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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 14, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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to protect children. and the fact that he was here. potentially he saved a child's life. coaches shot while trying to break up a fight in vallejo. what we're learning about the investigation and the increased security presence at vallejo high school today, plus. reaction caught on camera after a big jolt for people up in santa rosa will take a look at the damage caused by an earthquake and how the might shake alert came into play. that all eyes on wall street today after yesterday's huge selloff, continuing impact the families here in the bay area as inflation rates continue to rise. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian sr. thank you for joining us. right now. there is increased security at vallejo high school. it comes a day after gunfire outside campus.
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the school's assistant football coach was shot while trying to break up a fight. ktvu sema gasses live in the newsroom with an update on his condition. emma andre assistant football coach joe pastrana was shot by a single bullet and taken to the hospital yesterday afternoon. he's expected to recover, but there's no word yet on whether he's been released from the hospital. pastrana is the defensive coordinator for the varsity football team, and when a fight broke out after school among students and another group yesterday, he intervened to try to break it up. we spoke to a junior varsity football player who said pastrana has been known to break up fights at school in the past couple of times, actually during the campus. there's other fights at the school. we have a courageous staff member who came out here to protect children. and the fact that he was here. potentially he saved a child's life. the shooting happened shortly after most of the school let out yesterday afternoon at 3 45. there was a college fair three classes in session and
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approximately 200 student athletes on campus at the time, a fight had broken out among students and an unknown group in front of the school in vallejo. police say three males referred to as outsiders fled in a dark colored sedan, and as they grow up, drove off, they shot backwards. for the group. well, i want to be safe. we want our staff to be safe. we want everybody that comes to our school to be safe. and so you know, with the increased security and the police presence , we're hoping that that you know, and you know that will help out. there are school counselors and psychologists for students to have mental health resources today, and the motive and people involved in the shooting are still being investigated by police reporting in the newsroom. emma goss ktvu fox two news emas thank you, a student at madison park academy in east oakland is now facing criminal charges after a shooting there last month, investigators have determined a 12 year old accidentally fired a gun that student brought on campus on august 29th. a bullet from the gun hit another student
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. the wounded student 13 years old, was taken to highland hospital and has since been released in the oakland police department investigating a shooting that injured four people. shooting happened around 10 30 last night in the area of 92nd avenue and peach street. police say two vehicles crashed into one another before crashing into several parked vehicles. when police arrived. they say they found four people who had been struck by gunfire. all four victims are expected to survive . we will have more on the story today. coming up at four o'clock. it worked perfectly. that is how some bay area residents described the early warning system that let them know seconds in advance about the earthquake that struck santa rosa yesterday. for many, it was the first time they had used the early warning app video captured the initial panic and mess left behind ktvu. sally recipes explains how the early warning system works. and training alina roles was recording this video for a beauty school assignment. when the rumbling started, i thought that it was like cars driving by or like, just like it
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was like unbelievable, like the noise that it like made when the ground starts shaking. you see her put her arm around her client in the video as they rushed to find cover. i forgot that i was even recording and then i went back to go watch it and like i got it on video video that captured the moment. the 4.4 quake struck santa rosa shortly after 6 30 tuesday evening 40. seconds later, a 4.3 magnitude aftershock hit. there was no major damage or injuries, but it was strong enough to knock things off shelves, bust open pipes and cracked ceilings . the quakes left a message at sam's market in santa rosa. in their surveillance video. it looks like an invisible hands. sweeps across, wiping dozens of liquor bottles right off the shelves. all said my phone just went crazy seconds before the shaking started. patrick burke got an alert on his phone. he has the my shake app and knew the quake was coming. it worked exactly how it was. it was
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probably probably probably gave me at least 10 seconds. we can definitely give people enough warnings so that they can drop cover and hold on. that's that's the goal. angela lux is the project scientist for the early alert warning system at the uc berkeley seismology lab. the warning system is based on a network of underground sensors across the west coast being able to detect really tiny little ground motions. much more sensitive than we can feel, and so they can feel those initial waves coming from the earth week and then we can use that to create this alert. the more awareness that we can get about this project, i think the better to be better prepared the next time the ground starts shaking. in santa rosa ktvu, fox two news. there is no reaction to yesterday's stock market selloff . it appears investors are in for another rough day following yet another high inflation report. despite that negative news president biden says he thinks the economy is still strong. jenkins reports from washington. fear gripping
