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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  August 29, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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fast food restaurant when she was confronted by a robber. he approached her grabbed her purse . she struggled and tried to pull it back dennis perez at the victim's stepson, he says the robber persisted and became violent. hit her in the head with something some blunt object. and then she went down. it happened outside the filipino fast food restaurant in the parking lot of ballet. hope plaza is sonoma boulevard and redwood at about seven sunday night, her 82 year old husband witnessed the attack. at that point, my dad saw him run off to the right into a car and they just sped off. the robber escaped with a purse with money in her i d. perez and family members have been keeping vigil at kaiser permanente medical center in vallejo. doctors there say she suffered bleeding in her brain. it's cowardice, cowardly, really. husband and some friends have gone to see the golden gate bridge in san francisco, they decided to stop by jollibee to grab a bite to eat. she's now the latest victim of asian descent to be attacked in the
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bay area. you always hear about it, but when it becomes personal, you know it's something really does need to be done about this. i mean, it's ridiculous plaza includes shops and restaurants popular within the filipino community shoppers we spoke to were concerned by the attack. the whole asian it's been a all the time. i don't know why. you know, it's just it's not fair. you feel safe. we're not safe anymore. we are not safe at all. it doesn't have to be asian could be anyone else . you know, in the lace. it shouldn't happen to anybody. so this is terrible. been reported. anyone with information is asked to call, but i hope police henry lee ktvu, fox two news. we are learning new information about deadly shooting inside a safeway store in oregon last night, police in bend, oregon, say a man shot two people and then turn the gun on himself to other people suffered non life threatening injuries. they say
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one of the people killed was a 66 year old safeway employee attacked the gunman in the produce section in an effort to disarm the man. and 84 year old man who was shopping was also killed. investigators say the shooter armed with an assault rifle, began firing at an apartment complex behind the store and then continued his rampage in the parking lot before entering the safeway. police identified the shooter as a 20 year old bend man who lived in that apartment complex. when our officers arrived, they could hear gunshots in the safe way, and they entered the store to confront the shooter while shots were still being fired. our officers entered from both the front and the rear of the store in a solo entry. police say that safeway employee who confronted the gunman acted heroically and may have prevented further bloodshed. 12 year old is in custody tonight accused of shooting a student at a school in east oakland. oakland police say a 13 year old was shot at madison park academy just about
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1 30 this afternoon. that student was taken to the hospital. the child suspect was found after a brief search and evacuation of the school. ktvu is evan sernoffsky was at the scene today. he joins us live tonight from the newsroom with the very latest, evan. that's right, mike. as you said. obviously parents and students at this school were very concerned, especially in wake of recent school shootings like the one in you. validly texas some good news. in this case, the 13 year old student who was shot is stable. police also tell us that the 12 year old suspect is in custody and the gun has been recovered. this all happened at 1 30 this afternoon as school was in session at madison park academy. the school is in east oakland on the 400 block of capistrano drive, witnesses reporting hearing a gunshot before the school went into lockdown. parents rushed to the campus but were held back as police secured the scene. many were distraught as they waited to see their kids in person. one
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woman we spoke to said her grandchildren were texting her from inside, letting her know they were okay. gary it was very scary, knowing that tragedy struck a school again and his children involved. it was very scary. it's still scary right now. i'm talking to you. it's very scary. now is this was all unfolding. oakland police chief laurent armstrong was addressing the city's gun violence epidemic . he was speaking about a rash of shootings over the weekend that left five people dead in just three days. sadly gun violence is impacting our schools as well. you have heard from me over the last several weeks about a number of shootings and incidents that have happened in our schools and our playgrounds. this is impacting. every area in our city. nobody is immune from this level of gun violence. oakland mayor libby schaaf released a
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statement on the shooting it reads in part school should be the safest place for our kids. the increased level of gun violence in our country and our city is heartbreaking and unacceptable. we will hold accountable those who cause harm to oakland and we will come together to heal from these traumatic events, all of the students at madison park academy were released earlier this afternoon and again that student who was shot is stable at a hospital. reporting live in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. thank you for that update the santa clara county board of supervisors today released an estimate of the tall gun violence has actually taken when it comes to financial terms. supervisor cindy chavez requested an analysis back in 2019 of how much money the county spends on gun crimes. it shows gun violence cost santa clara county $72.5 million a year. that includes cause for police, emergency services, medical, mental health, emergency services and criminal justice. this amount does not factor in the cost of
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incarceration in state and federal prisons. few local governments in the nation have researched and produced an economic analysis of the costs of gun violence for the purpose of developing local violence prevention strategies. final report on the analysis will be presented tomorrow at the santa clara county board of supervisors meeting. two paramedics with the san francisco fire department were attacked in their ambulance this morning by a man with a tree stake by officials say when the man smashed the windshield with the steak. the paramedics got out of the vehicle and ran. the driver dropped the keys while fleeing. authorities say the suspect, then picked up the keys , got into the ambulance and tried to run the medics down. when a department pickup truck responded to a radio plea for help. the suspect took off on foot. it happened at about seven this morning on harrison street near highway 101 in the mission district. the attacker still has not been found. a department spokesman said the medics were shaken up but not hurt.
