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tv   FOX News Sunday  FOX  September 18, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> i'm shannon breem. governors fly migrant, the presidents boost unions and a republican senator puts his party on the spot over abortion. >> we're not afraid to talk about it. we're proud to be pro life. >> senator lindsey graham's proposal putting the issue front and center just two months until midterms. >> abortion rights are on the ballot! >> the real question, which is still not being asked, is which restrictions will the democrats support? >> we'll speak live exclusively with senator graham about the blow back from this big gamble.
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senator graham, only on fox news sunday. >> the american people won and special interests lost! >> the white house takes an ill timed victory lap on inflation, as markets tank. our new fox poll show americans feel the sting of high prices. >> they're living in fantasy land. >> the president helped close a deal to keep trains on the track, but there are questions about what each side is actually getting. we'll ask derrick bernstein about inflation, the union deal and complaints the white house is tone deaf. then democratic governors blast southern state republicans for sending migrants north to blue state cities, as both sides call each other hipocrites. >> what ron desantis is doing is a disgrace. it >> just shows you their virtue signaling is a fraud. >> we'll bring our panel in on the justification and why one
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governor's charge that this could be kidnapping. and some high stakes senate races in georgia and possibly pennsylvania. our sunday panel will discuss the negotiations and the stakes for both sides. all right now on fox news sunday. hello again from fox news in washington. we are just about 50 days from mid terms. headlines on huge issues like immigration, inflation and abortion are changing the dynamics. just this week the president again made his case that inflation, he says, will soon ease. and governors over migrants arrivals forced candidates to respond. in the middle of all of this, republican senator lindsey graham caused outcry in his own party by proposing a bombshell bill banning abortion after 15 weeks. senator graham defended himself on fox news digital in an op ed writing, quote, voters in key battleground states prefer a candidate who supports
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protections at 15 weeks to a candidate who believes in abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy. in a moment, we will speak live exclusively with senator graham and ask him whether his colleagues agree with him. but first let's turn to lucas tomlinson live at the white house where the administration faces a tough time on inflation. >> president biden's poll numbers have increased 3 points but his job approval rating remains under water. a new fox news poll says 56% of voters disapprove. only 50% say inflation is under control. 55% say not at all. james taylor crooning, president biden celebrated the passage of one of his signature pieces of legislation. >> i signed the inflation reduction act into law. single most important legislation passed in congress to combat inflation.
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>> reporter: biden was spiking the football on the south lawn, stocks fell, the biggest drop in more than two years as recession fears continue. on saturday, another chartered bus load of migrants arriving at the vice president's house for the second time in two days. more buses also arriving in new york from texas. governor greg abbott says he plans to send even more. >> if they will not go to the border, we're taking the border to them. >> reporter: florida governor desantis also sending migrants over the objection of some residents who say they can't handle that many and called in the national guard. the migrants were quickly put on a ferry bound for cape cod. the vice president still claiming the southern border is secure. not everyone in her party agrees. >> it's wrong. she's dead wrong on that. >> reporter: experts say inflation, the border and abortion are on the ballot this fall. after senator lindsey graham
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introduced new legislation banning abortion after 15 weeks. the senate's top democrat says this is not a path to victory. >> they're not gonna be able to run and duck and bob and weave and tie themselves in pretzel knots. >> reporter: president biden is in london where he will attend queen elizabeth's funeral monday morning. shannon? >> thank you, lucas. joining us now here in washington republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina. senator, welcome back. >> thank you. congratulations, by the way. >> thanks so much. great to have you here. here's how politico described this bill. graham's stunt is a god send and helps us remind voters republicans want to ban abortion everywhere and from the conservative side you got devoy murdoch said, basically, you've handed the left a box of grinning. >> let me just say, number one. i'm pro life. even in an election year. to those who suggest that being
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pro life is losing politics, i reject that. so listen to what i'm saying and you decide today who you're with. chuck shumer introduced legislation several months ago that would allow abortion on demand up to the moment of birth, like china and north korea, for the entire nation. what did do i in response? i said, at 15 weeks, when the baby can feel pain and suck his thumb, that we're gonna ban abortion except in case of rape, incest, life of the mother. we're talking almost four months into the pregnancy. it puts us in line with france, who's 12 weeks, germany, england who's at 14 weeks. only in washington is it extreme to protect a baby at 15 weeks from excruciating death. only thing i got going for me is every pro life group in america and about 70% of the american people. so i don't apologize for being pro life. i think the pro life movement
