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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  September 16, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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this live picture, several homes sadly burned. this fire started near interstate 5 80 35th avenue . this is in the laurel neighborhood of oakland. crews responded to quigley street, which is just off the freeway. these images were taken shortly after that fire broke out, and they showed the intensity of the flames just tearing through homes, buildings and, of course , trees as well that fire now out of control, but crews are concerned about the structural integrity of some buildings in the area. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes alex savage. we want to get now to ktvu henry lee, who has been at that fire for the past couple of hours now gathering information. henry what is the latest on where crews stand in terms of getting this fire fully under control? alice we're here down the ground here. the corner of quigley and loma vista. we're about a block east 35th avenue. take a look here. the live picture. we got oakland firefighters on the roof of one house on the 3600 quickly
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. this is one of the three houses that burn. unfortunately because of the vegetation fire opened fire fighters here on the roof, basically using chainsaws and accident had just to cut a hole into the roof. let's show you some pictures from earlier today. how this all started began about two o'clock on 5 80 in the westbound lanes visitation on the side of the freeway right at the 35th avenue overpass in the laurel all caught on fire that led to embers. spreading to the roofs and homes of these houses, also further west of us, so we had firefighters. chp oakland police all along not only quickly but along the freeway, trying to stop these small players, but again, most of the damage here along quickly between 35th and loma vista because of this fire that began on the freeway, i will know this is the same exact spot on the freeway that burned in october. 2020 at that point, it was blamed on a homeless account, and i taught a number
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of residents here who do believe that that is not clear as to whether the homeless and cameras along the freeways here in oakland is to blame. i did talk to father jason landes, our chaplain for the oakland fire department. he has been in contact residents of the three or four homes that have burned clearly they are very upset about has happened. we do not know the cause of the fire at this point, and right now i did see a firefighter taken away by ambulance by a felt ambulance true. i don't know what his condition is. he appears to be okay. he was sitting up and consciousness. very intense firefight on many levels again. alex and heather. not only here on the ground along quickly between vista and 35th in the lower but also on the freeway in multiple spots, multiple amber's all the smokiness from along the freeway, of course, led to traffic backups in both directions. 5 80. that's the latest here in oakland's laurel henry lee ktvu. all right, henry. thank you. okay so let's
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check now on how traffic is moving near the fire scene there in the laurel district of oakland, and as you can see, boy , there was a lot of red on the map this friday afternoon, especially on 5 80 for traffic going past that fire scene. in fact, as we take a look at our tribe, our live traffic cameras, we can see that traffic on most oakland freeways at this time of day right now is in red, meaning it's slow going that fire and regular friday afternoon traffic , really making it tough for a lot of people out there today on the roads alright, anytime, but crews fighting fire like this one and loving brush and vegetation. the weather comes into play we want to bring in meteorologist rosemary oroczo rosemary. you were tracking the conditions here in that fire zone. what did we see? in terms of wins? thankfully you know, it was favorable. if you think back to just a week ago, and we were so incredibly hot and dry. in any case, we are definitely as you know, sort of at the driest point of the entire year. so again, we'll go back to the weather conditions out there this afternoon oakland in the 70 to 72 degree areas so very mild.