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officials say this was not the first time the paramedics have been attacked. there is certainly a certain amount of physical violence that we deal with. that we get used to, and as a result, we normalize it. we just thought that's just part of the job at this point now accept that coming to work and being assaulted all the time to the point where it says normal is actually very unhealthy and in many, many ways a motive in today's attack is not known. francisco police today honored one of their own 51 years after his death, sergeant john victor young was shot and killed on august 29th 1971 when two men opened fire during an attack on the ingleside police station. the chief said that young's death came during a violent time as the nation was rocked by unrest and political upheaval. but he said san francisco police officers always served without a thought for their own safety. every day we get up. we go to work we put on our uniforms. and we serve and we never think about what might happen. we
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never think about the worst. we never think about the fact that they could end. by doing what we love to do, and that is serving our community. several men were charged. but then the charges were later dropped. and after that two of the suspects were convicted of murder to new york city police officers. it's been one month since california's largest wildfire of the year began in siskiyou county. four people were killed and hundreds of homes were destroyed or damaged. ktvu brooks jarocz tells us some of those who lost everything say they're still being set utility bills from their local power company. so this is the end of my life. dude. july the mckinney fire in siskiyou county erupted and began swallowing the town of klamath river. i don't know what i'm gonna do. i don't know where i'm gonna go and his family escaped the flames, but one of their dogs and four cats didn't make it there. five acre property destroyed. there's just
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all piles of ashes. burnt it just melted. they're already accusations and a lawsuit claiming pacific power and its equipment are responsible for the fire. but to make matters worse is what how and his neighbors received from the power company. days after the fire ripped through. i stopped by the post office and that was at the top of the stack of mail was the bill from pacific power $600 bill how says despite calls to pacific core, the oregon based utility told him he'd have to pay up. you're asking for us to set well up with you when we're at our lowest point. right now, most of us are just seeking shelter, doing anything we can to survive day to day and he's not alone. a lawyer representing wildfire victims says at least 300 people affected by the mckinney fire have gotten bills and about four dozen of them have lost everything. i think what it shows is an incredible lack of understanding and sympathy intact. attorney amanda lockard oh says. that's evident in what she calls a tone deaf
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letter sent to people like how reading we've taken additional safety precautions to reduce the risk of wildfire and then offering tips about power outages. the letter was dated a week after my home burned down and it was informing me of all the precautionary measures they were taking, and there might be future power outages to a house that no longer exists. pacific core responded in a statement saying, in part we're working to help customers affected by fires get back on their feet. residents of siskiyou county now have access to billing and payment relief and a variety of forms. but some say it's too little too late. i'm just blown away by all of it. i really don't have words at this point, my handing a bill to these fire victims. i think it sends a message that they care more about keeping your shareholders happy than about making things right with the people in santa river pacific power said. it's in the process of communicating new billing and payment relief options to customers. that includes discontinuing billing, going forward or implementing a
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payment plan. how said his family was put on a payment plan today and will have to pay up within a year. but regardless he will have to pay. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news. recent shooting and stabbing on bart property have plenty of riders concern. now police are trying to reassure them that the transit system is safe. federal judge is expected to allow an independent party to go through the items seized from former president trump's florida home, but the justice department says that's already been done. and it's been mild. the weekend was not that hot, especially inland . that's how it went today. we'll talk about tomorrow's forecast and what you can expect the rest of the week and new data points to whose most adversely affected by monkeypox here in california state leaders come up with the new plan of attack, and here's a check right now. the monday evening commute. this is a look at the east shore freeway as seen from our emeryville camera. too bad. the cars on the right are making their way towards berkeley, emeryville in richmond, the
