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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 31, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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living in the path of the mckinney, firewatch. flames take out homes and businesses in far northern california. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage. julie julie haener firefighters battling extreme weather conditions tonight as the mckinney fire explodes in size. that fire started friday, and it's already burned more than 52,000 acres. and right now there is zero containment. ktvu elissa harrington has been monitoring developments with this fire. she joins us tonight live from the newsroom with the very latest. alyssa, now the largest fire burning in the state of california, and officials say drought conditions have allowed it to spread so rapidly playground we put in last year, gary shows the devastation to the small community of climate river in siskiyou county, where he has lived since the 19 seventies. just about every home in town
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burned to the ground. the mckinney fire also destroyed the community center, the oaks milk trailer park and playground dairies. home is one of the few left standing watched her from my bedroom. i watched everything come it was headed right straight towards our property. the mckinney fire started friday west of y rica and has already exploded in size to more than 52,000 acres. flames continue to threaten rural communities near the california and oregon border and forced evacuations. it's busy. it's very busy, many evacuees and their pets have made their way down to the town of weed, where a red cross shelter has been set up at the community center. we provide them with a safe, warm place. to sleep. and meals while they're here. we've also got nurses that are here to check out those that may need medications or things like that that they weren't able to evacuate with firefighters are up against dangerous conditions, including extreme heat, erratic winds and
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lightning strikes that have sparked spot fires in the area. back here in the bay area, the weather has been quite different , with some people seeing light rain sunday afternoon, however, there is a possibility of thunderstorms moving in when thunder roars go indoors. sean miller, a meteorologist with the national weather service, said they are closely monitoring the weather in case lightning work to strike in a vulnerable area. our chances for lightning aren't incredibly great, but the key thing to remember is that it only takes one strike in the wrong place. the cause of the mckinney fire remains under investigation. live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, alyssa. thank you. someday area firefighters already headed up north to help fight the mckinney fire. the santa rosa fire department posted images to twitter today, showing firefighters who will join a strike team up in that area. the department also called attention to the possibility of thunderstorm activity here in
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the bay area. and urged everyone to stay prepared for potential wildfires. county firefighters will also join the effort to help give the mckinney fire under control. the alameda team was sent to mariposa county more than a week ago to fight the oak fire and has now been reassigned to joint firefighters near the oregon border. fire department tweeted photos of the team wishing everyone safe travels. and containment continues to grow tonight in the oak fire that's still burning in mariposa county near yosemite. firefighters have a line around it 64% that is up from 59% this morning. the fire started nine days ago and is now burned 19,000 acres or almost 30 square miles. officials say the flames have destroyed 182 structures. also tonight, many people who were forced out of their homes last week are now being allowed to return home as cruz gained more can troll. new tonight. the california fire foundation marked 20 years of the firefighters memorial at the
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state capitol, and they paid respects to the 82 names that have been added to that memorial wall. newly etched into the wall of names is andy valente, his wife, caylee traveled with family members of the vista fire department up to sacramento. to honor her husband and agreed with other families whose loved ones. firefighters lost their lives serving in that role. my husband, andy valente passed away last year. april 25th 2021 from occupational cancer. he was a firefighter paramedic for the city of distance. san diego county for 11 years and he was only 33 when he passed away. the california fire foundation says 82 firefighters died in the line of duty over the last three years. oakland police are searching tonight for the person who shot two adults and a child near a pop warner football game . the victims were hurt this afternoon when someone started shooting on broadway ktvu lamonica peter spoke with the
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community activist about the city's gun violence. oakland police say they responded to reports of gunshots and multiple victims on broadway sunday afternoon around 1 15. p d has not confirmed the exact location . but people attending in oakland dynamites pop warner football game say it happened near oakland tech high school city deserves to be a community in which people can be safe after arriving at the scene. oakland police say they saw evidence of a shooting discovered three people shot and had them taken to local hospitals for medical treatment. obviously shooting of that kind of pop warner. in the neighborhood. good in a church out of football game. all of that is totally inappropriate. and we believe that we have to do the very best we can impact the level of violence in our communities in action. east bay
