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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  September 7, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tomorrow. people are encouraged to set their thermostats to 78 degrees, avoid using major appliances and to turn off unnecessary lights callous, so has not called for utilities to implement rolling outages at this time, but pg and e says it notified nearly 300,000. customers to prepare in the event. rolling blackouts become necessary later tonight. at last check more than 6500 p genie customers in the bay area are without power as a result of the extreme heat. alright, bill martin back with us and nice to see that sliver of fog under the golden gate, you know, but a couple more days ago still a couple of days to go and you noticed it today we talked about this. the cooling was was apparent certainly along the coast and around the bay. but it was still in the low one hundred's inland even though it was cooler than yesterday's record setting day where we had multiple all time records broken not just in the bay area, but around the state up in sacramento as well. these were the highs from today and you can
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see that i mean, right, 107 in antioch, and we call that i mean it's not technically is that cooler, but that doesn't feel as hot. 108 and fairfield that's down about five or six degrees. napa was down a few degrees, so you know, and then tomorrow we're going to get a little bit of a heat up again. and that's the concern in terms of callous so certainly is that we're looking at temperatures are going to pop back up into the upper one. well, that one oh, 910 10 degree range, so it's going to be a little bit warmer again tomorrow. the big picture here is the excessive heat warning goes away. on thursday, the heat advisory goes away on thursday, and we start to cool down with the potential for kind of an interesting weekend. i'm gonna talk about that when i see you back here, but again, it cooled off today. it heats back up tomorrow, but not as hot as it was yesterday because it can't get as hot yesterday was off the charts in terms of records in the heat. tomorrow warmer than it was today. i'll see you back here with that full forecast coming up. all right. sounds good bill. thank you.
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even though kauai so did not call on utilities to restrict power through rolling blackouts. several cities that do not get power from pg and e experienced rolling blackouts yesterday. those cities include alameda, healdsburg, lodi and palo alto, the authority that oversees the power in those cities, the northern california power authority. says one of its dispatchers misunderstood communication from calais so therefore triggering the outages . the ncp says it's now working with callous so to ensure that miscommunication does not happen in the future. a phone alert sent to millions of people across the state is being credited with helping to avoid widespread outages yesterday that state sent a message using its wireless emergency alert system around this time last night. it's the same one used for amber alerts. calisto says it saw an immediate drop in power consumption. afterward governor newsom spoke in los angeles today about how much of a difference that made had it not been for the efforts of literally millions of californians. just turn down a
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light or turn down a thermometer and not use a large appliance. we would not be in the position we are today. the governor went on to say the office of emergency services will only use the alert system in extreme situations. and we're here to make sure you have everything you need to know about california's power problems, including the chances of blackouts in your area. we have a qr code on the bottom left hand corner of your screen. just point your phone at that code to scan it, and it will take you to our web page with information about finding your outage, block number and any blackouts in your area relief for students in east palo alto in an effort to help keep those students cool. today's state senator josh becker dropped off water bottles to students and staff that cesar chavez middle school. the ravenswood city school district, also received new portable air conditioning units, and some of the classrooms don't have air conditioning. our elementary schools. there is no air conditioning, and so we will be able to afford all of our
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schools to be renovated with h vac systems that will allow for there to be cooling cooler classrooms. school officials say some principles have created cooling spaces for students to help them beat the heat. well. barney's continuing to watch track conditions during the hot weather, especially in places like the livermore valley. ktvu tom baker explains how climate change is adding to the agencies to do list. bart was not created for a phoenix type or more extreme environment climate back in 19 sixties, when bart was designed climate change wasn't even an issue, climate, scientists and engineers say. now it's a huge issue, especially with rails, retain the heat and get so much hotter that they actually lose their integrity and what they're actually built to withstand changed its protocols. at 100 degrees or more speeds are reduced from 70 to 44 miles an hour. we would anticipate about 10 minute delays and just those really hot areas. so you know,
