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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  September 1, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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best day ever to be davidson wildcat. a lot of accolades for stephen curry, who has spent his entire career with the golden state warriors. so it's nice to see you in this new life, a college graduates. hot weather is here, and it's only going to get hotter this labor day weekend coming up, we'll tell you how long the bay area will be under an excessive heat watch and how long were being asked to conserve energy? and a man hoping to curb drug dealing in his tenderloin neighborhood catches a crime on video. why even with this evidence, arrest is not certain. new numbers show job growth slowed in august. unemployment numbers remain low . we're talking live with linkedin career expert about the current job market and what you can do today to get the job and pay you want. today's thursday, september 1st september, 1st my goodness, alright, we're looking at mountain diablo. it's going to be a hot, dry day and this
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weekend it's going to get hotter . we've been talking about that. so remember to hydrate and do your exercise in the morning and we'll talk more about this coming up. let's talk about inflation. high inflation is causing pet owners to buy fewer treats and new toys for their furry friends. pet supply retailer chui says pet owners are shifting their spending to pet food and other essentials. the company also says its customer growth is also slowed and its most recent quarter. fewer people are getting pets. it's a full year revenue, uh, its full year revenue is less than $10 billion, which is below what was originally predicted. and welcome to the nine um i don't think that my animals whatever care if i got them a fancy pet, i just give him a cardboard box or like the animals just want your attention. you know, i don't have to go out and buy a i don't know a rope for the dog. yeah well, you know, a lot of people are just used to pampering their animals, so they go out and get
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really fancy things i could save. my sister does that for her maltese? let's talk like like outfits. fancy food treats boots to take them out walking so they wouldn't mess up the house. i was, like, seriously, um, but, yeah, it's sad to see that on top of that, by the way, the issue with getting their their pets a lot of people because of inflation. are actually turning in their past as well. and so that these are some of the lingering effects that you don't always see out in the open that is affecting people when we're dealing with inflation right now, so it's a it's really sad to see. hopefully, things will turn around, though it's not. it's not just a luxury stuff that's being affected. for some people. it's the necessities. i know. the oakland animal shelter is doing really good work, as are many others nationwide, but they say their number one priority is to keep the pet with the family, right. you need food. let me get it for you. you need some medical care will work that out because, you know, severing that bond can be difficult for the animal and for the family, so oakland animal services doing whatever they can to keep families, including pets together. all right, let's talk about what we've really been walking up to all week. and that
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is the weather happening today. rising temperatures are in effect, and that's prompted another flex alert. every california being asked to conserve energy this afternoon and evening to try to ease the strain on the state's power grid will turn to ktvu magus. your live in las cotto's temperatures. there are expected to be in the nineties soon. gasia this is probably the best time to be outside. right now. in my last gatto's area, it's going to be as high as 93 later today, and not just in the bay area, but across the state. these extremely high temperatures are going to last for the next 6 to 7 days and that flex alert that starts at four o'clock this afternoon. that's at the time when the power grid is most stressed when the demand for power and energy is being used and is higher, and it's also when, uh we need to think about conserving more power and to help keep the great stable and avoid the blackouts. calyx so is urging everyone in california to conserve power. they suggest sending your
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thermostats to 78 degrees or higher and if health permits to avoid using major appliances and turn off any unnecessary lights. i'm from d c originally so i can handle hot weather. i can handle changes in the weather. but i worry for the older people. so i say, stay indoors if you're above the age of 50 and for our little ones, too, but their duration. governor newsom said yesterday he signed an executive order to temporarily ramp up energy supply in california. it will allow power plants to generate additional electricity and give some large customers the ability to use backup generators so between now and before four o'clock this afternoon, that's really the best time to cool down your home. it's also a good time to use your appliances and charge your electric devices. electric vehicles really to get ready. conserve between four o'clock to
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nine pm today, and there might be more flexible alerts later on this week due to these high temperatures reporting live in las cotto's demagogues. ktvu fox two news. thank you so much. all right, let's get down to the forecast. now what we're gonna be looking like for today and heading into the next few days. meteorologist rosemary oroczo is here with more on that rosemary oroczo. we are looking at hotter weather getting into the weekend. here's a look outside and what is going on across the bay area this morning where san francisco has just a little bit of his little bit of fog along the coastline. we're seeing a little bit of fog and just inside the bay, everybody else with the sunny skies already first, let's talk about the advisory coming our way into the weekend, and then we'll come back around and take a look at what we can expect for today, so the excessive heat warning is for our inland cities, but notice the red it is pretty much covering almost the entire state of california. as we get in closer to the bay area. it's a little hard to tell the difference, but from our bay area into our coast. it's a, uh
