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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  September 8, 2022 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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with the stability and the strength that we needed. she was the very spirit of great britain. and that spirit will endure. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. and this is the somber scene outside buckingham palace says people gathered to pay tribute to queen elizabeth, the second who died today. at the age of 96. the queen died at balmoral castle, her summer residents in scotland . she spent 70 years on the throne and was a beloved figure in britain and all around the world. let me know. back here in the united states, the washington national cathedral marking the death of the queen by tolling. it's funeral bell. 96 times, of course, once for every year of the queen's life at the white house flags are now flying at half staff to honor
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the queen. president biden called her stateswoman of unmatched dignity. queens, oldest son immediately became king and he will be known as king charles. the third welcome everyone to the fore. i'm alex savage and i'm heather holmes queen elizabeth. the second was the longest reigning monarch in british history. foxes martha maccallum looks back now on the life of the queen. queen elizabeth. the second was born into the royal windsor family on april 21 1926 at birth as the oldest daughter of the duke and duchess of york. and nice to the king. no one expected that little elizabeth alexandra mary would one day be the longest serving and one of the most respected rulers of great britain. in 1945 at age 18, the young princess trained as a driver and mechanic in the women's auxiliary service. like thousands of others, she also had a sweetheart in the armed forces. her third cousin, prince philip, of greece, they were
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engaged to be married shortly after the princess's 21st birthday, but in 1952, while in kenya, with prince philip elizabeth learned the tragic news that her beloved father, the king, had died in an instant . the 25 year old became the queen of england, elizabeth was to rule in a new era. her coronation in all its splendor was the first to be broadcast on television, but with the 19 nineties came turbulent times for the royal family as the marriages of three of the queen's children fell apart. then in 1997 diana, princess of wales and mother to the princes william and harry was killed in a car crash in france at the time, the queen was criticized for her reserved response and persuaded to make an unprecedented live broadcast. but as she had so many times before the queen persevered. from an early age. queen elizabeth was one of the most
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recognized royals and recognized women in the world. she managed to combine the truly regal with a countrywoman, simple pleasures , and she embodied old fashioned values of virtue, faith and self restraint, honoring to the very end, the pledge she had made when she was just 21. before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong. and that was martha maccallum reporting for us people all around the bay area or joining with the british people in mourning. the death of the queen christian captain joins us now live from san francisco with more on the queen's visits to the city, christian yeah. 5000 miles separate san francisco and balmoral where the queen died, but the memories of her visit here to san francisco nearly 40 years ago mean that a lot of
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people here in the bay area are feeling her loss today. the year was 1983. ronald reagan was president of the united states and the city of san francisco, played host to queen elizabeth the second we are very grateful for your charming hospitality. and for the generous reception we have had everywhere since our arrival in california last week. the queen visited san francisco as part of a whirlwind week and a half long visit to california in february and march of that year. queen elizabeth dining at a state dinner at the old the young museum, even commenting on the similarities between the two notoriously foggy cities london and san francisco new before we came that we had exported many of our traditions to the united states. but i had not realized before, but whether was one of them. on that same visit the queen took in the majesty of yosemite national park and had a
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profound impact on willie brown , who says the queen struck him as grounded and intellectually curious, asking him questions about his role as the then speaker of the assembly. she asked all those questions if she was a student in the class involving state politics. earlier in that trip, her majesty was serenaded by none other than perry como and frank sinatra jumping whenever you want sitting the world. just rolling along best singing a song in 1991. the queen even attended a baseball game between the baltimore orioles and oakland a's greeting players and coaches in the dugout and waving to the crowd. those visits and the ties they cemented between the queen and the san francisco bay area are part of the reason grace cathedral's bells tolled. 96 times at noon today. we rang,
