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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 26, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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the tee, and it stays within 10 ft. of the pin. can you believe that ends up to putting their shuffler tops the leaderboard at minus 19? the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. yeah i mean, it's just unfortunate. i mean, again, another senseless since there's violence in our city, obviously so tragic to lose three people and one incident. breaking news tonight. three men are dead after two back to back shootings in west oakland. three more people killed and oakland streets tonight. hello again. i'm brooks jarocz cristina rendon reports of the shootings first came in around 7 15 tonight on martin luther king jr way not far from 29th street, ktvu camberley has been on the scene following the breaking news story. amber you heard from the oakland police chief, not too long ago. that's right, christina and we're on martin luther king jr way and 27th
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street behind me. you can see that now it's been almost four hours and police are still here, collecting evidence. the incident happened around 7 15 this evening, police say officers arrived to find one man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. they found a second man in a vehicle also suffering from gunshot wounds. police say it appears that man struck an innocent bystander bicyclist with his car as he was trying to leave the scene. all three men died here at the scene. just unfortunate. i mean, again, another senseless since there's violence in our city, obviously so tragic to lose three people and one incident and it's just, you know, it really highlights the fact that there are far too many people in our community with guns and willing to use guns in broad daylight, and so it's just really challenging for us. when we have these incidents that happened like this that obviously takes so many people's lives. i think there are several people that were out here that we need to speak to. that saw what occurred here this evening
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and so we'll continue to do our investigation and hopefully identify those that may be able to share some more information with us. um police say they are still trying to find out what led up to the shooting a woman who identified herself as a friend of one victim tells me he's a restaurant owner in his thirties. police did not confirm was not able to confirm that at this point that is the latest from here, christina right and brulee will let you continue gathering some more information . thanks for that live report from oakland. a new at 11. police in san mateo arrested a man accused of stalking his ex girlfriend and threatening to kill her. the victim in that case told police that the suspect to ray brewer, also her ex boyfriend would call her multiple times a day peer through her window and threatened her life. police say they arrested brewer yesterday after he allegedly called the woman and said that he was driving down to her house to shoot her and anyone else inside. during a search of his van. police say they found a
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baseball bat and knives but no gun. police say he was also heavily intoxicated while driving also knew at 11, an armed felon, has been charged by the u. s attorney's office after he was found with a loaded gun. police say they found it. jimmy wynn in his car passed out after he crashed into another car in san jose, officers say along with that loaded pistol, they also found a bag with 45 rounds and rounds of ammunition in his car. when now faces charges for being a felon in possession of a firearm. a man rushed to the hospital after he was shot on a bart train in oakland in the middle of the day tonight, the victim's friend who was by his side talked with us about that shooting is jana katsuyama joins us now live from the newsroom with the latest information. janna and brooks. that shooter has not been caught so far. bart police say that they do have security camera footage showing the suspect and plan to release some of those images. later tonight, i talked with the victim's family and one friend who was on the train and explained what the shooter said, and did bart, police say when
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the train pulled into oakland's lake merritt station, an officer found the bart rider bleeding. he had been shot multiple times, just one stop earlier at the fruitvale station about 1 25 friday afternoon. hours later, outside highland hospital, family members were waiting as the young man went through surgery. his mom said. he just turned 21. friends say they were in a group of five on the train heading to san francisco when a man dressed in black and a woman got into the car at fruitvale. i don't know who he is, he had a ski mask on the victim's friend says they nodded at the stranger , and then he took out the gun out his gun. and he was just waving it around at us, the woman says inside the train, her friend was lying down underneath one of the seats. she says the shooter walked over to him, stood over him and shot him with the times. he didn't stay anything like at all. he didn't throw. no gang, simon. nothing like he just shot him. then the trade doors closed on him. so he
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was with us for like two seconds . then he started banging on the truck, the train doors and it opened and he ran. i took my scarf off and i took her scarf, and then i wrapped it around his wounds on his back, and then i took my hoodie off and i wrapped it around his waist. someone like running into our card and then running back away. police stopped service briefly and took the train to the richmond yard, where investigators searched for evidence. police also say they're reviewing security camera footage that shows the suspect. it doesn't appear to be , uh, a random act. it appears to be a targeted act. and the reason i tell you, that is because our platform video showed the individual get onto the train car and then get right back off. obviously it's unfortunate. it's always sad to see people get shot. you shouldn't have to have your head on a swivel when you're on public transit, public transit to be safe for everyone. and bart. police are asking anyone who might have any tips or any
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images or video to contact them. they are again still trying to find that shooter and back here live. i spoke with the family. the victim was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. they tell me that he was shot at least three times in the torso. they are hoping that he comes to surgery and survives . brooks very tragic. jenny can't see yama in our newsroom tonight, jenna. thank you. thousands of dollars in merchandise was recovered after a snatch and grab at the napa premium outlets. police say they spotted the suspect's vehicle leaving the outlets and a chase quickly ensued while fleeing. police officers say the suspects drove off an embankment and crashed their car over on red top road. all three suspects were arrested. the justice department and sealed an fbi affidavit today that allowed agents to search former president trump's mar a lago home, according to the redacted document, the fbi reviewed 15 boxes of records mr trump sent to the national archives in january. those boxes contained
