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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 7, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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with xfinity internet, you get advanced security that helps protect you at home and on the go. you feel so safe, it's as if... i don't know... evander holyfield has your back. i wouldn't click on that. hey, thanks! we got a muffin for ed! all right! you don't need those calories. can we at least split it? nope. advanced security that helps protect your devices in and out of the home. i mean, can i have a bite? only from xfinity. nah. unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. ktvu fox to another flex alert another night without rolling blackouts. but california's historic heatwave is not yet done. it's been. unbearable but we're getting through it when it's this hot during the day. it's not it's something to be taken seriously. we did see slightly cooler temperatures
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today, but the dangerous heat continues tomorrow. good evening , everyone. i'm mike mibach julie haener today marked the eighth straight day, california's power grid operator issued a flex alert because of the high heat, but no rolling blackouts were necessary. still, pg and e is reporting that thousands of customers lost power due to the heat. the latest numbers from the utility show more than 23,000 customers are without power right now. pg and e. says the majority of those customers are in the south bay more than 21,000. nearly 1400 are without power on the peninsula. and about 1000 are without power right now in the east bay, with some scattered outages elsewhere, and we do have live team coverage. ktvu is jana katsuyama in oakland with the impact of those outages, but first we check in with chief meteorologist bill martin. not out of it yet, bill another big day tomorrow, another big day tomorrow today did cool off a little bit behind me are the records from yesterday? not today. but yesterday. that was an incredible day. we had all time records broken in the bay area or tied many of them many just straight up daytime records. today temperatures
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they're cooled, but look at that 108 in fairfield. we consider that cooling but it was cooler. 107 anti ac. these were the highest from today. so even though temperatures dropped and it kind of did feel, especially right at the coast and around the bay and daly city felt cooler, but it wasn't that much cooler. so these are the highs from today highs tomorrow are going to come back up a few degrees. not as hot as those first numbers. i showed you, but a little warmer than these so a little hotter than these. so like santa rosa could go one. oh, two. we might see a might see. a couple of 109 is out in antioch and perryville. another hot day tomorrow. the extreme heat warning is in effect and stays in effect throughout the day tomorrow, heat advisory stays in effect for the peninsula in parts of san francisco through thursday, and we've got a quality that is less than perfect. tomorrow's gonna be hotter and then change is coming. after that, i'll see you back here in a few. alright, sounds good bill. tonight's flex
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alert did expire an hour ago without any rolling blackouts. calisto did send out a tweet as that alert expired, saying thank you, california with your help. we made it through another day without rotating power outages, but there is another one slated for tomorrow. flex alert and this one a couple of hours longer. it's going to go from three in the afternoon to 10 in the evening interviews. jana katsuyama joins us live tonight at a pg and e yard in oakland and jenna. that yards actually been pretty busy as crews respond to outages across the bay area. it has mike pence seeing crews coming in and out of this gate all day we did catch up with one of the people who are out and about responding to some of the issues. he says that they've been working 16 hour days this week with eight hours to rest, and we talked to him about some of the challenges that they're facing and trying to get the power back up. in san jose wednesday. it wasn't such a lucky day for the lucky seven supermarket workers and their customers, but we had a power outage around right before five o'clock manager vanessa says.