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investors on wall street, a day after the dow fell more than 1200 points. tuesday's inflation report came in hotter than expected, with prices rising 8.3% compared to last year. however wholesale prices on goods and services did see some cooling off thanks to lower gas prices. still economists are worried high prices will persist for the rest of the year. these are the daily household budget items that are hurting american families. the worst they're continuing to go up there. staying up there is no indication they're going to come down to get a handle on things. the federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates next week. many worry their aggressive actions will lead to higher unemployment in slower growth. i don't see how we avoid a recession in 2023. president biden doesn't appear to be as concerned as some economists are still strong. unemployment's low jobs are up. manufacturing is good, so i think it's i think we're gonna be fine. meanwhile
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there's growing concern about a nationwide railroad strike. such a move would cause massive supply chain disruptions, terribly concerned what will happen between now and friday, white house officials are meeting with railroad and union officials in hopes of reaching an agreement. already some long distance routes have been canceled. in washington, jenkins ktvu, fox two news stocks were rising through the morning hours, but have now given up all or most of their gains. yesterday was the worst day we've seen on market since june of 2020. and today we see the dow jones is now below sea level, losing about one quarter of 1% the s and p is back at zero again and the nasdaq is holding onto the smallest of gains after a decent morning. we should begin seeing california's inflation refund deposited in bank accounts next month franchise tax board or distribute payments through direct deposit and male debit cards. 90% should arrive in october debit card will be sent between october 25th and
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december 10th remaining people should receive a refund by mid january. california's earning less than half a million dollars a year will receive payments between 200 to $1500. depending on income and family size. new new governor. newsom is here in the bay area, where he signed legislation establishing california's care court system. the governor was in san jose at monumental for health crossroads residential village, along with a area and state leaders, families and health care providers. the community assistance, recovery and empowerment or care court is expected to help up the 12,000 people. under the legislation in the next two years. now the state's 58 counties will be tasked with setting up court systems to address the needs of people who serve mental illnesses with severe mental illness who often languish on the streets. we have seven counties that are committing themselves to the first phase. every county in the state of california will be responsible. for implementing this program. we will start with seven counties. we will start with counties large and small to alameda county, orange county.
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where you have riverside. let's join us glenn county, san francisco, san diego and stanislaus. the court proposal swept through the state legislature last month with resounding bipartisan support. only two of the states 120 legislators voted against it. appearance was postponed today for an alameda county sheriff's deputy who allegedly killed woman he was dating and her husband, devin williams jr. is charged with two counts of murder in connection with the off duty shooting of maria and bennison trend. the incident happened at their dublin home. last week. williams was set to enter a plea today, but the judge delayed it until october. 19th williams is being held without bail at the same jail, where he was working as a deputy. if convicted, he could face life in prison without parole. residents of an apartment complex were told to shelter in place this morning because of a standoff with the suspect in a domestic disturbance case. we had this for years breaking news this morning throughout the nine it happened at the civic square apartment complex on bernal avenue, right across the street
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from the pleasant and library and police department told the victim in the case is safe, the situation and peacefully. the suspect was taken into custody. a vehicle crashed at the bay bridge toll plaza led to delays of about 20 minutes. earlier this morning, the california highway patrol said the accident happened minutes after five a.m. a car collided into the sand barrels and damage the middle barricade there. at the toll plaza. two toll booths had to be closed. chp slow traffic to tow the vehicle also had this for you as breaking news throughout the morning lanes open again as of 8, 30. first it was a teacher shortage. now a bus driver shortage of some districts here in the bay area. the impact on students have the new incentive in hopes of hiring more drivers will tell you about that, plus. the queen's coffin now lies in state in westminster hall, where her subjects will have the chance to say their final goodbyes. i'm lauren blanchard in london. i'll have the latest details coming up. barrier forecast. looks like that's cool to mild weather pattern wants to stick around for today and over
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the next few days and eventually we could be talking about some rain chances. we'll have more on your forecast coming up.