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184 classified documents. 25 mark top secret 67 confidential and 92 marked secret. it says there is probable cause to believe evidence of obstruction will be found. the release ordered by a federal judge comes 18 days after agents searched mr trump's home. members of the united farm workers and their supporters rallied at the state capitol today after a 335 mile march for union voting rights in great pain to see that we have to fight and we have to let our voices be heard just so we can make all of these changes when they should be given when they shouldn't be hesitation. they want governor newsom to sign a bill that would allow more flexibility and protection for workers when they cast union ballots, but the governor's office says he can't support the bill in its current form. supporters including elected officials say the workers' rights need to be protected. a b 21 83 will give freedom. to the
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farm workers in the privacy of their homes to be able to vote yes or no if they want representation by a union that's really important. the governor's office says it will continue to negotiate the bill. but they say the governor can't support an untested mail in election process that lacks provisions to protect the integrity of the vote. in new at 11, a young mountain lion rushed to the oakland zoo after it was shot by rangers today. the big count was said to be some spotted on a resident's front porch in hollis . ter california department of fish and wildlife tried to tranquilize the animal before lunged at the officers, prompting them to fire with rifles. the animal was taken to the oakland zoo for surgery, but it later died. the department official wildlife says it was not their intention to injure the mountain lion. but they had no other choice after it started charging. google is rolling out a new feature that will help
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women find reproductive health care how it all works. coming up area high school student positive for monkeypox how the school and community is
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♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that. it's updating its map feature to show clinics that specifically provide abortion services. the tech giant came under criticism after a study found that 37% of google maps results were for anti abortion centers. google
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says it will also label some locations, saying they may not offer abortion services. last month, google announced it will delete sensitive locations from a person's location history, including abortion clinics or domestic violence shelters. north bay high school is alerting parents after a student tested positive for monkey pox. the positive case was that rancher qatari high school in rohnert park ktvu. also, harrington has the story. email to the school community at rancho qatari high school in rohnert park alerted families to a confirmed case of monkey parks also called em pox. part of the email reads. the student is currently quarantined at home and has not been in school this week. we are in communication with the department of public health and working with them on contact, tracing much like previous covid-19 protocols. dr peter chin hong, an infectious disease expert at uc san francisco, explained. it's rare. to see this virus in teenagers.
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it's not usual, but it's not surprising. um it really depends on the risk, he said. in a school setting, the risk is low . you won't get em packs by brushing past someone in the hallway, you could get it from prolonged, direct or intimate contact with another person who is infected. you really need a lot of virus. to infect somebody who's not been infected. qatari rohnert park unified school district said they are working with public health officials and are following the guidance provided, according to the department of health services. there are 32 cases of em pox in sonoma county vaccine supply is limited, so sonoma county prioritizes people at high risk. some of the first symptoms could include fever, fatigue, muscle aches and swollen lymph nodes. dr chen hong said. it's a good idea for school districts across the bay area to be prepared for possible cases and to educate their school communities think it's really, really crucial for
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schools to have awareness of what it is and what it's not to dispel myths. to combat misinformation because misinformation these a lot of stigma and the last thing you want to have the school environment is stigma. in the email sent to parents, the school said that it has cleaned and sanitized all spaces where that infected students may have been in rohnert park. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. a new government study suggests school aged children can successfully swab themselves for a covid-19 test. the u. s. department of health and human services hopes this data will ramp up testing in schools, the agency says. children as young as four years old can follow simple instructions and collect their own specimen. the study was conducted last year using nearly 200 kids with covid symptoms. it found that when shown an instructional video, the self collected swabs and those collected by a health care worker match nearly 98% of the time. this weekend marks a major
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milestone for zuckerberg, san francisco general hospital, the facility will celebrate 150 years of service on sunday. throughout those years, the hospital has responded to major disasters from the 19 oh six earthquake to the age pandemic in the 19 eighties to the battle against covid earlier on the floor, we heard from the ceo of the san francisco general hospital foundation about how the hospital has evolved. looking back to 1981. it was this model of compassionate care where you brought together. the physicians from ucsf who have been participating with the general since 18 73, the research component, the compassionate care the dedication to patients, um and bringing everyone together. in that model was so critical as we went on to take care of the community during the covid pandemic. get, meredith says
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more than 30% of city residents were treated for covid at a sub general during the pandemic to mark a century and a half of service mayor london breed has declared sunday. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital day. coming up raising a child in the us so yeah, it's getting even more expensive thanks to rising inflation and excitement building for san jose little league team gearing up for a big game tomorrow, their incredible journey, landing them a spot on the diamond. had a barrier. whether the weekend just about here you can plan on cooler temperatures, at least for the next couple of days. but then next week, we're gonna warm things b
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here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home. ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that.
