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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  September 7, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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it's even more disheartening to find out that it was one of our own. that actually was the trigger person behind this tragic incident, authorities say. deputy devin williams jr invaded the home on cold brooklyn with a gun and killed a 42 year old woman and her 58 year old husband at about 12 45 in the morning. the couple have a child together, neighbor, gabriela gonzalez was awakened by a commotion and her dublin police officers who are part of the sheriff's office, make the grim discovery at the five bedroom home. squad car arrived and after he got out my windows were open, so i heard him say i've got to down. he knew them. he knew that this was not a random crime. a motive for the violence unknown, very bizarre chain of events that unfolded, things unfolded so quickly. that is a news conference was about to begin. dublin police chief garrett holmes was speaking to the 24 year old deputy by phone and was able to get him to surrender as he was driving his vw jetta in the central valley. top shares officials listening to the call able to keep him on
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the phone line. and, uh, direct. the chp units down to the area near kalinga, investigators say after the killings, the deputy task is on duty weapon believed to be the gun used in the double homicide out of his car near the ultimate pass. neighbors of the couple stunned at a law enforcement officer allegedly responsible. it is scary because these are the people that you you look to you to protect you and take care of you and they're doing things like this. how can we know that we are secure, especially when a police officer coming to the crime. now the sheriff's deputy formerly worked as a stockton police officer, but he failed his probationary period after a year now, the sheriff's office said. they did a fairly complete background check. on this deputy and that no red flags were raised live in dublin. henry lee ktvu fox two news. i know henry, you said a motive is not known at this time . but is there any indication that this deputy knew these people? yeah there's definitely
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some kind of activity is the word that the shares lieutenant used, but they're working on a number of theories. they don't know exactly what happened. but they do know that this deputy knew his victims. it's just tragic story. alright henry lee reporting live for us tonight in dublin. henry thank you, some breaking news right now out of the east bay highway patrol has issued a sig alert for an overturned big rigs. all eastbound lanes of 5 80 are currently blocked sky fox up top giving us this live picture. this is between bayview and central and the el cerrito richmond area. as you can see here, vehicles are being diverted. off of 5 80 there at the bayview avenue off ramp. i drive this stretch a lot, and i'm telling you, there is construction in that area, and just recently they reconfigured the lanes. maybe that played a role. maybe a dinner that is under investigation. but as you can see again in this live picture, the traffic is at a standstill in the eastbound direction of 5 80 in richmond as we get new developments about this collision when the truck
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will get pulled out of here in total way. of course we will bring it to you. turning now to the historic heatwave, scorching california more than 50,000 customers across the bay area lost power yesterday because of the heat right now, more than 6500 customers remain without power. pg and e. says the majority of those customers are in the east bay more than 3500 and the south bay and peninsula . both have more than 1000 heat related outages. on top of that, more than 297,000 customers have been notified today. to prepare for potential rotating outages right now in energy emergency alert to is in effect. that means emergency energy is being requested from all resources. right now, everyone is strongly being urged to cut back on energy use until nine o'clock tonight. today is the eighth consecutive day with a flex alert one day after reaching an all time record 52,061 megawatts , the power grid is expected to see less usage, but not by much. the forecast to peak today is
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50,705 megawatts right now, less than 50,000. megawatts are being used. calisto says a miscommunication led to a small number of power shutoffs yesterday in alameda in palo alto power utilities were told by callous so to be prepared to implement rotating allergies. but the state grid operator never actually gave the final order to do so. we do have live team coverage for you tonight. ktvu tom baker in the east bay where events are being canceled because of the extreme heat, but of course we begin with chief meteorologist bill martin and bill not quite as still scorching. didn't feel cooler to you today, mike sure this morning indeed. yeah it's crazy . i mean, it's still hot. it's just not ours hot. so today we roll right now. it's 118 fairfield. it feels cooler if you're in fairfield than it did yesterday, during the day when it was 115 116 these are the current temperatures. yeah, it's still slaughtering. but you do notice that along the coast, right? these are current temperatures. you see the yellows and greens and that's a bit of a series. there was some patchy fog at the coast as well.
