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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  August 19, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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will show the film greece. of course she started. sandy john travolta was danny. tickets are just $5 and a dollar from each ticket is being donated to breast cancer research. olivia newton john died last week at the age of 73 after a long battle with breast cancer. here in the pool, and we just heard like a big crash. and i was these two planes. smoke just was just coming all over the airport , a deadly midair collision at an airport in watson ville, the latest on the investigation, as we hear from a pilot who witnessed the crash. plus we're getting a better picture of what happens to people who are suffering from long covid. we're talking with the ucsf specialists about the lingering health effects and complications of covid. and it's a competition like no other where it's business in the front and party in the back one of the top 25 finalists in the national kids mullet championship joins us in studio to talk about this mullet and whether it's making a
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comeback in style. good morning. today is friday. august 19th. we are looking at a live picture of downtown oakland this morning with a lot of fog and low clouds hovering about also even foggier at the coastline in the golden gate bridge this morning, but let's talk about an interesting story. you may not have to go all the way to disneyland, the happiest place on earth. there's a new study that uses facial recognition technology. determined that the east bay city of concord is number one in the nation when it comes to being the happiest place to live . researchers used smiles and other facial expressions from selfies and other photos to come up with the list of the happiest cities in america. now here's the top five conquered was followed by provo, utah. knoxville tennessee. charleston, south carolina. and mesa, arizona. now this research did not include information on why people living in those cities appear to be so happy. welcome
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to the nine and i think the key word there is appeared to be happy because i would always caution against using social media posts as a way to gauge an individual's happiness, let alone be happiness of an entire town. right some other metric gasia. i'm skeptical. i think social media is like your highlight reel, right? it's like when you go on an interview, right? exactly. you know, we old joke that when you go on an interview, like i could be great for an hour, but, you know, give me two years into a job, and maybe you'll see you know my warts and my wrinkles so interesting conquered, though. i totally get it. great climate, somewhat reasonable cost of living compared to the rest of the bay. i love conquered. yeah i still agree with the alley on that everything on everything online is always beautiful unicorns and rainbows. and that's not always the case. alright thanks for joining us this morning nanotubes your time now we begin this hour with developing story. the investigation continues into a deadly plane crash in santa cruz county. the faa says at least two people were killed after two small planes crashed at the watson ville municipal airport. it happened just before three
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o'clock yesterday afternoon. i was stick your live outside to live pictures of the crash scene in watson. bill. this is about 12 miles east of santa cruz. you could see the wreckage of one of the aircraft right there. and investigators on the scene there this morning. the investigation just getting underway to exactly how this happened. we do know right now that two small planes collided in the air while attempting to land again as you're looking at live pictures. as the investigation continues here. one plane ended up in that field. the one you just saw there. the other crashed into a hangar, which you see on the right. right hand side of your screen. and we spoke to one veteran pilot who has flown in and out of watson ville airport many times during the past 15 years. he was trying to land when those two planes collided. admit our collisions and more. they're very uncommon, but they are more common right next to the airport because all the airplanes converging on one point. we know that there was a third person on board the plane but are waiting to hear if they
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survived this crash, federal investigators are now trying to determine how the two planes collided in midair. they have not yet released. names of the victims stay with mornings on two for updates. one woman is coming forward with her story of being sexually assaulted on a bart train in broad daylight in hopes of preventing another such attack, she says a stranger punched her and touched her as she was on her way to work. ktvu james torres live the ulcerated del norte bart station with the woman's experience and also how bart responds to safety concerns. garcia good morning. well, this station is where that woman eventually made it to safety. she said she was on her way to san francisco from work from richmond, and she says it all happened before noon wednesday morning. that woman did not want to give us her name, but she did give us her story, she says after getting on board what she thought was an empty train car. a man grabbed her neck, put his hand down her shirt. they began to physically fight. she says he punched her and she fought back by biting him. she told ktvu. she was willing to try whatever she could bring her body and her
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life were at risk. this isn't about survival at this moment, and honestly, he he'd have to kill me if he was going to rape me. so that's all i could think about was you know if my family finds me dead. at least i tried and they will know that i tried my hardest. police chief responding to the crime, calling it disturbing, assuring bart riders there are policies in place to keep people safe. some people riding bar as part of their normal routine say they are hearing this story for the first time this morning. i mean, it's terrible. and. i can't imagine ever being put into that situation. i mean, i'm a guy. you know what i mean? so nobody really bothers me. but i mean, i do feel brother people, you know, i don't think i don't think everybody's entirely save it. save it all. full surveillance video from the train and did track a suspect.
