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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 21, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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stracted haley while she was driving, and we dented your car. fire! (loud thud) ohh! yeah! well, girls... three more seconds, and you would have gotten away with it. mm. mm. (luke) now a human? (singsongy) come here, lily. (phil) luke, no. paula a vehicle matching her suvs description out of prosser lake reservoir, and they say her body is inside. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. investigators have not confirmed whose body is inside the vehicle or who the
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vehicle belongs to the suv was in the same area where kylie rodney was last seen ktvu elissa harrington live tonight in the newsroom. with the breaking developments in the case. alyssa julia specialist dive team that just arrived this weekend found the car at the processor creek reservoir. this is right next to the campground where kylie rodney and her friends had attended an outdoor party. now this dive team specializes in sonar. they used sonar equipment to look underwater and said they hope to bring closure to kylie's family. it's what appears to be a tragic end to the search for a truckee teenager who disappeared just over two weeks ago aerial video over the processor creek reservoir shows a submerged vehicle dragged from the lake specialist divers with the volunteer group adventures with purpose discovered this vehicle upside down. 14 ft underwater. they say kylie rodney was inside the car matches the vehicle description of kylie silver 2013 honda crv kylie has been missing
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since just after midnight on august 6th. she was at a large party with hundreds of teens and young adults at the processor family campground in the same area where that vehicle was found. friends say she was intoxicated when we come, you know, we're coming to really help our hearts are in it. adventures with purpose posted this video on their youtube page a few days ago ahead of their trip to truckee. a wp is a search and recovery team out of oregon may be asking yourself know what do we bring to the table that 16 other agencies haven't already divers specialize in scuba diving, with low to no visibility and sonar technology to find vehicles and solve cold cases specializing and sonar. we have an edge that is really unique. our skill set is extremely unique. they don't typically work on fresh cases like this one, but say they were asked to assist we specifically
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specialized in underwater searches, and we want to make sure the agencies involved have every resource available to bring answers. kylie's family. the group arrived in the area friday. they spent the weekend scouring donner lake, the boca reservoir and other waterways. sunday they focused on prosser lake, and by the afternoon discovered a vehicle and body, the plaster county sheriff's office, nevada county sheriff's office, fbi and other agencies were called to the scene. divers went in the water while law enforcement waited on shore and i d has not been released. i did get in touch with one of the divers with adventure with purpose, he said. this is the time for grieving and healing and will release more details tomorrow. now law enforcement is also expected to hold a press conference in the morning. kylie's family has not yet commented publicly on this latest development. live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news conference
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indeed. and we'll be covering it, melissa. thank you. thank you. you attend tonight. the suspect in a 40 year old cold cases returning to santa clara county tonight to face murder charges, according to sources close to the investigation. 75 year old gary ramirez is being extradited for the murder of karen stick. sunnyvale. police say ramirez kidnapped, sexually assaulted and repeatedly stabbed the 15 year old girl as she was walking toward a bus stop in 1982. ramirez was arrested earlier this month at his home in maui, berkeley. police investigating a hate crime that left one person injured. police say a person was kicked and assaulted with a shovel at people's park construction site around 7 45 this morning. one suspect has been arrested. three others are still at large. police say the incident was an anti transgender hate crime based on statements from the victim and witnesses. the victim was taken to the hospital for observation. earlier another person reported being assaulted with a baseball bat also had people's park police say there
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were no visible injuries and no description of a suspect in that case. illegal side shows across the south bay attract daylight crowds over the weekend, frustrating people who were blocked by those stunts. this weekend, psycho activity in the south bay disrupted highway traffic, leaving some drivers stranded. lamonica peters tells us at least three incidents took place in san jose in santa clara , and they were caught on camera. oh yeah, we're stuck right here. shows in the south bay continue to disrupt traffic and ultimately put people's lives in danger as displayed in this video recorded on saturday. hundreds of people showed up to watch the sideshow near the santa teresa boulevard off ramp on highway 87 in san jose. stupid it's a waste of time.
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holding up other people to other locations in the south bay were also interrupted by side shows on saturday, and intersection in front of great america and santa clara and at lundy avenue and concourse drive in san jose. the sideshow drivers burn their tires in the street, spinning in circles and creating clouds of smoke. it was the drivers near the 87 freeway, who expressed their frustration. oh what. go in july. san jose police issued over 500 citations at a sideshow involving over 200 cars at 10th street and all my avenue two firearms were confiscated in seven arrests were made. san jose police did respond to the multiple side shows in the south bay on saturday, but so far no word yet on if any arrests were made. in san jose lamonica peters, ktvu, fox two news.
