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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  September 18, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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moves on shore in the bay area, delivering some badly needed rain. and san francisco 49ers starting quarterback trade, lance injured and carted off the field in today's game out at levi stadium. this is ktvu fox. two news at six. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach. julie. hannah we begin tonight. with that early season storm blowing through the bay area. this is what it looked like this afternoon in san jose want to show you the clouds that rolled in overnight in the north bay than the rain started spreading to the south and east this morning, let's give you a live look out from our roof camera looking west over the oakland estuary. the city by the bay.
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there in the distance, you can see the clouds still hanging out here with that. we turn to ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin for those current conditions. hey, bill. hey mike. yeah the rain really did come down, especially along the coast. check out some of these numbers. santa rosa coming up on three quarters of an inch of rain. casa dero, just north of jenner. many folks know where that is. over 2.5 inches of rain in just the last few hours in the last 6 to 12 hours. san jose very little at this point, but here's the beauty part about this weather system. it's gonna hang on like it just keeps coming. they see that spinner sitting there. it's gonna not. usually these things will move on and migrate in a few hours. this is not going to do that. it's going to stick around till tuesday, so it's going to continue to throw moisture bands up against the coast. and so you can already see some showers moving up into the central valley. that spinner hangs until tuesday, so we've got more opportunity for showers. we had some thunderstorms off of the sonoma county coastline just about
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three or four hours ago. there's a chance for thunderstorms tonight and maybe tomorrow as well. but this type of weather this unsettled, wet on wet off whether hangs on until tuesday, maybe a little into wednesday. so pretty good news from that standpoint, by the time all said and done some areas could in debate, you know, like san francisco could be three quarters of an inch of rain, maybe an inch of rain for lucky. it feels great out there, right, bill. we'll see in just a bit. firefighters are definitely embracing the rain, but it does come with some concerns with how it could affect burn scars in certain areas. ktvu as amended. quintana has the story from santa rosa. santa rosa is expecting about 1.5 to 2 inches of rain over just the next few days. that isn't any cause for major concern, but fire officials are paying close attention to this burn scar. the site of the 2020 glass fire glass fire above santa rosa burn hot. um it wiped out a lot of our canopy trees brush and nothing in some areas has grown back. and so for us that creates a challenge and a concern
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because it allows the water to essentially sheet off the hill and not absorbed into the soil. the national weather service has said. there is minor potential in this area for small mudslides and localized flooding, especially near the hill of that burn scar. the burn scar definitely causes some issues last year with a lot of flooding a lot of water that came off that hill. um so this will be the first test of that hillside this season, but paul lowenthal was santa rosa fire says so far sunday morning, there hadn't been enough rain to cause any issues downtown. the rain was on and off, mainly drizzle. but this storm is here to stay through wednesday, so residents are being told if they've had flooding concerns before they should be prepared now clearing gutters and storm drains ahead of time prepared not just for this event, but for future potential storms this season. this is definitely a weird season to go from record breaking temperatures to now potential of record breaking rainfall in september. that's
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that's pretty impressive. unfortunately there's no forecast right now, in the long term for back to back storms like this, which would be what we want, but we'll take it still , even with just a couple inches , this storm will help lower fire concerns, at least for the next week or so. and it will give firefighters an idea of what to expect for the next storm. in santa rosa, amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. the 49 years game at levi stadium against those seattle seahawks got their first win of the season, but they also lost their starting quarterback, frank mallicoat, in studio trey. lance gone for the year is gone, and there was a good reason why they kept jimmy g around. he came in handy today. that is for sure. but trade lance's season is over . the second year quarterback broke his ankle in the first quarter. it was an option play trade called his own number. the heavy price to lance looked very good, though out of the gate, but we're to 33 to go in the first quarter, we'll tuck and run the ball right up. the gut