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the winds were generally light. and still, we saw spot fires kind of moving across those neighborhoods. oakland right now is still reporting at 12, mph and relative humidity. not bad for this time of year. we've got relative humidity anywhere from 40 to 60% in any case, as you saw, alex said that the fire just spread so incredibly fast because of course, we are our driest point of the year and everything is just so incredibly tender. thankfully we do have rain in the forecast coming this week. weekend as a matter of fact, better details on that in just a little bit. all right. thank you, rosemary seeing a bit . the biden administration today announced a bold effort to develop floating wind turbines off california's coast. tom baker looked at the potential to supply clean energy to millions of homes. the biden offshore wind energy plan. this is bold and broad of an energy plan presented in generations, the president's proposing massive
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floating wind energy farms tethered to the ocean floor connected by underwater transmission lines, feeding massive power into electrical grids. the u. s energy department says floating that's more than twice america's current electricity demand. there's a huge potential energy here but the other thing to remember about offshore wind is that it's 3 to 4 times more expensive than onshore wind. the wind industry supports california wins, see a dot org, a big proponent of wind energy and one of the specific commitments to biden ministrations did is they set a goal to reduce the cost by 70% by 2035, which is roughly in the timeframe went off. offshore wind would be needed here in california as to cluttering the coastal scenery, even giant wind generators 800 ft tall can be put out of sight. and out of mind these offshore wind farms would be 20 miles offshore, so
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basically beyond the view that people would have on most days, there are huge environmental issues to still be resolved. what about tethers, wounding sea life? what about damage? they might do the underwater habitat or fishing grounds. there still are environmental concerns that need to be addressed, but it's much more manageable by being that far offshore ocean winds are steadier, stronger. irwin's even after sunset. they work very well with offshore wind farms. and such farms already operate off the coast of maine. that's been driven by the fact that they really don't have any places to put onshore wind in much of the northeast. the western states have lots of onshore, wind rich sites that could be used, but there are costs to build the power lines and other infrastructures needed to get the power to california offshore wind. my understanding is does receive a larger tax credit than a lot of other forms of renewable energy, which will help push it towards competitiveness, but offshore wind facilities as opposed to
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those in the interior west would require a lot of california workers to build and maintain the offshore wind farms. tom baker, ktvu fox two news well. governor newsom was in the bay area to sign a package of climate bills into law, including an aggressive action to reduce carbon emissions and moved to clean energy, joined by other lawmakers news from signed a handful of climate measures at a forest service office there on mayor island. the new laws include carbon neutrality by 2045 safety regulations for oil wells near homes. and the requirement for the state to produce 90% clean energy by 2035. we could talk about the way the world should be and, you know, protested. or we can actually make demonstrable progress and we took the latter approach here and it's jurisdiction. in the world. think about that. in a statemene
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governor's office said this climate package will create four million new jobs. safeway has reached a multimillion dollar settlement with the state of california for environmental violations. attorney general rob bonta, along with five district attorneys today, announced the $8 million settlement. safeway is accused of violating state environmental laws because of leaking underground gas storage tanks at its 71 gas stations across the state since 2015 take weight is taking responsibility for these alleged failures and improving its ways on top of $7.5 million in civil penalties and over half a million dollars to fund several supplemental environmental projects. this element includes robust injunctive terms to improve operational safety and compliance to protect our soil, groundwater and ultimately, health and safety of californians. safeway will also be required to take immediate
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steps to improve spill and alarm monitoring and emergency response for spills and leaks at its gas stations. just a devastating morning near an elementary school in the south bay. a little eight year old boy hit and killed by a car. how it happened, and the growing memorial for the third grader. plus you heard from him just a few moments ago, speaking with tom baker coming up, we will talk live with uc davis professor jim bushnell about the package of climate change legislation the governor signed today and what it will take to reach those climate goals, plus california's drought crisis. it's increasing toll on farmers and ranchers and the serious decisions being made. kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day.