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study finds at the cost of
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raising a child has now risen to more than $300,000 because of inflation. that is about a 9% increase from an estimate just five years ago, according to the analysis by the brookings institute, a married middle and kim couple with a child will spend $310,000 from birth until the child turns 17 that breaks down to a little more than $18,000 a year per child. before college. a big day tomorrow for a unique little league team from san jose. the team made up of kids with various physical and developmental challenges, will be playing at the little league world series in williamsport, pennsylvania. ktvu is mark sayer has more on this team's journey of a lifetime. back in june, we first introduced you to the challenger division of san jose's cambrian park little league team was out on the field, practicing for a trip to williamsport, pennsylvania to play a game in the little league world series that day has now
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arrived. being here is a dream come true. this is, um you know, the pinnacle of, uh, you know, youth baseball head coach barbara maroni spoke to us from above the main stadium where kids from all over the world are playing baseball. while saturday's exhibition game will be held at a nearby field. the excitement is the same, just so thrilled to be able to afford my players, this opportunity and i, you know, i know a lot of parents have said over the years that they never thought they would see their child play. um uh, a sport and, um not only are they playing, uh, sport, but they've made it to, um, the little league world series, so it's pretty amazing. cambrian parks challenger division helps players with physical and developmental challenges between the ages of five and 18. this is a very emotional i don't cry over baseball team was first invited to play. play two years
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ago, but the games were postponed due to the pandemic. being here right now. it's very exciting. very exciting. i can't wait to play player writer to fauci mollo is 16 and in his final year with the team brings me so much joy to see how to see how far how far this team's going. challenger exhibition game at the little league world series has been played since 2001 while little league gives each team $15,000 local communities kick in with fundraisers to send their teams here on saturday, san jose will play a team from mason, ohio, near cincinnati. in the game that should be more than just a friendly rivalry. they better be ready for some fun reporting from san hose. as a mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news. and we wish them good luck. a teenager from the central coast he's hurting her aviation dreams into realities. 17 year old helen pruitt kennett piloted her first
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solo flight from the santa ynez airport in santa barbara county . yesterday the flight instructor went with her as a precaution, but the team was in full control of the flight. and she had this to say before her big take off. i'm excited. i've put about 30 hours of flight. just flight time into this much more of studying, and i know how to fly the plane, and i think i'm confident in my ability, so i'm ready. her first flight comes just one day after another 17 year old set a new record as the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a small aircraft. well barry weather looks like we're cool things off as we head into your weekends. remember last week we were talking about some pretty hot temperatures, especially inland . not the case this weekend. we get a break. take a look at the highest from this afternoon. san francisco 68 seventies for oakland, hayward some nineties for livermore and conquered and up in the north bay bunch of eighties. here is the plan this weekend. lots of cloud cover tomorrow morning skies becoming partly sunny. pretty much the
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same story for your sunday just a minor changes, we might be able to bump up the numbers just slightly for the second half of the weekend. here's a satellite right now, the showing you all the cloud cover out there. lots of low clouds and the coastline already pushing back into the bay. and here's our live camera tonight from oakland, where you get the sense that we do have some overcast to deal with for this evening. already current numbers santa rosa 54 conquered still pretty mild 67. and san jose reporting 64 degrees. overnight temperatures in the fifties to the lower sixties. mostly cloudy skies. the possibility of some drizzle, especially near the coast and right around portions of the bay . so that's your saturday morning into the afternoon hours , clouds will gradually clear to near the coastline, although we could still have some leftover patches right around the bay itself and a pretty good onshore breeze as well. tomorrow should be one of the coolest days of the week. a lot of activity up here, but basically some cooler air trying to develop just trying to approach the region so we still have the breezy
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conditions. the breezy conditions remain in place right into the weekend. and here is your weekend outlook as this system wants to drop in from the north, and that will send temperatures down for your saturday, which is some minor warming by sunday, but once that system moves out, looks like we're gonna warm up those numbers into next week. forecast ties for tomorrow will be in the sixties coast side. lots of seventies around the bay. warmest locations around 83 to 86 degrees. here's a look ahead . we talked about the cooling for your saturday sunday could be a touch warmer with partly sunny skies, but it looks like that warming trend really kicks in and the next week for tuesday and wednesday. in fact, beyond wednesday, we could be talking about even some hotter temperatures, especially for the inland neighborhoods. but this weekend, definitely clearing things up here in the bear. mark thank you. 11. san jose could be home to a new get this. here we go again in and out burger drive through the mercury news reports that the chain is proposing building a new restaurant on stevens creek boulevard near
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hanson avenue and the planning documents show it would be able to handle about 124 customers and about 30 cars in the drive. thru once approved in and out, says the construction would take about six months. it was a scoreless night for the san francisco giants coming up, we'll look at the highlights from minneapolis first. don't forget our special program. voices for change. it returns this weekend for its season finale. we're talking to a local foot football coach who wants to build a more diverse pipeline of minority coaches. this all gets started sunday morning at 9 30. right here on ktvu. you're watching the 11 for decades, i've worked at the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness. so when prop 27 promised solutions to homelessness, i took a good, hard look.
