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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  August 3, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and then demonstrators say they're planning to march to people's park. here's a live look right now from sproul plaza in berkeley, ktvu brooks jarocz is on the ground here also at the park, and he has the latest on the situation there. brooks. what's it like? well, things have really calmed down significantly over the last several hours, the heavy machinery and the workers who were here have moved out as well as all of the police that were here earlier, dozens and dozens of them. since then, we've seen several protesters that have pushed down fences, remove the barricades and also vandalized parts of the park, and they are demanding and vowing that they will save people's park. for hours. tension was building all well. crews were cutting and trees were falling. mm mhm notice had been given people needed to leave people's park in
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berkeley. but not everyone listened. some even blocked heavy equipment from getting in. think that it's really unjust with the university is doing trying to build housing here, but at the cost of moving out all of these residents residents , berkeley plans to build more than 1000 housing units here. police moved in overnight to clear the park and close it off so work could start. but before midday backup was called in and soon a standoff between police in protesters. i think. obviously tensions are high today and, you know, i fully believe folks should be able to exercise their first amendment rights to come out here and protest this decision. still several in the group trying to breach the fence, then things got physical area. quickly god shoving skirmishes and scuffles leaving some hurt like this woman was trying to get a medic. they sent me to the medic. and then they just pushed me down to
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the ground. blood, sweat and tears, she says, reflects the historical significance of people's park place for protests over the vietnam war and the civil rights movement. our hearts are breaking right now. people have lost their lives defending this park and what's happening today is wrong. this is wrong. despite a couple of holdouts, 100 people have already been moved and provided transitional housing and, amid a legal battle in alameda county judge gave the okay for uc berkeley to move forward with construction. we have an urgent student housing crisis. this university we provide. fewer beds for students in any of the uc campuses. and we want this dorm to be open and ready to roll. two years from now, that is a tight construction schedule for a building of this size, so as soon as we got the green light from the court, we were going to be ready to roll. while the university says 60% of the park will remain green space, the plan has been met with harsh resistance, ongoing struggle to
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accept change, knowing what was is no more. and the university says that work had to end early today, citing safety concerns and also unruly protesters. several arrests were made, we're told, and also, if any of those protesters get in the way of construction tomorrow, u. c berkeley says it has a plan for that, but would not elaborate, but now live in berkeley. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news . brooks what are you hearing about tonight? we just heard that the protesters are going to gather at sprawl plaza. then they plan to march over to people's park there. what about the police presence? are there still police in the area? and what are you hearing about what may happen tonight? so we've seen a couple of police on bicycles right in this area. just kind of watching everyone. they're anticipating those protesters coming over here. jana katsuyama my colleague is over at the beginning of that protest and plans to go along
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with those marchers who come here. what's going to happen from there? we're not exactly sure, but i would want to direct your attention to and you can't see them now. but up on the roof of a makeshift building over there, there are some holdouts some people that have been living in this park for a long time, and they're refusing to leave. so what happens to them tomorrow? that remains to be seen, but they have said that they have no plans of going anywhere. all right, well, we are going to keep following the story tonight. like you said, jana katsuyama will be reporting for our later newscast coming up tonight. brooks. thank you. the mayor of berkeley, released a statement today on people's park . it reads. in part, we are proud to honor the legacy of people's park and better meet the needs of our community through an effort that's deeply reflective of berkeley's values. instead of pushing the unhappy housed from one neighborhood to another, we put a roof over the head of nearly every individual living in people's park and working with faith leaders. we've developed a daytime respite center for those in need. san francisco's new district attorney, brooke jenkins, is signaling a change
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in policy when it comes specifically to drug dealing. as ktvu is christian captain reports there will be stiffer consequences for drug dealers and much more. on any given day on the streets of san francisco dealers peddle illegal drugs, day and night now, district attorney brooke jenkins says her office will break with her predecessor and cracked down on dealers. change is about ensuring that we are not cycling , some of the most dangerous offenders back out there onto the streets without disrupting their business practice of selling lethal drugs, says dealers arrested with more than five g of drugs would no longer be eligible to be tried in community justice court designed to get to the underlying issues that led a defendant to be arrested and will consider charging enhancements for drug dealers within 1000 ft of schools also revoked more than 30 open plea offers that were negotiated by prosecutors under chasing boudin offers. that were given in cases that were
