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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 7, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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bay the search now underway for an alameda county sheriff's deputy wanted for a double homicide in dublin overnight. we have the latest on the ongoing investigation. and what law enforcement wants you to be on the lookout for ktvu. fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian andre senior press conference getting underway in search of the deputy . that's on the run after police say he shot and killed two people. let's listen to what the news conferences saying right now. going on during the chief up to start with the event as it unfolded when we see the 1st 911 call thank you, lieutenant kelly. about 12 45. last night we received the 911 call. from the 3100 block of transformer called colbert place or corporate claim. and uh, the color called and said that there was an intruder that it come into the house. that
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ultimately fired that firearm. uh and killing t it's a great lr our community. and it's even more disheartening to find out that it was one of our own. that actually was the trigger person behind this tragic incident. the officers responded to the scene. as well as medical personnel. unfortunately the wounds that the victims incurred were life threatening. uh, and cannot be treated there on scene. uh huh. hmm. we have numerous personnel that is processing that crime scene right now. we have assistance from the alameda county sheriff's office crime lab. and their corners bureau. and that would be processing that scene for the evidence that that is there. um from there that 911 call. we received some information that the suspect had fled the scene in a in a dark colored vehicle. we were able to
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garner investigative leads on that particular vehicle. uh and we put out a bulletin to all of the surrounding agencies throughout the state of california. um. just recently. um, we received a call from the suspect. and uh, he wanted to turn himself in. and so really have a conversation with him. and, uh, during that conversation uh, we were able to keep him on the phone line. and, uh, direct. the chp units down to the area near kalinga. to take the suspect safely into custody. um and with that, i'm going to turn it back over to lieutenant kelly. i wanna you can hear the emotion in chief holmes's voice. and i want to tell you why is because chief homes personally talked the suspect into surrender and spent about 45 minutes on the phone with him. um to get him to
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surrender peacefully, and i have known chief homes for a long time. i can see the emotion and feel the emotion in his voice. so um, this has been a very difficult day for him and for our department, so i really want to credit chief homes for his leadership. and he just so happened that that when the call came in, we couldn't let it sit. so he picked up the call. i was with him and one of our crisis intervention deputies, and he was able to bring this to a peaceful resolution. so thank you, chief. i can see and feel the emotion of what he just did a very, um very noble act on your part, sir. so, thank you, um you're gonna have a lot of questions for us. and so i we're ready to answer those questions. there's some questions. we don't know the answers to. so i'm willing to go there. but so where we stand now is this is an active double homicide investigation. there was a third person present in the home at the time of the double homicide
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. that person is safe. that person is a key eyewitness. our investigators are working that we have. the scene here on colebrook in dublin being investigated our crime lab personnel and all of our detective staff. we have sticks staff deployed now to the central valley where we have safely taken mr williams into custody. at this point. uh we will meet with the highway patrol. i want to credit the highway patrol for their quick action. they deployed resources in a part of the state that's very rural and desolate during this very trying time, with the temperatures. um i. i really can't tell you in my time here how impressed i was with chief holmes's ability and our team's ability to really get this to a safe surrender. i'm really really? ah! humbled by that think, uh, as you can tell our agencies in shock. this is not
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something we deal with. this is not what we're about. we ah, i had no idea that this could happen. um mr williams, as you all will 12 into his life and his background, you'll find that he grew up. in a very fluent home. well loved, graduated from college with honors was really, uh. a remarkable young person. uh, how we got here today. it will be part of our investigation and something we'll be looking at. as long enforcement profession. so, um i'm willing to take some questions now. you have to forgive us. we just had some very emotional moments. as we negotiated the surrender. so i'll start over here. he is in custody has been the book yet. no we just took him into custody. 5 to 10 minutes ago down near kalinga exit 3 37.