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near dublin near concord out near fremont, and then we also start doing visual inspections just to make sure the rail looks normal that there's no abnormalities with it. the good news. bart is blackout bulletproof as a lifeline facility. bart is not the energized, though bart has replaced a lot of its older rails that work continues. it must have all rail systems of rail. when you're getting into 50 years, you're at end of lifetime for that rail talking about really the end of life over the majority of our physical rail system. we are expecting temperatures to continue to rise, so it's incredibly imperative that we address this now urban areas with their vast road systems, parking lots, concrete structures and bunched together. houses are now described as heat islands that don't fully cooled down overnight. during extreme heat spells. you actually end up with these heat island effects where those things are hotter and they're radiating heat hotter. than the actual temperature outside. so you feel
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much different temperature than just the forecasted temperature when you start having entire months. of days that are getting into the 1995 101 105 and some places then you're in a whole different situation tomorrow will heat up faster, since much of today's heat will remain overnight. tom vacar ktvu fox two news and as the weather heats up once again tomorrow you can track temperatures in real time with the ktvu weather. abbott is available for free in the app store. and alameda county sheriff deputy is accused of killing a married couple. the sheriff's office says the couple was killed in their home on colebrook lane in dublin at about 12 45 in the morning, ktvu henry lee tells us the sheriff's deputy surrendered and was taken into custody kalinga in the central valley. a married couple shot and killed before dawn in dublin. the suspect an off duty alameda county sheriff's deputy
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great loss for our community. and it's even more disheartening to find out that it was one of our own. that actually was the trigger person behind this tragic incident, authorities say. deputy devin williams jr invaded the home on cold brooklyn with a gun and killed a 42 year old woman and her 58 year old husband at about 12 45 in the morning. the couple have a child together. neighbor, gabriela gonzalez was awakened by a commotion and her dublin police officers who are part of the sheriff's office, make the grim discovery at the five bedroom home. squad car arrived and after he got out my windows were open, so i heard him say i've got to down. he knew them. he knew that this was not a random crime. a motive for the violence. unknown very bizarre chain of events that unfolded, things unfolded so quickly. there is a news conference was about to begin. dublin police chief garrett holmes was speaking to the 24 year old deputy by phone and was able to get him to surrender as he was driving his vw jetta in the central valley. top shares
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officials listening to the call able to keep him on the phone line. and, uh, direct. the chp units down to the area near kalinga, investigators say after the killings, the deputy tasked his on duty weapon believed to be the gun used in the double homicide out of his car near the altamont pass. neighbors of the couple stunned that a law enforcement officer allegedly responsible it is scary because these are the people that you you look to you to protect you and take care of you and they're doing things like this. how can we know that we are secure, especially when a police officer coming to the crime there's deputy could face charges of murder and a special circumstance of multiple murder , which could make him eligible for life in prison without parole if he's convicted. in dublin. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. fast growing wildfires, sports and evacuations in the sierra foothills tonight. the mosquito fire started up last night near the oxbow reservoir and the community of forrest hill along the plaza el dorado county line, right near 80 at fire exploded from about 50
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acres last night to a 3 2000 acres this afternoon with 0% containment. cal fire says they're seeing extreme fire behavior with near record temperatures and low humidity. this is also very rugged terrain making for a difficult firefight . there are evacuation orders and warnings underway for a number of small communities in both plaster and eldorado county's. the state attorney general is now investigating the in custody death of an anti ox man. this comes after the contra costa county d. a last week cleared the officers in angelo cuentos death as ktvu is, evan sernoffsky tells us the cuentos family is hoping the state comes to a different conclusion. i know the truth. will prevail. family of angelo quinto and supporters gathered outside the state building in oakland wednesday, demanding justice and accountability, you know, justice is never easy to achieve. it is a hard road to
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take was having a mental health crisis at his family's home two days before christmas in 2020, police responded and restrained him face down for several minutes. he never regained consciousness, almost a conclusion that was that wanted. they wanted to 50 evidence to that. prosecutors cited the coroner's report that determined quinto died from excited delirium syndrome, a controversial diagnosis that's been rejected by the american medical association. the term is almost exclusively applied when people die in police custody, civil rights attorney john burris says he commissioned an independent autopsy found quinto is fix ea tid as police held him in a prone position. suppressive persons die a friend. they will cut off oxygen that you need for your brain is office also wrote that quinto had fentanyl in his system, even though records show it was administered after he was unconscious at the hospital.