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this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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the choice between prop 26 and 27? let's get real. prop, 26 means no money to fix homelessness, no enforcement oversight and no support for disadvantaged tribes. yikes! prop 27 generates hundreds of millions towards priorities like new housing units in all 58 counties. 27 supports non-gaming tribes and includes strict audits that ensure funds go directly to people off the streets and into there's only one choice. yes on 27. babysitter injured after the two were hit by a car as they walk to school today. it happened this morning near council, mont elementary school there in san jose ourself a reporter jesse gary has been covering this
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story all day and joins us now live from the scene. jesse heather. people have been coming to the accident scene all afternoon in shocked disbelief. right now, the family is there where they have put up a little memorial by that tree, stunned, really not knowing what to do, but just stand and stare and disbelief. this tragic loss of life affecting many people from those that the boys school to neighbors to law enforcement. which is investigating the crash. family members say eight year old jacob villanova was bright, inquisitive and loved legos and pokemon cards friday afternoon, neighbors and loved ones placed flowers marking the spot where he was killed and his babysitter injured as they walked in a crosswalk. i really feel bad for the mom and i really feel bad for the little boy that lost his life. san jose. police say the boy was a third grade student at castle mountain elementary school, a block from the accident site. obviously, this is a very horrible tragedy around 9 30 police investigators say the boy
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and his 44 year old babysitter crossing driftwood in the crosswalk when the female driver of this mercedes suv hit the pair when i go to see my. i mean, i just want to drop around my wife morning. and when i close my door for my partner, man, i see a lot of screaming. police officials say the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating in the investigation . jacob died a short time later at an area hospital. email statement, the district superintendent says in part, our school community is heartbroken by this development as every single one of our students we care for, and love like our own. some of the trees that line driftwood drive, obscure crosswalk, signs and street markings have faded, leading some neighbors to point to this as a contributing factor in the deadly collision. people always go very fast, and my daughter almost got hit few times because people are not careful of the people in the car, just they drive like crazy like it's a
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freeway. city officials say they have 26,000 miles of street to maintain the highest priority is given to major thoroughfares. we cannot monitor them all, um, you know, on a on a short term basis , we do focus a lot of our marking refreshments on. streets that are a bigger concern for safety. for now, one family is grieving and praying for answers as they prepared to lay to rest and eight year old boy need to follow the rules of the road. you need to slow down. you need to be attentive. the san jose police department says today's accident marks the 26 times this year. pedestrian has been hit and killed. it's also the 47th fatal traffic incident, resulting in 49 fatalities so far this year. the campbell union school district and police department will have resource officers out at the school. they had them out today and likely out monday, also to help the students process this loss. we're live in san jose near the campbell city line. jesse gary
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ktvu fox studios will head back to you up in auckland really is just so heartbreaking, jesse. thank you. the man convicted in oakland's deadly ghost ship warehouse fire was back in court today to face accusations he violated his probation, the alameda county district attorney says during a search of derek al menos home in mendocino county authorities found bows and arrows, a machete and ammunition . no decision was made today. almeida was ordered to return to court on october 14th two set a date for a hearing. he could face more jail time. almanor pleaded guilty to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the lives lost in that warehouse. fire plea deal allowed him to avoid prison and serve home detention. back now to the series of climate bill signed today by governor newsom, all aimed at curbing the climate crisis and changing energy production here in california for more insight on what this all looks like. we're joined now by jim bushnell, like uc davis
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professor whose research focuses on energy and environmental politics, professor appreciate the time. in the next couple of decades. california is aiming to cut air pollution by 60% and reduce state oil consumption by 91% is that achievable and what are the steps we need to take to get it done? well we don't really know. i think the point of a lot of this legislation is to set ambitious goals. the timeline is still quite long. we're talking 20 years for a net zero carbon economy, um and we will find out exactly the best ways to try to achieve those goals. i think it's key to have some flexibility in both the regulations that will implement these targets and uh, in how we address achieving those things, obviously, a big part of this package of climate bills is shifting to renewable energy
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sources clean energy sources requiring that 90% of california's electricity come from those clean sources by 2035 do. how do we get there? and how much does wind energy factor into all of this? we heard that the announcement from the biden administration today about wind energy and wind turbines. yeah, the biden administration was opening up more offshore parcels for development of offshore wind , and there is a lot of interest in california for offshore wind . the problem is it's a lot more expensive right now, then onshore wind or solar alternatives, so it's probably part of the mix, but it's too early to say exactly how much there's more favorable wind characteristics, but, um, you know, we have to balance that against exactly how expensive it's gonna be. another aspect of this package of bills. it is the fact that california is going to ban any new oil and gas
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production sites near homes and schools and neighborhoods. can you give us a sense of the impact these regulations will have in terms of protecting vulnerable communities. i'm not the local pollutant expert. but these are you know, these are goals that have been pushed by some communities for quite some time in trying to just basically , uh, provide some space and some setbacks from production to communities that are vulnerable to local pollutants. obviously when you have sweeping legislation like this, there's going to be some pushback and some criticism here and, you know, obviously among the critics is the oil industry. california is a big oil producer , the seventh largest oil producing state in the country there. there is the criticism from the industry, saying this is going to hurt people who rely on that industry here in
