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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  August 25, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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this or whether your beneficiaf this student loan forgiveness det
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the effect be for them? no i think it depends on what part of the nation they are in. and certainly i think, if they weren't a beneficiary of this forgiveness, i do feel bad for them. um and hopefully they have used this pause that has persisted over the course of almost 2 2.5 years to be saving where they can and be ready for those payments to come back. um i really again hope that there's been some preparation for this. we appreciate your perspective. kayla fernandez from california financial advisors. good to see you. thank you. thank you. an update now on that developing story that we will have been following throughout the day and breaking news is sentencing decision in the case of mohammed knew ru. it has now been handed down through, of course, is the former head of san francisco's
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public works department. and just moments ago, new room was sentenced to seven years in prison and that widespread city hall corruption scheme involving city hall contracts. you admitted to accepting money trips and services from city contractors in exchange for favors and information about city business. federal prosecutors had asked for nine years. new rouz defense asked for three again. he was just sentenced moments ago to seven years of his christian captain, is inside the federal courthouse there in san francisco, where this is happening. and he says the judge admonished new room, saying quote at a time when democracy is under attack. you have weakened public confidence in our leaders. i consider your crimes incredibly serious new rule, has released a statement following his sentencing, and it reads in part again. i want to apologize to the people of san francisco for my conduct my misconduct. i look forward to the time that i can return to
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serving my community and work to repair the damage that my actions caused. again our christian captain there in san francisco, gathering additional reaction and we'll have a live report coming up. well barry a weather temperatures have been steadily dro trend wants to continue as we had into your weekend. in fact, here, so i thinking for the inland spots last week, we're talking about a lot of nineties, even some triple digits right now we're calling it a mile to warm stretch a place like conquered today in the upper eighties. pretty much the same story for your friday and then some cooling for saturday and temperature is not moving around too much so kind of settling into a comfortable range coming up as we head towards the weekend. here's a satellite just like yesterday showing you a bunch of low clouds and fog blanketing our coastline still hanging out in your portions of the bay as well. pretty good onshore breeze, so there's the fog coverage right now out towards pillar point for a pacific as well. san francisco's ocean beach, the marina
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headlands even out towards stinson and bellinis. and also you see that patch already pushing back into the bay approaching approaching angel island right now, so the low clouds increasing just like yesterday, but we still have some pretty warm temperatures on our current temperatures map, but livermore 91, walnut creek 85 for the interior san jose in the lower eighties oakland 69 in san francisco downtown. check it in 63 degrees. speaking of san francisco, is pairing up with the fog once again this afternoon that cloud this big cloud patch will expand and coverage once again as we head into the overnight hours into what you're friday morning. so here's the plan tomorrow morning temperatures in the fifties to lower sixties the possibility of some drizzle out there, especially near portions of the coast and maybe right around the bay. there's your temperature range 52 to 62 degrees. i know there's a kind of felt a bit of a chill in the air this morning, and that would be the case for tomorrow morning. as we put this into motion into the afternoon hours, still keeping it cool
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along the coast. still some leftover patches around the bay and you can see temperatures tomorrow, ranging from the sixties warmest occasions will be in the upper eighties to right around 90 degrees. so here's your friday forecast and even a cooler pattern expected into the weekend. we'll have more on that with your full update coming up in just a few minutes. all right. we'll see you in a bit, mark. thank you were following some more breaking news now in vallejo, and this is going to have a big impact for commuters here in the middle of the afternoon. commute. live pictures from sky foxx showing us a very serious crash in vallejo. it is a multi vehicle crash. obviously involving that big rig there that you can see from the shot is straddling the center divide . this is on interstate 80. and we are being told we have been told that all of the eastbound lanes of interstate 80 are shut down, but mostly from the shot. you do see cars getting by, at least in that far right hand lane for the time being, this is all happening on interstate 80 just west of highway 37 very
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serious crash with a big rig up on that center divider right there. it's going to take quite a bit of time as you can imagine to get that truck out of the way. so in the meantime, there is a very serious backup. clearly in both directions here, no matter which way you are approaching this crash, you are going to be stuck in quite a bit of traffic here. so this is an area to avoid this afternoon again, a serious crash involving a big rig happening on eastbound interstate 80 just west of highway 37 most of the lanes if not all of them blocked right now, as emergency crews respond to this scene, we'll obviously continue to follow the latest developments here. trying to get you some more information on any of the possible injuries involved with this crash, and we'll get you an update coming up later on in this newscast. portions of the affidavit that led to the search of former president trump's mar a lago was state are now one step closer to being released. the new details next. 49ers play thursday night
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. you have the power to watch for free on fox. two 49ers will be battling the texans in houston box to today at.
