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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 6, 2022 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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you were invading my first-amendment right to privacy. we were. i'm sick and tired of people not trusting me. i get it. and especially you guys. i don't think of you guys as my uncles, i think of you as my friends. and if your friends don't believe in you, then what else do you have? dylan's shoes? please don't tell my mom. buckle up. box two. for at least this city of our size and our gay population. probably more like 100,000. but for now, the bay area waits for a fraction of those monkey pox vaccine doses to arrive. good evening. i'm christina redundant. a large shipment of monkey pox vaccines is headed for the bay area, and
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while it will more than double the shipment of previous vaccine allocations, most doctors agree it's not enough. ktvu zach sas joins us now live after speaking with the doctor about the race to get vaccinated. zach. yeah as you mentioned. we do know that ah, more than 10,000 doses of the monkey pox vaccine are headed to san francisco and that clinic at san francisco general hospital, which was very low on the vaccine this week will be reopening on tuesday. still bottom line, an expert. i spoke to says, even when those additional vaccines san francisco doesn't have anywhere near the supply it needs right now. it's uncomfortable it can make people feel terrible there . these legions are in very sensitive areas, usually in the general region. patients afflicted with monkey parks, ucsf infectious disease expert dr monica gandhi says the outbreak didn't need to get this bad. really disappointed in the u. s public health response with this particular outbreak since june, dr gandhi says she and her
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colleagues have been warning about an outbreak. much of europe and canada has gobbled up the world's supply. a vaccine, prompting long lines at clinics across san francisco and frustration, so we're still making people wait for supply. there's people calling and we're putting them on waiting lists. we don't have enough. the white house says it's focuses on creating more vaccine. do we wish we had more vaccines? of course, like, but there's one company and right now what we're working on is expanding their manufacturing capacity. on monday, governor gavin newsom declaring a state of emergency over the outbreak, followed by the white house on thursday. nearly 400 of the states 1300 confirmed cases in san francisco . our staff is already overburdened with monkeypox at the moment because the testing is actually extremely cumbersome , so i am worried that in the fall it's going to be really busy because we really have to think about the americans specific booster. and getting monkeypox out to gay men in the united states. the states health department confirming that more
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than 10,000 doses of the vaccine are now on the way to san francisco. 10,000 will help but probably the estimate of how much we're going to need in this country is two million doses of the more than 28,000 cases worldwide. the vast majority infected so far are gay men largely spread by direct contact . dr gandhi has urging those at high risk to take precautions. if you have active regions, um that maybe isn't the time to have active sex. if you want to use a condom, that would be great because it may that may help reduce transmission. and in the u. s right now, dr gandhi says cases are trending down. as for why that is, they say they don't have a definitive answer. but meanwhile, worldwide cases are going up. so bottom line experts say this is not the time for us to let our guard down christina sauce in oakland tonight, jack. thank you. you can go to the web link section of our website to find out how to track down vaccines in our
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area. you also find a link to information about symptoms prevention and treatment. response to this outbreak will be part of the discussion tomorrow on our political show. the issue is the show's host, alex michaelson had a chance to go one on one with california state epidemiologist she understands many people are frustrated with the time it's taking to find vaccines available. yeah the vaccines apply is extremely limited. still um, so you know, to give you an example. so far here in california we received just over 109,000 doses, and we do anticipate a little bit more in mid august, but our understanding is that there is at least for the next few weeks or so only about a little over a million doses for the whole country, right? where state of 40 million people. we did send a letter to our federal partners recently, saying actually what we think we need in california to get to our highest risk population is probably more like 800,000 doses and again. we've gotten like 1/8 of that, so it's extremely limited right now. to
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see more of that interview and learn more about california's fight against monkeypox. tune into the issue is tomorrow morning that show will get started at 5 30, a pair of shootings in downtown oakland overnight left one person dead and three other people injured. officers responded to webster and 14th street. just after midnight. they found one man there with life threatening injuries while officers were still on scene at around 3:15 a.m. they got a call of another shooting just a few blocks away at broadway and 17th. one man was killed. two others have injuries that are not considered life threatening. there's no word of any arrests in either of those shootings. police in san francisco say a shooting between officers and a suspect in the mission district this morning ended without anyone getting hit by gunfire. the shooting happened just before eight am near shotwell in 17th street. police say they were trying to detain the man who had two bicycles with him. but he took off. he reportedly shot at the officers as he rode away. authorities later determined the suspect was firing blanks, which they believe was with a replica
