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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 1, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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better look at what we can expect today. a warmer day felt around the bay area, but the heat is really going to turn on as we get into the holiday weekend. here's a look across san francisco where we have a little bit of haze out there for today, a little bit of patchy fog along the coastline, temperatures expected to range from the sixties at the coast today, seventies and eighties around the bay and hitting about 100 degrees for some of our hotter spots again, with the advisories coming in time for the weekend, so the excessive heat watch starts on saturday morning. it does include our coastline and our basic communities. we're looking at temperatures ranging from upper seventies near pacifica to nineties around the bay and eighties and nineties, expected into areas near santa cruz as well as capitola. as we go inland. the excessive heat warning is for our inland cities , with temperatures expected to range from the upper nineties topping out near 100 degrees or 110. i should say monday for
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your holiday. better details on the temperatures expected for your neighborhood and these advisories coming up in just a little bit. and because of that heat, californians are being asked to watch how much energy they use calisto extending a flex alert starting today from four until nine pm ktvu demagogues went to las ganas, where temperatures are expected to climb into the nineties today is expected to reach 93 degrees here today, and it will be hot across the bay area for the next week. it's a good time right now to start cooling down your home and using your appliances before the flex alert starts again at four o'clock. it may be the start of september, but it feels like fall is a long way off with scorching hot temperatures heating up the bay area today and over the next 6 to 7 days. he's up about. five oclock 4 30 in the morning and open the whole house up. and then it stays pretty cool to help keep the power grid stable and avoid blackouts callous so and pg and
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e are urging everyone in california to conserve power. for starters, set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher. every single degree really helps in the h vac system really is what is the bulk of your energy use during the summer anyway, so make sure that your air conditioner is running efficiently change out the filters and if health permits avoid using major appliances and turn off any unnecessary lights. we have a tesla car. it's charged. after midnight. and our dishwashers are all program to start after midnight. electrical energy goes down and cost around gatto's thursday the heat brought up bigger concerns over climate change and what weather conditions are children could experience in the coming decades . my emotional status is that i worry for them and just continually recycle and just do what you can to do. your part reflects alert goes from 4 to 9 o'clock tonight and callous, so
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says it may add more flex alerts as the heat wave continues reporting from los datos demagogues. ktvu, fox two news. governor signed an executive order to help the state have more flexibility to meet our demands. we are anticipating this extreme heat to be a length and duration likes of which we haven't experienced in some time will allow power plants to increase the amount of electricity they generate and give some large customers the ability to use backup generators to lessen demand. sunday and monday are expected to be the hottest days of the heatwave and thus the most challenging days for the power grid. contra costa counties, opening cooling centers at 21 libraries locations include any of danville, san ramon, and two libraries in one that creek, including setting initial valley . other cooling centers include concord and pittsburgh senior centers and brentwood community center as well. the sites will have water and places to sit and get out of the sun. you can go
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to our web links section to find the list of locations. wildfire raging in southern california's exploded in size and the hot days ahead are expected to be even more challenging for firefighters. the root fires burning in western los angeles county near castaic. it started yesterday afternoon along interstate five near lake hughes road. the highway was shut down . but just over an hour ago, the chp opened some lanes in both directions. flames jumped the highway yesterday, and, according to cal fire, the fire has now grown to 5208 acres. it's 12% contained. there is a mandatory evacuation order in place. no structures are threatened more than 350. firefighters are on the front lines here in very hot triple digit temperatures. seven firefighters have been treated for heat related injuries. crews are preparing for more heat emergencies today. fire behavior and what you saw yesterday should be a wake up call to us all. about the potential that we're in, and we're entering into of the next few days in terms of the fire conditions. very rapid fire growth. and
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very, very explosive fire behavior. fire officials say the days ahead are going to be challenging is the fire is being driven by dry fuels parched by years of drought. at noon. oakland police are investigating the theft of one of their departments marked patrol vehicles was taken around 1 30 this morning from the area of broadway and 12th street, just blocks away from opd headquarters. police say an officer was outside the suv dealing with another individual when someone else got in and drove away. alameda county sheriff's deputy spotted the vehicle began a pursuit. chp took over the chase when the vehicle got on interstate 80. the driver eventually got off the freeway and crashed on roquemore avenue. he was arrested at the scene. millions of americans will hit the roads this labor day weekend. four out of five people will travel by car instead of airplane for the last three day weekend of the summer, gas prices have dropped for 11 straight weeks since reaching highs in june. experts advise the drivers leave early in the morning rather than late at night. the number one calls