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that certainly helps as we look at the departure from yesterday at this time, and it already kind of started cooling yesterday at this time, that's why these departures aren't so massive. but sfo's 13 degrees cooler than it was last night, nine degrees cooler in oakland. extreme heat warning that stays in effect through thursday, and it's verifying, right. the inland bay valleys are all going to be over 100 degrees and the downside of this is we're going to pop those temperatures up tomorrow again, so that heat advisory for these areas around the bay has been, uh, hoisted again, and it's going to be in a factory tomorrow night. so kind of you know the drill fire danger as high as you know, but it's really about the extreme heat and the and the problems that can cause so tomorrow's gonna be hotter. we'll get into all that and then cooler as we go to the weekend. fortunately so we'll look into that to see you back here in a few minutes. we'll see you in a bit, bill. thank you. well, bart continues to battle. the extreme heat. triple digit temperatures are prompting officials to slow down the trains in parts of the bay area, and the heat is leading to
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other cancelations as well. ktvu tom vacar continues our team coverage now from dublin where a very popular event for tomorrow has already been canceled. tom. and that would be the dublin farmers market along with the one in concord, along with the one out in fairfield. just too hot. they don't want to bring people in so they can have problems, both with the food, especially the harshness on the people. i want to show you something about little temperature gun here. theoretically according to my thermometer, it's 102 degrees right here. in this area, but when you put this down on the concrete but you find out is this is about 119 degrees here out on the asphalt. it's 125 degrees, which is to say it feels like heck of a lot warmer than what the thermometer would say that it is. that is a problem. it's especially a problem for bart has to keep a super close eye on all those rails. martin was not created for a phoenix type or more
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extreme environment climate back in 19 sixties, when bart was designed climate change wasn't even an issue, climate, scientists and engineers say. now it's a huge issue, especially with rails, retain the heat and get so much hotter that they actually lose their integrity and what they're actually built to withstand changed its protocols. at 100 degrees or more speeds are reduced from 70 to 44 miles an hour. we would anticipate about 10 minute delays and just those really hot areas. so you know, near dublin near concord out near fremont, and then we also start doing visual inspections just to make sure the rail looks normal that there is no abnormalities with it. the good news. bart is blackout bulletproof as a lifeline facility. bart is not de energized, though bart has replaced a lot of its older rails that work continues. it must have all rail systems piece of rail. when you're getting into 50 years, you're at end of lifetime for that rail we are talking about really the end of
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life over the majority of our physical rail system. we are expecting temperatures to continue to rise, so it's incredibly imperative that we address this now urban areas with their vast road systems, parking lots, concrete structures and bunched together. houses are now described as heat islands that don't fully cooled down overnight. during extreme heat spells. you actually end up with these heat island effects where those things are hotter and they're radiating heat hotter. than the actual temperature outside. so you feel a much different temperature than just the forecasted temperature. when you start having entire months. of days that are getting into the 1995 101 105 and some places then you're in a whole different situation. the problem, of course, is that at nighttime unless it gets really cool. what happens is this doesn't cool down enough. all of this stuff,
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the buildings, the houses, the concrete, the asphalt parking lots. all of that stuff stays a little bit warmer. so in the next day comes around, it's already pretty warm, and that means that it goes up to the high temperature much more quickly and last a lot longer. reporting live tom vacar ktvu. it's like the heat is baked in out there, tom, you mentioned those heat islands. is there anything that can be done to lessen that problem? well sure. in the long run. there are a lot of things that can be done. obviously more trees would be one of those things. but for a lot of individuals, that is something that you know is going to take a long, long time or even for whole cities. it's going to do that. there are things that can be done and they're working on them and certainly shaded areas and all of that are part of it. but this is long term planning that we're talking about. so at least until we have some that are handle on this. we just have to expect it's going to be hotter for longer, and that's just pretty much all there is to it, and you
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showed us how the heat is affecting bart tracks. what about other transit agencies? are they having to adjust to because of the extreme temperatures? indeed to down in the south bay, they had to put away 10% of their busses because it was either too hot in the busses. air conditioning wasn't working or the busses simply weren't cooling off the other problems, of course, heat problems with machinery that comes up all the time. that's the problem for anybody to operate the machinery in hot temperatures. so, yeah, dts having some issues. as are others, but to is particularly hit by this all right, and we are not done with this heat yet. alright? tom baker reporting live for us tonight in dublin. tom thank you. and we are here to make sure you have everything you need to know about california's power problems, including the chances of blackouts in your neighborhood. we have a qr code on the bottom left hand side of your screen right there. point your phone at that code to scan it, and it will take you to our web page with information about the power outages and any blackouts in your area, another concern when temperatures are high wildfire
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danger. here's a look at the eight fires calif. we're currently battling across the state to fires that started a week ago or up in siskiyou county, near the oregon border. the mountain fire 30% contained that's burn. 11,000 acres. the mill fire is currently 65% contained that's burned nearly 4000 acres up in the cr foothills. the mosquito fire this is a big one. this started up last night near the oxbow reservoir in the community of forrest hill, right near 80 pretty rough terrain for firefighters in that area. this fire exploded to about 2000 acres this afternoon with no containment fire says it's showing extreme fire behavior with near record temperatures and low humidity, adding to the fast spread, there are evacuation orders. and warnings for nearby communities in both plaster and el dorado county's and you can stay on top of the wildfires burning across the state. we have a special section on our website with the details of the active fires, plus fire safety tips. it's all at ktvu dot com slash wildfires and firefighters are mopping up
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after a fire broke out at a landfill in nevado. this fire started around 10 o'clock last night. the ecology sonoma marine landfill on redwood boulevard. this is right next to highway one. oh, one battalion chief said it was a challenge to fight this one because the flames were being fueled by a lot of construction materials, including drywall and lumber. but he says no hazardous materials were involved. firefighters say that cause appears to be accidental. coming up at 5 30, a security guard was shot and critically wounded outside of kaiser hospital in the east bay. what we're learning from investigators about the motive and the suspect also ahead. the new investigation launched in the death of a man who died while in the custody of antioch police officers beloved ice cream shop in san francisco could be in danger of serving its last scoop coming up by the owners of joe's ice cream shop are worried they ice cream shop are worried they you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates
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online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent? new housing units in all 58 counties, including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27.
