monkey pox are very different when it comes to hospitalizations. monkey pox is not as transmissible and so far there have been 11 short term monkeypox hospitalizations. california health officials have not yet declared monkeypox, a
10:31 pm
state medical emergency monkeypox is mainly an odd patient disease. still a lot of lot of suffering, but luckily people don't get so sick, many of them to be needing hospitalizations. covid is very, very different. i'm much more worried about covid doctor tin hong said. the best thing to do is make sure you are up to date on your covid booster and get a flu shot. monkey pox vaccines have been in short supply, but the state is expected to get more soon. so far, california has received 37,000 doses with another 72,000 doses on the way. the state's public health officer said they will be distributed to the communities with the most need the moment we're continuing to do everything that we're doing right now, which is primarily, really mobilizing the tremendous resources and infrastructure that we've that we've built for covid and using it now for monkey pox. the monkey parks. vaccine clinic at sf general reopens monday. it will be open from eight am to noon with
10:32 pm
limited doses reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. always a good time to say thank you to our healthcare workers. alyssa. thank you. thank you. new attend the deadly avian flu or bird flu has been detected in the north bay, officials say for wild birds have decided positive for the virus in sonoma county, avian flu poses minimal risks to humans but out of abundance of caution, the county health department is warning residents not to handle or come in close contact with diseased or dead birds. the virus is transmitted through saliva and feces occurs most commonly in wild migratory waterfowl and birds of prey. the spread of avian flu already has a sacramento zeus flamingos and ducks moved to a quarantine area in an effort to keep them safe. u s department of agriculture workers partly blamed the flu for the country's recent surge in egg prices. the egg supply is down because the flu is killed approximately 30 million egg producing birds. the house of representatives this evening passed a ban on assault style
10:33 pm
weapons after an 18 year lapse. the final vote was to 17 to 2 13 5. democrats voted against it into republicans voted for the bill. supporters in the house cited a string of recent mass shootings involving assault weapons as a pressing reason to outlaw them. the bill now goes to the senate, where it is expected to stall. now to the latest between russia and ukraine. both sides are accusing each other of bombing a prison in a separatist region of eastern ukraine, killing dozens of prisoners of war. and this comes as a top aide to president vladimir zelensky says ukraine could have defeated russia already had heavier weapons been delivered by the west. reporter lucas tomlinson has more from keith. we hope everyone involved keeps their promises. president zelinsky traveled to ukraine's black seaport to watch the first shipments of grain prepared for c for the past five months over a dozen cargo ships have been blocked by russia. us ambassador ukraine warned the kremlin not
10:34 pm
interfere with safe passage that it's very important for russia to live up to its commitments and to allow this grain to be exported in eastern ukraine. russia's commitments to the rules of war are once again in question. ukraine's top diplomat accusing russian forces of another war crime showing a compound killing over 40 ukrainian prisoners of war and wounding dozens more. the incident comes one day after russia unleashed a massive missile barrage away from the front lines, striking the outskirts of kiev for the first time in weeks as the country celebrated statehood day marking the founding of kiev as its capital. and the birth of christianity in ukraine, russians and putin. they are people of symbolism known that this is a christianity day ukraine. he did it deliberately . top aide to president zelinsky says ukraine still needs more firepower from the west, including dozens more satellite guided high mars rocket launchers. if we had enough definitely to defeat russia, we have defeated them. the only
10:35 pm
talks taking place on the battlefield. ochoa says he wants to push russian forces out of all of ukraine, including crimea and returned to its 1991 borders after ukraine declared its independence from the soviet union. he had the following message for americans fed up with inflation and high gas prices ready to sacrifice some part of your cozy life, you know. you know, therefore evil not to win because if this evil will not be stopped here in ukraine. spirit further, experts say to recapture russian held territory, the ukrainians will need more than just high mars. they need more artillery drones and professionally trained units, not just volunteers. in kiev, ukraine. lucas tomlinson, fox news secretary of state antony blinken says he has spoken to russian foreign minister sergei lavrov and urged moscow to accept a u. s proposal to release w. n b a star britney griner and another american detainee, paul weiland. lincoln
10:36 pm
did not provide details of lavrov's response to what he had previously called a substantial proposal for russia to release the two cnn is reporting that russian officials requested that a former russian colonel who was convicted of murder in germany last year be added to the u. s proposed swap. coming up at 11. forget spending a small fortune to see a movie. we'll show you how families gathered in berkeley tonight to take in a movie for free. and a barrier weather. no big changes in our saturday forecast still talking about a lot of fog to start things off your weekend by that, eventually, we could be talking about some thunderstorm chances. we'll have more on those changes with your update coming up. and we'll show you how organizers have a northern california food festival hoped to make it a festival hoped to make it a little more diverse this year. ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive
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[coughing] guys, that is some good stuff right there. it's like donuts and cereal. no burn or anything. this is so good. a lot of nicotine in here.