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the bells tolled the bells for each year of queen elizabeth's life. she's been incredibly important person for the people in our community, grace cathedral says with the queen's role as the head of the church of england. there are deep ties to her majesty and the episcopal church sense of duty, her sense of commitment, her measured sense of good judgment. i think that all of us want to do whatever it is that we do in the best possible way, and i think she really she modeled that for all people around the world. and we did visit the british consulate today. they say they are in the process of working out a way for people here to pay their respects to the queen at their consular headquarters in san francisco's financial district, and grace cathedral says it will open its doors and livestream the service. the queen is laid to rest. we're live in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu fox tuning . it is wonderful to see the bay area paying tribute to the queen christian. thank you had the white house is offering condolences on the desk of the
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death of the queen. our relationship with the people of the united kingdom, and this is something that the president has said himself has grown stronger and stronger. um. and it is one of our kingdom is one of our closest allies and again our hearts go to the people of the united kingdom to the queen and to her family. flags at the white house and the u. s capitol have been lowered to half staff to honor the queen in 1991. the queen address congress, the only monarch to do so more this afternoon on the queen's passing and the pivotal moments during her remarkable life and rain. we're joined this afternoon by catherine coulson history professor at san jose state. thank you so much. for being here. catherine the queen is the only one arc that most of her subjects have ever known. and no doubt about it. her loss is indeed significant. yes precisely. she's had an amazing
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rain over 70 years, the longest reigning uk monarch, um from 1952 to 2022 in that 70 years, she's presided over so many, um developments from the breakup of the british empire tune the troubles in northern ireland, brexit, thend much more, and i think liz truss, who was just appointed the new british prime minister two days ago, actually by the queen has it right when she said that the queen was the rock upon which modern britain was built. and president biden is also praised her today as not just any monarch but defining an era. um as the when she died, the head of state of the uk and 14 other countries, including canada and australia and jamaica. queen for 15 british prime ministers, she
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has had a profound impact and, you know, been dedicated throughout, i think to, um, service and duty and very much a symbol of stability for the uk in particular, you mentioned that she reigned during some remarkable times, some of them good, some of them bad. but she always was this beacon of calm and stability that you just mentioned. yes um, i think that you know, in the 70 years that that she reigned. she came to really be a symbol for, um not just service and really made an important impact. she had a very sort of longstanding diplomatic role as an intermediary between the british government and other nations. she was famously a political, um, and had a very strong relationship also with
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the united states, but successive presidents from her first state visit in 1957 with, you know, presidents like ronald bacon, barack obama and now president biden. um so i think, you know, she's had a really a profound impact. and when you talk about that profound impact , i heard a woman today a mourner, a young woman at buckingham palace, and she said that when asked, she said she's feeling numb that she viewed the queen as her grandmother. i mean, people really felt a personal connection here. absolutely and i think that that was something that the queen very much sort of built upon in her, for example, her annual christmas address is, um, you know very directly from you know her her living room to the living room of the british nation in the world. um and, um , just you know her her, um, conduct and her servants during
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her time as monarch. people felt very sort of deep connection. to her, and in a profound respect for her. and professor, though there was some criticism about the fact that she didn't show much emotion. there was obviously the way that the royal family handled the death of princess diana, but that also was a turning point. absolutely um, i think it's fair to say that the queen and the royal family probably were unprepared for the sort of outgoing of brief with the death of a diana 1997. she stayed up at balmoral for some days and ultimately came down to london and back into my palace to witness herself. this sort of outpouring of grief. and, you know, um gave a very sort of heartfelt speech ultimately, after the death of diana and, you know, recognize that change is needed to be made in that respect as well. okay, so now here we are, and after a lifetime of preparation, prince
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charles now becoming king charles the third. what can we expect from his reign? do you believe absolutely yes. i mean he's been prince of wales since 1958. he was formally invested with the role in 1969. so you know he's been waiting for thisd immediately as soon as camilla . um who, according to their marriage agreement was supposed to become princess consort. ultimately, the queen has especially wanted to express she wanted here to be queen consort, and that seems to be the term that's being used in the press and on the websites and all the rest of the royal website now, um, but charles faces, um, a variety of issues in terms of his reign. at this point, um, in terms of the commonwealth, um you know who's going to be head of the commonwealth in that role that the queen very much sort of