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that come into triple a from our members are for dead car batteries and flat tires. the heat has a cumulative effect on car batteries, especially and we're at five heat waves up to this point this season. is predicting this will be the busiest labor day travel weekend since before the pandemic and the oakland airport preparing for a busy labor day weekend, the airport estimating that nearly 225,000 passengers will depart or arrive at the airport today to next tuesday, tomorrow and monday, expected to be its busiest passengers are encouraged to arrive early for their flights. california highway patrol launching a labor day weekend dy enforcement campaign. highway patrol officers will be watching closely for people driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs. there are about 985 dy rests and more than 6000 tickets issued during last year's holiday enforcement period begins at six p.m. tomorrow and ends at 11 59 on monday. hearing
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is underway in federal court in florida on former president trump's request for special master to review documents seized at his moral lago estate this morning, the justice department argued that the special master is unnecessary. prosecutors pushed back and former president trump's legal claims that his executive privilege concerns warranted the appointment. mr trump's lawyers argued the doj could not be trusted. claimed the fbi search at mara lago was unjustified. the doj says it believes evidence collected at mara lago will support its criminal investigation into mr trump's mishandling of federal records, many of which were marked top secret and classified. federal and state support arriving in jackson, mississippi, now which is grappling with another water crisis. as charles watson reports, crews are working to repair the main water treatment plant to increase supply, honestly don't even want to bathe my baby in jackson's water . frustration mounting across jackson, mississippi, as thousands of people remain
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without safe drinking water flooding costs major service interruptions after city's main water treatment plant earlier this week. beginning today, seven mega distribution site will be providing water to the public. state officials are warning residents not to open their mouths in the shower and avoid drinking water from the pipes. they say it's okay to bathe in. but you know if you getting brown water out of your faucet you don't even want to bathe in its efforts are also underway to begin critical repair work at the treatment plan wednesday, crews installed a rental pump. officials here say that could add about four million gallons of water a day into the system are immediate priority is to have running water. even temporarily sacrificing. some quality standards where we absolutely have to fulfill basic sanitary and safety needs. even before this crisis, people here have been boiling water for the past month after officials determined
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it could cause digestive issues . the white house says the environmental protection agency is deploying a team to assist jackson's treatment plan. we are committed. to helping the people of jackson and the mississippi and the state of mississippi during this urgent time of need , and starting today, 600 national guard members will deploy to jackson to help with water distribution. and jackson, mississippi. charles watson, ktvu fox two news covid vaccine boosters tailored to fight macron. could start rolling out in a matter of days what experts are now recommending plus pulled up to my boyfriend's house. the driver locked the doors turned around and grab my phone. and sexually assaulted me being accused of failing to protect passengers and drivers. what we're learning about the allegations in a
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for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. oh macron booster shots, which could be available in the next few days. now, the shots which will target both the new variants of the virus, and the original strain, got approval yesterday from the fda. a doctor john schwartzberg of uc berkeley school of public health, says he believes people should get the updated booster even if they have already had four shots. i'm looking forward to getting this new vaccine as another booster,
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but i'm worried about is what we saw in the first winner of the pandemic and last winter of the pandemic. that is something new that popped its ugly head up that caused just devastation in terms of hospitalizations and deaths in this country, so the hope is and again it's hope, but i think there's a good likelihood that this new booster will get us through the winter without so many hospitalizations , and so many deaths says you have to wait at least two months after your vaccination or booster shot before getting the new one. it helps to boosters will reduce a winner surgery cases like we saw over the last two years and state lawmakers they extended paid covid sick leave through the end of this year, the requirement for companies to provide 40 hours of sick time to people who test positive was due to expire at the end of this month. while the state law took effect last year, when the federal covid sick time requirement ended, the new extension still has to be signed by governor newsom. san