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so is now being investigated by the state attorney general. today's announcement coming after the contra costa county d . a last week cleared the officers and angelo cuentos death ktvu evan sernoffsky has been covering this story for some time. he's live in the newsroom tonight with the very latest evan candelo cuentos family says the district attorney's office made false claims in its report that cleared the officers. they're hoping that ags office comes to a different conclusion. i know the truth. will prevail. family of angelo quinto and supporters gathered outside the state building in oakland wednesday, demanding justice and accountability, you know, justice is never easy to achieve. it is a hard road to
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take was having a mental health crisis at his family's home two days before christmas in 2020, police responded and restrained him face down for several minutes. he never regained consciousness, almost a conclusion that was that wanted. they wanted to 50 evidence to that. prosecutors cited the coroner's report that determined quinto died from excited delirium syndrome, a controversial diagnosis that's been rejected by the american medical association. the term is almost exclusively applied when people die in police custody, civil rights attorney john burris says he commissioned an independent autopsy found quinto is fixated as police held him in a prone position. suppressive persons die a friend. they will cut off oxygen that you need for your brain is office also wrote that quinto had fentanyl in his system, even though records show
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it was administered after he was unconscious at the hospital. total misconception and flagrant misinterpretation of the evidence of what the significance of that evidence is office wrote a letter to attorney general rob bonta, asking him to independently investigate the case. bondi's office confirmed they're taking the case. but would not comment further. this is a really hopeful development. um but we shouldn't have had to have been here now. if you recall, bart police last month said they would no longer use the term excited delirium, and last year governor newsom signed the angelo quinto act, a law banning police restraints that can cause positional asphyxia reporting live in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news in the state aid takes a case similar to this any timeline as to when we may find, you know the end of the investigate. station and find results here. there's no timeline set. but if you
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remember the a g s office is now required to take any police death in custody case when the person is unarmed. this happened before that law went into effect, but they're taking it anyway. alright evan sernoffsky live in the newsroom. evan. thank you. san jose is taking steps to restore its title of safest big city in america. today san jose mayoral candidate cindy chavez and city council member elect rosemary kamei said they are submitting a proposal to the city manager for more funding for traffic patrol officers. at one point, the san jose traffic unit had 50 officers, but that unit has been cut down to 40 officers and currently has 12 vacancies. not only do we need to focus on the recruitment efforts to build vacancies, we need to expand the number of positions that the city has for the entire department every year. police understaffing leads to lagging 911 response times, increased crime and significant officer burnout. last saturday, san jose
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logged its 25th pedestrian death of the year that is higher than any other years. during that same period, city leaders say they are concerned that with the holidays approaching streets will become busier and more dangerous and more people will die. francisco city leaders have officially kicked off transit month. a rally took place at san francisco city hall this morning . the month is designed to recognize the role transit plays in the bay area in san francisco mayor london breed says we have a lot to celebrate. we've added during the pandemic 15 miles of dedicated bus lanes, we been working hard to we configure the city in a way that people can move around safely. this is not about an advocacy group. it's more about changing the dynamics of how we have different modes of transportation in san francisco, where we can move around safely and efficiently.