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excessive heat watches, which is not much better, but it is our inland cities that are going to have that extreme 100 degree plus weather. how does temperatures we have seen so far this year? and with that we are going to go for the next few days in some areas like anti oxford today, going to hit 100 degrees on monday, expected to get to about 1 10, so the heat is going to be on and we're talking about, of course, the dangerous heat that the type of heat that will bring on heat exhaustion and heat stroke. if you're just not really paying a whole lot of attention, so stay hydrated. avoid the afternoon if at all possible, of course, even around the bay. we're going to warm things up and a lot of folks around the bay and closer to the coast. i don't have a c right now. we do have 64 degrees in napa, and we have low seventies in brentwood and we have 65 in san jose, so temperatures are already rebounding across the bay area. meanwhile san francisco enjoying 56 low sixties in oakland and then into the afternoon sixties at the coast seventy's in san francisco, eighties around the
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bay, so this is manageable nineties and napa. not bad for you warm but not bad upper nineties to about 100 degrees for inner east bay. so the inner east bay will be baking and we're just getting started. here is a look at tomorrow. not much change saturday, sunday monday, the hotter weather comes in. that's when we have the advisories kick in as well. but temperatures reaching near 110 degrees sunday into monday, just in time for the holiday and then for our basic communities will go mid nineties. even our coastline upper seventies to about 80 degrees expected. for pacifica, half moon bay. that's fairly nice weather. but if you plan on going to santa cruz to be in the nineties there as well, so hot, hot, hot coming our way we finally begin to see a break and a gradual cool down tuesday into wednesday back to you all right, rosemary. thank you. state lawmakers extended paid covid sick leave through the end of the year requirement for companies to provide 40 hours of sick time to people who tested positive was due to expire at the end of this month. the state law took effect last
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year when the federal covid sick time requirements ended. the new extension still has to be signed by the governor. a cdc panelists today to decide how long people should wait to get updated macron booster shots, which could be available in the next few days. the shots will be targeted, targeted both the new variants of the virus and the original stream. well, they got final approval yesterday, dr john schwartzberg of uc berkeley school of public health says he believes people should get the updated booster even if they have already had four shots. i'm looking forward to getting this new vaccine as another booster, but i'm worried about is what we saw in the first winner of the pandemic and last winter of the pandemic. that is something new that popped its ugly head up that caused just devastation in terms of hospitalizations and deaths in this country, so the hope is and again it's hope, but i think there's a good likelihood that this new booster will get us through the winter without so many hospitalizations
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and so many deaths, fda says. you have to wait at least two months after your vaccine vaccination or booster shot before getting the new one. it helps. the boosters will reduce the winter surge of cases like we saw over the last two years. coming up with 909 right now, if you have plans to drive to southern california this weekend, you might need to plan for a deep tour coming up on mornings on two of the nine. the status update on the root fire, shutting down a portion of the great vibe. but first a man trying to stop drug dealing in his neighborhood. this is in san francisco. what he said just moments before one drug dealer threw a knife. and s
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an attempted rape in the east mont neighborhood on sunday morning. the victim was walking down parker avenue, when the man with the gun tackled and assaulted them. the victims screamed for help, and the attacker ran off and after
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stealing the victim's car and cell phone, the police say they are looking for a man aged 30 or older, about five ft. 10 inches tall. he was wearing dark pants, red shoes. a red jacket and a blue beanie hat if you have any information, called oakland police, family and friends of an 83 year old hit and run victim held a vigil in his memory. willie jackson was hit and killed by a car on august 17th in west oakland. he was driving home after delivering a meal to a friend when a white audi hit. his saturn driver fled the scene before police arrived. jackson's family says the driver has not been arrested. i'm really angry because she didn't even call for help. like she didn't call 911 or anything. she had somebody picked her up and they took off. what kind of human being are you? you know who does that? there have been two other deadly traffic crashes in oakland and just the past two weeks. a week ago, a driver hit and killed a man and a christ walk at piedmont avenue and macarthur boulevard. that driver was arrested. also a week ago. gunshot victim trying to leave a
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crime scene in west oakland hit and killed the bicyclist. that driver later died from gunshot wounds to the other side of the base. san francisco's district attorney is getting tougher on felony drug dealers. ktvu christien kafton tells us about the continuing debate in the tenderloin about whether things are getting better under the new district attorney. the video is startling. the neighborhood recently moved to the tenderloin shot. the video says the men on the street are drug dealers. he's repeatedly told to stop dealing in front of his apartment building when he lets them know he's recording. one of the men hurls a knife at the window, shattering it. hopefully we can build a case around what's going on in the neighborhood. hopefully i can help the d a. hopefully i can help the police with the evidence they need to just bring down what's going on out there because it's not good, district attorney brooke jenkins says since she was sworn in july for offices filed 125 felony drug cases holding five of those defendants before trial, she says following two years under district attorney chase boudin.
