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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  August 15, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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air people living west of schaefer ranch road at one point were also asked to prepare to evacuate, but it does seem that will not be necessary with that. we bring in meteorologist roberta gonzalez. nice work by those firefighters. what are the conditions they were facing out there? got it one degrees there right now. and that is at least a good 10 degrees above average . the good news is the winds are too they are out of the west northwest news is, these winds will continue to increase as the evening progresses. 10 to 20 mph big four, darling down in the overnight hours. you can see a look at the temperatures right now, after reaching high temperatures in the triple digits. earlier this afternoon. we dropped down now into the nineties for the most part, but you see the winds 16 mph in livermore, and that is very, very breezy in that particular area that encompasses also pleasant in sam ramon and in castro valley, hayward sporting a win at 10 mph, but because of these conditions extremely dry,
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castro valley is made up of shrubs and very dry fuel in the form of grasses, fruit trees. we do have that excessive heat advice. is er in effect for inland areas, but you have to be very mindful for the castro valley area when the temperatures averaging 10 to 15 degrees above normal for this time of the year, it's going to definitely affect people in that area. it's also going to have very much affect the very dry fire conditions that we are experiencing at this particular time. right now. we do have that elevated fire danger that will be increasing again tomorrow because boy, we already have smoke in the atmosphere. from the fire upstream from the sixth rivers. lightning complex fire now you couple that up with the smoke that we are now beginning to feel see and smell in throughout even the tri valley have been receiving text messages. emails from people saying, hey, it's smoking and pleasant in where's the fire? hey we're smelling smoke and livermore. it's extremely hazy.
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what's going on? well the air quality has been deteriorating. really hour by hour, and we do have that spare the air in effect for tomorrow. but as we're seeing the air is being compromised. we can see all the way to san francisco now and it's all because of the fluctuating winds along the seashore around the bay and also into our inland areas. those winds out of the west and the north west and they will continue to blow. 10 to 20 mph, and that just gives that fire some room to run if we're not able to knock that down in the next few minutes or several hours here again in that castro valley areas we see saleh by some of those live pictures with fruit trees in that area. we have a lot of dry grass and dry shrubs. we have many different forms of grasses in that particular area, but they are definitely burning and at this particular time again, it's 91 degrees, only dropping down into the mid seventies within the next three. hours. alright. thanks, roberta. we'll keep an eye on it. our other breaking
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story tonight. a man was shot in your children's very land in oakland and police with their guns drawn search for the shooter in the popular park, ktvu camberley joining us now live with the very latest amber. claudine police tell me they've arrested a suspect in this afternoon shooting just about an hour ago. here in the lake merritt area. the shooting happened around 1 45 on the 600 block of bellevue avenue at lakeside park officers arrived to find a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital for the next three hours. police have their guns drawn and conducting extensive search in the area for the suspect, including looking inside garbage cans. they also evacuated fairyland as a precaution. police chief laurent armstrong says the victim does not appear to be the intended target. he says the suspect was arguing with someone else when he pulled out a gun. this has been the second incident that
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we've responded to in the last couple of days in this area. we believe that there is some possible connection between yesterday's event here at the lake, and so we are doing a thorough search of the lake. we are securing areas around the lake to make sure that the suspect is no longer in the area. police chief armstrong says yesterday. police responded to reports of a man brandishing a gun here in this area, but that person got away. police say at this point, they don't know if the suspect they have in custody is responsible for both incidents. police say the gunshot victim is suffering from non life threatening injuries. parting. an important update. amber. thanks so much. the san francisco police chief announced arrests have been made in connection to the beating of an elderly woman. the disturbing beating was caught on camera and the chief says those responsible are young, the youngest being just 11 years old gate reviews. christian captain explains how