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total misconception and flagrant misinterpretation of the evidence of what the significance of that evidence is office wrote a letter to attorney general rob bonta, asking him to independently investigate the case. bondi's office confirmed they're taking the case. but would not comment further. this is a really hopeful development. um but we shouldn't have had to have been here last month, bart police said they would no longer use the term excited delirium. and last year governor newsom signed the angelo quinto act. a law banning all police holds that can cause positional asphyxia. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news venetia. firefighters responded to a structure fire this afternoon. it broke out on military east near east sixth street. no injuries have been reported, but you can see from sky foxes viewpoint here that there was a lot of damage to the home. crews say they will be on
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scene for a few hours watching for any hot spots. a security guard carrying cash out of the hospital is critically wounded after a man shot him grabbed the cash and ran off the white house promising new tools to fight the monkeypox outbreak, as national health leaders purchased tens of millions of new doses of vaccine plus can republicans win the house? yes can they win those five seats? certainly they don't have to pick up a few here and there, but democrats have something else going for them. but first it's a little more than two months until election day, and political analysts say it's anyone's guess what may happen to the balance of power in congress and a quick check of that evening commute as we continue to keep a close eye on that overturned big rig that is affecting the traffic on 5 80 eastbound direction in richmond . several lanes have been blocked for a couple hours now in the community is backed up. close to the richmond bridge. close to the richmond bridge. you're watching ktvu news
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yes and republicans to make a final push to the november election, and this year there is a lot at stake in the midterms, including control of the house and senate are political reporter greg lee breaks down the big picture for the nation and for california. with labor day in the rear view the sprint to the november midterms begins . democrats hold slim majorities in the house and a tie breaking vote in the senate and vice president kamala harris history in early forecasts told us to expect a massive red wave fueled by president biden's low approval rating and record inflation. but nine weeks out, experts say, the landscape has changed the theme of chaos. and don't forget about donald trump. and what could happen along with that dobbs decision and that's weighing down click and fortunes in. democrats are sensing some momentum, even though it's probably not enough to blunt the loss of the house. republicans need to flip five seats to claim the house majority political experts pulling in recent special elections have shown the
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supreme court overturning of the federal right to abortion has motivated democrats. women are registering to vote in such high numbers. the gender gap in march. castration is huge, and this will again have an impact on the election in november, women will save democracy. and that's what this is at risk. popularity is still low, and it's still in the low forties. there is this divergence for voters between say congressional democratic approval and joe biden approval well, democrats focus on the abortion fight in recent legislative wins for biden, republicans have focused on kitchen table issues like inflation and the economy. republicans have a plan for a new direction. that will get our country back on track. our plan is a commitment to america. democrats also focusing their message on former president trump joe biden and your democrats. what are you gonna do? you're gonna talk about mara lago. you're going to talk about
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the chaos of trump. you're gonna bring up former president trump early and often, president biden has stepped up his travel, especially in swing states trying to make that case. it's clear which way the new maga republicans are. their extreme. democracy is really at stake, mr president. i have news for you. americans don't want to change the subject. they want to change the leadership in washington. with 52 representatives. california races will have a major impact on the direction of the house. and while statewide races don't provide a lot of excitement, sonoma states dave mcewen says republicans will look to win a statewide office for the first time since 2006. republicans are going to look for surprises down ballot in the statewide constitutional offices like for example, in the attorney general's race, and, for example, it with lonnie chen in the state comptroller's race, much of the focus and the money on the california ballot going towards the seven proposition. it's there's a measure to enshrine the right to abortion in the constitution, voters will
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decide on kidney dialysis clinics again, but the biggest fight is brewing over legalizing sports betting. mcewen says more than half a billion dollars has been spent by competing camps, one to legalize it and tribal casinos, another clearing the way for online bets. industry experts say the golden state is a huge prize. this is one of the largest untapped markets in the country. so of course you're draftkings or fanduel. they've invested millions in supporting prop 27 on the flip side of that , you see the california tribes . they view these outside companies. these outside sports book operators as a major threat to their business, so they're funneling millions upon millions of dollars. in support of prop 26 greg lee ktvu, fox two news. san jose has taken steps to restore its title of safest big city in america. today zen is a mayoral candidate in county supervisor cindy chavez, along with city council member elect rosemary kamei said they are submitting a proposal to the