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her office is now cracking down on repeat offenders, and it will judicial system to start seeingd changes in the tenderloin. now we are obviously handling things differently, and so is that continues to happen. you will see stiffer pretrial handling of those defendants, and so that will to lead to a something visible on the street, randy shaw from the tenderloin housing clinic, says he's hopeful that d a jenkins will make a difference , but that for now it's simply too early to tell the true measure of success shot says will be simply going out onto the streets to see if drugs are still being dealt out in the open. not official data from law enforcement. i don't care how many arrests they've made. i don't care how many felony prosecutions. the strategy isn't working. the goal is to close the drug markets and that's what we have to see. the police department has said. it will do what it can to make sure there's a visible police presence in the tenderloin. we have a staffing issue in san francisco, where shorter over 500 officers given
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the fact that we have the staffing shortage, we still are doing our very best to make sure that there are police present in the tenderloin. the d a. and police say they're working better now than they have in years past and they're working together trying to tackle this issue here is what we don't have answers to at this point or the police making more rest in the tenderloin than in years past and will district attorney jenkins office prosecuted more drug cases than her predecessor. and finally will jail time for dealers make the difference in the tenderloin. we will continue to ask for answers on this issue from city leaders in the coming weeks and months in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news. we have new damage numbers on a wildfire affecting the drive from the bay area to southern california. the root fire grew more than 580 acres overnight and is now at 5208 acres, and that's more than eight square miles. but the big news right now is that containment went from 0% to 12% this morning, a news conference scheduled for 10 a.m. we'll get
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a better update then. this fire has shut down all sat down lanes of interstate five at the top of the grapevine lanes were closed wednesday, but some traffic is now getting through. the fire is located in the community of cass tech in western los angeles county, near the boundary with ventura county about 757 firefighters have been treated for heat related injuries. today's temperatures will once again top 100 degrees. you can imagine, you know, wearing heavy fire fighting gear carrying packs, dragging hose swinging tools. the folks out there are just taking a beating, and so obviously we're advocating for them to hydrate for the supervisors to pay attention to their condition. we have a lot of medical resources available. so if things do go awry that we have the opportunity to provide treatment very quickly. an air quality advisory has been issued today for the region. job growth appears to have slowed in august, according to the adp national employment report released this week, cos added just 132,000 jobs last month,
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missing the 288,000 gain, economists had predicted. experts say they think that conservative pace of hiring is tied to the growing fears of an economic slowdown. labor department issued its august jobs report tomorrow. analysts are predicting strong job growth of about 300,000 jobs. let's talk more about today's job market and getting hired with linkedin career expert blair heitmann. thanks for being with us flair. thanks so much for having me. of course, most analysts agree that right now job seekers have the upper hand . but some are warning that could change very quickly. what are you seeing? yeah we're seeing. look, we're we are seeing that hiring numbers are slowing a bit, but it's still a job seekers market. in fact, there's tons of opportunities available right now in the u. s. there's 10.7 million jobs available and two million of those are in professional services. so if you're somebody that's interested in looking for a new role, there are opportunities out there, and we are seeing that many companies are really leaning on skills to ensure that they can really get those best candidates.