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police were able to track down their suspects. the video is hard to watch for suspects, beating, kicking and robbing a 70 year old woman in the lobby of her senior living apartment complex in san francisco's north beach. the whole incident captured by a security camera july 31st police say they have arrested three of the four responsible for the attack. those arrests coming august 10th 18, year old oakland resident darrell moore and three juvenile suspects, ages 11 13 and 14. you heard me right? 11, 13 and 14. investigators say this video was critical enforcement was able to identify more from the video that led investigators to an arrest in milpitas. prosecutors say they will take steps to make sure there are meaningful consequences for the suspects. in this case, the 18 year old will obviously be have his charges filed in adult court. the juveniles will proceed through the juvenile system. with the 11 year old that that's going to be a community issue
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because he's too young to be charged with the crime officers in san francisco say after a recent increase in attacks targeting elders in the asian communities, they will take steps to make sure everyone feels safer. i'm going to make sure that all of my foot beats are out. i'm going to make sure that i have as many multilingual officers as i can out on the beat. we have extra officers out of the foot beat through our tourism program. at this point, a warrant has been issued for the 14 year old who has not yet been caught darrell moore. he's expected to appear in court, possibly as early as tuesday in san francisco christian caftan, ktvu. fox two news man is under arrest in connection with a double homicide in san francisco's bay view neighborhood. we want to show you some video from the citizens . ap police responded to reports of shots fired early saturday morning at a home on anderson avenue, officers found a 47 year old man and a 41 year old woman inside that house suffering from gunshot wounds. they were taken to the hospital but did not survive. police arrested a 23
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year old relative urban floors at that scene. investigators say he has been booked on two counts of homicide. burglary and child endangerment. the sonoma county sheriff's office released new body camera video showing a deadly shooting the family of the man who was killed last month, says he was not a threat to deputies. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has that story. drop it now. this is sonoma county sheriff's body cam video showing deputies confronting david playas chavez near geyserville. investigators say chavez was holding a river rock a claw hammer and a tiller. deputy michael dietrich shot and killed chavez on july 29th after authorities say he picked up a second rock and pulled his arm back as if to throw it. these are photos of the claw hammer until er found at the scene. when i see the video, all i see is somebody with having you know a breakdown. kareem sanchez is executive director of the north bay organizing project who's working with chavez's family. they're trying really hard. to assassinate his character in
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convince us that this was a bad guy. i don't think that he deserved to die. i don't think that he was a threat, investigators say a nearby resident had reported chavez a user rock to break a window at his home and steal a truck. he's still an atv from another home, which deputies soon found abandoned but still running. authorities say chavez refused office of water and would not listen to deputies are heart aches for them. you know, they're they're going through a really hard time right now, with this injustice jewel earlier this month, chavez's family mourned the loss of the father of two area. because they didn't feel any guilt to kill my brother. cold blooded. and this is why we are demanding justice for my brother. the shooting is under investigation by santa rosa police and the sonoma county d. a s office. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. police are
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searching for a 13 year old girl missing in the east bay. daisy lancaster was last seen around 3 30 saturday afternoon at the extended stay hotel in alameda. police say they consider her at risk because of her age. daisy lancaster has described as four ft eight inches tall, £115 blond hair, brown eyes. she was wearing black shorts, black nike shirt and black slip on shoes. investigators said that, according to her family, she is considered to be in good. physical health police in oakland are asking for the public's help to find a missing teenager, investigators say 14 year old natalia perez rivera was last seen on saturday morning on the 2200 block of 48 avenue. police say she may be trying to get to washington square in san francisco. natalia is described as five ft. five inches tall £155 and she was last seen wearing black sweatpants and a gray adidas hooded sweatshirt. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police. easier access to
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the monkey pox vaccine coming up where and when more doses will be available, also ahead. authorities slowing down plans to close laguna honda hospital in san francisco what the latest plan means for hundreds of patients there. but first, thousands of mental health workers are walking the picket lines. why they say administrators are not listening to their concerns. but first, here's a quick check of that monday evening commute out there on the lower east shore bumper to bumper in that eastbound direction of 80 traffic, moving smoothly in the westbound direction as they head off to direction as they head off to the khorkina straight meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase. actually, it's león. ooh la la! one bank for now. for later. for life.
