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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 18, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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planes were attempting to land in watson ville when they crashed into each other. hello again. i'm christina redon mike mibach. the collision happened just before three o'clock this afternoon. both planes would crash at the watson ville municipal airport, 10 miles east of capitola as ktvu south bay reporter lamonica peters reports here. federal investigators now on the scene to lead the investigation into what went wrong. that's right. the f a says that this all started around three o'clock this afternoon. two small planes to cessna planes were trying to land at the same time and collided midair, killing at least two of the people involved in this plane crash earlier today, we saw investigators here the coroner's office we believe arrived around eight o'clock tonight. the fire trucks were here so that they could remove remains from that cessna. 1 52. now again, we haven't heard much from the f a, but they were here investigating trying to figure
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out how these planes collided. witnesses say the sky was clear around three o'clock this afternoon when two small cessna planes one with two people inside and the other a single pilot. crashed in the air as they both tried to land at the watson ville airport came over to the street and we saw it explode.n we looked over here and we saw this plane. william armstrong says land hise right after the crash happenedh. which is the same thing, and i said, so, basically, the airport is closed. and he said yes. and i said, when is it likely to open because there's gonna fly around in circles? and then, he says, not today. armstrong says he had to go to a nearby airport and catch a ride back to watson ville to get his car. he also says there have been a few accidents in the 15 years. he's used this airport, but he considers it safe collisions and more. they're very uncommon. but
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they are more common right next to the airport because all the airplanes like converging on 1.2 of the people involved in the plane crash have died. but the f a, has not yet identified any of the victims. the santa cruz county sheriff's department kept the airport secure while investigators worked. bonnie gutierrez has lived in this area since 1985 and says deadly crashes have happened in watson ville before he had his wife and his kids and he overloaded the plane. and then went up. and saw the fog bank and tried to curve. and they went over and crashed into the medical buildings by the hospital, so i killed them all. so that was a real sad one. we were also able to get ahold of some surveillance video when this plane crash happened if you take a look at your screen at the top right hand corner, you can see, uh, a wing of the plane. you can see it coming through. there's another shot. you can see two people at the
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bottom of the screen and then towards the very end of the video, you can see the expert lotion. the fire from the airplane crash earlier today. now the f and the ntsb are investigating, but it could be weeks or even months before we figure out how these planes collided in midair here and watson ville. lamonica peters, ktvu fox two news at 11 police say one man is dead after he was shot tonight in vallejo. this happened just after 5 45 on the 200 block of sonoma boulevard. when officers responded to the scene. they say they're 44 year old victim was suffering from at least one gunshot wound. he was transported to hospital where he later died from his injuries. the motive and circumstances involving the shooting unknown at this time, and anyone with information about the case is asked to call vallejo police to shooting we first told you about back in june, two men have been arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of a san jose safeway worker, san jose police announced today. 18 year old to
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vida to allow a 19 year old jacob maria are now in custody. accused of shooting manuel cornejo. to allow is from utah and was arrested one week ago in salt lake city. he's awaiting extradition to santa clara county to face homicide charges . maria was arrested and booked yesterday in san jose for conspiracy on june 5th. police say 24 year old manuel cornejo was working at the safeway on hamilton's avenue in the willow glen neighborhood when he tried to stop a robbery in the liquor section. they say a fight broke out and cornejo was shot to death. anyone with information is asked to call san jose police tonight. we are hearing directly from a 23 year old man accused of killing his father and stepmother in their san francisco home over the weekend . ktvu is amberleigh live with us tonight in studio after speaking with him earlier this evening in jail, amber mike right. at the beginning of the interview, the suspect told me he would answer any questions i had. but there were times when he said he couldn't remember details of what happened. hi
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irvin from the san francisco county jail. irvin hernandez flores tells me he had drank heavily before he drove to his father and stepmother's home in the bayview district early saturday morning, armed with a gun, but that he did not have any intention of killing them. why did you have a gun on you? so like i said, i don't remember much of my actions. but that gun was taken remind the 23 year old says he went into jose hernandez and yesenia soto hernandez's bedroom while they were sleeping . he says his father woke up and charged at him in the dark, and flores says he fired his gun once. i am deeply clip i turn on the lights. and then i seen him look floor and after that, i see him suffering. and then hmm. just start to suffering. he shot him some more. yes, ma'am. why did you shoot your stepmother?