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firefighters gained ground on a small fire burning just south of clear lake. the point fire started up last night, right near mount kennedy about 200 homes were evacuated as a precaution, but those evacuations were lifted and residents have since returned home. the fire is located and difficult spot to access on the ground. so tankers and choppers were called in, along with the usual fire equipment. people who live nearby posted videos on social media down fire reports 14 acres have burned that fire is 90% contained. the cause of the fire is not yet known. in alameda fire broke out at a town house in a residential neighborhood. video posted on social media shows flames shooting from the roof. that fire started near the college of alameda and the alameda landing shopping center. the cause of this fire remains under investigation tonight. this week , a florida judge is expected to make a decision on whether to release a redacted version of an affidavit. detailing the evidence that led to a surge of former president donald trump's mar. a lago estate boxes marked meredith as the story from palm
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beach. four days. that's how long federal prosecutors have to submit redactions to a criminal affidavit used to justify the fbi's recent search of former president trump's mar a lago estate this week, a federal judge is expected to review the proposed redactions, but it's unclear when the document may be made public. if at all. this sworn statement lays out the justice department's case for why there was a probable cause to search trump's property. trump and his allies are pushing for a full release of the documents, citing intense public interest. show us what it is that you went into the president, um residents spent nine hours at you know, former president trump's residence. what is it? that was that imminent national security threat would do any of us really believe that donald trump is like reading his nuclear secrets and his bedside at night? you're going to pursue this criminal investigation. you have to prove intent. since the search, law enforcement has reported a spike in threats against fbi agents. prosecutors argue this case remains in the very early stages and that if too much information
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is released, witnesses may be compromised. i think probably their concern is very legitimate . that is that if this affidavit is revealed, it will put those sources of information at risk. this is not the time to be giving essentially the trump lawyers. roadmap into how to intimidate witnesses or how to derail a legitimate investigation. the affidavit likely contains a lot of interesting details about this case, but also give us the biggest indication yet where the investigation into the 45th president stands outside trump's mar a lago estate in palm beach , florida, mark meredith fox news a new wave of ransomware attacks prompts a warning from the fbi coming up the people who are more at risk than others to become victims. and i'm tracking that weather forecast. you know, temperatures cool off significantly today. they're heating up tomorrow we'll have the forecast right around the corner. the bay area marks the country's first national fentanyl prevention and awareness day.
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these are warning bay area companies about a recent ransomware threat known as zeppelin. the warning was issued by the fbi and the cybersecurity and infrastructure agency zeppelin actors have been known to request a ransom payments in bitcoin, with initial amounts ranging from several $1000 to more than a million dollars. authorities say companies in the health care industry have been targeted the most millions of people all around the world are
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dealing with extreme heat this summer and record drought. ktvu tom vacar reports. the situation is worsening a lot quicker than most people think. so called extreme heat happens when 100 degree plus temperatures combined with lack of wind and shade and ground cover in the presence of higher humidities. the first street foundation recently released a professionally reviewed and approved study about global warming and extreme heat. and that happens you actually end up with these heat island effects where those things are hotter, and they're radiating heat hotter than the actual temperature outside. so you feel a much different temperature than just the forecasted temperature. currently some seven million americans who live in 50 u. s. counties experience extreme heat, which feels way hotter than the actual temperature on their worst day will reach over 125 degrees on the heat index. those seven million americans currently experience seven such extreme heat days per year over the next
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30 years. those days will actually increase to be 15 days . you would expect 15 of those so roughly just over two weeks of those temperatures, but far more people than those seven million more suffer that over the next 30 years is that number grows to over 107 million americans. so what that means is there's this emerging extreme heat built a big part of the heat belt will extend all the way from texas and louisiana to chicago. in places like california, specially coastal california, where air conditioning is absent from many homes. they're going to need it for coming. extended hot spells . we wouldn't expect them back to back really on our most. you would see two of them being four did, he says extreme heat spells will last up to 100 hours. today's hot spells will become the good old days, especially at traditionally hot places away from the ocean such as sacramento, the far east bay, las vegas and phoenix. is places
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get very hot and stay hotter as you were mentioning over time. rail and bridge structures warp and sag even more often retain the heat and get so much hotter that they actually lose their integrity and what they're actually built to withstand, says though many americans believe climate change will seriously affect america, few believe it will affect them directly. tom vacar ktvu fox two news and coming up tonight at 11. we're going to take you to a winery in petaluma that is using recycled water on their vines. i am proud of, you know, it was certainly it was certainly a milestone to get water here and i know i made i made a winemaker happy knowing that we can produce the best grade possible. putting a system in place to get recycled water to those grapes caused tens of thousands of dollars and required a lot of planning. we will show you how the winery makes it work tonight at 11, china has started cloud
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seeding degenerate rain amid record drought there. this has been china's hottest and driest summer in 60 years, the state broadcaster says a three month long cloud seeding project is now underway and they southern how you bay province. footage was shown of meteorology workers firing rockets carrying what they said was the chemical silver iodide into the sky, which appeared to have created rainfall. the move comes as crops across the country have wilted and reservoirs are at their half their normal levels and hundreds of thousands of people are dealing with a shortage of drinking water. temperatures today significantly cooler than saturday. saturday we had numbers up in the low one hundreds 107 out in fairfield, 103 104 out towards the anti aki area today, much cooler, so that's saturday. here's what happened today. we had this system kind of pop up against the north coast or that low, it brought the fog bank deeper, made a deeper push it further inland. and then we got cooler conditions today. tomorrow is going to warm up a little bit.