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firearm. that suspect took cover. the officer took cover. and officers began returning fire on the suspect. suspect ended up behind the vehicle. we did we, the department the officers, the officers on scene did everything they could to negotiate a surrender. police called in a tactical unit and the suspect eventually surrendered. a man in his fifties was taken into custody. he was treated for minor injuries taking a live look tonight at the us capitol work got underway there which democrats hope will help them achieve climate, energy, health and tax goals. they started debating the inflation reduction act. fox's chet program program . rather reports of vote from vice president kamala harris will likely be needed to pass it. the senate waited all day but finally put things into motion once it finished all 755 pages of the bill. this is one of the most comprehensive and
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impactful bills. congress has seen in decades. it will reduce inflation. it will lower prescription drug costs will fight climate change. it will close tax loopholes and it will reduce reduce the deficit. republicans called the bill a farce. let's start. with the bill's title, the inflation reduction act. sounds like a bill that's going to address perhaps the number one problem facing our nation, which is inflation. and then you actually look at the bill's contents. and discover that the bill will do nothing. to reduce inflation. the gop criticized enhanced irs enforcement in the bill. republicans characterize it as a tax hike, but democrats say the money offsets the cost of the bill. don't like the i r s, but i tell you this, the one thing that is better than raising taxes is making sure that everybody who actually owes their taxes pays their fair
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share the amount of abuse that has been documented time and again is, i think, staggering. there's been estimates that we're leaving close to $200 billion on the table overnight. there's an extended vote series called a voter rama. republicans will engineer tough votes for democrats. the goal either tank the bill or get democrats to vote for something controversial. among the gop amendment one to reduce gas prices with the production of american oil, another to beef up the border, but sometimes the voter rama loses steam. sooner or later, members have either had their fill on their their pet ideas, or they're facing a lot of irritation and frustration from their colleagues are telling them in some cases very bluntly. knock it off. we're done. no bar amendments. it's time to finish this. all gop members opposed the bill. that's why democrats need all 50 of their members to vote. yes vice president harris
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could be needed to break a tie at the very end on capitol hill chad program, fox news gas prices are continuing to drop across the country and here in the bay area. the us average is down to $4.08 a gallon and nearly 20 states now have gas and costs below $4 here in california and let it costs about $5.47 a gallon. that's down 75 cents from a month ago. 5 47 is also the average in oakland and san jose. it's $5.49 in san francisco drivers are paying $5.60. analysts say prices could go even lower next week as the price of crude oil declines, experts say low demand is what's pushing oil prices lower, not increased supply. opec's oil producing countries increased output for july and august by 640,000 barrels a day . but according to triple a that boosting supply is unlikely to affect gas prices, much as long as demand continues to drop. their analysts say that gas
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demand measured in barrels fell more than 9% last week. president biden needs to test negative for covid-19 one more time before getting out of isolation. the president tested negative for the first time today after his second bat with the illness, mr biden first tested positive on july 21st. the administration said he experienced only mild symptoms, including fatigue, runny nose and cough. six days later, the president tested negative after a course of pax covid than three days after that, he tested positive again, o connor says mr biden quote feels very well but will continue to isolate until he tests negative a second time. the sun was out today for the thousands of people heading today two of the outside lands music festival in san francisco's golden gate park. music lovers from across the country came to the city annually rather come to the city annually for this event, the estimated 225,000 people are expected to attend over the course of the three day weekend artists that headline sets today
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included bay area favorites green day. along with jack harlow and kelly coaches. people bet up with thieves getting away with their cars. catalytic converters. take action this weekend coming up what they're doing to try and convince thieves to leave their cars alone. at a demonstration marks the 10 year anniversary of the explosion at richmond's chevron refinery at 10 30, the push for long term environmental changes after lessons learned from the accident. add in whether the weekend is off to a mild start in this pattern may continue when you're into your sunday forecast will have the
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rental flooding that left about 500 people trapped in their hotels at death valley national park yesterday today, crews were able to clear a path through the mud, rocks and debris to allow people to drive out. fortunately no injuries are being reported an aerial searches turned up no