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involving egregious amounts. a fentanyl that was possessed for sale and people who had numerous open cases. san francisco supervisor matt dorsey, who represents the south of market area, says he welcomes the change in policy to address the drug crisis in the city. this is a public health crisis that we have to address and public safety is a part of it, and prosecutions are part of it. i think too much and for too long we have taken a permissive approach. two. drug dealing and open air drug scenes from the tenderloin housing clinic, says he's encouraged to hear about the changes, and it's already seeing a change on some of the city's most impacted neighborhoods. obviously what she's doing is essential and we finally have a committed but i have to say that the police have to make more arrests. police have to break up the drug scenes and has been very supportive of that. and i just said just right. like five minutes ago, i saw more police walking up high street and i've seen in two years in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu box two news and the city's public
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defender's office did release a statement a short time ago, the public defender himself manu raju, saying in part if district attorney jenkins truly wants to address the issues facing our city, she should not be relying on outdated and politically expedient soundbites about harsher enforcement 50 years of evidence from the war on drugs have shown that these punitive practices have not prevented recidivism nor improved community health and safety. at five tonight. san leandro police say they recovered £2 of fentanyl worth $20,000 during a routine traffic stop on saturday , officers say. 23 year old marvin flores of oakland was also found in possession of marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine, all packaged for sale. they also found nearly $3000 in cash. 50 year old san jose man has been arrested in connection to a deadly car fire. this happened on sunday near pomona in bernard avenues. once firefighters put that fire out, a man was found dead inside the vehicle. police say their
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investigation led them to their suspect, martin cabrera. cabrera was arrested at a san jose homeless encampment the same day of the fire and booked into the county jail for homicide. the victim has not yet been identified in the santa clara county medical examiner has not said that the victim was dead prior to the car fire. turning now to the wildfire burning in siskiyou county, near the california oregon border. right now that fire is still zero contained. it's the mckinney fire, and so far it's burned more than 57,000 acres. four people have been killed and most of the community around the klamath river has been reduced to ashes and boxes. max gordon tells us warm weather is threatened to fuel the wildfire in the coming days. it was just coming down like a solid blow torture. there was nothing to stop it. california's mckinney fire devastating this small community near the oregon border flames, destroying the majority of homes in businesses in klamath river. most of the towns 200 some residents have left. it's very sad. it's very
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disheartening. um. some of our oldest homes. 100 year old homes are gone, sparking last friday. the mckinney fire has scorched more than 57,000 acres in northern california's klamath national forest. several 1000 people remain under evacuation orders, forecasters say warmer temperatures and less humidity could fuel this fire in the coming days. this week. firefighters gain some control over the flames as thunderstorms moved through the area has really dampened the fire behavior. it's like kind of closing the flu on a chimney. really um, so that's given us an opportunity to get in there and get a lot of good lines built. the mckinney fire is just one of several threatening homes across the us in western montana. the fast moving elmo fire has burned more than 18,000 acres in forced evacuations, scientists say we could see these destructive wildfires if the climate remains dry, unfortunately, due to the hot, dry conditions, we are seeing more frequent fires on
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the landscape of the mckinney fire remains under investigation and why. rekha, california max gordon fox weather all right back now to that breaking news out of san francisco was shooting on immunity bust in the sunnydale neighborhood. we know two people have been shot. one person died. one person was injured. ktvu christian captain joins us live now from the scene with the latest christian mike this clearly a developing news situation right now, if you take a look over my shoulder, you can see the money bus in question. it is an eight bayshore. we've seen a lot of activity around that bus again. we're hearing that the shooting actually happened on that bus. you can see more officers making their way on the bus right now. earlier, we saw money personnel coming and going from that vehicle as well. now, here's what we know from san francisco police at around 3 20 officers assigned to the ingleside station heard about this shooting, arrived on scene and found two victims suffering from gunshot wounds, officers. tried to assist both of those victims . one was transported to the hospital. the other apparently
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has non life threatening injuries. we're hearing that the one who was transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries has in fact died because of those injuries were also understanding at this point that san francisco police do not have any suspects in custody. we don't have any word on a motive at this point in time. we're also looking to try to find out who the victims may have been at this point, san francisco police not not even disclosing the genders of those involved at this point, a lot more questions than answers. we can also tell you that for people driving in the area that the intersection here ah, at vasco and santos. the last go rather and santos is closed off so any traffic in the area is being diverted around the area, while san francisco police and money work on this investigation that we were working here on scene to try to develop more information, including trying to learn more about who these victims may have been what may have led up to
