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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  August 19, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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two news. this is the fourth. investigators are trying to piece together just what led up to that deadly plane crash there in watson ville yesterday afternoon. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes savage. three people were killed in that midair collision. ktvu jesse gary joining us now from the site of that crash, and watson ville, with more on what investigators are saying, jessie investigators say the mangled twisted record you see behind me will remain here at least until saturday this as their search for the cause behind the collision now centers on the collection of evidence and witness statements. we're going to look into the man machine and the environment as we continue with this investigation. ntsb air safety investigators continued combing debris a airpt friday. they believe this wreckage holds answers to why two planes collided midair,
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killing everyone on board. both aircrafts anytime that there's an accident, or there's a concern whether it's a lot of loss of life, which is the most serious or someone has a flat tire in the on the ramp. it's a small community, and there are people here that certainly are grieving witnesses tell fox to the two planes. one assessment 3 40, the other assessing a 1 52 appeared to be attempting to land at the same time. the smaller 1 52 was piloted by a one time student pilot and was turning to approach the runway, according to the ntsb, simultaneously, the larger 3 40 , with two adults and one dog on board was moving in a straight line in traveling much faster. the 3 20 was flown into the back of the smaller plane, sending it into a field while the larger plane crashed into a hangar. sources say the pilot of the cessna 1 52 was connected to united flight services. visibly shaken staffers inside, declined comment about the loss of life, but one aviation aficionado, says the pilot of the cessna 1
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52 was popular connected to the community. he was a student pilot, and now he's a pilot, but he knows the community and we are very sad. to learn about what happened in the 19 thirties and used during world war two. watson ville municipal has two runways, but no radio tower pilots use a common aircraft traffic frequency. but federal officials say such communication is not mandatory. neither is filling out a formal flight plan when using visual flight rules building a tower. isn't on the horizon, the airspace around lots of villa this particular time nor the volume of traffic would support the cost of bringing control tower to the field, investigators say once their ground surveys are completed, the wreckage will be moved to a private pleasant growth facility specializing in accident recovery and reconstruction. we are working to get the radio communications that were occurring at that day. the ntsb hopes to have a preliminary report in 14 days
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and a final report in 1 to 2 years. the names of all of the victims will be released by the santa cruz county coroner's office. once family has been notified. we live in watson, ville, jesse gary ktvu. fox two news. alex will head back to you and open the investigation. but we hope for some answers soon. jesse, gary and watson bill. thank you, jesse. all right, joining us now to talk more about this crashes. bruce millan , a former united airlines captain, bruce great to have you on today. we appreciate the perspective here. obviously the information so far is quite limited here. it's early on. but do you have any sense about what might have gone wrong here that led to this deadly midair? vision. yeah. i mean, the important thing is that i think both aircraft should obey the standard rule. that what you do is on a downwind like you merge and a 45 degree angle and airplanes should be able to see each other at a certain altitude
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, and that's before they start descending. that's usually 1000 ft. above the field. and then they make a left turn. normally it's left turn with the pilots is on the left hand side of the airplane. so generally speaking , you've got a high wing airplane and a lowing airplane and we don't know for sure yet. that the faster airplane the twin may have been coming in straight in, and the smaller airplane was maybe making his left turn in. yeah that's um, that's that's what it sounds like, based on the radio traffic that the pilots of these two small planes apparently were in contact with each other as they should have been on approach the larger twin engine plane obviously going much faster, coming straight in the pilot of the smaller plane apparently tried to get out of the way based on some of the radio traffic in that kind of scenario. who defers to whom. well, you the airplane is closest to the runway here actually has the right away. so
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the other airplane, the faster airplane would have to give way and make a go around and come back around. and but he maybe he didn't know where this other person was in the 1 52. there's about a 40 not difference in speed. that's a lot let me ask you about one other point, and jesse brought this up in his piece. the watson ville airport has no control tower, which i understand is pretty common at small airports across the country. what kind of communications are typically going on? as as small planes like these prepared to land at airports without control towers? well you you announced your position and whether or not you're on a downwind leg or base leg or final final approach. and you tell them you're maybe one mile out and they on a base leg and you'll be turning final. and then you announce that you've turned final and the other