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temperatures went down today. they're going to go up tomorrow, not as aggressively as on saturday, though, so these are the highs from today and you can see you got your mid eighties fairfield 85 degrees, right so down to 15 degrees from easily 15 2025 degrees in some cases from where they were yesterday highs tomorrow will be warmer than these. i think that 85 turns into 94 95 10 degrees. temperatures will start training back down again, so the pattern is not a bad one in terms of fire concerns because we do have a pattern with, you know, fog that remains at the coast higher humidities. in temperatures that are going to be below the red flag criteria. warning these are the this is the live camera shot . you can see the fog. actually low clouds at this point marine layers couple 1000 ft deep, there's dense fog up around some of the like skyline boulevard up high around 1000 ft. if you're up above mount above stents, and you're getting some really dense fog on those elevated highways up around grizzly peak. just be aware of that tomorrow morning starts off foggy ends up warm warmer than today. i'll be back
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with the full forecast coming up. thank you turning now to the latest on the coronavirus at home rapid covid tests that have expired may still be usable. the fda has extended the expiration dates for several brands of the at home test paid on the fda website actually lists all of the authorized at home test kits, which have extended expiration dates to check. if the test you have is still usable, you'll need the lot number on the box. first lady jill biden has tested negative for covid-19. she will leave south carolina where she had been isolating since vacationing with her husband, president biden. her office says she will rejoin him at their beach home in delaware. the white house announced on tuesday that the 71 year old first lady had tested positive for the virus. she first had symptoms a day earlier . mrs biden, like the president, is twice vaccinated and twice boosted with the fighter covid-19 vaccine. the president recovered from a rebound case of the virus on august 7th basketball hall of famer dennis
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rodman says he plans to visit russia this week. to seek the release of nba star britney griner. griner has been in russian custody since february and was sentenced to nine years in prison on drug charges. earlier this month, rodman said he quote got permission to go to russia to seek reiners released, adding that he knew president putin to well. rodman has a history of interacting with world leaders. he met with north korean dictator kim jong un nine years ago. the war in ukraine is approaching six months since russia launched its first attack , but despite tragedy and turmoil, the ukrainian people continue to show their defiance to the russian occupation. fox news alex hogan has the story now from the ukrainian capital of kiev. ukraine's flag day is on tuesday and independence day is on wednesday as the war rages on. the holiday also marks the six month mark since the invasion began. there will be no military parade this year, and ukrainians are even told to stay home and avoid large gatherings
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but leading up to independence day. the capital's main street is lined with destroyed russian tanks. in the last day, ukraine has ramped up targeting russian ammunitions depots russia on sunday announced its forces destroyed an ammunition depot in ukraine storing rocket systems provided by the u. s after half of year of the war. ukrainians say that they've grown up custom to the daily sounds of sirens. it's a part of everyday life in the hard hit areas like the donbass region. some residents have even gotten used to shelling so much so it's the silence that's most terrifying of all. you know when they don't show us where even more scared because when they shell us, we think okay, they're shelling us . but when they don't shoot, it's like the calm before the storm and we wait for something to happen any moment shelling also raining down over the weekend near europe's largest nuclear power plant, despite diplomatic attempts in recent days to curb the nuclear threat
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in kiev, ukraine, alex hogan fox news gonna cup. even on the far side of you can see where this kind of a bulge where the crack is formed again and is ready to fall away dangerous conditions created by california's crumbling coastline. coming up, scientists put out a warning to start making changes now in order to keep people safe in sports golf spacex title is down to just one more tournament with a cool $18 million on the line are joe fonzi will have the highlights and families were lacing them up this morning in san francisco, all for a good san francisco, all for a good cause. and for a good time. californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting.