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california highway patrol got there. we also had aircraft up in the air. uh to get to that location. our detectives are en route to the central valley to meet with our chp partners. we will take custody of mr williams will bring him back here to the dublin police station. once he's here, will speak with him and further get details. i can tell you that he did throw the firearm out. there's an active search underway right now near the altamont to recover the firearm. we hopefully have uh, an idea of an area where the firearm was discarded. that helped us in our conversations with him. he explained to us that he did not have any other weapons in the car. we were concerned about. has potential to inflict more violence or just harm himself. so the chief was able to get that information. um and it sounded like there were at that point. we knew there were no other firearms in the
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car. we believed sound like he was being truthful and honest with us. so that really help deescalate? uh, the stress level as far as a confrontation, he complied with everything and surrendered peacefully. and so we're in the midst of doing that exchange with chp, obviously, time and distance being a factor , so he'll be back here later this afternoon. mew just explaining the relationship between him and the victims was there. so that's a that's a key question. we're looking into the relationship. there is connectivity between mr williams and the victims. the victims are a couple a married couple. they do have a child in common that here in dublin. this is a one of our more upper middle class of fluent communities. it's a it's an area where there is not violence that these things don't happen. and so it's a very shocking for that part of the community that neighborhood to have to deal with this. we're trying to make sense of all this and lead our community and lead lead our agency in this city
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through through this very difficult time. so a lot of questions to come. we believe we'll get the full picture. we believe at some point will land on a motive as a reason as to why this happened. will slowly get there, and we'll make that available when it's time he knew them. he knew that this was not a random crime. this is not, uh , this is a, uh, a very bizarre chain of events that unfolded and i think as the story unfolds, you guys will understand that better. they have a juvenile adolescent child . younger child don't want to get into specifics on the child , but i, but i will say there was a relative of the family that was in town that was visiting. uh, and when this event unfolded, that relative was present in the home and became a key eyewitness in this investigation. the weapon entries. we believe it is. it
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was his duty firearm that we're actively looking for now. we believe it was discarded somewhere on the ultimate mont are people are out there now searching for it. hopefully we find it quickly, and it's thankfully in a rural area, so we don't have any immediate major concerns that someone could come across it. we think he discarded an area that's likely off the anywhere from the public. so you are listening to a press conference by the alameda county sheriff's office. right now we have an alameda county sheriff's deputy, devin williams jr. who has been arrested for charges of murdering killing two people that happened overnight about 12 45 last night in the dublin area . police say he contacted police a short time ago and they took him into custody about 10 to 15 minutes ago, probably about 11 45 or so accused of killing this couple. it is not clear his connection, but we do know he is
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a deputy with alameda county sheriff's deputies, a stock and resident, um and he's now accused of killing two people. but the new development that's happened over the last 15 minutes. 20 minutes or so is that he was taken into custody down in the central bell in fresno county just a short time ago. incredible to hear the sheriff's department detail the phone call that made all the difference in this case. the police chief in dublin chief garrett homes, talked the men into surrendering over the phone , and that was described as a very emotional phone call. one can only guess what the possibilities might be that they talked about. it's important to note here that deputy devin williams has only been with alameda county for about one year as well. one year was with stockton pd before that, so again, the situation is unfolding and rapidly changing the headline here. 24 year old deputy devin williams jr of alameda county is now in custody being accused of killing in two people at a home in dublin very early this morning. we'll stay early this morning. we'll stay on top of the the choice between prop 26 and 27? let's get real. prop, 26 means no money to fix homelessness,
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not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. check of the forecast. meteorologist mark tamayo is here and while it is cooler than it was yesterday, it is still very hot over much of the bay area today, mark very hot inland. especially now. thankfully we're not talking about 116 degrees, but still the hottest locations will be approaching 105 degrees this afternoon, so not too long ago that was basically an extreme heat event and it is still extreme heat event. of course,