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airplane made be coming from behind has to tell and listen to what's going on and be able to adjust his feed. as much as possible. faster airplane that was a twin engine like that. you can't slow it too much. it'll stall out. bruce finally, they can't go at the speed of the 1 53 example. right yeah, you have just a tremendous difference in terms of the speed of the two airplanes. finally before i let you go. how unusual is it? sort of. put it in perspective. how unusual is it to have a midair collision like this one? well it's very unusual, and it was three o'clock in the afternoon. and i think the weather was good. uh you gotta see nbcnewyork. and you've got instruments now that people pay too much attention with their head inside the cockpit. and the other thing that's interesting about the approach to 20 is it's fairly steep because there are towers out there about 100 ft. above the ground. and so there's a glide slope is normally three
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degrees. this is 3.5 degrees coming in. alright what we appreciate your perspective today. bruce millan, former united airlines captain, thank you for coming on. thanks for having me absolutely. one teenager has been arrested in connection with that deadly shooting of a safeway worker in san jose that took place back in june. san jose police say that 18 year old to be to a kalakaua of utah is now in custody in connection with the shooting of manuel cornejo. police say that cornejo, who was 24 years old, was working there at the safeway on hamilton's avenue in the willow glen neighborhood when he tried to stop a robbery in the liquor section back on june 5th. a fight broke out and he was shot and killed. anyone with more information on this case, is asked to call san jose police oakland police have arrested two people in connection with a string of rolex watch robberies around the bay area. there have been more than 20 of these robberies over the last several
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months in oakland and other bay area cities. in most of the cases, armed robbers approached the victims and forcibly removed the watches from their wrist, opd says. on tuesday, officers executed a number of search warrants in oakland and some neighboring cities. two people were arrested and officers recovered two guns with extended magazines as well as a rolex watch in connection with those robberies. there's no word yet on how many of those robberies the suspects might have been involved in wealthy continue to target vehicles here in the bay area for their catalytic converters and one recent such theft and the police response has some people in san francisco shaking their heads. proper border. henry lee joins us now live after talking to a woman who saw a man getting ready to steal the device and says police just let him go. heather. it seemed like a slam dunk. you see a theft and progress. call the cops. they come quick case closed. not quite. surveillance video shows a man backing a stolen honda accord into a
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parking space near 24th finanza in san francisco's richmond district. it's three in the morning on tuesday and idling in the street, a jeep with a second suspect behind the wheel. soon unmistakable loud noises, with the two men using the corner as a makeshift chop shop woke up to the sound of you know, like drilling. it's it was extremely loud, and a roommate immediately called police dispatch confirmed this was a catalytic converter theft in progress. the guy in the jeep took off. officers from sfpd s richmond station arrived on scene within minutes. but even though heller and her roommate never lost sight of the suspect, and the officers were talking to him, they wouldn't arrest him. i heard them say that you're free to go. the suspect even asked the officers were the closest bus stop was i was like, why not do the white glove treatment? just order them an uber. it was embarrassing. the overall assessment is that we have to do better than this. officers admitted to the women that their computer systems were down, which meant they couldn't positively i d. the suspect will
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find the owner of the honda. so without enough evidence, they let the suspect go. such inaction. it's hard for me to understand what is the threshold for arrest and what is a reasonable expectation for police action. in a statement, san francisco police said. in part, our job is not just to enforce the law but to ensure everyone is protected by the law . releasing a possible suspect does not mean the investigation is over. in fact, it means the investigation is just beginning. now the owner of the honda was later found and the car was returned to him. he was missing its stereo, but not its catalytic converter. one last note. before that suspect took off. he asked if he could have his jack back. cops told him not a good idea. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. new guidance from the fda makes more monkey pox vaccine shots available. the fda has approved a new way to give the shot which requires less vaccine. this new method gives someone a shot on the front of
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the arm instead of the back a doctor with the santa clara valley medical center spoke about the process today at a vaccine clinic in san jose. only 1/5 as much of the dose is used for that intradermal injection compared to the full dose that was used before this was approved by the fda, based on a study that was done a few years ago. in preparation for this exact scenario and out past a possible outbreak of monkeypox that would require dose sparing or stretching few doses to as many people as possible. doctors say people getting the vaccine this way are showing an immune response. that's just just as strong as the response people experience after getting a full dose in the back of the arm. facing fentanyl. the big push this weekend for more awareness and education about the deadly opioid a woman behind a very public campaign here in the bay area on the overdose crisis is going to join me live next developments expected in the
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battle over the fbi search warrant for mara lago. the deadline for the department of justice to submit redactions for that document. so one day this weekend is going to be much hotter than the other so pinpoint the coolest day coming up as the news continues, right here on the four on ktvu backs, with xfinity i don't know... evander holyfield has your back. i wouldn't click on that. hey, thanks! we got a muffin for ed! all right! you don't need those calories. can we at least split it? nope. advanced security that helps protect your devices in and out of the home. i mean, can i have a bite? only from xfinity. nah.