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officers arrested 21 year old ludwig maison of richmond is now in jail held on a $100,000 by that woman says she didn't see any officers on the train, and it took her banging on windows to get the attention of other people. she says she doesn't think she's going to ride a bart train again. reporting live this morning. i'm james torres. ktvu fox two news, james. thank you 96 your time now the oakland nonprofit homies empowerment says it's care centers displaced after two cars hit they're building. an employee at the center says one of the cars made it halfway inside that building at the corner of 77th and macarthur. investigators believe the two cars were street racing before the crash. homies empowerment says it's care center provides food, clothes and hygiene products that people dealing with food insecurity, mental health, housing and wellness. and we're preparing for a grand opening. actually today was going to be our first actual day we open our care center to community to come inside and knowing that this was
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our first initial day. it was very overwhelming. it's a lot of emotions going through. um but at the same time, we're very happy that nobody was here that nobody got hurt. organization says they're planning to petition the city of oakland to install lights at the corner of 77th and macarthur, or concrete barriers outside the building for protection. meantime, workers aren't sure where they're going to store the food and clothes they give out to the community while they are displaced. san francisco school board could face a lawsuit. excuse me over its decision to make a school holiday, a group of students at wallenberg high school petitioned the district for that holiday. the board passed the resolution earlier this month. the san francisco chronicle reports that a local attorney says that resolution did not follow brown act open meeting rules and may violate constitutional rights. he is asking the board to rescind that decision. in a statement, the san francisco board of education president said quote the board is committed to ensuring san francisco public schools are
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inclusive learning spaces for every student and will consider what next steps it can take to celebrate. sf usda diversity of cultures and quote the federal government is preparing to stop paying for covid vaccines and treatments. white house plans to shift those costs to patients and insurance companies. instead both trump and biden administrations had always planned for the federal government to eventually stop covering those costs. health and human services spokesperson said the change could take several months planning session is set for later this month to determine how it would happen across california deal with the homelessness crisis. we know which community in the bay area was most affected by the pandemic. according to data from 2019. through 2022, there has been a 55% increase in homelessness among latinos in san francisco. survey said the most common cause of homelessness was job loss, eviction and inability to afford rent. overall homelessness has decreased in san francisco by 3.5% over that three year span. another new study shows covid hit public transit workers more than other workers. california
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department of public health said workers for bus and rail services were twice as likely to die from covid compared to other california industries. the study was conducted over 29 months found that covid outbreaks were 3.5 times more likely in the air transportation industry and five times more likely on bus service and urban transit worksites compared to california industries. overall governor gavin newsom outlined the details of his plan to improve the mental health crisis among california's children. this comes as higher levels of depression and anxiety have been reported in children across the nation. the governor announced a new $4.7 billion plan to deal with these mental health issues. the last two years. there's been a stacking of stress the likes of which, um none of us could have conceived of, and none of us hope for in the future, and that stacking of stress comes from years and years where we've neglected your mental health where we've neglected investing , um, in the subject that brings
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us here today. as part of the governor's plan, the state would help train 40,000 new mental health professionals and hire 10,000 more school counselors. there was an urgent warning this morning for anyone who owns an apple device. the cupertino based company has issued an emergency security update due to reported flaws and its operating system that could allow hackers to take complete control of iphones, ipads ipods and max apple, along with most cybersecurity experts are telling millions of apple customers around the world to update their software. delayed i mean, it's really serious. it's not something that you can say i'm going to do with tomorrow. they can't get all the information you have from your phone. they can they basically like control it. we set up a link on our website with a complete list of all apple devices that need a new security patch. just go to ktvu dot com. click on web links to see which software version you need for your device. federal judge will decide on whether or not to make the affidavit in the fbi search of former president donald
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trump's home public coming up next what that judge has to say about releasing any documents. and why the justice department is against it. and many people who had covid-19 are still dealing with the lingering effects of the virus. after the break, i'll speak live with the ucsf physician about a new program to study long covid her large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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seeing patients with ptsd type symptoms, depression, anxiety, cognitive impairment. as many as one in five american adults who have had covid-19 say they're still dealing with symptoms from that virus. that's according to the centers for disease control . people who suffer from long covid can experience symptoms ranging from breathing and lung problems to brain fog and mental health issues. ucsf along with the health departments of san francisco and san mateo counties
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are teaming up to reach out to people who have had covid to hear their stories and better understand long covid. joining us this morning to talk about it is dr kim rose. she's with the ucsf department of epidemiology and by statistics, and she's one of the leaders of the let's figure out long covid project. thanks for being with us doctor. thank you for having me. of course, 2.5 years into this pandemic, there's still so much we don't know about long. covid what are some of the questions you hope to get answers to with this study. well i think the most important part of what we're trying to do here is understand how prevalent long covid is. many people end up with long covid after having an acute about, um of the infection. and by doing that, what we will be better able to do is start to predict who is at highest risk for getting long covid. what are the features or , um uh um, immune responses that are particular to people