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for the second time in the past few weeks, they lost power right at the busiest time of day when the heat drives customers in because people are coming here for beer for cold drinks for ice cream. and they can't get any of that right now and every minute without power if we keep all the freezer doors, and the cooler doors closed that will last for a few hours threatened to put their perishables to waste and meant lost business for their bottom line in the evenings is busy so then definitely lots of business, and then employees were sent home early. they're losing wages, too. so it's a lose lose situation. pg and e says by six p.m. more than 23,000 customers had lost power , mostly in the south bay and east bay. nothing gets time to cool down the nights are still warm, and all the equipment remains remains hot, so it doesn't get a chance to cool down and recuperate from the heat. so the next day comes and puts a little more strain and nacho eric question is what pg and e calls in electric trouble
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men who has been with the company for 38 years, he says. this is one of the longest heat events he's seen. in hopes customers know that he and other pg and e workers are working as quickly and as safely as they can. equipment that's out in the field over here. i couldn't drive to because it would be unsafe to drive, possibly catching the grass on fire, so i climbed over the barbed wire fence and hike the pole and operated equipment from from the pole, he says. along with heat related problems, some outages have been caused by pg and e s, e. p s s or enhanced power safety setting program that shuts off power to high fire danger areas when a down tree or some flash point in the system threatens to spark a fire were required. to patrol every foot of line and make sure its integrity is good. everything is up and we can safely re energize it. and for those people who do lose power and need to get someplace cool. pg and e has set up cooling centers. we stop by one in san leandro. they were
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passing out these packets of water, snacks and even a little power bank charger for your phone. they do say that people still need to conserve because tomorrow is going to be hot, and they are worried about making sure that there's enough supply for the power demands. mike big thank you to all those crews out there, working to keep that power on and restore the power that's been lost. alright jana katsuyama live tonight in oakland, jenna. thank you. for that. the power grid did see its biggest strain yesterday and a miscommunication is being blamed for some unnecessary rolling blackouts yesterday in several cities not served by pg and e. now those cities include alameda. healdsburg palo alto, lodi, the authority that oversees the power in those cities, the northern california power authority says one of its dispatchers misunderstood communication from cal iso as calling for outages. the n c p a says it is now working with callous so to ensure such a miscommunication does not happen in the future. we're learning that a pg and e substation failure caused power to go down
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at two hospitals in san jose santa clara county, says both santa clara valley medical center and o'connor. hospital last power at about 6 30 last night. backup generators came online. but then the backups failed at some buildings at santa clara valley. medical officials say the emergency department was closed to stroke , heart attack trauma and ambulance arrivals. seven patients were transferred to other facilities and nine patients were moved within the hospital. the excessive heat prompted bar to slow trains on certain routes. part has changed his protocol so that train speeds are reduced from 70 to 44 miles an hour whenever temperatures reach 100 degrees or higher that caused him delays on the barriers and dublin pleasant in lines. we would anticipate about 10 minute delays and just those really hot areas. so you know, near dublin near concord out near fremont, and then we also start doing visual inspections just to make sure the rail looks normal that there is no abnormalities with it. this morning, bart reopened
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tracks in both directions between concord and pleasant hill stations. artificial state crews fixed a heat related deviation of a portion of that track, and we do have continuing coverage of the heat tonight. coming up at 10 15. how people in the north bay are taking advantage of public resources to stay safe in the heat. new attend tonight. police in oakland are investigating a deadly stabbing. police say it happened just after 5 30 in the area of 98th avenue in d streets near elmhurst park at the what he say officers were flagged down as they were heading to another call. police say the victim is a woman in her twenties, officers tried to give her medical aid, but she was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they detained a person of interest not long after the stabbing. at this time , you know, a person of interest is detained and we do not believe that there is any threat to the safety of the public. this marks oakland's 86th homicide of the year. at this time last year, there were 88 in
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alameda county sheriff's deputy was booked tonight on murder charges accused of shooting and killing a married couple in dublin. investigators say that shooting happened early this morning and that the off duty deputy turned himself in late this morning. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us the new information that we're learning. about the victims. a married couple shot and killed before dawn in dublin, the suspect and after the alameda county sheriff's deputy great loss for our community. and it's even more disheartening to find out that it was one of our own. that actually was the trigger person behind this tragic incident, authorities say. deputy devin williams jr invaded the home on colebrook lane with a gun and killed 42 year old maria tran, who worked as a nurse and her 57 year old husband, bennison tran, at about 12 45 in the morning. they have a young son together. neighbor gabriela gonzalez was awakened by a commotion and her dublin police officers who are part of the sheriff's office, make the grim discovery at the five bedroom home. squad car arrived
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and after he got out my windows were open, so i heard him say i've got to down. he knew them. he knew that this was not a random crime. a motive for the violence unknown, very bizarre chain of events that unfolded, things unfolded so quickly that as a news conference was about to begin, dublin police chief garrett holmes was speaking to the 24 year old deputy by phone and was able to get him to surrender as he was driving his vw jetta in the central valley. top sheriff's officials listen in to the car. keep him on the phone line. and, uh, direct. the chp units down to the area near kalinga, investigators say after the killings, the deputy tasked his on duty weapon believed to be the gun used in the double homicide out of his car near the altamont pass. neighbors of the couple stunned that a law enforcement officer allegedly responsible it is scary because these are the people that you you look to you to protect you and take care of you and they're doing things like this. how can we know that we are secure, especially when a police officer
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coming to the crime this deputy could face charges of murder and a special circumstance of multiple murder, which could make him eligible for life in prison without parole if he's convicted. in dublin, henry lee ktvu box to neighbors. and armored truck guard is fighting for his life tonight after police say he was shot and robbed outside in east bay hospital. that shooting happened today, just before noon at the kaiser permanente medical center in san leandro. police say the guard was leaving the hospital with a bag of money and heading back to his armored truck when he was shot near his head. the guard collapsed and the suspect took off with the cash. scouring all the video that we can. i mean, there's literally dozens of cameras on the vicinity and around the vicinity that will be looking through for more detailed suspect information. police say the victim is a man in his sixties who has worked for gardaworld for 40 years. the hospital was placed on lockdown for several hours while police
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searched for evidence. so far, no arrests have been made. 10 food, music and entertainment field. san francisco's chinatown tonight for the eighth chinatown night out. residents community leaders, police officers, firefighters all gathered for a good time in portsmouth square, but it was also a time for an important reminder about keeping everyone in the api communities safe. i think there's no doubt that the most important issue in our city right now is making sure that everyone is safe. if people can't feel safe, they won't go out onto the bus. they won't go to the store. they won't come and visit this neighborhood. everything has to start with everyone in our community feeling safe. tonight's event was put on by the san francisco police department and sponsors. coming up. a lot of vegas journalist murdered after spending months
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investigating and writing about county officials and now a top public administrator is behind bars. details on the arrest. next plumbing crew robbed at gunpoint in oakland coming up new at 10 30. we hear from one of the victims who tells us what the thieves were after data shows just how behind california is conserving water as we deal with another year of drought.