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and local officials will be confronting the opioid epidemic , the d a has declared sunday national fentanyl prevention and awareness day. it aims to bolster education efforts surrounding the dangers of drugs laced with the incredibly powerful and deadly synthetic opioid. joining us now live is jackie berlin obey area, mon turned advocate following her son's battle with drug addiction. thank you so much for being here. you're with the group mothers against drug deaths tell us about what you have planned for sunday. thank you for having me, heather. we have a plan to do a rally with
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community members, community leaders, district attorney brooke jenkins will be there we have a number of supervisors mandel men by and dorsey have agreed to join us. we have a firefighter. we have mothers who have lost their children, and we have mothers who have children on the streets struggling with addiction and are afraid that their children may and overdosing. um so we started this, but we planned this event so we could bring community members and community leaders together and so that we can all work on this horrible, horrible epidemic. that's in our country and especially in san francisco. i know what the rally this question is one that you'll be addressing what has fentanyl and the open drug market stolen from you. jackie share a little bit about what hit has stolen from you. national has stolen my younger brother. he overdosed
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and be announced to him, um, on fentanyl. it's also taken my son. to the streets, and i don't get to see him that often. he does try to stay in regular contact with me, but he is very, very sick in his addiction. so fentanyl has stolen that from me . we will also be hearing from business owners who have lost businesses because of the open air drug market that's going on, um in san francisco as well. and it's taken literally over 300 lives this year alone. um there have been over 300 overdoses in san francisco. this year, and we plan to memorialize that at the rally were printed up all of the names and we're going to have a memorial for them, and we welcome anybody in the community who would like to join us. just seeing those names will really drive home. the impact of this crisis. jackie back in april, your group made a very public
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statement about the situation there in san francisco with this billboard in the months since this campaign started, what has happened. have you seen any positive steps from city leaders? well i'm grateful. actually, i met with with the district attorney brooke jenkins , and she really has some fantastic plans for moving in the right direction. i also met with supervisor matt do and he is well is planning. um he has a lot of great plans that i think will be implemented. i think it's been one of the greatest changes has been that a lot of these. um factions have been siloed, and now they're trying to work together and that's what we're hoping for. the rally also is going to be a kickoff for all of these different leaders, um, and nonprofits to work together to make find solutions. alright we'll make change. we appreciate you coming on the show. we should remind the audience that this rally is taking place this
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sunday. 11 in the morning. there is san francisco city hall. really appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you. thank you so much. a very important whether note for you to take away this weekend. we have a heat advisory in place that huge red highlighted area that you're about to see on your tv screen. this encompasses the car kina straight and the delta as well as fairfield and sassoon city and all these other communities in between, like crockett and martinez, as well as discovery bay and also right around oakley . temperatures are going to be well above average again and this heat about sarees in effect until saturday evening at seven pm this looks refreshing. it's a view sutro tower looking out towards mount diablop some t out towards a hotter areas where it's 99 degrees in brentwood. it's 99 also in lower lake. it is now 90 degrees in livermore, but comfortable sixties and
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seventies bayside so tomorrow will be the last of the triple digits. for now. sunday temperatures trend downward big time and then on monday, we wake up with overcast skies and then a summary day will greet us right now. the winds are all over the place. we have a pretty much sustained at 14 and santa rosa. these winds will be more consistent in westerly 10 to 20 during the late evening hours. sfo wins now westerly at 20. we have this huge dome of high pressure as previously advertised. it continues to retrograde heating us up here locally as well as in our interior valleys and all the way into the pacific north. west pinpoint your neighborhood forecast tomorrow. we're talking about 100 degrees in antioch's mid nineties and fairfield low nineties and santa rosa seventies and eighties will become it across the central bay 88 degrees in san jose. that's four degrees above average, your fool weekend, four cats and even the oakland a's forecast. we'll toss that in a little bit later in this newscast, alright, that sounds good, roberta. a deadline fast approaching the effort to unseal the affidavit that led to
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over a judge's plan to release portions of the affidavit outlining why fbi agents searched former president trump's florida estate judge has given the justice department now until thursday to come forward with suggested redactions of information in that document boxes. lauren blanchard is in washington with more why the public may not learn much, if anything, in fact does go public. line by line. the justice department is likely going over the affidavit, which prompted a judge in florida to allow a rate at former president trump's resort home. they have until thursday to submit redactions. there are a lot of things in an affidavit that they can reveal without actually having to give any substantive information. what people really