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who do end up with longer lasting symptoms that will allow us to help people prevent, um and really, uh way their risk. uh getting on covid and then therefore mitigate more appropriately. sorry doctor. i just are there any initial clues or information so far about who may be more susceptible to along covid and what triggers it. actually we don't have a lot of information about it, and that's really why we are in the position that we're in. and that's also why you know of the 15th centers across the country who are going to be looking at this, um, that ucsf center has really committed itself to understanding how common it is in population. not just how many people we can count or how many people we know with long covid but really doing a very robust epidemiological assessment of
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the risk of long covid and the prevalence of long covid so because we don't have any clues right now, we actually need to understand what's happening in population. we need to characterize symptoms that people have. um and then, in the phase two part of the study. we need to understand what's happening inside the body. are there, residual? um virus still harbored somewhere in the body? is it the person's own immune response? that is now over reactive? we just don't know any of the answers to these questions. and that's why this study is super important. so really starting from square one who qualifies to participate in the study, and how are you reaching out to those people? so the ucsf center as i mentioned there, 15 centers, so the ucsf center is focused on and partnered with san mateo county public health department and san francisco department of public health, so we're really focused in those two counties in terms of who we're going to be looking at, and which stories we really want to focus on so that we can
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again get a population based understanding. of the prevalence . the way we're going to be reaching out is we're going to leverage the networks that we have already established in our ability to, uh, and efforts to address acute covid through the ucsf initiatives united in health. we need those since salud and umoja health what should people expect if they get a call from researchers of the study? so what people should expect to get is a relatively short call, maybe 10 minutes or so, um questions about when the acute bout of covid happened. how many times people have had covid we need to understand whether or not that increases the risk. well, then be asking people. how are you feeling and just allow them to express some of what they've been experiencing, and then we will also run a list of symptoms to try to understand which symptoms are most common and that people are experiencing most frequently
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. how many people do you hope to include and will it include children as well? so our center is not one of the centers. that's including children or pediatric cases. the center in texas is actually looking closely at pediatric cases. but we will also let people who get called know that there is an opportunity to be part of the study, where they can provide tissue samples also have clinic visits and assessments over time. um if they're interested in in doing so. so for people suffering from long covid now is there any hope you can share about possible cures or treatments or even getting close to that? or is that still far off? hence the reason for the study? yeah we're really far off at this point. what we're trying to do now is just managed symptoms and also, i think really importantly, we're trying to validate people's experiences because a lot of folks are having the experience of their family members telling them well
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, you're not tired. you know, you just need to get more motivated or you're not really short of breath. um and what we need to do is validate the fact that that long covid is real and that these symptoms are real. and that they need some kind of intervention. so for now, we're really just trying to manage what those symptoms are and help people cope with the fact that they have this chronic, potentially chronic condition. we hope that the findings from the national study are really going to point us in the direction of more effective treatments and potentially cure , but for now, i just really want to emphasize that the main risk of getting long covid is getting covid. and so we really need to continue to focus our efforts on mitigation and reducing community spread. alright long road ahead. let's figure out long. covid is the name of the project and the study. thanks for joining us and telling us about it. dr kim rhodes from ucsf department of epidemiology and biostatistics. thank you for having me such important work. they're coming up a lawsuit over the deadly mckinney fire up in siskiyou county. next on the nine wildfires. survivors are suing
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the utility company, the company told state regulators in the days after the fire started in san francisco, first responders quite a hiker for her own rescue . after the break their relatively new system they used to precisely pinpoint her californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year
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to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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it against the utility company claims its power lines started the deadly mckinney fire in siskiyou county. the suit filed by victims of the fire, says oregon based pacific core power lines sparked the fire pacific court filed a lawsuit or report with the california pcu six days after the fire started alerting regulators that its equipment was in the area of a fire. the company did not report any problems with its equipment to state regulators. a spokesperson for pacific course says the company does not comment on lawsuits. first responders credit technology with helping to locate a woman who became lost wandering around fort funston in san francisco on wednesday, she phoned a non emergency line after becoming lost while hiking dispatchers