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in the murder of a las vegas newspaper reporter, police say clark county public administrator robert tallis was arrested today on suspicion of murder in connection with the stabbing death of las vegas review journal investigative reporter chairman this video shows tell us dressed in white cover, all refusing to talk with reporters chairman had spent months reporting on the turmoil surrounding telesis oversight of the public administrator's office. tell us lost his reelection bid in june's primary after germans findings were published. the review journal says gorman was working on a potential follow up story about tell us, the chancy bailey project released a statement saying, in part, the killing of german must be thoroughly investigated by nevada law enforcement. if it's a random and senseless murder, we are appalled, but if his killing is
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found to be related to his work as an investigative journalist those responsible must be held to account. it must be remembered that killing a journalist never kills a story. the chauncey bailey project was swarmed by a group of oakland journalists after the 2007 killing of bailey for an investigative story. he was working on about your black muslim bakery. federal judge in texas has ruled that part of the affordable care act that mandates coverage of hiv prevention medication is unconstitutional. the plaintiffs include two christian owned businesses, and they argued that they should not be required to provide coverage of the hiv drugs because they say it violates their religious freedom . the hiv prevention drugs are commonly known as prep. today's ruling doesn't make it clear whether it only applies to the plaintiffs or is a more sweeping president. biden administration is expected to appeal. back now to the extreme heat wave gripping the bay area. tonight many communities are bracing for another day of stifling hot
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weather after getting a bit of a reprieve today, ktvu zach sauces and napa where temperatures are expected to rise past 100 again tomorrow. come on, come on, and friends taking advantage of wednesday's comparatively cooler weather and napa and getting in a game of bochy was yesterday it would be horrible and evening in the low nineties pleasant compared to two tuesday's record high of 1 14 feeling a lot better today than it did yesterday. but for those without access to a c in the city have never seen anything where the weather has been this particularly high before, and it's also not cooled off in the evenings, michelle singing her daughter taking refuge in this napa city designated cooling center across from them. the rodriguez family supportable to come over here, too. yes corgis is the third day room. we've been here entire apartment complexes a c system down across
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the hall, margaret dib cooling off with their pup wally. when it's this hot during the day, it's not it's something to be taken seriously. she should know . this week, dib ended up in the hospital with heat exhaustion. thought i was going to pass out and i was leaning up against the wall. and this really nice lady who i'd never met before stood behind me. blocked me with her with her body and called 911 neighboring sonoma county, santa rosa's fire marshal, hoping others will follow her lead on thursday to stay safe and let his team focused on the heightened fire danger. granted it does feel a lot cooler today when you were dealing with 115 degrees yesterday, but it's still 100 degrees out today. and the potential for it to go right back up again tomorrow, so we're hopeful that people continue to take it easy. stay hydrated again, limit those outdoor activities and stay in a cool environment until we get out of the heat advisory and what temperatures expected to shoot back up on thursday, and much busier crowd expected here at
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the napa senior center will be open through eight pm and napa zach sous ktvu fox. two news and free water bottles were handed out to students in east palo alto. today this is all part of an effort to help students stay cool. state senator josh becker dropped off water bottles to students and staff that cesar chavez middle school. the ravenswood city school district, also received new portable air conditioning units, and some of the classrooms actually don't have any air conditioning. our elementary schools. there is no air conditioning, and so we will be able to afford all of our schools to be renovated with h vac systems that will allow for there to be cooling cooler classrooms. school officials say some principles have created cooling spaces for students to help them beat the heat for more on the forecast back to bill we go. a lot of people went cooler class, and we just want cooler air. we're getting a little bit at the coast or some fog back. we had a little bit of an onshore flow today that dropped temperatures. these are the numbers from today a couple of
10:20 pm