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that shooting and whether there were any witnesses. and again. i did tell you that we saw him uni personnel on the bus. i can tell you that money busses are often equipped with video cameras, so that could be one of the reasons why those money personnel were on scene trying to access that video to learn more about what led up to the shooting. we will continue to monitor developments here and bring them to you throughout the newscast, and throughout the evening for now, we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu. fox two news police tell you they were actively searching for a gunman in this case, or did it sound like? maybe this was an argument on the bus that turned into a shooting between two individuals. they have not said at this point, so it's unclear, so that's one of the reasons why we're not going to speculate as to whether this may have been an exchange of gunfire at this point, we simply don't know. so we're just going to go with the facts we have in hand and say that at this point in time, police say they have no suspects in custody. we're looking for more detail on that as well. mike pence out there. i've got one more for you. do you know how many people are on the bus at the time of the shooting? at
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this point. we don't know how many people were on the bus, and we don't know whether there are still any of those passengers who may have been witnesses still on that bus. we're trying to look inside and trying to see what we can see. we don't know whether some of those witnesses may have been removed from the scene or possibly moved. so again, mike like we've both been saying a lot of questions here. we're still trying to work to dig up those answers for you two hours into this investigation. as you said, yes, indeed. a lot of questions out there. if you do have any other answers. get back to us. we'll put you right back on air christian captain. live there in san francisco. hey, officer fired and facing criminal charges coming up at 5 30, the newly released bodycam video showing the incident under investigation. also north bay health officials say they may have found the source of the deadly legionnaire's disease plus marks here at lake shasta, where the lake is down more than 100. ft will show you the drought from the perspective of california's largest reservoir just ahead. and we're back here talking about some thunderstorms up around south lake tahoe some severe weather up there and then
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jin ears disease. so far, one person has died and a dozen people have tested positive. napa county officials now say a sample taken from the cooling tower at the embassy suites hotel in the city of napa came back positive for legionnaires. that cooling tower has since been taken offline. the county says they will continue to take samples from water sources in the outbreak area and we're expecting to hear from napa county officials within the hour and we'll have more details
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coming up tonight at six continue. to our series now of stories about the drought with a closer look at the dire situation at california's largest reservoir. lake shasta provides water not only to farmers in the central valley, but also several regional bay area. water systems like shasta is located 10 miles outside of reading and ktvu is mark sarah saw firsthand how the drought has taken a toll on the lakes dwindling water level. this year were 124 ft. down. which is a significant loss of a lot of storage. no matter where you look at, like shasta, you can see the dramatic bathtub ring bright orange soil, contrasting with the blue water and the green tree line. it is a visual reminder of the severity of california's drought and one not seen on a day to day basis in places like the bay area, but for those who work and live it like shasta, it serves as a daily warning the past three years. it's been really, really dreadful to see every these days having zero rainfall throughout the since don bader manages the northern california region for the u. s. bureau of reclamation
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, which controls the water supply flowing downstream. we spoke to him standing on top of shasta dam. why are we that below? well, we just went through the worst three years consecutive years for lack of rainfall. first three years of drought we've had up here since the stems from the belt. right now, like shasta is about 124 ft. below its maximum level and take a look at this. this is an original construction tower from when this dam was built in the 19 forties. it begins to be visible when the lake drops about 90 ft. below its maximum level. everybody starts to feel the pinch when they start realizing that they're not going to get the normal amount of water that they normally do. unlike other reservoirs that depend on snow runoff about 90% of the water flowing into lake shasta comes directly from pure rainfall. the ongoing drought means farmers in the central valley have now been cut back to just 18% of the water they would get in a normal year. less water also means less electricity is generated from the five massive generator turbans at the base of
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the dam, and some, like water must be held back so it can be sent down the sacramento river seen here at the sundial bridge and reading so that migrating salmon can survive. the drought is also impacting tourism, a key driver of the local economy. we're standing underneath the light. does this bring the drought home for you? absolutely real measurable to be this deep in the water that i used to believe. you know, it was so high, christopher fairmont from pittsburgh and his friends from the bay area have come out houseboating here for the past decade, they say seeing is believing for those that don't leave the bay area. they're not going to see this. at the holiday harbor marina workers must actually pushed the docks out into the receding lake in order to keep their business running. normally we're back up in our cove, but due to local low lake levels, we do move our docs out. it takes about two weeks to move them out. and what is happening here at lake shasta also directly impacts water policy in the bay area, such as