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of the seattle defense got hammered by a terrorist seahawks and his ankle got caught up in the wash on the tackle. he was an obvious pain as he goes back down there, his right ankle was put in an air cast. he was eventually helped off the field , he will likely need season ending surgery. said coach kyle shanahan on losing his starting quarterback. it's tough it was you feel for someone so bad. it's very honest, sad moment, but you don't have time to sit there and think about it. you've got to get right back to the game and to the guys did a real good job of that. but we're real happy about the win, but it was a little samba ring. once you get in the locker room, and you see them and stuff, so he's um he's doing as good as you can. you know, he's when i went and saw him he was just asking me about a couple of the place before. um that's about some of his reads and stuff. so it's type of kid he is, and, uh i'm hurting for him. so i bet so. trey is out. jimmy garoppolo steps in the $6.5 million insurance policy. and you, mcgee
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, very little rust despite a drama filled off season with the club 49ers go on to win it, 27 7 , but they do lose trade. lance will have more highlights on what really was a bittersweet win coming up a little bit later, alright? frank thank you before the game. it was all about tailgating outside levi stadium fans came in busses, cars, trucks and on foot two parking lots outside the stadium to barbecue and drink and socialize before the kickoff today, the rain held off so everybody could have a good time before heading inside for the ballgame. the 49ers now one and one on the young season, developing news right now out of the state of nevada, where there has been a plane crash. at the reno air races jet went down and burst into flames during the championship round of the jet gold races. this happened just a couple of hours ago. the reno air association says one plane was involved in the crash at the airport, just a few miles north of reno. video here was taken moments after the crash. the
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association at this time has suspended all operations for the event this year. the condition of the pilot on board is unknown . at this hour. the faa and the ntsb will be investigating the crash. this was not the first crash at the reno air races back in 2011 and aircraft crashed into spectators killing 10 people on the ground and the pilot. sustained a major service disruption today, one week after celebrating its 50th anniversary , two trains got stuck in the tube on the oakland side when near the west oakland station, the other near 12th street. ktvu is greg liggins here now, with an update on service. and what happened, greg julie, just after one o'clock this afternoon, bart tweeted full service was being restored after they had earlier been down to just one track. although the entire service was never shut down. it was a long, arduous day for writers. all lines of bart service were hit with long delays sunday afternoon, and for a time the red line from richmond to millbrae was out of service. bart offered no specifics and
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call the issue and equipment problem on the track in the transbay tube. this woman says she got stuck underground between west oakland and lake merritt during her trip from san francisco to dublin. i got on at like 10 10. around time, and now it's like 12 15. so we were stuck for about like an hour and a half or so. another passenger on that train shared video showing the train went dark temporarily for 3 to 5 minutes, but we're told people remained in good spirits. bart sent another train to help stuck passengers get to the nearest stock. rescue train came and picked us up and we got dropped off here at lake merritt bart passengers were offered free bus service from transit to get across the bridge, even though train service was available system. wide delays were long and one passenger headed to work in the city never made it. call in let everyone know what happened and on my way home now . other passengers told us they plan to use ridesharing to get to their destinations. all passengers had to improvise. they announced that the train
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going to want our creek is not going, so we're actually meeting a friend in one of creek. and he has to drive to, like married to meet us at around two o'clock, bart retweeted rider video of a tow train, saying all tracks were clear and full service had been restored. one week ago, seven year old mason bowen was at the lake merritt stations celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the transit system he loves a week later at that same station he expressed dismay summing up what disrupted his day broke. did not say whether the issue was potentially whether related and somehow connected to the rain. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. alright greg, thank you. firefighters are getting better containment of the mosquito fire in the sierra foothills, the wildfire and plaster and el dorado county's has burned more than 74,000 acres. that's up from a few 1000 acres. just yesterday. containment went up from 21% yesterday to 34% today.