4:23 pm
want to know, i think is what was the probable cause. the justice department has already warned. they're likely to h thel learn very little from um, what's left? former president trump says he wants the full document released. i would expect it will get a lot of black ink all over that piece of paper. judge bruce reinhardt will have the final say, however , it still may take weeks or months for the public to get their hands on it. the motion to unseal the affidavit was brought by major news companies who argue it's in the public's interest to know what prompted such an unprecedented move. it is up to the public to determine what is meaningful in this investigation. the already unsealed search warrant showed agents were looking for violations of three federal laws, including the espionage. act and obstruction of justice laws. team trump claims the raid was politically motivated. i think full transparency is what's really called for in this very extraordinary situation, lawyers from the justice department can appeal. whatever
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judge reinhardt decides it could keep the documents sealed a little longer in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news a new poll shows california voters don't want to see president biden seek a second term in the white house. those new numbers will be part of the discussion coming up this weekend on our political show. the issue is that airs right here on ktvu host alex michaelson. joining us now live from los angeles with a preview of this discussion, alex not much support for the president here in california. yeah of course. alex. if you think about it, joe biden won this state by 30 points. but according to a new poll from berkeley and i, g s, uh, 61% of california's don't want him to run. only 31% of him. want him to run of among democrats? it's 46 46, so he doesn't run who to california democrats want to support tied at first with 13% gavin newsom, the governor and
4:25 pm
bernie sanders behind them. the current vice president of united states, kamala harris, at 10% on our show this week, we talked to peter hamby of snapchat news and puck news, and he responds to that new poll. take a look. i read there is newsome and you know him better than i do, but he's made this sort of gamble that we live in a very combative , partisan, polarized atmosphere . and unlike president biden, who wants to make a phone call to mitch mcconnell and who wants to pass some bipartisan legislation? newsom is running ads in florida he's throwing punches at republicans. and the base really seems to like that. um and newsom is also pretty good. i wouldn't say he's the like, smoothest dude in the world. he can be a little stiff, but he gets social media like he's he's dropping video clips all over tiktok and youtube. and, um you don't see t david brooks columns and, you
4:26 pm
know, like watch nbc nightly news. so you know, of course, the white house keeps saying and the president keeps saying that he intends to run in 2024 that they're focused on the midterms in 2022 that could have an impact on whether the president decides to run for re election or not, but it's clearly something that a lot of democrats are already thinking about alex clearly so what is it that governor newsom continues to say he has. what is it? sub zero interest? i believe, right in running for the white house, alex your sense. i mean, what? what do you think? a poll like this means inside the newsome camp. it's does this sort of mean they start shifting towards you know, maybe campaigning a bit more broadly for a run at the white house. are you suggesting they're not already campaigning? brother that's true . that's true. i mean, i think i think that that's the deal is this. i think gavin newsom and most of the democrats everybody
4:27 pm
mentioned there have all said that they are not going to run if joe biden runs again, and there's probably a better than 50 50 chance that joe biden runs again. but if he doesn't i think gavin newsom is getting himself ready to be in position to potentially run and this will only strengthen that argument sure, says something that kamala harris, the vice president from the bay area is not polling all that well in her home state, which potential weakness and shows a potential opening for the governor of california. yeah governor newsom waiting in the wings. we will see how it all shakes out in the end. alex always appreciated. we are looking forward to the program coming up this weekend. that conversation coming up on the issue is it is 6:30 a.m. sunday morning, right here on ktvu. home sales slowing down. we sit down with the bay area expert to talk about the shift in sales and what it means for perspective. home buyers. also helping families navigate the
4:28 pm
start of the school year. the school supply drive giveaway that happened today, all in an effort to make a difference
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shows home sales are dropping. sales fell nearly 6% in july, compared with the month of june. here to talk more about these numbers is george torchetti, wealth advisor with morgan stanley. george always a pleasure sales down about 20% from the same month the year ago . what do you believe is driving
4:31 pm
that klein well, heather. it's not good because buying a new home for buying an existing home is kind of the backbone of our economy. and if the federal reserve had their way they would slow that down, which they are by raising the mortgage rates. and what happened is on monday,e are all thehey're supposed to be lower costs. of buildings ary high and high mortgage rates. developers are not very confident that they're gonna be able to sell these houses, so they've been slow playing it. they've been pulling fewer permits and permits that they have pulled. they're taking their time building out these these tract homes. so you know for the for the new home buyers coming in. these songs are expensive, and it's really has slowed down a lot now on the new home side in california, uh, the existing home sales in california and actually the san francisco bay area down about 13% the median home price. um in san francisco was about 1.4 million, and now it's trended