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watering restrictions and drought surcharges on your bill conservation. is a new way of life. santa clara valley water district board chair john varela says the district imports about 40% of its water from outside sources, one of them being like shasta. dependent on water that we import, which is less than we've received in the past because of the drought, but there is a bright side like shasta can fill up after just one good year of rainfall. it was last completely full in 2019 , and despite some adjustments, the lake is still open to all. we've rebounded from this from this before and here on the lake , even though it's down. there's tons of water out here for people to recreation and ski and vacation, the main message from the locals here conserve water if you can. if you can serve water. it helps all of california just like shasta reporting from lake shasta. mark sayer, ktvu fox two news. and as we continue to examine the
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drought's impact on our community and the response to the water crisis, you can go to our website for more contentious head off to ktvu .com/ drought. alright yeah. water conservation . it's not like we don't talk about it every night, huh? for less many years, and i'm telling you what california this is how it goes. i mean, we're into third year of a drought. droughts in california can last 10 years 20 years. 30 years 50 years if you go way back, um so we have to start acting differently and channel two is doing a great job. we got a lot of good stuff on the on the website pretending to drought and how to save how to save water and it consequently you save money to believe, because water is very expensive. okay lot of water coming down to mark. leave ill, uh, flash flood warning up there. 89 adam markley ville closed for a time . i'm not sure if it's open yet. i'll keep checking, but it was closed. they got over 2.5 inches of rain in a very short amount of time out of one of these cells that flash flood warning. stays in effect until this evening, as the thunderstorms are kind of stopping just short
5:22 pm
of lake tahoe. let me show you what we're looking at here. i'll come in a little closer, and then i'm gonna put some loop on this thing up back it up a little bit. so here we are. about one o'clock. nothing's going on. and then you see the afternoon heating things start to exploit. coming a little closer to mark leave ill. this is about 2 30 boom yelled at yellow flash. that's lightning right there. yellow flashes of lightning heavy down parts and marketing is gonna hammer. look at that. right over the top through four o'clock, five o'clock. wow real market but really getting hit and it's slowing down a little. and that's the sun angle deal, but it's still going off. i mean, you look down the whole spine of this year. a nevada you've got strong thunderstorms, and of course, i'll back this up again, and we'll look at the lightning strikes and you can see the same thing. not just a market bill, but all the way down towards mammoth lakes. so with that, in mind the concern for dry lightning an issue obviously a concern for the flooding and markley ville and more flooding that may not be picking up on
5:23 pm
the bishop side of the hill. her up by mono lake. so strong, strong thunderstorms missing us. fortunately warm day in the bay area tomorrow, just like today. fox back at the coast. cool coast, mild bay or warm bay hot inlet sound familiar when i come back? we'll do. the full forecast will set you up with a five day just a few minutes. bill thank you. e bikes abandoned in the east bay and micro mobility company suddenly bolting. so what happens to those bikes plus. but i was trying to make sure i get what i was pointing at. an 80 year old worker at a southern california liquor store, speaks for the first time after video of him defending the store goes viral coming up tonight at six, and we feel about the attention. he's now getting now getting for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund
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permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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answer in richmond has lost its luster as the company that agreed to provide the service has closed up shop. ktvu is tom
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baker has the story now from richmond. mobility is taken over . that's why i'm excited for you to be a part of our ball team and to share your vision with the world. coral gables, florida based bike share company bought founded by olympic gold medal when are you saying bolt? has apparently bolted from richmond , california, leaving a lot of bikes behind without batteries. nobody really knows what happened to both. uh obviously, they're you know, they've ghosted us all all includes richmond, virginia, greater roanoke, virginia. portland oregon and the vermont said he's a burlington, south burlington and winooski also has a presence in st augustine, florida and durham, north carolina, but they have yet to get back to us growing in popularity, so you know people want people like this in, um particularly, you know, we have these box around all of our transportation hubs.
5:27 pm
richmond mayor tom but says he spoke to the company that sold the system to board and it will assist all the cities. getting the system secured and help set it up. with a new operator with a bunch of bikes and a bunch of infrastructure, but i'm confident we'll get it back together and be back in business . there's no indication that, uh , that richmond has fumbled the ball in any way. john goodwin of the metropolitan transportation commission says that richmond was one of three grants. made to local governments to support bike sharing, including ones in the north bay and the east bay group, comprised of sonoma and marin county's, um, also contracted with bolt, but that operations had not begun and that no payments had been made from that. grant freemont the third grand t contacted with hopper, which continues to run
5:28 pm
the bike share program there. try as we did neither the company nor its executives could be reached. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news the richmond police chief saying sorry for the actions of a now former officer after the break, the video police say, shows a taser being used on a dui suspect, not posing a threat. we're heading to napa where the next steps in paul pelosi's dui case took place.