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picture. lauren blanchard is in london with a series of events now underway leading up to the queen's funeral on monday. the queen's coffin left buckingham palace for a final time as people from around the world filled the streets for the chance to say goodbye. goodbye filled with tradition for queen elizabeth, the second horse drawn gun carriage carrying the queen's coffin through the streets of london on wednesday, guns sounding each minute of the procession. big ben tolling as king charles and his three siblings walked closely behind their late mother, along with princes william and harry. been here a few times when there's been special, this one procession brought the queen to westminster hall to lie in state. her coffin sits on a raised platform draped in the royal standard and guarded by members of the british armed forces. there. she will lie in state ahead of her funeral on monday to pay homage to her and
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respect for her for all that she's done for us and given us over the years of mourners already long waiting to view the queen's coffin and be part of history. many braved the rain on wednesday as they camped out along the banks of the river thames. british authorities warned wait times could be up to 30 hours as hundreds of thousands filed through westminster hall. sid aeration, but i this is a mom wanted to ws to get inside westminster hall. people will have to pass through airport style security and then have just a few moments in order to say their goodbyes in london. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. alright turning to your weather now we've seen a big change in the weather compared to the same time one week ago from triple digit heat to whether in the eighties of relief to and more changes are in store for the weekend. we're talking about a chance of rain. neurologist mark tamayo is here with more on that mark. either
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andre and gasia. yeah it looks like that deranged chance. we're kind of actually a bump up those chances that it's still a chance . but possibly as we head into the weekend by sunday and into monday, we could be attracted some rain showers approaching the bay area moving in from the north. we still have a few days to sort that out. but at least right now, it's still a possibility. here's the satellite showing you lots of clouds are short. also moving into the base. we had some lower clouds. and then some high clouds moving in as well. so not completely clear across portions of the region. still some stubborn, overcast out they're kind of expecting his son cloud mixed this afternoon. probably still some lingering cloud cover coast side current numbers out there. remember last week those extreme temperatures today these were actually the overnight lows of last week this time, but right now you can see san francisco 65 degrees santa rosa , 74 san jose, mid seventies and half moon bay. check it in 63. here is our live camera looking above. the oakland estuary here so some blue sky but also we have some cloud cover out here in the distance hanging tough.
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portions of the coastline and right around san francisco as well. so the overall weather patterns a big coolern the pacie of systems we've been watching those those first one responsible for a bit of a temperature drop forward today and then this secondary low. this wants to swing into the region sometimes sunday, possibly into monday, and that potentially could be the rainmaker. here's the forecast model. have you put this into motion? maybe some drizzle over the next couple mornings. this is saturday. first half your weekend should be dry, except by saturday night. we do bring in some rain chances, and that's what happened. look what happens into a sunday here. these numbers have been going up. so this is sunday, and maybe even into monday as well. this will have to see if this actually happens. but there's a lot of uncertainty with this forecast in these numbers will probably change around a lot, but this would be significant rainfall over an inch of rain, but we'll have to keep an eye on that potential pattern that would be by sunday and into monday. here's another forecast model showing you this, and this is
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into what your sunday and then once again those showers kind of wrapping around an area of low pressure into monday, so the heat is out of here. that's cool pattern wants to stay, and eventually we could be, uh, hosting some raindrops here in the bay area forecast highs this afternoon. san francisco 69 santa rosa upper seventies warmest locations. upper seventies close to 80 degrees, maybe a touch warmer in your thursday forecast, but it's mild weather pattern wants to stick around and then into his sunday deputy some clouds and we'll keep around those arrange chances. it looks like temperatures will cool off as well. so maybe some rain as we head into portions of your weekend. another day of big games for the ukrainian military and what officials are calling a turning point in the war. jeff paul in kiev. i've got the details coming up.