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specific sweatshirt when she disappeared. her silver 20 1300 crv has not been located. authorities say the last ping on her phone was 12 33 in the morning right near nearby reservoir, the reward for information leading to her whereabouts is now climbed to $75,000 1000 kaiser mental health workers who are frustrated with their working conditions are now on strike. the workers say they're not going back to work until changes are made. as ktvu tom vacar reports, kaiser officials called the strike a bargaining tactic. the union says kaiser has about one full time mental health clinician for every 2600 members that they say has led to a record number of therapists leaving the memo. the h m. o says it's about money and giving therapist more paperwork time away from patients union rejected our offer without even allowing its members to vote on
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it. make no mistake. this strike is not about access to care, as the union claims. they want the people of california to believe that you know, we're just a bunch of selfish therapists who are concerned that you know, i'm not getting a big enough raise this year. i'm here because i work directly with kaiser members who are depressed and anxious statement, the california department of managed healthcare says it's monitoring events at kaiser and minces. no words about the hmos legal duties. the law requires health plans provide enrollees with medically necessary care within timely access and clinical standards at all times, which includes during an employee strike, said department of managed healthcare director mary wants nabi mental health providers compared to the number of citizens in the us, it's like 30,000 to 1 natasha bowman, a person with bipolar disorder is an educated labor lawyer. hr expert and lecturer who set up a foundation to teach h r
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personnel. how to get certification and understanding workplace mental health issues is very difficult to find a mental health provider. even if you are given, you know, substantial medical benefits, the only way she could get her own bipolar care when she was in the life threatening mental health crisis was by paying out of pocket because, she says, to wait for her insurance company to pay would take too long to long waiting list. even if you find someone in network, bowman says america remains in a mental health crisis, even where the people who render those services are often burned out in the need of their own mental care. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news, santa clara county board of supervisors this week will consider a proposal for two mental health funding programs for children. the california department of healthcare services is providing funding totaling $2.5 million. it would help expand the county's mobile crisis services and create
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mental health, wellness centers and schools throughout the county. officials say those centers are needed due to the isolation, stress and fear caused by the covid pandemic. the board of supervisors is set to vote on the funding programs when it meets tomorrow. if approved, most of the services are expected to be available by january. six apple employees are set to return to work on a hybrid schedule beginning september 5th. the news was first reported by bloomberg returned to office plans have been delayed several times because of covid-19 surges. apple will require employees to work from the office on tuesdays and thursdays, as well as a third day to be determined by individual teams. the company notified employees of the news today. i wanted to give you a little bit of an update on that fire that continues to burn and castro valley. let's go straight to the maps here and you could see first off. we're going to zoom into the area of concern. it's just right off of 5 80 if you're heading in a easterly direction out of castro valley,
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you look immediately to your left and you see eating canyon road there, and that's where the temperature currently is. at 91 degrees, the winds continue to blow up to about 10 mph and you notice the arrows. it's more of a westerly flow. and there you have the winds around the immediate area hayward at 10, and then you jump over to the tri valley. the winds are up to 16. these winds will continue to increase for the next several hours out of the west 10 to 20 mph. meanwhile the relative humidity in that area for the firefighting efforts. it's right around 45% we see again the tri valley at 30% fremont now 49% so i took a look at some observations. i can guarantee it right around 45% at this particular time. time last word i've heard is cal fire is doing a rolling great job really great efforts and containing that fire from running further into the dublin area. now we're seeing a lot of smoke and haze from a couple of different things. first of all, the smoke is from
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the north from the six fires of the complex lightning fire to the north of us by about 400 miles, and then now we have the fire and castro valley that's compromising our air quality as well. we have a spare the air day in effect for tomorrow. haven't seen one of those since june. 10th in addition to that, we have an excessive heat advisory. in effect, we have temperatures well over 100 degrees and many of our areas especially in the east bay, where today we did top off at 101 in livermore. it is now 94. it is 98 degrees in brentwood, where we saw 102 degrees. temperatures still 88 fairfield 86 degrees in san carlos. it's gorgeous in san francisco in the seventies, so the heat's coming from this huge dome of high pressure that is retro grading, so it's not only heating us up. but also the central valley, fresno, also sacramento well into reading with the hazy conditions tomorrow, we will have the temperatures peaking