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of high-quality products all at everyday low prices, your bathroom upgrade has never been more “you.” discover floor and decor today! large and watch party in los angeles this afternoon. 82 57, the fast recovery act would hold corporations like mcdonald's and burger king legally responsible for making sure franchisees comply with labor, health and safety laws. the bill would also create a fast food sector council that would set standards for wages and labor supporters say the bill will give employees a seat at the table, opponents say. it would raise costs for everyone and harm businesses. but it's about even even in the playing field. so my voice is listened. who else to ask about the problems that suffer that
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they suffer at this stories that the workers the ones that understand the needs? this is the first step in 500,000 employees being unionized at $300 a year, which is $15 million that will be used to work against california businesses hire gino vote the fast food labor bill heads back to the assembly for a final vote where it has already passed once at six tonight, new figures out from both san francisco and santa clara county show just how hard monkey pox or m pox as state health officials are now calling it is hitting latino communities. ktvu esmark's their shows us what's being done to get limited vaccine supplies to where they're needed. the most. in the early stages of any public health emergency experts can't say for sure which group will be hit the hardest, but with plenty of covid era lessons under their belt, the current m pox trends are a top priority issue fundamentally important that we understand who is being
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impacted by this outbreak. in santa clara county, the hispanic and latin x community is by far the hardest hit group so far, 55% of reported cases are in that group compared to just 20% for whites, 15% for asians and 5% for blacks and with vaccine supplies. limited focused action is already being taken. and it's important that we know that so that we make sure our work to get health care, information and vaccination is focused on serving those same populations. still it phoenix. community is very tight knit and because of housing being so expensive, a lot of people as sharing housing , and so that is one of the ways it can be a spread in san francisco. whites are most impacted at 46% but hispanic and latin x community still make up a full 28% of the pox cases with asians at 9% and blacks at 6% so
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when we see the high positivity rate it's an alarm that we're working to address. the vega is with san francisco's latino task force. the task force is a group of 40 community organizations originally formed to help with the response to covid and now applying some of those same strategies with them pox. what we want to do is we want to make access to, um pox. ah services and vaccination low barrier to no barriers. so what that requires is us to be able to do direct outreach to our community in a language that's familiar to them, while the demographic data will help target impacted communities, a key focus remains on increasing supply. in the meantime, the county is using a special injection technique, which allows for smaller doses so more people can be vaccinated. reporting in san jose. i'm mark sayer, ktvu fox two news lawmakers are making changes to a bill that would reform the bail system. the measure was shelved last year
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after the killing of the sacramento woman by a man who was out of jail on his own recognizance, according to the sacramento bee. the amended bill no longer calls for zero bail. it would also bar some defendants from being charged for items like ankle monitors. and it would require defendants to have bail money returned if charges are dismissed or even never filed. the bail industry opposes the revised measure, which was co authored by berkeley state senator nancy skinner. alright i hope you had a nice weekend. the weather was pretty nice. i thought, you know it depends on where you were. but even at the coast, the sun came out for a little bit sons out at the coast right now, as a matter of fact, because that inversion is so deep. that it has mixed out the fog. it's still the marine layer is still the marine layer. it's just not in the form of fog. it's higher humidity and lower temperature specifically today, plenty of sunshine hit 66 degrees. you go up the hill a little bit behind the, um linda linda mar there and i'm just up on the side of the hill. you're probably at 70