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has been holding night walks in oakland since 2012 and its regional director, pastor george cummings, says before the pandemic, the group helped reduce the number of homicides in oakland. the group's latest night walk was held on july 22nd. coming says they're still engaging with young men and women in the community, hoping to regain partnerships that led to a decrease in gun violence, and we believe that we need to engage those family members. those people we call them influencers. who are able to make the case of them that they really do need to change their lifestyles and the opt for a different option. police say all shooting victims are in stable condition and they'll continue to investigate this incident. anyone with any information can contact oakland police lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news. a person was shot this afternoon in the tenderloin district in san francisco. it happened at
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about 3 30. this video from citizen app shows a heavy police and fire presence at mcallister and jones. following the shooting, the victim was taken to hospital for treatment. police say officers searched the area and found a person matching the suspect description and detain that person. a motive is not yet known in the shooting. the case remains under investigation tonight. ktvu has learned the driver suspected of causing a deadly crash in walnut creek has posted bail. 28 year old brianna day of concord, was arrested yesterday and booked into the martinez detention facility on $300,000 bail. investigators say she was driving a pickup truck under the influence when she hit two pedestrians near the intersection of north main street and pined yesterday. 27 year old marie carmen leon was killed at a friend who was with her suffered major injuries. leon lived in discovery bay. she worked in one a creek at kaiser
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as a flat bottom ist family members have set up a go fund me account to help with funeral expenses honoring a legend coming up how people are remembering nba great bill russell. and see how a new art exhibit on the peninsula marks a troubling time in american history. and i'm tracking that slight chance for thundershower late tonight, early tomorrow morning into the early part of the mid morning and then we'll take a look at the five day as well to tell you if there's any well to tell you if there's any mo ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that.
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in my opinion is how he carried himself as a man. and stood up for others. under great opposition when, at times it was not the popular thing to do. former nba player reggie miller, reflecting on the loss of sports legend bill russell, who's died at the age of 88. russell was special known for winning 11 nba championships with the boston celtics, and he later became the league's first black head coach , gregg legans, has more now on the death of the sports icon and activist who had strong ties to the bay area. bill russell, six ft 10 inch center of the san francisco dunn's biggest wheel in the collegiate basketball circuit. but first party game played cal berkeley, the senate was preseason all america first
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five shots. he took a blocked bill russell's legendary skills on the court began at usf. it was during those college years when former san francisco mayor willie brown at sf state cross paths with russell attending usf , few black college students that they were at our age. interacted with each other. socially. fraternal organizations. and other kinds of things that young people did in those days. mayor brown and the rest of the world watched as russell turned professional playing for the boston celtics under coach red auerbach, talk with read my rookie year and he said, do you know how good you are? you're the best player player. best of all. russell would go on to rack up an unprecedented 11 championships with the celtics and eventually lead the team as the nba's first black coach. mayer brown says over the course of their careers, they supported one another as their friendship evolved. our relationship was
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one of a friendship. and me and an advisory capacity with this incredible athletes courts, russell didn't hesitate to speak out against racism as an active voice during the civil rights movement. tributes for the basketball great have been pouring in via tv shows and social media all day from athletes to presidents like barack obama, who tweeted in part on the courts. he was the greatest champion in basketball history, warriors coach steve kerr added to the accolades. he was an incredible voice in the fight for equal and just society and during a time where it was very difficult for athletes to speak up. bill russell was fearless bill russell champion icon and advocate, died at the age of 88 in a statement on twitter, bill russell's wife said arrangements for a memorial service are in the works and will be announced soon. greg liggins, ktvu fox two news and
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tributes to russell continue coming in tonight. nba hall of famer isiah thomas shared his reaction with nba tv. the things that he stood for, and when he had the mic as a champion. how he expressed himself. and how we spoke up. for america and how he spoke up. for the black community. ah i don't think we've ever had a champion in sports. um outside of he and mohammed ali. really stood. the test of time in terms of their words and their actions in and coming up in sports wrap tonight we'll have more on how the basketball world is remembering bill russell. san francisco general is reopening its monkey pox vaccine clinic tomorrow morning, beginning at eight. a.m. health officials say they will administer more than 4000 doses. the clinic will stay open until noon daily until they run
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out of shots. this comes as a local health emergency is set to take effect in the city at the order of mayor, london breed. san francisco is reporting more than 300 cases of monkeypox. one of the highest rates in the country. we need to get this under control while we stop cat. um before there are many thousands of cases, uh and then we lose control of that work. we have a window of time state senator scott wiener is working with state public health officials to get emergency budget funds to expand testing and vaccinations. california is expecting a new shipment of 72,000 vaccines this week. at 11 , a new art exhibit at the shops at 10 foreign in san bruno is calling attention to the history of incarceration of japanese americans during world war. two. sensei granddaughters. journey from remembrance to resistance