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we've seen a different level or experience a different level over the past couple of days. the excessive heat warning continues until eight o'clock thursday nights. so you can see further the coverage areas here up in the north bay. the inland valleys the santa clara valley temperatures in these areas could be in the mid nineties to over 100 degrees, a heat advisory in place for the bay shoreline, also for santa cruz for the coastline there until eight o'clock thursday as well, so not as hot but still hot temperatures in the eighties to the nineties. key change today is this. you can see those arrows coming in from the pacific stronger. onshore breeze , and as result that's sending temperatures down across portions of the area as we coming closer right now we'll show you some of the current. actually first we'll show you the temperature change compared to yesterday. and if you take a look at this map, it is nice to show you a bunch of minus signs so you can see these areas compared to 24 hours ago. santa rosa 17 degrees cooler oakland 10 degrees cooler. and san jose 16 degrees cooler so you can see temperatures right now. the
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hotspots right now in the mid to upper nineties out toward livermore and conquered san jose 85 degrees, still some seventies for oakland and san francisco and some eighties up in the north bay. so today will be a hot day. just not as hot as yesterday. here's a live camera looking out towards san francisco. i toward the golden gate bridge here and you can still see some haze in the sky. with the air quality. at least they have spare the air alert to reflect the air quality continues for today. and even into your thursday not too much mixing happening. so we have that hes developing. this was the case yesterday with the temperatures on tuesday 100 to 117 degrees, especially for the inland spots. you can see our thinking here with the timeline. over the next few days. today this system is actually helping us out this area of low pressure, so temperatures coming down a bit for today, little bit of a warm up into thursday as this area of low pressure wants to move out of town, and then we'll call things off into a friday and this is kind of important day because it signifies the beginning of a
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cooling trend that will ultimately said in more relief here in the bay area into the weekend, so change is headed our way and i think you'll like those changes by the weekend highs for today, though once again still some triple digits. it's a hot wednesday out there for fairfield, antioch's livermore 105 106, maybe 107 degrees. santa rosa 100 san francisco downtown in the upper seventies close to 80 and san jose 96 degrees morgen hill 103 in the coast for pacifica and half moon bay and the seventies . so some cooling forward today it feels strange to see that kind of matched up with that one. oh, six. but still it's very hot inland, but not as hot as yesterday. the temperature spike forward tomorrow for your thursday. probably not. it's yet probably not as hot as yesterday but still heating up. thursday friday, we begin to cool things off the overall trend into the weekend. temperatures are heading down. in fact, we might be able to shave off a few more degrees for that saturday forecast, maybe just some low nineties as we head into the weekend, so i know it's been a
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long hot stretch here in the bay area, but it's nice to see some relief, at least in this five day forecast. and it's headed our way. mark thank you. this extreme heat is causing problems for bart. riders rail services moving slower today on a number of lines due to the heat. ktvu emigrants was at the pleasant hill bart station, where service to concord was just recently restored following yesterday's heat related disruptions on the tracks. trains are running, but writers can expect a delay of at least 10 minutes in the extreme heat. bart trains run slower because the heat can warp and even separate tracks and overheat equipment. it's another scorching hot day, especially if you live in the east bay. it's been hard. it was 114 yesterday . trains are moving slower in the heat, which is why morning commuters sped up their routines wednesday. i left early today, just to make sure that i got to work on time. yeah well, i hope to start on time. bart service stopped for hours on the track from pleasant hill to concord. yes. today evening after a small section of track separated full
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service was restored by six a.m. wednesday in time for the morning rush. but more delays are expected. we would anticipate about 10 minute delays and just those really hot areas. so you know, near dublin near concord out near fremont, most likely not until around two pm spokesperson said today that rail service will be slowed out of an abundance of caution and they're monitoring track conditions throughout the day. i am concerned for this afternoon just i'm wondering what the commute is going to be like coming home. but you know, i have netflix. i have my headphones and i'm in for the long haul. and as long as i don't have to drive i'm good. today is another extremely hot day in any time temperatures exceed 100 degrees slows down trains. so the best advice for people getting on bart today is to plan ahead and expect delays reporting from pleasant hill demagogues. ktvu fox two news. there's another flex alert for today, which could lead to power outages to thousands across the bay area. there were rolling
