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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 15, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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to protect his patients and how the hospital responds. plus the search continues for a gunman in a deadly shooting near a park in san francisco. the new reward being offered in this case, then pressure is growing for the justice department to release why they carried out that search on former president trump's mar a lago home rivera in washington, with details coming up this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. it's going to be a hot week for much of the bay area, especially the inland region. we can give you a live look outside would know their son here along the oakland estuary, a little bit of cloud cover over the golden gate. it's all about the microclimate as you know, and that continues into tomorrow and the rest of the week will bring in our meteorologist rosemary oroczo looking at just how high temperatures are expected to climb very soon. yes, gasia and
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as we saw from that picture there the low clouds right along the coastline inside the bay, and that will help to keep that area ah! very comfortable compared to what we're going to see inland. here's a look over san francisco now, in addition to the heat, we are watching the air quality as we may have a little bit of smoke drift our way, and we are looking at a little bit of hazy sky over san francisco, san francisco right now, 65 degrees, so nothing to gripe about there. but as you take a look inland 87 already over areas like brentwood in the south bay, 82 over san jose, and we're just a few degrees warmer than yesterday at this time, and it's been a gradual warmup that started a late last weekend and this weekend. and it is going to continue. so here's a comparison from yesterday into today. santa rosa warm day for you yesterday. today you're going to 95. meanwhile livermore, you are going to 98 san jose, expected to go to 90. oakland will top out right about 82. so it really is our inner north bay as well as our inner east bay. better details on the numbers for today, when temperatures are
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expected to peak and it advisory expected for tomorrow, all that coming up in just a little bit. rosemary thank you. protesters are now outside the front doors of kaiser permanente hospitals in northern california. mental health workers say that kaiser isn't doing enough for its patients or their own well being. ktvu james torres shows us the picket line and how the health system responds. we are outraged the message from kaiser permanente, reacting to mental health care workers at four of its hospitals engaging in an open ended strike. in san francisco. dozens of workers showed up at six a.m. they say in agreement over the weekend with kaiser on wages prevailed, but accused kaiser of striking down a deal that would hire more workers. and cut down wait times for patients who sometimes can't see a clinician for weeks between appointments. they want the people of california to believe that you know, we're just a bunch of selfish therapists who are concerned that you know, i'm not getting a big enough raise this year, like okay? yeah, like i want to wage that keeps pace with inflation.
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but that's not why i'm here. i'm here because i work directly with kaiser members. who are depressed and anxious demonstrations looked similar in san jose and in the state's capitol in sacramento in the schedules, and right now we're in august. we're looking for like september, not september, october and november, and these people need help. now, kaiser says. they've offered the northern california unions a more than appropriate deal, and a similar version was recently accepted by the unions in southern california. latest proposal will keep these therapists among the highest paid in the profession. with excellent benefits and support. the union rejected our offer without even allowing its members to vote on it. make no mistake. this strike is not about access to care as the union claims. argument even on display inside public transit. these ads will be on bart train starting tomorrow. kaiser says
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non urgent appointments might need to be rescheduled for its patients. the california department of managed health care is monitoring the strike to make sure patients are still legally being taken care of, and this is an open ended protest. so there's no telling when or how soon this will all be over. kalp fill the void for the thousands of workers that are not showing up to work. reporting in san francisco. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. nurses at san francisco st mary's medical center were also on their own picket lines. the nurses called this an informational protest, saying they're sending a message to their parent company that nurses have hit a breaking point. they say low staffing in dangerous patient care. we don't have a charge. nurse. we don't have a break, believe nurse so nurses again are going without breaks whatsoever. so we're working 8.5 9.5 hours 16 hours without any kind of breaks. st mary's medical center, released a statement saying. while we are
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disappointed in this decision and believe the situation is being mischaracterized, we remain committed to working together in good faith to resolve any concerns, political reaction and fallout to the fbi search of former president donald trump's florida home continues today. madeline rivera reports from washington. pressure is mounting for the release of the affidavit that justify the unprecedented search of former president trump's mar a lago home the property receipt that was released last week shows in part what the fbi seized, including 11 sets of classified documents, but why the search was carried out is still unclear. we're left with more questions than we than we have answers and it seems that they're multiplying. some of the items the fbi took included a set of classified top secret sensitive compartmented information records with that information can only be viewed and secure government facilities . however, trump is defiance, saying in a social media post, some of the documents included