4:32 pm
down to 1.3. and this all has to do with inflation and the federal reserve trying to slow down the economy, get the inflation rate down, but of course, it creates chaos with your average consumer who just wants to get into home. and then that's what exactly what we're seeing here. georgia these july figures are based on closings, so the contracts were likely signed in may and june, and as we were just talking mortgage rates really spiked higher in june. yeah and it's not going to get better. i mean, because if you look at the 20 year olds, 30 year olds in the 40 year olds and maybe some of the 50 year olds they're used to low mortgage rates. but if you look at the 60 and seven year olds, they'll tell you back in the day the rates were easily in the 789 and 10% for mortgages and people you know, paid that price, but because of the cost of homes and the escalation, especially in the bay area, um, if you have what it would have been last year. okay so that is a lot of cash flow going out. yeah, so are there any opportunities here for home buyers? do you think well for people that have
4:33 pm
resources and can afford the cash flow. sure there are homes for sale and the price points have come down so they can get a better deal and they can take a higher mortgage rate. if they can afford the cash flow, and then they could refinance it a year later, because we think by, you know easily by next year, the rates will be down at a more reasonable level. you've already trended down about half a point already, and will continue to do that, because the government wants to get people in houses. that's how we have a good, uh good domestic product numbers. you know, at the end of the year of growth in our economy, so there is some hope out there. but for those people that are, you know, close margins just barely getting into a house because of their earnings to debt ratios. it's gonna be a little longer checked for that. and california just expensive. i mean, people have to think about maybe moving to other parts of the country. where the house prices are third of what they are right here. that is a sobering reality for all of us here in the bay area, alright, george machete, always a pleasure, sir. thank you. alright. thanks for having me. alright students around the bay area or heading back to school right now, and that means their
4:34 pm
parents are headed to stores to get all the key supplies they will need in the classroom. those trips to the store, though, can be really expensive boxes. stephanie martini tells us inflation is also hitting back to school is ae expensive time of year. but this year back to school shopping comes with a price tag that soaring amid inflation. ridiculous, absolutely, like food, clothing. everything is all that stuff is ridiculous from the gas station to the grocery store to the pharmacy. consumers have been contending with higher prices, and that's the same kind of thing that's happening at the register. as those school supplies and essentials are being purchased. i think parents we are very concerned me what i'm seeing based on from the national retail federation, you know, spending is a tiny bit of but essentially flat. it's possible that parents are going to be pulling back to an extent where they're not buying everything that they need. smart shopping expert trae bajaj says there's things parents can do to save as
4:35 pm
binders, papers, pencils, backpacks, clothes and shoes or costing more always recommend getting into the habit of using a coupon site. buying in bulk. if you happen to have a wholesale club membership, this is the time to use it. and then i would also say, check out the dollar store because they tend to be very competitive and certain categories like paper is a good one. and she says, go into back to school shopping with a list and a plan when it comes to close, she says, consider buying used items from youth consignment shops. for example, this mom who is also a teacher, recognizing the more costly start to the school year, says, hand me downs or how she manages dressing her three girls. we only do hand me downs or gifts from the time they were born. this one's on the third round of hand me downs that helps a 43 children. right? that's right. that's right. of course, having multiple kids makes back to school shopping, more expensive inflation or not , experts say parents might want to just focus on needs to get the school year started and
4:36 pm
purchase more after the year is underway. stephanie bertini, fox news. all right. it was an exciting day at the oakland academy of knowledge. today hundreds of students lined up in the school's courtyard to receive new backpacks and school supply kits filled with all sorts of items they will need, including binders, notebooks and markers. this back to school distribution was made possible by the school supply drive we've been telling you about for the last month or so. ktvu has partnered up with the nonprofit supply bank dot org to make sure students in need have the tools they need to learn and succeed in the classroom. it was really fun. kids lose your backpack, and this is great for the kids. thank you. good because like before, like we barely had anything like they have everything we need and stuff and then you guys came and gave us
4:37 pm
all this stuff, and now we don't have to worry about axing the teacher for stuff because we already have it. they are all set to go and i was honored to be a part of today's distribution event. i got to help hand out backpacks and supplies to the students met so many of those wonderful kids at the academy today and they are excited about the brand new school year for more on the effort, the ongoing effort to make sure that students across the bay area have the supplies they need as they head back to the classroom. right now. we're joined by benito delgado olson, who is the executive director of supply bank dot org. benito great to see you again. i had a great time out there today at this distribution event. obviously this is the culmination of so much hard work and fundraising by your organization. what does it mean to you when you're out at one of these giveaway events and you get to see the kids getting these much needed supplies? yeah, well, good afternoon.