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california and put some people out of work. what what would your response to that be? the you know, there's people unhappy on both sides of this right now. there were a group that we're really pushing for a more accelerated phase out of fossil fuels. and then there were those who are really worried that some of these targets are going to be unachievable and will have economic consequences. really the governor split the difference right now, um and i think the key really will be to have some flexibility and adapt to which technologies emerged are most cost effective. and if we really do run into serious economic consequences, have ways to try to compensate for that through alternatives like carbon capture, other means of trying to achieve our climate goals. and you mentioned that you mentioned some of the criticism from from the other, you know, the other side of the spectrum here. environmental groups also critical of these pieces of legislation in some cases, including opposition to one of the bills that creates a
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permitting system. for carbon capture projects. can you explain to everyone exactly what what we mean when we're talking about carbon capture, and what are the environmental concerns there? well, there's a carbon capture in general is an idea. that's that's actually fairly straightforward, but the we're working the kinks out of how how cost effective it could be. you are literally pulling the carbon out of the air through filters and fans and other sorts of kind of normal technologies. you're either doing it at the edge of a smokestack, where there's a high concentration of carbon or there are some things called direct air capture, where they're really just pulling it out of ambient air. it's quite costly to do right now, but it's a it's a really early stage technology that that there's hope will be developed to be part of the solution to climate change. the environmental concerns are mostly around leaking of the co two and whether, um, it might not be as effective as as we might hope, because it's not
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staying in the ground. um but air pollutants. like other you f a concern over air capture as an excuse to not mitigate emissions directly. finally professor as we wrap up here, you talked about the governor sort of. sort of splitting the difference here between some of the different factions involved here with with the this climate change legislation. what do you see as the broad impact of this legislation or yeah, i understand. it's early on here. but do you think this can have a significant impact on reducing emissions in the long term? yeah, i think it's just a question of exactly how much um and there were already on a pathway of significant reductions. transportation is the next sector that's really going to be the focus of policy and these laws really kind of
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codified what we're policies that were already being pursued. um and set the timeline more in law than in more informal governor, gubernatorial executive orders and other types of mechanisms. alright so obviously we wait here and see how things unfold in the in the years and the decades to come. appreciate you coming on and offering your insight. jim bushnell is uc davis. professor. appreciate theell, our extreme drought conditions are certai, as giovanni luigi tells us, some ranchers and farmerscry to struggle to hold on. stan van fleck runs this more than 150 year old ranch in california, but after another year of extreme drought conditions, he's changing his operation and raising less cattle water is down by 30 40% that means
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directly. our cattle consume or cattle production is down by 30 to 40% as well has had to scale back nearly 30% for several years in a row, and he's just one of the many farmers having to do so because of trout. this means less cattle are being raised, and this could hurt the future supply of beef to three years ahead of time. we're gonna have a much smaller beef cattle herd to work off of, um, for our any of the beef that you know we've seen the grocery store and that's going to put right push prices up. the usda reports a sharp drop in cattle inventory across the country. the american farm bureau said over 40% of farmers sold part of their herds. last year. after a few years people will end up having to end up sadly having to sell their business and go feed and fuel are more expensive
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. you can't all of a sudden cut your income in half, especially when most of your costs that yet was giovanni lishi reporting for us. now we turn to wet weather, creating some hazardous conditions in southern california, and we're getting a look now at the moment of powerful mudslide hit there. a doorbell camera shows the mud and debris carrying away a jeep wrangler in front of a home in forest falls. that community in dissent, bernardino mountains was hit hard by heavy rains on monday. the rain hit wildfire burn scars in that area, leading to a mudslide that damaged at least 30 homes. one person does remain missing after their home was found completely engulfed in mud. here around the bay area. we have a quiet day underway and as we get into the weekend, things are going to get a bit of more interesting as we are introducing wet weather in time for the final weekend of summer , giving you a look here across san francisco towards the golden
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gate bridge and the marine headlines where we do have partly cloudy to mostly clear skies for today, and air quality is good to moderate. we've had a relatively mild temperatures, although warmer today compared to yesterday at by seven in nevada by eight in concord. 12 degrees warmer for you, livermore, so you definitely are noticing it outside 81 degrees for you. 82 in concord, 65. san francisco 70 over oakland and in the north bay. a beautiful 77 for you napa 80 degrees over santa rosa. the winds are generally onshore and light. oakland reporting 12 mph little bit of a breeze blowing in napa 17. fairfield reporting nine. if you go into the giants game later today, we do have some cool weather that will take place into the evening hours with the west southwest breeze all the way to about 70 mph closer to sunset 62 degrees at game time, 7 15 and the future cast model here will show you tomorrow morning. we wake up with the low clouds as we get into the afternoon. though we start to see mid and high level clouds these clouds associated
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with the system that is going to bring us some rain. it looks like late saturday into sunday, and then we'll last on and off for the next few days. better details on this and the temperatures you can expect for your bay area saturday, coming up in just a little bit. rosemary. thank you. a grisly discovery by ukrainian troops the mass burial sites on earth. as their counter offensive ramps up again ussian in order for small businesses to thrive, they need to be smart. efficient. agile. and that's never been more important than it is right now.