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forged and i think that british diplomats, probably at this time will be signing up the representatives of other sort of commonwealth countries to talk about this and also at home. you know there. there are a number of issues, too, with the evolution, potentially scottish independence that the, um repercussions of brexit and, um , discontent in places like northern ireland, for example over that, soof time to addresse challenges. but right now is in the process of grieving his mother. professor olsen really appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you. thank you. as mourners grieve the loss of the queen. many are looking ahead to what could be a challenging transition for the united kingdom. foxes jonathan hunt has a closer look now at the impact on britain's economy. the passing of queen elizabeth not only brings the end of an
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era for the british monarchy, but will also impact to the country's economy as the mourning period comes with a substantial price tag out of respect for the queen stock markets, banks and shops across the uk closed the day of her death and for the second time in less than two weeks, the market and many businesses will once again shut their doors for her funeral. the cost of these closures, coupled with funeral expenses, and the coronation of king charles will be steep. the exact economic toll is not yet known. but according to business insider, the financial impact could be anywhere from 1 to £6 billion, or between one and $7 billion. people are making a stink about the cost of queen elizabeth staff into the economy , but realistically, the tourism industry will see a boom in
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regards to the queen's death. upon her majesty's death, prince charles immediately took the throne and a new currency depicting the king now goes into circulation. everything is already prepared. the portrait's have been taken. they know exactly what's going to happen because this has been planned for years, money featuring the queen will be phased out of use becoming collector's items. other changes will also impact the bottom line, including issuing new stamps, passports and police and military uniforms. jonathan hunt, fox news. yeah i mean, you know she was 96 years old. everyone knew that this day would come. but there is just this sense of a little bit of a shock and sadness is stunning news. even though you sort of expected this day would would come here tremendous loss for so many people all around the world. we will have continuing coverage on the death of queen elizabeth the second, including reaction from people here in the bay area
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coming up later on in this newscast. but we will move along here with other news and homicide investigation is underway right now in san carlos, afte was found stabbed to death, and a barrier weather another day of ex things will be changing in your friday forecast. it's a bigger changes over the weekend will have your forecast
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carlos where police are investigating the stabbing death of a woman. just minutes ago, office with this crime. we get the new informat news conference and brs us more right. heather if you look behind me here, crime scene investigators and the coroner's office is still up there processing the scene. they've been up there since 11:50 a.m. this morning when
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this horrific crime happened. authorities tell us that this woman this mother of two children who lives at the apartment complex was outside and she was attacked on the street. by a man. she had some kind of ongoing relationship with now the authorities wouldn't tell us exactly what precipitated that attack, but multiple people witnessed it and described it, frankly as a gruesome crime scene now once investigators and sheriff's officials got to the scene, they said, a short distance later, they actually took that suspect. into custody. he's now been booked. they haven't released the name of the suspect, and they haven't released the name of the victim. all they said, is that that suspect was suffering some kind of medical emergency, so they're not releasing his name yet. they're also looking for the murder weapon here that they described as some kind of stabbing instrument, possibly a large knife. maybe a sword.
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they're still looking for the weapon. here's lieutenant ayman allen, who is the spokesman for the san mateo county sheriff's office just moments ago at that press conference. uh they arrived within minutes and found and obviously deceased female in the street in that area. they began to work the scene and shortly thereafter the male suspect arrived back in the scene and was quickly detained by sheriff's deputies. he was later placed under arrest for homicide. now alex heather once again. this happened just before noon. this young woman, this mother of two children was attacked by that man. she had an ongoing relationship with outside her apartment here on the 400 block of laurel street. her body was at the scene. multiple people witnessed this and they do have that suspect. in custody right now reporting live in san carlos evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news at evan. you hear from