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crane forces are pushing the russian military out of their country at a fast pace. foxes jeff paul gives us a closer look from kiev, ukraine. another day of major gains for the ukrainian military counter offensive leads to more losses for russia, it is stunning reversal for moscow ukrainian forces retaking more than 2300 square miles since the start of september, pressing the attack, keeping up pressure on retreating russian troops, hoping this could be a turning
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point in the war. defense operation was to dissect enemy forces and move forward. this was accomplished. our strength lies in motivation and operational planning. officials here in kiev claim more border towns and cities are being recaptured, liberating areas under russian control. since the start of the war, ukraine's allies are reacting to the gains with cautious optimism. building russia still has a significant amount of firepower to call upon. ukrainians are also trying to break through near her son city. they still they've made some incremental progress. they're facing a stiffer russian resistance down south. despite its losses, the russian military is still pounding areas along the front lines, reportedly attacking military and civilian targets, but the ukrainians, saying they'll repair whatever damage is done and keep fighting until the russians pulled back across the border. zuma the building of the local administration is still burning everything around is destroyed,
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but it's okay. we will restore everything. the white house is expected to announce another military aid package for ukraine in the coming days. in kiev. jeff paul ktvu, fox two news. warriors in pakistan say could take up to six months for deadly floodwaters to recede in some parts of the country. more than 1400 people have died in the flooding, which is swept away homes, roads, railways, livestock and crop their concerns about the threat of waterborne diseases, including cholera. nearly 600,000 people who lost their homes are now living in campsite set up throughout pakistan. record monsoon rains have caused flooding over one third of the country. in washington. the house committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u. s capital plans to hold another hearing two weeks from today. the committee has already revealed much of its findings during eight hearings during the summer. the committee may hold even more hearings and meetings findings meeting's findings about the insurrection by the end of the year. we are hearing from the father of alexis gabe, about the family's latest
12:24 pm
attempt to find her. authorities say they think the oakley woman was killed by her ex boyfriend in january. volunteers have been unable to find her. now her family has created a new website , offering a $100,000 reward to help find her remains. they want to layer to rest and give her a proper memorial service. it was definitely one of the hardest things that we had to decide on . we were not having any luck with them. just the information. um. but so we decided to, uh, change it up a bit. i mean, so instead of just information, where we're. this is open for everyone. games ex boyfriend marshall jones was killed in the confrontation with washington state police. the new website includes a n that jones had written that gibbs family hopes might contain directions to where he left her body. we have a link to that site at ours. ktvu .com a woman from reading a
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pleaded guilty to faking her own kidnapping could be going to prison. sherri papini pleaded guilty in april two falsifying details about her alleged kidnapping in 2016. the penny told investigators to women held captive in a closet when, in actuality, she went to stay with her ex boyfriend yesterday in a court filing, prosecutors said they will ask the judge to sentence papini to eight months in prison. she is set to be sentenced monday in federal court officials at san francisco's laguna honda hospital say they are making progress on meeting in november deadline to make improvements to the facility or lose federal funding. according to the chronicle, laguna honda ceo told the board of supervisors yesterday he hoped to apply for re certification before the november 13th deadline. the 156 year old hospital in rehab center lost its certification in april after failing several inspections. it's closure would force the hospital to move at 600 medically fragile patients. clara county's putting overdose , reversing drug narcan in every high school, the county board of supervisors voted to allocate $135,000 in state money to buy
12:26 pm
and place 28 doses of narcan in each high school. it's an emergency treatment that can quickly reverse an opioid overdose. the county is also working to make narcan and fentanyl test strips available at places high schoolers gather. threatening to walk off the job of the white house is trying to prevent thousands of railroad workers from going on strike and the impact that strike could have here in the bay area plus from the smallest things like toilet paper, for sure, coffees increased by a lot of businesses and families here in the bay area, getting hit hard by inflation, what economists say about the latest inflation report and their fears of what could happen with the economy.
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it feels good to have a place to call home. support prop 27. for you on this new time, billy whole high school had increased security on campus today following a shooting outside the school yesterday afternoon. the assistant football coach, which injured in that shooting, he had intervened to try and break up a fight and was shot. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injury. the shooting happened shortly after most of the school let out yesterday at 3 45. there was a college fair three classes in session and approximately 200 student athletes on campus at the time.
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and more seismic activities in the north bay since a couple of earthquakes hit the santa rosa area last night, not any since then, though, the first quake measured magnitude 4.4 followed by 4.31 minute later, no injuries reported, but surveillance video as you see right here shows a liquor bottles, falling off the shelves and shattering at a santa rosa convenience store. several houses also reported ruptured gas pipes. here's gripping investors on wall street today after the dow fell more than 1200 points. tuesday's inflation report came out and higher than expected numbers, with prices rising 8.3% compared to last year. however wholesale prices on goods and services did see some cooling off thanks to lower gas prices. still, economists are worried high prices will persist for the rest of the year. ktvu jana katsuyama has a look at inflation and its impacts on families and business owners here in the bay area.