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tuesday's the hardest day. this is a short lived heatwave if you really even want to call it a heat wave because it hasn't been that long of a duration wednesday, we'll see the temperatures continue to trend downward. but by the end of the work week, we'll have to toss in some relative humidity. it will be going up and so you start to feel a little bit of the mugginess. a blanket of clouds very thin overhead tonight and it melts back to the coast. relatively on the early side. we're talking seventies at the beaches tomorrow eighties around the central bay 97 degrees in santa rosa. but this is where the heat is on 103 and livermore end in concord, one. oh, four in antioch, one. oh, five and fairfield, and we'll see temperatures again into the nineties and castro valley. your extended forecast. there you have. it will start to see some seasonal high temperatures return right here but not until the tail end of the weekend. have a great night. well, the operator of the state's power grid is calling on utilities to restrict maintenance this week
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in anticipation of higher demand for electricity. palacio has not called for a flex alert for people or for people to reduce their energy use, but it is expecting power demand to be high as a result of this heat. current forecasts show that the state has enough energy to avoid blackouts or energy reductions. calisto says it's monitoring the weather. and the expected demand and you can track any spikes in the temperature throughout the day with our weather. app free app includes a breakdown of conditions. our by our people living in livermore now have access to free recycled water for landscaping. today the city opened up a residential recycled water fill station. it's at the livermore water reclamation plan on west jack london boulevard. residents can get up to 300 gallons of water per visit. recycled water is wastewater that has been filtered and treated. officials say it is not safe for drinking and can only be used for watering trees, shrubs and gardens. i think this is better water for the loan, and i think it's better for the
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environment. to be eligible to receive recycled water. livermore residents must first get a permit from the city and a 10 day brief one on one training session. and tomorrow at five. we continue our series focusing on the impact of our historic drought. meteorologist mark tamayo will show you how one winery of petaluma is dealing with the lack of rain by using recycled water to save its grapes. today marks one year since the taliban takeover afghanistan's capital, people in kabul and around the world, reflecting on that moment that changed the course of that country's history, and we're learning more about what was taken from former president donald trump's home in mar a lago as some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle expressed concern about the handling of concern about the handling of the investigation. i'm bringing back my spicy chicken strips. while i'm at it, my most popular former employee, mark hamill. well, what's my motivation? to not get fired again... i can work with that. actors! spicy chicken strips and me, mark hamill,
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stand with us. my 100% all-white-meat spicy chicken strips are back. look at them sitting there. just sitting there. can't believe we hired a director for this. spicy chicken strips starting at $5.49 are back at jack in the box. all we got to see the search warrant and property receipt for the mara lago rate on friday, the affidavit which would outline why it was needed remains sealed. lawmakers on capitol hill want to know what was in the 11 sets of classified information taken by agents in
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that early morning raid at the home of a former president encouraged all my colleagues on the left and the right to reserve judgment and not get ahead of yourself because we don't know what that document contains. in a letter to the director of national intelligence and the attorney general, republican senator marco rubio and democratic senator mark warner want more transparency from the justice department if they have reason to believe that donald trump is liable or vulnerable to criminal behavior. then they should say that speculation is simply endless over this, and it has become extremely damaging on his truth. social platform. the former president claimed that fbi agents took privileged attorney client material and executive privilege material going on to slam the fbi for a history of corruption. i think transparency is what's going to lower the temperature, and i just don't see the exigent circumstances that require this step from a law enforcement force mint perspective. since the raid, there has been an
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increase in threats towards federal law enforcement, courts and government facilities, prompting a bulletin warning of potential attacks in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news former trump adviser rudy giuliani is the target of the criminal investigation into whether trump and others tried to interfere in the 2020 presidential election in georgia , and prosecutors informed giuliani's attorneys today that he could face criminal charges from this investigation. the investigation began last year and a special grand jury was seated in may. the judge overseeing the grand jury has instructed giuliani to appear before the panel to testify. on wednesday. northern california congressman is part of a delegation that made a surprise visit to taiwan over the weekend. congressman john garamendi joined four other lawmakers on the unannounced visit. he posted this photo to social media of his arrival yesterday. being greeted by a taiwanese official there at the airport. that delegation today did meet with taiwan's president , lawmakers discussed investments in taiwan, largely
6:27 pm
due to its crucial position for the international supply chain and global economy visit prompted china's military to conduct military drills around taiwan, just as it did in less than two weeks ago. when house speaker nancy pelosi went to visit coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. house speaker nancy pelosi is in san francisco, calling for reform to social security. the action congress is considering to ensure the money does not run out. public health leaders are taking new approaches to get more people vaccinated for monkey pox as the type vaccine supply starts to lose him later in sports, jimmy garoppolo no playbook, no travel, no trade. no problem. joe fonzi has more.