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privileged attorney client material and also executive privilege material, which he's demanding to be returned. clearly no one is above the law . fbi and the department of homeland security are reportedly seeing an uptick in violent threats and social media. some republicans now taking on a more moderate tone, calling for an oversight of the department of justice while defending the work of law enforcement, all of the republican members of my committee jointly and a joint press conference condemned any violence against any law enforcement officers. doj official says they have received a bipartisan letter from republican senator marco rubio and democratic senator mark warner asking about the rationale behind the search in washington. mala rivera ktvu fox two news. one person died in oakland in a hit and run crash on interstate 80. it happened just before three o'clock this morning on southbound 8 80 near 66th avenue. police tell us someone got out of their car after getting rear ended than
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that person was hit by another car that drove away that led to a chain reaction of several more crashes. as you can see this video the highway was completely shut down for a time today it did finally reopened around 5 30 this morning. this hp has yet to release any information about the car or driver who left the scene. today we should learn more about an exchange of gunfire earlier this month between san francisco police officers and an armed suspect, sfpd holding a virtual town hall meeting to give the community details on the investigation. police say the shooting on august 6th that shot well in 18th street's involved a bicyclist who wrote away from police who are trying to detain him. police say officers opened fire after he shot at them. it was later determined the man was firing blanks. no one was injured. at noon at $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in a deadly shooting near a playground in san francisco. it happened at the park in the city's crocker amazon neighborhood on april 3rd 22
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year old brandon chiefs from san mateo county and 20 year old karen carlson from san francisco , died. two others were injured . san francisco police have released an image of the suspect vehicle 2018 to 2022 honda accord. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. the new school year is getting underway for more students nationwide, many of them heading back to class. we'll see scaled back covid protocols as new infections decline jonathan series in atlanta with this closer look. as students head back to class schools nationwide are loosening their covid-19 rules, according to data company burbey. oh just eight of the largest school districts in the country will require masks for all students. los angeles is recommending, but not mandating face coverings indoors. the district is also eliminating its weekly testing program schools in texas, colorado and washington are also scaling back their covid protocols. it doesn't make sense that you are still having people
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having mask mandates in the united states. especially children. with the far overwhelming majority of them have already had covid policies come as covid infections continue to decline, according to the cdc. the u. s is averaging 103,000 new cases each day in philadelphia, students will be required to wear a mask for the 1st 10 days and whenever community spread is high, the general population kids do tend to be at lower risk. for complications of covid compared to adults, particularly older adults. but that doesn't mean zero risk. the scale back policies are in line with new cdc guidance released last week that no longer recommends weekly testing in schools. the agency also eliminated its quarantine requirement for unvaccinated americans who are exposed to the virus. the practice of handling exposures would involve masking rather than of quarantine and testes stays an alternative to quarantine. the cdc still recommends children wear a
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facemask in school if they're exposed to covid-19 and remain asymptomatic in atlanta johnson siri ktvu, fox two news. still to come at noon. doctors are warning everyone to make sure they're up to date on their vaccines, and not just for covid growing concerns surrounding the return of the polio virus. plus more vaccines are available for monkeypox here in the bay area. how increased supplies helping to get more people
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this was once eliminated from the u. s in 1979, but as ted linda reports after dips and vaccination rates, polio is starting to re emerge. health officials in new york warned that polio could be spreading across the empire state after confirming the virus that causes it was detected in new york city wastewater on friday. this comes after the first us polio case and almost a decade was reported in nearby rockland county late last month for non vaccinated 20 year old man contracted the virus and suffered paralysis. while most people who contract polio are asymptomatic and severe cases it can cause paralysis. which is not, which is what happened to this individual. who was not vaccinated. the virus was also