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to bolster ukraine's offensive. the u. s. is sending more military aid. on thursday divided administration announced a new $600 million arms package at a summit with her g seven counterparts. house speaker nancy pelosi encouraged leaders to help ukraine when it's time to rebuild. it requires substantial security support. humanitarian assistance, economic assistance and sanctions sanctions sanctions despite ukraine's progress, russian president vladimir putin says his forces will continue with their invasion in kiev. jeff paul fox news all right. we want to take a look ahead to what's coming up this weekend on our political show. the issue is here on ktvu. and for that we turn to host alex michaelson.
4:31 pm
joining us now live, alex, i know you had the chance to sit down and have a one on one conversation with representative karen bass in her first on camera interview following that break in at her home last weekend. yeah alex. this is such a bizarre story last weekend. karen bass, who right now is the front runner to be the next mayor of los angeles, the former chair of the congressional black caucus had a break in at her house and the thieves stole two guns. they left everything else. they didn't take her money. they didn't take her jewelry. they took two guns. and late this week, the lapd arrested two suspects for that, um, here's what bass has to say about the whole incident. do you feel like you were? you were targeted because it's weird that they would just take the guns and not anything else. right angelinos all around the city or not feeling safe, and i did feel safe until my safety was shattered like so many angelenos . so at this point in time, i
4:32 pm
don't have any further information. i don't know if it was random. or what? and that's a reference to when we had the debate in the spring, i asked you do you feel safe? 10 out of 10? you said you felt safe. um you're saying now you're viewing that has changed. and how does that make you think differently about potentially being mayor or about the issue of public safety? well i don't know that it makes me think any different because i thought from the beginning that the number one job of the mayor is to make sure that angelenos are safe and in many neighborhoods, people don't feel safe. they would like to see an increased presence of police officers and my position then, and my position now is that for those neighborhoods that want to see an increased presence than the quickest way to get officers on the street is to get them from behind the desk. it takes a long time to hire. we definitely need to hire but we need to get officers on the street as fast as possible. and those issues of crime and homelessness at the center of
4:33 pm
the l. a mayor's race like they are at the center of so many local races in the bay area right now as well, so we will have a lot more from congresswoman bass when we see you for the issue is this weekend on ktvu alex, looking forward to more of that conversation? we appreciated, alex. thank you. and we should point out the issue is coming up this sunday morning, right here on ktvu. well access to the crisis counseling to crisis counseling through that new 9 80 hotline has prompted a surge in people seeking help. we'll tell you about the growing need for volunteers to help s e ives
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( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪ i believe prop 27 is the right thing to do. i had experienced being in shelters at a young age. having nothing. prostituting. we don't choose this life. i never knew what safe was until i came to city of refugee. people that's coming through these doors are trying to break the cycle. prop 27 will help provide more funding for places like this and help people get off the streets. it feels good to have a place to call home. support prop 27.