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used a system called rapid s. o s, which paint her phone. and let rescuers right to our location. battalion chief says it looks like everything worked exactly as it should. this is where technology works in our favor, and it worked perfectly. it doesn't matter if it's an iphone and android. any cellphone will basically pick up the ping the woman was not hurt . but san francisco fire department is reminding people to stick to designated trails when hiking more than 90% of rescues involved. people who leave the trails. federal officials are setting aside $310 million in funding to help fight the drought. us interior secretary deb haaland toward a reservoir improvement project in irvine yesterday before announcing the department's plan to allocate that money. according to the l a times the funding will go toward 25 projects, mostly here in california when it comes from last year's bipartisan infrastructure bill. talk about a very weather and the major changes we are seeing and feeling right now. steve paulson take us into the weekend. well pretty quiet, except there's a
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bigger fog bank, other than that the inland temps continue to be in the nineties, but coast in bay. this is the biggest fog bank we've had all week. if you have in lake county, you don't get that fog bank. but bridget says good morning and happy friday. from cobb mountain and beautiful lake county. now, cobb mounds 4700 ft but probably closer to carbon 6100. ft. now the fog did a good push there this morning, and i'll show you that right there. it was, after some temps here, lower lake 73 sorry. the 83 on carbon 82 in connacht e ville 76, so it'll be a hot one near 100 for many in the lake county can't really help them. you can see the fog made. it just passed up to healdsburg and then poof. it's starting to retreat yet it's still alan peterson tells me good morning, sir. socked in here at the charles schulz airports, sonoma county santa rosa airport, and there it is. that's a big push now starting to retreat, but still made it all the way up there to healdsburg. also napa valley napa, yonville even farther north than that, now, beginning to burn back, but still, that's a that's a big push here
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compared to anything we've seen this week. fog drizzle breezy times, sonny allen, but still nice to add a few well inland. it'll be really hot. it's going to be all about the monsoon for arizona, maybe southern nevada. reno had some pretty good thunderstorms yesterday. looks like that has pushed east but i think you're okay there. but if you have any travel plans to arizona, maybe even las vegas i would keep an eye on things they're talking about. maybe one of the wettest days this monsoon season, which began june 15th, and it's already been very wet. so this could be very active day today, and also tomorrow is the way it's looking. that system in the gulf of alaska should provide some relief for inland temps on sunday, but until then, it's more of the same coast and bay. you're not changing much. there's too much fog out there. yeah, well inland also after the values still dealing with nineties to near 100 degree temps, so eventually this pattern looks like it'll change. but right now it's just subtle day today changes sixties to nineties and maybe it'll slight bump up on inland temps saturday . little cool down sunday, little warmer monday back a little cooler tuesday. all right. thank you, steve. we all
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know music can make us feel good. but coming up on mornings onto the nine we'll talk about the effect that choosing your own favorite songs can have when it comes to managing pain, and we could soon see the first black woman senator from the south here in the united states coming up. we're talking live with a host of fox holes. the black report about
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lowe's has what you need to protect and brighten your home. with exterior stains by cabot and paint from hgtv home by sherwin-williams. save at lowe's today. nine what a weather change from where we were just a few days ago. gray cloudy, foggy over san francisco. those of you who are lucky enough to live far far inland are still getting that good heat. but a major cool down has happened. just as steve paulson said it would let's talk about what makes you feel good. i've got a little i hate to admit it. it's a 19 eighties music pandora channel like rick astley and madonna and all that stuff ice cream that when i'm feeling down, and it picks me right up, but new research
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proves music works to help you feel better, but only if you're the one choosing the songs. scientists at two universities in great britain found that music can help someone feel less physical or emotional pain, but only if the listeners the one choosing the pandora stream. in my case during the study, they asked participants to rate their pain before and after listening to a song and those who choose their own music report more pain relief, and they say, the tempo energy complexity of the music really doesn't matter. as long as it is your choice. what do you say, andre? are you a big music listener in your office? yeah absolutely. i listened to it and go to the gym or pretty much anything between that. podcast so, yes, i have my selection and i know how it makes me feel so you know, i could definitely see it. music has therapeutic effects that's been shown to many, many studies. but i wonder how much of this since so much depends on the person choosing their song. i wonder how much of this has to do with just the empowerment of being able to make that choice. distracting you from the pain. i don't know. i'm not a psychologist, but it's an interesting study. for sure it'll help anything right will
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help any situation. absolutely absolutely. let's switch gears now to an ongoing political story we've been covering a federal judge indicates he may approve the release of some highly sensitive documents. that supports the government's search of the florida estate of former president trump. judge bruce reinhart says he's inclined to make public some of the affidavit that led to an early morning fbi search of the former president's house. the justice department objects to the release of that information, claiming it could harm their investigation, which they say is still in its early stages. he understands that the public is going to likely be entitled to some parts of this warrant application and its affidavit important understand that what this does is it potentially betrays sources and also, crucially, you can tell adversaries how we gather information. um, so it is potentially very damaging to national security. the fbi had no choice but to do what they did here. trump claims that everything he took out of mara