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she was in the crossfire. i didn't have any intentions to deal with her little sister. go after the shooting florist livestream the crime scene in a profanity laced rant. he says he doesn't remember much about what he said. florist tells me he fired a total of 20 rounds and that is 11 year old half sister witnessed what happened. she wasn't crying. she was just shocked, and then she needed my help to get contact with emergency. flores says he helped his sister called 911. he tells me heavy drinking and anger at his father over recent revelations by a relative accusing his father of sexual abuse in the past led to the deadly shootings. he says he's sorry for the hurt he has caused his family. i apologize. i didn't want to really do this. and our heavenly father notice. that. i didn't do this come purpose with an intent to kill my father, especially my sisters
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. one. why nothing to do this? flores says he was honorably discharged from the marines after 4.5 years of service. he tells me he was in the process of fulfilling his dream of joining the san francisco police department to become a swat team member as a sniper wanted to do good. for my family. and. my fault. he killed my trains. florist is being held at san francisco county jail with no bail. he's scheduled to be arraigned thursday. august 25th mike comes amber, and he has to enter a plea to the murder charge. will he say guilty? will he say not guilty here? he tells me he plans to plead not guilty to premeditated murder. alright, amberleigh here in studio amber, thank you woman who has lost at fort funston in san francisco was brought to safety thanks to technology. san francisco. firefighters say the woman called a non emergency number last night, saying she was lost.
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the fire department posted these photos of the search on social media dispatchers used a system called rapid s. o s, which pinned her phone and led rescuers right to our location. she was not heard and battalion chief glenn kircher says it appears everything worked exactly the way it should have. this is where technology works in our favor, and it worked perfectly. it doesn't matter if it's an iphone and android. any cellphone will basically pick up the ping. the san francisco fire department reminding people to stick to designated trails when hiking, they say more than 90% of their rescues or for people who leave the trail. new at 11. authorities on the peninsula are asking for the public's help define this man seen here in this surveillance footage broad more. police say he attached to skimmer device to a 7 11 credit card terminal. that device was found yesterday at the 7 11 on 87th street in daly city. if you recognize this suspect you're asked to call police in morgan hill. police say someone installed a skimmer device with a camera inside of a bank of
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america a t m. this device was found at the cockroach and sutter branch. detectives are urging caution amid their investigation. attack in the middle of the day coming up. we are hearing from a woman who says she was nearly raped while riding bart. and a former hp manager is sentenced to several years in federal prison. the designer items he spent millions of dollars on using a company credit card.
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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train in the middle of the day. she says the man nearly raped her yesterday morning on the richmond millbrae line. ktvu elissa harrington spoke with the victim who says she fought back in order to escape. it's a painful the victim of a terrifying attack on bart gets a hug from her mom after an emotional and traumatizing experience. the woman who did not want to be identified for her safety, said she got on barred at richmond station wednesday morning to go to her job in san francisco, something she does almost every day. it was 11:30 a.m. and the train car she entered was empty and about a minute and just sitting um, down. i felt somebody behind me. i was in a solo seat. and they were able to go fully go behind me and grabbed my neck. at first , the woman thought someone was trying to rob her. then she felt a hand down her shirt. that's when i realized he doesn't want
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my phone. he wants my body. he started putting his hands on my shirt and i started fighting. with everything i had. the woman started screaming and swinging her arms. she said her attacker punched her in the face. he put his hand over her mouth and she bit his finger until it bled. i realized this isn't about survival at this moment, and honestly, he he'd have to kill me if he was going to rape me so that's all i could think about was you know if my family finds me dead. at least i tried and they will know that i tried my hardest. the attacker finally released the woman as they approach the elsa rito del norte station. she took these pictures and called police. i was banging on the windows while we were pulling into the station, and then everybody was seeing what was happening. so people started pointing, very disturbing and very unfortunate, fortunate situation. bart police chief at alvarez said they pulled video from the train and used pictures
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taken by the victim to identify the suspect tracked him down. enrichment officers arrested 21 year old ludwin maassen of san francisco alvarez said passengers should feel safe riding bart people should feel safe. we have a lot of things in place to make sure that people are safe. we have cameras on our train cars. we have cameras on our platforms. we have trained operators that are in the cab that can be easily accessed. accessed we have a bart watch app that allows individuals to report real time information to our dispatchers. the victim of this attack was critical of police response. she wants more officers patrolling cars and stations and said she has no plans to ride bart again. i didn't think at 11 30 in the morning on my way to work. i was going to have to fight for my life on a public transportation that i think is supposed to be safe. cerrito elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. new at 11, a big drug bust in san francisco.