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has found a position that most americans will agree upon. there will be plenty of pro choice people who will say at 15 weeks we should ban late term abortions with exceptions for rape, incest, life of the mother. the people are with me. the democratic party is extreme on the border. they're extreme on crime, inflation. to my republican colleagues. now is the time to stand up and be counted. the pro life movement is counting on you. when you ask about abortion, the answer can't be, i'd like to lower inflation. give a logical answer. >> okay. but let me get to this. this is what you said back in june. this is around the time the supreme court was getting ready to overturn roe v. wade. here's what you said. >> there's nothing in the constitution that creates a right to abortion as a constitution at principle. this was a judge made, out of cloth law. what this court has done is taken us back to pre1973 where
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each state can decide, through their elected officials, when life begins and how to treat life. >> back to the states. here's what president biden said. when a lawmaker goes from touting states rights to touting a nationwide ban it becomes clear they're not concerned with the constitution. explain the pivot. >> if you know anything about me, shannon, for 20 years i have been supporting federal legislation banning late term abortion. >> you said states should make these decisions. >> here's what dobbs says. elected officials can make the decision. state or federal. i'm not inconsistent. in 2020, i had a bill on the floor of the united states senate right across the capitol that banned aborg at 20 weeks because the baby can feel pain. i had 51 republicans voting with me and two democrats to suggest that i'm new to the game opposing late term abortion is ridiculous. >> no one's suggesting that. >> listen, i was the author of the unborn victims of violence act that made it a crime to hurt a baby if you attack the mother.
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you'd be charged with two crimes. if you attack a mother and hurt the baby, it passed 72 votes in the united states senate. i never suggested there's no place for the unborn in washington, d.c. if you tell the pro life movement that we're out of business in the nation's capitol, that we can't set some minimum national standard to prevent chinese abortion policy in maryland or california, the people are with me. what am i saying? i will not sit on the side lines and watch this nation become china when it comes to aborting babies up to the moment of birth. i reject that. i will continue to introduce legislation at the national level, setting a minimum standard at 15 weeks, no abortion except for life, rape -- save the life of the mother, rape, incest. >> yes. your record on that is clear. it's the timing that has everybody scratching their heads. >> i'm scratching my head. >> you didn't ask senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >>ive doing this -- >> okay. here's what he said about this
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being a federal issue. here's what he said. >> i think most of the members of my conference prefer that this be dealt with at the state level. >> any argument or overturning roe. so when did you tell him? >> it's not the argument for overturning roe. >> that's the attempt. get rid of roe, send it back to the states. when did you tell him and what was his reaction? >> the pro life community met with him. senator mcconnell is a good man. he's a pro life candidate. he voted for my bill in 2020 to ban abortion on demand at 20 weeks because the child can feel pain. we're not talking about transportation policy. to all the states rights people, there's a lot of things been done in this country in the name of states rights that was wrong. this is a child in being, developing, becoming a human being. at 20 weeks you encourage the
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mother and father to sing to the unborn baby because they can associate your voice with who you are. at 15 weeks the baby can feel pain. you provide anesthesia to save the baby's life when you operate. to expect the pro life community to sit on the sidelines and watch abortion policy in maryland and california abort a baby up to 38 weeks is not gonna happen. dobbs does not require that. dobbs says state or federal officials can do it. here's what i would tell the republican party. be not afraid. stand up for the baby all over the country. we're in line with france, for god sakes. we're three months more liberal than the french. i'm confident the american people would accept a national ban on abortion at 15 weeks with exceptions for the life of the mother, rape and incest and reject the chinese abortion policy being pushed by the democratic party. and if we can't do this for the unborn, what good are we to the unborn? i'll tell you this as a pro life
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politician. if you stand with the unborn, the pro life voter's not gonna stand with you. >> let's talk about voters. you want to control the senatethere are those who say this could cost you the senate. polls show 75% of those who say abortion is their top issue that's gonna motivate them, they're going to vote for democrats. you've got republicans answering for this. you've got don bowlic who said this when asked about your proposal. >> i will support no legislation, zero legislation at the federal level. we don't belong in the abortion arena. that is the states. >> you got a lot of topics that poll well for you. abortion doesn't for republicans. >> this isst wrong track election. i hope the genuines. i hope he wins. 'cause he'll change the course of the country on inflation, on border policy, on crime. but abortion is on people's