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i'm dan o'dowd. i'm a safety engineer and tesla full self-driving is the worst commercial software i've ever seen. tell congress to shut it down. paid for by the dawn project. was shot right near lake merritt in oakland, not far from children's fairy land. that shooting was reported around 1 45 this afternoon in the 600 block of bellevue avenue. the male victim was taken to the hospital to be treated. police say they do have a suspect in custody. francisco police say they have arrested three of the four people responsible in the assault and robbery of an asian woman in her seventies. they are 18 years old 13 years old at 11 years old. the robbery happened in north beach on july 31st. investigators say the surveillance video helped lead to the arrest officers have issued a warrant for the fourth suspect who is just 14 mental health clinicians at four kaiser
6:31 pm
hospital locations in northern and central california out there on the picket line today. they're striking against what they say are unethical working conditions that are causing cancelations and delays for patients seeking appointments. kaiser says the union rejected its latest offer without even allowing the workers to vote on it and that the strike is not about access to care as the union claims you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. we are staying on top of breaking news. all this wild fire that's burning between castro valley and dublin exhaust live for us tonight in dublin, zach. alright from your vantage point our firefighters getting the upper hand here. yeah absolutely. i have certainly gotten the upper hand backed forward. progress on the fire just stopped a short while ago at 50 acres. i'm gonna swing around here so you can get a sense of just how close this came to some area homes just up from there that i was going up the hill breaking out just after four pm off of the westbound side of 5 18 years schaefer ranch road. that fire quickly
6:32 pm
grew to some two alarms and again around 50 acres. earlier firefighters were fighting this fire from the sky and using dozers on the ground and temporary evacuation center was also set up for those homeowners in the area. but again thankfully, these firefighters really on top of this fire, stopping it at around 50 acres, but again with all this dry weather, this is certainly these conditions are certainly something that these firefighters will be keeping a very close eye on going into tuesday, when those temperatures are expected to get even warmer. back to you guys. all right, zack. so thanks so much for that update, francisco's public health department director announced expanded hours for its monkey pox vaccine clinic doctor grant colfax as demand remains high in the city, and he says the clinic at san francisco general will now be open monday through friday from 8 to 4 in the afternoon. healthcare providers are given roughly 6 to 700 shots a day at that location , and they have the capacity to give 2500 shots a day
6:33 pm
throughout. san francisco generals, 10 locations citywide as we've learned to do what it takes, we are doing better. in fact, we are giving about the same amount on average, the same amount of vaccine a day here because we have simply improved our processes. we've taken information from the community and the people who are being served at this clinic as well as that ward 86. about how to give vaccine better. dr colfax says he expects another shipment of vaccines pretty soon, but he says he doesn't know how much they will actually receive or when. exactly, they will arrive. the san francisco sheriff's office says an inmate has tested positive for monkey pox. the inmate was arrested yesterday and had tested positive prior to being booked. sheriff officials say the inmate was put in isolation and says there have been no exposures within the jail population. another inmate there at the jail who earlier this month had a suspected case of monkey parks ended up testing negative. and we have an update tonight on the effort to keep
6:34 pm
laguna honda hospital and rehab center open. it has now received a two month extension from medicare and medicaid. now they had been requiring laguna honda to transfer or discharge all patients by mid september as part of a federally mandated plan to close it. they have now decided to extend the availability of medicare and medicaid payments until november. and house speaker nancy pelosi was in san francisco today marking the 87th anniversary of social security as part of a day of action among democrats defending that program speaker pelosi visited the rosa parks senior center where people shared stories of how social security has ensured their financial stability after retirement. more than 65 million people currently receive monthly checks. without congressional reform. trustees of that program estimate that the money is going to run out by 2035. today it saves cards the well being of millions, whether retired or living with a disability. our
6:35 pm
commitment to social security is absolute. unshakable and non negotiable. house democrats have proposed raising the payroll tax cap to expand social security benefits and to keep up with the cost of living. gop senator mitt romney has proposed the trust act, which would form a bipartisan committee to come up with changes and fast track them through congress. both sides get to agree have to agree and for in order for it to go to the floor to be voted on. so it's bipartisan, and every single person has said under no circumstances when we cut benefits. the social security administration is expected to announce its cost of living adjustment on october 13th based on current inflation, some economists estimated could be close to 10% the largest increase since the 19 eighties. recall los angeles district attorney george gascon has failed to make the ballot. election officials say the campaign fell short. by about 46,000 signatures. the measure
6:36 pm
needed 566,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot organizers submitted more than 700,000. but the election office and nearly 200,000 of those signatures were not valid. gascogne has faced criticism for his criminal justice reform policies. he was first san francisco's police chief and then the city's district attorney until 2019. hundreds of thousands of people fled afghanistan after the taliban take over that country one year ago how the bay area has played a role in helping some of them build a better life ahead the pandemic, posing new challenges for the start of the academic year is classrooms start to adapt. with life after the pandemic.