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for decades, i've worked at the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness. so when prop 27 promised solutions to homelessness, i took a good, hard look. it's not a solution. 90% of the money goes to the out-of-state corporations who wrote it. very little is left for the homeless. don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27. yes he never lost that route, joined mornings on to life for martinez tomorrow, starting at nine. florida judge today
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ordered the justice department to unseal a redacted version of the affidavit that was used to justify the fbi search of mara lago. the search warrants show that the fbi removed classified documents from the home of former president trump as foxes madeline rivera reports now from washington. it's not clear how much more detail the release of this affidavit will provide. after weeks of waiting, the public will now get a chance to see part of the affidavit behind the moral lago search. a federal judge approved its partial release after the justice department submitted proposed redactions thursday. this is the start of a haggling process. what's unclear is how redacted the document will be. the judge says the government has met its burden of showing a compelling reason to seal portions of the affidavit to avoid compromising the case. i imagine what the government is most concerned about. is the identities of informant. the battle over the documents has been going on for more than a year, according to
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the washington post, which cites a national archives email to former president trump's lawyers from may of 2021, the mending the return of about two dozen boxes of official records. even the white house counsel agreed on truth social, the former president maintains he did nothing wrong, but some still want the doj to release the entire affidavit. i've learned through my time in politics that have measures often don't work. and so i think with the judge do is release all the information. i think that's in the public's interest, legal experts say. it's all a matter of time charges get filed. in this case, all of this stuff is going to become public. in any event. it's just a question of when another football judge has given trump until friday to better explain why he needs a neutral third party to review the documents that were seized in mar a lago in washington. mather rivera fox news. historic steps being taken to combat climate change coming up here on the four we sit down and talk with a local expert to look at what comes next in california's
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effort to phase out gas powered vehicles. what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
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i mean, can i have a bite? only from xfinity. nah. unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent but for non gaming tribes, 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. late today. california's air regulators approved a groundbreaking plan that aims to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change by speeding the transition to electric vehicles . the california air resources board voted to ban the sale of newcalifornia air resources board voted to ban the sale of
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new gas powered vehicles for the year 2035. the band will not prevent people from selling or driving used gas powered vehicles in california. the new regulations are likely to have a profound impact nationwide since more than one dozen states typically follow emission standards. >> we are joined by oshawa weinstein agarwal. our director of the national transportation finance center. thank you so much for being here. our state, as we all know, has become home to congested freeways. smog is often a concern. how ridiculous this role? >> this is truly a historic ruling that will transform not just our transportation and help california achieve its climate goals, but important cleaning of the air pollution troubles that so many of us
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face. >> is it clear what kind of an impact this plan is ultimately going to have in terms of reducing emissions? do we have a sense of how much we can reduce emissions here in california with this policy in place? >> yes. right now, the passenger vehicles that will drive are probably generating roughly 30% of carbon emissions that california generates. a great deal of the air pollutants. it's not banning gas and diesel vehicles. people are still allowed to drive them and buy and sell used vehicles. it's not like we are going to suddenly be 100% electric. but over the coming decade, will see a dramatic reduction in the number of gas and diesel vehicles on the road. going to be incredibly valuable, again, for improving our quality, reducing carbon emissions and potentially for
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reducing costs for driving for a lot of people. hopefully, electric vehicles will become cheaper and faster. if we can get the purchase prices of the average vehicle down, certainly operating an electric vehicle is cheaper today than buying gas and diesel. something i guess viewers are painfully aware of the gas prices over the last few months. >> yes. california once again upfront on an issue, taking this historic step. what's the likelihood that other states will follow suit? >> strong likelihood. california has been a leader in error technology and regulation for decades. there are more than a dozen states that follow california's regulations. no particular reason to think it would be any different this time. the group of states that california leads, maybe roughly,
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30 or 35% of the vehicle market in the united states. typically, manufacturers will follow up with vehicles that this all across the country. >> they're going to be a lot of challenges and hurdles for california to reach this goal. not the least of which is the fact that we need a whole lot more electrical vehicle charging stations across the state to power this new electric vehicles. what steps need to be taken to create that infrastructure? >> this is critical if people are to be able to conveniently use their electric vehicles. we all have to charge them. one part of the process which people are most aware of is public fast charging stations. the equivalent of a tesla supercharger or charge point stations. there is federal money. the state government is putting a lot of money into thinking