degrees, so it was cooler, but it's still really, really hot. this was today. tomorrow's temperatures are going to come up about three or four degrees 2 to 3 degrees, maybe four, and then they're going to drop off steadily after that, as we head into the weekend, but tomorrow is going to be another really hot day that extreme heat warning in effect current temperatures, though what you do notice here right away is we do have more of a sea breeze component around these areas, the yellows representing milder temperatures at this time of night temperatures are running a little cooler than they were last night. at this time, remember last night we already had some significant cooling, so this is a good sign. but tomorrow it's going to start off pretty warm. we're going to see that extreme heat advisory stay in effect through thursday, we could see temperatures. we might see a 1 10, but i think most of the numbers are going to stay below one town and there but in the hot spots, and then, of course, they have extended this heat advisory in the areas in red for parts of marin county parts of the cemetery oh county area in around the bay so very hot. it is unprecedented heat, and it's going to keep coming until we get through tomorrow. and then after that steadily, temperatures are going to begin to decline. i'll be back here
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with the full forecast. coming up. all right. sounds good. thank you. bill. california's water use dropped sharply last month as we deal with another year of drought, the water resources control board said today that usage was down 10.5% in july compared to the same time last year. statewide residents used an average of 104 gallons per day in july. that's down 12 gallons, and it's the lowest july use since 2015. however it is still short of governor newsom's call for voluntary 15% cut in water use right now. that overall conservation rate is at 3.4% still to come. the strategy from democrats and republicans in the final weeks before the midterms , plus the saga over an embattled candidate for san francisco supervisor has ended today's ruling from a judge and researching the link between extreme heat and wildfires. new at 10 45 will take a look at the tools that one south bay lab is using to vesting gate. the connection.
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candidate for district four san francisco supervisor cannot appear on the november ballot. leanna louis challenged the city's decision to remove her from the ballot, officials found she did not provide sufficient proof that she actually lives in the outer sunset district. the chronicle reports that a superior court judge agreed with that assessment. her attorney said that louis will probably not appeal but could launch a write in campaign. after labor day. it is customary for democrats and republicans to make a final push to the november election. and this year there is a lot at stake in the midterms, including control of the house and the senate. as ktvu political reporter greg lee tells us now both parties are facing challenges leading up to november. with labor day in the rear view the sprint to the november midterms begins. democrats hold slim majorities in the house and a tie breaking vote in the senate and vice president kamala harris history in early forecast told us to expect a massive red wave fueled
10:25 pm
by president biden's low approval rating and record inflation. but nine weeks out, experts say, the landscape has changed theme of chaos. and don't forget about donald trump . and what could happen along with that dobbs decision and that's weighing down wiccan fortunes in democrats are sensing some momentum, even though it's probably not enough to blunt the loss of the house. republicans need to flip five seats to claim the house majority political experts pulling in recent special elections have shown the supreme court overturning of the federal right to abortion has motivated democrats. women are registering to vote in such high numbers. the gender gap in march. castration is huge, and this will again have an impact on the election in november, women will save democracy. and that's what this is at risk. popularity is still low, and it's still in the low forties. there is this divergence for voters between say congressional democratic
10:26 pm
approval and joe biden approval well, democrats focus on the abortion fight in recent legislative wins for biden, republicans have focused on kitchen table issues like inflation and the economy. republicans have a plan for a new direction. that will get our country back on track. our plan is a commitment to america. democrats also focusing their message on former president trump joe biden and your democrats. what are you gonna do ? you're gonna talk about mara lago. you're going to talk about the chaos of trump. you're gonna bring up former president trump early and often, president biden has stepped up his travel, especially in swing states trying to make that case. it's clear which way the new maga republicans are. their extreme. democracy is really at stake with 52 representatives. california races will have a major impact on the direction of the house. and while statewide races don't provide a lot of excitement, sonoma states dave mcewen says republicans will look to win a statewide office for the first time since 2006.