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recently detected and waste water and orange county, new york, north of rockland county. both counties have lower rates of childhood polio vaccinations surrounding areas. new york state's health commissioner now urging every adult and child, especially those in the new york metro area to get immunized against polio if they aren't already. the cdc says the virus is highly contagious, with roughly one out of four infected people developing flu like symptoms and can spread through person to person contact, especially through small particles of an infected person's feces. that person were to go to a water park if they were to go to a pool if they were to swim in a pond. um if they were to be around other people, not washing their hands well, this means that we have polio in the community. health officials are investigating the origins of the polio virus samples in wastewater warning. it's possible that hundreds of people in new york have already gotten it and are unaware. ted lindner fox news. the monkey pox
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vaccine clinic at san francisco general is back open today over the weekend, more than 800 va administered. those who were vaccinated did not have to wait in long lines unlike what we've seen in the past few weeks, an increase in vaccine supplies made it easier to get the vaccine and walk up clinics in san francisco. i mean , it's good that it's a little bit easier for people to walk in, and i've been telling people i know or vaccine yet in part because there are people who they weren't going to be vaccinated because they didn't want to wait in the six hour line. they don't want to have to get up at three in the morning and to go out and maybe maybe not got the vaccine some people because of their work situation count and so no, i have been trying to put the word out. that hey, if that's your situation, you can hopefully just go and not have to wait too long. san francisco still is the most confirmed cases in california with more than 545 confirmed monkeypox infections. that's more than a quarter of all cases statewide. the world health organization says it's discussing renaming the monkey
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pox virus. some people have criticized the name, saying it has racist connotations and creates a stigma toward the illness. the organization is already renamed two variants of the virus now using roman numerals instead of geographic areas. the virus got its name in 1958 when two outbreaks of a pox like disease happened in colonies of monkeys being kept for research will swing back now to our bay area, whether where today is sort of the practice for tomorrow, rosemary oroczo it is going to be a scorcher for inland communities, east bay as well as the north bay and we do have an advisory for that heat coming for tomorrow. today, it's to be warm enough. temperatures are alread a little bit warmer than where we were yesterday. as we get into the afternoon, we'll have sixties at the coast to nineties inland, so a very summer like pattern around the bay area. here is a view over san francisco. we're also talking about the air quality. this new pattern in places. has the possibility of bringing a little bit of smoke our way from the fires burning up far north of us 68 degrees right now in
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san francisco and partly cloudy skies, santa rosa warm one for you at this lunch hour. 81 84 in concord, 74. hayward san jose at 82. here's a look at the forecast when it comes to the smoke a little bit hard to see. there's the fire right in there, but the arrows coming from this direction and again, we're going to see that with this new pattern in place, at least for the next day or two. here's a view of what's going gone out there right now, when it comes to the air quality, we do have good to moderate. a spare the air will be in place for tomorrow. not for today, but again be kind to the environment as we know the heat, the dry weather the stagnant air. the light winds all mixed with the pollutions and car exhausting. that goes to create all that poor air quality around the region eventually, but for now, we're looking good when it comes to the air quality storm tracker to hear the entire state still dry that monsoonal moisture still to the east. that could change about midweek for the sierra. we are not expecting to see it here at home. but if you are traveling to lake tahoe,
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yosemite by about mid week, something to keep an eye out for us, it will just be about the hot weather inland. not only for today, but temperatures peaking tomorrow wednesday. not much better. we finally we'll get into some cooler weather as we get into the second half of the business week and weekend for today, we'll go 5 to 10 degrees above the average 94 in santa rosa. today. 73 for san francisco, low eighties and oakland upper nineties in livermore and 90. degrees expected for san jose. as we take a look at some of these afternoon highs around the region 87 expected for redwood city in the north pay 92 in san rafael in the east bay. this is where we're going to see that really, really hot weather into the afternoon, hitting the century mark over areas like antioch in brentwood. so a good reminder. keep an eye on your children. your pets yourself, you know, heat exhaustion definitely comes with this kind of weather will have better details on the extended forecast , including temperatures for tomorrow. the advisory and the cool down for the weekend in the extended forecast gasia. china
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launching a new round of military drills around taiwan as
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for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27?
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wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. condition officials say the gunman opened fire as the bus was waiting for worshippers in a parking lot near the western wall. holy site where jews from around the world come to pray.