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it's not a solution. 90% of the money goes to the out-of-state corporations who wrote it. very little is left for the homeless. don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27. ♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that.
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giantsco off against the minnesota twins in the first of
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a three game series. you can see some giants fans in the building tonight, starting off in the third inning. twins of three nothing with the bases loaded. gilberto's celestino cranks one deep. it goes off the wall for a double. all three runs scored. twins lead 60 next batter. gary sanchez. he's gonna crush this one into the stands for the two run shot. that's his 12th home run of the year to give the twins and ate nothing lead. minnesota did not look back in this one. they'd go on to win nine to nothing. the oakland the a's versus the new york yankees tonight scoreless at the top of the four people having fun in the stands here, jose trevino up to bat hits one to center field. stevenson is there, though we apologize, this video freezing here, but i'll tell you what happens. l. stevenson makes a catch, and he kept the game scoreless and just so you know, the a's really couldn't pull off the win there. they ended up losing 322. if we get that video, we'll bring it back to you want to mention that the ace
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they could soon have a new picture in their bullpen. 19 year old cuban pitcher luis morales eligible to sign with an mlb team on september the seventh after being declared a free agent yesterday, morales is expected to demand a record breaking sum for a picture. from the international bonus pool. at the age they're considered heavy favorites to sign him. you can see him here showing off his skills in front of the mlb scouts. fastest pitches during workouts clocked in at 97 99 mph. well, it wasn't how the 49ers hope to end their preseason is he fell 17 to nothing yesterday against the houston texans quarterback trey lance finished seven of 11 for 49 yards, and it was a tough day for the 49ers offensive line. lance was sacked on the first play the 49ers second offensive series. san francisco also racked up seven penalties in the first half alone, with four of those flags belong to the offense today, 49ers head coach kyle shanahan spoken his teams
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perform. formance. and what he expects moving forward despite the situation of the game or anything like that, when you commit that many penalties, you know, we have some of the drops. um, just some of the sloppy plays the sax. um some of the first downs that we committed on third down with some of the penalties. that was just, um, wasn't good enough. and we gotta clean that stuff up. and, um you know, make some decisions this week to help it. in terms of madison city, the las vegas raiders facing mac jones and the new england patriots first quarter, jones is sacked by defensive end malcolm coons, and that's going to set up a raiders field go. they go up three. nothing in the first jones throws down the middle here. he's intercepted, though, by luke masterson. nice return as he takes it back around the 30 yard line, and that's going to set up a touchdown on the following play. white finds some room on the outside on this one was able to get it in for the end zone. raiders go on to win it 23 to 6. by the way, they are
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undefeated for the first time in the preseason. time for today's check this out. this is maggie showing off her goalkeeping skills. just look at her snatch that puck. nothing's going to that puck. nothing's going to get past her and she's so cute indistinct conversations ] do we know anything? oh, no. they're in there now with the doctor. we're lucky, though. the paramedics said it could've been a lot worse. my god, how did this even happen? there he is. big day's coming up. what do you want for your birthday, big dog? it's okay. i'm good. come on. the sky's the limit. dream big, my boy. well, i guess i could use a belt. a belt? yeah, you're right. i don't need it. an extension cord works pretty good. phil: every year, luke's birthday falls right around thanksgiving, and so it gets lost in the holiday shuffle. yeah, one year we forgot completely, and we had to improvise a cake out of stuffing. which, by the way, he was fine with. he's one of those kids, you get him a gift, and all he wants to do is play with the box. yeah, one year we actually just got him a box --


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