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francisco based lived his facing nearly 20 lawsuits filed by people who claimed they were sexually or physically assaulted while using that rideshare service ktvu lamonica. peters has more on the allegations and the company's response. lift their stories range from sexual assault to false imprisonment to assault with a deadly weapon. the lawsuits filed against lift on wednesday include 14 sexual assault cases and four people who say they were physically assaulted and it really takes a lot agree right and a whole lot of time to read through the pages and pages of legalese that you're actually agreeing to when you sign up to use lift, either as a driver or passenger. um and there's no real protections. for anybody who is attacked. cowan says. sexual assault is the rare loophole in which people are allowed to sue lift and all other cases must go through arbitration. in response to the lawsuits, lift released this statement saying in part over the years, we have introduced
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numerous safety measures in order to address safety incidents on our platform, including share location, emergency help by a d. t smart trip check in two way feedback system contact protection, the industry sharing safety program and more. my name is amy collins and i'm from napa, california. as difficult as this is, i know that's it. it's really important for me to speak up and make my voice heard. it's time for lift to take responsibility for the safety of its users. so no one else has to go through what i experienced attorneys say people continue to be attacked, and a few of the plaintiffs decided it was time to speak out about what happened to them when we pulled up to my boyfriend's house, the driver locked the doors turned around and grab my phone. and sexually assaulted me. as a result of the assault. my brain shifted in my skull. becoming
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because of they bleed. doctors took off blood thinner. which resulted in a blood clot in my afternoon, cowan says they'd like to see tougher background checks for lift drivers and for cameras to be placed in all cars that drive for lift. she also says that they plan to file more lawsuits like this in the near future. lamonica peters ktvu fox two news. back to our big story . the heat, it's going to be a hot one across the bay area today, triple digits reaching some inland communities. another live look at this time in san jose, looking towards mount hambleton is going to be hot where you are, no matter what just depends how hard it's going to be. we are ramping up towards even greater heat this weekend. ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo has a better look at what to expect in the coming days. temperatures are warming up around the bay area this afternoon. some of our inland cities are expected to hit about 100 degrees or so
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giving you a live. look here outside our doors over san francisco. a little bit of haze. air quality for today is expected to remain good to moderate a little bit of patchy fog along the coast in sunny skies for everyone else getting back to this advisory first that will move into play on saturday , starting at 11 am lasting all the way until tuesday. so this is going to be a long stretch, perhaps some of the hottest temperatures we have seen so far this year. here for our coast as well as our bayside communities is the excessive heat advisory and watch for inland cities. it is a warning and that's where we are expecting temperatures to top out about 110 degrees. it looks like sunday into monday. so just a heads up to be careful out there, especially during the afternoon hours. be aware of how you're feeling. this is the type of heat that could not only bring on heat exhaustion but perhaps heat stroke. keep a look after your little ones as well as the elderly and stay hydrated . here's a look at what is going on outside our doors at this hour. we do have just the low
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clouds along the coastline and as we get into the winds, not much going on, lost the reading through fairfield, but 5 to 10 mph that onshore breeze there. so that's not going to help us out the marine layer, not really helping us out any longer, especially for inland cities and getting into the second part of the day. we are going to remain just with some patchy fog along the coast. here is a look at tomorrow morning where the cloud cover does move back inside the bay, but it doesn't go much farther than that. so our basic communities will wake up with a little bit of fog. in addition to the coastline elsewhere, we're looking at sunny skies to start your friday and then into the afternoon remaining with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies comparison. sin from yesterday into today. 95 degrees expected for santa rosa 80 in oakland. livermore you are flirting with the century mark there at 99. san jose expected to hit 90 degrees. a look at some of the afternoon highs around the region. we will go with 93 for nevada today. the inner east bay one. oh, one in brentwood, shifting south, just a little bit going to be warm
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here as well. 93 los gatos 100. morgan hill 85 degrees by the water in santa cruz. temperatures will continue to climb getting into your holiday weekend. better details in the extended forecast coming up. the i a e a arrives at europe's largest nuclear power plant as the counter offensive in ukraine only continue to intensify in kiev, u