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this is the seventh year transit month has been held in san francisco. and every time you ride public transit run by a bay area transit agency, you will be entered into a raffle prizes do include things like a ride in a bart train cab tour of the central subway or a signed warriors jersey. alrighty another hot women hot one today not as hot as yesterday. because yesterday was all time yesterday is going to be the day that we measure in the bay area. we're going to talk about old member when remember that day that we had all those records all time records broken. i don't remember a day like that ever a live camera outside kind of shows how dry everything is fire dangers up, but it's not nasty. it's you know, it's hot. it's dry, but we're not looking at winds and we don't see any coming in the immediate future. you've got some high clouds here. you know, it's interesting. there's a hurricane down at baja. now. you probably heard a little bit about it. that's not from that. but we're going to see a bunch of high clouds coming in here on the weekend. we might see a sprinkle or two, but the one
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thing you'll notice is cloudy and kind of warm and kind of muggy, especially on saturday and sunday. so that's just down the road. here we are, in terms of that big ridge of high pressure. it has weakened a little bit, hence the slight cooling today, but then it's going to dominate in re establish itself. tomorrow in temperatures come back up should not be as aggressive in terms of high temperatures tomorrow as it was yesterday. but instead of 100 and three and fairfield and might go up to 107 or something like that, which is super hot, but it's not 100 and 17 or 100 and 15. i can't believe we're saying that. so tomorrow's another hot day. the excessive heat warning is in place. as you know, here's where we were today. so there's the cool down and that's where we go tomorrow . so not as again aggressive as yesterday. but i livermore, right oneoh six. today was like, oh, that's nice, because it was compared to what we have. it's going to go up. it's gonna be noticeably hotter. and that's why i think that struck me today too. as in my house, it was yesterday was 111. and then today was like 101 and i said, wow, that feels so much better, which is who would think he'd ever say that, but i think a lot
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of us felt that way, especially inland coastal areas had more significant cooling. obviously, there's even a little patchy fog out. there. as we push forward into the next few days after tomorrow. so in the friday and saturday and sunday, those clouds come in, and things cool off a little bit. gets a little more mild. give me a little muggy, but not as horrible in terms of the heat that we're seeing tomorrow. in the last few days, i'll see you back here with the full forecast. a beloved san francisco ice cream shop, worried about redevelopment plans and how it might impact their future. we'll have details for you coming up. also ahead. election day is a little more than two months away, coming up tonight at six, a closer look at the changing conditions tied to one raise that could have big implications for california and the country. prop 27 isn't a solution to homelessness. 90% of the money goes to out-of-state corporations. the homeless get very little. vote no on 27.
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homeless californians need real solutions, not false promises. prop 27 gives 90% of the money to out-of-state corporations, not the homeless. vote no on prop 27. it's a broken promise. in san francisco's richmond district had a scare that a new building owner would kick them out and then demolished the building to make way for new construction. ktvu is christien kafton joins us now live from joe's ice cream on
5:25 pm
gary, with the latest on the possible plans to redevelop that site, christian yeah. joe's is a neighborhood favorite. and that is why when surveyors showed up inside the restaurant and outside taking measurements, and when the building's owners started meeting with the planning department, the owners of joe's and people in the neighborhood here, they got pretty worried. caramel brown birthday cake ice cream on geary boulevard is a neighborhood staple. sean and alice kim are the fourth owners having bought the business 10 years ago, and all of our owners have kept our tradition and, of course, the ice cream recipes and this is being just, you know, it has been neighborhoods spot for all those are 60. now it's 62 years . i guess that's why when surveyors started showing up last month and measuring around the building, sean kim got concerned. i'm curious. i'm googling and then i'm such just put our address, and then their
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development plan comes up. owners aren't the only ones worried. customers say joe's is a neighborhood icon. i would definitely be sad if joe's wasn't here anymore. oh, my goodness. this is like classic every time you come by true san franciscan style, even if it's cold out. there are people here getting ice cream. it would definitely be sad to see a girl. san francisco's planning department confirms the building's owners did call for a project review meeting with the city planning department says that meeting appears to have been an exploratory meeting about what options those building owners might have to develop now or in the future. so far, the owners haven't filed any plans to demolish or even begin the process of redeveloping the site. but in case that changes joe's is asking for the communities continued support can serve up scoops to another generation of san francisco. families already know they love us. but i just want to see those support that they really, really want us to stay in the neighborhood with them together for another another six years or something.