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professional services. do you mean restaurants, hotels that that that area of the market? sure in technology is one of those as well. so if you're somebody that's in technology, and you decide that you want to make your next play, there's tons of opportunities available . and if you're somebody that's in technology, typically you have a ton of transferable skills, which we know is really important right now, in a job in the today's job market, do people care about college degrees anymore? or is it about you? you talk about skills? does that bachelor's mean anything anymore? yeah i mean, look, we are seeing that companies are leaning more on skills based hiring. they find that incredibly important that's really important, especially because it's been such a tight market for hiring managers. and it's such a job seekers market that they need to ensure that they can find that talent in the right spot, and they can find these pockets of great talent skills are becoming really, really important. so if you're somebody that's looking for a job, make sure you know what you're interested in. and the jobs available that you're
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interested in. if you have the skills for and we actually put together a list of the top 20 skills that are in 80% of job listings right now 80% of job posting. so these are really important that if you have these skills don't bury your lead and make sure you put those front and center on your linkedin profile. what about soft skills? how do we make those apparent and how much do they count? soft skills are really, really important. in fact, we know from hiring managers that they find that just a standard resume isn't really enough to evaluate someone's soft skills, soft skills like communication and leadership are really, really important to how you do the job , not just getting the job done . it's really, really important so often, people don't realize that those are actually areas that they really want to focus on and what to highlight in those conversations, and you don't want to stay away from that spell. spell that out one thing that we actually we have is a new feature that enables you to see who in your network is hiring, which is a great opportunity for you to reach out
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to those people and ask if you can chat with them within those windows. you can demonstrate those soft skills in those conversations, which sometimes keep you ahead. let's talk about what's happening when it comes to working at home versus working in the office, a lot of major companies making another push to get workers back to the office. some people deciding, you know what? i don't want to go back. i'm going across the street. do you bring up that? can i work from home issue in the interview process, and if so, at what point it's a really, really good question. the reality is many jobs are still remote. we're actually seeing on linkedin that there's a ton of remote jobs available. so i would advise jobseekers that if you're interested in making sure that you can work from home, seek out opportunities where you know the company policy is remote work, or at least hybrid . um, that can give you that balance. oftentimes you know, companies have really been public about what they're planning to do, and at least been transparent with their employees as to kind of if they don't have a final plan yet, like where they're at in that process, so that's certainly information that you could
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figure out ahead of the interview. you always want to make sure that you have the skills and you have the background on what that what the company is like, so reach out to some of your network. talk to them about its working there and kind of get a feel for that before the interview to make sure that aligns with your goals. prizes on either end blair heitmann it's always good to talk with you. thanks for joining us from linkedin. thanks so much for having me. of course, coming up. it turns out 80% of people plan to travel by car as they go someplace fun. hopefully this labor day weekend next all mornings onto the nine we'll tell you what's happening with gas prices. i know you look at them to even when your tank is full this as travelers are getting ready to fuel up and hit the road. also if you're staying close to home this weekend, we'll show you why some popular parks will be closed prop 27 isn't a solution to homelessness.
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90% of the money goes to out-of-state corporations. the homeless get very little. vote no on 27.
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homeless californians need real solutions, not false promises. prop 27 gives 90% of the money to out-of-state corporations, not the homeless. vote no on prop 27. it's a broken promise. triple a, says the average price of gas in california is 5 25 a
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gallon. that's five cents less than this time last week in san francisco. the average price is about 5 47 a gallon and in alameda county. it's 5 35 santa clara county checks in at 5 30 a gallon a new survey from triple a reveals that one in three americans do plan to travel for the labor day weekend. las vegas and san diego rate as the two top destinations for those flying, the faa warns to prepare for possible flight disruptions because of labor shortages, but many people will visit destinations closer to their home more than 80% of travelers plan to do so in the car, experts say. tomorrow afternoon. will be the busiest time to travel. police say the gunfire broke out during a dispute over cigarettes at a stopped and liquor store. the store's owner, son says the woman paid for her items, including a pack of cigarettes when she walked off and forgot the cigarettes and other woman took them. moments later, the owner's son explains what happened, gave her a new pack. asks her to leave. she threw a vase at the store worker
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and the situation escalated from there. suspects got into a fight with two store employees and as one of the suspects was leaving the business, he pulled out a handgun and fired several rounds. towards the store employees. photos taken by the owner show at least two shots hit the window. another hit the door. police say the men and women caught on camera or wanted for assault with a deadly weapon. no injuries were reported. someone said dozen fires in trash cans along the embarcadero in san francisco. video from the citizen app. show some of the fires, you see it there, reported late wednesday night during a two hour period. for now. there is no information on how the fire started. but investigation we're told is underway. flames tearing through a commercial building in san francisco that has apartments on top. it was a three alarm fire at hating to visit narrow streets yesterday afternoon. this is a busy intersection of just about any time of the day. firefighters are asking that people avoid the area while crews worked to extinguish the flames there, 12 people were displaced this morning, and the
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red cross is helping no word yet on because of this fire. all right, well, the bay area will be under an excessive heat warning all weekend long and coming up on mornings onto the nine. we're live with the national weather service with tips on how to stay cool and safe while also conserving energy plus the iaea arrives at europe's largest nuclear power plant as the counter offensive in ukraine only continue to intensify in kiev, ukraine. i'm intensify in kiev, ukraine. i'm alex hogan, i'll what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
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the choice is clear check out this time space wormhole i creat how's it work? let me see your togo, and i'll show you. "poof" burt, you have my lunch. introducing togo's new pastrami cheese ste loaded with our world famous pastrami, sauteed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new pastrami cheese steak. try steak or chicken, too. now at togo's what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27.