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police, whether whether or not they have been called to this particular home in the past for any sorts of issues. yeah police wouldn't elaborate on some of those details, but i talked to numerous people around this area . people who know know that woman and who didn't want to go on camera, but they told me that they had seen police responding to this area multiple times before alex. all right. thank you very much. alright if we shift now to the hot weather that continues here in the bay area once again today, a flex alert in effect for much of the bay area, everyone being asked to conserve energy as those temperatures once again soared into the triple digits. it was really hot. i felt like today in san francisco. let's bring in our meteorologist mark tamayo, but mark things could start leveling off. soon things will be changing. you'll probably notice that change tomorrow. so we are heading in the right direction. yes. so even talking about access of heat warnings. going back to sunday. just amazing sunday. 11 am when the
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excessive heat warning, so it's been a week of either some hot temperatures, very hot temperatures or extremely hot temperatures that has been the reality here in the bay area and showing you kind of the trends here in temperatures. of course we had that big, big spike on monday on labor day tuesday. that was the day we had a lot of all time records. a little bit of some cooling yesterday. we heated up again today. but look what happens tomorrow in your friday forecast tomorrow will be day one of a cooling trend that wants to really settle in over the weekend. now over the next few hours, we still have this the excessive heat warning out towards the inland air for the inland areas until eight o'clock this evening, and that should be it so no no advisories or warnings in your friday forecast, but still another very hot day today. and then the heat advisory that continues until eight o'clock. this evening for the bay shore line, also out towards santa cruz county for the coast there temperatures in the nineties but unfortunately right now, in the short term, it is very hot out there warmer
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than yesterday in most locations . fairfield right now. 113 degrees walnut creek, 109. livermore 111. oakland still hot right around the bay in the nineties and san francisco. currently downtown in the eighties, but half of them bay looking pretty good 68 degrees. here's a live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge and the marin headlands. still some hazy skies out there with the spare the air alert in place for today. overnight temperatures once again most areas tomorrow morning in the sixties, another warm start most spots and then into the afternoon hours. there's your eventual temperature range. we're still talking about triple digits. just not as hot as today . so day. one of our cooling trend begins tomorrow sixties for the coast, hottest locations around 100 to 103 degrees, but even more cooling in your weekend outlook will have more on that with your full forecast in a few minutes. okay, mark. thank you. steve bannon indicted the charges against an adviser to former president trump coming up next.
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sir has been indicted in new york, accused of stealing millions of dollars as foxes, madeline rivera tells us steve bannon is charged with money laundering, conspiracy and fraud , all related to a border wall fundraising scheme. steve over here. fixture of former president trump's white house. steve bannon arrived at a new york court today to turn himself in once a top adviser to the former president. now he's facing charges related to a fundraising scheme and it all ties back to his old boss, and he used that influence and those connections to cheat. everyday americans and carry out this fraud. prosecutors say bannon duke donors into handing over money to a nonprofit called we build the wall incorporated to construct a border wall. instead they allege he pocketed some of the money for personal use. at least $15 million was raised.
4:27 pm
the indictment unsealed today charters band with money laundering, conspiracy and fraud . new york state is charging him. it is a crime to profit off the backs of donors by making false pretenses ben and got in trouble with federal prosecutors for something similar back in 2020. but then president trump parted him. however presidential pardons don't apply to state charges. the former trump aide maintains his innocence, saying , this is all about politics. we are not going to back down and they will not be able to shut me up. steve bannon has pleaded not guilty. if convicted, he could face between 5 to 15 years in prison in washington. mala rivera, fox news and federal reserve chairman jerome powell says the central bank is working to engineer a soft landing for the economy, slowing it enough to reduce inflation without causing a recession can assure you that my colleagues and i are strongly committed to this project and we will keep at it
4:28 pm
until the job is done. i can also assure you that we never take into consideration. external political ah considerations. paypal spoke today at a conference at the cato institute in d. c. he said the feds goal is to get inflation down to 2% from its current 40 year high of 8.5% he did not comment on whether the fed will raise a key interest rate at its next meeting coming up in two weeks, but another rate hike of at least one half percent is expected. triple digit heat continues across the bay area today we're tracking the impact on energy demands as rolling blackouts do remain possible for some we have lost far too many lives in san francisco to overdose and the way that we have to save those lives. most certainly is through intervention, and we do believe that this will be effective. san francisco's district attorney, revealing a new plan to crack down on the city's drug crisis.