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no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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facing. charges tonight. now the sole stands from video that shows the officer using a taser dozens of times. ktvu crime reporter henry lee live tonight outside the richmond police department and henry. from what we're hearing here. the department really wants to make it clear that this officer's actions really don't represent their values. yeah these are really serious and troubling allegations so much so that it was a supervisor who reported this use of force and that started a chain of events that led to the officers firing. bro. this is richmond police body cam video showing officer eric smith jr repeatedly using a taser to beat a suspect the officer hits solomon does a junior at least three dozen times now the officer has been fired and has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly attacking a d u. i suspect who was not a threat. it's clear in the video that this this suspect
5:32 pm
does not appear to be resisting in the video. richmond police chief visa french says the officer's actions don't reflect the rest of the department. i want to apologize to the individual. jewel. that was involved in this incident as well as the community at large. the chief says an internal investigation resulted in his termination officer. smith's actions are unacceptable. his behavior deviated from our training and will not be tolerated. the incident happened back in april after a car chase . the officer later catches up with mendoza, who begins to run away but then stops the suspect. but then the officer uses the taser to repeatedly hit mendoza. he has also charged the former officer with enhancements for causing great bodily injury and using a dangerous weapon resistance enforcement, too. be the change that i wanted to see. this is a richmond police video profiling officer smith, who was previously a san francisco sheriff's deputy and a pittsburgh officer. somebody
5:33 pm
where when i'm long going 30 years from now. people can say maybe i didn't like this situation with officer smith showed me that, you know. there's hope. now the former officers attorney tells you that smith was quote a brilliant police officer in a great young men. end quote that officer's attorney tells me that smith had retrieved and seized many, many guns, throwing his relatively short tenure as a richmond police officer live in richmond. henry lee ktvu fox two needs, henry. thank you. alright new at five. richmond police are also looking for the men who robbed a woman at gunpoint of $10,000. the security camera shows the two men being dropped off yesterday at 11:40 a.m, near 18th and burbank. another video shows the victim moments after the robbery chasing after the robbers and trying to get the license plate number from their honda accord. the victims said the cash was inside her purse as she and her son prepared for a move the husband of house
5:34 pm
speaker nancy pelosi, is pleading not guilty to dui charges related to a crash that happened back in may. he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and causing injury boxes. austin westfall joins us live tonight from napa where court was held today. good evening to you, austin. mike, so mr pelosi was not in court today . instead he has attorney showed up for him. he was not required to be there. there are also no cameras allowed in the courtroom today. paul's attorney did plead not guilty on his behalf. today a settlement conference is set for tuesday. august 23rd, where pelosi's attorney says a plea agreement could be on the table. court documents say mr pelosi injured another driver in a car crash while under the influence after the crash, the documents say pelosi handed officers and 11 99 foundation card. that's a california highway patrol charity that supports officers and provide scholarships for their children. now this morning , we asked the napa county district attorney why the california highway patrol has
5:35 pm
not released any officer. body camera video of the footage. take a listen. dashcam video is evidence in this case, and i'm ethically prohibited from releasing that as soon as this matter is over. i have no direction to provide chp and they are free to do with it what they like. these aren't my items . i don't release these items. in any case. i won't release them in this case before i'm ready to do so. paul pelosi does remain free after posting $5000 bail back in may. his attorney did not speak to reporters as she left the courthouse and napa austin westfall ktvu fox two news case, we will no doubt continue to follow. alright, austin. thank you. pelosi's wife , nancy pelosi, is in south korea right now, after wrapping up her visit to taiwan. the house speaker flew directly to seoul after meeting with taiwan's parliament and president xi also took a tour of taiwan's national human rights museum, despite heightened tensions with beijing, pelosi
5:36 pm
explained that bringing a congressional delegation to taipei honors a law signed by then president jimmy carter and is considered one of the most important us foreign policies in the pacific rim 43 years ago. with the taiwan relations act, america made a bedrock promise to always stand with taiwan. and on this strong foundation, we have built a thriving partnership, pelosi wrote in an op ed in the washington post that her visit does not contradict america's one china policy. she went on to say the us cannot stand by as trying to keep threatening taiwan. china is now responding to her visit by announcing cuts in trade with taiwan and conducting military, air and sea exercises near taiwan, starting tomorrow, conspiracy theorist alex jones testified the sandy hook. elementary school massacre. was real. this happening nearly 10 years after repeatedly calling the shooting a hoax. jones told
5:37 pm