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something like that to happen or something like this to happen, and now we're actually i mean, it's just you can't understand how how significant the climate change and the changes that we're seeing is and that is just really amazing to me to see the effects and what that really means for some of the animals, you know, around us relatively short amount. i mean, it wasn't 100 years ago that we were in a long ago might seem like that, though, some days yeah. alright, well, several east bay recreation areas are now closed
9:30 am
as intense heat is expected to hit this weekend. ktvu sally rasmus is live near the line bridge open space area in walnut creek, with the reasons behind the closure and how park goers are reacting to it, alec. a salad. we're on right in front of one of the trail entrances to the lime ridge open space area in walnut creek, and you can see why the heat and the sun would be a concern here. it's completely unshaded in this part of the trail, but grass is very dry. so given that and the heat expected this weekend, they've made the decision to close this entrance to close this open space and to other open space areas in walnut creek in concord. throughout the labor day weekend. just within the past hour, we saw walnut creek park rangers coming out here to put up closure signs this park and two others the shell ridge and colonies ridge open space area in walnut creek and concord will be closed to the public until tuesday, september 6th that was contra costa county firefighters who recommended this closure because they're concerned about two things. fire
9:31 am
danger during the hot weather this weekend but also the potential for people to walk and bike these trails during the heat and underestimate the conditions. firefighters don't want to have to use their resources, rescuing people who might get heat exhaustion on some of these remote trails. park goers we spoke with this morning were surprised by this decision. get it if people aren't being safe, but on the other hand early morning doesn't seem dangerous, so i don't see the problem. people make informed choices and be smart about their capabilities and whatever and bring water and all that stuff. it seems like a prudent thing to do at this point in our summer. pretty dry out here. absolutely yeah. safety first. yeah. i won't speak in getting this. now these open space areas will reopen to the public tuesday morning, september 6th but again walnut creek and conquered, closing all the trail entrances to the lime ridge, shell ridge and aquilani's ridge open space areas because of the excessive
9:32 am
heat and the heat advisory expected throughout the region this weekend live in walnut creek, ali rasmus ktvu. fox two news, and the governor is urging everyone to reduce their energy use during an extended heatwave. we are anticipating this extreme heat to be a length and duration likes of which we haven't experienced in sometime governor signed an executive order, which helps the state have more flexibility to meet the demand. it will allow power plants to increase output and gives some large customers the ability to use backup generators to lessen too mad. we've been working with businesses and our industrial sector have been incredible partners in the past to work to reduce their demand and as well in the next coming days and will continue to work closely with them as they work our way through this sunday and monday, expected to be the hottest days of the heatwave and thus the most challenging days for the power grid. i'm here to talk about. triple digit attempts forecast for the bay area is breeding murdoch with the national weather service breeding. thank you so much for
9:33 am
joining us today. we appreciate it. thank you for having me britain. we know that the next few days will bring the hottest weather of the year. but will it break records? so we're in an interesting spot with some of our records because if you remember back in 2017, we had a high pressure sitting right over california. this one's a little bit more off towards the east. so we're not the main focus of this high pressure. but that year it broke a lot of our all time records. if you remember that's when san francisco hit that 106 degree mark and that that's a strong record. luckily for us this time, we are still going to be seeing some of that marine influence. just see breezes coming through will help keep those coastal areas cooler. but those in inland areas like livermore. we have that approaching 110 degrees and portions of the east bay as well as in the north bay and then certain points of the big sur coast might hit 115. we have a few spots that look like that. and then overnight temperatures and fortunately during this time , especially as higher elevations might only see lows in those nineties, so this is gonna be warm through and
9:34 am
through its not just daytime warrant for worried about the interior areas are going to be something that people who live in those areas will definitely want to watch. now you just run through some of the numbers and what will be affected the most here but there is there anything exceptional about this particular heatwave? that's of note. well it's going to be one of the longest heatwaves we've seen so far this year. we've actually been pretty lucky spring. we didn't really see that early warm up right before summer where all that fog kind of builds back in. so this is going to be our more prolonged heat events so far this year. as far as september goes, this is where we start to do you see summer heat events since we do start to see the marine layer kind of ease off into this portion this season, so it's not uncommon for us to see this kind of heat, but the fact that we haven't seen it so far this year means people might not have the tolerance for it. so we need everybody to be nice and alert for it. all right, so that that is the one note that that white people should look out for this now? the fact that this heat wave is happening across the entire state. should we look at that as something significant?