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some evacuees are now being allowed to return home. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the fire at a mobile home park in vallejo this morning that fire started near the corner of broadway and surrender drive right near the kaiser permanente parking garage that fire the lay of fire tweeted this photo. i should say this morning broadway was shut down to all traffic between sereno drivin in fluent way, while crews worked to knock that fire down. the san francisco unified school district has agreed to pay a raise a pay raise for teachers as part of a tentative deal announced today. the agreement includes a 6% wage increase, as well as additional prep time and dedicated substitute teachers at certain schools superintendent dr matt wayne says the agreement is an important step to attract and retain talented professionals. the san francisco board of education is scheduled to vote on the agreement next month. the owner of a driving school on the peninsula faces felony charges of child pornography. 39 year old jonathan is a lia is a geary
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of redwood city is accused of using his position of authority to coerce and entice some of his teenage students to produce child porn. prosecutors say the suspect also persuaded his victims to cooperate by falsely claiming to be in law enforcement. the victims ranged in age from 14 to 17. queen elizabeth's funeral is just hours away, and hundreds of world leaders and dignitaries a gathering in london to pay their final respects, and jonathan hunt in london will have the details coming up and concerns growing for puerto rico after hurricane fiona knocked out power to much of the island and has want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits,
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better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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it of the late queen elizabeth the second to pay their respects . here's a live look now from westminster hall at the houses of parliament, where the queen has been lying in state for several days. a few hours ago, british officials closed the line that is taking upwards of 12 hours to get through. right now britain is set to host the first royal state funeral. in 70 years. president biden among many world leaders in london right now, ahead of tomorrow's funeral. boxing is jonathan hunt has more now from london. the uk
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, the commonwealth and indeed the world is preparing to say a final goodbye to queen elizabeth , the second president. biden is among hundreds of leaders and dignitaries who have come to london. the president was at buckingham palace earlier this evening for reception hosted there by king charles at third, and camilla, the queen consort. earlier president biden and the first lady visited westminster hall. bowing their heads as they stood looking at the queen's coffin as she lies in state. the president then traveled to nearby lancaster house, where he signed the book of condolences and paid tribute to the queen. she was the same in person as you as an image. decent honorable and all about service. and hearts go out to the royal family. king charles and all the family. it's a loss that leaves
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a giant hole. thousands are still waiting in line in these last few hours that they will be allowed to file in to westminster hall and to bow their heads in front of the queen's coffin. the state funeral service will be held at westminster abbey before the queen's coffin is taken to windsor castle. her final resting place. in london. jonathan hunt, fox news. and we will have live coverage of the queen's funeral tomorrow, starting at 2 30 in the morning on ktvu. plus we will also be streaming the queen's funeral service on our website at ktvu .com. texas senator ted cruz was confronted by a man on an airplane who sarcastically thanked him for all he's done since the school shooting in new valley last may. thank you for everything you've done since we've all been all those podcasts. episodes must have raised a lot of money. just yesterday i tried to pass close significant school state. did you vote against party objected
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to it what senator cruz told the man his proposed school safety bill was blocked on the senate floor. last week. the man asked the senator if he knew any of the names of the 21 students and teachers who were killed in that school shooting. cruz said he didn't know the names but didn't provide one and dismissed the man as partisan. for the second time in two days, a strong earthquake has rocked taiwan. the latest quake was centered in the town of she hang on the island's southeastern coast. it had a 6.8 magnitude. there was a 6.4 quake centered in that same area yesterday, with many smaller aftershocks since taiwan's emergency center reports. one person has died in nine others suffered minor injuries. some of those hurt were trapped inside a building that collapsed. one of the victims is a five year old girl. falling debris hit a passenger train and derailed six cars. the storm has left thousands of people without power or running water and also tsunami warnings that had been issued for taiwan
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and japan have since been canceled. hurricane fiona has hit puerto rico. the storm has already left hundreds of thousands without power and is threatening to dump potentially historic levels of rain on the region. forecasters said the downpour was expected to produce landslides and heavy flooding with possibly up to 25 inches of rain in some isolated areas. it adds maximum sustained winds of 80 mph and was moving west northwest at eight miles an hour dream forces returning to san francisco's mosconi center this week. the event begins tuesday and goes all the way through thursday. in this year speakers including magic johnson, jane goodall, al gore, among others. whether performance also by the red hot chili peppers. 150,000 people are expected to attend the conference, either in person or virtually restaurants and other businesses in the cities south of market area are hoping for a surgeon customers art and wine festival returned to the city in full force today. it's awesome. we've had a lot of people out here. um and i think