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city manager for more funding for traffic patrol officers at one point, the san jose traffic unit at 50 officers, but that unit has been cut to 40 officers and currently has 12 vacancies. not only do we need to focus on the recruitment efforts to fill the vacancies, we need to expand the number of positions that the city has for the entire department every year. police understaffing leads to lagging 911 response times, increased crime and significant officer burnout. last saturday saturday logged its 25th pedestrian death of the year that is higher than other years during the same time period. city leaders say they are concerned that with the holidays approaching streets will become busier and more dangerous and more people will possibly die. all right. take a look at the weather. it was incredibly hot yesterday. it was really hot today, but it was cooler are lower temperatures if you will than it was yesterday. so even though that was 100 fairfield that was down a few
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degrees and was down a couple of degrees as well. we go back up a few degrees tomorrow. it's not gonna be a massive warm up, but it's going to be about the same as it was today or a little bit warmer. we got a little bit of fog at the coast, which is always really nice to see and that's working its way or trying to work its way in. i love that shot. and you know what it means if you live in sausalito, or if you're out of christie feel right now and in san francisco out in the marina district, it just just adds that nice fresh air that cleans out the atmosphere. it's a shallow marine layers. you look at it right because he was the follow the for august, so it's getting pressed down. you can't see it, but that's what high pressure is. it's just pressing down on this thing and inversion lies. right about there, right where the fog is formed, and so the inversion is extremely shower shallow and it's going to continue to keep things pretty hot inland tomorrow, but it should help quite a bit coast side and around the bay. there was fog this morning as well. the ridge of high pressure unprecedented in my tenure, one that big that that stayed that long and they gave us this many days, including tomorrow of an extreme heat advisory, which is
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those are that's just, you know, for heat. that's that's the granddaddy. that this pattern is going to weaken as we head towards the weekend. that's going to help out quite a bit, but not tomorrow. tomorrow. it's going to be in the inland valleys just almost as hard as it was well as hard as it was today, but maybe a little bit hotter and in the central valley back into the one tens, 1 12, i'll see you back here with the full forecast in just a few minutes. we'll see then, bill. thank you. a popular ice cream shop in san francisco has an uncertain future as redevelopment plans leave a bitter taste for the stores. owners first updated covid booster shots are now available right here in california, and
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variant are now available right here in california. those shots protect against the sub variants , be a 0.4 and be a 0.5 as well as the original coronavirus. strained health officials say the vaccine is safe and efficient in helping reduce the serious effects of the virus. the state also says it's been a lot of more than a million doses, and we'll have ample supply for everyone who is eligible to receive a shot. this scientific bodies are comprised of the most, um, important scientific experts in the field . and so if they all concur that is safe and effective for us to use this boosters. i think we cannot be assured that that is the case. the state health department says the new boosters are recommended for people 12 and older. to be eligible. you
6:25 pm
need to complete the primary vaccination series and also be at least two months out from the last dose of any covid vaccine. more monkey pox vaccine doses will soon be available to states after the white house awarded a deal to increase distribution. fox news brian eunice has the details now from new york. the biden administration is ramping up its response to the monkeypox outbreak through a new $20 million deal with amerisourcebergen. as part of the contract, the company will make up to 2500 shipments per week of frozen vaccine doses will also be able to send out that same amount of antiviral treatment known as tea packs. hhs assistant secretary don o. connell says the new contract will quote help deliver vaccines and treatments to communities and at risk into vigils more quickly and bring us a step closer to ending the current outbreak. hhs adds that before this contract, only about five locations per jurisdiction were
6:26 pm
receiving those medications from the national stockpile. some states delayed administering the second vaccine dose in order to meet demand now is to reach the remainder of the eligible population where they are had trusted locations and events across the country. the announcement comes as the number of new monkeypox cases declines in the u. s falling about 40% since early august. but on wednesday, the world health organization warned countries about becoming complacent continues to recover. mend that all countries persist with a tailored combination of public health measures. testing research and target vaccination , according to the cdc, more than 20,000 monkeypox cases have been reported in the us since may in new york, brian dennis fox news a federal judge in texas has ruled that a part of the affordable care act mandates coverage of hiv prevention medication is unconstitutional.