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police say the suspected shooter turned himself in and is identified by israeli media as a 26 year old palestinian from east jerusalem. the taliban is marking one year in power after seizing the afghan capital. taliban supporters and fighters celebrated on the streets of kabul today with victory parades some wave flags. others carried guns to mark a year since they marched into the capital following a series of battlefield victories. a convoy of motorcyclists held a victory lap driving by the former u. s. embassy. the taliban marked a year in power as afghanistan struggles with rising poverty, drought and growing malnutrition. china's military is once again conducting drills around taiwan. this time, it's after taiwan's president met with the bipartisan congressional delegation. kellogg has the latest on the increasing tension between the us and china. china holding more drills in the season skies surrounding taiwan after the president of the self governing island met with members of a bipartisan congressional delegation monday in an
12:23 pm
unannounced today visit the move , which comes nearly two weeks after house speaker nancy pelosi visited taiwan threatens to renew tensions between beijing and washington. china responded to her visit by launching military exercises, including sending warplanes and navy ships across the median of the taiwan strait. the communist country has long claimed taiwan as its territory despite the island being democratic and self governed china, accusing the us of encouraging the island's independence, china will take resolute and strong measures to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity was the meeting with bridge at the time. the five member delegation led by democratic senator ed markey of massachusetts, meeting with government and private sector representatives in an effort to reduce mounting tensions in the region. also on the agenda investments in taiwan because of its crucial position for the international supply chain and global economy. at this moment
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of uncertainty, we must do everything we can to maintain peace and stability for taiwan, according to reports, president biden may have a face to face meeting with chinese president xi jinping in november. taiwan likely to be on the agenda. in london, amy kellogg, ktvu, fox two news. a recent outbreak of violence in mexico's border cities has prompted the united states embassy and consulates in mexico to advise americans to avoid those areas. there has been widespread arson and shootings in tijuana, mexicali, rosarito and in sonata. tijuana's play. mayor blames disputes between drug cartels for the shootings and arsons. there are currently 300 army special forces and 50 national guard members deployed in tijuana. mexico's president said he's working on handing formal control of the national guard to the army to keep troops in the streets. us. state department has travel warnings for those cities due to the threat of
12:25 pm
kidnapping and other crimes. iran is denying responsibility for an attack on author salman rushdie and iranian government official today denied any connection to the suspect and blamed rusty and his supporters for the attack. the 75 year old author of the satanic verses, was stabbed friday while on stage for reading in new york. investigators have been looking into whether the attack was motivated by a 1989 edict by then leader of iran calling for rushdie's death. i knew jersey man was arrested and has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and assault charges. rusty is being treated for at least 10 stab wounds, his agent says he is recovering and doing well. we'll move now to the latest on the war in ukraine, where there is growing concern over fighting near europe's largest nuclear power plant. russian forces have controlled the plant since early march, but the ukrainian staff have continued operations there. ukraine's president issued a warning to russian troops using the nuclear plant as a shield, saying that they will be considered special targets.
12:26 pm
occupiers are trying to intimidate people in an extremely cynical way, using this apparition nuclear power plant actually cover themselves with the station to fire at nikopol and mangan. it's in a joint statement yesterday, dozens of countries, including the united states, called on russia to withdraw its troops from the nuclear power plant. lawyers for american basketball star britney griner will appeal the sentence handed down to her in a russian court. recently. she was sentenced to nine years in prison after pleading guilty to bringing cannabis oil into russia. griner says it was an accident. the appeal could take several months. the russian government has said it would not discuss a prisoner exchange until the legal process is finished, a russian diplomat told the state news agency this weekend negotiations have already begun with the united states still to come at noon information surrounding a deadly shooting outside of 24 hour fitness in brentwood. the new arrest were learning about in this case, plus anytime we have those temperatures that that go in the upper nineties 100 110
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degrees, you know, we want to make sure that we're keeping that a close eye on that. it's going to be a hot week for much of the bay
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prepare. anytime we have those temperatures that that go in the upper nineties 100 110 degrees, you know, we want to make sure that we're keeping that a close eye on that fire captain chris bruno, monitoring the forecast for tuesday closely after the national weather service issued an excessive heat watch predicting record or near record temperatures for parts of the east south and north bay was higher temperatures. and that low rh the relative humidity. those are factors that absolutely with would be drying out our vegetation areas of higher elevation and sonoma county like santa rosa also included in the watch. we are seeing the rise in temperatures this week, and that's obviously a concern of ours so far this fire season, santa rosa fire marshal paul lowenthal says groups have benefited from coastal influences and weather patterns that have contained higher humidity than years passed this season has been relatively mild. we've