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stranded vehicles. the parks on nearly 1.5 inches of rain yesterday. that's about 75% of the usual total for the year. in eastern kentucky, many residents are trying to clean up neighborhoods that are almost unrecognizable after deadly floods there. as foxes robert ray tells us people are determined to restore their towns, no matter how long it takes. it's been over a week since historic flooding decimated eastern kentucky. three inches of mud. creeks and rivers have receded yet main streets all over the region look like this. this is a very poor community, and i hate to say that but they come together as you can see, there's a dozers excavators. there's backhoes. there's people all around. piles of personal belongings, 10 ft high or more on some sidewalks, we work hard enough and altogether and just keep our
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minds to. i think we'll be able to build back. buckled roads and crumbling infrastructure. this bridge collapsed from the relentless rushing water down here at our neighbors. it's not gonna last long at all. we definitely need the county or state to come in and work on the roads a lot. flood survivors and volunteers are mopping, pushing , shoveling and dumping mud from the inside of structures. what's this? like hauling this mud? it's very heavy. very heavy, and it's got a stench and never smelled before. many taking breaks from heat exhaustion moved out. now the adrenaline of survival mode has its limits. imagine your home destroyed surrounded by all of this debris and seeing your neighbors in such traumatic pain. i know the
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remnants of dr sam quinlan's life is now here in piles. kate with mud out here was my dad's paintings. grandparents and me and my sister. great grandparents. things like that really doesn't mean anything but to me, probably even the next generation probably did. that doesn't have the same bearing with me at the end something i want to pass down, but maybe this will keep them from having to decide what to do with daddy's junk. i don't know. quinlan's home is upstairs dentistry practice on the main floor. the local football team is helping with the debris and mud removal. patients and friends are stopping by to check on their beloved local dentist. this isn't what i planned on during my retirement plan on maybe the lake man. getting them stripers outfit. still hard to take the man. hard to take. we will survive. who survived. the
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emotional toll of this natural disaster is resolute recovery could take years and for some towns there may just not be a comeback. life may persist somewhere else in america, but home will always be here in eastern kentucky. that was robert ray reporting, people in kentucky face a new threat from rain this weekend. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now with more on that. and our own forecast mark either, christina yeah, it looks like some thunderstorms and, fortunately could be in their forecast for tomorrow. and with those thunderstorms, the heavy downpours could be a possibility . in fact, here's the forecast model. as you can see, tonight, we'll put this into motion and this is sunday morning. those showers and those thunderstorms that develop with the possibility of some flash flooding. you can see even if we take this into the 12 o'clock kawari here that that activity kind of wrapping up in coverage and possibly intensity and then
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still some scattered showers throughout the afternoon hours on your sunday, so it's something to be watching out for tomorrow. unfortunately some more downpours linked up with those thunderstorms. that could be a possibility. now for us here in the bay area. there's not too much happening. we have a mild forecast, no major heat.u can see actually comfortable out there sixties seventies and eighties from this afternoon two mile to well warm for tomorrow, there's your vegetable temperature range from 62 to 86e cloud cover tomorrow morning ant some measurable drizzle this morning, especially the coast and right around portions of the bay and then partly sunny skies and some breezy conditions into the afternoon hours. so once again here is the activity. we're watching on the current radar out towards kentucky, and some of the storm reports that have been like up with some of those. some of those downpours now for us here out across the west. you can see the fog actually clearing but we have some more coverage offshore, some more of it some more overcast and that will gradually
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pushed back into the bay for the overnight hours. current numbers right now. san francisco 63 san jose 66 fairfield right now, 65 degrees here is a live camera looking above san francisco out toward the bay bridge. not much , not much in the way of overcast right now, but we are expecting the coverage to increase in. maybe some drizzle once again tomorrow morning. here's your eventual temperature range, not a big. we will eventm things up in the five day forecast, and we'll have the update coming up in a few minutes. alright, mark. thank you. the golden state warriors helped kick off the new school year by helping hand out supplies to students. single back. very excited. the event was held today it thrive city outside chase center is teachers and students picked up supplies to get ready for the new year. attendees also got a chance to pose with the larry o'brien nba championship trophy. i just want to thank carmax for partnering and buying the backpacks and