9:35 am
well this is a very large high pressure that's not just affecting the state but also through the great basin. everything so there's gonna be a lot of people trying to escape this heat, and it's not unprecedented for us to see high pressures of this magnitude across the region, but still something that people really need to be planning for, and this will have. this happens around this time. almost every year, so it's going to be something that people really need to plan for, and not just for themselves for their kids for the elderly. and for those pets planning is planning is key here. you know one thing when you hear about whether getting this hot you hear about what's happening in south pole down in antarctica. is this climate change? or is this a cyclical temperature change? i am. as far as uh ah, climate change goes again. this is the time of year that we do expect this kind of stuff and again. we're not completely breaking records here. so um, it's not as far as the weather service to say whether or not this is gonna just as all climate, but we are
9:36 am
starting to see some of these warmer chins get warmer. so this is something we are observing, but i can't unfortunately comment on that. yeah all right. so um what? what do you want people to know, as we head into this the next few days. the length of time. that will be happening that will be experiencing the heat. so i've been telling a lot of people. this isn't a sprint. this is a marathon. we're going to be seeing warmth during the day and then warm overnight. if you have, like a brick building that's hard to cool down overnight and a lot of our nighttime lows. when i tell you that the loser in the nineties that's gonna be happening right before dawn, so it's not a whole lot of time to cool off tonight. so if you can't find relief during the day, and you can't find relief during night, your stamina is going to be really affected by this. so be prepared for the long haul. and some of these cases, all right. you said it there because we haven't had all year. this hot people may not be prepared, but they should be on alert for this heat wave that's coming. britain murdoch with the national weather service. thank you so much for
9:37 am
joining us today in providing your insight. we appreciate it. thank you. california food growers are preparing for the heat wave that's expected to last several days as we've been talking about, and that includes farms in the central valley or along the california coast grows are already checking irrigation systems and are adjusting watering, scheduled to protect their crops. they're also doing the best they can to protect farmworkers out in the fields and orchards by reviewing safety protocol and having protective equipment. e go through and we make sure everybody is on board and knows what they're supposed to do in the event of heat stress. everybody's got a pop up that when it does get hot, they will have a place to shades go up. and everybody has to put their shades up at 80 degrees. no exceptions. he says workers are given extra rest periods and are provided extra drinking water. sonoma county farm workers have new protections if their jobs are inside fire evacuation zones, the sonoma county supervisors approved new rules that would create access cards for full time workers will be allowed into evacuation zones
9:38 am
during daylight hours only and to perform only essential work in areas that are declared safe that includes feeding livestock , irrigating crops and fueling generators. harvesting crops is not considered essential. some grape growers are angry about that, they say if it's safe for some farm workers to go in, it should be safe for all workers to enter evacuation areas. this morning, state lawmakers voted to extend the lifespan of the diablo canyon nuclear plant through the year. 2030 in the late night end of session vote, lawmakers in both the senate and assembly approved the governor's plan to keep california's only nuclear power plant open. the state will also give pg any alone of $1.4 billion to keep it operating. clean energy proponents, including the governor of pushing to keep the nuclear plant from closing in 2025. if we have any hopes of reversing climate change, we need to get off of fossil fuels and gather electricity from carbon free sources like nuclear um, the fact that nuclear power plants like diablo canyon can produce electricity 24 7. it's
9:39 am
also very valuable, especially as we get more and more variable sources of energy like solar and wind on the grid is critical in the context of making sure we have energy reliability going forward. the vote was largely along party lines in the state. senate republicans argued the state wasn't going to let the plant closed and criticized the move to loan p genie the money. state lawmakers also narrowly agreed on a package of climate change bills. they include measures that require california to produce 90% of its electricity from clean sources by the year 2035 be carbon neutral by 2045 create safety zones around oil wells near homes. environmentalists say the bills will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but the rush to wrap up details lead to some benefits for energy companies. the governor has been pushing for more rapid transition to renewable sources for well over a year. also in the news this morning, a united nations team of nuclear experts drove through an active war zone to arrive at the biggest nuclear plant in europe. after being delayed from entering the