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lago by agents was declassified , and he has encouraged the release of that affidavit. the judge has the final decision. the community is coming together to support a san jose fire captain after three of his children died in a car crash. captain steven bia condra this 14 year old twin daughters and 12 year old son died in a car crash this weekend in hollister , the firefighters, ex wife and the mother of his children also died in that crash. california highway patrol says the foreword traveling in a tesla on highway 1 56. on their vehicle crossed into oncoming traffic. that was his world. um that that's what you know he lived for was being there for his children, um, loving life with them. most people are so connected to their child that there that that that they're part of them, you know their dna flows from from from the adult to the child. all three children were students in the carmel unified school district. district officials say the situation has taken a toll
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on some of their classmates and community. the firefighters have started to go fund me. page celebrates funds for funeral costs and counseling. we're now hearing directly from a san francisco man accused of killing his father and stepmother last weekend. irwin flores is under arrest. he says he had no intention of shooting them when he drove to their home in the bayview district early saturday morning. why did you have a gun on you? so. like i said, i don't remember much of my actions. but that gun was legally mine. the 23 year old talked with our amberleigh. in a jailhouse interview, flores said he had been drinking heavily before he walked into his father and stepmother's bedroom while they were sleeping. last weekend. he says his father woke up and charged at him in the dark, flores says. that's when he started shooting. once. i am team declared. i turn on the lights. and then i seen him look floor and after that, i see him suffering. and then just start
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to suffering. you shot him some more. yes, ma'am. why did you shoot your stunt mother? she was in the crossfire. i didn't have any intentions to deal with her. authorities say floors, then went on a profanity laced rant as a livestream the crime scene immediately after the deadly shooting, he's still in custody at the san francisco county jail, waiting for a scheduled arraignment next week. house speaker nancy pelosi was in san francisco to celebrate the enactment of the chips and science act. president biden recently signed the $52 billion act into law to help boost the american semiconductor industry . pelosi says the legislation will benefit the bay area and the nation. this is a national security piece of legislation very essential to our national security. that's what our purpose is to protect. that's the 03 take economic standpoint . it's the prospects are pretty
9:34 am
clear. but i also do want to say that at least 100,000 davis bacon prevailing wage jobs are contained in this legislation, science, science and senate approved the bipartisan measure late last month after nearly two years of negotiations. california's investing $1.4 million in grants to better educate students on personal finances. a state is working with the nonprofit next gen personal finance to offer professional development grants for teachers to launch perfect personal finance electives at their high schools. the goal is to help students avoid debt as they grow older. providing financial literacy is a way of giving students a way of learning and very hands on and practical ways and the fact that this will increase their awareness and allow them to live a life without debt to make better. financial choices is incredible. the 1st 1000
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teachers to compete 20 year complete 20 hours. of course work through next gen personal finance will earn a $500 stipend. slain rapper nipsey hustle was honored in hollywood on what would have been is 37th birthday during the ceremony for his new star on the hollywood walk of fame we heard from his grandmother's sister and fiancee , who said they knew nipsey hustle was destined for greatness. let's talk more about that honor by welcoming as we do every week, demi lobo, host of fox holes, the black report to the nine thanks for being with us. hello hello. so great to be here with you and definitely excited to talk about these topics. let's talk about nipsey hustle. unfortunately there are many people who only really learned about him due to his untimely death. he was so much more than a musician. absolutely you're so right. and so you know, being in los angeles, so i'm actually from chicago. but i've lived in los angeles for almost 10 years now and so being in los angeles, you know that nipsey hustle in los angeles are synonymous with each other, so it was only right for him to get this star on the hollywood walk
9:36 am
of fame where so many other people of his same stature and even more or some that i've done less are honored on the hollywood walk of fame. this is a place where those who come from other cities, other states, other countries walked down and they want to know who is important. the world. and so this had to meet a lot to his family to be honored in such a way. he did so much community work. anti violence work. tell me a little bit about the legacy . he leaves, you know, being again. los angeles is one of the places i consider los angeles like its own country. because los angeles here we have our own everything on food way of lifestyle that happens in los angeles. and so nipsey hustle was absolutely ingrained in the culture. he was ingrained in los angeles from beginning to end, and so what he's going to leave behind. also, there are so many other aspiring rappers that want to go and do exactly what is doing his team right now. they have different entrepreneurial ventures that they're doing. posthumous music is being released. he's been nominated for grammys, and so he's going to leave a legacy of a los angeles rapper that was able to
9:37 am
bypass so many different obstacles that came his way and still be considered one of the greatest rappers to live a life and i know that a lot of your viewers are very closely following the court case linked to his killing. his attack was found guilty about to be sentenced next month. yes again . that is one of the more sadder parts that we have to think about. when we think about nipsey hustle. of course, his life was cut way too soon, and we are have been following the case and what's going on, and hopefully this family can get some justice and rest because it has to be an awful feeling to relive what happened to nipsey hustle, day in and day out, so i'm sure getting the star on hollywood walk of fame and what would have been his 37th birthday brought some light to the situation and we can honor him in a more positive way briefly here to politics. demi we know that two black women are on the ballot in two top senate races in the south this november. what are your viewers telling you about cheri beasley and val demings in north carolina and florida? well val demings first. her name rings bell. she's not new to this.