12:31 pm
definitely benefited from the june gloom. the no sky july the fog ast, but that's not necessarily been the case for other parts of the bay area. it's been very active for us, however, with resources that we have and the aggressive approach that we have within and, um, taking care of those fires. aggressive firefighting techniques has been very helpful sunday morning, firefighters and vacaville battled a small vegetation fire on the outskirts of the city along jocelyn lane around eight acres of dry hillside were burned, alvira says boost in their budget by the governor has been helping crews stay on top of fires like these and prepared them for whatever tuesday throws their way and are units are indication with the neighboring units to make sure that that all staffing levels are where they need to be. so if there's any fire activities, operations going to shift our resources to cover that need and built behind. exhaust reporting. there is an air quality advisory here in the
12:32 pm
bay area today. that's because smoke from the six rivers lightning complex fire burning in trinity and humboldt counties could drift into our region. this is not a spare the air alert. the advisory is meant to let people know they may see or smell smoke today. if you smell smoke, you're encouraged to stay inside and keep your doors and windows closed. vegetation fire that's been burning for more than a week and assembly national park has intensified. lightning started the red fire on august 4th. by friday. 167 acres had burned yesterday alone. 100 more burned, it's burning right near the mirror, poza madera county line south of the yosemite village visitor center. it's been a year now. since the keldorf fire started this fire burned 221,000 acres in eldorado amador alpine counties, was the 15th largest wildfire in our state's history. was fire destroyed more than 1000 buildings, including hundreds of homes. death this is a funeral every time we come up here, it feels like i am visiting a headstone. of a loved one. jennifer mckim, hibbert is still haunted by what the caldera fire stole from her
12:33 pm
family. she recounted the moment she knew she had to leave her dream home as the kaldor fire headed to grizzly flats. that text message that basically said if you're getting this, you need to leave now. that is a feeling i would not wish upon my worst enemy. hibbert plans to rebuild her home and hopes her neighbors will too many people living in grizzly flats were either under insured or had no insurance at all. new at noon. the contra costa county da's office has charged two men in connection with an attempted rolex robbery in walnut creek days office, says 34, year old sean rogers, junior and 33 year old david lopez were involved in an attempted robbery at the plaza shopping center on august 11th. the victims here are married couple were returning to their car after dining out at a restaurant. one of the victims was hit in the head with a weapon. he was treated at the hospital for his injuries. brentwood police say a 17 year old boys now in custody facing murder charges for last week's deadly shooting at a 24 hour
12:34 pm
fitness center. one person was killed three others heard in that shooting at the gym on lone tree way early thursday morning . investigators say the shooting followed a fight on the gyms basketball court, which then moved out onto the parking lot. authorities are not releasing the teens name because he is a minor. they say more arrests are expected in this case. across the basin francisco police saying argument among three family members led to a deadly shooting in the bayview district. investigators say two people were killed in gunfire at a home on in gerson avenue on saturday. police have arrested a third family member and charged him with the killings. authorities have not yet identified the person under arrest or the two people who were killed. sonoma county sheriff's department has released body camera video of a sheriff's deputy shooting and killing a suspect in geyserville dropping now. jump it. this video is from the july 29th incident that ended in the death of 36 year old david chavez. we hear the deputy instructing chavez to drop something in his
12:35 pm
hand. investigators say chavez was holding a hammer and was threatening to throw rocks at deputies nearby resident had reported that chavez used a rock to break a window at his home to steal a truck. an investigation is underway into a deadly five car crash on highway 29 napa. this happened late saturday night northbound lanes just north of the george f. butler memorial bridge. one driver was killed for other people were sent to a hospital lanes between highway 2 21 and highway 1 21 were closed for nearly 16 hours . traffic was backed up for miles as investigators work to do their crash reconstruction at the scene. they say preliminary information shows one driver was going the wrong way in the northbound lanes and hit four vehicles heading north. actress and hate has died at the age of 53 after being taken off life support in los angeles was badly burned and had major brain injuries after crashing her car into los angeles home nine days ago. soon after she was seen speeding through the neighborhood. enforcement told
12:36 pm