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police say they found £3 of fentanyl after serving a search warrant on a drug dealer in the tenderloin. investigators say they also seized 99 g of heroin . 179 g of methamphetamine 122 g of cocaine and more than $18,000 in cash. this comes as cities across the nation are dealing with an alarming rate of fentanyl overdoses, and on sunday well, it's a national fentanyl prevention and awareness day. san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins is joining forces with two women who lost their children to the opioid crisis. the d a posted a photo with the moms on twitter this week, saying she is committed to doing everything in her wheelhouse so that another mother does not lose their child to a drug overdose. the women are part of the group mothers against drug deaths. it launched a campaign earlier this year featuring a big billboard there in san francisco, about the city's fentanyl problem. and drug overdose crisis. the group plans to rally in san francisco sunday at city hall, a former finance planning manager for
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hewlett packard was sentenced to three years in federal prison for using company credit cards to finance a lavish lifestyle, federal prosecutors say shelby zito, a fremont charged $4.8 million worth of high end goods to the company, including chanel and gucci, handbags, gold jewelry and luxury watches, as well as the porsche suv and a tesla, sudan. they say she tried to cover the scheme by setting up fake vendors and using false invoices. she pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering . francisco school board could face a lawsuit over its decision to make eat a school holiday, a group of muslim students that wallenberg high school petition the district for the holiday. the board passed the resolution earlier this month. but now, according to the chronicle that attorney paul scott says the resolution did not follow. brown act open meeting rules and could violate constitutional rights. he's asking the board to rescind the decision. in a statement, the san francisco board of education president jenny lam says the board is committed to ensuring san francisco public
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schools are inclusive learning spaces for every student and will consider what next steps it can take to celebrate s f u. s d s diversity of cultures. apple pushing out an emergency update today. coming up very experts are chiming in about the heightened threat of hackers on your iphone and ipad. east bay animal rescue cnn alarming rate of rabbits coming in find out why, after the break and i'm tracking that forecast. as we head towards the weekend. we're looking for temperatures to begin to cool down, especially on s
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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that could allow hackers to take over your entire device
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interviews. jana katsuyama spoke with cyber security experts about the proper steps people need to take i currently have three apple devices. troy young is like many apple users going totally tech with smart watches , ipads laptops, desktops and smartphones that double as cameras and wallets currently have everything on my cell phone. so if anything gets taken off or i lose it, i'm out of luck. that's a scary thought, and now a real threat. on thursday, apple pushed out in. urgent emergency security update after discovering flaws in apple's ios operating system and safari web browser don't delay it. i mean, it's really serious . it's not something that you can say i'm going to do it tomorrow. professor ahmed bernath, a cybersecurity expert at san jose state university, says the flaws can allow hackers to download a program that can take control of your devices. they can get all the information you have from your phone. they can be basically like control it professor benefits says apple has learned the flaws are already being exploited. we have
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about 118 million iphones in the united states, you know as of 2022 experts are urging consumers to go to their general settings and select the automatic software update to check for the security patch on all devices and upload immediately. i feel that there's just so many now it's kind of hard to keep up and if you don't have the automatic on your end up five updates behind it now don't wait and you know don't wait until tomorrow. what now? linda stanford senior research fellow in cybersecurity, says the flaw is known as a zero day vulnerability. it's a zero day in the sense that it can be sprung on the world with zero days of notice, lin says hackers have become increasingly sophisticated. we have not been able to get ahead of the threat. um we're not. we're always behind the last 40 years have shown that we're always behind on cybersecurity. lin says there is an ongoing debate as to whether software companies should be held liable for damages due to security flaws in
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their products. we have set up a link to a list of apple's products that are in need of the security update. just go to our website at ktvu .com and click on web links. in the newsroom. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. already checking on those temperatures from today we had a pretty nice one a little bit cooler around the bay a little couple degrees cooler inland. in some places highs tomorrow we're going to be warmer and then we cool again as we head into saturday and more so into sunday and monday, so it's just summer . you know, that's where if you've got the fog at the coast, you've got some heat inland. that heat advisory stays in effect for the vacaville area and fairfield, um through saturday and not just those areas but reading south into the central valley down towards modesto. and even, um, the bakersfield knows areas real hot in the central valley. but for us in general, the bay area most of us are going to have a slight sea breeze, which is going to