12:19 pm
statewide blackout yesterday, thousands did lose power because of the strain on the local power infrastructure in alameda and palo alto. local companies did have smaller rotating outages, but he did not have any rotating allergist problems. the utility put more than half million customers on alert for that possibility on the company's website, there is a total allowing customers to check their address to see if they could be next in the rotation. nation to be powered down. we need brexit service territory in these blocks. different cities not based on circuits not based on zip codes, but all based on kilowatts, so we know exactly how many kilowatts or how many megawatts represented by these blocks, so we easily be able to calculate, um, where we would do those rotating outages. you geniuses. half of its customers are in block 50 that indicates they share circuit with an emergency facility, including hospitals, police and fire stations. and there are really power down people we talked with, say they knew about the rotating blackouts and we were
12:20 pm
prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best we're just keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't happen to us do have a generator. ready to go just in case just to keep my refrigerator is going he says. it's weather forecast shows today should be a little cooler than yesterday, and that could mean energy use drops today. the phone alerts sent to millions of californians telling them to save energy may have made a big difference, the state says. he said the message using the wireless emergency alert system , the same one used for amber alerts, the state independent system operator says it saw immediate drop in the amount of power being used and you can see it on this graph here. the state says people were targeted in counties were temperatures were very hot, including alameda, contra costa, santa clara, sonoma and solano counties still to come at noon today, apple fans have been waiting for the new products unveiled today at
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out near the town of rodeo. it started near highway four and berryhill road about one o'clock yesterday afternoon. the highway was shut down for about an hour is contra costa county. ground crews and cal fire aircraft battled the flames. this one started very close to where another fire burned on monday and threatened homes and businesses. we're pretty sure that we had a fire break from yesterday's fire, but it was going to take a lot for the flames to come here unless it went up the hill and the wind changed and the wind changed then. would be in trouble again
12:24 pm
and start evacuating horses again. anything we can help to really do. if they need help help down. the fire on monday burned 120 acres, the latest one burned about 50 so far and is 85% contained. investigators still don't know what caused either fire. fire fighting the fairview fire in southern california, dealing with high temperatures and uncharacteristic winds. two people died while trying to escape these flames just after the fire broke out monday near the town of hamad. the fire has burned through more than seven square miles. at least seven structures burned, including seven homes. it's just 5% contained. there were new evacuations in the sierra foothills now due to a fast moving wildfire that grew in size dramatically overnight, the mosquito fire burning near the community of forrest hill, east of 80, and plaster county fire announced the fire x loaded from about 50 acres last night to 822 acres this morning. containment stands at 0% the fires in a hard to reach area temperatures overnight, didn't let up much at all. there are mandatory evacuations for people in nearby
12:25 pm
communities. students return to class stealth b congresswoman representative in issue and zoloft green are here in the bay area, talking about school safety and gun prevention. there were a san jose city hall this morning along with mayor sam liccardo, santa clara county school superintendent dr marianne dewan. representatives from moms demand action and others. this is part of house democrats. gun violence prevention day of action. and here is, i think one of the most chilling statistics i've ever heard. gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children in the united states of america. shame on us. shame on us. leaders also touted the bipartisan safer communities act , which president biden san launch. june includes tougher background checks for the youngest gun buyers and help for states to put in place red flag laws and make it easier for authorities to take weapons from people considered dangerous to county deputy is in custody the
12:26 pm
investigation underway after he was accused of killing two people overnight in dublin. we will update this breaking news plus. we're taking hundreds of bottles of water out to people and their animals across oakland . we just want to help people the best we can concern for people living on the streets. the efforts underway to keep those at risk protected from the extreme you go by lots of titles. veteran, son, dad. -it's time to get up. -no. hair stylist and cheerleader. so adding a “student” title might feel overwhelming. but what if a school could be there for all of you?