tmz. hayes had cocaine in her system at the time of the crash , became famous for her role on the soap opera another world in the eighties. she later appeared in movies such as donnie brasco and volcano and he was 53 years old. the search continues for a missing teenager from truckee. this past weekend, hundreds of people gathered for an outdoor concert in support of 16 year old kylie rodney's family was held exactly a week after she vanished from a large party at a truckee campground. we feel like hopefully this will just help draw her here. no at least from wherever she is that we're here and we're helping her look for her. kylie silver honda crv, which he drove to the party is also missing. investigators including those with the fbi, or training her disappearance as a possible abduction. we have more information and the latest developments for you on the search for kylie rodney at ktvu .com. at noon, the santa clara county board of supervisors this week will consider a proposal for two mental health funding
12:37 pm
programs for children. california department of health care services is providing funding totaling $2.5 million, it would help expand the county's mobile crisis services and create mental health wellness centers in schools throughout the county officials say the centers are needed due to the isolation, stress and fear caused by the covid pandemic. this money couldn't come at a more important time. it's going to allow us to do it. having worked. crisis units have access to people in our community. so as an example the crisis unit. to be able to address that young person wherever they are. and then having the resources to stabilize it. the board of supervisors is set to vote on the funding program when it meets tomorrow. if approved, most of the services are expected to be available by january. president biden's except expected to sign the inflation reduction act into law this week. administration officials have been making the case that americans should feel the impact of the bill soon
12:38 pm
because medicare negotiations will bring down the cost of prescription drugs and energy costs would come down because of climate investments, such as tax credits for electric cars and solar panels. first of all, immediately um people will be able to lower the fuel costs in their home. there's a 30% tax credit that you can claim in 2022 foreign installing energy efficient windows, heat pumps, energy efficient appliances. that is right away. and on top solartheir roofs so that they n generate their own power. that's another 30% tax credit. $739 billion bill will raise taxes on some corporations, and it's projected to cut the deficit by about 100 billion over the next decade. republican lawmakers say the bill will do little to curb inflation and will actually increase the cost of living for many americans will take a peek
12:39 pm
at stocks here because things started off underwater, and now we are on the plus side of things. dow jones gaining a good one half of 1% the pattern is the same as is the gain over on the s and p nasdaq a little bit closer to a three quarters of a percent gain. area home prices are expected to remain high, even if the u. s. economy moves into a recession. a new report from the home listing site redfin finds that because the vast majority of workers in the bay area would likely keep their jobs even in the event of an economic slowdown, the report says economic growth in the bay area's a possibility even if other parts of the country are in recession. because of that, the price of a bay area home is expected to remain high due to continued high demand. comes in third on a new list of the most expensive places to rent nationwide. the list was put together by the listing portal rent, it says jersey city, new jersey and boston are the two most expensive cities in the united states for renters, followed by palo alto, according to the report. the average rent in palo alto is now $4600 a
12:40 pm
month, a 31% increase from last year. uber is getting rid of its free loyalty program and launching a paid one, the san francisco based company announced its uber rewards program is being discontinued. users will only be able to earn points for the rest of the month, and they had to use them by the end of august. the new replacement program uber one will cost $10 a month. it will give users things like free food deliveries and discounts for certain orders and rides. getting things you buy on facebook marketplace could be a little easier. soon the company's teaming up with doordash to deliver items, people by doordash would deliver items located within 15 miles. you can't get a couch liver, though things holy small enough to fit in the trunk of a car are included. the service is already being tested out in several cities. still to come at noon. we're getting new information about that deadly shooting on the set of the movie rust. fbi report reveals about the gun summertime heat up underway and some areas reaching 100 degrees for the afternoon. better details on what you can expect
12:41 pm
for your neighborhood coming up.
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alex fired the gun at the center of a deadly shooting on a movie set last year. according to the report. the gun baldwin was holding on the set could not have fired without the trigger being pulled due to the position of its hammer. baldwin was holding a revolver that discharge during a rehearsal for the movie rust last october. cinematographer helena hutchins
12:44 pm
was killed. baldwin has said he did not pull the trigger also says he was told before the shooting. the gun was not loaded. at noon. people living in livermore now have the option of getting free recycled water for landscaping irrigation. today, the city opened a residential recycled water fill site. it's at the livermore water reclamation plant on west jack london boulevard. residents can get up to 300 gallons of water per visit. recycled water is wastewater that's been filtered and treated with a disinfectant. it is not safe for drinking. but it can be used for watering trees, shrubs and gardens. i think this is better water for the loan, and i think it's a better environment to be eligible to receive the recycled water. livermore residents must first get a permit from the city and attend a brief one on one training session. a new joint study from the national center for atmospheric research finds a warmer atmosphere from climate change is putting california at risk of so called mega floods. researchers say that a mega flood would be similar to what we saw this summer in the st