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oakland's district this afternoon. these are images taken just after the fire started. several homes have been destroyed here by the flames. ktvu henry lee is at the scene right now gathering more information. he will have an update for you coming up tonight on the ktvu news at five o'clock , more people in distress are calling for help the new 988 suicide in crisis lifeline. has seen a 45% increase in overall volume of calls, texts and chats compared to august of last year , and they area call centers are looking for more volunteers in joining us live this afternoon is chris gun he is ceo of bucklew programs of writer of mental health services there in the north bay. chris a pleasure to see you this switch to the simpler 9 88 number. it's really
4:37 pm
been successful in the sense that the line is reaching more and more people in crisis. that is absolutely correct. it is, um that was what it was intended to do so more people can access this free confidential service when they need it most, and there are 13 call centers here in california. you operate one of them there in the north bay. what are you experiencing in terms of call volume? we personally have received about a 31% bump in the call volume since it's launched. um these are new individuals reaching out . i think it's more accessible. um, and people just need to talk and they need to be heard. and that's what are trained volunteers and staff members can do. given that dollars a month. i'm sorry. how many a month about 1000 calls per month. obviously a very needed service . you mentioned that increase. that means that you need more volunteers. what are the qualifications and what type of training do they undergo? it was absolutely right so anyone can volunteer as long as they're 18 and older and willing to commit
4:38 pm
to at least 14 hour shift a week for a year, so we provide extensive 40 hour training program. there's no prior experience needed. there are supervisors who support individuals as they get through their training needs. and even while they're on shift, we have a on call schedule to support folks who are calling in and it's a great opportunity for individuals to get back to the community and to really make an impact, and a difference in someone's life certainly is, especially when you're dealing with that number of calls. what do you attribute the increase to do you think it is that now there is this simpler, easier to remember number or do you think there are other factors here as well? well i think there's a few different factors that play one is certainly the easy of access . bucklew doesn't currently do the text, but that is coming forward to really reach the youth in our communities, and it's also i think after the pandemic, people are starting to come out. i think that there's a lot of pent up trauma and frustration and isolation. i mean, that's what we were told
4:39 pm
to do, right, isolate and that is really an antithesis of positive mental health. so people are now starting to reach back out and get those services and it's really simple. but all you do is call 988, and i want to get back to your need for volunteers. i know that you are going to have a sort of training session. can you tell our viewers about that coming up? absolutely our next session starts on september 20th just go to bucklew dot org and there you can find out how to sign up. you do have to submit a brief application and you will have a screening. uh interview and then if accepted, we will get you right into the training as soon as possible. it's a 40 hour training. um, you get extensive skill sets and how to support individuals who are experiencing mental health crises. okay again if you're interested in volunteering at that training session happening on september, 20th coming up next tuesday. your final message, though, to those about the importance of a call center like the one that you operate. well again. we are one of 13 and in california, and
4:40 pm
we are working collectively so that we can really reach out to our community and build the support that's out there for them. and for mental health access for everyone. anyone can call to just listen to be supported, whether you're in crisis or having a rough day. alright really appreciate what you do there. thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us a really important conversation. thank you. thank you very much need help? where if you know someone who is struggling, remember? that line is very easy to remember. it's 988 and it is available 24 hours seven days a week. stocks were lower on wall street today after concerning report from fedex. the company says it's expecting to see quarterly profits fall short because of a drop off in business shares and fedex fell more than 21% it's the biggest one day selloff on record, the dow overall was down 139 points . the nasdaq fell 103 and the s and p was off by 28 points. gloomy message from fedex,
4:41 pm
adding to fears that a global recession is coming rich. it soon has more on the decline in demand as the us remains in the grip of historic inflation. i think so. i think we are going to. i think so. a grim warning from the ceo of phoenix, the company is seeing a slowdown and spending and a decline in delivery demand. with inflation in the u. s still running high, the federal reserve is raising interest rates to try to cool the economy and these price increases think you really got to quell this inflationary wildfire? ah or we're going to see a period like the seventies , which is a lost decade of wages and earnings and a real destruction in the in the wealth of americans, a fox news poll found. 59% of voters are extremely concerned about inflation and higher prices. prices were outrageous. you know, you can really tell because you're paying the same amount of money, but it's less product. i think with the college shrinks elation, president biden declared, tackling inflation. his number
4:42 pm