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bell we see the dow jones is right back there at sea level. just a couple of points above s and p. the pattern is the same, but it's still down by about one quarter of 1% nasdaq has the same pattern, but it's still down almost a full percentage point. the united nations team of nuclear experts drove through an active war zone to arrive at the biggest nuclear plant in europe after being the late from entering the facility will begin their first inspections of just how much damage was done there. alex hogan has the latest now from kiev, ukraine. it's very important that the world knows what's happening here after months of negotiations and days of delays, a team of inspectors from the international atomic energy agency has arrived at europe's largest nuclear power plant. the team starting its technical assessment on thursday , trying to determine how much damage the plant has sustained and what repairs are needed to avoid a nuclear catastrophe. we are going to start immediately assessment of the security and the safety situation. at the
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plant as it as it is. right now , but it's a dangerous mission. the team was delayed for several hours on thursday morning due to increased shelling that might have damaged one of the main reactors has been escalating throughout the region as ukraine mounts a major counter offensive in the south, and the white house says it will send more arms and ammunition in the coming days to support that mission. and we're going to try to make sure that ukrainians continue to have the systems, the weapons, the capabilities they need to take the fight to the russians as the counter offensive ramps up. a new u. s intelligence assessment claims the russian military is facing a severe manpower shortage while on the diplomatic front, the u. s. is pushing for a price cap on russian oil exports, hoping to starve vladimir putin out of the money he needs to replenish and re supply his troops doing so will result in not only a drop in putin's oil revenue but also global energy prices as well. lighthouse says leaders from the
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g seven countries will meet on friday to discuss the oil cap in kiev, ukraine. alex hogan, ktvu . fox two news, oakland police were investigating of robbery and attempted rape in the east martin neighborhood sunday morning. a victim was walking down parker avenue when a man with a gun tackled and assaulted them. the victims screamed for help. the attacker ran away after stealing the man's cellphone. the victim's cell phone that is, police say they're looking for a man ages 30 or older. about five ft. 10 inches tall, was wearing a dark pants, red shoes, red jacket with the blue beanie at the time. if you have information, please call oakland police. earlier this morning, california state lawmakers failed to place limits on caring concealed weapons. the new measure was a reaction to the u. s. supreme court decision overturning a similar new york state law about who could obtain a concealed carry permit. it missed approval by one vote. attorney general rob bonta called the proposal a completely constitutional response that promises the safety of californians from gun violence. the author of the bill, says he will reintroduce it during the legislature's new
12:26 pm
session, which begins in december. meantime starting today, it is a felony to carry a gun in new york city's times square, the city posting signs and flashing message boards to remind people the busy area is now what's being called a sensitive zone when it comes to firearms. the signs are in reaction to a recent u. s supreme court decision that overturned new york's concealed carry law. the ruling said local officials could still declare certain areas including schools. playgrounds in public transit, sensitive or gun free zones where anyone caught with a gun will face felony charges. so to come at noon, we're learning new information about the bay area's most recent freeway shooting how witnesses described the scene after a mother and her young son were injured. plus i enjoy the heat. this is getting a little bit harder than i like. but, uh as long as you take plenty of water and don't overdo. i think everybody be fine. taking extra steps to protect people from the heat the closure of several outdoor recreation areas in the east bay firefighters repairing for increasing fire danger
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his reactions are behind us are a couple of the entrances to the trails of the lime ridge space preserve in walnut creek, contra costa county fire department asked the city of walnut creek and the city of concord to close these open space areas for the labor day weekend. park rangers put up closure signs at all of the entrances to lime bridge shell rijn colonies open space areas in walnut creek and conquered the parks will be closed to the public through the labor day weekend. contra costa county firefighters are worried about fire danger in the resources it would take to rescue people on these trails in extreme heat during the summer. it's not uncommon for contra costa county fire to do 2 to 3 of these
12:32 pm
rescues a week. a lot of the rescues. we respond to our miles off the paved road where it takes multiple resources sometimes helicopters to perform these rescues. to reach these patients that are in these remote locations. or attempting to mitigate that risk by proactively closing some of these areas, people who hike and bike trails get it. i think it's a good idea. i think there are a lot of people out here that tend to do some crazy things that they probably shouldn't it's probably a good safety measure as well. you don't want people passing out on the trail. it is going to be what 107 on monday that gets pretty dangerous so probably better. absolutely yeah . safety first firefighters have closed these parks before during red flag warnings, but deputy chief mcallister and walnut creek officials told me this is the first time in recent memory they have shut down these open space areas specifically because of extreme heat. this community is not used to multiple days in a row of north of 100 degrees. these open space areas are