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rare blend cafe in oakland, omar the barista put care into each cup of coffee, but the costs have shot up for a shot of caffeine other than rent. i think everything increase even wages. um from the smallest things like toilet paper to for sure, coffees increased by a lot from our cups to our spoke to our straws, and the milk has been extremely high. even our pastries, pastries are up about 20% inflation remains stubbornly high. and on tuesday the consumer price index report by the bureau of labor statistics showed costs in august rose 8.3% in the past 12 months. some of the largest increases were for food, such as meat, eggs, fish, milk, fruits and vegetables and coffee. other goods such as new and used cars also have seen prices rise. trading my car into getting used car and it's very difficult, you know, because surprisingly, the thing that used to be a little bit more
12:32 pm
inexpensive. is so expensive. one encouraging sign was that gas prices have dropped slightly , but the higher than expected inflation slammed the stock market, which dropped nearly 4% as investors worried that the federal reserve will increase interest rates, and so by the time we get to new year's day, we could well be looking at a short term interest rate of 4% at the white house president biden how did the $750 billion in inflation reduction act, which experts say won't lower inflation in the short term, but will allow medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices and includes funding for energy and climate projects. we're going to lower prescription drug costs. lower health insurance costs. lower energy costs for millions of families. if we do shop a bit less and save a bit more that, of course, while it's individually, very sensible and
12:33 pm
prudent, uh in the aggregate can actually caused the recession that we're trying to guard ourselves against jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news san jose's mayor sam liccardo, was in washington d. c yesterday celebrating the inflation reduction act. there are opportunities for santa's a residence in americans to save a lot of money, uh, with various provisions of this bill. mayor liccardo said his trip had more than one purpose. he also lobbied federal officials for more funding for the bart extension through downtown san jose. take a peek back at stocks here and see if anything has changed, perhaps for the positive. i know that yesterday was a very, very rough day, and we had a decent start to the session, but now at this point we see the dow jones is down. by two thirds of a percent. it is down 200 points. let's see if my computer will play nice and pull up the other numbers that we've been watching the s and p. it's now down even farther. it's down by one half of 1% nasdaq is now
12:34 pm
just below sea level. it was hanging onto its gains. longest of the three major indexes new at noon in the state of california, has now filed a lawsuit against amazon, accusing it of blocking price competition. attorney general rob bonta announced the lawsuit this morning in sacramento. it alleges amazon engaged in anticompetitive practices for years that stifled competition and caused increased prices throughout our state. in order to avoid competing on prices with other online e commerce sites, since at least 2012. so for a decade, amazon required sellers to enter into contracts that severely penalize them if their products are offered for a lower price of amazon. agi bonta said. amazon illegally said an artificially inflated price floor, costing california's more for just about everything it sells. amazon has not commented on the lawsuit. labor secretary marty walsh is mediating negotiations today in washington between real companies and unions to try and avert a nationwide strike. both sides have until friday to reach an
12:35 pm
agreement or union workers plan to walk off their jobs today, members of one union rejected a tenant of deal with the largest u. s freight railroads, while three other unions remained at the bargaining table. the biden administration imposed a cooling off period which ends friday. the third of a widespread strike comes from freight line workers with major companies including union pacific and c s x. it is already affecting amtrak service as they are suspending some of their long distance trips, including chicago to the bay area where the 90,000 railroad workers could go on strike. if there's a fruit strike, and it affects commuter trains, it's going to affect everything everybody getting into the city. everybody getting home. and i think about the times when i was when i had kids in daycare if i didn't get home by a certain time i got charged extra. and you know, it just goes on and on and on sticking point involves working conditions and scheduling, including the ability to take off work for
12:36 pm
routine doctor's appointments. unions are criticizing staffing cuts, while real world companies say they have offered generous benefits package. burlington northern says the number of personal days increased 25% this year that potential strike could stop caltrain service and southern santa clara county. caltrain says it plans to spend service on the gilroy segment of the track because it is owned by union pacific writers who use the station between the capital and gilroy area are advised to make alternate plans. caltrain has also working with to on a possible bus bridge enjoying teacher shortages continue to strain districts nationwide. jackie ibanez has more on which areas are experiencing some of the toughest challenges plus a look at a controversial strategy, hoping to provide some relief. to back to school season. maybe in full swing is a nightmare, but districts across the country are still grappling with ongoing teacher shortages, fueled in part by the pandemic and its aftermath shortage and
12:37 pm