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minds. here's what i would tell the general. the pro life movement in this country does not believe the constitution requires us to sit on the side lines and watch a baby dismembered in the 8th and 9th month of pregnancy. we don't believe that. the dobbs decision set us up to elected officials state or federal. so the position of the pro life movement in this country that i am referencing today, is that there is a place, a voice for the unborn in the nation's capital and every republican, except one or two, voted for a 20 week ban. here's what i tell the general. when you're on the stump, look to your opponent and say, what restrictions would you put, if any, on aborting the child? i promise you this, general. america is with you when you say at 15 weeks, almost four months, this baby can suck its thumb, all organs are formed. it shouldn't be aborted unless
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there are real circumstances. the constitution is with us. the people are with us. the 14th amendment means equal protection under the law. i am not going to allow a baby in maryland and california to be dismembered at 38 weeks. a horrible death. without trying to help. i'm gonna keep fighting in that capital over there for the voice of the unborn. this is a reasonable position. it puts us in the civilized world versus china. democrats are adopting china and north korean abortion policies. >> it cannot pass. it cannot pass in the current congress. is it just about making them take that vote >> the unborn victims of violence act took me ten years. i introduced it. it took ten years to get a federal law to say, if you attack a pregnant woman and hurt her child, you will be charged with two crimes. it took me ten years. late term abortion took 12 years. it will not pass tomorrow, but here's the question. should it pass? if you come to washington only introducing laws that can pass
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tomorrow, you're not much good for the country. should we be a nation that allows abortion on demand like china, up to the moment of birth. hell no. we should be a nation that sets a national minimum standard of 15 weeks, like the civilized world. like the french, british and germans. we shouldn't be an outliar. until my last breath i will be fighting for this because in the nation's capitol there is nothing preventing abortion policy in washington, d.c. based on constitutional principles or dob dobbs. here's the question for the pro life movement. are you going to accept the republican party who tells you washington is out of business? i don't think you will. i don't think you should. i hope that the genuines. i hope all our candidates win. we're on the wrong track on crime, on immigration, on taxes, on inflation. but the democrats are trying to put us on the chinese track when it comes to abortion. they're trying to create national law that would allow a child to be aborted up until the
10:16 am
moment of birth. that's the wrong track. our alternative is the right track. >> they didn't have the votes to get that. you don't have to votes to get this. >> we will one day get these votes, as we did with the unborn victims of violence act, as we did banning late term abortions. we're the party against late term abortion. the democratic party is for abortion on demand up to the the people are with us. to the pro life leaders out there, be not afraid. there's nothing wrong with being pro life, folks. >> we got to leave it clear. your position is clear. good to see you on fox news sunday. up next, inflation numbers higher than expected as americans try to cut their costs. we'll bring in white house economic council adviser jared bernstein on how the president plans to help. can he do it? next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> the president admits there is more work to do to rein in the rising prices that have hit americans so hard in the last year. but economists say they remain concerned, as signs in the u.s. and abroad point to continued struggles on invasion. joining us here in washington is
10:20 am
white house economic adviser jared bernstein. great to have you back. >> great to be back with you, shannon. >> new numbers this week as we discussed back in july, they're still at 40 year high. market watch says, do not be fooled by falling gas prices. inflation has spread far and wide through the u.s. economy. they say groceries, rent, home furnishing, new cars, auto insurance, education. all of this surged in august. what now? >> first of all, this is why easing inflationary pressures is the president's number one top domestic priority. on gas prices, in fact, they didn't surge, at least they didn't surge up. they've been falling. they've been falling for 96 days in a row. we're not talking about a blip. we're talking about a trend. down $1.36 per gallon. for the average driver that's about $70 of savings per month. if you aggregate that across all of the drivers in the country, coming close to half billion per day. that's a real bit of breathing room. now, the inflation reduction act
10:21 am
is going to help reduce costs of prescription drugs, of health care, energy. very important to get that implemented. yes, prices remain uncomfortably high. that's why it's the top priority. that's why we're doing everything we can, whether it's release of oil from the strategic reserves that the president oversaw to help on gas, whether it's our work in the ports, whether ocean shipping costs, a bill the preside president signed. we have a lot more work to do, you said it correctly. but we are very much devoted to that cause. >> let's talk about the strategic petroleum reserve. ford said this. it was a big part of bringing down the cost of the gasoline. if for some reason we had a true supply emergency and found ourselves needing that oil, it would be looked upon as a terrible decision that we're at multidecade low on what's available there. energy department spokeswoman said not likely we're going to replenish it likely until after fiscal year 2023.