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now meet a county sheriff's deputy is in custody right now down in the central valley, following a double homicide that happened in dublin overnight will bring in ktvu s henry lee. you're live in dublin. we just saw a press conference that wrapped up minutes ago. gasia that sheriff's deputy indeed now in custody after speaking to dublin police chief garrett holmes, who personally urged him to surrender during a phone call, which he did to chp officers and golingan, the central valley. now you can manage the sheriff's office in shock that one of their own is accused of a double killing that show you some video that we shot earlier. authorities say the sheriff's deputy gavin excuse me, the sheriff's deputy. the shooting happened at home on colebrook leaned about 12 45 in the morning. 24 year old alameda county sheriff's deputy devin williams jr has now surrendered
12:30 pm
after he allegedly shot and killed a man and a woman early this morning in dublin. the shooting happened on colebrook lane at about 12 45. deputies were told that the suspect was one of their own. and then he took off in a car. williams was off duty at the time. the victims are 42 year old woman and her 58 year old husband. they leave behind a young child, ktvu has learned that investigators are looking at allegations that the deputy had been having an affair with a female victim sky. foxx was overhead. and sheriff's deputies were at the home, which was cordoned off by yellow crime scene tape. the sheriff's office does provide police services to dublin. now the suspect, deputy williams has been with the sheriff's office for about a year. he worked in the court in oakland, and he lives in stockton. he previously worked as a stockton police officer for about a year. investigators say he was driving. a 2007 volkswagen jetta at the time of his arrest. dublin police are in route as we speak to the central valley sheriff's lieutenant ray kelly said. there were no warning science about this
12:31 pm
deputy. he had this to say about the suspect. he's been with our agency for a year. we're going to go back in time. we're going to look at what's transpired in his life over the last year to see exactly what led up to this moment. authorities say that the suspect the deputy tossed his on duty firearm. out of his car near the ultimate past. lieutenant ray kelly says. investigators have a pretty good idea of where to look for that gun. they do believe that gun was the weapon that was used in this double homicide. now coming back live, they were asked, the sheriff's lieutenant was asked whether or not the sheriff's office, which again provides police services to dublin, can adequately investigate one of their own. he says. we do believe that can be the case. they will refer the case to the district attorney's office. i will note because two victims were shot and killed. the deputy , if charged and convicted, could potentially face charges of murder, along with the
12:32 pm
special circumstance of multiple murder, which could make him eligible for life in prison if convicted. that's the latest in dublin. henry lee ktvu fox two news. we describe a little bit more about that phone call from the dublin police chief to the 24 year old deputy in question. here we've heard it described as emotional, but you know what an incredible thing to sort of help bring this case to this early conclusion. yeah. this deputy has no connection to the dublin police department. other than this is the department that is investigating him. dublin's part of the sheriff's office. but again, garrett holmes, who has been serving this community for a long time, as far as the sheriff's office, did talk to us a few minutes ago and again in lieutenant kelly's he was very emotional call. in fact, the media we were in the lobby of dublin police services. during that phone call inside. we were a little bit loud, so they had to tell us to be quiet because they were talking to the suspect deputy at the time. but again, lieutenant kelly lot of the police chief for you know, speaking earnestly and
12:33 pm
personally to this deputy to urge him to surrender, which he did. and again that happened. the arrest happened near the kalinga. area office of the chp in the central valley, bringing a safe resolution to what has already been just a terrible story. thank you so much. henry lee for your reporting, we'll learn more from you throughout the day. let's turn things back over to meteorologist mark tamayo, who's tracking the temperatures still going to be pretty hot today and his timing out when it's going to be spiking in your area, and when we could finally see the temperatures start to cool off a little bit more, either andre and garcia yeah, with another hot day in the forecast for today, another round of triple digits for the warmest occasions inland, but not as hot as yesterday. but if the temperature spike for tomorrow and then by the weekend, i think you would like the forecast, but as you can see right now and excessive heat warning. continues for the inland valleys and the santa clara valley until eight pm thursday. temperatures could be in the mid nineties approaching 106 degrees, even hotter than that in a few locations and then the heat advisory. this continues for the
12:34 pm