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degrees, so temperatures pretty warm or mild along the coast for late august. early september temperatures tomorrow gonna be a lot like these temperatures the next day, a little warmer temperatures next day a little warmer still and the story you're gonna get a lot of this this week. i'm sure from lot of sources. this this heat is going to show up doesn't seem like it's anything out of control. but it's gonna get real hot in the central valley. so we're going to see heat advisories and things like that. of all times on the labor day weekend, right? so it's gonna be sadder. it's gonna be like a saturday sunday monday, kind of a thing are far inland bay valleys will be impacted as well. that's down the road and that could change. but right now we're we are is this and a gradual warming this week fog will return to the coast late tonight. overnight lows will be where they have been in highs tomorrow. gonna look just like these will see you back here with the full forecast. just a few minutes. sounds good, a new study says trillions of tons of ice in greenland will melt. regardless of whether or not carbon emissions are reduced in the future. researchers at the geological survey of denmark say 3% of greenland's ice sheet is not getting replenished from winter snow that amounts to more
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than 120 trillion tons of ice, which could raise sea levels globally by at least 10 inches by the end of the century. that's also twice as much sea level rise as what scientists previously thought. nasa scientists still aiming for the moon when necessary, says went wrong with today's scheduled launch new twist in the investigation into classified documents that former president donald trump's florida home a judge today signals she'll grant an important concession to the trump legal team. here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken, create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide
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permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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pronounced he will resign from iraqi politics. hundreds of angry protesters loyal to also order stormed the palace clashed with iraqi security forces who use guns, tear gas and physical force to shove back the crowds. federal judge has signaled that she is prepared to appoint an independent arbiter to review the material seized by fbi agents at former president donald trump's home. this comes as the director of national intelligence, says that she is conducting a damage assessment in the case boxes. madeline rivera has the details from washington. another twist in the battle over classified documents that ended up at mara lago, a federal judge nominated by former president trump in 2020 indicates she'll likely grant
6:24 pm
his request for an independent party to go through the items that the fbi took from his home . the whole point of a special master is to ensure the documents that are not arguably classified, are returned back to trump. but the justice department claims it's already done that job, saying it's team identified items that may be protected by attorney client privilege that could undercut the trump team's request for a special master unless the two sides disagree. position where we can really have a lot of faith in that we still need judicial intervention. this should have been a motion that the trump team filed the day after the raid. the doj clearly made fast work of this plays out. intelligence officials are busiest. assessing the national security risks that came with storing top secret documents in mar a lago a worst case scenario , there could be several, but one that comes readily to mind, of course, which others have spoken to is the potential identity. of a humid asset that
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we have recruited in a foreign country. the director of national intelligence is expected to brief top lawmakers about the agency's assessment. the white house says it's not involved in the review and has not been briefed in washington mother rivera, fox news opponent , seven immigration bill involving farm workers held a rally today at senator alex padilla's office in san francisco. the san francisco labor council is just one of the groups urging senator padilla and other lawmakers to reject the arm workforce modernization act. that's currently being negotiated in the u. s senate. the bill would expand the e verify program that determines authorization to work in the us and revised the h two, a guest worker program. critics say the bill does not go far enough to ensure job security and doesn't provide a clear pathway to citizenship. instead of giving papers to people, they give them temporary status, which makes them more exploitable supporters
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of the farm workforce modernization act say it will ease the industry's labor shortage and, in turn helped lower the burden of food prices on consumers. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. police investigating a deadly stabbing on bart property as recent crimes leave. plenty of writers , rattled based school district is standing firm and keeping a mask mandate in place inside the classroom, but some parents have their doubts. after so much speculation. it does look like jimmy garoppolo. is going nowhere. joe fonzi has the story coming up in sports.