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prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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running shoes for a unique event this morning. the san francisco giant race returned to oracle park today as ktvu is james torres shows us. it's a beautiful route with a great way
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to wind down when it's all done. lucille is dancing at the start line, you know it's going to be a great event. i love the german race. i love giants baseball. this is my 10th consecutive giant race just outside oracle park. hundreds of people showed out for the san francisco giants race. i had to get up at like four a.m. this morning. but i was so happy to do so because i love being here you can opt to run the five k or 10-k and your registration fees are donated to local non profits and charities, and it's been kind of stable race every single year. i think that the energy is really great at such a community event with san francisco community and the giants community, and then we see other like dodger fans out here, so it really brings people together. you down the embarcadero along the san francisco bay the community everyone cheers for everyone. so even if you the new and you never done it before. walker if you just wanted to try it to see
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if you like it. i'm sure everyone that's doing it for the first time today is going to but the best part is when you're done having the chance to cool off in the middle of the field inside oracle park, some people ran the race with their whole families. and i mean the whole family, but it was way more exciting with her. she cheered. she waved at people and she got to eat snacks while i ran. so it's a win win, many running for the first time, saying they would love to do it again. some members of the running community hope in the future, the race will once again offer a half marathon option. we encourage others to be active to sign up for the race. and we see everyone here and it's nice to see people who are from social media and actually meet him in real life. francisco giants don't have another home game until next monday that gives ground crews plenty of time to clean up what's left of the party and to the giants come back home. reporting from san francisco. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. paypal star mister fab was in oakland, giving away backpacks and school
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supplies. the event has grown over the past 17 years and is now a community block party. it includes school supplies for hundreds of children live entertainment. and now what's become a tradition? a star studded pickup basketball game. mister fab, said he was also proud to include information at the event about how formerly incarcerated people can get back on their feet and returned to school. i recommend the villagers. to come back and rebuild the village. whatever village you come from. there's an unwritten obligation that we have to adhere to. and rebuilding our communities. many of us have led to the destruction of communities, and now it's time to flip the switch and lead to the reconstruction of rebuilding, rebuilding the minds, rebuilding the spirits and learning some of the poisons that we've been plagued with. mister fab gave away 50 backpacks in the first year of his event, 500 were handed out
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last year, and organizers say they expect to distribute even more this year. well, there's still time to help bay area students get the things they need. that's right. we have partnered with the nonprofit school bank .org to raise money to buy school supplies, and we invite you at home to get involved in the effort. to learn more about the project. just scan the barcode there on your screen, or you can go over to ktvu dot com slash school. our goal here is to raise $50,000 and we're getting close as we have already raised more than $30,000. i can tell you fentanyl steals children. stole my relationship with my daughter. destroys families. dozens of people gather in san francisco to mark the country's first national fentanyl prevention and awareness day ahead their message in the middle of an opioid crisis plus that's all i could think about was you know if my family finds me dead. at least i tried and they will know that i tried my hardest terrifying experience while
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riding bart coming up how? she says she escaped someone who tried to rape her in a car in the middle of the day ahead tonight. find out why some people think california inmates being trained to become firefighters. cannot find work after they're released. ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that.
