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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 19, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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for when the next round of wet weather will move in, plus. the ceremony in the united kingdom. thousands turn out the streets of london to say goodbye to their queen. plus 49ers fans likely wake up with a mix of emotions today a dominant win against the division rival but at what cost the season ending injury to their young star quarterback means familiar faces back on the field for good. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian andre senior, and we do want to start with breaking news at 7.6 earthquake on mexico's pacific coast. this quake was centered near akila near the border with coma and mutual can't states trembler came just an hour after an earthquake simulation marking major earthquakes that struck on the same day in 1985 and 2017.
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so far there have been no reports of any damage but stay with ktvu as more information becomes available. sun and clouds over the east bay right now, this is a live look at mount diablo this noon. it's much clearer today, but there may be more rain and storm. it's still rather, meteorologists. rosemary oroczo is here with more on the september storm, rosemary helpfully had an opportunity to enjoy some of that to study a rain yesterday. today it's all about partly cloudy skies. chance for scattered showers, even thunderstorms. let's take a look at what's going on there on the radar where you can see just a little bit of moisture dancing around the bay area ands we stop it for you here notice. we do have a little bit of it looks like activity right over. perhaps the diablo range outside of that it looks to be partly cloudy and dry at the moment. i'm going to pull back, though, because this is going to be the system that continues to bring us that opportunity for scattered showers and the risk of thunderstorms that is not expected to move out of the area until wednesday. so with that
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said again, we're going to call for a mix of sun and clouds for the afternoon today, perhaps on and off a showers, although it doesn't look like a whole lot, especially as we get into the afternoon and that unstable air mixed with the heat, bringing on a slight risk of those thunderstorms. temperatures ranging from upper sixties today at the coast to upper seventies inland. for details on how much rainfall we have seen so far and what we can expect for today and the rest of the week coming up. rosemary. thank you a break in the rain for now, after a late summer storm brought wet weather for much of the day yesterday, a large tree fell in the south bay ktvu james torres reports on the fallout from the rain. in this surveillance video. you see joe amato with a 49ers jersey, putting a cover over his patio tv about 10. minutes later, a tree in front of his house starts to sway. our house is completely surrounded by these type of trees, winds gusting up to 45 miles an hour eventually pushed the tree over ripping roots from the ground and crashing onto the house at the
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time. um otto and his family were in the kitchen cleaning up after a going away party for his college bound son. fingers crossed the roof is in decent condition. you know, i think we had disaster averted because had it hit the left part of the house. yeah, that's where my kitchens at and that would have been catastrophic catastrophes avoided this weekend. a spokesperson with the city of san jose's department of transportation, says amato. took the correct next steps. check if anybody has been hurt, look for downed power lines and smell for gas. if you see or smell any of those things, call 911. don't go near down power lines and if you smell gas, evacuate the area power lines and no gas. now an arborist will check out how to remove the tree. there is an arborist with the city of san jose within the d o t. but they are only responsible for city street trees. any trees on private property is that owners responsibility and he plays that advertises as a tree surgeon,
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or, you know, tree service tree removal. they should have a certified arborist on staff who can come out and take a look at that tree determine how healthy it is, or isn't and let you know if they recommend that you remove the tree. there is a second tree in front of the home right next to where the first tree fell. amata says he has no idea if there's a risk of this one falling over but because of how tall it is and where it stands, he wants to have it removed right away before the next summer storm. reporting in san jose. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. and you can turn to our ktvu. whether at any time to stay on top of changing conditions and track any weather watches and warnings in your neighborhood. the united kingdom in the world. bidding farewell to queen elizabeth the second today her state funeral, drawing presidents, kings, princes and prime ministers. crowds lined the streets of london to at windsor castle to take a look. these are live pictures at windsor castle. right now we're not has fallen on the area. the queen very dear. just a short time ago. the monarch she was 70