12:33 pm
scheduled to reopen on tuesday. september 6th. however contra costa county firefighters say if this heat continues, they may have to extend that closure. another day will have to wait and see. in one of the reasons ktvu news. reminder for you now, calyx so asking people to conserve energy between four and nine pm tonight to prevent power outages. that's the time of day when the power grid is most stressed with the production of solar energy declining, alyssa wants you to hold off on using major appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and charging electric vehicles. they also ask that you set your thermometer to 78 degrees or higher. the entire bay area will be under excessive heat watch from saturday through tuesday. joining us now is brandon murdoch with the national weather service breed. thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. thank you for having me. so what concerns you the most about this incoming heatwave. we're gonna be dealing with well, it's the fact that we really had a mild summer so far , sometimes in spring. we also get a warm up before things start selling it with the marine layer. but this year, we really
12:34 pm
didn't have too much of a warm up and we haven't had as prolonged heat events is the one we're setting up for, so a lot of people might not be acclimated to this just yet, all right, and so that's a very important note here. we haven't had this in a while. so you have to be prepared for this. with the next few days, bringing the hottest weather of the year. are we on track to break any records? so our records are kind of in an interesting state, because a few years ago back in 2017, we had a stronger high pressure sitting right over california and that caused that day in san francisco, where it reached 106 degrees. that was an all time high record for san francisco. so uh, that also fell on labor day weekend. so the records they're going to be kind of few and far between, because that event really set the bar high. yeah just set the bar high. that was an extremely hot day. there. we normally by the way, cool off at night. um well, some areas not experienced a cool down and which areas would be affected by this. so the most concern for the areas overnight will be those higher elevations
12:35 pm
in the more interior portions. so think of north bay, east bay hills and mountains. we're going to be seeing a lot of areas only getting down into the seventies and then a few and eighties and we can't rule out a few high locations really getting up into the nineties for their lows, so this is going to be not a hole or a whole lot of relief expected overnight, so hot day, followed by a warm night, followed by another hot day that's going to be very stressful for the folks around the area. we know that the inland areas. definitely you know, usually always get warmer . but but what? what about the coastline areas which are generally cool and don't have to deal with heat, like what we're seeing are those areas. in for more abnormal heat than they're used to seeing. well it's a lot with the bay area. whether it de up for a high of 92. but then you have half moon bay just up the road a bit looking at highs getting into those seventies, so it just depends on where you are. the
12:36 pm
coasts are doing pretty well. but spreading across california up and down the state i mean southern california dealing with it just as bad as we are is a significant so this is again one of the first big warm ups we've had so far this year. as far as other heat events go, it's not uncommon to see this within september, but this is still very well, widespread. we're seeing this all the way into nevada as well as air is ona and those areas are actually going to see even more prolonged heat than what we're going to be seeing here in the bay area, so it's not uncommon for us to see this time of year, but compared to what we have been seeing so far this year. this is really setting the bar for the rest of the year. alright, and the president's you know the usual stuff that we see avoid outdoors during the day. stay hydrated. in a cool place. use air conditioning available cancel outdoor activities during the hottest period of the day. is there anything else that you add to that list of issues to watch for over the next few days? so again. this is very
12:37 pm
widespread. it goes all the way into the sack valley and then into the eastern portions of states. so if you're thinking that, oh, i'll go to the beach. becoming far from that, so it's going to be one of those situations where you might start seeing beach crowding as well. so don't make that your one plan to escape the heat. have a backup plan, i think is what i hear you saying they're all right. brad murdoch with the national weather service. thank you so much for writing your inside as we deal with the next couple of days as long heat wave that are all going to be dealing with. we appreciate it. yep, stay cool. now to oakland, where her mother and her nine year old son were hurt in a freeway shooting. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us a witness drove the young boy to the hospital. carter car shooting with at least six rounds fired on interstate 5 80 near fruit bill avenue in oakland. the victims a woman driving with her nine year old son were attacked just before 10 tuesday night. they ended up on city streets. mom got off on 35th avenue drove down run into
12:38 pm