10:22 am
are we putting ourselves in a precarious situation? >> i don't think so. i think this is one of the real success stories against that part of inflation, gas prices. when they peaked at over $5 a gallon the president oversaw a release of historical number of barrels, 180 million from the strategic reserves. got our allies to release 60 million. so 240 million barrels. that move definitely has its fingerprints on this $1.30 -- what did i say? actually $1.34. $1.34 decline since the peak in june, providing some much needed breathing room to families. but look. we have a lot more work to do. here i think the inflation reduction act is so important. not just what i said about reducing costs in healthcare and prescription drugs and energy costs. but really thinking about the other side. in this case the republicans said their top economic goal is repealing the inflation
10:23 am
reduction act. that's the same thing as saying our top economic priority is raising the cost of health care, raising the cost of insulin to seniors, raising the cost of prescription drugs, raising the cost of energy. that pushes it exactly the wrong direction. >> they have said it's negligenceable the impact of the inflation reduction act and what's done with student loan forgiveness wipes out any benefit. >> the important thing is to look under the hood and see what's in the act in this regard. i think there's two parts of it. the first is when you cap out of pocket expenditures for people, seniors, with serious expensive illnesses like cancers or alzheimer's, diabetes, you're talking about someone who's saving $8,000, $10,000 a year, $6,000 -- $8,000 a year because it's capped at $2,000. when you're talking about finally doing something that both parties have fought for for decades and have failed to get across the legislative goal line
10:24 am
which is is allowing medicare to negotiate for lower drug costs. that's a win for seniors. cost of insulin for seniors. the president wants to extend that to kids. republicans have blocked it. so our plan is to implement these very much in the spirit of helping house holds deal with these price pressures. >> those are important. those are critical cases. all of us would be cheering for that. but let's talk about polling numbers. has inflation caused you financial hardship? 78% of americans say yes. that is up 3% from the last time that you were here. people feel like things are getting worse. they blame the president. 65% disapprove of how he's doing on inflation. even cardi b is weighing in. she is a big supporter of democrats and progressive policies. she's frustrated. here's what she had to say. >> i was looking at some areas. the way the prices soar up. like, how are people surviving? i want to know! you know, like, my family and my
10:25 am
friends, they're so grateful to have me. but it's just like, what happens to people who don't have a me? all these promises are being made, but living is unbearable. >> she doesn't think promises are being kept. what do you say to people who don't have a cardib in their lives? >> i think when it comes to promises made, promises kept, this president and this white house have a very strong track record. when it comes to the polling that you mentioned, i think you have to also get under the hood. i was reading the very article on fox this morning that reported on that poll. it had the following sentence. there are some small but clear improvements in biden's ratings. now small but clear. i think that very much stems from some of the things we've been talking about already. the fact that over the past two months, inflation has been effectively flat. i'm talking about july and august. >> 40-year high. >> exactly. just in those two months we've had flat prices. but over the year, inflation
10:26 am
continues to be uncomfortably high. that's why we are trying to implement all the plans we talked about. when you think about investing in the future, empowering workers, building it here in america, providing american house holds with some breathing room, building more resilient supply chains, rewarding work not wealth through our tax code. those are not parts of an imaginary blue print. those are parts of a blue print that is actively in play. this is legislation that has somehow, by this president, this congress, been moved. i'm talking about inflation reduction act, bipartisan infrastructure law, the chips act. standing up domestic semiconductor economy. electric vehicle industry. reducing cost of prescription drugs, of health care, of energy. all of those would be on the chopping block if democrats are not able to continue to implement those plans. speaking to card ib and anyone else experiencing these pressures, these plans are in
10:27 am
play and they are working. >> okay. we know consumers are frustratedit looks like employers are worried as well. here are some of the headlines, looking at hiring freezes. the fedex box warning of a world wide recession trimming hours, parking planes. financial times, goldman sachs plans to cut jobs. they say deal making is drying up. amazon shrinks air force, hiring freezes. above the law says hiring freezes hit top 50 big law firms. what are they seeing that the white house doesn't, or are you just not willing to acknowledge it? >> first of all, we're very willing to acknowledge any -- we're very much a fact based economic steam when it comes to all of this. i have to give you facts on the other side of that. since this president got here, almost 10 million jobs created. historical record. unemployment rate close to a 50 year low. 3.7%. there are 18 states out there with unemployment at 3% or
10:28 am