the texas courtroom wednesday that he believes the attack did happen. admission came during testimony in the defamation lawsuit trial brought by the family of a six year old boy killed in the attack along with 25. others mostly children, have said before that. there's been so many lives and some things in the past, and i was under a lot of pressure and i truly when i said those statements when i say something, i mean it. that i really couldn't believe that it was totally staged that 0.100% real as i said on the radio yesterday. and as i said, here, you're studying 100% real. neil heslin and scarlet lewis, who lost their six year old son jesse, say they're paying was made even worse because of years of harassment from jones. they are seeking at least $150 million. the former info wars radio host has already been found liable for defamation and other lawsuits in both texas and connecticut in san francisco, people packed into a special school board meeting last night
5:38 pm
as the board voted to admonish commissioner and shoe for her remarks about the families of black and latino students. the vote by the san francisco unified school district board to admonish commissioner shoe was unanimous last night. she came under fire for her previous remarks about black and brown students, she wrote in a questionnaire. i see one of the biggest challenges as being the lack of family support. it's insulting and appalling to say that latino families do not care about the education of their children. the reason for many latinos, even traveling to this country was in search of a better life for their children. this admonishment vote is symbolic. it does not mean shoe has to resign in november, voters get to decide whether shoot keeps her job back right here in the bay area, the west nile virus warning out for the south bay. also ahead. we had oakland's mayor join us on mornings onto this morning, and she broke some news about improvements around the porch of oakland.
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for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer.
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27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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found mosquitoes that tested positive for west nile virus tomorrow night. vector control is set to spray insecticide in certain neighborhoods. spraying is planned for parts of sunnyvale, santa clara and san jose. the insecticide poses only a minimal risk to people, pets and the environment. federal officials are now ramping up their response to the monkeypox outbreak amid some concern it could spread into classrooms. so far, there have been only five confirmed cases in children nationwide. foxes jonathan siri has the story. doctors and health officials are scrambling to make sure monkeypox does not become the new covid, california and illinois, joining new york and declaring the virus a public health emergency. they say they need more help from the feds, including testing and most importantly, vaccines and if they can't contain the outbreak
5:42 pm
soon, it could become another disease will have to test for on a regular basis. the next week's the next month are really going to determine whether that is the case or whether we can, um, stop the spread of this virus. the white house says it's already sent out a million doses of the vaccine with five million more on the way. and on tuesday, president biden appointed a monkey pox response team and named a coordinator, former acting fema administrator robert fenton welcome news for doctors in hard hit areas who say so far they're not getting the resources they need 35 to 40,000 individuals in san francisco. should be vaccinated for monkey pox at this time, unfortunately , received nowhere near close to that another concern. at least five cases have been reported among children, leading to fears monkeypox could soon be spreading in schools. but doctors say that's not likely as long as parents are on the lookout for symptoms of flu like
5:43 pm
symptoms we're looking for that the rush is very characteristic pustules festivals. you look for that characteristic rash. the cdc says there are about 6300 confirmed cases. a monkey pox in the us the most of any country. in atlanta. jonathan serrie, fox news and the clinic at san francisco general hospital was open for about an hour this morning before it actually ran out of doses. officials say they still do not know when they will receive that next shipment of the monkey pox vaccine. opec plus decided to increase oil production in september by 100,000 barrels a day. but critics say that's a drop in the bucket. i'm edward lawrence at the white house details coming up also ahead and explosive emergency out of iceland when a volcano since lava flowing and ash shooting sky high. and we got fog back at the coast. there it is still hot inland, kind of a typical summer pattern right now thinks some changes are coming, though, as we head towards the weekend, i'll have
5:44 pm
that detail when i returned.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
afford. a gallon. that's down 83 cents a gallon since hitting record highs in the middle of june. now, right here in california, we're actually paying 5 56 a gallon on average . that's more than a dollar a gallon over what we were paying a year ago and taking a closer look at the bay area. oakland averages 5 57 a gallon in san jose drivers are paying 5 59. the average in san francisco is $5.68 a gallon and as gas prices do drop dramatically across the nation, opec members have reached an agreement to increase oil production boxes. edward lawrence has the story. for weeks, drivers have been seeing some relief at the pump gas prices, while still high continue to drop the national average at $4.16 a gallon that's down roughly 65 cents from a month ago. good start, but it's
5:47 pm
not just good news for consumers , the biden ministrations touting their efforts to keep money in american's pockets now seeing 50 days into what remains the fastest decline. in gas prices in over a decade. gas prices are now down 86 cents a gallon from their june peak, saving american families with two cars on average over $90 a month on gas plus on wednesday agreed to increase their production in september by 100,000 barrels a day. but that's down from the bigger increases in july and august. the group pointing to the effects of staggering inflation and rising covid-19 rates, which they say could impact demand for fuel in the fall. it is the smallest increase in production at opec has ever announced since 1986 2nd lowest ever plus a slight increase equates 2.1% of global demand. critics calling it an insult. just weeks after president biden went to saudi arabia and made the push for increasing the global oil supply to bring down gas prices made worse by the russian invasion.