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for its popular annual farm to fork festival. it showcases the local production of sacramento food and drink reporter maricela dela cruz tells us the festival is expanding this year and taking applications from more diverse local businesses to participate. as one of sacramento's signature events nears, talk about expanding the table and in order to do that, we wanted to offer the opportunity. and um, you know, we want to walk the walk and not just talk to talk. sacramento is taking applications from diverse minority or lgbtq owned businesses to get a chance at participating at the farm to fork festival. the idea really was to bring quite frankly bring more diversity and offer opportunities to people of color , including lgbt. q, um so that they can be involved in what really is the city's signature events. ortiz owner of gas
10:40 pm
bachelors usa in sacramento, took part of the event last year as visit sacramento kicked off its first vendor impact grant program. we do believe that he helped us, um with visibility with awareness people that believe locally and we've been around for many years, they're still coming to us and say, hey, i didn't know you were here. the grant will cover vendor fees for 10, small businesses and organizations, which amount to about $2500. all of that comes down to access, bringing a spotlight to some of sacramento's smallest businesses can't emphasize enough. a lot of what i talk about is access and opportunity. right in order for a business to grow. it really needs to know. where are those opportunities at? where can i be that people can get to know my product? no, my food. get to know me. again that was maricela data dela cruz reporting in the two day farm and fork festival will be held september 23rd and 24th on the sacramento capitol mall. our special monthly program. voices for change
10:41 pm
returns this sunday morning, we'll speak with two trailblazers in the hockey world will also mark disability pride month, which in part celebrates the anniversary of the passing of the americans with disabilities act bay area organization that provides recreational activities in sports for disabled people. shares with the month means to them. i think a lot of people with disabilities um i know myself included have just a sense of insecurity around it. um maybe a sense of shame wanting to hide, um, and having a forum to actually, like, be proud of that, and that's not have to explain it away, but to actually like, take ownership of it and find power in it is something that's new and look you can catch more of this conversation on voices for change this sunday morning at 9 30 right here on ktvu. baseball
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fans will celebrate giants legend will the thrill clark this weekend coming up? we get clark's take on one of the most memorable moments of his career. look on a friday night from our roof camera here in oakland fog moving into the cool night in the bay area. meteorologists mark tamayo will have your weekend forecast after the
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scientists know about the cosmos , but more data remains to be revealed. foxes met napolitano has more on these out of this world images and lift off of seen it on the news on social media. stellar photos from nasa's james webb telescope pictures that after decades of effort are changing what scientists know about the galactic landscape. we peeked through that cloud clouds of dust and gas that we've never been able to see through before. and we're seeing star formations and the galaxies from 13 billion years ago that again we've just never seen before. kalambay oh, better known as the galactic gal who are hundreds of thousands of followers on social media is among those enchanted by the web photos from a new angle of the planet jupiter to wonders like the carina nebula, but more data remains to be revealed by nasa, including new details about thek that there are anywhere between 3 to 7 habitable worlds around the star. um and so they're
10:46 pm
right there in the goldilocks zone there could have life or they could have had life in the past or might be able to have life in the future. while there is the possibility of life, kalombo makes clear, that's not what the web photos are intended for. jwst has not looking for life itself. it's looking specifically in the atmospheres of exoplanets. so like, you know, of course that leads to could we find life? could we? you know, we found water in the atmosphere of an exoplanet for the first time ever, and that hint set that you know the potential for life to exist there for space exploration. the launch of nasa's armaments programs seeking to establish a sustainable presence on the moon to prepare for missions to mars in new york napolitano, fox news well, barry, a weather weekend is almost here and we're talking about a lot of fog. first thing tomorrow morning and maybe some drizzle once again, so you probably heard of this forecast over the past few days. it seems like things are repeating itself. and that would be the case for tomorrow for your saturday but then into your
10:47 pm