three cars there on brookdale here, there's a baby, there's a child, there's a child. a woman who didn't want her name used told ktvu. she came across the crash and was stunned by what she saw before first responders arrived. no one is assisting. everyone is recording. people are going live and no one's trying to actually help. she found a nine year old boy on the sidewalk with at least one gunshot to his hip, crying and yelling, and, um, he was very just scared and he's in pain. and he's saying i'm hurt. i'm shot. they shot us. i'm hurt. witness took the boy out of his mom's toyota camry damaged by the crash and all shot. not on the right side of the car. it was riddled with bullets. this is the aftermath of the crash. but before police and medics got there, no one could get through it. and i'm 11. so she and the witness put the boy in her car, and she drove the children's hospital oakland at this point, i'm not going to wait because this child is here. he's shaking his scared and i'm talking to him. i'm asking him, you know. do you play sports? what kind of ice cream you like? what kind of
12:39 pm
food do you like? both mother and son are expected to survive. the chp says no motive is known, and no arrests have been made. times that we're living in today are absolutely crazy. the crash happened in oakland council member noel gaia's district. we as adults, uh, we got to change their behavior. and certainly we're putting our children in the middle of our negative activity. the woman said she didn't hesitate to act. my first instinct was, this is someone's child. i'm a mother as well. and if i'm in any situation, i would want to want to help my child. but i wouldn't call myself a he hero. i would call myself. um, human, a mother. um but the good heart. the mother, who was hurt in the crash, and her son who was shot or both being treated at hospitals. anyone with information is asked to call the chp henry lee ktvu fox two news. family and friends of an 83 year old hit and run victim held a vigil in his memory. willie jackson was hit and killed by a car on august 17th and west oakland. you see him there? he was driving home after
12:40 pm
delivering the mail to a friend when a white audi hit his saturn . the driver fled the scene before police arrived. jackson's family says that driver has not been arrested. i'm really angry because she didn't even call for help. like she didn't call 911 or anything. she had somebody pick her up and they took off what kind of human being argued. you know who does that? there have been two other deadly traffic collisions in oakland in just the past two weeks. one week ago, a driver hit and killed a man in a crosswalk at piedmont avenue near macarthur boulevard. that driver has been arrested. also one week ago gunshot victim trying to leave a crime scene in west oakland killed a cyclist driver leader died from the gunshot wounds. san jose is expected to start clearing out a major homeless encampment near the airport. the city has been warning residents for months. now they'll have to leave. the faa is threatened to cut funding from the airport unless the campus cleared out because the areas right under the flight path for planes
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ok hon, we know you're clean. we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin. my 100% all-white-meat spicy chicken strips are back. look at them sitting there. just sitting there. can't believe we hired a director for this. spicy chicken strips starting at $5.49 are back at jack in the box. is that the continuing debate in the tenderloin about whether conditions on the streets are getting better under the city's
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new top prosecutor. the video is startling. the neighborhood recently moved to the tenderloin shot the video and says the man on the street are drug dealers. he's repeatedly told to stop dealing in front of his apartment building when he lets them know he's recording. one of the men hurls a knife at the window, shattering it. hopefully we can build a case around what's going on in the neighborhood. hopefully i can help the d a. hopefully i can help the police with the evidence they need to just bring down what's going on out there because it's not good, district attorney brooke jenkins says since she was sworn in july, her office has filed 125 felony drug cases holding five of those defendants before trial, she says. following two years under district attorney chase boudin, her office is now cracking down on repeat offenders, and it will take them getting rearrested and working their way through the judicial system to start seeing changes in the tenderloin. point now we are obviously handling things differently, and so is that continues to happen. you
12:45 pm
will see for pretrial handling of those defendants, and so that will to lead to something visible on the street, randy shaw from the tenderloin housing clinic, says he's hopeful that jenkins will make a difference, but that for now it's simply too early to tell. the true measure of success, shaw says, will be simply going out onto the streets to see if drugs are still being dealt out in the open, not official data from law enforcement. i don't care how many arrests they've made. i don't care how many felony prosecutions strategy isn't working. the goal is to close the drug markets and that's what we have to see. the police department has said. it will do what it can to make sure there's a visible police presence in the tenderloin. we have a staffing issue in san francisco. we're short of over 500 officers. given the fact that we have the staffing shortage, we still are doing our very best to make sure that there are police present in the tenderloin. the d a. and police say they're working better now than they have in years past and they're working together. trying to tackle this issue here is that we don't have answers to at this point or the
12:46 pm