9:40 am
facility. they will begin their first inspections of just how e there. alex hogan has more from keith crane. it's very important that the world knows what's happening here after months of negotiations and days of delays , a team of inspectors from the international atomic energy agency has arrived at europe's largest nuclear power plant. the team starting its technical assessment on thursday, trying to determine how much damage the plant s s stained and what repairs are needed to avoid a nuclear catastrophe. we are going to start immediately assessment of the security and the safety situation. at the plant as it as it is. right now , but it's a dangerous mission. the team was delayed for several hours on thursday morning due to increased shelling that might have damaged one of the main reactors finding has been escalating throughout the region as ukraine mounts a major counter offensive in the south, and the white house says it will send more arms and ammunition in the coming days to support that
9:41 am
mission. and we're going to try to make sure that ukrainians continue to have the systems of weapons that capabilities they need. to take the fight to the russians as the counter offensive ramps up a new u. s intelligence assessment claims the russian military is facing a severe manpower shortage. while on the diplomatic front, the u. s is pushing for a price cap on russian oil exports, hoping to starve vladimir putin out of the money he needs to replenish and re supply his troops doing so will result in not only a drop in putin's oil revenue but also global energy prices as well. the white house says leaders from the g seven countries will meet on friday to discuss the oil cap in kiev, ukraine. alex hogan, ktvu fox two news alright , so pride parade is happening in oakland this weekend and the oakland roots soccer team joining and all the fun. after the break. we're live with the co founder of oakland roots talking about the events planned ahead of the game saturday.
9:42 am
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from the community has been incredible ever since, and as you said, that is a great problem to have, and we're really excited about the idea of bringing men's and women's professional soccer in oakland and its own dedicated space. i want to circle back to pride one more time because i forgot to ask a little bit about, you know , did the pride community when you when they planned it? has there been a big response? have you been saying? oh we're going to be there. are you expecting a lot of people to come? yeah, we are, and we especially expecting
9:48 am
a lot of people to join the march. we've had a great response from our support groups. porter groups, which again three years in the making, but it's incredible the response we've had from the community and those groups, those fan groups, the guys and the women who are the loudest banging the drums, singing his songs they are so passionate about making oakland roots are very inclusive space. they have embraced it wholeheartedly the support we've had from the lgbt community center has been great. we're going to have drag queen acts. we're going to have performances. we're going to have all sorts of fun, all the usual stuff that we haven't roots game and we hope everyone comes out and celebrate with us. well, congratulations. you guys have been here for three years. it's seems like it was just yesterday. you're growing. you have these events. sounds like it's going well. yeah. and once again, you know it is a true honor and enjoy for us to be here in oakland, and we say like all we did was kind of make the thing real. but then auckland came together and it's the magic of outcome. that really makes roots so special and we can't wait for the next five years might get is oakland roots thanks for joining us. as a reminder of the price celebration is this saturday, march to match starts in front
9:49 am
of the oakland lgbtq community center at 4 30. there will be a pregame drag show at six. the game starts at seven and during halftime at eight jeopardy champion and oakland native amy schneider will host trivia a bill that could change the fast food industry here in california , is on the desk of governor gavin newsom. it's a controversial bill that would create a council to set workplace standards, conditions and wages for fast food employees. the bill's opponents say. for some restaurant owners . rising costs could mean the difference between turning a profit and shutting down the service employees international union represents a half million fast food workers. it says workers deal with poor conditions on the job, including harassment from customers and missed breaks, and many are paid minimum wage. it would essentially give over a half million workers in the state of california and the fast food industry, a voice and a seat at the table to be able to advocate for their wages to be able to advocate for their working conditions. what's the need to create this council? when california has some of the most
9:50 am