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schools nationwide are loosening their covid-19 rules comes as new guidelines have been released from the fda on a new booster shot this coming fall boxes. jonathan serrie has the story. thousands of los angeles students return to class on monday with no mask mandates are weekly covid testing. it's the first time in more than two years that many children across the u. s are starting classes with scaled back health protocols. dr richard besser says schools can now focus on other problems that resulted from the pandemic so important for their social emotional health for their development. for their academic success. some
6:40 pm
school districts eased measures after the cdc loosened its own quarantine and testing guidelines last thursday, the cdc says, while the virus continues to spread about 95% of americans, 16 or older have required some type of immunity from either infection or vaccination, rather than focusing on suppressing the spread of the disease is now coming to reality and saying, well, let's let's use the tools we have to protect the vulnerable. meanwhile the uk became the first country to authorize moderna's new covid booster that targets the original strain as well as the b a one. ah macron sub variant. as for when the u. s could see additional boosters, the fda told drugmakers any covid vaccines updated for the fall must target the newest, ah macron sub variants b a four nba five. it's a very busy virus. it's been mutating since its inception, and what this vaccine helps to do is it gives us
6:41 pm
another piece of armory really another tool in the box so that we can go after it? both moderna and fighters say they're working on updating their boosters to target the b a. five strain in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news a burst of heat test saturated inland areas now we'll talk about when it's going to head on out of here. your weather forecast is coming up. and let's go to ktvu. is alex savage. now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu. plus alex. thank you. coming up tonight at seven. obey area nonprofit is looking for volunteers to help overcome the learning loss that students suffered during the pandemic. we will talk live with the executive director of children rising about their mission and how you can get involved. also we have new information tonight about the deadly shooting on the set of the movie rushed. we hear from tmz about a key fbi report focused on the gun actor alec baldwin was holding will have those stories and much more
6:42 pm
coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu. plus alex. we'll see you in just a bit. thank you . but first here after the break this week is navy week in san jose, and service members are using it. pay it forward and help others in the south bed.