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everyone is ready to be out after a couple of years of missing the festival. it's been nice to have lots of booths, lots of foot traffic and, yeah, it's been great. the festival is sponsored by the lafayette chamber of commerce and features several blocks of food, arts and crafts, booths, music and, of course, wine to our weather. and with the rain that we had here in the bay area comes this rainbow in east contra costa county. you can see it peeking through the clouds and a bit of blue sky with that we bring in ktvu chief meteorologist bill marin. bill feels good man. it's nice to have that rain back. right yes. so nice to have rain, too. i know everybody in the bay area, appreciating the rain showers heavy at times. it depends where you are over two inches of rain up in the far north of sonoma county. most of us 1/10 of an inch to a half of an inch somewhere in between, but it's not one and done. its thing is going to stick around. so there's a live camera shows some of the fog and low clouds out there. here are some of the rain totals. we look at those
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earlier. it's a moving target, so those are changing constantly. their story with this system is this spin is just staying here. a lot of times these lows will migrate, right? we'll move a lot of time. almost all the time. they start to migrate, but this thing is sort of detached from the main flow of the jet stream, so it's going to spin off shore for the next 48 hours, so waves of moisture are going to move through the bay area and not unlike what we saw today, especially tomorrow there's a wave right now, or a line of showers. continue the thunder shower a few hours ago up around sonoma county, but look at clear lake napa st helena, you're getting some heavy rain in those cells are in those orange areas right in here . the rainfall rates are that says, an inch and our but that's a lot right. an inch an hour is significant rate doesn't mean it doesn't rain for an hour, but the rainfall rate and that shows you gives you an idea of intensity. so those orange areas anywhere from a half inch to an inch and our and that's really aggressive rainfall. belay hole right now. scattered showers. martinez hercules showers. light showers. sonoma heavier showers
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. fremont we've worked our way south, now three months getting some rain there. rainfall rate is probably about a half inch. maybe yeah. oh, no, i didn't look great point. oh, four. uh, 0.22. maybe a quarter of an inch an hour. okay um and then you see the santa cruz mountains. and they write up to over an inch of rain, but that's going to continue. this is not the storm. this is the storm, but see, that's i just took you through tuesday and into wednesday and it just sits there, so the coastal areas will get the most. you notice how it doesn't. i'm going to back it up again. you notice how it doesn't move much the low center and it's really not making it very far inland, either. it's so the coastal areas are going to be the beneficiaries of a lot of this shower activity. that was the computer model. we looked at. timing this stuff is going to be interesting. only because they're gonna things are going to kind of come and go. so tomorrow is the day a lot like today. timing today was like, well, there's some sun now there's some showers. now there's a rainbow now there's some showers. now there's a thunderstorm. that's your tomorrow. tomorrow's highs. it's still kind of mild. these are
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the forecast highs mid seventies despite the clock because the sun is going to come out a little bit. 72 3 months 72 hayward 6 78 in san rafael. so with that in mind, the five day forecast is when you like to see and we did a news story earlier in this newscast about houses do for fire digital. it does wonders doesn't end it for this year, but it really does. it buys us a few weeks, maybe maybe one or two weeks and by then we're getting in doctor. ober right, and then october we'll get more typical range. so a couple more of these songs will be great chance of a thunderstorm. ah late tonight and tomorrow again on wednesday . there's our tuesday. there's a slight chance and then wednesday there's just a chance of some scattered showers. but this is good stuff going to keep coming right for the next 48 hours. i'll see you back here. you guys tonight at 10 11 sounds good, bill. great stuff. indeed all right. thank you. today marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the united states air force. it was on this date in 1947. the united states opened its air service branch of the u. s armed forces as the world's largest air force. it
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has more than 5300 aircraft and more than 329,000 airmen. message from the air force on social media, says quote 75 years providing unparalleled airpower, global mobility and the world's greatest airmen. tesla has hit a milestone with one model of its electric vehicles. the electric carmaker recently rolled it's 10,000 model y suv off the assembly line at its gigafactory near austin, texas. in april, tesla also began selling a variant of the suv with the batteries with battery cells that can give it a range of 297 miles on a single charge. it has a price tag of about $60,000. the plant is reportedly making more than 1000 model wise every week coming up after the break 49ers quarterback trade lands carted off the field with an ankle injury. frank mallicoat here in studio with the very latest on lance's injury, and other highlights from the niners seahawks game tonight at 10. we'll go one on one with san francisco native wrapper and cannabis entrepreneur burner, he
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opens up about growing his empire and changing conversations about people of color n business.