5:27 pm
when i spoke with the city's planning department, they said, these kinds of meetings are actually pretty common. sometimes they lead to redevelopment plans, but often there are simply a way for the properties owners to figure out what their options are, the owners of joe said, they're happy that there are no imminent plans to redevelop the property and are in the process of seeing if they can buy the building outright themselves. we're live in san francisco christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. and in the meantime, now is a great time to go get some ice cream christian. thank you. as california calls for energy conservation. one message may have made the difference. details from governor newsom after the break. an armed security guard had just made a money pick up here at san leandro medical center when he was approached by a robbery suspect who shot him in the head. i'm brooks jaro
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a sig alert because of an overturned big rigs. all eastbound lanes of 5 80 are blocked between bayview and central and the el sereno richmond area. this is live pictures from sky fox right now, as we pull out their story is the traffic right here in the eastbound direction. all of it is 34 lanes being diverted off the area there, but this back up we're talking 567 miles all the way to canal boulevard. if you're not familiar with that
5:31 pm
area, we're talking about basically almost to the toll plaza of the richmond san rafael bridge. so if you are headed from a rain county to the east bay are no. someone just be aware of that that all lanes of eastbound 5 80 are blocked right now. no word from chp when the lanes will reopen, so you may want to start thinking, possibly taking highway 37 are going through san francisco and across the bay bridge to get around this again, all lanes of eastbound 5 80 are blocked because of that overturned big rig. area temperatures this week were among the hottest in the nation, possibly even on the planet. here's a live look right now. mount diablo nearby livermore was a record breaking 116 degrees on monday and tuesday while palm springs hit 114 degrees and phoenix, arizona reached 1 11 death valley near the mojave desert was the only place that was even hotter at 118 degrees, according to the national weather service. more than 297,000. customers in california have been notified to prepare for potential rolling
5:32 pm
safety outages right now, everyone is strongly urged to cut back on energy use until nine o'clock tonight to prevent that from happening one day after reaching an all time megawatts record, the power grid is expected to see less usage and is projected to be able to handle the strain. more than a half million customers were warned that they could lose power yesterday, but that did not happen and a phone alert. into millions of californians may have made the difference. the state says it sent the message using the wireless emergency alert system, the same one used for amber alerts. cowes oh says it saw an immediate drop in the amount of power being used once that push went out. the state says people were targeted where temperatures were the hottest in the area. $27 million 45 minutes. we saw roughly 2600. a lot of reduction. alds what happened? we would have had some episodic
5:33 pm
load reduction. that was decision. governor newsom was in beverly hills today. addressing concerns about california's power, grady says they don't take the statewide text messaging system lightly, and in this case, he says, it was a game changer now to a developing story. insane leandro, an armed security guard, is in critical condition tonight after police say he was shot and robbed of a bag of cash at the kaiser medical center. ktvu s brooks jarocz joins us now with the latest on this investigation, brooks well, julie. investigators say that suspect is still on the run tonight, but he was caught on many cameras coming near this door and this entrance behind me to the hospital, shooting an armed guard in the head and then making away with a big bag of cash. it was just before noon wednesday at kaiser permanente medical center in san leandro. when without warning, police say
5:34 pm
a robbery suspect had his eye on this armored truck and the guard who would soon emerge from inside the hospital in his hands . a bag of money we believe the security guard was walking out of the hospital with a bag full of cash, so this is more likely than not to pick up for the for the guards once he was outside of the hospital, but still on the campus. he was subsequently accosted shot once in the upper torso, critically wounded by a single gunshot near his head. the guard collapsed on this campus sidewalk. police say the unidentified male suspect wasted no time. taking off with the cash in a car bound for the freeway. much of the incident caught on camera scouring all the video that we can. i mean, there's literally dozens of cameras on the vicinity and around the vicinity that will be looking through for more detailed suspect information. for hours. some patients and staff were told to stay inside
5:35 pm
the hospital was locked down as investigators search for clues and evidence. some witnesses provided police with statements . i believe that it may have been believe it looks like a robbery gone bad, but there are still unknowns was the armed guard followed. did the shooting happened before or after the robbery? was it just single suspect. and where could he be now? guards should be on alert for sure. and people in the area, though, don't know, don't need to be worried. the guard works for the security service gardaworld tasked with protecting companies money ktvu calls for comment on the crime have gone un returned all as a man in his sixties who was doing his job is now fighting to stay alive. the victim was transported from here at kaiser to eat medical center in castro valley, where he is listed in critical condition. it's not known if he will survive. i did reach out to kaiser to see if they had any additional information about the incident that happened behind me as well as any comments they deferred to
5:36 pm
the police department. i live in san leandro. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news. alright, brooks. thank you. congressional leaders in the bay area today, talking about safety and gun violence prevention in san francisco house speaker nancy pelosi was joined by mayor london breed and gun violence prevention leaders. they all came together at the youth organization, united players in the south of market neighborhood. this is part of house democrats. gun violence prevention day of action. i say to the republic because we have the democratic your political survival is nothing compared to the survival of our children as we try to protect them from gun violence, speaker pelosi used the event to discuss the safer communities act, which president biden recently signed into law and the house passed assault weapons ban in the south bay. representatives and a issue and so lofgren were at san jose city hall, along with mayor sam liccardo. representatives from moms demand action, among others