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the death of queen elizabeth, the second britain's longest serving monarch, who died today at the age of 96. people all across the world are paying tribute and britons living here in the bay area are also remembering the queen as well. today mrs megan's british bakery posted a tribute to the queen on social media, it reads. we are deeply saddened at the passing of our beloved monarch. we have never known a time without her, and we are truly grateful for
4:32 pm
her 70 years of selfless public service. god save the king. joining us now is the co owner of mrs miggins. british bakery. megan twist, megan, we greatly appreciate the time today i know that you moved here to the us from the u k a few years ago in 2015. i imagine you are feeling this loss on on a very personal level. how is today been for you? honestly i think it's safe to say we will quite gutted. um i don't remember feeling as homesick as i do right now. she has always been there, and now she's not. it's a china's immense change for us. um yeah, i feel a little bit kind of detached and unhinged on the subject. it's pretty upsetting. i think i have tried. and just when i know he was british has cried today. um it's been. it's been a tough day. it's been unexpected. yeah and, you know, we talked about that. obviously she's 96 years old. everyone,
4:33 pm
sort of, you know, we know this day is coming here. but even when it arrives, it's hard to wrap your head around. well, she she's like our granny, really the number of americans who come up to me today give me that condolences as if she's my actual relative. and in some respects, i think most british people feel like she is, to a degree. she is the nation's granny. people loved her forever . i mean anyone certain age really can't remember anybody else. and it's quite hard to imagine. a different world of king charles, which in itself sounds weird to me to thinking, charles. yes yeah, i mean, and that's something that that everyone's going to have to get used to here. i mean, i'm curious. how how do you see this transition playing out here to king charles? the third? what is this going to look like in the uk will have been planned that for decades has protocols for how it goes, um, become much more popular in recent years. i
4:34 pm
think that's the first statement. um obviously join the doriana period. monarchy popularity took the plunge, but he and camilla that's become very popular now. and so i would think people would get behind him. um we are ultimately very fond of the royal family protective, and i think it's hard, particularly for americans to kind of appreciate the special position that they have for us. i don't think there's any kind of characters or individuals who have kind of similar sort of role in america . and we do get kind of strangely emotional on the subject with those are attached. um it's going to be there's going to be a hope of party. i think for me have the combination about would love to go home now, and i think most british people aboard the thinking of ways to get home soon and you you talked about wanting to be home at at a time like this when, when britain is in mourning here? what what is it that you are planning to do through through through your bakery through the work you're doing here in the bay area to
4:35 pm
pay tribute to the queen? um we'll keep on going as weak as we are at the moment. i mean, we're constantly very, very busy. um we're constantly flooded with british people kind of just coming to us because we're kind of a link to home to a certain degree. we sell food that people want to eat, and there's always a friendly face when someone comes to come see us as mrs megan. we will. celebrate her in any way that we can effectively in terms of personally, i would like to go home if i can. i don't know if possible, and it would depend upon how long before the coronation happens, but certainly for the next couple of days they'll be at that period just kind of self reflection on on what she's done for us. well we appreciate you taking, taking the time to speak with us on a very difficult day begging twist from the co owner of mrs miggins british bakery here in the bay area. we appreciate the time today. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. and now to
4:36 pm
efforts to tackle the growing drug crisis in san francisco district attor a new drug policy that she ho get treatmen. starting today. jenkins office will bundle misdemeanor drug possession charges for people with at least five misdemeanor drug use citations. they will then be referred to the community justice center, which could place them in mental health and substance abuse programs. cases for simple possession for personal use and possession of drug paraphernalia will be discharged. and earlier today i spoke with d a jenkins about this tougher policy, and she told me that she believes this is an effective way to help people overcome their addiction. we are at a real critical point in san francisco. i can't tell you how many times i've driven around the city over the past few weeks and observed open and public drug use people injecting drugs, people smoking fentanyl. um and that is not something
4:37 pm
that we should have going on in our city publicly, and so we need to sometimes intervene with those who are struggling with since abused it and in sort of that crisis period. and so what we have done is create a policy where if the police have cited an individual for five times of engagement in public drug use that we will then at that point file a complaint that we used to send them into our community justice court where they will be connected with drug treatment resources. how do you believe that this will help? because we have to be sometimes interveniny struggling with having internal motivation to seek help and to seek treatment by using our power to externally, motivate them and use that to propel them into treatment. and so when we have somebody who is publicly using drugs over and over and over again, um i think that signals that they need that intervention. and so that's what we're trying to do is intervened to connect them to treatment. is there any proof that by