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we don't choose this life. i never knew what safe was until i came to city of refugee. people that's coming through these doors are trying to break the cycle. prop 27 will help provide more funding for places like this and help people get off the streets. it feels good to have a place to call home. support prop 27. jimmy g signing apparently was
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bigger than anyone thought. second year quarterback trade. lance broke his ankle in the first half against seattle today . he has done for the season, but 49ers won the game. 27 7 behind jimmy garoppolo. and this was trey. lance only has four start the nfl. he would be lost with just over two minutes to go here in the first quarter. 49ers have three option play trade asides to tuck and run and he gets nailed role by kobe bryant and brian monet was pretty obviously was in a lot of pain. never got up. you see the replay , they come tumbling down on that right ankle, he will likely need surgery. and there he goes , and jimmy g. getting the word warm up. you're going to play and he hit the ground. chuck in second quarter now up six. nothing then it's garoppolo will lay a beauty right in the hands of tight and rust. weli that's a 38 year bomb and he dies and stretches for the 6 13 or nothing. niner d stepping up in this one, too. here in the second quarter, seattle driving
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a little bit of trickery, attested deejay dallas who will air it out in front of a ton of 49ers and muni ward there for the pick in the end zone night are sitting at two and oh, uh, they lead at the break 20 to nothing at the break team traded touchdowns in the second half, and jimmy garoppolo scores on a sneak 13 plays 63 yard drive, jimmy look good as the niners win at 27 7. they are now one m one home opener. raiders hosting the cardinals were in vegas, arizona tied it late in the fourth quarter with a tv and a two point conversion of force overtime. here's how it finished 23 23 card, a hunter renfroe digging out some more yards. fumble bad news, byron murphy will scoop and fly and go 59 yards the other way. for the arizona win. davante adams had just two catches in the game as the raiders are stunned. 29 23 announced sit in two with their new head coach, josh mcdaniel. baseball dusty baker's astros taken on the 1/7 inning, houston
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up big 82 and about to add three more. martin maldonado, one load the bomb. he had a four for four days. the astros nba's there. 94th loss of the year. giants are played right now that game tied up at 11 against the dodgers. they are in the sixth inning, but the big story, of course, the 49ers win, but trey lance so much drama about jimmy g. will he sign? ah is he going to be the starter and all that kind of thing with tray and tray starts? oh, yeah, bittersweet. you you hate to see it an injury like that that season ending but then the same time they have someone like jimmy g who can just step in and they're all familiar with and who can get them to where they want to go. you know how many starts or how many reps he had with the starting offense coming into this game zero. what does that say about him? he knows the offense the offense and did his homework and came in and did a good job on the road next week
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at denver, denver of hope. all right, frank. thank you. thank you for watching everybody. we'll see you back here at 10. goodnight. the 2022 fifa world cup will see the best footballers on the planet do battle. cristiano ronaldo has one final shot at glory. a youthful usa are set to surprise and we salute the world cup's record breaking golden oldies. the clock is ticking on the countdown to qatar.


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