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she's true to this, as some would say, beasley against her name rings bells a little bit, but val dimming is very, very, very big name. and so i was reading a story. i believe i was on the i forgot where exactly where it was at. but the headline read access is the new civil rights and so that brings so tremendously to the black community because today i believe there are only 11 african americans who have served as served as senators. and so access access access is what the african american community has been asking for. from different roles in the government is so to have two black women to black women serve as senators. first black senators would be iconic for our culture and for america, honestly, a lot of eyes nationwide on this race happening these two races happening there in the south demi lobo. thanks as always, for joining us, we'll look forward to seeing you next week as well. absolutely i cannot wait to join you next thursday. thank you so much for having me, of course, very good, quick reminder that you can watch demi logo on fox solano. foxhole dot tv could
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also watch on the foxhole app for apple and android devices. the area college wants to make it easier for students to get their degrees by removing all of the usual financial hurdles coming up in mornings onto the nine what laney college is doing to get more students back in the classroom. then the much maligned mullet makes a comeback . modern day kids and teens are rocking that risky retro do and there's a big competition over who's got the coolest crown next to local boy is among the finalists for best mullet. he joins us large out-of-state corporations have set
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their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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well well well, what have we here? a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laugh) (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! it is a competition that puts the business in the front and the party in the back, and there's a competition over who's rocking. it's the best it's called the kids mullet
9:42 am
championship. hundreds of contestants have been whittled down to just 25 young finalists and one of those finalists as a young boy from right here in our area in fremont. so joining us now this morning is mason padilla, who is competing for the top spot in this competition and his mom, michelle, thank you both for joining us today. all right, so, mason, you're the top 25 finalists. tell us how you're feeling about making it. they had hundreds of people competing in this and you're down to the number 25. how do you feel about that? i'm just happy i made it to the top 25. yeah rocking your mullet. mueller is kind of short on the sides, you know and long in the back, michelle, tell us what did you decide to give your son? or was it his decision to rock this mullet couple of years ago, and he was actually influenced by another haircut that he changed his mind. is from the movie. jodar, of course, right. and so we supported him were like you know
9:43 am
that's what you really want. then we'll take you down and we'll give you that haircut. so he grew up for about two years, and then he was bullied a bit at school by some older kids and actually wound up shaving it completely off. and then this is two years. then again, you know we had the conversation with them that regardless of what other people say if that's what you want, you have to be your own person and make your own decisions and stand up for yourself. what you think. what do you think your mom mom's advice mason when she said that like hmm. shouldn't like listen to what other people say about you to be unique, right? so what? what michelle will i learned looking into the story? i had no idea. but you ever heard the term kentucky waterfall, tennessee top hat. the missouri compromise these, by the way, are all different names for different styles of mullets. i had no idea. i thought one bullet fits all and i might have had a little something back and they myself and we'll get into that. or which one is this that mason has. there are many other names, too, for different styles is actually named his mullet. what do you do you name your mullet, mason. my mom and my knowledge.