florida's due to several factors , many of them were happening across the country, such as lack of adequate salaries, lack of support cost of living. educators say staffing gaps are also due to districts being unable to hire enough qualified employees fast enough. with fields like special ed and bilingual education, especially impacted. students need small group and scratching so that their individual needs can be met. problems stem nationwide schools in the south are predominantly feeling the pinch , leaving some states to implement a variety of solutions. in florida republican governor ron de santis recently signed into law the military veterans certification pathway program, letting veterans with no prior experience teach in the classroom. i think there there's veterans out there that can be in the classroom, making an immediate impact. absolutely veterans can achieve a temporary five year teaching certificate if they've served a minimum of 48 months of active duty have at
12:38 pm
least 60 college credits. at a minimum 2.5 g p a as well as clear background check and pass the florida state subject area exams. opponents called the move worrisome, citing how teaching is more than just having a love for kids. it requires several years of critical training. jackie ibanez fox news shorted your school bus drivers is causing problems in the classroom. for some students in some districts. bus routes are being covered at all because they don't have enough drivers and others. the shortage means longer bus routes with fewer drivers. school. the moreland school district in san jose, is now offering new bus drivers $1000 hiring bonus to help recruit new staff starting pays between 38 $49,000 a year. the san francisco school board is holding a special meeting tonight to discuss what to do about it's problematic payroll system. the new system was put in place at the start of the year. there have been hundreds of complaints about teachers being underpaid or, in some cases, not paid at all. the systems already cost the
12:39 pm
district $14 million, and it could cost another three million to fix. the board is expected to vote on approving that tonight, with the money coming from salaries for staff positions that remain unfilled. firefighters are trying to hard to keep the mosquito fire away from the town of forrest hill in the sierra. the fire grew quickly yesterday with strong winds pushing flames toward the town. crews rushed to force hill to cut fire lines and start backfires to prevent the spread . tankers drop retardant from the air. the town's market in high school were both threatened at one point, but cruz kept anything from burning down. you got the fire department. you've got the engine prepared there. the pump is running. you got lot ladder set, so then climb the roof. quickly. you've got hose lines deployed. to hopefully mitigate that situation. fire has now burned more than 58,000 acres. it is about 25% contained but dropped to 20% containment. overnight evacuation orders have expanded for communities in both plaster and eldorado county's. some people who have evacuated from the mosquito fire zones say
12:40 pm
they are finding community and comfort while waiting on news about their homes at a red cross evacuation center in rockland volunteer groups brought warm meals and provided some music to the evacuees. people staying there say they're leaning on each other to get through these hard times. you know, there's people that have cried and we've we've cried with them. there's people that have laughed and we laughed with them. but we do we see that there is hope. it's been a little crazy. it's the unknown is the hardest part. you know. you don't know what's going on there. i did evacuate thursday. i guess it was when they said you'd better leave now. thousands are still evacuated with no word on when they can go back home. interstate 80 is open again in plaster county as firefighters gain more control of the dutch firing started yesterday afternoon in the area known as dutch flat. the fire came dangerously close to home so people were evacuated and the highway had to be shut down to allow crews to light backfires. the fire is now 50% contained
12:41 pm
and has burned 48 acres. new water restrictions come into parts of the south bay. the crackdown on non residential properties and the new band put into place. barry of weather another cool to mild forecast for today, but eventually we could be actually be talking about some rainfall of moving into northern california and approaching the region will have more on your forecast coming up after the break.
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and other winds valued valley prices has died. fred forenza, co founder of bronco wine in the early seventies, the company's best known for reviving the old charles shaw brand in 2002, and relaunching it is two buck chuck . the wine was sold at trader joe's for a dollar. 99 became an instant hit, moving nearly two million cases in its first year. according to the company frenzy , a was once asked how he could sell wine cheaper than a bottle of water, and he replied, they're overcharging for water. frank francia was 79 years old california has a huge rice industry north of sacramento, and the rice is exported around the world. but growing rise takes a lot of water. that means the drought is causing a lot of problems for growers. katie's tom baker tells us about the struggles they're facing. sean doherty looks out on rice paddy land. his family has been farming, inclusive county for five generations through mother nature made booms and busts. farmers on the western side of
12:45 pm
colusa county raised 65% of all the rice grown in california. and in a normal year, doherty raises as much as 10,000 acres of rice on his own and leased land. but in this his third season of hard drought, he will plant nowhere near those 10,000 acres this year. i don't think we're 2500. planted the reason shasta reservoir, the state's largest reservoir. by far it's so starved for water has the drought has progressed, doherty's water allotment has been cut from 100% to 75. to now. 18% never planted this. this few rice fields and in my entire career in my dad's entire career in all 300,000 and a half million plus prime acres of colusa rice paddies lay fallow. they lie in various stages from groom soil for next year, but only if the rain comes most already lay untended dormant