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french toast sticks starting at $2.00 are back at jack in the box. is in park academy, where police say one middle school student shot another this afternoon. the victim, a 13 year old is said to be in critical condition. officials see a 12 year old student was apprehended and a firearm was recovered. anxious parents had to wait outside for a couple of hours before they were able to take their children home. 71 year old woman became the latest victim of asian descent to be attacked in the bay area after being robbed while leaving the jolly b fast food restaurant in valais ho. after she doctors say she suffered bleeding in her brain and is being treated now at the hospital. police are investigating. no arrests have been made figures out from both san francisco and santa clara county showed just how hard monkey pox or m pox as state
6:30 pm
health officials are now calling . it is hitting latino community so far, 55% of the reported cases in santa clara county are within that group. compared to just 20% for whites, 15% for asians and 5% for blacks in san francisco. latinos make up 28% of the impacts cases. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. 30 bart is seeing an increase in violence and this includes yesterday's deadly stabbing at the 24th street bar plaza in san francisco's mission district is christian captain has more on what bart's police chief is now saying about violence. within the transportation system. bart police say sunday's deadly stabbing happened here on the plaza above the 24th street station. the police chief says it started with an altercation with the killer's stabbing the victim in broad daylight. it happened in the plaza and the victim, uh, worked his way down the stairwell, collapsing several times and, uh, subsequently making it down. to our platform where he unfortunately passed away. bart
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police are working with san francisco police to identify and catch the killer. bart says it has more than 4000 cameras and their network, including on the plaza level of the 24th street station that captured the crime . we do have camera coverage on the plaza and we were able to capture some of the incident. um but we're still looking for better quality in the area that could provide us with better images of hopefully the face that we can produce out to the public and pass on to our ally partners. at the same time, bart police are still searching for whomever shot a man on a san francisco bound train on friday afternoon. police say the victim is still hospitalized, but now say it appears the shooter did not act alone. there was a second suspect on the platform. we're working collaboratively with the oakland police department identify the shooter and his companion incidents come as bart ridership is increasing and may have some concerned about riding bart, but the chief
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says the system is safe. they're not just random acts of violence. these were very specific, targeted acts. we have reached out to the medical examiner's office here in san francisco. they tell me they have not been able to notify the family of the man who died at the 24th street station. on sunday. so at this point, they are not releasing his name. meanwhile part police also encouraging writers to download the bart watch app to report problems or suspicious incidents . the chief says one of the benefits from that is that if you're using the app to discuss something with the police, nobody needs to know you're doing. it just looks as if you're texting someone. but the chief says in an emergency. you want to be sure that you use 911 and not the app. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu , fox two news, kaiser permanente, mental health care workers are continuing to walk the picket lines. the strike has been going on now for two weeks , workers say conditions are causing cancelations and delays for patients seeking appointments. mental health care workers blame kaiser for a
6:33 pm
staffing shortage, which is hurting patients. kaiser says the strike is a negotiating tactic and that it is committed to ensuring that patients still receive care. one south bay school district has decided to keep its mask mandate in place to prevent the spread of covid as ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary reports it is sparking debate in the community. 2.5 years since the emergence of covid-19 and masking is still mandated at the alum rock unified school district. we've always kept our masking, uh, mandate on at our olive, our allan rock schools santa clara county relaxed its indoor mask mandate march 2nd at the time. health officials cited declines in covid infection in hospitalization rates. other bay area counties have done the same , saying indoor masking is now optional. the largest school districts san jose, san francisco and oakland unified, all saying masking is encouraged not mandatory, but alum rock school district officials stayed the course, citing higher covid
6:34 pm
positivity rates. many schools, you know, do not have modern h fax systems, you know, and so the transmission of virus at least in the indoor environment. is a fairly significant risk. their mandate has caused at least one family to refuse to send two of its children to atalante dual language academy. it's also touched off a debate. i think they shouldn't wear a mask. i think if they say it's safe for them not to wear a mask. i prefer to see her face. it's not just the students that were protecting and keeping healthy, but also also our staff is still necessary. no, i really don't think this is necessary infectious diseases expert dr monica gandhi sites. two studies showing little difference in covid transmission rates in schools where masks are required versus those were masking is optional. at this point, we have vaccines down to six months of age and we don't need to mandate masks. officials say they've offered accommodations to the
6:35 pm
impacted family. to continue learning at school. but those measures have been refused in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox two news, new data shows life expectancy is declining in california and the rest of the nation due to the covid pandemic. the cdc numbers show california dropped from the second highest life expectancy in the country at nearly 81 years of age to fourth place at 79 years. california has seen more than 94,000 deaths from the virus, which is the state's third leading cause of death arise in drug overdoses is also affecting life expectancy, according to the cdc. the biden administration is set to pause the free covid-19 test kit program next week. the federal government website where you order those free test, says the program will be suspended starting friday. however the program is still accepting orders before september. 2nd a statement on the site blames congress for not providing enough funding to increase the stockpile of at home tests.
6:36 pm
there are also reports that the stockpile of tests is being depleted, and officials wanted to have enough on hand in the event of a fall surge still to come mayors from around the nation concerned about the growing inequality around broadband internet access, and now some cities are turning to oakland for solutions and a messy situation on interstate 80 as a truck carrying thousands of pounds of tomatoes spills its load. what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27.