below. these are historical numbers. it's about the tightest labor market on record. at the same time, we've been talking about inflationary pressure. we know the federal reserve is in a hiking psych toll try to dampen those inflationary pressures, as they should be. that's cooling off an overheated housing market. these are all dynamics that are in play. in the background is one of the strongest labor markets americans have ever experienced. that is such a critical tail wind given all the other pressures you have just taken us through. both are true. you have to keep both things in your head at the same time. there are challenges in this economy. you have san administration where the president overseeing economic team that is undertaking these challenges with a rigor that i, as a guy who's got aging gray hair over here, have never seen much an aggressive push back on these kinds of challenges. >> with wages being outpaced by inflation, prices, the cost of
10:29 am
borrowing money up again this week. folks are cheering for you at the white house to get this done. thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. >> fed up republican governors are sending migrants to democratic led cities and facing questions over whether that's permitted by law. and a judge rejects the justice department bid to restart its review of classified documents seized from mar a lago. our seasoned panel weighs in next. (vo) red lobster's finer points of fun dining how to endless shrimp:
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want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. >> democrats have called it a cruel stunt. republican governors greg abbott and ron desantis sending undocumented migrants from border states to city us run by democrats. republicans say democrats will
10:33 am
now see what southern communities are grappling with as border encounters reach record numbers. democrats say might not even be legal. they want the justice department to step in. joining us now two legal experts who can help us break it down. former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york andrew mccarthy, and george washington university law professor jonathan turley. both fox news contributors. good morning. good to have both of you with us. >> good morning. >> want to start with california governor newsom, who is calling on the doj potentially to step in here. he says people are getting false representation about where they were going, transported, what would be waiting for them. he said i urge the u.s. doj to investigate whether the fraudulent inducement would support charges of kidnapping under relevant state laws which could serve as an offense under rico. jonathan, you've written about this. >> yeah. it's absurd. they suggest that this can be kidnapping. there might have been confusion. there might have been
10:34 am
misrepresentation for some. but these are consensual trips. they have records of the consent. you have hillary clinton saying this is literally human trafficking, which is legally nonsense. human trafficking is designed to prevent sexual and labor exploitation. these are people who have been released into the country by the biden administration and have accepted trips to cities like chicago, new york, in this case martha's vineyard. they have a right to go on those trips and the states have a right to facilitate them. >> so here's what president biden has had to say about what's happening at the federal and state level. >> we have a process in place to manage migrants at the border. we're working to make sure it's safe and ordinarily and humane. >> so, i remember the supreme court just a few years ago having a fight with the state of arizona where they wanted to take on immigration policy and it's very much the fed's place to do it. the president says they've got it under control. so what of these actions by
10:35 am
these republican governors? >> well, they absolutely do not have it under control. what the governors are doing is exactly the same thing that the democratic administration has been doing. they've been moving people throughout the country as well. we have a statute that says that when people come into the united states illegally, they shall be detained until their proceedings are concluded. we're ignoring that statute. the biden administration is cutting enforcbudget on detention. to single this out, given the botch that they've made of immigration policy, is just staggering. >> okay. want to turn to what's going on in trump world because there's plenty of legal activity there. andy, let me start with you on this. a slew of subpoenas suggesting there's still plenty of active investigations going on. what say you? >> it's clear that they're ramping up investigative activity. they're looking at what they
10:36 am
call the fake electors scheme. they're looking at tampering with the actual election equipment. there's a number of grand jury subpoenas that have gone to people who were in president trump's main circle. i think the immediate problem, at least from former president trump's perspective, is the investigation of mar a lago and the seizures there. at this point that's the one that's ramping up with a bullet. >> yeah. judge can non, who has denied the doj's request to be able to use some of these documents that they want to absent going through first vetting of the special master that's been appointed. she said appointment of the special master to conduct a review of the seized materials is constant with the principles and with the need to ensure at least the appearance of fairness and integrity under unprecedented circumstances. jonathan, she's taken a lot of heat. people will say this is a trump appointed judge. they say she is going to get overturned on the appellate level. what do you think? >> it's interesting that the department of justice filed a
10:37 am