obey shorelines, also for santa cruz county temperatures in the eighties and the nineties, so not as hot with that compared to that excessive heat warning but still hot around the bay, especially for tomorrow. today, though, we have you can see those arrows. they're coming in from the ocean. we have more of an onshore breeze. and with that temperatures compared to with this time yesterday, everybody has a minus sign so you can see 17 degrees cooler. in santa rosa san carlos 22 degrees cooler compared to this time yesterday, and as a result, temperatures we still have some mid to upper nineties england right now, but everybody actually talked about a cool down compared to yesterday. here is our live camera looking out above san francisco, another warm to hot day. just not as hot as yesterday. we're not talking about 115. we're not talking about 116, but still one. oh, six still seems pretty hot here in the bay area. that would be the case for today. the temperature spike forward tomorrow. and then a refreshing forecast by the weekend. we'll have more on that with your update coming up in a little
12:35 pm
bit. thank you. the state department of public health is advising schools to cancel outdoor activities as well as indoor events that would be held at sites that do not have a conditioning when the heat risk level is three or four. the national weather service determines those levels and most of the bay area has been under that range. this week. the state also advises closely monitoring students were any heat related illnesses and encourage everyone to drink plenty of water. and he's been school district is moving all of its campuses to have the schedules because of the heat. dublin unified says students will only be on campus for minimum day today through friday. administrators had closed three schools in the past week due to power outages. the district says it wants to give parents time to make arrangements for the rest of the week. concern for people living on the streets and in homeless encampments during this extremely hot weather. ktvu brooks jarocz reports on the organized an individual effort to protect some of those who are most at risk. this is a life and death situation. loading up lifesaving supplies by the bottle and by the bag with
12:36 pm
scorching heat advocacy group love and justice in the streets , is on a mission to help the homeless. we are going to do everything we can to fill up just this one minivan multiple times throughout the day. we're taking hundreds of bottles of water out to people and their animals across oakland, and we're going to do our little part, but we know we can't nearly meet the need drop in the bucket because of these crowded and plentiful east bay encampments. hot doesn't even describe it miserable is hard to deal with, especially when you don't have any shade structures over here. john john osco says he and his neighbors on wood street are pooling their resources to keep cool. just another cooler of more water and melted ice, but it's really cold . many times they depend on donations to survive. a nonprofit just gave these unhappy residents this solar refrigerator that they hope to have up and running soon. still it's a struggle just to be outside. especially in the sun really hard. i'm thankful for the breeze, but you know, i have
12:37 pm
to find a place to stay under shade pretty much all the time inside my tender gets way too hot during the day, which is why the city of oakland says it's community responders in mts are out here to keep people hydrated and checking on the most vulnerable. those who may be older, have illnesses or other medical problems. we also use this opportunity to remind people in this community that we can attempt to get you into a shelter. we also have a list of what we're calling holding centers where people from the street and go into get out of the sun kick back in the chair. small solutions to take care of a big community, starting with acts of kindness out water. that's a wonderful thing. we just want to help people the best we can. and you know it can be rough to see this and go through it. but at the same time, it's a strong reminder for me personally, that this could be anybody. advocates say it's the largest encampments that get the most attention. so they're urging everyone to go out by water or by ice and give it to
12:38 pm
those, um, housed residents in your neighborhood. in oakland, brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news accused of killing his ex girlfriend and trying to escape to mexico will be charged with murder. jose rosas was briefly in san jose courtroom yesterday where judge ordered him held without bail. he was arrested for the death of susana hernandez last thursday. surveillance video shows a man who appears to be roses, stopping his car getting out and shooting hernandez and a man she was with then running off. as soon as we identified who he was , and we had a good idea of what type of vehicle he was in, we sent a statewide be on the lookout for the suspect in this vehicle. that was later chp and border patrol officers arrested real sauce 100 yards from the mexican border. friends say hernandez had a restraining order against roses who abused her. but the texas say russia's ignored that order several times . in addition to homicide, he will also face charges of violating a restraining order. restaurant owner in albany, sharing video of some women who died in dash surveillance video
12:39 pm