police making more rest in the tenderloin than in years past and will district attorney jenkins office prosecuted more drug cases than her predecessor. and finally will jail time for dealers make the difference in the tenderloin. we will continue to ask for answers on this issue from city leaders in the coming weeks and months in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news state lawmakers voted to extend the lifespan of the diablo canyon nuclear plant through the year. 2030 the late night end of session vote, lawmakers in both the senate and assembly approved governor newsom's plan to keep california's only nuclear power plant open. the state will also give me jeannie alone at $1.4 billion to keep it operating. clean energy proponents, including the governor, been pushing to keep that nuclear plant from closing in 2025. state lawmakers also narrowly agreed on a package of climate change bills. they include measures that require california to produce 90% of its electricity from clean sources by the year 2035 carbon neutral by the year 2045 create safety
12:47 pm
zones around oil wells near homes. environmentalists say the bills will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. but the rush to wrap up details lead to some benefits for energy companies. the governor has been pushing for a more rapid transition to renewable sources for well over a year. temperatures out west or hitting some tourist towns hard as you might expect. fewer people want to sightseeing, hot and humid weather. boxes ashley soriana reports from lake havasu city, arizona. temperatures surpassing 110 degrees every day this week , and businesses were hoping for more tourist traffic after the pandemic slowed down. but this extreme heat and a busy monsoon season is putting a damper on tourism. one waffle cone cookies and cream. yes please. mr city is so dependent on tourism. and a lot of folks come to enjoy lake havasu city through watercraft and boating. it's a completely different world out of the lake lake havasu city is known for its famous london bridge right along the colorado
12:48 pm
river. this is california. across there, this is the bridgewater channel. that's right here in front of us. the mayor says. tourism is going strong, but one of his cream shop says the heat and frequent monsoons have been hurting business. we are dealing with 100, plus degrees, sometimes some days, even 110 with humidity reaching as high as 70 so it's staying between 50 and 70% which is causing a lot of people not to travel. the london bridge ice cream parlor has been family owned for 30 years. the owners say that high temperatures are actually melting their products faster. there you are. thank you. you're welcome, actually have to put cases over the ice cream at the end of the day because they do start to melt towards the end of the day from just the bounce off of the water, and we have to close our doors. and if we had the doors open, you wouldn't be able to really stand in here. the ice cream shop says they're hopeful business will pick up heading into the winter season
12:49 pm
when it's not so hot, but still warm enough for people up north and like havasu city, ashley's soriano, fox news. alright taking a live look outside. right now we're monitoring the rising temperatures set to grip the bay area for several days. some inland communities set to reach triple digit temperatures . you're looking live across the ocean oakland estuary towards san francisco temperatures. really not that bad right now, but things are gonna get worse heading into tomorrow. ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo has a better look at what we can expect in the coming days. we are gearing up for a huge warm up coming our way in time for the holiday weekend. in fact, we have advisories in place and we're likely to see some of the hottest temperatures so far this year giving you a live look outside our doors where we do have mostly sunny skies around the bay area, just a little bit of patchy fog along the coastline. you can see a little bit of haze out there with air quality for today expected to be good to moderate high pressure will be strengthening over the next several days warmer for today, but didn't turning
12:50 pm
outright hot as we get into your weekend seventies at the coast to low nineties expected widespread upper eighties to mid nineties for our bayside communities in our inland cities going above 100 some of our hotter spots expected to hit 110 by sunday and monday. temperatures will begin to drop off just a little bit on tuesday. but the advisory for the heat will last until tuesday night. we do have a little bit of cloud cover ride along the coastline and our onshore breezes. very very, very weak. we do have calm conditions in concord right now. oakland reporting a northwest breeze at about six mph. here's a look at what we do expect for today, compared to where we typically are this time of year san francisco and enjoyable 73 expected for you, but take a look at santa rosa at 95 in livermore. we're going to 99 so well above the seasonal norm warmer than where we were yesterday. 73 degrees again for san francisco today along the peninsula low to mid to upper
12:51 pm
eighties 88. degrees expected for redwood city getting into the north bay will go 91 in napa, and for the inner east bay . one oh, one expected for antioch. morgan hill. you're going to hit the century mark as well. the extended forecast will show you as we get into the next few days. of course, your weekend there temperatures continuing to climb a new repeat for tomorrow. not much change for our coastline upper seventies lasting in through the weekend, so perhaps some nice beach weather if you're thinking about heading that direction, but keep in mind, santa cruz will be in the upper eighties to low nineties these upper seventies are for areas like pacifica, ocean beach half moon bay a lot of nineties around the bay, which is bearable. but for folks that don't have a c that is very, very hot weather and far inland cities. you're really going to need to strategize, perhaps pick morning or evening to be outdoors. you want to avoid this heat temperatures are expected to again peak sunday into monday. we do begin a bit of a cool down on tuesday back to you. coming up. schools across the nation continue to