sunday we're bringing some scattered high clouds could feel a bit humid out there as well. but the second half of the weekend baseball forecast for tomorrow with the giants of the cubs were expecting mostly cloudy skies tomorrow evening. and temperatures will be in the upper fifties and there will be a bit of a breeze. here's the satellite showing you this lots of low clouds offshore and already some fog pushing back into the bay. we'll check out our camera tonight, looking out towards oakland, you get this sense here that the overcast already working its way back into this region, santa rosa, san francisco, both in the upper fifties, conquered 62 hayward 61 in san jose reporting 63 degrees . overnight temperatures not incredibly cold, but mainly in the fifties and the sixties, the fall uh, gang and the drizzle to start things off. for your saturday morning. the forecast models kind of picking up on that. it's also trying to pick up on some higher clouds throughout the day, so it won't be complete. sunshine will have partly sunny skies and probably mostly cloudy skies near the coast and even right around san francisco for tomorrow afternoon. i'm talking a bit
10:48 pm
about this big area of high pressure heating up in northern california. even portions of mendocino county lake county for today, with temperatures temperatures up above 100 degrees. this will stick around , especially to the north for one more day for tomorrow, but we're also watching this this big green arrow, bringing in some monsoonal moisture from the south and that will bring in some high clouds. the humid conditions and possibly a few isolated thunderstorms. in fact , this is for sunday evening, right on into monday, we'll be tracking the possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms for all these areas, especially focused in the southern half of the bay area. it's a slight chance for right now. but even that tiny chance at least warrants some big time concerned because of one lightning strike could lead to a fire starts and if these storms were to develop, there's a chance they could be dry thunderstorms so something we're watching for closely by sunday and into monday today. here's the forecast model. this is your saturday. we still have the low clouds and fog here and then into a sunday some of those high clouds moving in from the south. you'll notice out toward
10:49 pm
the sierra. they are picking up some showers and some thunderstorms and still that moisture is moving into the region on monday, as well. temperatures for tomorrow will be in the sixties seventies and eighties, warmest occasions upper eighties toward livermore and antioco tomorrow afternoon and look ahead your five day forecast if you can't see temperatures not moving around too much. lots of eighties inland around the base seventiel side, mainly the sixties. for watching and this thunderstorm chance by sunday night and monday, watching that very closely, but beyond that looks like a quiet forecast into next week. all right, we'll keep an eye on monday. mark. thank you. it's a big weekend for giants fans, one of the all time greats getting his number retired. we're talking, of course about will clark. south castaneda got a chance once in a lifetime chance to talk to the giant great today, and they spend some time taking a look back at the moment in 1989 when the loma prieta earthquake hit while he was on the field for the world series. we have pictures of you taking your family off the
10:50 pm
field. and i mean, that must have been. wow. um. it's you know, it's right before introductions in 80 89 game three at candlestick. i just i was on the field. i just got through running a sprint to center field. i was walking back towards right field line, and all of a sudden it sounded like the f fifteen's flying over. so like looked up, i thought the planes were coming over. and when i looked up, the light towers were just going. boom boom i got oh, no in you could see the wave. you know, coming through the stadium, it was it was r as soon as it calmed down. i got back to the dugout, the police that were there at the dugout that were, you know, security and all that their phones were blowing up. their radios were blowing up and a few minutes later, you know, it was pretty evident. we're not going to play this ballgame, so i got my family out to stands and back then as big picture me walking off, and i got my
10:51 pm
brother you know, up under my arm. um he is now 44 years old, so you know it's amazing how those times have changed, but ah! wow. i mean, you know you you don't you don't ever envision getting too. the ultimate pinnacle. of where you want to be and having something like that happened when something like that happens. you know you take a step back and i'll tell dave dravecky this you know, because because i was on the turf with him in montreal, you know when he broke his arm you know, it's how your priorities change. you know, and so for me in 89. you know, you step back, and you're like this is just a game. this ain't this ain't nothing compared to life, you know? and you know, i tell a lot of people this till this day . i said, thank god that that ball game was going on at that time, because if that ball game was not going on that time, and
10:52 pm
everybody wasn't in front of tv , or everybody wasn't at the ballpark, that freeway that collapsed over there. 20,000 people dead over there. yeah and i was like, thank god that ballgame. what's going on? thank you will. there is much more to sales interview. if you want to see some behind the scenes of our sudan with will clark. you can check out ktvu instagram page will also have coverage on all weekend on tv and online on the celebration of will clark. coming up in sports giants trying to build on their momentum highlights up next from in a game that was only seen if you had a specific streaming service, jesse garrett next sports then on the 11 o'clock news, after will smith comes forward after months of reflection to address his infamous slap here at the oscars.