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just being a being a part of this for the kids. this wasn't the only event helping the area . kids get ready for school. ktvu is james torres shows us how the community has stepped up to donate supplies for families in san mateo county. families out here this morning. tell me sometimes the start of the school year can bring in a sense of eggs. i itty but something like this, they say, turns that anxiety into excitement. we are excited because is in his case. this is the last year in mentoring school school is right around the corner for the bay area. mixed emotions very anxious as a mom. more than 3000 backpacks are going home with kids this morning. those bags full of supplies for students of all ages. we get the word from the school districts as to what they need in each grade level, so this will be great appropriate supplies, whether it's pencils or calculator for high school, kid, whatever it is, it's going to be there. the backpack drive put on by the samaritan house. they specialize in taking some of the weight off
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families. with heavy financial burdens. that's especially important after years of the covid 19 pandemic and a challenging year of inflation prices going up, especially with like school supplies and everything that the kids will need. um this alleviates a lot on my wallet. 1000 cars, you know, a week go through for our pantry foods, for example, and new people signing up every day. more people signing up for our kids closet for clothes for the children to start off school, so it's pretty apparent to us that need us there need being fulfilled by this donation, leaving parents grateful and kids excited for the upcoming school year. they give. give us a support for that, and we are very happy about it. in san mateo county. i'm james torres, ktvu fox. two news. sancho crackdown in the north bay ended with multiple arrests coming up how police officers say they came under attack during their investigation. brian young's emotional hall of fame induction speech brought tears to the
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late their latest round of attacks here. you see more rockets being fired from the gaza strip towards israel tonight in retaliation for the killing of one of their top
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commanders on friday, israel now says it has killed a second islamic jihad commander inside gaza, gaza's health ministry said 24 people have died so far , including six children. tonight the u. s state department is calling on both sides to step back and avoid further escalation. here at home. tensions are escalating between washington and beijing. the white house warning that china's military drills near taiwan or extreme reaction to house speaker nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan foxes alexandria hoff with the latest military moves and the u. s response this morning, officials in taiwan reported. 14 chinese worships in 20 planes conducted what appeared to be a rehearsal for an attack 14 of those aircraft crossing the median line. secretary of state antony blinken weighed in from the philippines. what happens in the taiwan strait affects the entire region. in many ways it affects the entire world because the straight like the south china sea. is a critical waterway secretary. blinken added that china is intentionally
10:26 pm
overreacting to speaker pelosi's landmark tuesday visit to taiwan, using it as a pretext for provocative activity. japan's president called china's reactionary military exercises a grave problem, adding that several ballistic missiles launched by china landed in japan's exclusive zone. speaker pelosi spoke from tokyo yesterday. try to keep taiwan from visiting or participating. and other places. but they will not isolate taiwan by preventing us to travel there. speaker pelosi in the white house remain adamant that the u. s. does not desire, escalation or change to the status quo. taiwan is a democracy that sees itself as sovereign. the chinese communist government views it as their territory. yesterday china announced that communication has been cut off with the u. s and several major areas including military and climate policy for the violent ministrations believes that senior level military conversations may still take place. china has also issued unspecified sanctions
10:27 pm
against speaker pelosi and her family in washington. alexandria hoff. fox news up next, it was an accident that chicken thousands of people in the east bay see how activists continue to fight for climate justice 10 years after the richmond, chevron refinery explosion and fire we'll show you what some drivers hope will convince thieves looking for catalytic converters to leave their cars alone. the bike is the conversation starter because everybody wants to know where i'm going. his mission biking across country to de stigmatize people's struggles with that, with mental illness coming up people in northern california people in northern california answer his call. what's your favorite live event? a rockin concert? an action-packed game? whatever it is, enter for a chance to win tickets in the 5-hour energy live sweepstakes. for rules and how to enter visit
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today, say more work needs to be done. fumes from that fire sent thousands of people to seek treatment for breathing problems . chevron has paid millions of dollars in fines, restitution and settlements. greg logan spoke with demonstrators about what they hope to accomplish with today's rally. more than 100. protesters briefly blocked traffic on castro street outside the richmond refinery saturday afternoon. in part they gathered to remember the evening of august 6th 2012 when a fire sent plumes of thick black smoke ash and a chemical smell into the air over richmond. i'm going to apologize to the community for the fire and the smoke this evening at our richmond refinery, protester and climate activists, katharine lee of richmond was just 14 when it happened. remember sitting on the couch? the news was turned on, and we saw the big headlines explosion at the chevron refinery. remember seeing the big smoke? some here say that event is partially responsible for their activism to push for alternatives to fossil fuels.