motion pending appeal. they didn't ask to stay the entire appointment of the special master, but instead they asked only for access to about 100 classified documents. that's a smart move. in fact, i think it may be the first smart move i have seen from the justice department in hunting and litigation. the word is aim small, miss small. this is your best bet on those 100 documents. but the special master may be already making progress on that. he's expected to prioritize those hundred documents. there's a very good chance that they will be released. it will be interesting to see if the administration goes further and tries to litigate these other thousands of documents that are going to be reviewed by this special master. the court noted the department of justice itself admitted that it may have been taken attorney/client material, admitted that its teams had made
10:38 am
some mistakes. and so the special master's going to drill down on that but probably after he looks at those classified documents. >> stand by now to see what happens with the appeal. it could end up the u.s. supreme court which is the next thing i want to talk about. justice kayingen is discussing those who have been too political and what happens when courts take certain actions. here's what she said this week. >> when people see them as extensions of the political process. when people see them as trying to impose personal preferences on a society, irrespective of the law, that's when there's a problem. >> andy, what do you make of all these public kfrgs about the integrity of the court, pushing back against decisions they made and whether you agree or disagree going to the heart of what the justices are doing? >> well, i think to justice kagen's point, if you're going to worry about the public perception of the court, you're doing politics instead of law.
10:39 am
the reason we insulate the judiciary from politics is so they can try to decide what the case is based on the law, whether that's a popular result or an unpopular result. i think the minute that you start to take the position that the court needs to worry about the public perception oeufts decisions unless what the court -- unless what the public thinks that the court is making the decisions because of politics rather than because of what the law says, then i think you get away from what the business of judging is. they just can't worry about public perception and what the media's going to say. they have to try to figure out what the right answer is and give it. that's why we insulate them from politics. >> the wall street journal editorial board said this, no doubt, she's frustrated that she isn't in the majority in the most significant cases, but now she knows how scalia and thomas felt for decades. they never attacked the legitimacy of the court. professor? >> i think that's a good point. i just spoke to the 10th circuit
10:40 am
judicial conference. at the conference also speaking was chief justice roberts and gorsuch. chief justice roberts really took offense on the attacks of the integrity of the court. we're having a crisis of faith. that's being fueled by a crisis of leadership. these attacks on the integrity of not just the court but on your own colleagues that are implied in these remarks. >> all right. we appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> up next, we're going to bring in our sunday group about the issues voters say will motivate them the most in november. (vo) while you may not be running an architectural firm, tending hives of honeybees, and mentoring a teenager — your life is just as unique. your raymond james financial advisor gets to know you, your passions, and the way you help others.
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>> the border's secure. we have a secure border in that that is the priority for any nation including ours and our administration. >> the border's open. everybody knows the border's open. it's open because we entered. we come in. free. no problem. >> but it's open for you to come illegally, right? >> illegally, yes. illegally. >> vice president kamala harris saying the administration has the border under control. you saw a contrasting view from a migrant who arrived outside the vice president's home in d.c. francesca chamber, josh holmes, juan williams and jillian turner. great to see you all. feels a little bit like family feud in here. >> girls are gonna win. >> francesca, i'll start with you. obviously there's a different view about what's going on.
10:45 am
we have the southern border state governors sending people to here in d.c., martha's vineyard. looks like political gamesmanship. >> biden administration's stance has been that it's a political stunt, humane. the white house is seeking to use this as an opportunity to talk about what democrats would like to do to reform the legal immigration system including creating a path way to citizenship, groups of immigrants including farm workers and essential workers and whatnot. the biden administration is facing tough questioning about what they're doing to help cities where the migrants are arriving and also where they're being bussed like washington, d.c. and also el paso. and the biden administration is also facing some of that criticism from d.c.'s mayor who said when it comes to republican governors, that she's upset with them for bringing the migrants here. but also that the federal response has been lacking. she wants to see more help from fema. >> it's been interesting to see
10:46 am
democrats and republicans especially in places like texas, we need help. when people show up at their door step we need help from feds to get something done. the president is on this. his job performance on immigration, he has got 32% approval but, jillian, 60% disapproval. not one they want to talk about. >> part of the reason we see those numbers is because the border is not just a story about numbers and data crunching, though border patrol sources already told our border teams that they are on track to surpass 2 million unvetted illegal immigrant crossings this fiscal year with weeks left to go. the story provides a visual narrative, right? we saw recently jean pierre say to peter doocy that people don't just walk across the southern border. this week right on cue we got a very visual reminder from the justice department about exactly how people are getting here.