10:53 pm
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two teams moving in a similar direction, met for the second night in a row. and on this night, the prodigal son returns and torments his hometown team. we'll head out to oracle park. you can only see this one in person and on apple tv would pick it up in the bottom of the first two outs. 21 michael strip see singles to left. wilma flares tries to score from second but have strong throw cuts him down at the plate. giants do not score. we go to the top of the fifth and alex cobb dealing on the mound, 11 straight strikeouts, but one mistake makes the drama st mary's own. patrick wisdom hits a high solo shot to left and that gets over the fence that's back to back games with a home run for wisdom and tonight's blast. his 19th of the season gives the north siders a one. nothing lead. chicago added three more in the top of the night. which is huge because in the bottom of the frame when we're flores, as you see hits a two run homer to cut the lead to
10:56 pm
4 to 2 giants get the tying run to the plate. but tyra has tried, uh, strikes out on a nasty curveball. the cubbies fly the w in san francisco. they take it for two to that san francisco is one game win streak is over. the two teams play again tomorrow and sunday. in chicago. now the aids proved a hot hand at home travels on the road. the month of july has been good to the green and gold seeing them go 14 and 10 so far manager mark katz, fueling up as his team extends its winning streak to four games were in the top of the second with oakland trailing one nothing but not for long. no outs. when stephen piscotty flips the script, he launches this long line drive off. lance lynn, offering to deep left. 31 shot gives oakland a 31 lead scotty's fifth homer of the season top of the sixth now and elvis andrus joins the party clubbing this blast off also offline. that's his seventh homer of the season. oakland ottawa 51 tightly with the pale hose, cutting the deficit to 53
10:57 pm
, but in the eighth new dad, seth brown had already homered, says twice as nice that laser makes a two run home run second home run of the game, i should say, and he celebrates the dugout by rocking the baby. the aids put this baby to sleep with the 73 win. oakland has won seven of its last eight games three days into 49ers camp, and there's both something to celebrate and something that brings a little bit of concern. first we'll go with the good news if you're wondering what the big deal is about, nick bosa being a training camp look more closely. this is the first time since his emergence, says the defensive terror in the nfl that he enters camp completely healthy. the two time pro bowler ends two time pro bowl defensive end says practicing free of pain is a different, better experience. he had nagging injuries after his first year and a torn a c l his second year, but this year well, he trained with his brother, joey, and comes to camp 100. it's been
10:58 pm
completely different, um, last year. i didn't really take any reps until a couple of weeks before the year so just being able to get out there and have my body adapt to playing football has been. it's been the most enjoyable camp. um that i've been a part of because i feel good, which makes everything a lot better. for the bad news, fresh out of the gate . defensive tackle eric armstead is out for a few weeks with a sprained knee. the injury happened wednesday when he collided with an offensive lineman during team drills. head coach kyle shanahan says he is not that worried and there is a silver lining to all this injury bug talk the lineman jovon qin law and o lineman mike mcglinchey should return from their offseason injuries tomorrow. okay it's a t g i f c t o with a little q and a remember the awkwardness of being 16 years old 16 years old , so it was for some of us more
10:59 pm
than others. well, never mind the pimples, voice change body hair. no lack of coordination. we're going, you know, growing overnight, all of that none of you went through with this young man is going through. this is oliver rea you he's a seven ft six basketball player who can reach the rim like he's reaching into a cupboard. the 16 year old canadian, is certified as the world's tallest teenager by the guinness book of world records, you know, just finished his freshman year and an elite boarding school. he displayed his skills at a summer league. over the last weekend. now he is unguardable. unstoppable look, he shoots free throws, which shocked couldn't do rebound slams coordinated moves well, big man can move. he's got good feet block shots. i think he has a future may be ahead of him. he's gonna be okay. yes he is. thank you guys, and we'll have more coming up on 11, right? sounds good. thanks, jesse. next at 11. it's been tough in this neighborhood in general. it's always a battle. it's always a fight. this is just another
11:00 pm
level of it for us. operators of a club in san francisco's tenderloin district say they feel violated after getting hit by vandals and thieves. in one night, the whole thing caught on camera. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again. i'm greg lee and i'm christina rendon after vandals targeted a live music venue in the san francisco tenderloin district. thieves moved in taking items for hours. clubs operators say they expected a stronger response from police. ktvu is amber lee joins us from the newsroom with a look at what they're dealing with. amber the operations director tells me he's disappointed by the police response, especially since the tenderloin police station is a is within sight of the club. the owner shared surveillance videos of the vandalism and theft by people going in and out of the club, taking whatever they want it. live music at black cat jazz up club in san francisco's tenderloin district


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