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about how we can quickly increase the number of these fast charging five that is really only one sees of what we need to do for charging. in some ways, the rest is potentially easier. most of the time, we don't need to charge one or 200 miles on the vehicle quickly. most people may drive 30, 40, 50 meals miles per day in their commute and come home and charge from their home. is a lot of work to be done to provide reliable and convenient slowcharging opportunities. having employers and garages, facilities at shopping malls, at home. the good thing is that the requirements for the electricity grid are much lower if people are charging slowly. we need to invest a lot more
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upgrading when it is lots of cars all in one place fast charging. >> i'm sorry, professor, we are out of time. we appreciate you coming on today to walk us through this historic step here in california today. thank you. >> thank you. a portion of the freeway near that california-arizona border was washed away by flash flooding. this happened last week in riverside county. happened earlier this week in riverside county. severe weather in that area. they released these photos. we will show you this. hopefully what was left of the roadway. the eastbound was destroyed, as you see. damage will impact thousands of drivers making their way from the l.a. area to phoenix. drivers are being urged to find alternate routes. it is unclear at this point how long it is going to take to prepare the roadway. >> san jose has a new plan to
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get people off the street into apartment style units. >> let's see how money from the state will be put into a project to help the homeless. >> reporter: it is here right next to the railroad tracks for the new housing units will be constructed. right now, if you on house residents currently live on this vacant lot. they have already heard they may need to leave here soon. >> housing assistance is always welcome without a doubt. >> reporter: the city and nonprofit called life moves plans to build a to a four unit complex here. here's a rendering of the project. design details could change. to jason who has lived here for two years, getting into such housing would be life-changing and gladly affected. >> i think it would help a lot to be able to go to work and, you know, be able to sustain living here in san jose.
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>> the new units will be built mostly with the $52 million grant from the states project junkie, which aims to build housing for the un-housed date wide. in a virtual news conference on tuesday, they said the state funding is contained in. >> using our kwik fill department model which has been so successful moving hundreds of residents off the streets already through the pandemic. >> reporter: this will be the fourth such project for life moves, which already operates in palo alto and redwood city and opened to mountain view last year. the san jose project will be different. the concept is the same. >> the site takes a different approach from the conventional group shelters. it was designed for dignity, practicality, self-sufficiency. the site features individual units. >> reporter: as usual, projects like this one come with not in my backyard controversies. councilmember sergio jimenez, who represents the district,
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says the city has carefully worked with nearby residents. >> this will be our third housing project in a matter of a few years. while there has been some concerns from residents, i believe the majority of them understand, support, and are proud of the efforts that we have made thus far. >> the exact timeline for the project is still being worked out. in general, projects using this funding must be complete within one year. reporting in san jose, mark sayre, fox 2news. this move is aimed at reducing the amount of sensitive content teenagers see. here today this afternoon, thanks so much for being here. explain to viewers first what the change does and what it means for users under the age of 16. >> instagram has a feature called sensitive content control to limit content is that does not violate
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instagram's guidelines, but something you might not want teenagers to see. teenagers who are under 16 years old, there is three different levels. there is standard. you see some violent or graphic content and you can choose to see less. anyone under 16 will automatically whenever they join the appc last sensitive content. this is something even users who are 18 and under want have the option to see more. as a user as an adult you can choose whether you want to see the standard amount of sensitive content, less, more. users under 16 will be defaulted to the less amount. i >> explain more about what is considered, or what instagram considers to be sensitive. >> a lot of this content is violent or sexual content. some of it can even be things like anyone discussing things like an eating disorder or weight loss. these can be things that don't
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necessarily violate instagram's guidelines. and someone is experiencing something, they might not want to see that. whenever they're using search or rails, whenever you get that on your instagram feed, you get less option, less sensitive content, that will be very much filtered out. >> instagram really hoping this will make a dent in the type of content that they see. do you think it will make it more difficult for young people to get access to certain content and accounts? >> instagram has got a lot of heat from parents about the kinds of content that young people are exposed to. this seems like a stronger effort on the part of instagram to filter out the content. hopefully it works. the fact that there are three different settings where you choose, as an adult user, but as a teenager, forced into less categories. hopefully, that will actually relieve some of those concerns.