4:38 pm
thank you so much for having us. it's really the best part of our job. we uh it's been a lot of time behind the scenes making things like this happen in there's so few of the many distributions happening around the bay area we get to participate with and to see 300 kids receiving what in store value would cost about $20,000 to buy. and to see how it transformed their day, especially on a friday and it's cool. so beautiful like oak elementary school. it's really just one of the best experiences we have working at supply bank that oregon. we're just so grateful to the ktvu community for the tremendous support they have. given this drive this year, i really would not have happened without them. yeah and all the kids that that i talked to looking forward to having another great school year, especially with all those new supplies. how important is it for students to have the tools they need to learn in terms of achieving the success that you
4:39 pm
want to achieve in the classroom? yeah you know that's a great question, because it really matters and it goes directly to their ability to feel like they belong in school. it's just like any other place where if you don't have what you need to do well there, you're not going to feel like you belong. and so this is something that the ktvu community has really continued to step up with , so that you can have a direct impact. so every student like the ones we saw there today at oak elementary and many more in all, the communities across the bay area can feel like they're having a strong start to the school year. it's fun. it's exciting. i haven't been in a drum circle like that in a really long time. it was a blast . yeah it was an absolute blast . it was just it was just fun all around. i know you're doing more of these distribution events at other bay area schools here. the effort continues for you before before i let you go. we talked about the school supply donation drive. that obviously is continuing here. our partnership with you trying to trying to get supplies to students here. i know we're
4:40 pm
aiming to raise $50,000 by next month. how close are we, benito? we are doing well, thanks to the ktvu community. we're at $34,000 , or just perhaps a few dollars under it. so this has been a really tremendous impact by your viewers and buying the ktvu community would be grateful for we've already received enough to help just about 1700 students. so that's well on our way to our goal of 2500 students across the bay area, so we're asking the community just continue their support. we're getting really close. we would love to showcase more direct impacts from their generous donations so far, just like what we saw in oak elementary today. well thanks for inviting me out to the giveaway today. i had a fantastic time and it was my honor again to be a part of this effort here, so we know the bay area community is going to step up as it always does here and get us across the finish line. benito delgado olson was supply bank .org. let me give the reminder here. there is still
4:41 pm
time you can help out students in need across the bay area. if you want to donate to the school supply drive, all you have to do is scan that barcode right there on your screen or just had two ktvu .com/ school. well more support for seniors. that is the goal for state funds aimed at helping the api community in san francisco sunset district the improvements to keep facilities there next and just in time for the weekend. we have a weather advisory you need to know about the full forecast as the news continues, right here on the floor on ktvu, fox t californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting.