6:27 pm
the plaintiffs include two christian owned businesses, they argued that they should not be required to provide coverage of the hiv drugs because they say it violates their religious freedom. the hiv prevention drugs are commonly known as prep and are primarily used by gay and bisexual men. today's ruling does not make it clear whether it only applies to the plaintiffs or is a more sweeping precedent. the biden administration is expected to appeal. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. the house speaker joins bay area leaders for a message on gun violence, how they hope legislation in washington could help problems out there on the streets. also ahead tonight, police are looking for a man who shot an armed security guard who was carrying cash out of the hospital, the evidence that investigators hope could result in new leads candidates in the race to be the next san francisco district attorney are making their case to the voters what they say separates them. from the interim d. a.
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i suspected of fatally shooting a married couple inside their dublin home, authorities said. just before one this morning, deputy devin williams jr invaded the home on colebrook lane and killed a 42 year old woman and her 58 year old husband. the couple has a child together. investigators believe williams used his service weapon in that shooting the in custody death of an antibiotic man two years ago
6:31 pm
, is now being investigated by the state attorney general. today's announcement coming after the contra costa d a last week cleared the officers in angelo kim toes death pinto's families as the district attorney's office made false claims and its report that cleared the officers. they're hoping the a g s office comes to a different conclusion. right now the state's power grid at the ward. he is calling for people to conserve energy, calisto said. within the last 30 minutes, demand on the grid continues. decline of flex alert is in place through nine o'clock tonight. and at this hour, palacio has not called yet for utilities to implement any rolling outages watching ktvu fox two news here at 6 30, an armed security guard, was shot and critically wounded right outside the kaiser hospital in san leandro ktvu. brooks jarocz has more now and what that gunman was after. it was just before noon wednesday at kaiser permanente medical center in san leandro. when without warning, police say a robbery suspect had
6:32 pm
his eye on this armored truck and the guard who would soon emerge from inside the hospital in his hands. a bag of money we believe the security guard was walking out of the hospital with a bag full of cash, so this is more likely than not to pick up for the for the guards once he was outside of the hospital, but still on the campus. he was subsequently accosted shot once in the upper torso, critically wounded by a single gunshot near his head. the guard collapsed on this campus sidewalk. police say the unidentified male suspect wasted no time. taking off with the cash in a car bound for the freeway. much of the incident caught on camera scouring all the video that we can. i mean, there's literally dozens of cameras on the vicinity and around the vicinity that will be looking through for more detailed suspect information. for hours. some patients and staff were told to stay inside the hospital was locked down as
6:33 pm
investigators search for clues and evidence. some witnesses provided police with statements . i believe that it may have been. i believe it looks like a robbery gone bad, but there are still unknowns was the armed guard followed. did the shooting happened before or after the robbery? was it just single suspect and where could he be now? other guards should be on alert for sure. and people in the area, though, don't know don't need to be worried. the guard works for the security service gardaworld tasked with protecting companies money ktvu calls for comment on the crime have gone un returned all as a man in his sixties who was doing his job is now fighting to stay alive. the victim was transported from here at kaiser to eat and medical center in castro valley, where he is listed in critical condition. it's unknown if he will survive in san leandro brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news congressional leaders were in the bay area today talking about safety and gun violence prevention in san francisco house speaker nancy pelosi was joined by mayor
6:34 pm
london breed and gun violence prevention leaders. they came together at the youth organization united players in the south of market neighborhood . this was all part of house democrats. gun violence prevention day of action. i say to the republic because we have the democrats because your political survival is nothing compared to the survival of our children as we try to protect them from gun violence. speaker pelosi used the event to discuss the safer communities act, which president biden recently signed into law and the house passed assault weapons ban now in the south bay representatives and a issue and zoloft and we're at san jose city hall, along with mayor sam liccardo and representatives from moms demand action, among others. the topic there was school safety and the effect of gun violence on children. and here is, i think one of the most chilling statistics i've ever heard. gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children in the united states of america.