from nine 38 crawfish of vietnamese occasion fusion restaurant. it shows five women enter the restaurant, sit down and have a meal. the owner says one of them paid her bill, but the others left without paying their bill, which totalled over $200. the owner, says he crime is overwhelming and heartbreaking, and says small businesses are trying their best to recover and acts like this. make that nearly impossible. leaders kicked off san francisco transit month. rally took place just a few hours ago at san francisco city hall this month, is designated to recognize the role transit plays in the bay area and san francisco mary london breed says we have a lot to celebrate, we've added during the pandemic 15 miles of dedicated bus lanes. we been working hard to we configure the city in a way that people can move around safely. this is not about an advocacy group. it's more about changing the dynamics of how we have different modes
12:40 pm
of transportation in san francisco, where we can move around safely and efficiently. this is the seventh year transit month has been held in san francisco every time for every ride that you take on a public transit runs by a bay area transit agency. you will be entered into a raffle for prizes. prizes include things like a ride in a bart train cab , a tour of the central subway or a signed warriors jersey. getting a yearly covid shot could soon be the norm. the bind administration announced its rolling out the newest covid booster, dr anthony fauci says while the virus makes small changes as it mutates, its fundamental behavior stayed the same. for that reason. dr fauci and other health leaders say they are optimistic the yearly boosters will be ineffective safeguard. we likely are moving towards a path. with the vaccination cadence similar to that of the annual influenza vaccine. with annual updated covid-19 shots matched to the currently circulating strains for most of the population. however some particularly
12:41 pm
vulnerable groups may continue to need more frequent vaccination against covid-19. the cdc recommends all teenagers and adults get the updated booster shots after at least two months have passed since their last covid vaccine or booster. doctors say that people with underlying health issues may need to get vaccinated more than once a year. testing drinking water from microplastics. the new requirements set to be announced today by the state that would make california the that would make california the first in the natio you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent? new housing units in all 58 counties, including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment.
12:42 pm
in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27. meet febreze small spaces. the most convenient solution to lingering odors in any small space. one firm push activates 24/7 freshness. no batteries. no outlets. no effort. just freshness. febreze small spaces. just freshness. just between us, cleaning with a mop and bucket is such a hassle. well i switched to swiffer wet jet and it's awesome. and it helps prevent streaks and haze. have you seen my new phone yet?. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping)
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slide the dow jones is up by more than 450 points, gaining about one and one half percent percentage gain is even better over on the s and p. it's up by almost two full percentage points. nasdaq is there a good day on stocks? who knew an apple held its annual september event this morning and unveiled its latest devices apple introduced and all new iphone lineup. the iphone. 14 is the latest version and includes new features, including the largest screen and love longer lasting battery. apple is also rebuilt its airpods pro and there are three new apple watch models, too. the new airpods pro and apple watch models are incredible products. they bring more capability wherever you go. and they're designed to work seamlessly with the most essential product of all iphone. iphone 14 will start at $799 and the iphone 14 pro
12:45 pm
$999 will be available for pre order on friday. no information regarding the documents found that donald trump's florida estate, some of the documents reportedly contained material on a foreign nations military defenses. madeline rivera reports in washington on the potential national security implications. in a new report, the washington post, citing unnamed sources, says fbi agents found a document containing information about a foreign country's nuclear capabilities during that moral lago search. the file is reportedly among the more than 100 classified records taken from the property last month. we don't know whether it was a friend or a foe. uh and the issue is not just about the content of the report. but what ? what it may reveal about our sources and methods and capabilities to find out and learn about another country's military capabilities. post sources did not identify which foreign government was involved or where the document was found. in moral lago critics are slamming yet another leak only
12:46 pm
reason to leak to the media is to influence the narrative, which tells you this is being politicized, which is doing damage to the fbi, the justice department two important institutions to our country and attorney for former president trump says the government must exercise leadership and control , adding that the court has provided a sensible path forward , which does not include the selective leak of unverifiable and misleading information. on monday, a federal judge granted former president trump's request for an independent party to review the records a move that former attorney general bill barr is criticizing the opinion. i think was wrong and i think the government should appeal it . the justice department and former president trump's teams have until friday to come up with suitable candidates to sift through the thousands of documents that were taken from mara lago. in washington mountain. rivera ktvu, fox two news. california set to become the first state to test drinking water from microplastics state water regulators are scheduled to approve a testing and reporting requirements in the