10:31 pm
richmond resident now jori smith founded a nonprofit to get more people on bicycles and says the issue is both environmental and social correlation between refineries and how close and then being built in black and brown communities. you know they weren't allowed as type this this this type of air pollution and more affluent areas. the fire, which happened within a stone's throw of this protest was said to be under control and roughly four hours and forced to stay at home order until late that night. upwards of 15,000. people reportedly sought medical treatment in the immediate aftermath, though investigators said the fire was likely caused by a leak in a corroded pipe. chevron neglected to replace the company did not accept blame, and that's the problem. the fact that chevron refused to take responsibility for the damage inflicted on her community alerted us to the need for collaboration in our work to hold chevron accountable now in
10:32 pm
2018, the richmond city council settled a lawsuit with chevron for $5 million, but the company did not admit fault and the deal did not require any reforms at the refinery. greg legans ktvu fox two news. new attend a pair of side shows led to a number of arrests in santa rosa last night . the first sideshow happened in the area of petaluma hill road and fraser avenue near the fairgrounds. officers say about 20 vehicles were involved with 60 to 70 spectators, then sideshow moved on to fifth and davis streets where chp and the sonoma sheriff helped tow and impound vehicles as the crowd grew. at one point, police say spectators threw rocks and water bottles toward officers. no one was hurt. dozens of northern california drivers have new safeguards in place tonight to keep their catalytic converters from being stolen. woodland police officers joined forces with the yolo county district attorney's office in a car dealership to catalytic converters with their owner's license plate numbers matching his can make the auto parts easy
10:33 pm
to match with its owner, and that may prevent the parts from being stolen in the first place. but it's not. the only tweak made two converters today. having the etching, um we're not just are we catching? we also spray paint the catalytic converter with a bright color, so that when somebody climbs underneath the car to steal it, they can see that it's been spray painted, which, hopefully we'll let them know that we've also etched it with the license plate number, and maybe it will deter them to go to the next vehicle. thieves like to get their hands on catalytic converters because they contain three pricey metals, which can be sold. police say the d u i suspect was arrested after a series of crashes in petaluma. investigators say the string of four collisions began around 9 30 last night near browns lane. the suspect crashed into his second vehicle on freights road before hitting two parked cars, one on south mcdowell boulevard, the other at south mcdowell and casa grande road, all of this near lakeville highway. after the four crashed the fourth
10:34 pm
crash, the suspect ran shedding clothing as she went. the suspect was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, hit and run and possession of a narcotic. we have no reports of injuries tied to any of the crashes. firefighters near the california oregon border, gaining ground in our state's deadliest and most destructive fire of the year. crews have the mckinney fire 30% contained it is now burned more than 60,000 acres for people have been killed. at least 132 structures have been destroyed, including 87 homes. editori evacuation orders remain in effect for about 1300 people and the smoke from the huge flames continues to create unhealthy air in the y rica area. mckinney fires also apparently killed tens of thousands of fish in the klamath river. according to the corrupt tribe. dead fish from a number of species were found your happy camp, california the likely causes large debris flows into the river during the recent thunderstorms. this comes as the fall migration begins for the endangered chinook salmon, which are already in trouble due to
10:35 pm
the low water levels in the klamath river in recent years. the cleanup is underway after flooding from a burn scar hit the community of mark leave ill. this week. the town is on the other side of the sierra south of lake tahoe. flash flood emergency was issued wednesday night when a severe storm moved through that area. debris came flooding down from the tamarack fire. burn scar area two roads below that fire burned more than 68,000 acres last july, sandbags are out in front of businesses along the main road in town, and the road itself is covered in thick mud. just outside of mark, leave ill highway, 1989 has been shut down range is working to remove mud and debris from the road and repair damaged culverts. at a barrier weather of mild day today pretty much the same forecast for your sunday but we eventually turn up the heat in the five day forecast. and while the update coming up new statements from billionaire elon must suggest he still wants to buy twitter coming up what he thinks could put an end to the lawsuits over his decision to back out of the
10:36 pm
deal. and see what has geologists thinking a volcano in hawaii may blow
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♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that.