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republicans are going to look for surprises down ballot in the statewide constitutional offices like for example, in the attorney general's race, and for example, with lonnie chen and the state comptroller's race, ktvu, fox two news he said. if i if i would say something, or if i would do something there was gonna he was gonna kill you. plumbing technician, describes what an armed thief tells him as he steals his equipment after the break new video of the brazen robbery and new developments in a violent arrest in the north bay. the action, the marin county district attorney is now taking from plaster county south, the riverside county the state is dealing with some large wildfires will have an update on the firefight later tonight and the san francisco 40 niners season opener less than four days away, coming up in sports tonight here what trade lance had to say just today as he prepares for his first season as prepares for his first season as starting quarterback. you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates
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flynn is concerned for his workers safety after they were robbed at gunpoint twice in recent weeks each time it happened while crews were working at a job site. ktvu is amberleigh live tonight in amber. you spoke with one of the workers who was robbed. that's right. or worker and the owner tell me the robbery was traumatic, and they feel helpless. the most recent incident took place yesterday morning and the crime was caught on camera. this is surveillance video of an armed robbery. two thieves walk up to a plumbing crew working in auckland's laurel district tuesday morning around 9 15. it's hurtful. ah traumatizing acerra, owner of oakland ruder and plumbing says this is not the first time his workers have been robbed twice in a matter of three weeks, but this year. we've had three vans
10:31 pm
, stolen equipment, thousands of dollars equipments taken from us this time, one thief grabs plumbing equipment and runs to the getaway car and shortly after a thief opens one of the work vans and steals tools that will happen pretty fast. it was pretty quick. jose one of the three workers on site asked us not to show his face. he says two thieves walked up to him in the driveway and the one armed with a gun approached him, he said, like, don't say nothing. and don't do nothing or i will kill you right now. i just got scared, says the thieves wore face masks, black hoodies and black jeans and that the thief armed with a gun spoke english with a central american accent, and he wore black and red nike tennis shoes. last night when i got home, i can still see his face. and i will. i mean, it's just like yeah, you can identify even with the mask on. of course, the robbery took place in the driveway of gilbert chins home. the plumbing technicians were there to repair a sewage line. 10 was inside his home at
10:32 pm
the time of the robbery, but its surveillance camera captured what happened? been here for 31 years and i'm very, very comfortable here. i mean, we got to do something about the crime . this is the real has the camera and the lens. me the expensive sewer camera system that was stolen, he says. this equipment alone cost $20,000. he estimates that the loss from the armed robberies in the stolen vans adds up to $100,000. someone's going to get hurt. someone's gonna get killed either. us as field texts or them as the thieves. to prevent them. the owner has removed logos from his vehicles and added extra locks, but that none of these measures could have prevented the armed robberies. he's asking city leaders to do more to protect small businesses. mike amber lee live tonight in oakland. amber thank you for that in the south bay in the city of san jose youth sports referee has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a student. police say
10:33 pm
an underage female student has accused 46 year old darwin tanko of sexually assaulting her. investigators say the alleged assault happened at independence high school in san jose earlier this year. tengo works as a boys volleyball referee. investigators say he surrendered to law enforcement last week. california attorney general rob bonta is now investigating the death of a man who died while in antioch police custody as ktvu is evan sernoffsky reports, the contra costa county district attorney is now cleared the officers, but the family of angelo quinto is hoping for a different outcome. i know the truth. will prevail. family of angelo quinto and supporters gathered outside the state building in oakland wednesday, demanding justice and accountability, you know, justice is never easy to achieve. it is a hard road to take was having a mental health
10:34 pm
crisis at his family's home two days before christmas in 2020, police responded and restrained him face down for several minutes. he never regained consciousness, almost a conclusion that was that wanted. they wanted to 50 evidence to that. prosecutors cited the coroner's report that determined quinto died from excited delirium syndrome, a controversial diagnosis that's been rejected by the american medical association. the term is almost exclusively applied when people die in police custody, civil rights attorney john burris says he commissioned an independent autopsy found quinto is fixated as police held him in a prone position. suppressive persons die a friend. they will cut off oxygen that you need for your brain is office also wrote that quinto had fentanyl in his system, even though records show it was administered after he was unconscious at the hospital. total misconception and flagrant
10:35 pm