12:52 pm
face a teacher shortage. and now the biden ministrations taking action of the white house, hopi you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent? new housing units in all 58 counties,
12:53 pm
including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
jill biden met the education leaders about figuring out ways to fix this problem. marc meredith reports from the white house. you still just feel that excitement that anxiety of the new semester it's back to school time for millions of americans, but this year, some students may notice their classroom is more crowded with a nationwide teacher shortage gripping communities coast to coast, hurting communities with students from low income backgrounds and students of color the most on wednesday, first lady jill biden, educator herself and top administration officials met with education and business leaders to strategize on how best to address the
12:56 pm
shortage. there are so many other future educators out there who want to teach by decide against it or decide to leave because so many obstacles stand in their way. education experts say. teachers are leaving their profession for a variety of reasons, whether it be low pay covid concerns or better opportunities elsewhere, sanity and my dignity as a professional or or continue in a place in a with an employer. that doesn't respec districts recruit and hire more teachers and officials say states should consider raisingyg money from last year's american rescue plan. $40,000 a year for a teacher, it just doesn't make any sense. to me. it's baffling. officials say, one more way to bring more teachers into the classrooms would be through expanding apprenticeship programs, which they believe would entice more people to eventually become educators at
12:57 pm
the white house. marc meredith fox news will help is on the way for california to suffering from severe forms of mental illness. the legislature approved the bill establishing the care court network. governor newsom says it provides housing and community services where patients can heal rather than be locked up in institutions or prisons. judges can order mentally ill patients into treatment and counties to perform services for them. prior to the approval of this measure, one mother was told her mentally ill daughter had to be homeless to receive benefits. we were told to our face that we can see she's gravely disabled, but because she's under your roof and she has food available. we cannot say she's gravely disabled. you will have to put her on the street in order for us to be able to take her into treatment. california'so spend more than $11.5 billion te care act worry it may be used to intimidate and harass people homeless and campus. san jose's
12:58 pm
ban on cruising is officially over, city council member raul perales took down the last no cruising sign in the city yesterday. last night, the city council finalized lifting the ban, which had been in place for more than 35 years. current newscasts and members of the united lowrider council of san jose celebrated at city hall, the cruising band was initially approved back in 1986 after residents complained about streets being overtaken by cars , community members said. for years, the ban on cruising became a way for law enforcement to target latinos and other people of color and an update on the 49ers and city of santa clara's negotiations over years long feud centered on levi stadium operations, multiple sources report. both sides reached an agreement during a closed door meeting the 40 nine years will pay the city's general fund $1,675,000 and will continue to operate events at levi's on non game days. the two sides have been in dispute since the opening of the publicly owned stadium over revenues, curfews and accounting practices . today, bart fares are hef often for the month of september
12:59 pm
. it'll you'll automatically be charged the reduced fare when you use your clipper card at the fair gate, even already discounted senior and child clipper affairs will be cut in half again. there is no discount for people using paper tickets. bart said yesterday's ridership was its second highest for weekday since the start of the pandemic, second only to the day the warriors nba championship parade happened back in june. habitat for humanity and wells fargo are teaming up to build new homes in san francisco's diamond heights. neighborhood crews are building eight homes on a donated lot on amber drive , not far from diamond heights boulevard, there'll be two and three bedroom town homes. the land was donated by the family of the late artists, scientists and activists. maria mitzi kalish fargo donated $100,000 for this project. habitat for humanity says the homes will be ready for eight low and medium income and families to move in at the beginning of next year. always good to see. we definitely need more homes, and it's nice to see a big business chipping in to help out. all
1:00 pm
right, we're gonna be tracking the latest on the heat wave. moving to the very today just starts it. it's really gonna kick off tomorrow. but you really want to watch when you're outside today and into the labor day weekend, we will have much more free coming up at ktvu .com >> loni: today on "girl chat." sarah silverman is slamming hollywood for casting non-jewish people in jewish roles. and ever caught someone in the act? wait until you hear this mess. plus, the amazing and talented taraji p. henson is here. "the real" with jeannie mai jenkins, garcelle beauvais, adrienne houghton, and me, loni love, "the real" starts now. ♪ grab ahold, it's time to live it ♪ ♪ starting right now, right now ♪ >> loni: welcome to "the real!" hello, america. hello, ladies. let's get right into this "girl chat." recently, on sarah silverman's podcast, she
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