12:45 pm
louis in kentucky area but across a wider area, california's lowlands would become inland seas from supercharged heavy rains. ktvu tom baker looks at what california is doing now to prepare and how it's working to maximize potential rainfall to help with our water supply. can't do the same thing anymore . california must build as many desalination plants as possible as the city of antioch is doing right now because rain by itself is no longer reliable to fulfill the state's needs. and yet unreliable rains threaten california with massive flooding atmospheric rivers that are dumping massive amounts of rain overnight. the changes that we're seeing these accelerated impacts of climate change were not anticipated. 10 years ago. even five years ago, the newsome administration believes those intermittent delusions can be turned into an asset. we have to adapt to that new reality, and we have to change our approach so we can capture more of that
12:46 pm
storm water. in other words, expand existing reservoirs and build more dams, plus increase the amount of water stored underground. where there's already a lot of space readily available, but until then, during periods of long drought, two thirds of californians will still rely on water that comes down from the mountains and goes through the delta. we need to protect that source of drinking water for beira communities on down to southern california communities, including our agriculture, agricultural economy. that's why the california water resources director says desalination is so very critical. we have to create new water supplies through recycling and desalination. this plant was made, lightly salted t was not made to treat seawater. but every day as the sea level rises around the world that water approaches this plant, and should he get beyond this plant into the delta? that would be an
12:47 pm
unmitigated disaster for california. when it's dry if rising seas push highly salted seawater into the delta, and then it spreads as far as the massive pumping stations and byron the send freshwater south to valley farms and onwards to southern california, the state's economy could be gravely damaged . tom vacar ktvu, fox two news they are very weather is going to bring a lot of heat inland rosemary oroczo so we might see people flocking to the coast tomorrow. yes, it's going to be a good time to head to the coast to temperatures are going to be in the sixties near areas of pacifica will be warm over areas like santa cruz getting into the low eighties. but nothing like our inland communities expected to hit the century mark today and going above that for tomorrow, giving you a live look here over san francisco. we've been talking about it this hour, in addition to the heat in the dry weather, we're keeping it. i on our air quality as well. we are good to moderate at this time. you can see a little bit
12:48 pm
of he's out there over san francisco. we do have the possibility of some smoke drifting our way from the north where the fires are burning. we also have a spare the air day already planned tomorrow because with this type of heat and the light winds are air quality, of course, begins to suffer so something to be aware of. if you smell that smoke, it's really bad for your lungs. avoid outdoor activities. avoid strenuous exercises specially in those hotter areas for today. hey and into the coming days. here's a look at what's going on over mount diablo 80 degrees, but the relative humidity 23% so dry and hot and we talked about, of course, the heightened fire danger that comes with this type of weather pattern and it's something we're going to see for the next few days. 59 degrees at half moon bay. wow world of difference from 88 in brentwood and 91 in walnut creek, so we definitely have the summertime spread out there anywhere from 30 to 35, maybe even 40 degree difference from one end of the bay area to the other 76 right now in napa in in the south by 82 over san jose, so enjoyable
12:49 pm
day. along the coast around the bay, but our inland cities are baking livermore. four degrees warmer than yesterday at this time, napa up by to san jose, about two and as we get into the coming days, we may see a return of the monsoonal moisture, primarily just right on the cusp there of nevada and california were not likely to see it. but something to be aware of, if you are going to be traveling towards the sierra for today, getting into the afternoon. here's a look at some of the numbers for you 93 expected for nevada today will go 100 anti bank as well as brentwood. keep an eye on your children. your pets remember the pavement is really, really hot. into the afternoon. hello eighties for berkeley. oakland very beautiful , mild 73 in san francisco into the south bay 90 over san jose 92 loss. cotto's 83 expected by the water in santa cruz. if you're going to see the giants play later today is going to be nice at oracle park. mostly sunny skies 68 degrees in west breeze about 15 mph when the game starts at 6 45 will
12:50 pm
continue to call off into the evening hours always dress in layers. but again, it's going to be fairly nice out there towards us. francisco and oracle park for the afternoon today. so the heart stretch continues, at least for about wednesday. tomorrow is expected to be the hottest day and with that heat a heat advisory for parts of the north bay as well as the east bay that will begin tomorrow morning at 11 a.m, so we will continue to monitor and track that for you. meanwhile here's a look at the extended forecast hot even hotter as we get into tuesday. temperatures do begin to fall on wednesday, but not much relief, especially inland. still hitting the century mark for some of our hotter spots, upper eighties expected around the bay. a little bit cooler on thursday, a little bit cooler on friday, and then we get into some seasonal weather once again by the weekend sixties at the coast upper seventies around the bay upper eighties low nineties expected inland gasia. rosemary thank you still to come at noon us schools dealing with an ongoing shortage of special education teachers in particular . look at how some are dealing with a