9:44 am
oh, flo jo flow because kind of like from from joe dirt. the movie? yeah completely forgot about that movie influencing kids nowadays, i'm like, how would he even know about the mullet? but yeah, that's a good one to know. as we mentioned mason, you're one of the top 25 finalists. today is the last day to vote on mullet champ dot com. what do you want people to know as he had to answer this website to vote. for you and the other 25 people that are competing. se so i can at least like finish top five. and. do you want to finish? so you want to finish the top? you want to be you want to be number one. michelle how exciting. is this for you to have your son make it through all of these steps and get to where he is right now. it's definitely something we didn't expect. we entered it with 686 kids. and you know, we told him you gotta just take it with a grain of salt. if you don't make it this far, and we didn't expect him to come this far, so it's exciting. it's a little
9:45 am
overwhelming. i would say that the last five days i've spent more time on social media and talking to really trying to promote votes for him so but we're excited. we're happy. he's made it this far. we're proud of him. so there's a cash price that that you win from this mason. what were you going to do with that money? if you do? how much is it now? what would you do with it? if you get it? it's $2500 and i advise some new baseball equipment and buy some toys and donate. the michelle what should folks know about whe website? i know it's mullet champ .com dot com. it's one vote per day per email. so if you have multiple emails, you can vote multiple times. and when you go in they have you input your email. they give you a code that you use to prevent people from cheating on the competition and you input. the code appeared with the email that you signed up with, and then you find mason's picture. you click it and hit submit at the end. by the way, this whole mullet championship thing is pretty new. it's only a couple of years old. did you know that there was this whole? ah culture of competing for best mullet. it caught our attention last year,
9:46 am
but we missed the deadline to enter last year, so we didn't know about it, but only as of last year, and there's also that he's in the there's a kids and teens competition as well. right and he's in. yeah competition for grown men, 18 and older. yes will make it to that big one if you if you keep sit that long mullet champ .com to vote for mason padilla he's top 25. he's a local kid, and he's competing with kids from all over the country, right? yes, and he's the only kid from california in the competition from california so he could definitely use your help to win. so that is the information you see right there. today is the last day to vote 1st 2nd and 3rd place. first place prize winner gets $2500 as we mentioned for the best model of title and you can cast your vote at mullet champ. .com. mason. good luck to you. thank you for coming in. we hope you win, and we hope viewers out there able to push you to the finish line. thank you boys both so much. joining us really appreciate it. alright we love the actress olivia newton john
9:47 am
battled cancer for decades. ali mornings onto the nine. what's happening today that some movie theaters at some movie theaters so that movie fans can carry on and celebrate olivia newton john's
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
mining parents to safely store their marijuana edibles away from children poison control experts across the country reporting a recent spike in the number of small children and teens getting sick after accidentally consuming marijuana . health agencies in new york say the number of cases of young people eating marijuana edibles in that state has gone up sixfold in just the past three years. many of these children are getting sick and we send a good percentage of them into emergency rooms. they can certainly have things like increased appetite and some confusion. somebody tax yes, some coordination issues experts say you should treat
9:51 am
marijuana like you do prescription medication keep it locked up in away from children. a big drug bust in san francisco led officers to £3 of fentanyl in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. investigators also seized heroin, meth cocaine, plus more than $18,000 in cash. this comes as cities across the country are dealing with an increase in the rate of fentanyl overdoses. sunday's national fentanyl prevention and awareness day. san francisco's d a. brook jenkins is joining forces with two mothers who lost their children to the opioid crisis. the d. a posted a photo with the mothers on twitter this week and said she is committed to doing everything she can so another mother doesn't lose her child to a drug overdose campaign was launched earlier this year featuring a large billboard in san francisco about the city's fentanyl problem and the drug overdose crisis. the group responsible for the billboard plans to rally sunday at city hall. police will no longer use the term excited delirium in written report, ktvu evan sernoffsky tells us critics say the term is used to justify
9:52 am
the deaths of people at the hands of police, often from communities of color. if there's some changes out there that need to be made have to be open to him, police chief ed alvarez announced thursday that his department is no longer accepting the term excited delirium. the controversial term will be removed from department policy manuals and internal memos. the chief made the decision after bart's independent police auditor and police citizen review board made recommendations anytime we can make a progressive change some positive that shows our community that we engage that we're paying attention. that's we're going to do. medical literature describes excited delirium as a state when a person is agitated, aggressive or distressed, but recent studies have found that it's almost exclusively used to explain deaths at the hands of police. it is a long overdue but very welcome. event that's happened. it is a good step
9:53 am
toward rational policing and a rational policy. excited delirium has been rejected as a medical diagnosis by groups like the american medical association , the world health organization and the american psychiatric association. at the end of the day, it will help to quash the nonsense of excited delirium. it's really a hoax bomb is a civil rights attorney who's suing antioch's police. in the case of angelo quinto quinto died while being restrained by police. two years agog restraina prone position, and they're down from asphyxiation for that. bart appears to be one of the first police jurisdictions in the bay area to reject the term, excited delirium. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. the warriors are warning fans about buying tickets for the upcoming season last season, more than 300 fans