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chilled tomatoes all over interstate 80 in vacaville. this is what it looked like this morning. the highway was covered with tomatoes. the chp says the big rig crashed into the center divide before spilling those tomatoes all across the roadway for other vehicles were involved . three people were taken to the hospital. oakland's mayor met with elected leaders from across the country for a briefing on the city's efforts to close the digital divide. the city recently announced that every oakland public school student within certain income limits will receive $1000 a year while pursuing a college degree. the city is also in the third year of oakland undivided, which provides access to a computer and internet for all 50,000 public school students. the mayor said she hopes to inspire other cities to create similar models. and now we're expanding that from cradle to career, giving our preschool parents at computer access, giving our
6:40 pm
college students computer access. elected officials from alabama, georgia, oklahoma and missouri were among those taking part. the meeting was organized by the nonprofit new deal forum , a hospital in the south bay is marking national breastfeeding month by hosting a breast milk donation drive. good samaritan hospital and mothers. milk bank of san jose organized the event this morning, volunteers accepted frozen breast milk that was under nine months old. the milk is then taken to the milk bank and screened and pasteurized. organizers say most of the milk is given to premature infants in neonatal intensive care units and will also now be given to babies affected by the formula shortage. it's gonna go to all medically fragile babies, including babies that are suffering from formula shortage and it goes through out california and states within, ua that don't have a milk pain.
6:41 pm
good samaritan hospital says it was happy to spread the word about the important role breast milk plays in early childhood development. and i'm tracking that weather. we've got some warm up coming our way. you'll see that in the five day forecast in just a minute. alright time now to check in with heather holmes and a closer look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus heather tonight, mike elon musk and built a new timeline for full self driving tesla when he says that software will be available to drivers. plus britney spears releases a 20 minute, tell all video on youtube tmz shares with us some of the highlights of the singer's statement that's no longer available. those stories and a lot more are coming up in just a few minutes on the seven over on ktvu plus but first after the break, nasa is confident that its rocket launch to the moon will be a success. the reason behind today's setback on the launch pad
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don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27. on the moon for the first time since those apollo missions will have to wait a little bit longer. the space agency postponed today's highly anticipated launch of the artemis one rocket fuel leak and other issues with one of the four engines forced nasa to reschedule the launch, possibly for friday, says though it is optimistic it will be able to meet that launch window. fox news jonathan serrie has more now from the kennedy space center. it was not all systems go monday morning for nasa's artemis one program, the space agency scrubbing the moon rockets launched due to weather and engine trouble. this is a brand new rocket. it's not going to fly until it's ready as the
6:45 pm
clock inch closer to lift off. the ground crew had trouble fueling the rocket because of a leak of highly explosive hydrogen. also discovered the rocket was not able to properly cool one of its four main engines. all this plus thunderstorms in the area which delayed preparations were going to give the team time to rest. first of all, and then come back fresh tomorrow and reassess what we learned today is poised to shuttle america into the next generation of space exploration. the 322 ft tall spacecraft consisting of the space launch system, rocket and orion crew capsule remains on the launch pad at nasa's kennedy space center in florida. when it happens, the six week mission will send the unmanned craft on a test flight around the moon and back, putting the most powerful rocket ever built by nasa through rigorous stress tests in preparation for future lunar landings. the whole reason for this test flight just stress it and to test it. to make sure
6:46 pm
it's as safe as possible. even with no one on board. thousands gathered to witness history, including vice president kamala harris innovation. requires this kind of moment. where you test out something that's never been done. and then you regroup. nasa's next attempt that lift off a scheduled for friday at the earliest at kennedy space center in florida. jonathan serrie fox news. and for more on what happens next. we spoke earlier to a b. tripathi director of mission operations at the space sciences laboratory at uc berkeley. it's so pretty much immediately once the vehicle was safe today, they had pad technicians go on and figure out. why wasn't that engine cooling? was there a leak somewhere on the ground side and the ground support equipment? or was there some issue on the rocket itself? so those engineers are gonna lose. technicians and engineers are going to take a look. report back to the nasa management. the national management is going to
6:47 pm