misinterpretation of the evidence of what the significance of that evidence is office wrote a letter to attorney general rob bonta, asking him to independently investigate the case. bondi's office confirmed they're taking the case. but would not comment further. this is a really hopeful development. um, but we shouldn't have had to have been here last month, bart police said they would no longer use the term excited delirium. and last year governor newsom signed the angelo quinto act. a law banning all police holds that can cause positional asphyxia. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. an update tonight about a violent arrest in the city of san rafael, that marine county district attorney's office is now investigating that incident back in july, two police officers confronted a man who was drinking a beer on a side street in the canal district. police body cam footage shows an officer taking him to the ground and hitting him after the man
10:36 pm
stood up when he was being ordered to sit down by the officer. the man ended up with a scraped face. and a broken nose . both officers are on leave. santa clara is among the counties that are starting to administer the new covid boosters. health officials say people can get either the fighter or modern, a shot, no matter which previous vaccine they've taken, they say people should consider taking whatever vaccine is available at the county fairgrounds in san jose, they expected to provide several 100 shots today. santa clara officials appoint say that appointments are available at all local vaccination locations and clinics. coming up tonight at 11. the operators of a lumber mill are now investigating whether or not their equipment caused last week's mill fire, which swept right through the northern california town, killing two people. and we are tracking some interesting weather in southern california, as well as the heat around here will have that forecast coming up. up first. another leak reveals what may have been found at mara lago last month. the concerns over our national security next
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on the infrastructure projects that are being funded, at least in part by the department of transportation. his office did not release specifics on which projects buddha judge will see his visit is expected to go through friday. the fbi reportedly found highly sensitive material during the search of mara lago on a foreign nations nuclear capabilities, according to the washington post . agents discovered the document among the more than 100 classified records taken from the home of the former president last month. the paper reports that some of the seized documents detail us operations so closely guarded than even
10:40 pm
many national security officials are not even allowed to review them. one former defense officials says this is raising concerns about how those documents were being handled. i don't know whether it was a friend or a foe. uh and the issue is not just about the content of the report. but what what it may reveal about our sources and methods and capabilities to find out and learn about another country's military capabilities. the report comes just days after a federal judge granted request for an independent party to review the records found in mar a. lago the former president's attorneys and federal prosecutors have until friday to submit a list of possible names. prices fell today over fears of inflation. the price of crude closed below $90 a barrel for the first time since february. demand for oil is weakening in china and europe, and that's pushing the price down. analysts say lower oil prices should add up to a drop in the price of gasoline here at home on wall street stocks surged today,
10:41 pm
offering hope the market could break its three week losing streak. the dow jumped 427 points, nasdaq rose 244 and the s and p was up. 70 stocks have slumped after the federal reserve suggested it would raise interest rates to rein in inflation again this month, and apple stock rose nearly 1% today after the cupertino based company held its annual fall product event. unveiling its latest devices, apple introduced an all new iphone lineup. iphone 14 is the latest version it has some new features, including the larger size screen, a longer lasting battery and satellite emergency service. apple has also rebuilt its airpods pro and there are now three new apple watch models. the latest iphone 14 will start at $799 in the iphone. 14 pro will start at $999. they'll be available for preorder starting on friday. tonight, the latest on a fast spreading wildfire in northern california plus the drier the fuels get the easier it is for
10:42 pm
fires to ignite lab in the south bay is researching the connection between heat and wildfires. still not letting up out there some cities maybe even hotter tomorrow, compared to today's temperature's chief meteorologist, bill martin will meteorologist, bill martin will tell us what have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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in this year foothills, forcing
10:45 pm
evacuations. the mosquito fire started last night, right near the oxbow reservoir and the community of forrest hill along the plaster el dorado county line. that's right near interstate 80. the fire grew from about 50 acres initially yesterday to more than 4000 acres tonight with no containment. cal fire says it's seen extreme fire behavior with near record temperatures, low humidity this is also very rugged terrain making for a difficult firefight. it has destroyed some structures and vehicles. there are evacuation orders, as well as warnings underway for a number of small communities in both classes, and eldorado county in southern california. the deadly fairview fire has grown to nearly 10,000 acres. right now, containment is at 5% this fire started monday in the city of hemet in riverside county. authorities say two people died in their vehicle when trying to escape the flames. so far, 3700 homes are under mandatory evacuation orders and seven structures have been destroyed. the bay area has been spared of any large wildfire so far during this heat
10:46 pm