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rouz greg liggins reports. they also called for action. this is my son, daniel dale. tammy nilis flew in from san diego to join other moms who've lost sons and daughters. he was found dead on may 7th of the fentanyl overdose . her son did not die in san francisco, but more than 2100. others have since 2019 according to mothers against drug deaths,
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the group rallied on the steps of san francisco city hall sunday. to recognize national fentanyl prevention and awareness day while people are dying nationwide, organizers pointed out. san francisco is especially deadly overdose death rate in san francisco. is almost three times what it is in new york city per capita and twice what it is in l. a painted rocks symbolized the roughly 350 people who have died in the city this year alone. names of hundreds of others were displayed on a table. this woman doesn't know whether her daughter is dead or alive. i can tell you fentanyl steals children. stole my relationship with my daughter. destroys families. i'm sorry. three san francisco supervisor said they're working towards change pledged to show compassion to get addicts, the mental help and
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intervention they need and vowed to help end open air drug markets plaguing the city. in fact, the most important thing i think we could do is send out the message that the days of the encampments and the out and the open air drug sales is over. and san francisco. district attorney brooke jenkins told the crowd. she's committed to enforcing drug laws and making sure dealers are held to account something her predecessor was accused of not doing before he was recalled. and that no longer will we see what was happening for the last 2.5 years where they have been given dismissals and misdemeanors for taking people's lives. organizers of the rally say they've already met with the police chief and d a and plan to have ongoing discussions to find solutions to save lives. greg legans ktvu fox two news authorities are warning parents about a new type of fentanyl on the market that is manufactured in bright colors. the so called rainbow fentanyl
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resemble the colors of and consistency of sidewalk. chalk some come in brightly colored pills that look very similar to candy. authorities say all fentanyl can be deadly, including the brightly colored versions and a warning parents to be on high alert. d e. a officials say this is a new trend where criminal organizations are now targeting younger users. early morning shooting in san francisco's mission district killed one person and sent three others to the hospital. this happened about 2 30 admission in 19th. when officers arrived on scene, they say they found three people suffering from gunshot wounds and one person with non life threatening injuries. the three were taken to the hospital where one of them delight later died. no arrests been made, and police have not yet released a motive into the shooting. anyone with information about the case is asked to call san francisco police police have opened a homicide investigation after a man was found dead in east oakland this morning. the man was found at 5:30 a.m. at 90th avenue between bancroft avenue and sunny side street. he was
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pronounced dead at the scene. police say it appears he died from blunt force trauma. a motive in the killing has not been released, and no arrests have been made. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police by our investigators are searching for the cause of an apartment fire in west oakland this morning. crews arrived at the three story apartment building on the 600 block of 23rd street at about 7:30 a.m. there are five units in the building, and by the time firefighters arrived, everyone had made it out of the building safely. 40 firefighters were on the scene in minutes and were able to contain the fire to a staircase on the outside of the building. firefighters say no one was hurt, attend a review by the associated press found that two state programs have been slow at helping former inmate firefighters land professional firefighting jobs, according to the ap. a $30 million effort by cal fire ended up with 106 former inmate firefighters getting hired over four years that's about a third of those
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who enroll. the ap says many former inmates have trouble getting hired because of their criminal records. the report comes as the u. s forest service and the interior department face a shortage of about 650 firefighters here in california . a woman is shaken up after she says she was attacked on a bart train in the middle of the day. she says the man nearly raped her reportedly happened wednesday morning on the richmond millbrae line data views. elissa harrington spoke with the victim who says she fought back. in order to escape. yes painful the victim of a terrifying attack on bart gets a hug from her mom after an emotional and traumatizing experience, the woman who did not want to be identified for her safety, said she got on barred at richmond station wednesday morning to go to her job in san francisco, something she does almost every day. it was 11:30 a.m. and the train car she entered was empty and about a minute and just sitting um, down. i felt somebody behind me.
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i was in a solo seat. and they were able to go fully go behind me and grab my neck. at first, the woman thought someone was trying to rob her. then she felt a hand down her shirt. that's when i realized he doesn't want my phone. he wants my body. he started putting his hands on my shirt and i started fighting. with everything i had. the woman started screaming and swinging her arms. she said her attacker punched her in the face. he put his hand over her mouth and she bit his finger until it bled. i realized this isn't about survival at this moment, and honestly, he he'd have to kill me if he was going to rape me so that's all i could think about was you know if my family finds me dead. at least i tried and they will know that i tried my hardest. the attacker finally released the woman as they approach the el cerrito del norte station. she took these pictures and called police. i was banging on the windows while
10:36 pm
we were pulling into the station, and then everybody was seeing what was happening. so people started pointing, very disturbing and very unfortunate, fortunate situation. bart police chief at alvarez said they pulled video from the train and used pictures taken by the victim to identify the suspect tracked him down. enrichment officers arrested 21 year old ludwin mazin of san francisco, alvarez said passengers should feel safe riding bart people should feel safe. we have a lot of things in place to make sure that people are safe. we have cameras on our train cars. we have cameras on our platforms. we have trained operators that are in the cab that can be easily accessed. accessed we have a bart watch app that allows individuals to report real time information to our dispatchers. the victim of this attack was critical of police response. she wants more officers patrolling cars and stations and said she has no plans to ride bart again. i
10:37 pm
didn't think at 11 30 in the morning on my way to work. i was going to have to fight for my life on a public transportation that i think is supposed to be safe. nlcs rito elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. despite inflation to signs tonight of a strengthening economy coming up why, some say they believe consumers are ready to spend money on items they don't really need. and temperatures dropped off quite a bit today after saturday's heat temperatures warm tomorrow few more degrees up to 10 degrees warmer tomorrow in some places, the forecast coming up and scientists layout challenges ahead for california's crumbling coastline.