5:48 pm
in in ukraine. still the white house remains upbeat, and i said this earlier and i'll say this again. um the fact of the matter is that oil and gas prices are coming down. despite the small increase by opec plus president biden says he's not making any changes to his energy policy at the white house. edward lawrence fox business. a baby bottle sold exclusively on amazon, is now being recalled markings on the outside of some of the nook baby bottles contained lead with levels higher than the federal limit. the consumer product safety commission says 100 units of the bottles were sold in the us with 77 being purchased in canada. the bottles were sold between january 2018 and may 2022. they were initially designed for newborns to six month old babies in the uk market, the agency says. no injuries or incidents have occurred as a result of the lead levels. more baby formula is now
5:49 pm
on its way to the u. s the white house says a flight set by the us department of health and human services will bring infant formula back from luxembourg. it will be distributed primarily to hospitals and home health care providers. so far the operation has brought about 64,000,008 ounce bottle equivalent of formula to the country, and u. s. manufacturers are still working to meet demand after recalls and plants shut down francis mark the second anniversary of the beirut ports explosion by saying that truth can never be hidden. that massive explosion killed more than 200 people and wounded thousands more. the pontiff's comments today were a veiled reference to the stalled investigation into the incident . so far, no one has been held responsible for the disaster, and many in lebanon feel that the government will avoid accountability. stunning video, now out of iceland as a volcano erupts near a mountain by the capital city. lava flows were seen using over a field of an uninhabited valley. the volcano is located not far from iceland's international airport
5:50 pm
. authorities are warning residents and tourists not to go near the site, the country's media logical, authorities say. the eruption comes just eight months after its last eruption ended. scientists had anticipated in eruption after a series of earthquakes in the region over the past week. okay then these are the temperatures from today pretty warm again. inland 99 fairfield. that's about the same or down a degree from where they were yesterday. depends where you take the reading 92 in vallejo about where it was yesterday. napa so temperatures along the coast kind of cool around the baby kind of warm 83 in redwood city , 77 in hayward. that's pretty normal. and then as you look at the inland spots like antioch 96 so temperatures doing what they do in august. that's just what happens. right? we've got the heat we've got the sun angle got some some tropical moisture from hurricane which was a hurricane hurricane frank, um, just sitting offshore. wouldn't be
5:51 pm
hard for some of that to drag through the bay area, certainly making for some nice sunsets. we talked about markley ville over 2.5 inches of rain at it for a time this afternoon. just a couple of hours ago, 89 was closed. there's severe thunderstorm warning up there and that stays in effect through seven o'clock tonight. there's a little bit of fog along the coast. clear skies for us and pretty much classic summer weather pattern that's going to last right through the weekend. we'll see a little bit of cooling a little bit of a variant in this forecast, but nothing huge. the highest shifted a little bit towards the east, the lowest sitting more offshore, so the coastal fog is going to be a constant player. we do have that some tropical moisture will make for some great sunsets. and is that low comes in. on the weekend temperatures will become cooler , so are milder. right so it's the same dance that you're used to the high and the low right the highs over us the highest setting where the l is the low. we're hot, low comes in. we cool now there's various degrees of cooling or heating, depending on the strength of the higher the low, but those are two things
5:52 pm
you can almost always counted on this time of year. there are the current temperatures. they're running in some cases a little bit warmer than yesterday in fairfield inn in concord. santa rosa is a little cooler. hayward's a little cooler but overall split the difference about the same temperatures overnight 69 in antioch, the overnight low the overnight low, so it's going to be almost 70 degrees for the coolest spot in the anti och in the morning hours, so it's not gonna be hard to get hot tomorrow. there's a temperature footprint for tomorrow after the fog burns off, you see a little bit of some tropical moisture there. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. wa la la la like what we had today. beautiful day. good air quality to not too bad fire days or something. got to think about all the time but again, we're not in an extreme condition, which is nice to see you back here at six o'clock. it will update that forecast sounds good. thanks bill. new lawsuit has been filed opposing the proposed ballpark at howard terminal on the oakland waterfront this morning on mornings on to mayor libby schaaf said the lawsuit by a group of ports workers was not
5:53 pm
unexpected, more worried about the time that it's taking to put together a very complicated deal that has to be airtight. in its benefits for oakland ear's for generations to come. that's what we're focused on. now. the lawsuits are something that i expect will continue to come. mayor also told us that the city has just learned it will receive an $11 million grand for improvements around the port of oakland. voice unlike any other one day after vince scully passes away, memorials are growing for the legendary broadcaster.