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>> really appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you. >> things for having me. >> low clouds already pushing back into the bay this afternoon. cooler temperatures for your in order for small businesses to thrive, they need to be smart. efficient. agile. and that's never been more important than it is right now. so for a limited time, comcast business is introducing small business savings. call now to get powerful internet for just 39 dollars a month. with no contract. and a money back guarantee. all on the largest, fastest reliable network. from the company that powers more businesses
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than anyone else. call and start saving today. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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>> breaking news we have been following in vallejo. a serious crash with a big rig causing a major impact for drivers in the middle of the evening commute. you can see the reagan question here straddling the center divider on the freeway here after a crash involving that truck. we understand several other vehicles. this is a five vehicle crash. it has several eastbound lanes of interstate 80 shutdown just west of highway 37. very close to that change.
4:45 pm
several eastbound lanes are closed here. it is also affecting traffic in the westbound direction. put up the traffic maps to give you a sense of where this is playing out. eastbound lanes of interstate 80. we had towards highway 37. close to six flags and the amusement park if you are familiar with the area. you can seal the red on your screen especially on eastbound 80. you are almost well back into vallejo. it looks like slow traffic heading towards the scene of the crash. traffic is being converted off of columbus parkway right now. if you can avoid this area at all, it's a good idea to do it. let's go back to the live pictures from the chopper right now. one more look at the back up there. just stuck on interstate 80 right now because of a serious crash involving a big rig and for other vehicles. we are working to find out more about injuries that might be involved here.
4:46 pm
the impact is for all of the folks stuck back here. no word from the authorities on how long it's going to take to get that big rig out of the position that it is in right now . right across the center divider in the middle of the freeway, slowing down traffic in both directions. an area to avoid right now, interstate 80 near highway 37. we will of course keep following that. now to the war in ukraine. >> several new developments for you. russia's president has ordered a major buildup of military forces. >> this comes as a russian rocket attack at a train station left 25 people dead and two children. >> reporter: a russian missile striking a passenger train in central ukraine on wednesday living more than two dozen dead and even more injured. a russian defense ministry spokesperson said its forces attacked the town were about 3500 people left.
4:47 pm
the russian ministry says it used a short-range ballistic missile to strike a military train carrying ukrainian troops to the front line in eastern ukraine. >> translator: more than 200 servicemen in the reserved forces of ukraine and equipment was destroyed on the way to the combat zone. >> reporter: a 6-year-old was killed in a car fire near the train station. they also say a separate rocket attack took the life of an 11- year-old boy found in the rubble of a house. >> translator: our efforts are focused on the wounded children. we've had a very difficult day. we are doing everything we can. >> this week, ukrainian president zelenskyy warned that they might attempt something cruel this week as the nation commemorates its decade of independence from the soviet union. more than 30 years ago.
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transit >> no such bombs the kenny rice freedom and it never missiles that can break the will of the people who believe in themselves. >> reporter: gatherings here in kyiv have been banned. rockets have hit cities just 15 miles outside of kyiv. in kyiv, alex hagan, fox news. >> he does not part of the forecast. 90s and triple digits. but a different flavor heading towards the weekend. a possibility of drizzle tomorrow morning. measurable drizzle near the coast over the past 24 hours. .01 to .02 to .03. that will happen once again friday morning. here is a satellite once again. cloud cover from monterey bay. circulation to the west of the golden gate bridge. a lot of overcast towards kate mendocino. the clouds are already making a purse to the golden gate bridge. approaching berkeley and richmond right now. as far as the wind, there is a breeze out there.