12:46 pm
patties of weeds for affected farmers. this represents a half billion dollars in lost revenues . crop insurance is allowing me to keep my crew my full time employees employed this year. some critics say the problem here is that it's like trying to raise crops in the desert. nothing could be further from the truth. the truth is, this is always been an inland marsh, and when it starts raining again, it's going to be an inland marsh again. this industry is exactly where it needs to be. we're doing whatever we have to do to make sure we can get to the next year. the ripple effect goes from workers and merchants locally to rice processors to truckers, train crews. even exporters at the port of oakland. and the damage to wildlife may be incalculable, especially over winter to otters , beavers, minx, frogs, giant garter snakes and especially
12:47 pm
birds. this has been just a huge wildlife. mecca for like the pacific flyway is the most important flyway in the united states. you have millions and millions and millions of waterfall and birds and shorebirds coming in here to feed. on the rice fields. there are sufficient stores of rice to get us through this year. but next year is a big question mark and it's totally dependent on rain. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. the water district, imposing new water restrictions . and now the senate clara valley water district board of directors voted unanimously to ban outdoor watering of lawns on non residential properties. and this comes on the same day they announced water usage was down 16% compared to 2019, which is even better than the districts targeted gold of 15. this is more for landscape ornamental turf turf. that's just out there that doesn't have a function. the water district says even with improvements to work to save water isn't over. under the new rules, which mirror the state's rules, owners could be
12:48 pm
found anywhere from $100 to $10,000 for watering when they are supposed to really says something we're getting so excited about the possibility of maybe a chance of a couple sprinkles in the coming days here, mark tamayo. the excitement level is going up. but we also have a big question mark as well, right? a lot can change between now and then. but at least for right now, yeah, we do have the chance of some rain for sunday and possibly into monday. now the specifics the deep tails. the amounts really, still really fuzzy right now, but at least compared to yesterday, we did. we're actually gonna bump up those chances for portions of northern california and the bay areas. that's the kind of the developing headline well, whether wise are watching over the next few days right now, though, we have this lots of low clouds and fog and some mid level clouds you can see moving into portions of the bay and still some overcast near the coastline right around san francisco so not completely in the clear across parts of the bay area and current numbers, no extreme heat that is out of here. current number of san francisco 65 1 that creek checking in 72. san jose 75 some
12:49 pm
seventies up in the north bay for santa rosa and napa at last check. winds were picking up yesterday at this time, and we still have some breezy conditions out there this afternoon. you can see sustained at right around 15 miles an hour for fairfield and in concord, a few more sites for you for sfo. you can see already gusting at 17 miles an hour and these numbers will likely go up over the next 3 to 4 hours. here's our live camera. looking out towards the open estuary can see some chop on the surface of the water there in the foreground, and we have some low clouds out there in the distance as well, so we hold on to some patchy cloud cover near portions of the coastline this afternoon. you can see the weather pattern. remember last week we were talking about that big h producing all the extreme heat that big area of high pressure right now, they will be kind of have the opposite of cool to mild setup out there. this first one, sending temperatures down across portions of the region and then on sunday, this is the guy that could swing into the region sunday and into possibly monday and that possibly could be our shower chance here. the
12:50 pm
rain chance here in the bay area . here's the forecast model to show you a bunch of numbers and to be honest there, probably not exactly right on but in the probably change correct quite a bit over the next several days, but you can see what happens. more than just a few sprinkles will be on sunday. this big question mark that would be on mondays. you can see those numbers really going up. this might not happen, hopefully have some more detail to this forecast by that time frame. in fact, there's another forecast model showing you that system diving in from the north. it all depends on the track of that low pressure area that that could lead to a different rainfall amounts that would be sunday. and into monday highs this afternoon. we will have partly sunny skies still some fog out towards the coast and right around portions of the bay at temperatures in the sixties to the seventies, warmest occasions flirting with 80 degrees, maybe a touch warmer into your thursday fridays and mild. the mild pattern will continue weekend starts off dry on saturday, and we'll see that rain cloud could pay us a visit on sunday would would be an interesting pattern, especially for september. and that could be
12:51 pm
the case by sunday and into monday of next week. thank you mark coming up hiv infections on the rise in san francisco. what health officials say may be to blame for a rate that hasn't been seen in almost 10 years. then the all new musical drama monarch is on fox to this fall. we're giving away a chance to win a trip to the show, setting the live music capital of the world. austin texas, go to ktvu .com slash contest for your chance to enter to win airfare for two deluxe hotel accommodations and $250 to see a live music show. good luck and watch monarch at its regular time now. tue densify from crest pro health. like bones, your teeth lose density over time... ...but crest has you covered. crest densify actively rebuilds tooth density... extend the life of teeth. crest the #1 toothpaste brand in america. does your plug-in fade too fast? try febreze fade defy plug. extend the life of teeth. it has built-in technology to digitally control how much scent is released