wave. the risk is still there. new attend tonight. ktvu jesse gary gives us an inside look at a special san jose state lab where scientists are working to explore the link between high heat and wildfires. these are three d sonic, an imam occurs inside a top floor office in duncan hall, dr craig clemons combs over a table full of technology. we wire this up, and then there's all the data are stored here. these are tools of his trade used to better understand the origins of wildfires. we're basically ready to deploy to a wildfire incident if something breaks out because of this heat wave sensors pre positioned around the state and nation paint an ominous orange picture once the data is displayed on a computer screen. california searing heat is not only pushing the mercury up, it's also sapping the soil of moisture. computer models can detail how great the danger is of wildfire. part of that model actually predicts the fuel dryness from weather conditions and that's over the whole us. so
10:47 pm
we use that at a very high resolution here in california to look at how dry the fuel's are actually getting because of the heat from the air, using infrared cameras mounted aboard a national oceanic atmospheric administration plane. or on the front lines of flames with the school's own mobile radar unit. clements and his team of five tenure, track professors are studying conditions that cause fires and then the material nature of the large flames. how and why they move and who's most at risk. the drier the fuels get the easier it is for fires to ignite the risk of fire. large fires breaking out is going to go up, so we have to be on the lookout this weekend. states wildfire research center recently received roughly $6 million in additional funding. the lion's share of that money came from the state. clements believes to be able to use those funds to expand his program to better serve firefighters and the public when heat waves such as this serve as a precursor to potential fire disasters in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two
10:48 pm
news already? yeah. craig clemons down there at san jose state. that's probably the in the world. it's one of the top fire weather departments in the world, if not the top, so they're right in our backyard, which is great. so there's monday temperatures warmed up yesterday. he left yesterday was huge, right? that was the day with all the extreme records all the time records today temperatures fell off a little bit. we're going to bump up a little tomorrow and then we're gonna fall off pretty quickly after that, so that's some good news in terms of the weather, right? i mean, we've got little patchy fog at the coast is trying to cool things off. it certainly is cozy, but it's not getting very far inland. and so we're going to see another very warm day tomorrow. temperatures are generally going to be just about where they were today. slightly warmer. here's into kind of an off story, but it's going to be a big story. by the time we get to the weekend, this hurricane, which will be a tropical storm, which will then turn into a tropical depression. and then just, uh, cloud cover cloud mass is going to move into southern california as we get into saturday and sunday is in
10:49 pm
the potential in this area for extreme rainfall. is there san diego up into san clemente, santa anita, parts of los angeles of showers could fall as far north as bakersfield area. maybe maybe fresno a little bit . we might even see a few sprinkles up here, but the story down there, it's so much rain. here's the model what it does, and you can see it right here. there's a few look down to san diego. that's the nine o'clock friday night and you see it roll through. and you say that doesn't look like much, but the thing is with the origins of that moisture. where it comes from came from is super super moist subtropics writes in the tropics, so that area is going to move into san diego in that region and really just explode with rainfall. it's going to be. it has the potential to be a top tier event in that area for heavy heavy rainfall, and they're not set up for rainfall. by the way, not, you know, they get rain and they have this north american monsoon, and they get these these types of travel of disturbances. but if they get
10:50 pm
4 to 6 inches of rain in 12 hours, there's problems, and that potential does exist with this type of system. we'll see how that goes. here are the forecast overnight lows, which like daytime highs from not too long ago, upper seventies even some low eighties forecast highs tomorrow. here they are, and it's warmer will be warmer than it was today by a couple of degrees. still hot pacifica all the way to 78 degrees. the fog's going to try to push in and then after we get through tomorrow, the heat advisory extreme heat warning hopefully goes away. i hope they don't extend it and it looks like temperatures are going to trend down a bit from there as we go into friday, still hot, but not as bad and then significantly cooler and that sets of tropical moisture right, so it's gonna be humid as heck on saturday and sunday kind of gross weather if your heat and then the moisture will see you back here. with the full forecast 11 appreciate it. the mill valley film festival is less than a month away, and star studded lineup has been announced. glass onion, a knives out mystery is set to open the 45th mill valley film festival
10:51 pm
on october 6th at senate art sequoia and the smith rafael film center, according to the chronicle, actress kate hudson and leslie odom jr will attend the opening night screenings. and the after party that's being held at the marine country mark in larkspur. the mill valley film festival will screen 145 films represent 34 different countries over 11 days. tickets are now on sale. and a reminder there are just a few days left now and ktvu is annual school supply drive. our drive received a big boost today when two men representing the hayward business community walked into the supply bank .org office and handed over a check for $3000. that means we have now raised nearly $39,000.20 dollars. donation is equal to $65 worth of school supplies. drive ends this saturday to donate just go to ktvu dot com forward slash school. up in sports. the countdown to the 49ers season opener there would head coach kyle shanahan had to say today about his new starting quarterback. then on the 11