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out of afghanistan after a 20 year occupation. taliban fighters held victory parades today, marking the anniversary of when the taliban seized the capital of kabul. under their rule, music has been banned. women must be completely covered when they go outside, and access to work in education is restricted. the united nations estimates that 97% of afghans are at risk of falling into
6:45 pm
poverty. afghanistan is a sanctuary for terrorism. the very reason we went there, the very reason we stayed there for 20 years to ensure that terrorists did not rise again, who attacked the american people , and we're right back where we started. 13 u. s service members died at kabul's airport during the quick and chaotic withdrawal of u. s personnel. taliban retook control of kabul for one woman it meant an immediate end to university education at the time she was a student in her third year of college. but now today, thanks to the help of another university, she has resettled here in the bay area. ktvu mark sayer reports. we lost our freedom. we lost our flag. we lost our country and also we lost our identity. hakim says things were going well for her until the taliban returned to power. literally overnight. she had to stop her studies and go
6:46 pm
into hiding with her mother after 15 august of 2021. especially women's and girls' they cannot continue their education their schools teams mother worked for an agency that provided help to the u. s military, so the two were able to get a visa to come to the u. s but the journey was long and the life left behind still difficult to grasp. that is vert that was my dream that i complete my education in afghanistan and her mother made it to the u. s with the help from a group called the international rescue committee and housing and living assistance from notre dame dana moore university in belmont. the university was the first in california to be allowed to grant degrees to women and the first on the west coast to participate in the afghan resettlement program. as everyone knows, education can only be successful if an individual is based. like needs are met first. housing food security. by providing these
6:47 pm
things we can put individuals on a track to long term success. the university has several graduate level apartments like this one, which are ready made for families. for two months. hakeem and her mother lived here before they found a more permanent housing solution in hayward. so far, five afghan families have passed through this campus. we see what happens when there is courage amongst community. together we can do so much for hakeem. she hopes to eventually become a dentist. i want to study. i want to continue my education. and that is my first step of my life. my future. the university hopes to expand this resettlement program in the future and is also willing to offer its graduate level academic resources where appropriate reporting in belmont . i'm mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news. it was just this time last week when we were talking about temperatures in the east bay,
6:48 pm
averaging anywhere between five and seven degrees below normal for this time of year now, bam! look what happened overnight. it really did happen very quickly. we are in the midst in the throes of okay, a mini heatwave 101 in livermore 100 conquered 102 in antioch. those were today's high temperatures when typically in those areas we should be right around 89 degrees. average high and san francisco is 67 instead. 72 so no big heat wave here. we're talking away from the bay into the eastern portion of our district and also in the north bay everywhere where you see the red. that's where it's hot for tuesday he'd advisory in place for north bay and east bay hills and all even throw in the santa clara valley mountainous areas. you can see the tinge of haze in the atmosphere. in fact, earlier today, i picked it up there that inversion layer from the gritty smoke. okay that moved into our area from a fire a good 400
6:49 pm
miles to the north of us, and now you've got to toss in some of the smoke. from the fire. that just happened in castro valley. we do have a spare the air alert in effect for tuesday haven't seen that since june. 10th currently temperatures very pleasant boy. good looking evening along the peninsula from 71 at sfo to 86 degrees still in san carlos were in the nineties to the north of the golden gate bridge, eighties and nineties to the east as well. it is still 96 degrees in brentwood. the winds are now beginning to pick up out of the west for the most part of the 15 will continue to blow and cream. this. to 20 mph dial back in the overnight hours. that's an area of high pressure now moving towards the state of california not only heating us up, but check out today's temperature in fresno, 1088 and reading 106 in sacramento. these temperatures were warmer than what we experienced in the desert southwest today, so the heat is on. the clouds. they dialed back and melt away
6:50 pm
relatively on the early side. but this concerns me that thunderstorms that will be developing in the highest here for your tuesday and wednesday will keep a watchful eye on that. the rain is a good thing. the lightning not so much here's how we're playing your forecast areas of smoke with the hottest day of the work week tomorrow, then we'll gradually begin to decline in those numbers as we slide towards the weekend. temperature wise tonight overnight. those are mild in the sixties. just a couple of fifties. otherwise 71 in pacifica to one. oh, four. an anti ocwen oh, five and fairfield mid eighties around the bay and hayward back into castro valley, san leandro san lorenzo and you'll notice it's going to take all the way until sunday, when we start to see the average temperatures returned right here to the bay area. claudine and mike alright. thanks, roberta. well, the first day of san jose navy week kicked off today with sailors packing food for families at the second harvest of silicon valley navy week brings sailors from across the fleet to san jose to emphasize the importance of the
6:51 pm
navy to the city. more than 75 sailors will participate in education and community outreach events throughout the city leaders at second harvest food bank say they were grateful to have the navy helping out packing boxes today. the u. s. navy has brought the navy week two second harvest of silicon valley, and we could not be more thrilled to have them here to serve our communities by helping provide access to healthy food. navy weeks are held around the country. they are designed to give americans an opportunity to learn more about the role of the navy. coming up in sports. bad news for the san francisco 40 niners and starting safety jimmie ward. joe fonzi as the story coming up.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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the start of the nfl regular season is just less than four weeks away. there are some roster decisions to make, but it's also about getting people healthy for opening day. one very important part of the 49ers secondary is now in doubt for the september 11th opener against the chicago bears. safety jimmie ward is the senior member of the 49ers secondary.