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keep things got a nice there's the fog bank beautiful. it's right over san francisco so you can see the, um the light coming through the cloud bank from san francisco from the city just gives an idea how much like that city throws off, but the fog bank steep. it's gonna be a little shallower tomorrow, and that's why it will be slightly warmer and probably five or six degrees warmer inland, which will put temperatures inland into the upper nineties and even a couple of low one hundreds. eastern livermore. north east step into out of concord. and some of those click clayton will probably hit maybe 99 or 100 tomorrow and then we cool down on saturday and a little more on sunday. sunday is not. it's not a big called on saturday, sunday will be more noticeable, but it's just gonna be really nice weekend air quality is pretty good. there's the forecast for the fog in the morning forecast highs. good air quality fire danger, always high, but not extreme. just be. um if you go to the coasts well, it's not that big, but it's gonna be chilly. you're going to be needing jackets, probably both days of the coast, except
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stencil will get a break. fog should clear it's tense and probably tomorrow afternoon late and then again on on saturday, the five day forecast and puts the big heat on tomorrow inland and then lesser saturday, less heat sunday and then significant cooling on sunday, monday and tuesday, so the plan is a classic summer weather pattern. with fire danger that's elevated but not extreme, which is really a you know a fortunate thing for us this time of year. cristina back to you. all right, bill. thank you knew at 11 east bay. rapid rescue at livermore is overwhelmed and they need the community's help. the group says that rabbits are coming in at an alarming rate from people who are surrendering their pets or need help placing a stray the president of the rescue says for every rabbit adopted, three more are taking their place. rising costs for living in vet care to blame. also some owners are not fixing their rabbits. the rescue wants to remind people that you can foster a bunny. and if you're if you're not ready to
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fully adopt one alright coming up in sports niners quarterback trade lands has some very special and familiar guests at practice today in minnesota, jason appelbaum explains coming up, but first a golden sunset tonight. check this out a beautiful shot from our rooftop camera here in oakland. you're watching the 11 o'clock news on watching the 11 o'clock news on ktvu californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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49ers quarterback trade. lance wasn't just a practice also a chance to say hello to his former high school coach, terry baumann, as well as the entire marshall high football team. they were busted by the vikings to watch practice today. lance graduated from marshall in 2018
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wasn't that long ago. he's just 22 years old. he made time for the fans, of course, especially the younger ones before the 49ers hit the practice field along with the vikings and on the field leads had an up and down day. they say he completed 12 of 17 passes, but he also threw an interception on a pass intended for deebo. samuel we're told things did get a little chippy er than yesterday's practice, but no big fights or scuffles. so how effective are these joint practices anyway? well, that depends on who you ask. i like the way we did it this time. we didn't really prepare for him. we just showed up and it was like it was a different look for everybody. both teams, i think benefited from this. yeah. i didn't like it, too. i feel like it's a waste of time personally, but it was boring for sure. football practice boring. not something you hear. every day we finally have some resolution on the deshaun watson saga, the browns quarterback will be suspended a total of 11 games and fined $5
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million. it's all going to be suspended without pay after more than two dozen women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. watson did apologize for any pain he caused . but he stopped short, well short of admitting any wrongdoing. after five straight wins the giants they have dropped their last two games and today's game with arizona. it was not even close. they got blown out. not that it mattered to this young man who's loving that ice cream today about 68 degrees at the ballpark in san francisco in the fifth inning, d'backs jump out to a four nothing lead. jake mccarthy off logan web. who is tagged for nine hits, gave up three earned runs and just four and two thirds innings, his counterpart , zach gallon different story. he was dealing. strikes out tiro estrada on the check swing that was one of his 12 12 strikeouts per gallon as the d backs blank. the giants five nothing. padres also lost. so san francisco still 5.5 back in the wild card
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race. as for the a's well, they were trying to take a four game series in arlington, texas, with the rangers didn't happen. the second zach loads pitch gets away great play here by shea langoliers. the rookies playing just his third game, bareheaded. grab throws out jonah heimat the play. eight. but this one was all texas nathaniel low in the fifth, three run blast off loge rangers win at 10 to 3 and they split the four game series and we're going to take you out with something i've never seen before. check this out. a man leg, pressing a car on car folks happened at a strongman competition in loveland, colorado. his name is brian shaw . he stands six ft. eight. he weighs more than £400. the car probably weighs about £2000 times. does he do this guy's amazing he's not just anyone. mike happens to be the four time winner of the world's strongest
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man, so by the way, brian shaw, not the point guard to play for the lakers out of oakland. brian shaw, the six ft eight man whose leg preston cars thank you, leg preston cars thank you, jason, everyone -(book thuds) -(sighs) i'm beat. can you turn off the light? yeah, just give me a second. 5...4...3... 2...1. you missed our anniversary. (switch clicks) ♪ ♪ ♪ wow, that's pretty good. (coughs) uh-oh. oh, no. (coughing) ohh. (coughing) ohh!


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