4:38 pm
referring them to the community? justice center that there will in fact be a positive outcome. i think when you talk to people who are in recovery, many of them have shared stories that it took sort of that criminal justice interview system intervention in order to sort of motivate them to actually engage in treatment and that it is that that really pushed him to be successful in their treatment program. and so i do think that there is proof that it can be successful and we need to save lives at this point, and this is one of the ways that we can do it. what might happen what someone is referred to the community justice center. so at that point, then they are connected with services. they are they are, you know, told to engage in sort of certain treatment programs and individualized treatment program and then the court and the attorneys assigned to that court track their progress to make sure that they are actually engaging in that treatment. and so that is what many many people need is somebody to sort of hold their hand through that process
4:39 pm
, and that that's what that court is designed to do. now. another aspect of jenkins policy will end the practice of steering drug dealers to the community justice center, she says those selling drugs should face harsher penalties. when i took office, there were 156 drug dealing cases in our community justice center taking up spaces from those who actually needed the treatment and connection to resources, and that is not something that will be done on my watch. those spots will be reserved for the people who actually need the treatment, and we also can't have those those who are selling in the same space with those who are really trying to beat their addictions that just leads to you know they're further temptations and we can't have that either. now. some are critical of this shift in policy, an attorney with the san francisco public defender's office told the chronicle that this plan criminalizes those who suffer from addiction and has been a failed approach. we turn
4:40 pm
now to the extended heat wave here in the bay area that continues to put a strain on the state's power grid. ktvu tom vacar joining us now live in the news from tom, you've been monitoring the situation here with the power grid. what kind of demand are we seeing here at this hour, but first, let's go to the outage map. does that's really important. when you take a look at the p geniality map, you will see that there are no red triangles. not too long ago, there was one smack dab in san francisco going from mission dolores over to third street. very close to oracle park where guy lady gaga has a concert, but that has now since been repaired. and now what we basically have is three orange. areas in the bay area, which is 500 to 5000 people out. we have eight yellow 50 to 500 people out and we have about a third of the greens, which is very small 1 to 50 people out. that's a third of what we had in the last couple of days. now what we will do is go over to the map of the callous so and what you will
4:41 pm
notice is that right now the demand is 48,000 megawatts. it's been as high as 52,000 in previous days. the highest expected today is just under 49,000 megawatts, and the current supply is 55,000 megawatts, which is very, very good. so that augers well for us right now, but now is when the heat is really starting, so these numbers are going to change rather drastically. but the good news is tomorrow. the peak demand is under 47,000. megawatts which is something can be easily handled by the grid. if people are careful. now coming back out is because we he slightly milder weather in the areas where council most most importantly, people have been cooperating. they've actually been responding to these flex alerts in a way they have not done before to the degree that they have. so if we can keep this up, and we can just get through the next five or six hours, we're going to be in pretty good shape going forward. and also just so you know, pg
4:42 pm
and e says they have absolutely no plans whatsoever. did you any public safety power shutoffs, so everything else is pretty good? we'll be back in five o'clock with more, especially one of the things that pg is doing to actually add more mega watch to the to the grid with the help of the department of water resources, great stories. see at five. all right. we'll look forward to that, tom. thank you. all right. a lot of us have heard about quiet. quitting will now bosses are firing back literally. how quiet firing is becoming the center of workplace conversation. well, the barrier weather. i know that's hot to pattern is getting old. it's been quite some time we've been talking about record breaking temperatures, excessive heat warnings. we begin to cool things off on your friday forecast and some big time changes by the weekend. w
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employees decide not to take on any extra duties while they're at work well now, social media is buzzing about something called quiet firing. this refers to when an employer intentionally mistreats and employee in an effort to get them to quit avoiding having to actually fire them for more. we're joined now by michelle st hill of it's a marketing professor at st mary's college and director of the elfin work center. for responsible business . great to have you on once again today, michelle. always good to see you. what do you what are some of the examp how n do you think this is actually happening? sadly, it's one of the things that's not that different from when someone's in a romantic relationship, and rather than ending it because they're unhappy. they just treat their partner badly in the hope that the partner will leave. so in a work context, it can be a lot of things. it could be not promoting them. it can be not
4:46 pm