protective laws for work, workers' safety and worker welfare in the nation. if not the world. the governor has not said if he'll sign the bill. he has until september 28th. if he approves it, it will go into effect january, 1st will help is on the way for california is suffering from severe forms of mental endless seas. legislature approved a bill establishing care court network governor newsom says it provides housing and community services where patients can heal rather than being locked up and institutions or prisons. judges can order mentally ill patients into treatment and counties to provide them services. prior to the approval of this measure, one mother was told her mentally ill daughter had to be homeless to receive benefits. they were told to our face that we can see she is gravely disabled, but because she's under your roof and she has food available. we cannot say she's gravely disabled. you will have to put her on the street in order for us to be able to take her into
9:51 am
treatment. california plans to spend more than $11.5 billion annually in mental health programs. but opponents of the care act worry it may be used to intimidate and harass people at homeless and kept coming up here on mornings onto the nine a lawsuit against lift, but more than a dozen women say happened to them that threatened their safety and well being, the changes they want and how the rideshare company responds. then pen state plays purdue today on fox two. you have a free chance to win $10,000 when you play fox, super six. just scan the qr code at the bottom center of your screen, download the super six. ap 66 outcomes from the game for a free chance to win $10,000 bet super six already given away $6.5 million to date , and there are guaranteed
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and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27.
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today contra costa county is opening cooling centers at 21 of its libraries. locations include antioch's danville, san ramon,
9:57 am
and two libraries in walnut creek, including the valley of the cooling sites include conquered and the pittsburgh senior centers as well as the brentwood community center. the sites have water places to sit and get out of the sun. of course, that libraries have amazing books you can spend hours on. we have the full list of locations waiting for you at our web links page. happening today. bart fares are half off for the month of september to celebrate the agency's 50th anniversary automatically be charged the reduced fare when you use your clipper card at the fare gates and even already discounted senior and child clipper affairs will be cut in half. now there is no discount for people using those old paper tickets. bart said. yesterday's ridership with his second highest for weekday. since the beginning of the pandemic, second only to the day the warriors had that nba championship parade back in june. an update now on the 49ers in city of santa clara's negotiations over a years long feud centered on levi stadium operations, multiple sources report the two sides reached an agreement during a closed door
9:58 am
meeting. the niners will pay the city's general fund $1,675,000 and will continue to operate events at levi's on non game days. two sides of bennett dispute since the opening of the publicly owned stadium over revenues, curfews and accounting practices. the a c to win their series today against the washington nationals. the teams split the first two games with the aids losing last night. 5 to 1. these took the lead in the second inning with the home run but never scored again. today starting pitchers left fielder ken wallet chuck 24 year old grew up in san diego and started st mary's college. this will be his major first major league debut. man the giants will need their passport. they need to play better, but that's a different story. they need to passports by next april, when they face the san diego padres. the teams will square up in the major league baseball's first regular season game in mexico city, the giants playoff hopes for this season pretty much gone . they were swept by the padres yesterday. they complete the padres completed that sweep at oracle park. frustrations boiled
9:59 am
over in the 5 to 4 lost. brandon crawford thought this was not a check swing. and then he started arguing, and then he was tossed out. janet's host of phillies this weekend starting tomorrow night. imagine a disney subscription service that goes way beyond the streaming app. disney is reportedly looking into offering a membership program that would include access to parks, merchandise and disney plus content. according to the wall street journal. this is still in the early stages of development. disney has not announced any updated pass holder options for parks since last year announcement for that could come as soon as next weekend at disney's annual d 23 expo. that's where products and shows are often discussed. and i'll tell you boy disney fans or some of the most ardent fans out there. are you in for this looking at me, gasia all the time all the time. i think i might. it depends on how much it costs i mean, bundle. kind of like it's kind of like, yeah, you know, amazon has that kind of abundance. we're talking $500 a month is that i mean, i don't know. imagine it being pretty
10:00 am
cheap, though, because just one person going to disney world or disneyland is pretty expensive. $100 yeah. seems like it, though , for sure. thanks. so much for joining us. our next newscast. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ now, here is our special guest host, sherri shepherd. [cheers and applause] >> sherri: oh, my goodness.


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