one economic priority, his administration says there's still more work to do, but insists the country is on the right track. we are seeing some encouraging signs, including in inventories up used vehicle prices down and a cooling housing market, which is important. it will take more time and resolved to bring inflation down. which is why again we pass the inflation reduction act. federal reserve officials will meet next week with an expectation chairman jerome powell will announce another aggressive rate increase in washington rich edson fox news. alright a hacker targets uber the investigation into how the company's network was breached. beautiful day over the bay area, but an early season storm is expected to bring rain by the end of the weekend. better details on what ou an
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add some rain to the forecast. here's a look over san francisco across towards the golden gate and the marin headlands, a beautiful shot there with mostly sunny skies around the bay and good to moderate air quality. here is a look at the future cast picking it up for you at this hour notice again. we've got a little bit of fog right
4:47 pm
along the coastline by tonight to tomorrow, it moves back across the bay and will wake up with partly cloudy skies for your saturday morning getting into the afternoon we begin to cloud up. we're now into sunset , and we have the mid and high level clouds overhead. as we transition to this pattern. we may also see the winds pick up. it could be a little breezy for some, especially along the coastline and inside the bay come saturday afternoon into the evening. there's a look at sunday morning notice northern california all the way down to monterey covered in rain. we do expect it to start early on, and then as it moves through, calling for scattered showers, even throughout the afternoon, and it's not just a sunday event. could last scattered showers into monday and a chance on tuesday. that is some good news. as we know we are really, really dry out there, and we'd love to see some wet weather into the forecast giving you a look here at the current temperatures. 25 degrees are 65 degrees in san francisco, 77 napa for the inner east bay. it's a warm day 82 in brentwood
4:48 pm
, 81 livermore 77 in san jose. the winds are generally light out there and onshore breeze picking up a little bit this afternoon, but not too bad. and then tomorrow morning, 56. degrees to start your morning in san francisco. upper forties in santa rosa, so it's definitely feeling more like fall as we enter the last weekend of summer . we've got 48 there. that's the chill in the air 54 in livermore and 56 expected for san jose the afternoon highs for tomorrow upper sixties in san francisco upper seventies for the north bay 78 expected in santa rosa along the peninsula 73 in redwood city. and upper sixties expected over areas of fremont upper seventies for the inland east bay. taking a look at your extended forecast here will go mild for tomorrow. rain likely on sunday and temperatures cooling just a bit more, especially for inland cities will go upper sixties around the bay low seventies for inland cities. temperatures do begin to warm a little bit as we roll into monday and tuesday, leaving in that possibility of scattered
4:49 pm
showers on monday, maybe even a chance on tuesday before we dry out and warm up. just a bit on wednesday. back to you. all right. thank you, rosemary. right the latest edition to the apple lineup is now on sale. how you can get your hands on the iphone 14 and the changes you'll see r have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪ the choice between prop 26 and 27? let's get real. prop, 26 means no money to fix homelessness, no enforcement oversight and no support for disadvantaged tribes. yikes! prop 27 generates hundreds of millions
4:50 pm
towards priorities like new housing units in all 58 counties. 27 supports non-gaming tribes and includes strict audits that ensure funds go directly to people off the streets and into there's only one choice. yes on 27. have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath... ...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain
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could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs. sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm. look these long lines outside apple's fifth ami of the iconic cube store, which attracts more visitors per year than the statue of liberty we've seen so far. fans lineups since the early morning hours of these fans and consumers are looking to spend on their new iphone 14 their new wearable watches and airpods. also in attendance. this morning, we had apple ceo
4:52 pm
tim cook along with the executive team to personally open the door to their flagship store here in new york city, and we spoke to some of these apple fans that were just so eager to be some of the first to get their hands on these new apple devices. if you don't buy anything now in the inflation just keeps on going. never get it, fanboy. i love it. i loaned one of every single iphone since since its inception. i think it's just really value for money, right. you really pay for what you get street to analyst jpmorgan morgan stanley barclays at all say that iphone orders are going better than expected 80 to 90% of the demand right bf these subsidies from those telcos and telecom companies now that's also an indication that consumers are still willing to spend. and that's despite the fact that you have supply chain concerns chips and, yes, higher , although prices have been kept the same this year on your iphone devices in new york city. susan lee fox business. a
4:53 pm
new way to get around is taking off here in the us take a look. it's flying motorcycle. japanese startup just showed this off at the detroit auto show. it can fly for up to 40 minutes at a time at about 62 mph. the x therese, mo is already available in japan, and you'll be able to buy one here in the u. s starting next year. the cost 777,000. was in before before you mentioned the price. exactly cheap. no fly. you can hover right over the traffic. cool. yeah alright, well gaming giant nintendo may be known as the house of mario, but it's looking beyond its major franchises for its 2023 releases. foxes eamon dignam shows us one new game is set to take the gaming world. by storm. nintendo sure knows how to build excitement. in their latest nintendo direct presentation, the house of mario announced the sequel to their critically and commercially acclaimed legend of zelda.