acknowledging when they go above and beyond, but acknowledging other people and doing that publicly. nice comment. nice comment. nice comment. your turn. next right? um so there's so many it can be micro and it can be macro. so the big things of really just saying things that are bordering on humiliation, and it's really a form of bullying, but it's bullying with a goal of getting the person to leave, and it's a sign. whoever's doing it is just a bad leader. a bad manager. it's toxic. it's what we always talk about a toxic work environment, and that's the kind of behavior that makes the environment not only toxic for the person who is the target. of the quiet firing, but also the people who are watching it because we all have empathy or at least hopefully, most and yot happening to someone you work with, it doesn't make coming to work actually de motivate, and n many cases, it actually leads to quiet, quitting, and not just
4:47 pm
from the person who's getting the quiet firing, but from their peers who think you know if they're treating people like that, i'm not going to go above and beyond. for an organization that treats people isn't isn't this, you know you talk about it being pretty kind of passive aggressive approach here by employers. isn't there a chance that this backfire so you talk about this is more likely to lead to that kind of toxic work environment, but it might also lead to legal action, potentially lawsuits if someone is sort of pushed out the door in a subtle way. yeah so lawsuits is one possibility. um that may or may not happen, depending on the nature of the sort of bullying behavior. some of the times it's subtle, and it's not something you can sue over. uh the laws around employment or a little bit like it's. it's hard to sue for something like that, unless, of course, it's discrimination based. but what i can tell you is it's absolutely a bad strategy that absolutely backfires. because a behavior,
4:48 pm
they're going to tell their friends. they're going toeagues. ev to know about their experience and world travels really fast. i mean, we have social media, but we also talk about these things. and when people are traumatized, they talk about it. and then you get a reputation that makes it very hard for you to hire. and as i said, before, when people witness it, even if it's not happening to them. we don't like you know, i certainly think being bullied is a nightmare. but watching other people be bullied. it's also incredibly painful because again we have empathy. we have sympathy, and it makes the people who are staying there either literally look for another job or just do the bare minimum. which gets us from quiet, firing too quiet, quitting at an epidemic level, so it's exactly what we teach when we're talking about responsible leaders leadership. this is exactly what we teach people not to do if you have a problem. um, with an employee down and you have a conversation with them better communication and your authentic yeah. absolutely improve communication . yeah michelle, you know what?
4:49 pm
we have to? we have to leave it at that. okay. we always appreciate your time. we look forward to talking to you. the next time michelle struggle of its from st mary's college. thank you so much for coming on. thanks. bye. thank you. allack o those high temperatures and brin talking so much about this extreme heat today is basically the last date tomorrow is still hot, but we begin our cooling trend in your friday forecast in some bigger changes by the weekend, but we've been talking about these excessive heat warnings another day today, in fact, a bit of a temperature spike. with the hottest locations from 105 to 113 degrees. you can see the top row here highest from today and the bottom row. everybody has a down arrow so conquered down about eight degrees still hot at 101, but some improvements san jose from one oh, four down to 91 degrees for tomorrow for your friday. here's the satellite and we have that little bit of an onshore breeze that will
4:50 pm
strengthen over the next day or so, and that will help to cool us off right now. it's not doing much with those triple digits right now. 113 degrees in fairfield, livermore, 111 san jose, currently one or two. i think they'll have a record to report by the end of the day today for record heat, san francisco warm 80 and santa rosa currently 105 degrees. here's a live camera looking at above the bay hero toward the golden gate bridge and a lot of haze in the sky. so the spare the air alert continues. for today. there's not too much mixing so that hes tends to really settle into the region temperatures tomorrow morning, mainly in the sixties after mild start into the afternoon hourshe edge off them that extre heat for some of the inland spots for tomorrow around 103 degrees, checking out the fire activity. this is the mosquito fireeye wishes that this is a cloud. i was showing you, but this is the smoke just over the past six hours rapid growth to over 6000 acres see where it's heading towards lake
4:51 pm
tahoe so impacting air quality out around the lake for today and tomorrow and possibly into the weekend depends on their some of the fire activity. as far as current numbers out there the ingredients we do not like to see mid nineties and there's some gusty winds at about 18 miles an hour intense heat for today we begin to cool things off into your friday and then as you can see here, this system will move in into the weekend, calling us off. we'll have to keep an eye on some tropical moisture. as you can see here. this is hurricane k a category one. there's the forecast track and we are expecting some rainfall and some thunderstorms in southern california. it looks like the main activity to the south of the bay area, but we have to keep an eye on some of that action into the weekend, but they could expect possibly some flash flooding down towards south this weekend. back here for tomorrow. the headline we cool things off. the cooling trend begins mid seventies and san francisco hotspots inland. still close to 100 degrees. look what happens, though, into the weekend will bring in more clouds and humid conditions. with that moisture moving in
4:52 pm
from the south, and temperaturet by monday, eighties, so big time improvements i like its so much mark. appreciate it will still to come tonight. changes for one of oakland's largest encampments. those evictions beginning this is what freedom sounds like. and this. this is what freedom smells like. ahhh, enjoy 30 days of open-road freshness.