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have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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up there. early gains are now on track for a mixed close. that early rebound we saw is gone. the dow jones is right back there at sea level over on the s and p things are just a handful
12:55 pm
of points above had some decent gains early on nasdaq actually doing okay. it's up by more than one half of 1% but again, we had the worst losses on the stock market yesterday. since june of 2020. a rebound is not happening in full today. we likely won't see a cheaper holiday travel season this year. experts at the travel app hopper say they expect airfare to be more expensive than it's been in five years traveling within the united states. this thanksgiving and average round trip ticket will cost about $350 international ticket will cost around $795. both those are up 22% compared to pre pandemic levels and prices will likely be even higher in december. no one knew in president biden is in michigan, where he's touting the benefits of electric vehicles and clean energy efforts in his administration that is pushing that his administration is pushing right now. the president toured the detroit auto show this morning and even sat in a few of the newer models. mr biden also announced $900 million in grants for electric vehicle charges across 35 states . it's coming from the first round of $5 billion in funding in the bipartisan infrastructure
12:56 pm
law. now we're choosing to build a better america. america. that's confronting the climate crisis. with america's workers leading away we're rebuilding an economy, clean energy economy, and we're doing it from the bottom of the middle out. i'm so tired of trickle down. i can't stand it. the president's visit is part of a nationwide tour of leading administration officials promoting legislation that will boost clean energy infrastructure and research. bart announced plans to shut down train service between the concord and pleasant hill contra costa. center stations to make track repairs. the tracks will close for two weeember. service will also be reduced. the next to sunday's trains have had speed reduced since early this summer. due to the hot weather. county busses will take riders between the two stations. while repairs are being made. bart says riders should expect at least 30 minutes delays. patreon is the latest san francisco based company to be affected by layoffs. the creator
12:57 pm
subscription company let go of 17% of its staff, which translates to about 80 people. the ceo blamed the economic slowdown on the pandemic. the online company connects artists, musicians and other creators with fans who pay for memberships. it was valued at $4 billion after a round of funding in april of 2021. the newly approved covid boosters are now available at the richmond civic center. vaccine clinic clinics open between tuesday and saturday. appointments can be made on the contra costa county vaccine website walk ups may be available depending on the day. the hope is that many people will get another booster shot before the end of the year. immunity of my immunity to the is how has gone down quite i ho. or if i do get covid. it will be very mild and if i'm less likely to have long covid the clinic on 25th street, nevin avenue in richmond, also offering monkey pox and t depth vaccines. new data suggests many parents remain hesitant to get their young children vaccinated against covid. cdc statistics
12:58 pm
show only 7% of children between six months and four years of age have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine rates are much higher for older children, some 38% for ages. 5 to 11. 70% of children ages, 12 to 17. children now make up a much higher percentage of covid cases more than 19% just last week. the number of new hiv infections in san francisco is going up for the first time in almost 10 years. 160 people tested positive last year for hiv, that's up 16% compared to 2020. still, that's below the number of new infections reported the year before the pandemic started . some health officials say they think that many people who would otherwise be tested for the virus decided not to get tested as the pandemic began. the number of hiv tests in san francisco dropped by half almost during the early months of the pandemic. the us baby formula shortage is expected to improve by next month. gerber ceo says more baby formula supplies will be available by october, the company reports production is still in what it's calling critical task force mode of the
12:59 pm
retailers say they have also seen more formula availability. target says it is still rationing products online and in stores. 24 7 online tutoring tool will give children and their parents help with homework. governor gavin newsom announced a new initiative offering free online tutoring around the clock for californians. pilot program gives real time homework help with a one on one tutor in every k through 12 subject. it's part of a $254 million grant to public library statewide. help now can be accessed on the websites of more than 1100, california public libraries. warriors star steph curry could be set for life without ever stepping foot on a basketball court ever again. according to bleacher report. curry and under armor are close to locking down details. forget this. andre a lifetime endorsement contract, the contract would be worth more than $1 billion deal runs through 2024 extension talks are underway. curry has been with under armor since 2013 is a hefty yes. price tag. my goodness. well deserved. yeah
1:00 pm
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