5:37 pm
. the topic there was school safety and the effect of gun violence on children. and here is, i think, one of the most chilling statistics i've ever heard gun violence is now. the leading cause of death for children in the united states of america. shame on us. jamon us representatives issue in locker and also touted the recently approved safer communities acted includes tougher background checks for the youngest gun buyers and help for states to put in place red flag laws that make it easier for authorities to take weapons from people considered a danger to themselves or others. 1000 gallons sewage spill has closed a stretch of beach in southern california. the area is just south of redondo and torrents speech in los angeles county. the beach was closed this morning after county health officials discovered 5000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into a nearby creek. last night, the coastline will be closed between torrents and palace
5:38 pm
birds until bacteria levels meet health standards. new updated covid booster shots targeting omicron sub variants are now available here in california, and those shots are known as by evelyn vaccines because they protect against macron sub variants, be a 50000.4 and be a 0.5 in the original. coronavirus strain. health officials say the vaccine is safe and efficient in helping reduce the serious effects of the virus. this date has been a lot in more than one million doses, and we'll have ample supply for everyone who is eligible to receive a shot. this scientific bodies are comprised of the most, um, important scientific experts in the field, and so if they all concur that is safe and effective for us to use this boosters. i think we cannot be assured that that is the case. the state health department says the new boosters are recommended for people 12 and older to be eligible. you need to complete the primary vaccination series and also be at least two months out from the
5:39 pm
last dose of any covid vaccine. santa clara county is among those starting to administer the new covid boosters. health officials say that people can get either the fighter of moderna shot no matter which previous vaccine they've taken. people should consider taking whatever vaccine is available at the county fairgrounds in san jose, they expected to provide several 100 shots just today. in the future, people might get a yearly dose. we're now hopeful that an annual fall booster might be sufficient for covid. um, and the hope is that as new variants could arise they would likely arise from this omicron variants that has been circulating throughout this year . santa clara county officials say that booster shots are coming in slowly, but they're taking appointments and all their vaccination locations and clinics. sandy hook survivor sending support with children in uvalde, texas, who also survived a school, shooting their message of hope and trauma and pain
5:40 pm
still to come. also we're checking out apple's newest unveiling the new iphone lineup and details on when it will be made the choice between prop 26 and 27? let's get real. prop, 26 means no money to fix homelessness, no enforcement oversight and no support for disadvantaged tribes. yikes! prop 27 generates hundreds of millions towards priorities like new housing units in all 58 counties.
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- my blankie? - yep! - let's taco 'bout it! - nope. ohh, we can save the laundry 'til the morning. yes please. oh, little things like this help save our power and help save us from outages. with flex alerts, the power is ours. learn more at look school shooting nearly a decade ago are sharing a message of hope with children of you. val d texas, in an interview with the associated press, the former sandy hook students opened up about their experience after the shooting in newtown, connecticut. they say they want the kids from you validly to know. quote you will live with your trauma, pain and grief, and it will get better. the biggest piece of advice i can see is find comfort in, you know your loved ones, especially classmates because they have that shared trauma. don't bottle things up, you know, talk to your family or friends, but i think that just not feeling
5:43 pm
ashamed. not feeling like what you went through wasn't valid. that's a huge part of coming to terms with what happened. and you know, just be kind to yourself. this week, students from rob elementary went back to class in new valley. their return comes just three months after a gunman opened fire on campus, killing 19 children and two teachers in ukraine. shelling resumed today outside his operation nuclear power plant. the attack comes a day after the un atomic watchdog agency called for a safe zone. around the plan out of fear the fighting might trigger a chernobyl type of catastrophe. both sides have accused the other of endangering the plan, the largest of its kind in europe and plant is currently being run by ukrainian engineers under russian supervision. elon musk had a victory today in the lawsuit over his backing out of the $44 billion deal by twitter at delaware. judge approved must request add a twitter whistleblower's claims to his countersuit. the whistleblower, twitter's former head of security, who aspired earlier
5:44 pm
this year claims the social media company lied about its data security plan. the judge, however, denied must request to delay the trial so his legal team could have more time to investigate the whistleblower. the judge said a delay could risk further harm to twitter. apple stock rose close to 1% today after the cupertino based company held its annual fall product event. unveiling its latest devices, apple did introduce an all new iphone lineup. the iphone 14 is the latest version it has new features, including a larger size screen, a longer lasting battery and satellite emergency service. apple has also rebuild its airpods pro and there are now three new apple watch models. the new airpods pro and apple watch models are incredible products. they bring more capability wherever you go. and they're designed to work seamlessly with the most essential product of all iphone. ask chris iphone. the latest iphone 14 will start at $799,
5:45 pm