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for billion purchase of twitter should move forward if the company can prove how they confirmed a sample of accounts
10:39 pm
are real versus spam bots. musk has been trying to back out of his deal to buy twitter, which caused the platform to sue him to force the completion of the acquisition. musk then countersued, claiming twitter misled his team about the size of its user base. those lawsuits are set to go to trial in october in a delaware court. well known online real estate site quits the home flipping business, zillow says it is exiting from home, flipping because it's i buying. flipping algorithm does not work. as expected. the company hoped the flipping part of its business could generate 20 billion in revenue a year. zillow executive says the market is too unpredictable and scaling offers. would create too much balance sheet volatility. zillah also says it will cut 25% of its workforce. officials in ukraine say russia is now firing artillery at europe's largest nuclear power plant, the head of the u. n watchdog agencies, saying the site is now quote out of control foxes. alex hogan has the latest from kiev, ukraine.
10:40 pm
the international atomic energy agency condemning this latest attack here in ukraine, which struck a nuclear power plant outside of zappa, regia. both russia and ukraine, pointing blame at the other. this is the largest nuclear power plant in all of europe. russian forces took over the facility earlier in the war rockets damaged a nitrogen oxygen unit in a high voltage power line at the nuclear power plant, according to ukrainian officials, but there has been no radiation league, of course. it is very dangerous. it could be another chore novel or even worse. in the eastern town of slovyansk. ukrainian forces are solidifying their position as russian ground forces advance claiming more and more of the donetsk region. further west in the country. the southern city of nick alive is under a government ordered lockdown this weekend. ukrainian residents were told to stock up on enough food and stay inside as law enforcement searched the city for russian operatives. rescue teams make daily attempts
10:41 pm
to salvage what they can of the damaged buildings. residents say the strikes are incessant shelling all the time. the school was burned over their houses were damaged. and now over there, two houses i don't know probably burned down, completely locked down and make alive will last until monday, and ukrainian officials say that russian operatives are working as spotters in the city, helping direct the firepower for russian forces shelling in the city, killing at least one person on saturday in kiev, ukraine. alex hogan, fox news country everywhere i go. small town. big city doesn't matter. everybody's gotta tie one cyclist works through the grief of losing someone to mental illness with a cross country track coming up, see how he attracts attention in northern california this weekend , and ktvu meteorologists mark tamayo will return with a look at when
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reporter erin have shows us how he's honoring the life of a loved one who died in sacramento. a journey of over 4000. miles richard lima, his mission to ride across the nation. the bike is the conversation starter because everybody wants to know where i'm going. beautiful morning spark of this ride, though, based in raising awareness, as he grieves had no idea about mental illness or suicide until um, losing a loved one to suicide and doing this ride. his loved one dying three months ago in the sacramento area inspired this trek, stringing together the millions of americans who have been touched by the same
10:45 pm
thing crossed the country everywhere i go small town, big city doesn't matter. everybody's got a tie. i kind of live with that guilt only because my son isn't here working to de stigmatize mental health conversations locally, michele anderson and her husband, josh, in my youth, there was a time where i had a lot of bad days as a team, michelle attempted suicide and survived. she never told her kids. there was numerous times that i would sit to myself and think. well maybe i'd be better off if i wasn't here. but then they lost their 12 year old son, joshua anderson jr to suicide in 2016, and it changed everything i wish i would have told him. what i dealt with. so bad. i'm not saying he would be here if i did , but it would have opened my eyes and made me see what my son


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