4:54 pm
breath of the wild, which has been hailed as the greatest game of the modern era as one of nintendo's most successful franchises. fans have been waiting for any zelda news since the sequel was announced back in 2019 originally set for 2020 to release the game was pushed back to 2023. many believe due to the coronavirus pandemic. the new trailer for legend of zelda. tears of the kingdom shows the elf like hero link, opening a huge door before free, falling out of the sky. before showing gameplay. the game itself is expected to drop on may. 12th 2023 also announced real time strategy game pickman for a sequel to cult hit role playing octopus traveler and just dance , 2023 editions and exercise game. nintendo also announcing they've said an impressive new record selling almost 3.5 million copies of the new games platoon three in just three days in new york and dignam fox news. the line of mortars for queen elizabeth just too much to handle the seven hours shutdown
4:55 pm
, plus the very famous face spending hours in that line , just to say goodbye
4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. in westminster hall is so long it can be seen on satellite images. the line is said to be about five miles long. there were portable toilets set up along that route. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pay their respects until the queen's funeral coming up on monday and on monday morning beginning at 2 30 am we will have live coverage of the funeral of queen elizabeth the second you can watch it on ktvu plus or we will be streaming it. ktvu .com. the line in london was suspended for several hours today after reaching capacity since reopened foxes madeline rivera has been talking with
4:58 pm
people who are determined to get a chance to file past the queen's coffin. that was in line to pay their respects to the queen at one point face and expected wait time of more than 24 hours. the line of mourners in london resuming friday afternoon after being paused for several hours due to a surge in numbers, getting into the queue really disorganized. i don't think they were expecting maybe the flux of people that they received people braving the miles long line all for the chance to pay their final respects to the queen as she lies in state at westminster hall will become friends, which is really, really nice. i think it's a moment in history. and if i didn't come and celebrate it and see it and be part of it, i think i would really regret it. i think it's going to be pretty emotional. i mean, even though you know we're americans, i think we're really looking forward to it. soccer legend david beckham spotted among the crowd friday. beckham who had met the queen several times over her 70 year reign, says the experience was one that was
4:59 pm
meant to be shared. it's nice to be here to celebrate with everybody, majesty with someone special and will be missed, not just by by everyone in our country, but everyone around the world. later in the evening, king charles, joined by his three siblings stood vigil over their mother's coffin. the queen's grandchildren, including princess william and harry expected to do this. same on saturday. thousands of volunteers are available at different points in the line, ready to offer assistance to those waiting through the day and night in london. rivera fox news ktvu fox two news at five starts now. five crews are working to put out hot spots after a large fire burned at least four homes in oakland, right along the freeway. these live images coming to us, and you can see all of those charred remains. the fire broke out near interstate 5 80 quickly street in the laurel neighborhood. good evening, and thanks for joining
5:00 pm
us tonight. i'm cristina rendon greg wagons as we mentioned that fire is now under control, but crews are concerned about the structural integrity of some of the buildings there ktvu is henry lee is live in oakland with the latest henry greg christine were here at the corner of vista and quickly here in the laurel district. that's about one block east 35th avenue. now we are hearing down on this street. see this greenhouse behind me. firefighters are still on scene . actively trying to make sure that the fires entirely out pg and he is also here, making sure that the alliance are safe and not connected so that the firefighters can continue that work. this is one of four structures here along the 3600 block of quickly in the laurel district in oakland that have been affected by this fire. let's show you some video from earlier today. his stall star is a vegetation fire along 35th avenue


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