6:35 pm
shame on us. shame on us representatives issue, and lofgren also touted the recently approved safer communities act. it includes tougher background checks for the youngest gun buyers and help for states to put in place red flag laws that make it easier for authorities to take weapons from people considered a danger to themselves or others. we are sitting down with the candidates for san francisco district attorney we heard from john hamasaki earlier at four. he is a criminal defense attorney who calls himself the true progressive in the race. he said. he wants to change the criminal justice system. he says the city can protect public safety while giving people who commit crimes the chance to turn their lives around. what that looks like is when somebody ends up in the criminal justice system. we don't just say okay, you know, the first answer is conviction and imprisonment. that's been the traditional answer. what we need to do is give people the tools to lift themselves up out of the
6:36 pm
difficult situation that they found themselves in and end up in the situation where they're not reoffending. masaki is running against the current d a . brook jenkins and former fire and police commissioner joe ali atto verona's in the november election. activists have taken over a closed elementary school in oakland for three months now in administrators are now signaling that they're ready to step in concerns over the documents found at former president trump's florida home as the deadline approaches for finding an independent party to review t
6:37 pm
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were among the documents were discovered from former president donald trump's home in florida as fox news madeline ribera tells us that report is raising concerns about why those highly classified materials were at mara lago and who had access to them. a stunning new report from the washington post, potentially revealing the extent of classified information from mar a lago last month, an article citing unnamed sources, says a document describing a foreign governments military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, was found by fbi agents. the paper says some of the information the fbi found was so closely guarded only the president, some members of his cabinet or a near cabinet level official could authorize others to no literal outrage. the post sources did not identify which foreign government was involved
6:40 pm
. besides the united states, other countries with nuclear weapons include france, the united kingdom, russia, china. india israel, pakistan and north korea. allies will have less trust in us, but the occurrence of get another leak has fueled critics who argue it compromises public confidence in the justice department. it certainly looks like it's come out of people who are familiar with this very tightly held bunch of information. that's one of the problems of the department of justice and their people with agendas in the department. lawmakers are split, adding the appointment of an independent third party to review the doctor. agreements restore trust . i don't know what to believe there's been a lot of leaks. out of the fbi. i think having a special master would help the justice department and former president trump's legal team face a friday deadline to submit a list of proposed candidates to be named special master in
6:41 pm
washington. mala rivera fox news. i'm right not as hot todat temperatures tomorrow, going to climb up a little bit not as aggressive as yesterday, but still hot inland. boggling the coast right now. we'll let you know how it all works out for the weekend coming up and to alex savage. we go and look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu. plus alex. alright mike. thank you coming up tonight at seven. streaming giant netflix is looking at some unique ways to cut costs as it tries to stay competitive. we'll talk with the tech expert about the steps the company is taking. and what this will mean for subscribers. plus many parents look forward to the day their kids fly the coop, but now they're empty nests are starting to fill back up again. coming up new tonight at seven y. more young adults are moving back home. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight . live at seven over on ktvu. plus, we'll see you then. alex. thank you. but first after the break, a long time ice cream shop in san francisco is worried it will get pushed aside for redevelopment. but the
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want a permanent solution to homelessness? one bank for now. for later. for life. you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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her elementary was one of several schools that the district close to the end of the school year. in june, the school district sent a letter to the activists last week telling them to leave the premises. the community members and parents say they have taken over the school in protest of the school districts decision to close it and others in the u. s. d mayor libby schaaf spoke about the situation today i'm mornings onto you know, i always say i will not condone unlawful acts. and obviously the trespassing is unlawful, but i can respect and