the iphone 14 pro starting at $999, they will be available for pre order on friday. tracking all sorts of weather out there. we got some fires. we've got some some tropical moisture. we have an excessive heat warning. still in effect will look into all that when we return, and tomorrow night at 6 30, the san jose giants will take on the fresno grizzlies and it will be monarch night at the ballpark. it's part of a plan to celebrate the premier of fox's new country drama starring susan sarandon and trace adkins. our own sal castaneda will be out of the game to throw out the first pitch. monarch premieres this sunday, right after the nfl on fox
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
why those highly classified
5:48 pm
materials were at mara lago and who had access to them. a stunning new report from the washington post, potentially revealing the extent of classified information from mar a lago last month, an article citing unnamed sources, says a document describing a foreign governments military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, was found by fbi agents. the paper says. some of the information the fbi found was so closely guarded only the president, some members of his cabinet or a near cabinet level official could authorize others to no literal outrage. the post sources did not identify which foreign government was involved . besides the united states, other countries with nuclear weapons include france, the united kingdom, russia, china. india israel, pakistan and north korea are allies will have less trust in us, but the occurrence of get another leak has fueled critics who argue it compromises
5:49 pm
public confidence in the justice department. it certainly looks like it's come out of people who are familiar with this very tightly held bunch of information. that's one of the problems of the department of justice and their people with agendas in the department. lawmakers are split, adding the appointment of an independent third party to review the doctor. agreements restore trust . i don't know what to believe there's been a lot of leaks. out of the fbi. i think having a special master would help the justice department and former president trump's legal team face a friday deadline to submit a list of proposed candidates to be named special master in washington. mala rivera fox news. the names of hundreds of law enforcement officers, elected officials and military members appear on the league membership rolls of the far right extremist group, the oath keepers. the group is accused of playing a key role in the january 6th attack at the u. s
5:50 pm
capitol. the list includes more than 3000 californians, including 20 for law enforcement officials, according to a report. the anti defamation league center on extremism poured over more than 38,000 names on the list. more than 370 are believed to currently work in law enforcement across the nation, the mastermind of the navy's largest corruption scandal is on the run this evening, leonard glenn francis cut off his ankle monitor device and escaped house arrest in san diego over the weekend. he was due to be sentenced to 25 years in prison at the end of the month. the former military contractor pleaded guilty in 2015 to bribery and fraud charges, admitting that he swindled the navy out of at least $35 million in overcharges . prosecutors say navy officers accepted cash, prostitutes and trips from francis in exchange for classified information that gave francis's ship servicing businesses in asia and edge in getting military contracts. we are sitting down with the
5:51 pm
candidates first san francisco district attorney earlier on the four we heard from john hamasaki. he is a criminal defense attorney who calls himself the true progressive in this race, and here in studio, he explained some of his top priorities were trying to change the system in a way that protects public safety first and foremost, while also setting people up for success. after they worked their way through the criminal justice system, because for too long we've just relied on convictions and imprisonment and people end up in a cycle of recidivism. hamasaki is running against current d a. brook jenkins and former fire and police commissioner joe alyosha verona's in the november election. well as we get towards the end of the week here, it's been quite a week. obviously in terms of temperature yesterday was all time. he this is sort of just a little bar graph. i'm going to give you a monday it was hot, extreme heat. tuesday was yesterday that was the big heat today cooled off a little bit tomorrow warms up a little bit. and then we get this nice that that that skew, which is
5:52 pm
good news for us, especially in the bay area, and in the inland bay valleys where temperatures are going to come down. it's gonna be human. we're going to see some some tropical moisture. from what? i'll show you in a minute. that will kind of create that humility and maybe a few showers. if you can. we'll sell that goes. it's a ways down the road. here are the highs from today, though it was warm today. 108 and fairfield 170 anti act, but still, i mean, it's weird to say cooler and you still had, um 108 in fairfield 101 in santa rosa 95 in napa. so here's the story. there's the high this low comes through. that's where we got the cooling. then we get this high that's going to set up and kind of re establish itself after the low leaves right, and that's pretty typical. then. what happens is this hurricane which is falling apart and which will be a tropical storm by the time they are not tropical storm just tropical moisture by the time it could get to us is going to filter moisture all the way up into southern california and possibly into our zone, which is maybe bring some showers, but the real story is going to be south of point conception, the potential for massive flooding
5:53 pm
from this thing is there, especially as you get into the sand, bonino and some of those eastern climbs, so we'll keep an eye on that. but southern california. the man that that that's a lot of subtropical moisture really far north. there is our friend. the fog. you know what you can see here, kind of like this is a great shot. it's like textbook. but right there is that high pressure. it's pinching it down. the fog is being squeaking in on the on the thermal gradient, right. it's so cool at the cause. it's so hot inland that but the highest pressing it and that's why you see it below the deck of the bridge. when you see that first of all, it's great to see because you know it's going to cool down, but you go. wow it's that's a strong inversion when its pinched down that low down to 20 i didn't want to do that. but i wanted to do this. these are the right now. temperatures they are running a little behind where they were last night this time, but remember that last night, this time temperatures had already called significantly in many places, so just so, you know, so there's the excessive heat warning. we know all about that. there's a heat advisory through thursday. for some of these areas. we know all about that. we're old hands at this.