4:42 pm
prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27. ♪dance! by christian a medice & elisha noll♪ ♪are you ready?♪ ♪ ♪let's go♪ ♪ ♪ahh yeah♪ ♪ ♪step to rhythm like♪ ♪you're going out tonight♪ ♪dance get with the groove and♪ ♪dance get up and move let's♪ ♪dance kick off your shoes and♪ ♪show me how you♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ ♪ ♪dance♪ get a free storage upgrade and case with s pen when you pre-order. ♪dance♪
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as she was attacked on a bart train in the middle of the day. she says the man nearly raped her wednesday morning on the richmond millbrae line. ktvu elissa harrington spoke with the victim who says she fought back
4:44 pm
in order to escape. it is painful, the victim of a terrifying attack on bart gets a hug from her mom after an emotional and traumatizing experience. the woman who did not want to be identified for her safety, said she got on barred at richmond station wednesday morning to go to her job in san francisco, something she does almost every day it was 11:30 a.m. and the train car she entered was empty in about a minute and just sitting um, down . i felt somebody behind me. i was in a solo seat. and they were able to go fully go behind me and grabbed my neck. at first, the woman thought someone was trying to rob her. then she felt a hand down her shirt. that's when i realized he doesn't want my phone. he wants my body. he started putting his hands on my shirt and i started fighting. with everything i had . the woman started screaming and swinging her arms. she said her attacker punched her in the
4:45 pm
face. he put his hand over her mouth and she bit his finger until it bled. i realized this isn't about survival at this moment, and honestly, he he'd have to kill me if he was going to write me so that's all i could think about was you know if my family finds me dead. at least i tried and they don't know that i tried my hardest. the attacker finally released the woman as they approach the elsa rito del norte station. she took these pictures and called police. i was banging on the windows while we were pulling into the station, and then everybody was was seeing what was happening. so people started pointing very disturbing, very unfortunate, fortunate situation. bart police chief at alvarez said they pulled video from the train and used pictures taken by the victim to identify the suspect. they tracked him down enrichment officers arrested 21 year old ludwin maassen of san francisco, alvarez said. passengers should feel safe riding bart people
4:46 pm
should feel safe. we have a lot of things in place to make sure that people are safe. we have cameras on our train cars. we have cameras on our platforms. we have trained operators that are in the cab that can be easily accessed. accessed we have apart watch app that allows individuals to report real time information to our dispatchers. victim of this attack was critical of police response. she wants more officers patrolling cars and stations and said she has no plans to ride bart again . i didn't think at 11 30 in the morning on my way to work. i was going to have to fight for my life on a public transportation that i think is supposed to be safe. cerrito elissa harrington ktvu fox. two news. millions of dollars in new state funding is coming to san francisco to improve and expand resources for a p i seniors in the city's sunset district, san francisco state assembly member phil ting today announced the new funding $2.3 million will be used to
4:47 pm
renovate the south sunset playground clubhouse and another 1.2 million in state funding will support self help for the elderly's planned senior center on tariff wall street. we want to make sure that the community spaces that we have that are precious that people know where to go. people get services. we're trying to get them renovated and upgraded and so that they're ready for the next 50 years. the $3.5 million for the projects comes from funding through the state's 2022 23 budget. a beautiful bird's eye view from sutro tower indicates we've got blue skies with just a little, but it's stratus hanging very tight to the coast. everybody good evening to you. take a look at that. see right there looking all the way out to mount diablo, currently in the east bay. the temperatures range from 85 walnut creek to 95 in concord, it's now just shy of triple digits in brentwood. meanwhile where you have that coastal influence, it's 65 in
4:48 pm
san francisco. hey hi there. san jose gorgeous 80 degrees at the rose garden district. currently, the winds have been rotating all over the place. they will become more consistent westerly 10 to 20 mph after sundown. otherwise we do have a wind currently out of the west at 12 in san carlos 20 at sfo and also hayward into castro valley with the westerly influence now, meanwhile, we're looking at the clouds of stacked up next to the coast. what caught my attention is this right here? we could see the worst monsoon. oh, flooding. so far this year, beginning with tonight through saturday, and primarily what we're zooming in on is the southeastern corner of arizona. we're talking about places just outside of tucson like bisbee and douglas and vincent, sierra vista and also tombstone and then all this will lift up towards tucson and try to make tracks towards las vegas, so we'll keep a watchful eye on that. meanwhile this area apply pressure continues to retrograde again heating us up
4:49 pm
locally in our east bay and birthday, inland areas and also into our interior valleys. today 107 in fresno, 17 in reading and 91 degrees in palm springs. that's below average. good looking weekend. if you have the luxury to head to the high sierra temperatures where they should be for this time of the year, and so far, it doesn't look like the great lake tahoe era will see that influence the monsoonal moisture. here is a look at our temperatures 11 degrees above normal for our saturday and it looks like eight degrees above normal and santa rosa. if you're heading to the baseball game tonight, we have coal irving on the mound for the good guys. he's a lefty marco gonzalez for seattle. 67 degrees gorgeous. additions out there with the breeze to 10 tonight, overnight fifties and sixties. you're gonna kick off that extra blanket. and then for tomorrow, he'd advisory in effect until seven pm we're talking about the cockiness straight, which does include crockett and martinez out to the delta brentwood,