6:45 pm
even celebrate the passion that people are pouring into this issue of our children and the importance of schools to them. and so i think this is one of those instances where we have to respect that passion. we have to work to create systems where school closures do not happen, and we have to also trust that our school officials who have the information that we don't all have have done their best to protect the interests and the education of our children. mayor shaft declined to say whether she thinks the activists should be removed from the property and i scream shop known to some of those who live in san francisco's richmond district had a scare that the owner of the building would kick them out in order to make way for new construction. ktvu christian captain reports on the latest possible plan to redevelop that site. caramel birthday cake. ice cream on geary boulevard is a neighborhood staple. sean and
6:46 pm
alice kim are the fourth owners having bought the business 10 years ago, and all of our owners have kept our tradition and, of course, the ice cream recipes and this is being just, you know , it has been neighborhoods spot for all those are 60. now it's 62 years. i guess that's why when surveyors started showing up last month and measuring around the building, sean kim got concerned. i'm curious. i'm googling and then i'm such just put our address and then their development plan comes up. owners aren't the only ones worried. customers say joe's is a neighborhood icon would definitely be sad if joe's wasn't here anymore. my goodness , this is like classic every time you come by true san franciscan style, even if it's cold out there, people here getting ice cream. it would definitely be sad to see it go. francisco's planning department confirms the building's owners did call for project review meeting with the city. but the planning department says that meeting appears to have been an exploratory meeting about what
6:47 pm
options those building owners. might have to develop now or in the future. so far, the owners haven't filed any plans to demolish or even begin the process of redeveloping the site . but in case that changes asking for the communities continued support can serve up scoops to another generation of san francisco. families already know they love us, but i just want to see those support that they really, really want us to stay in the neighborhood with them together for another another 60 years or something. when i spoke with the city's planning department, they said, these kinds of meetings are actually pretty common. sometimes they lead to a redevelopment plan. but often there is simply a way for property owners to figure out what their options are. the owners of joe said, they're happy that there are no imminent plans to redevelop the property and in the process of seeing if they can buy the building outright themselves. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. i just had kind of a pavlovian experience there with ice cream. i just
6:48 pm
like i want it. that's what i thought earlier to flavor. i'm looking at it like i want the purple stuff. whatever it is boysenberry any barry, i love it. okay so outside we go, it was it was a little cooler today just to touch right, so it was still hot. and then these are the temperatures 107 cooler. then yesterday lower temperatures than yesterday. but still right really hot. the thing i found interesting today as well. i think i mentioned this in the five o'clock to is it was yesterday was a 11 11 in my house today it was one. oh, three or one or something like that. it was down to under 103, and i really felt like it wasn't as hot like, right. i mean, it was noticeably cooler if you will. which is really stunning, considering it's still 103 fog trying to get through the gate. you see a little puff of it right there in earlier we had a nice little finger of it. it's just an indication that the onshore flow is doing its best to fog is back at the coast or patchy back at the coast. it's going to continue to try to get inland and cool things off and
6:49 pm