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californians have a choice between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
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sorted men and women were taken to a coast guard base where they were processed by customs and border protection. officials did not say where the migrants were coming from, despite inflation supply chain bottlenecks and declining economic indicators, we actually have two signs tonight of a strengthening economy, he'd have used, tom baker reports. most recent data shows that california job growth continues to defy economic gravity. that's the position of employment lawyer and former director michael bernick, who has never seen this in more than 40 years of practice in every other major downturn. jobs have also gone down. except this time , virtually all of the other economic indicators have been going in the other direction. housing sales down consumer sentiment down small business confidence down california outperformed the nation with almost 85,000 new hires in the
10:41 pm
state that has about 12% of the nation's workforce. that was over 16% of all the jobs created in the united states and well above. the average of over 70,000 jobs we've seen over the past year, california in just two years regained virtually all of the two million jobs, the pandemic destroyed and did it in the third of the time it took to regain great recession job losses and blew away the low pre pandemic unemployment rate, the lowest rate since that current methodology was introduced in 1976, and with well over a million jobs still available, finding enough workers remains tough because of smaller percentage of potential workers want to work almost 40% of working people don't participation rate is still well below. what we saw prior to the pandemic and very, um, well
10:42 pm
below what we had in the 19 eighties, the number of people quitting jobs declined a bit but still remains high, making hiring even harder. all that says, the most disadvantaged in looking for work. older workers worker over 50. it becomes particularly difficult and that's just the truth. there you have it. the weirdness of the workplace as we head into the fall. tom baker, ktvu fox two news survey found. impulse shopping is widespread in the us even with inflation near a 40 year high slick deals dot net community that reviews and rates offers, says their survey found that three out of four people make most of their purchases spontaneous. flee according to that report. the average person is spending about $314 every month on unplanned buys, with the average about $310 on a the january 6th committee
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congresswoman liz cheney, gave a wide ranging interview today following her primary loss in wyoming, and the congresswoman went right after some of those in her own party. large portions of our party, including the leadership of our party, both at the state level in wyoming, as well as on a national level with rnc is very sick. and that, you know, we really have got to decide whether or not we're going to be a party based on substance and policy or whether we're going to remain, um as so many of our party are today in the grips of a dangerous former president. gold start moving forward, she plans to work against any republican candidate who she calls election deniers. she also says she is not ruling out a run for president in 2024 . we have to be thinking about moving people out of harm's way . i wouldn't surprise me if they went while we were standing here. much of california's coastline is falling apart,
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coming up how scientists are working to get a better understanding of the problem to protect beachgoers. and on the sunday night we're gonna be checking back with chief meteorologist bill martin. and look at that workweek forecast. ♪good vibes by moa l.m. munoz & ryan t. short♪
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scientists want you to look up. they worry that people don't understand the dangers posed by california's crumbling coastline . fox news jaime chambers shows us how advanced technology may help them get the word out concern frozen in time until they're not. we're talking about the bluffs all over southern california and scripts, researchers are now trying to understand just how fast we're losing them people. they don't they don't look up. even on the far side of them. you can see where there's kind of a bulge where the crack is formed again and is ready to fall away the speed with which southern
10:47 pm
california sea cliffs are failing as faster than geologts had previously predicted, conducted by researchers at uc san diego's scripts, institution of oceanography. first thing that jumps out at me about secrets is the obvious. you stand rocks up near vertical have ocean waves beating on it and gravity pulling, they're going to fail. the new research is attempting to predict the speed with which sea cliffs all over california are failing. professor pat abbott from sts. you says measuring clips is a difficult process because of sporadic leaps in bluff loss can be no movement for years than a major loss. see cliffs here are retreating in a geologic sense. they're retreating quite rapidly . san diego researchers have highlighted trouble spots like sunset cliffs. la hoya del mar. solano beach and nc needs. eventually decisions will have to be made to adapt in certain ways. we can take steps to fight