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is on display through next saturday at the gallery at the shopping center. the exhibit features the work of five third generation japanese americans. the gallery is on the land where the former 10 for rent racetrack and 10 for round temporary detention center once stood there is a new development tonight involving the house committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u. s. capitol the associated press is reporting the panel will share 20 of its interview transcripts with the u. s. justice department. this comes as federal prosecutors step up their investigation into the efforts by former president trump and his allies to overturn the results of the 2020 election. a p says its sources are not revealing what specific documents the committee will be sharing. at least 26 people have died from devastating floods in eastern kentucky, and officials say rescue operations there for the missing could last several weeks with more heavy rain forecast for the region,
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president biden declared a federal disaster in kentucky. as the governor there warns the death toll is likely to rise in the coming days in communities across eastern kentucky flash flooding swept buildings off their foundations and put entire towns underwater. one point we looked at the outdoor and mine and his cars was playing bumper cars like bumper boats in the middle, where front yard fema says. as many as 37 people are still unaccounted for, and thousands are still without power or access to clean water. alright nothing like that out here. we do have that slight chance of a thundershower overnight into the early morning , mid morning hours, but it's a slight chance. i'm not expecting it to be widespread if it happens, but it's a possibility . and with the drought we're in. we're certainly something we're thinking about, especially when you're dealing with the potential for dry lightning up on the mckinney fire, though they do have a pretty good shot at some thundershowers tomorrow , and more fire starts from that , so that's where the red flag
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warning comes into effect. far far northern california right the oregon border. these are the highest from today. whole weekend was cool. i mean, it was , temperatures were low. 77 conquered today about the same yesterday warms up. maybe a degree tomorrow, but tomorrow's gonna be another mild to cool day is that's a tropical moisture kind of keeps coming up the pipe, and it feels muggy out there because it is muggy humidities are pretty high and it will be tomorrow. tomorrow's gonna be mostly to partly cloudy throughout the day. um and then there, you see a few scattered showers up around north of stockton's this in the early morning hours could develop into a thunderstorm or two as that continues to move north for us. but again, it's were mentioning it because the conditions are so dry normally would go. yeah maybe it's a slight chance 5% 8% but that's a lot right now, with three years of drought, so we'll keep an eye on it, but i'm not anticipating it. to be a big deal. tomorrow morning. there's that moisture you see, kind of when i clicked it and stopped.
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it was moving this way. that's the subtropical moisture and you'll see it go up and you see it start to carry off. so as we head into monday night that moisture clears the humidities drop. the chance of thunderstorms goes away, and then you get more of a southwesterly flow that's into tuesday. so what's going to happen this week? it's not going to be that that that warm it's not going to be hot. we're not expecting heatwave. we're not expecting any heavy duty fire weather, but we are expecting temperatures in the seventies eighties and low nineties. kind of like tomorrow. 89 in fairfield, 89 out in in the livermore valley, so the five day forecast got it in there. and then the chances of you know temperatures staying in the low operating in low nineties. it's pretty good. so that's a good sign for cal. fire is a good week for cal fire in our zone in the bay area in terms of concern for fires can be mild. for the most part. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. all right. thanks, bill. banana boat products has been recalled over carcinogen agent three batches
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of banana boats, hair and scalp . sunscreen spf 30 have been recalled. the company says it found trace amounts of benzene, a carcinogen known to potentially cause cancers, including leukemia. the fda says the levels found in this sunscreen are not expected to cause adverse effects. the recalled products have expiration dates of december. 2022 february of 2023 april of 2024 banana boat says it will give customers their money back . well it was all about health and wellness at thrive city in san francisco today, the golden state warriors teamed up with kaiser permanente to host the special health and fitness event outside chase center, the home of the 2022 nba champions. today's event included several fitness classes and healthy eating workshops, along with live entertainment. similar events are planned on sundays later this summer. one of the things that we have loved about this is that it draws people from everywhere. it gives you an access to fitness that you might
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not have. and the idea is that it's drawing people who are more interested training or boot camp type workouts as well as people who are looking for more mindful practice with yoga and mobility work. thrive city also hosts a farmer's market on sundays and movie nights on saturday evenings. alright sports wrap is coming up at 11 30. here's a look right now when joey and jesse are working on we'll take a look at the life of bill russell, who was so much more than one of america's iconic sports figures and the san francisco 40 niners. check another box on their road to trying to build a championship team. the giants we don't know yet whether they're buyers or sellers did celebrate one of their very best. we've got it all coming up at 11 30 on sport strap. alright also coming up tonight we will take you on a zip trip to pacifica for look at how one group is working to deliver on a mission to protect deliver on a mission to protect the ocean.