come in fresh, having slept like , uh, the director just said there and they're going to assess. okay we think we can solve this problem by friday or no, we can't. we need to roll it back in the hangar. this is a much more powerful rocket than what was used to go to the moon in the 19 sixties. nasa wants to promote economic development of the moon and explore places that were not explored in the 19 sixties. alright he's taking a look at the weather outside. beautiful day today last couple of days been nice and cool, kind of mild kind of early fall field kind of a vibe like that, as we move forward in time it heats up, especially on the weekend. we'll get to that live camera outside a little bit of hes. not much fog fog mixed out. this is what happens when you get a lot of deep in the a lot of depth in the marine layer. you get temperatures like this, which are these? these temperatures have been pretty much similar from saturday sunday into today , and they're going to roll into tomorrow too. which is i love that temperature footprint because you're not overly hot inland marine layer stretches
6:48 pm
out and then the fog goes away, right when it gets deep enough like that, like that, like it did today, fog goes away. where's the fog? what's there, but it's not right along the coast, you can see the marine layer. along our coast is deep enough. it's the fog camp form out here with the water is cooler. it has a better opportunity. but that fog is going to push in tonight and tomorrow morning. and we've asked where we started. tomorrow's gonna be a lot like today. there's that low that is provided us with the cooling or it's one of the mechanisms just been a couple loads have gone through. but this main feature is always encouraging to see because this is the beginning. when you see when the days get a little bit shorter as they are starting to you see these the jet stream working its way a little further south in that progresses us towards winter, and, of course, that's what we want. we want those first rains asap. um not gonna see anything right away. but you know, just anytime i see the illusions with their lit up a little bit, that's a good sign. winds are blowing the right way. we've got a nice onshore flow. we're not doing fire stories right because you get the deep inversion
6:49 pm
humidities are higher. even if a fire does start like we did have a little bit of a fire earlier today, they're jumping on it right because you've got lesser, less dangerous fire conditions that changes on the weekend saturday, sunday and into monday labor day weekend when we get an environment that's going to be really hot in and i'm not seeing fire winds. i'm not seeing a red flag warning, but i am seeing heat in that especially in the inland bay valley, so he'd advisory probably for england bay valleys again. this is way down the road the weekend, but people have jumped on early models could change a lot of things that could change but just know that this whole week is. are these temperatures warming a little bit each day? so tomorrow? looks like this. as we go into wednesday, it's a little bit warmer, a little warmer thursday with warmer on friday and then bam, bam! bam temperatures start to go inland spots on friday, saturday and sunday in the bay area will be in the low one hundred's. is that a nor unusual no, it's not unusual, but we haven't had a lot of heat, so don't be fooled by, you know all that there's
6:50 pm
gonna be a lot of noise about this upcoming heat event. i suspect it's pretty typical. it's nothing unusual, but yes, fire danger will come up. heat advisories will be posted especially inland. i'll see you back here tonight at 10 sounds good bill. thank you. a quick reminder that ktvu school supply drive is underway. ktvu is partnering with the nonprofit supply bank dot org. and we are asking viewers to donate funds to help buy school supplies for bay area students in need. $20 donation is equal to $65 worth of school supplies. the goals to raise $50,000 to provide 2500 students with those new supplies to donate just head over to ktvu .com forward slash school. coming up in sports. serena williams takes the court at the us open the final tournament of her storied career. but would this be serena's final match? joe fonzi has the first round highlights coming up, and here is a look at tonight's lineup on ktvu fox two you can catch. don't forget the lyrics at eight o'clock, followed by beaches am at nine and then be sure to join
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shopping tonight in sports. ever since the 49ers season ended in los angeles early this year was a foregone conclusion that jimmy garoppolo will be playing somewhere else in the 2022 season. garoppolo is destination this season. back with the 49ers after an entire off season of san francisco looking for a trade partner. word emerged today that garoppolo has agreed to restructure his contract and remain with the team as the backup to trey lance garoppolo had not been able to throw until last month as he recovered from surgery on his throwing shoulder. 49ers officially passed the baton to lance, who they traded three first round draft choices to acquire garoppolo had been throwing on the side, not taking part in team activities while the 49ers look for a team that wanted him they were under pressure to get to the 53 man roster limit tomorrow and figure a guy with his kind of experience could be just the ticket in a league where the backup quarterback is usually needed for important stretches in the season, garoppolo reportedly will get
6:55 pm