4:49 pm
fairfield, gusting to 26 miles per hour. oakland airport, 17. a few more reports for you. northwest wind at about 25 miles per hour. here is our love camera looking towards the fog. over the past few days, the layer has been right around here. kind of bulking up in size. that is the expectation with a pattern like this. a deeper marine layer will lead to cooler temperatures and the weekend. concord 87 degrees. san jose, 81. by the coastline, san francisco, not so much. temperatures starting out tomorrow morning in the 50s to the 60s. here's a forecast picking up on the idea. could have some drizzle out there in the coast and writer on the shoreline. those are your temperatures. the beach doesn't warm-up much. and land neighborhoods on the pleasant side and not a big change tomorrow. the breakdown for the coastal neighborhoods, the and land
4:50 pm
spots. upper 80s to 90 degrees. i drop off in numbers for this weekend as the system moves in from the north. lots of cloud coverage tomorrow morning. sunny skies. 60s, 70s, 80s. warm spots around 90 degrees like today. temperature dropping to saturday and stabilizing into sunday. no triple digits. not much in the way of 90s. saturday will be the coolest day of the upcoming weekend. day of the upcoming weekend. boosters are here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration.
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for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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people looking to buy a new vehicle or seeing the highest prices ever according to consumer research firm jd power. the average transaction price for a new vehicle is set to reach a record $46,000-$59 in august. that is an 11.5 percent increase from a year earlier.
4:53 pm
demand for new vehicles remains strong despite rising interest rates. the car inventory shortage is expected to continue into at least september. >> stay with us. football is coming up next. after this, you can watch the 49ers take on the houston texans. we had a chance to talk to the quarterback in the run up to tonight's final preseason game. he says he is determined to meet every challenge coming his way. >> to brighton squad, my rookie year, and now being a valued piece of the team. i am excited to it. excited for the leadership role that comes about. >> you are in a position where famously you have to have a short memory. >> no one wants to get beat. you should have the mindset, i don't want to give up a play. when you do, you get mad, but you got to forget about it. >> emitted back on the practice field this week after more than
4:54 pm
two weeks off with a strained hamstring. the 49ers game starts at 5:00, right after our show. be sure to stick around, too. after the game, joe fonzi and bubba paris will have analysis on the show for decades, i've worked at the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness. so when prop 27 promised solutions to homelessness, i took a good, hard look. it's not a solution. 90% of the money goes to the out-of-state corporations who wrote it. very little is left for the homeless. don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27.
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people could be rolling up their sleeves for new covid boosters this fall. >> a new report finds millions of working age americans are suffering from long covered symptoms. >> jonathan serrie has the details. >> reporter: millions of americans could soon become eligible for updated covid shots. the biden administration reportedly plans to offer boosters targeting new variance after labor day. moderna and pfizer filed applications for emergency use of the shots this week. protects against the ba .4 and
4:57 pm
ba .5 strains. >> science has demonstrated with the omicron variant, vaccines even with natural immunity are not protecting against infection. >> reporter: the new england journal of medicine finds that the pfizer drug appears to be of little to no benefit to some adults. looked at more than 100,000 israeli patients and found that it reduced hospitalizations of people 60 and over by about 70%. people between the ages of 40 and 65 sought no measurable benefit. for some pavement patients, a longer treatment course may be necessary. >> really like to see some data, some science on this. there's a lot of people that feel like they know the answer. >> reporter: in your report from the brooks institute finds that 60 million americans are
4:58 pm
still suffering from long covid. the condition keeps about a quarter of them from working at all. the authors say the data highlights the need for better treatment and expanded page take leave. the cdc says long covered symptomsmsmsms
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with xfinity internet, you get advanced security that helps protect you at home and on the go. you feel so safe, it's as if... i don't know... evander holyfield has your back. i wouldn't click on that. hey, thanks! we got a muffin for ed! all right! you don't need those calories. can we at least split it? nope. advanced security that helps protect your devices in and out of the home. i mean, can i have a bite? only from xfinity. nah. unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours.
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saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home. >> football, a rich in history but one that always adapts and evolves. it innovates and advances.


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