10:48 pm
against the rising seas. armoring are our coast and replenishing sand on the beaches and then ultimately when the sea level rises enough, we have to start thinking about retreat. leading scientists are predicting another foot of sea level rise in the next 20 years. but scripts researchers are trying to warn the public about just how active and dangerous these cliffs are. today we have to be thinking about moving people out of harm's way. i wouldn't surprise me if they went while we were standing here, researchers say at the more aggressive areas they're losing about two inches of bluffs every single year, but they won't happen for years. and then i'll like once that's very latest from sunset cliffs, jamie chambers news. alright i hope you had a nice weekend. we're winding it down now yesterday hot today not as hot kind of pleasant these are the numbers down a good 15 2025 degrees and some places especially inland today temperatures tomorrow are
10:49 pm
going to come up a couple of degrees. maybe 5 to 10 degrees, so that fairfield temperature that 85 which was 107 yesterday. 85 today. tomorrow, probably 95 comes up to. it's not gonna be as hard as saturday soon get warmer as you might expect for this time of year and then we kind of study off. the five day forecast is pretty consistent in sort of a low grade warmth and heat not overly hot. no red flag warnings of in the forecast anyway, low pressure center to the north of us, and that's the reason the fog got so deep the marine layers up over 2000 ft. it's kind of dense fog, especially up around skyline boulevard. grizzly peak. if you're off the ground, so the marine layer is up high. it's pushing cool moisture inland, as you can see from the current map. brentwood 71 fairfield 64. that's pretty cool for this time of night, so 12 degrees cooler and conquered much cooler inland like fairfield conquered and liver more than it is was last night. this time the temperature forecast for the morning hours. you can have lots of fifties, maybe a couple of low sixties to 63 in the eniac, 60 and
10:50 pm
livermore. but you wake up plenty of fog and low clouds. most of us will have some form of cloud cover. and then it burns off a little more quickly than then, then it did today, and we're going to find temperatures warming up subsequently, so there's the forecast for tomorrow. there's the fog back to the coast, and that's the temperature footprint , yellows or seventies. most of us in the bay upper seventies oranges. eighties reds, little pockets of red or nineties and then purples r one hundreds. so i think conquer will go 95 tomorrow. i think we could see a 98 say maybe santa rosa might hit 98 tomorrow and then temperatures will come off come down a little bit after that. so these are the forecast highs from rocks at 97% arosa 98 98 fairfield, so tomorrow's highs pretty warm. not as warm as saturday. not as cool as today, and then we sort of trend those temperatures down a few degrees as we head into the into the following week, which is a good sign, actually, when you're concerned about fire danger, right, because here's your monday here's your tuesday and
10:51 pm
then temperatures. these top tier numbers represents the high end temperature self again. they will be a nice weekend, quite frankly, in terms of the weather, but in terms of what i think about with the weather until we get those first rains, i'm just thinking fire, danger. fire! danger fire danger, and this pattern is not a real horrible one for us, so we're going to take it and run me pop in the saturday sunday forecast for you, and you can see you got a little bit cooler. still so plenty of fog, coast nights and mornings. temperatures in the fifties to low sixties coast side seventies eighties around the bay and then, as you would expect, nineties to mid nineties inland tomorrow. see you back here at 11. sounds good, bill. thank you. paramedics self woman give birth on a very busy freeway in solano county. venetia fire department says paramedics responded to a report of a woman in labor as she was driving north on 6 80 around 6 15 last night. the woman was said to be an active labor with the complicated presentation. the fire department says paramedics delivered the baby then drove the mother and newborn to the hospital, where they appeared to be doing well.
10:52 pm
coming up in sports. longoria has his best game of the season as the giants try to overcome the rockies and extra innings are joe fonzi will have the highlights and then on the 11 o'clock news, see how one petaluma winery hopes using recycled wastewater will get their business through the drought.
10:53 pm
♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that.