5:54 pm
now the winds are blowing okay. not as aggressively as last night, but out livermore 16 miles an hour. and then overnight lows are going to be on the warm side warm to mild, so it's going to be a warm day tomorrow be warmer than it was today, but probably not by it by leaps and bounds. i might have gotten a little a little thick on these numbers, but still it's going to be a hot day inland, much cooler along the coast. i e. the fog there is the five day forecast. i'll see you back here at six. return to the white house for former president barack obama and first lady michelle obama will show you their official portraits on lauren blanchard in washington. plus what republicans are saying about the upcoming midterm elections next and coming up at six, a federal judge in texas chips away at one of the mandates of obamacare ruling questions the access of hiv prevention medication for hundreds of thousands of americans and the sweltering heat is a challenge for many students out there how some school administrators are trying to make classroom
5:55 pm
hitting the road, not all 5g networks are created equal. t-mobile covers more highway miles with 5g than verizon. t-mobile has more 5g bars in more places than anyone. another reason t-mobile is the leader in 5g.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
back obama and first lady michelle obama for their official portrait. unveiling fax news, lauren blanchard tells us the reunion comes just a few weeks before midterm elections. praca michelle, welcome home. there was a loud welcome back to the white house for former president barack obama and former first lady michelle obama as their official white house portraits were unveiled. speech is full of jokes. we will try not to tear up the place, but it also served as a show of unity between the 44th and 46th president as their party hopes
5:58 pm
to keep control of washington in november. the country is better off than when you took office and we should all be deeply grateful for them. however republicans have predicted a red wave buying both chambers of congress in november. high gas prices, inflation, crime and border security have been top issues for the gop. president is underwater. as far as approval, particularly for the economy. president biden's poll numbers have ticked up slightly in recent weeks. the real clear politics average of polls has his job approval at 42% up from a low of nearly 37% in july. republicans say president biden has been anything but a unifier , especially with recent speeches by the president, criticizing what he calls ultra mega republicans. i don't think we should be calling our fellow americans. the enemy. um we're all in this together whether or not there's tensions between the obama's and the bidens valerie
5:59 pm
jarrett, who served as an adviser to former president obama called the reports hogwash in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. this is ktvu fox. two news at six. right now, millions of californians are being called on to conserve energy as another day of high temperatures puts the state's energy grid and other critical infrastructure to the test. used to be. maybe that one day it was really hot. now we're seeing it's a week. it's two weeks. it's a month that's really hot and moving forward. people are also being asked to conserve energy tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening and good evening to you. i'm mike mibach julie haener pgd is warning hundreds of thousands of customers to prepare in case rolling blackouts become necessary. right now, the state's power grid authority is calling for people to conserve energy. according to calisto, the state has a current capacity of 57,000 megawatts. current demand sits at more than 49,000 megawatts, callous so has issued
6:00 pm
a flex alert through nine o'clock tonight as well as tomorrow. people are encouraged to set their thermostats to 78 degrees, avoid using major appliances and to turn off unnecessary lights callous, so has not called for utilities to implement rolling outages at this time, but pg and e says it notified nearly 300,000. customers to prepare in the event. rolling blackouts become necessary later tonight. at last check more than 6500 p genie customers in the bay area are without power as a result of the extreme heat. alright, bill martin back with us and nice to see that sliver of fog under the golden gate, you know, but a couple more days ago still a couple of days to go and you noticed it today we talked about this. the cooling was was apparent certainly along the coast and around the bay. but it was still in the low one hundred's inland even though it was cooler than yesterday's record setting day where we had multiple all time records broken not just in the bay area, but around the state up in sacramento as well. these were the


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