10:52 pm
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everybody the 49ers season kicks off and less than four days in chicago and thus begins the trade lance era despite just two career nfl starts under his belt , the 22 year old goes into the season as the 40 niners unquestioned starter on a team with playoff and even super bowl aspirations. so lance, you better believe he's going to be squarely in the spotlight from day one. and if he struggles we all know who is waiting in the wings. jimmy garoppolo, his 37 16 as an nfl starting quarterback. so while there's
10:55 pm
certainly no quarterback controversy now, a few bad games or maybe even a few bad quarters for lance, and there will be many calling for garoppolo head coach kyle shanahan knows full well. it's the nature of the beast. and we all know how it'll go. i mean, also know jimmy wasn't here and traded bad how it would go. so we understand that you've got to realize when you do struggle. those guys know it's a lot harder to play well, when no one has your back and you've got to help guys through that, and i think we got the guys who can do that. i think our guys did that for jimmy. when he was here. i believe our guys will do the same thing for trey. i understand what people outside of our locker room will say. and they are right in terms of human nature to do that, um but it's going to happen, regardless if you don't play well, i'm excited. i mean, real similar to, i guess the weeks that i did start last year from preparation standpoint, but it's great to have those guys in the room great to have jimmy in the room to help bounce ideas off of
10:56 pm
um, but yeah, it's been awesome. well the 49ers name they're team captains today as voted on by the players. defensive lineman eric armstead, linebacker fred warner, tight end george kittle , offensive tackle trent williams, safety jimmie ward and edge rusher and havoc recur extraordinaire nick bosa. all but armstrong, by the way, voted to the nfl's top 100 list. and in case you're wondering, trey, lance, he just missed out on becoming a captain. he came in seventh in the voting. top six got voted as captains the dodgers they have owned the giants this year. of course, the dodgers have owned pretty much everyone tonight. the rubber match in l. a. and if you're a kid, and you score a foul ball does not get much better. then that giants rookie david vr had himself a day to remember two home runs for vr this the first to run opposite field shot off clayton kershaw to give the
10:57 pm
giants a two. nothing lead. he grew up watching kershaw. so that was a special moment tied at three in the eighth when trade turner smokes one exactly tell run around second comes in to score dodgers up 4 to 32 batters later with two men on giant killer max muncy connects also off hotel, three run homer that breaks the game open number 19 on the season for muncie dodgers win 7 to 3 to take two of three l. a is now 12 and four against the giants this year. now the a's. they are in a battle with the pirates and the nationals. for the dubious distinction. you have to call it of the worst record all of baseball. they didn't help their cause this afternoon, only the diehards out today on a scorching day at the coliseum second day back off the injured list for ramon laureano, who gives the aids a two nothing lead over the braves and the first on this ground out to short, sean murphy scores, but
10:58 pm
the braves they tie it up in the fifth. it's von grissom sending the can. while the chuck pitch into the first row in right field, while the chuck only allowed three hits. unfortunately two of them went for homer's. here's the other one home run number 18 for braves all star shortstop dansby dansby swanson. and that gives the braves the lead for good. 73 your final years of lost six of their last seven games. for the first time. since 2006 and american on the men's side has advanced into the semifinals of the u. s open. frances tiafoe moving on after a straight set win tonight over andre rube left of russia, tiafoe ripping the backhand winner off rubel ev served. he was the first set 7 to 6 second set. also goes to a tiebreaker. tiafoe another great service return, he takes the second set 7 to 6 now on match
10:59 pm
point. tiafoe the ace down the middle. he wins in straight sets . the first american man since andy roddick 16 years ago to make it into the semi i thought so at home on courts like this, like this court is unbelievable . you gotta get so far behind me. i want to play. i want to give my best. and i just. i don't know. there's always find a way somehow on this court always played some great tennis and i have been, um let's enjoy this one. we got two more guys. we got two more. alright high school football in full swing our play of the week you have to call it. check this out jamboree in carol from hershey high in wichita falls pulls off the read #### yah lys. very nice hurdles , guys jump like spin 60. the whole package. right? 3 60 hurdle and trust me. he went for
11:00 pm
the touchdown. he's a three star recruit currently committed to s m u but that is awesome player out there. i'll be back in about 25 minutes, but now it is time for the 11 o'clock news. thank you. indeed. next at 11. that's here. it's real. it's upon us. it's been unbearable, but we're getting through it if we don't get power back before we close the night that would be a whole business data. we've lost the previous blackout. area businesses sweat out another day of power outages as unprecedented heat once again puts california's power grid to the test. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. minor dip in temperatures today, but the stifling heat returns again tomorrow. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach, california averted widespread rolling blackouts once again, but officials are urging residents to conserve power yet again come tomorrow, the state's grid


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