10:47 am
there was this human smuggling sting. we saw photo after photo of thousands of migrants being rounded up, stuffed in suit cases, stuffed inside emptied out water tankers and piled up on flat bed trucks before getting driven across the southern border. there is a constant visual reminder of what is happening at the border. >> part of that is the human story. i think it's important just to get beyond the politics for a second. politics, seems to me you use these people, you make them into political props. and you say well, wait a second. republican governors are upset. but wait. these people just walked thousands of miles. they are fleeing violence, political oppression and poverty. each of us, as americans, understands, we have family history. we understand where we came from. to see them used as props is offensive. you stop and think about, wait a second. the republican governors have a point.
10:48 am
they're on the border states in some cases and their communities are being burdened by the presence of this surge of people. the people are coming oftentimes the people shipped, for example, they came legally. they came seeking some kind of legal step to -- >> seeking asylum. >> that would consider their standing. but the reality is, the federal government gives added aid to those states. doesn't give it to martha's vineyard. if the federal government says, fine, you want to start playing games, we'll pull our funding. boy i think you're gonna see a different tune. >> okay. two of these governors who are in the middle of this, governor desantis says about the letter to the doj that gavin newsom said. i think your hair gel is interfering with your form. he says all you want is attention. let's have a debate. i'll bring my hair gel, you bring your hair spray. name your time. volunteering to moderate said
10:49 am
debate. there are real people in the middle of this. >> no question. gavin newsom is desperately trying to get everybody's attention saying i can run for president in 2024. let me just address the humanitarian aspect that i think juan addressed here. i don't remember a lot of concern out of progress eufrbs or this administration or the biden administration during the campaign where they sent an invitation saying they would be welcomed at the border. that's caused a two year humanitarian crisis at the border. it has caused real suffering, human trafficking, opioids. all of those problems, that is the problem. will we send them to martha's vineyard once they're here or not, that's not the humanitarian crisis that's happening here. it's the tens of thousands of people that are living in skal hror or being trafficked by coyotes, some horrible things done to women and children. that's the real problem here.
10:50 am
whether or not desantis decides to send them to martha's vineyard. i thought it was a great idea. progressives everywhere in this administration, very generous at spending everybody else's resources, right? when it comes to their own, boy. their favorite vacation destination. now we got a problem, right? that's basically the story. >> i think that's a stunt. i think you look back, specifically at things like separating children from their moms. that was under a republican administration. that's not humane. >> that's happened under democrats. >> that's not good. reality is that america and the congress specifically needs to solve this problem. for 20 years we've known the solution. bump up security. do more in terms of the judicial system to deal with these people. >> yes. but with republicans in control of the house, white house and senate and democrats have not gotten it done. >> both sides prefer to play
10:51 am
politic. >> one side said there isn't an issue. >> next, the debate between dr. oz and mr. federman could be the most highly anticipated but will it happen? we'll read the tea leaves next. ? they're investing with merrill. think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g. she's building a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant. and phil? phil has questions, but none of them are about his portfolio. digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. (vo) businesses nationwide are switching to verizon business internet. (wilder) it's a perfect fit for my small business. (vo) verizon has business-grade internet solutions nationwide. (wayne) for our not-so-small business too. (vo) get internet that keeps your business ready for anything. from the network america relies on.