4:50 pm
tracy also discovery bay carefulness as soon city also with temperatures well above average up to 100 tomorrow and anti ox. we'll see some pockets of some communities, 101 oh, one. maybe one. oh to the outside number, but i'm sticking with 100 degrees and then your extended forecast. look at that big cool down on sunday. you're going to feel the difference there than a little bump up in the temperatures before we go back down on tuesday, make it a great weekend, everyone. thank you. rising temperatures and a rising mosquito population. why you may want to wait before reaching for that pest control spray. also residents outraged by ongoing problems at a san francisco apartment building to floods. and now reports have contractors stealing from evacuated units coming up at five o'clock tonight. the supervisor in
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
cheetos is now in full swing,
4:53 pm
but efforts to exterminate those pests could have a negative impact on mother nature is christina coleman breaks down the ways to battle the bite? climate change is lengthening the mosquito season, prompting more and more americans to hire professionals to help avoid the itch. but the increase in chemicals sprayed around the yard could be having a deadly impact on our ecosystem. if you're using a chemical that's toxic to certainpect to l damage. scientists worry over you said the pesticide spray to prevent the pesky insects is killing already diminishing pollinators like bees and butterflies and worsening a growing threat to birds and insects that eat mosquitoes. we need our pollinators, right? they're incredibly important. but at the same time we need to eliminate eliminate mosquitoes that vector diseases the backyard bloodsuckers carry serious diseases, including zika
4:54 pm
and west nile, the cdc reported a dramatic uptick in mosquito related illnesses in 2020. it is really a serious concern, and that can vary by region time of year. weather conditions. things like that. experts say americans can blame climate change for the boost in the buzzing bugs. the increasing warm weather adding a month to the beginning and end of the mosquito season in some parts of the country. if you're looking for solutions that don't involve chemicals, experts say, remove any standing water and use a fan to keep mosquitoes away in los angeles, christina coleman fox news david and goliath story caught on camera, the pint sized pop squaring off against a bear next
4:55 pm
californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors.
4:56 pm
prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27. eaters today at memorial stadium in berkeley dogs in training for guide dogs for the blind came out to raise awareness about the nonprofit. this was also an
4:57 pm
opportunity for the puppy raisers and guide dogs in training to be around a lot of different people and sounds. this is an amazing experience for them to really, you know, get a feel for what it might be like to come with one of their with their future partners to a football game. um and just be around a lot of different people and different noises, different surfaces under their feet. thisy guide dogs for the blind also hopes today's visit will help to encourage other people here in the bay area to volunteer as puppy raisers. speaking of dogs , a pint sized pup in colorado, making headlines for a death defying stunt foxes roe, helio marries breaks down the harrowing moments after that dog faced off against a bear and ons to tell you when she wants anything so mess luna is a
4:58 pm
little spitfire with this dog. luna stands all of six inches high. but don't tell her that. why would she in her right mind chase full grown bear. why, indeed? but luna met the moment despite her true nature is just a chill at home dog, but she she loves chase chase anything down when she sees it in the front yard and the backyard owner jordan, courtney says she's a regular enforcer on her block in castle rock. she is protective of her family. so, um yeah, she just she just wanted to protect the home front. she's the first line of defense for the courtney family. morning noon and night. it was about 2 30 in the morning, and my mom took her outside to go to the bathroom. jordan's says luna knew before anyone that there was an unwelcome visitor near their home. luna went racing off barking and my mom didn't know
4:59 pm
what the what she was barking at . this footage was caught on their neighbors security camera . not that luna needed a reminder of just how much of a good girl she is. it was just comical seeing the little dog little doggie like chasing after a full sized bear, baby. to see such inaction. it's hard for me to understand what is the threshold for arrest and what is a reasonable expectation. and now it's five confusion and concern from his stan francisco resident who says she caught a criminal red handed, but it wasn't enough to get him arrested. it is a crime that is all too common here in the bay area, stealing catalytic converters. good evening, and thanks for joining us, i'm
5:00 pm
cristina rendon greg liggins well, this latest example happened in san francisco's richmond district. at 24th avenue and anza street crime reporter henry lee joins us live now, after talking to that witness who saw it all go down, henry. greg it seemed like a slam dunk. you see a theft in progress. call the cops. they come quick case closed. not quite. surveillance video shows a man backing a stolen honda accord into a parking space near 24th and anza in san francisco's richmond district. it's three in the morning on tuesday and idling in the street, a jeep with a second suspect behind the wheel. soon unmistakable loud noises, with the two menshop wou know, like drilling. it was extremely loud, and her roommate immediately called police dispatch confirmed this was a catalytic converter theft in progress. the guy in the jeep took off officers


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