12:47 pm
state today, according to the san francisco chronicle. our state has been working with more than 20 labs and seven nations for years on ways to monitor microplastics microplastics are this tiny particles that come from food, packaging, clothing and tires, and they end up in the air in the water? they end up in a human's blood stream. they can cause damage and be harmful to one and seven. benito county near hollister, was damaged in the heat of section of the southbound road just before highway 1 56. the exit there got so hot that the asphalt in the middle and right lanes lifted enough to be a traffic hazard. the stretch of the highway was shut down more than six hours while the repairs were made. meteorologist mark tamayo is back now, with a look at the weather, not going to be quite as hot. hopefully no more damage. like what we saw down there in holliston. mark? yeah, those are alarming stories be talking about just how extreme this heat hit. the heat is here in the bay area, not as hot as yesterday. that's the main message for today's forecast. we're not done with the heat because we could have a temperature spike for tomorrow, but the excessive heat warnings as you can see, continue for the north bay, the inland valleys
12:48 pm
the santa clara valley that 1 10 is primarily targeting thursday, so yesterday was the hardest day of the week or thinking that tomorrow will be pretty close and few locations. heat advisory continues until eight o'clock thursday for the bay shoreline. also for santa cruz county as well the key difference for today as we have that onshore breeze kind of kicking up so with that we have some breezy conditions out there. that's having an impact on temperatures as far as current number of san francisco right now, 75 every yesterday san francisco in the nineties, we have some nineties to report and conquered livermore and walnut creek, so those areas will be topping. 100 degrees this afternoon as we check in on the wind speeds, some breezy conditions out there fairfield you can see sustained at the southwest and 22 miles an hour. these numbers not so bad on these panels, but i think the wind will continue to increase that onshore breeze into the afternoon hours. here's a live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge towards san francisco bay. you can see all that haze in the sky. the spare.
12:49 pm
the air alert continues for today and has been extended right on through your thursday. we are expecting some changes, though, by friday and into the weekend. this was the case yesterday. of course, that extreme heat can't remember a time we're talking about 116 117 degrees here in the bay area. that was the case yesterday. now you can see this area of low pressure up here. this is actually helping us out for today, setting temperatures down a few degrees for your wednesday . there's that warmer forecast for your thursday and then friday. that's kind of the beginning of our cooling trend. still a hot day on friday, but at least it's going to open up the door for more cooler air. eventually as we head into the weekend, and you'll notice those changes. also as we head into the weekend as you can see the circulation to our south hurricane k. some of that moisture will be approaching southern california and the bay area could feel a bit humid around here. that could be on saturday. here's the forecast models. they put this into motion. this is friday. some shower activity approaching san diego and then into a saturday morning approaching los angeles county. there is enough moisture
12:50 pm
just gets close enough that we have to keep an eye on the chances of thunderstorms here for us. it looks like it's a slight chance, but the main impact will be some more clouds. some humid conditions, but also some cooler temperatures as well . highest for this afternoon, san francisco close to 80 degrees santa rosa 100 a bunch of triple digits toward concord , fairfield, antiochus livermore this afternoon and san jose 96 degrees. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast dangerous heat for your thursday so another hot day for tomorrow and then we'll begin to cool things off on friday and then i think this is a forecast we can really appreciate. by saturday and the sunday will definitely bring in some more cooler air, some human conditions and it looks like no more heat advisories this weekend. looking pretty good by saturday. mark thank you coming up. he's one of the best basketball players, and now he's adding a new title to his resume. the new children's book authored by nba star stephon curry, also tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. the centers a giant will take on the fresno grizzlies,
12:51 pm
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and promotes healthy blood sugar levels. while its collagen peptides help support your joint structures. so, start feeling lighter and more energetic by taking metamucil every day. try metamucil fiber gummies made with a prebiotic, plant-based fiber blend that helps promote digestive health.
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want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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