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but were ordered to shelter in place today because of the discovery of an explosive device . fox flew overhead earlier this morning after the device was found inside the home on cleveland court in tamil pius valley. emery county sheriff's department says they're small explosive device was at the home of a person who had recently died at last check. the bomb squad had responded to that scene they were working to render the device safe. well an armored truck guard remains in critical condition this afternoon after he was shot outside of an east bay hospital . police say that guard was leaving the kaiser permanente
4:55 pm
medical center in san leandro just before noon yesterday with a bag of money. he was heading back to his armored truck. when he was shot. lagarde collapsed and the attacker took off with the cash. police say the victim is a man in his sixties who's worked for gardaworld for 40 years. the hospital was placed on lockdown for several hours while police search for evidence . so far no arrests have been made. caltrans crews have started clearing oakland's largest homeless encampment, large group of count, trans workers and the chp moved into the woods street encampment this morning. following a standoff with homeless advocates. they were there protesting in an effort to stop the people from being evicted from that site. two weeks ago, a federal judge ruled caltrans can move forward this week with its plan to clear that sprawling camp about 200 people live there, and the homeless advocates say the city doesn't have enough beds or shelter for all of them. caltrans the city of oakland and alameda county have all been
4:56 pm
pushing to clear the site, citing several recent fires that have started at that encampment. the ongoing hot weather affecting students in the bay area, the changes for several schools as the sweltering heat continues.
4:57 pm
you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent? new housing units in all 58 counties, including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27.
4:58 pm
indoor for lunch and recess during the hot weather. some even let the kids out early today, ktvu samaha spoke with parents in dublin about how they're managing during this excessive heat. james dorney elementary. it's one of three dublin schools that had blackouts over the last week. it's why yesterday today and tomorrow, i'll dublin unified schools have abbreviated schedules a proactive step to avoid future power outages. high temps mean short school days across the dublin unified school dist. strict minimal day, so they are out around like 12 12
4:59 pm
30, but it was good on the part of the school. that they sent a very prompt message with the dublin wave water park closed during the school year. many families are staying indoors, waiting until dinner time to get into some exercise and fresh air. she likes to go out on the walk outside. but due to the excessive heat, we are supposed to not go out. but still, what we do is we go out in the late evening after six because she enjoys playing out does and then for us instead of, you know, we're trying to do indoor exercise and gym, the dublin iceland skating rink thursday figure skaters preparing for upcoming competitions also had an escape from the heat. so did their parents. this is super relief because you know you can't even breathe outside and here you can actually exercise and have fun and you just it's really refreshing. it feels crazy because it's 100 and 15 degrees outside and then here
5:00 pm
you have to wear a jacket cooling centers are open at various libraries, community centers and senior centers and you can check the cal o s website to see which cooling centers are open in your area. reporting in dublin, emma goss, ktvu fox two news. ktvu fox two. news that vibe starts now. mourners surround buckingham palace where it's now one in the morning. thousands have come to pay respects after learning queen elizabeth. the second has died. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach alive. look now right outside buckingham palace, where it is one o'clock in the morning friday. ground started to gather here as soon as the palace announced this morning that doctors were concerned about the queen's health. hours later, the palace confirmed britain's longest reigning monarch had died. not long after news of her death, the rainbow over the palace gave many in the crowd an summer day. rainbow also appeared over windsor castle,on, people are finding ways to pay


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