9:54 am
were turned away after purchasing counterfeit tickets, fraudulent activity picked up during the team's playoff run when more than 200 tickets were turned away at the gate fans who want to attend warriors games during the 2022 23 season encouraged to purchase tickets directly from the team. and warriors .com or verified resellers. 49ers played the minnesota vikings tomorrow evening in minneapolis. but don't expect to see trey lance or any of the other starters in the game. head coach kyle shanahan says the likely rest after the niners scrimmaged against the vikings for the past two days. the joint workouts can get a little chippy. there were no fighter scuffles, but the practices did get a little spirited at times. i like the way we did it this time. we didn't really prepare for him. we just showed up and it was like it was a different look for everybody. both teams, i think benefited from this. yeah. i didn't like it, too. i feel like it's a waste of time personally, but it was boring for sure. even if trey lance doesn't suit up tomorrow, he's already made an impact at his old high school,
9:55 am
spent several hours there yesterday, talking and taking pictures with more than 100 players, coaches and staff at marshall high southwest of minneapolis. tuition is free this fall for students at oakland's laney college ktvu is tom baker tells us how the colleges also removing other financial barriers. for students who register before classes start on monday. these early arriving athletes are very happy . they chose laney college for the fall term, honestly didn't know if it's true when classes start monday at laney college fall is for free registered students will be charged nada zip zero for fees and tuition. my dad's he's real happy for he doesn't have to stress about the financial part of school right now, so i mean, it's just a blessing. john beam agrees. we should want people to be educated because it makes society a better place, but it gets much better using a federal grant. students will also get free textbooks free lunch, weekly produced boxes and bus
9:56 am
passes. a lot of us commute. so it's just easier for us to just make it to school and get this they get free wifi and chromebooks guys are sitting there trying to use their phones to do a class in english paper on their phone. well now they have a chromebook. it's all a gift to students, many who suffered financial and academic losses during the depth of the pandemic. students can earn certificates or associate degrees, some of which guarantee admission into a california state university. it just takes a lot of stress off of my shoulders, you know, being able to come to a place that you know wants to support you and give you the things that you need in order to common show up and just focus on getting an education. junior colleges can really help you like figure out what you want to do later on in life. and help you get to that next level in college. this is for everybody, no matter their motivation, no matter their goals, barriers have been removed and they intend to succeed travel, food and the
9:57 am
cost of education. there should be no barriers for us, and that's awesome college we believe in social justice, and unfortunately free college all the time isn't realistic, but we're really going to do our best to make it work for as long as we can appreciate it. thank you. so it's fair for everybody , in fact, also facing declining enrollments, berkeley city college college of alameda and merritt college are also offering free tuition and other incentive programs for students. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. loses helping its employees fight inflation. the home improvement chain is giving $55 million in quarterly bonuses to alleviate some of the economic pressures on its front line workers. workers will receive this bonus on september 9th. those is not saying the amount each employee will specifically receive. the company has more than 300,000 associates. a big win for streaming platforms for the first time ever more people watched streaming services, then
9:58 am
cable or broadcast television in a single month, nielsen ratings reports that streamers had nearly 35% viewership in july. cable had 34 a half percent broadcast 21.6. streaming companies that attracted the highest viewing shares were netflix, hulu and amazon prime happening today. several bay area amc theaters are offering special showings of actor olivia newton john signature film to honor her after her recent death. it happened so fast, american girl crazy for me. you should know that ali and i are swaying our shoulders to the beat. we can probably recite this movie on our own just the two of us, but you don't want to hear that. you want to hear and see the real deal so head to any one of the 135 amc theaters nationwide. there are showing the film greece. of course, she started. sandy john travolta was danny. tickets are $5, and i love this next part. a dollar from each ticket is going to be
9:59 am
donated to breast cancer research. olivia newton john died last week at the age of 73 had a long battle with breast cancer theaters in emeryville and santa clara are screening greece today, but my older sister had a sleepover back in eighth grade. we had a vhs tape that i'm sure we rented for the occasion and my parents got up and fast forwarded the make out scene because they thought way too much for eighth grade. so that's another one of my greece. remember, it was a popular sleepover. options for a sleepover at my grandparents house and my cousin. yes playing that that video fast forward past the well remember not telling my mom that we watched it. i didn't want her to be upset. okay alright. i don't have any stories like that. i'm sorry. no not not with grace. you could be the backup music. music is very familiar to me. but i don't have any cool stories like what? you guys have to watch. but we should go to amc. then like amc in emeryville, showing five bucks. i got you on this one. the education, expander. look it's been a great friday morning offers that never only because
10:00 am
it's only $5 funding get cut. all right. thank you so much for joining us. i promise. andre and i will be back for our new newscast. stay with us and have ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feel feeling what e feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ ♪ and feel it like this ♪ ♪ how you doin', wendy? ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> announcer: and now, here's our special guest post, sherri shepherd! [cheers and applause] >> audience: whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! ♪ how you doin'? ♪ whoop, whoop! whoop, whoop! ♪ ♪


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