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(vo) red lobster's finer points of fun dining when mouth is full, and shrimp is endless, the "booth bow" is the proper way to say "shrimp me!" ultimate endless shrimp is back, now with argentine red shrimp. welcome to fun dining. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> do you thin k dr. oz thinks about working people? how many of you have two
10:53 am
gigantic plan shuns? >> he had a nonprofit. also has some properties he owns. he's got tax liens. he ignores them. it gets worse than this. the hypocrisy runs deep. >> john fererman and dr. oz taking another round of pot shot at each other ahead of a potential debate next month. we are back now with the panel. who thinks the debate is happening? >> i don't know. >> the philadelphia inquirer is saying perfectly reasonable to ask how he's able to listen, speak, focus and understand. >> i know dr. oz really hopes so. there's been a ton of trepidation by federman. he's been very lack of communicative on the campaign trail. everything is fairly well scripted. it seems like he's having difficulty navigating the issues. so it's hard to imagine in four
10:54 am
weeks that will change. >> it's all after early voting starts, juan. >> there's going to be a debate. federman has agreed to have a debate in late october. this is silly season. people have strokes. guess what? people recover from strokes. it takes them time to recover from strokes. i think a celebrity doctor should know this, right? >> most of them aren't running for senate. >> he's not running to be president, governor. he's running to be part of a legislative body. the gop problem is oz is under per forming. federman could say even if i have halting speech, i'll do better than a guy who lives in new jersey. >> that seems to be working for him so far. >> yeah. >> let's talk about midterms. fox news polling shows a lift. congressional preference. back in july republicans held the advantage here. but now it has shifted to the democrats. >> i will say that the president himself is getting a boost this
10:55 am
week. it's a surprising boost, first off, given the fact that the fundamental sort of voter building blocks in this election cycle are going to be the economy. the political reality that most americans blame the president for not relieving this historic inflation. he's getting a boost this week. i would describe them as external factors. things that he doesn't really play a large hand in. the fact that former president trump is back in the headline warring with the doj has people ginned up. the scotus ruling overturning roe v. wade. the president had very little hand, perhaps none of those issues but is getting a boost. >> he's not getting a boost when we ask about his approve/disapprove. has the biden administration been competent and effective in managing government? 38% say yes. 52% say no. that is a flip from a year ago when he was leading on that issue. >> over the past two months he
10:56 am
has seen a roughly 5% bounce in the polling. he still is under water. that is under 50% in all of the polling. democrats are feeling better about the midterm elections at this point. the white house has been putting president biden out on -- official events to talk about things like infrastructure. we're gonna see a shift next week. he will be going to florida to talk about the mid term elections. it is supposed to be a speech. florida governor desantis. it's an opportunity for president biden to test his messaging for 2024 also in desantis and former president trump's home state. >> yes, it is. one of the big issues we talked about with senator graham is the 15 week ban on abortion. this is like a gift to democrats. you should be excited about this. politico magazine says if the bill ever gets to a floor vote
10:57 am
it could force senate democrats to declare themselves against a late term abortion ban that will strike much of the public as reasonable. you heard the senator say today. listen, we know that's probably part of the plan. make them vote on this. >> right. the way the senator defends it to say it's a reasonable amount. 15 weeks. i think the idea is that's the start. a national ban. clearly, the people who are opposed to abortion would like to it be a complete ban in this country. >> some states it is. >> right. we've seen west virginia, indiana. even excludeing rape, incest and the like. what we've got to see is the abortion issue has become a leading issue for american women in this election. we've seen a tremendous surge in registration among women since the dobbs decision was announced. you've seen the vote in kansas, a red state, saying we don't want abortion just taken off the books. i think you're seeing people run away from it, scrub their
10:58 am
website, scrub their previous statements in which they were taking on abortion rights. >> others are embracing it. "new york times" is criticizing those who are bringing their wives on the campaign trail. they say cue the emergence of gawdy campaign ads about wives getting candid about their hub byes. gag. that's the word they used. quick final word from you. >> that characterization is disgusting. it's sort of relevant whose spouse, man or woman, is on the campaign trail, right? but to this issue itself senator graham's position not unreasonable at all. democrats position way out of the main stream. problem is it's like your friend coming over and asking how your grandma is three weeks after the funeral. it is not the right time for this, right? >> okay. we're gonna leave it there. panel, thank you very much. we will see you again next sunday. that is it for today. i'm shannon bream. thank you for joining me. have a great week. we will see you next fox news sunday.
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> in the end drag racing and pro football can be boiled down to one simple objective: get across the line. in football that's the goal li line, and drag racing the finis line. to finish that task busy to sport and you will be the champion will request for a lon season. but the parallels don't end there. usually jennifer broome? mike and we have one of those too. the verge may have been nonstop all in his day but our hulk is also prone to acts of overwhelming strength and intimidation people just like o the gridiron the gamestop's abrupt the in the sport as well.


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