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zip trip took us to pacifica town known for its beaches and surfing and a group in that area, called petro point. surf club works to protect the ocean ktvu clouding. wong shows us how the group has become a hometown hero. we spent this overcast day with our feet in the sand and our eyes on the ocean watching as this group of friends who grew up surfing together once again hit the water pacifica
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without surfing like no, no, no , i wouldn't know it surfing. that is our culture home. almost like anywhere you go. the ocean can be a home, you know. protecting that home is what they do as members of the pedro point surf club. we want to keep it clean. so we have a certain love for the ocean that people kind of maybe don't have. and we want to just keep that love going pretty much. the club's mission is to promote that love through camaraderie and safety in the water with beach cleanups and surf competitions to help welcome in the next generation, the club teacher point surf club has been around for 35 years. originally started. when the original surfers came over to pedro point, and, um you know, started to surf community. around 1987. it became a little bit more formal where we started doing memberships. um my dad was one of the original members, so it was a very local surf
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community organization. it remains a family affair with mayo's children and their friends, part of a new generation that knows what it's like to literally fall in love with the ocean when you fall under and you're getting switched around all upside down . you don't know which way is up. it's really really is scary , so and that scares people away when that happens to beginners there, like never again, but then, like i said, you catch that one good wave and you're like, oh my gosh, i can never stop doing this. it's addicting . at that point, the ocean, they say, is an ever changing place. that has provided constant refuge. i mean, yeah, it's like my tranquility. i go out there to escape like the real world and like you just forget about all other problems and you're focused on you. and the unpredictability of the ocean kind of makes you helps you disconnect and everything. you can't really think about anything else in your surfing says these young people represent not only what's happening today, but what's to
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come. what's the future for the club? we are so our future is our youth. they're the next generation. they're the ones that are going to be. protecting the beach and being in the water and making sure it's safe out there. the club does that with grand fest, a youth surf contest , the big chill out, which brings the club and surfing community together and coalition contests to address access, pollution and policy. you kind of want to treasure it and you don't want it to get polluted or ruined by anything. you want to stay nice like my dad's generation. they definitely had less. um people out there and like less of a huge community, i would say like it's definitely more, tighten it and now it's kind of everyone's welcome, and we're excited to see people learning how to surf. that's a good thing. i think it's more diverse, which is good, more welcoming love for the ocean that people kind of maybe don't have, and we want to just keep that love going pretty much the heart of this community in the
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hands of generations of locals. all looking for that next perfect way. surfing and skating , especially surfing, though, like that is where pacifica gets its heart pacifica claudine wong ktvu fox two news. right in the wave. great to see them keeping that surfing tradition going. yes it will do it for us tonight. thanks. so much for joining us sports wrap with joe and jesse coming up next. goodnight, everybody. good goodnight, everybody. good night. a new chevy is the smart way to hit the open road this summer. the smart way to road trip—. ♪ and seek new adventures. ♪ go a little farther this summer in a new chevy. find new get up and go. find new roads. enjoy the open road and make no monthly payments for the rest of summer on all 2022 equinox models. plus, get 0% financing when you finance with gm financial. ♪
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the nation loses a champion in both sports and civil rights. he was an incredible voice in the fight for equal and just society . we'll take a look at the remarkable life and times of bill russell. we're seeing yet another one of our civil and social justice giants laid to rest. this right? here is my hall of fame. san francisco legend received the giants highest honor this weekend. i am forever a giant. while the teams bats come alive to club, the


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