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leaves it a flex estate in savannah, georgia. this is where they were supposed to get married the first time they were engaged 20 years ago. good evening, everyone. here's what's happening tonight in sports until further notice. the talk
10:55 pm
of the giants and the wild card are not realistic, but you can still depend on those who is an old baseball added you never know what you'll see at the ballpark second inning today in denver tire, astrada hits a line drive that goes right through the glove of the rockies, ryan mcmahon, the ball literally goes through the glove, mcmahon believe it or not, the official score ruled this play an error. the giants got two runs in the inning. it was a 22 game in the seventh when they loaded the bases off the rockies. kyle freeland with one out, evan longoria wants to at least get the runner home from third. or you could just hit one out of the ballpark. that's a grand slam and a 62 giants lead, but let's not forget the issues with the giants bullpen this year and the fact that they were playing at coors field, they went to the 11th tied at eight wilmer floors hits a fly ball to right deep enough to score mike ustream ski from third to giants in front 98, but it wasn't over. bottom of the 11th. iraqis have sam hilliard and second with one out and bernard, it's a fly ball to lamont waiting, right? hell your
10:56 pm
tags tries to go to third. wade puts the ball right on the money. longoria hearing was first ruled safe. the giant's challenge the call, it was reversed. he got the tag on his leg. they win. 98 do the giants ending of losing streak at four and getting back to one game under 500. for two days in a row, the a's and made life tough on a seattle team trying to qualify for the postseason yesterday, the a's ended their home losing streak to the mariners at 10 games today they were after a little winning streak is patty 23 to 1 lead off seattle's luis castillo stephen but with a base hit up the middle in the fifth, tony kemp can run. he has no trouble scoring from second quarter one oakland the mirrors that closed within a run when the ace padded the lead in the eighth langoliers with a high drive off. matthew fester, that ball goes off the scoreboard they mail machine comes home from third langoliers sprints around the basis for his first major league triple. but there's more to the story than that had gone 81 games without anyone hitting
10:57 pm
a triple that was a modern major league record. oakland makes a tuner over the mariners winning 5 to 3 that lost knocks the mariners into the number three wildcard spot in the a l. $18 million will be on the line next weekend on the golf tour in the final event for the fedex cup. today was the final round of the bmw championship in delaware, the second leg of the cup. victor hobbling wasn't a threat to win, but he made a shot. he'll always remember hobbling on the part 3/11 hole and he won't have to put hobbling finished in a tie for 35th place. here's today's winner patrick cantlie with a tricky putt for birdie on the fourth hole. cantlie 200 par 69. that was good enough to beat scott stallings by a stroke. scottie scheffler, who tied for third today as the points leader, going into next week's final event for that $18 million grand prize. rain and a road course the challenge today on the nascar circuit in the second to last race before the playoffs begin. former formula one driver kimi reckoning made his nascar
10:58 pm
debut but failed to finish. it was 37th. and here's why austin dillon spends out then reckoning has nowhere to go. he goes hard into the tire barrier. dylan was able to continue wrecking and finished just 44 of 90 laps. they restarted with five laps to go. kyle larson got the jump on chase elliott as the green flag dropped. the door was also then open for aj. allmendinger who finished second. larson gets his second win of the year but first since february. chase elliott remains this series leader 15 of the 16 playoff spots have now been decided in nascar. lots more coming up on sports trap. all right, joe. thank you. thanks joe. alright, next at 11 more on that developing story near truckee search teams pulled a vehicle at a processor lake tonight, they say the body of a teenager who's been missing for two weeks was inside. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach volunteer dive team
10:59 pm
says it has found the body of missing truckee teenager kylie rodney inside her suv. so far, investigators have not confirmed that information. they say they plan to hold a news conference tomorrow. ktvu is elissa harrington joins us. now she's in the newsroom with an update on this developing story . alyssa specialist dive team just arrived this weekend and say they found the car at the processor creek reservoir. this is right next to the campground. kylie and her friends had attended a party the night she disappeared. these divers used sonar equipment to search underwater and say they hope to bring closure to kylie's family. it's what appears to be a tragic end to the search for a truckee teenager who disappeared just over two weeks ago aerial video over the processor creek reservoir shows a submerged vehicle dragged from the lake specialist divers with the volunteer group adventures with purpose discovered this vehicle upside down. 14 ft underwater. they say kylie rodney was inside
11:00 pm
the car matches the vehicle description of kylie silver 2013 honda crv kylie has been missing since just after midnight on august 6th. she was at a large party with hundreds of teens and young adults at the processor family campground in the same area where that vehicle was found. friends say she was intoxicated when we come, you know, we're coming to really help our hearts are in it. adventures with purpose posted this video on their youtube page a few days ago ahead of their trip to truckee. a wp is a search and recovery team out of oregon. you may be asking yourself know what do we bring to the table that 16 other agencies haven't already divers specialize in scuba diving, with low to no visibility and sonar technology to find vehicles and solve cold cases specializing in sonar. we have an edge that is really unique skill set is extremely unique


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