break this ridge down a little bit of this high pressure, but in the meantime that we establishes itself, the ridge today got knocked down a little bit. that's why it cooled down slightly. but then this big giant high is going to re establish itself tomorrow and temperatures will elevate another couple of degrees. and then we've got cooler weather coming on the weekend as it's a tropical storm or hurricane. it will be as tropical storm and then just a lot of moisture is going to make it all the way up to southern california. hurricane off. san diego. it's nothing like that, but it's going to be a lot of subtropical moisture and real close to the coastline, especially in orange county and san diego area, so they're going to see a heck of a lot of rain potential, and i mean a lot like they could. it could be a flooding situation down there because, well, look at it right down here. this is saturday morning, and you can see the around san diego just that bull's eye and that's a mass. i mean, you're talking about this stuff came from right down around the tropic of capricorn cancer, and so it's very subtropical air. house and so it's going to be sitting over us down there. they're going to have problems. saturday is going
6:50 pm
to be a story saturday night into sunday. for us. we've got a chance of certainly moisture clouds and then maybe a sprinkle or something like that. but i think for the most part, just gonna be muggy and kind of hot and kind of just not sunny as we go into saturday and sunday will help cool things down, certainly , but it's just a an unusual pattern. it's not the typical pattern for us to see it of tropical moisture that close. to the coastline, especially in san diego. we continue on with the heat advisories and the extreme extreme heat warning the temperatures tomorrow morning are going to be back into the mid seventies. tomorrow is going to be a pretty pretty warm day. hot day we're going to call it warms up. look at all the purple, the little break of the coast, little break around the bay, but inland still going to be nasty. these are the forecast ties. i ran out of time. but here are the five day forecast numbers you can see. it does cool off for the weekend, but clouds and humid bill. thank you reminder here that there are just a few days left and ktvu s annual school supply drive. ktvu
6:51 pm
is partnering with the nonprofit supply. bank .org. donation drive does ask viewers to donate funds to help buy school supplies for bay area students in need. so far, viewers have been great. they've donated more than $35,000. $20 donation is actually equal to $65 worth of supplies. the drive ends on saturday. so to donate his head over to ktvu dot com forward slash school. still to come after a couple of years off, the hardly strictly bluegrass festival is back in, organizers are now releasing more of the lineup. and tomorrow at 6 30 centers, a giants will take on the fresno grizzlies, and it will be monarch night at the ballpark to celebrate their premiere of boxes. new country drama starring susan sarandon and trace atkins. our own sal castaneda will be at the game tomorrow night to throw out the first pitch. monarch premieres this sunday, right premieres this sunday, right after the nfl on fox meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels...
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hey, would you like to hear some songs i've rewritten to get children interested in the hard sciences? sure. really? yeah. well, i like music, i like science, i like making fun of sheldon. hit it. ♪ there was a scientist who had a theory ♪ ♪ and james clerk maxwell was his name-o ♪ ♪ j-a-m-e-s ♪ ♪ c-l-e-r-k ♪ ♪ space m-a-x-w-e-l-l ♪ ♪ and james clerk maxwell was his name-o ♪ ♪ there was a scientist who had a theory ♪ ♪ and james clerk maxwell was his name-o ♪ ♪ a-m-e-s ♪ uh, okay, okay. uh, we-we get it. perhaps you'd prefer this one. (clears throat) ♪ the itsy bitsy spider is not an insect at all ♪ ♪ because it has eight legs ♪ ♪ and two body parts ♪ that's pretty cool, sheldon. thank you. do either of you know beyoncé? i'd love her to get behind it. koothrappali: hey. hey. hey. hello.
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you guys know the new discovery class missions that nasa's been working on? yeah. well, they're looking to include a message from earth in case one of them is encountered by alien life. leonard: oh. when i encountered alien life, i-i discovered that the key thing was not to sit in its spot. all right, you can't breathe our air without an inhaler, he's allergic to earth nuts, but i'm the alien. koothrappali: anyway, i'm among a handful of scientists that have been asked to submit a design proposal for the message and its delivery system. excellent. congratulations. good for you. and i was wondering if any of you guys would like to help me do it. are you kidding? yes. what did you have in mind? i'll tell you exactly what you should do: avoid the presumption of the terran sensory input paradigm. wolowitz: yeah, absolutely. you need a device capable of delivering information across a wide range of perceptual modalities. any intelligent organism would at the very least need the ability to locate the position of objects in space. so the ideal interstellar lingua franca would be haptic. ooh, how about a 3-d tactile communicator rigged


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