$6.5 million guaranteed can make as much as $9 million more in playing time bonuses. the whole thing makes the comment garoppolo made at the end of what we thought was his final press conference before bay area media seems somewhat quaint. i just wanted to, uh, i quick. thank you. do all you guys the media i since i got here, you guys have been awesome. it's been a #### of a ride. guys. i love you guys. girl operable is already a favorite among his teammates because of his unselfishness. you can imagine how much more they respect him now making his destination about more than just the money. i am concerned. when the world writes her down in history. will begin where she started. at love. that's beyonce narrating a new gatorade commercial honoring serena williams. serena's playing and what she says will be her last tennis tournament. the u. s open, which is just underway. she's also featured on the september cover of time
6:56 pm
magazine. williams posted posted the cover on her instagram today with a simple message. thank you, everyone. it's been incredible. it's coach and cameras on williams tonight as she took on danka coverage of montenegro in the opening round , williams looked like the clock had been turned back, firing an ace on the way to winning the first set. 63. she's in the near court, now. triple match point she puts covenant away and straight sets of 63. after the match, there was a ceremony in her honor, but that may have been a little premature. she has at least one more match in the open second round, but she did talk about why this will be her last tournament. i really wanted to spend more time at home and working on my spiritual life, and that was really important to me. so um, yeah, it's like serena two point oh, i'm still going to be crazy. alright it is
6:57 pm
check this out time on a monday night. we're nominating this play for minor league catch of the year bret auerbach of the richmond flying squirrels does a little flying himself to make the catch and fountain? yeah you guys ready for the nickname of the akron team? rubber ducks later hit a three run homer in the squirrels. 8 to 4 win the flying squirrels by the way. the giants double a affiliate, that young man in the bay area. flying to a senior you soon and sports mascots. sometimes we love sometimes not so much. yes someone needs to tell the atlanta braves mascot blooper man, you weren't over lick. look you're not going to get a contract by running over a bunch of youth. football kids down exhibition, exactly. on the other hand, the baltimore ravens mascot polo ran into some kids who were a little bit bigger fumble on the play, had to be carted, took his knee cart him off. field because the players
6:58 pm
went against their decided that that really did all this really happened. that happened. yeah harbaugh was asked about that injury. yes, he was no comment. mascot yeah, you might have to go on the injured list. they won't be signed any new guys on the roster of that. and yes, bill. those things really do happen. we just make them up in the doing with our coloring books or something that they are real quick before we go. let's talk. jimmy garoppolo minutes. so tomorrow is a big day. they have to cut down a 53. so they have four right now. quarterback somebody's probably think gonna go. they could both could actually what they were worried. about one point was, whether you know they wanted to keep brock purty on the 53 man roster because nate sun feld was signed to be the backup, and then that would assume that maybe somebody passes through waivers and you bring him back to the practice squad. they no longer have. we don't know how healthy jimmy g really is. right right. go in a game, right? i went right. yeah keep them away from seattle, and they get one. really good backup . you got it all right back.
6:59 pm
. you got it all right back. never laugh. he's still with us so, tell me about your day-- how's it going with the particle detector? wow! you remember that? yeah, i listen to what you say. you're building a particle detector using superfluid helium. you know, when you talk like that, i want to take you right here on this table. and you know from past experience this table cannot support both our weight. so, how's the detector going? well, it's tricky working with superfluids. whatever container you put them in, they kind of creep up the sides and crawl out all on their own. kind of like sheldon's ant farm. exactly, except you don't have a lunatic running around, yelling, "i fed you sugar water, why are you biting me?!" come on, this is boring-- you really want to talk about this? no, i do. i-i didn't write "superfluid helium" on this napkin for nothing. okay, well... this is cool. uh, there's a thing called "superfluid vacuum theory," where empty space is imagined as a superfluid with all of its qualities-- viscosity, density, surface tension...
7:00 pm
hey, if you're pausing for dramatic effect, i'd keep it moving. no, no. people don't talk about surface tension. if you imagine our three-space as the surface of an n-dimensional superfluid bubble... this... is exciting. this is really exciting. i have to go find sheldon. okay, well, if you find him, use the kitchen island-- that coffee table will not support both of you. which means a spherical multidimensional superfluid shows the same negative-energy density as space-time. so what do you think? what do you think? so what do you think? hmm... what? is it wrong? have you seen it somewhere else? hmm... i know this isn't my area, and i could never do the math like you can, but could this be something...? well... (sighs) (stammers)


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