6:55 pm
he suffered what's being called a severe hamstring injury. in practice yesterday or didn't play in the preseason opener against the packers on friday night, shanahan said today ward's availability for the season opener is in question. the entire secondary is hurting right now, with cornerbacks char various ward and emmanuel mosley, both currently on the injury list. in the meantime, jimmy garoppolo still on the roster throwing on the side, but not traveling with the team to minnesota this week or privy to the current playbook as he awaits his ultimate fate. we talk a lot about the quarterbacks, but not necessarily so much about the guys who protect them with the departure of laken tomlinson via free agency, 2025th round draft pick colton mackiewicz is getting his chance to show you can have an nfl career, mcdevitt says worked his way up from the practice squad and the team that's made a recent history of getting good production out of low round or undrafted offensive lineman. i learned the urgency of how quick quickly you have to
6:56 pm
learn and adapt and get better in this league or you'll find your way out quicker than you know you can. you can think so. um the biggest thing for me was coming in. in front of the three things that you know, coach talked about the most of meetings and what i need effects and coleman into o t a s with a better attitude and just being more aggressive and physical with the techniques of the teachers solid player before, but he's gotten so much better since then. and you try to tell all those guys that can you have that epiphany without getting cut. um but fortunately for him, we caught him. he was able to hang around here and then we got a pretty good player right now. the comfortable 16 game lead in the national league west. there's no mystery that the dodgers win that division this season, but their october hopes took a big hit. today walker buehler has been something of a staple in the dodgers starting rotation. he's made 12 starts with the six and three record, but it was announced today that he will require season entering elbow surgery. 28 year old buehler has already undergone tommy john surgery once in his career. dodgers have the lowest
6:57 pm
e r a in the major leagues, but it had to navigate a number of injuries to their staff injuries that include clayton kershaw and dustin may, and the giants hopes to be a national league wild card team are slim but still alive. san francisco begins a four game series tonight against arizona with an old teammate on the mound. it's madison bumgarner against alex cobb. if there's such a thing as a momentum booster at this point in the season, it might have been provided yesterday by tyrell estrada. estrada hit this walk off two run homer off the pirates will crow to give the giants at 8 to 7 win in a three game sweep of pittsburgh giants began play tonight, six games out of that last wild card spot . it's an unlikely road but gave kapler doesn't see any giving up on his team. everybody is exclusively going to see the product on the field, and it's totally reasonable to kind of make. assumptions based on what we're seeing on the field, but what we see and what we hear in our conversations everyday guys who are very invested every
6:58 pm
single day when they come to the clubhouse in their work and what happens with their teammates in what we do during the game and what we do after the game. alright let's check this out time on a monday night. alright i'm going into a territory that i do not claim to know that much about the musicians. name is dead, baby. okay suge got it. the event was the wedding of draymond green and his wife hazel officially tied the knot yesterday among the guests. steph curry, klay thompson, lebron james want toscano anderson? green adding another ring to the championship one. nice well done there already. i like it. all right. congratulations to them. and speaking of the james family, both of the bronze sons, brawny and bryce playing games in europe this summer with the california basketball club. that's brandi in the game in paris fair to say he has
6:59 pm
paris fair to say he has inherited wolowitz: so, how does this game work? i just throw it, like a real ball? yeah, just nice and easy, right over the plate. all right. you suck, wolowitz! what's that about? i'm heckling you. it's a beloved part of baseball. sheldon: he's right. and given that you're probably still waiting to be picked for a game that was played in fifth grade, i'm sure you do suck. hi. what's going on? baseball. okay, this is not what i meant when i said go outside and play. he's practicing. for what? the angels wanted an astronaut to throw out the first pitch, so guess who they called? what, you? really?! well, a lot of people who weren't available, but then me! that's so cool! congratulations. i guess that makes you the athlete of the group. well, not just him! may i remind you that you're talking to the seeker, beater, chaser and water boy of the third place griffith park quidditch team.
7:00 pm
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