5:54 pm
for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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girls and flowers at a star on the hollywood walk of fame and outside dodger stadium. scully became synonymous with dodgers baseball. he called games for the team for 67 years, and that made him the longest tenured broadcaster with a single team in pro sports history. ktvu joe fonzi has more on the legacy. vin scully leaves behind. scully's description of kirk gibson's home run against the a's and the 1988 world series was as usual mix of just the right words with just the right inflection guy who became the voice of dodger baseball for multiple generations of fans began his career with the brooklyn dodgers in 1950. there he broadcast that cities only world series championship. and
5:57 pm
was also the man behind the mic for the only perfect game in world series history thrown by the yankees don larson in 1956 when the dodgers moved to los angeles two years later, scully was the voice that introduced fans to players from sandy koufax and don drysdale to steve garvey and ron say to oral hershiser and clayton kershaw. scully's final game was in san francisco. fittingly the regular season finale, with the dodgers playing the giants, he was presented with the plaque that is still at oracle park. most known for baseball. scully also called another very iconic bay area. moment. three. we'll pick up something on the right side, possibly in the end zone. joe fonzi ktvu, fox two news.
5:58 pm
this is ktvu fox. two news at six tonight. one person is dead. another injured after a shooting on um uni bus late this afternoon in san francisco. good evening. once again, everyone. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. we begin with that breaking news in san francisco, where a shooting on immunity busses left one person dead. it happened late this afternoon at the lasco avenue and santo street in the sunnydale neighborhood. we want to show you video from the scene. it happened this afternoon. a heavy police presence in the area. we don't know how many people were on the bus at the time, but again, streets in the area had been cordoned off. apparently there was a shooting. one person killed again. one person injured . we don't know if it was the shooting happened between those two people or if there is someone still at large, but our christien kafton has been on the ground there monitoring developments from the area and he joins us now with what he's learned. question. if you take a look behind me, you can see the bus in question where this
5:59 pm
incident all unfolded here at the intersection of santos and velasco. police tell us that the shooting started at around 3 20 this afternoon officers arrived at the intersection and found two victims with gunshot injuries. one victim was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. and please tell us that the other victim is expected to recover in our time here. we've seen numerous police officers making their way on and off that money bus. homicide investigators are on scene and we've also seen a lot of immunity personnel working on that bus as well. remember that money busses are equipped with cameras, so those money workers may have been trying to access that video on board that bus to determine exactly what happened here. at this point, there is still a lot more questions than answers. police aren't telling us whether the victims were male or female, and they aren't telling us if this was an exchange of gunfire. what investigators are telling us is that at this point, no arrests have been made. they're also asking that anybody who knows anything about this incident or who may have captured it on camera to come forward with that information again. coming to our
6:00 pm
live picture, you can see that this eight bayshore bus is still very much the center of this active investigation. officers making their way to and from that bus bus rather earlier. we did see some people on board the bus who may very well be passengers who witnessed all of this at this point, though that is not clear, so we are still working to try to determine exactly what happened here. what may have led up to the shooting and will continue to have coverage for you throughout the evening. for now, we're live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu. fox two news, christian. thank you. stanley and police say they recovered thousands of dollars in drugs during a routine traffic stop over the weekend, officers say 23 year old marvin floors of oakland was found in possession of £2 of fentanyl worth $20,000. they say they also found marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine, all packaged for sale, plus $3000 in cash. a 50 year old san jose man has been arrested in connection to a deadly car fire


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