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
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while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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the police chief bill scott, along with city leaders announced the arrests in chinatown at portsmouth's square, according to the chief, the seven year old woman was physically assaulted her personal property stolen. she was attacked by four people on july 31st while in the lobby of the building on francisco street, the youngest suspect just 11 years old robbery unit led the investigation and developed information that identified suspects in the robbery as 18 year old oakland resident darrell moore and three juvenile suspects, ages 11 13 and 14. you heard me right? 11 13 and 14, which is really, really sad. more chief, scott said the victim's injuries are not life threatening. three of
12:55 pm
the suspects were arrested in santa clara county on an unrelated case. they will be booked in san francisco on robbery, false imprisonment and elder abuse charges. the 11 year old due to his age cannot be charged. nationwide teacher shortage there is extra concern about the number of special education classrooms that don't have credential teachers even before the pandemic, 43 states reported a shortage in special education teachers. now all but two states have a shortage that's led to more widespread use of substitutes, some of whom aren't fully certified to teach special education classes. one mother said that her son didn't have a qualified teacher for most of last year. i don't feel confident for next year, and luke has three years left. of school and, um. sadly we have yet to have a solid teacher. so many teachers that have retired that have been emotionally, uh, dreamed. the bureau of labor statistics says with a growing
12:56 pm
number of special education students over 37,000 teachers nationwide will be needed by the year. 2030 times is issuing a voluntary recall for its capri sun wild cherry flavored juice drink. the company said the product might contain a diluted cleaning solution used on food processing equipment. kraft says it was inadvertently introduced into a production line at one of its factories. company leaders say they figured out the air after receiving several complaints from customers about the drinks taste kraft. heinz says they're working with retailers to remove the potentially affected products from circulation. 13 year old boy from the sacramento area, pitched a perfect game at the cal ripken world series reported . leticia ordaz has more on what the boy and his family had to overcome to get to that game. it takes strike three and a strikeout number. 13 13 strike out perfect game pitched by jacob. true here 3500 miles away from home, and jacob trujillo did something he wasn't
12:57 pm
expecting at the kill ripken world series are first game i got to start pitching, and i was fortunately able to throw a perfect game, which is basically no one gets on base ever. just the entire game was shut down for them. jacob says those 13 strikeouts came with a lot of hard work. the laguna youth baseball all stars, 12 you team at a practice of 15 hours a week for the last three months. it was just incredible. great experience for me. not everybody even makes it this far. not everybody gets the opportunity to starting the game like that injury made things that much harder. it was not too long ago. i actually hurt my arm from pitching too much, so we let it rest and we got it stronger and it was just this year. coming back was the real start for me to start pitching in to work my way back up now, 13. it's his last year in little league, and he's glad to be going out with a bang, collecting a big trophy, a ring and other metals. for jacob pitching. a perfect game is about much more than all of the
12:58 pm
recognit faith in yourself. pretty emotional. i mean, this is justaccomplishmen, his father, jesus, trujillo says when he was a teen, he didn't have the luxury of playing sports. he spent some summers working as a farm worker to help his family. now he's dedicated to making sure his son succeeds both on and off the field. you know, you always try to do whatever you can for your children and haven't been more successful than then you are and so that was the ultimate goal. i think for us is for him to be happy and doing what he loves has a big plan in place to keep pitching like an all star long term of, fortunately, make it to the mlb. it's the biggest goal that i have right now for myself , and you just have to keep practicing and just to know that if you keep working hard, something will happen. but he says, reporting there. the san francisco giants begin a series against the arizona diamondbacks
12:59 pm
tonight at oracle park following one of the most exciting victories of the year. infielder tiro estrada hit a walk off two run homer in the ninth inning to give the giants and 8 to 7 victory opened the pirates. the giants swept the pirates and have won six of their past eight games. the giants are six games out of the final wild card spot. this weekend, giants fans paid tribute to san francisco's 2012 world championship team. there's a familiar face reunion ceremony before saturday's game to the team that swept the heavily favored detroit tigers. 10 years ago. hunter pence barry zito got the biggest cheers from the crowd there at oracle park. former manager bruce bochy had high praise for the 2012 giants , one of three san to a world s, including buster posey published sandoval and brian wilson. the oakland a's have now lost eight games in a row after getting swept by the houston astros this weekend, houston defeated the a 6 to 3 in the final game of the series is remain in last place in the american league west with a record of 41 wins and 74 losses. we appreciate your
1:00 pm
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