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years on the throne there, the last public funeral service. for queen elizabeth, the second wrapped up in london this morning. it was the culmination of 10 days of mourning for britain's longest serving monarch, ktb sle rasmus jones's life to explain the details behind the pub and ceremonially windsor castle is the final resting place of queen elizabeth the second. that's where earlier today a group of 800 people gathered to pay their respects. members of the royal family marched past spectators to accompany the standard draped coffin of the queen inside st george's chapel in windsor castle. about 800 people had gathered inside from members of the royal family to hundreds of people who worked in the royal household. the committal service included a ceremony to remove the imperial crown royal scepter and orb from queen elizabeth's coffin. those items will be set aside and used later on for the coronation ceremony of king charles king, head of the commonwealth. defender of the
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faith and sovereign of the most global order of the garter. hmm. from god. save the queen, too. now god save the king. the words of britain's national anthem have changed slightly. this was the second time that song was sung during funeral services. earlier in the day, it was played at westminster abbey. that's where more than 2000 people attended a public state funeral service, including royalty from around the world and heads of state like president joe biden and first lady jill biden. she was the same. in person issue as an image. decent, honorable and all about service. and hard to go out to the royal family. king charles and all the family. the service was broadcast in more than 200 countries. some people came together to watch on big screens in london's hyde park. i think we just felt that it was
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firstly and most importantly, right thing to come and pay our respects to the queen who has served our country for so many years always had a lot of respect for the queen always had a lot of respect, so we just wanted to come and be in the atmosphere down here. it's not the same as being at home. earlier this morning, hundreds of thousands of people lined the 20 mile route of the funeral procession, many tossing flowers in tribute onto the hearse along the way, the queen's famous corgis as well as her personal riding horse, were waiting outside the gates at windsor castle inside the server. this concluded with a lone bagpiper playing. as the queen's coffin was lowered into the royal vault. ah! queen elizabeth will be buried next to her husband, prince philip, who died last year. now a short time ago, a private burial service took place at st george's chapel with only king charles and members of the immediate royal family in attendance. gasia and andre back to you, ali rasmus. thank you
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and northern california woman received an 18 month prison sentence for making false statements about her own kidnapping and mail fraud. a federal judge ruled that sherri papini get the 18 month sentence plus 36 months of supervised release. in addition, she should pay more than $300,000 for the time spent on the search for her and the cost of compensating the victims, and he said she was kidnapped at gunpoint back in 2016, then held hostage for more than three weeks. evidence gathered during the investigation found she was actually with an ex boyfriend and had injured herself. the first day back to school for students in casselman elementary in san jose since the third grader was hit and killed by a car friday morning memorial was held over the weekend for jacob villanova. the eight year old was in a crosswalk with his babysitter when the driver hit them. both the district says castle mountain will have resources available today for students impacted by this tragedy. national air races ended on a somber note with a deadly crash involving one of the race planes. video here was
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taken just moments after the crash. a jet went down and burst into flames during the championship. brown of the fastest jets. the planes were traveling about 500 miles an hour on a marked course at an airfield 10 miles north of downtown reno. the reno air race association says the jet was the only one involved in the crash. the faa and ntsb er leading the investigation into what went wrong. there have been several crashes in the 59 year history of the reno air races. the worst was in 2011 when the plane crashed into the crowd, killing 10 people on the ground and the pilot francisco teachers are about to get a pay raise. a tentative deal was announced by the separatist co unified school district with the teachers union that includes a 6% pay raise more prep time dedicated substitute teacher ears. the school district superintendent says the agreement is a big step towards getting more teachers to come to the school district and also retain the teachers that they have with that raised the annual salary for teacher in san francisco at san francisco unified school district $67,000 a year the board of education
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will vote on the agreement next month. the debate over immigration is heating up, as republican governors in texas and florida send migrants to sanctuary cities last week, florida governor rhonda santa sent 50 migrants from the texas border to martha's vineyard. they are now at the military base there in cape cod. for weeks now texas has been sending migrants to new york on busses, and over the weekend, six more busses arrived. when we first discovered that the texas governor was actually orchestrating this political, uh , you know, show me ship we reach out to the offices stated . let's coordinate this crisis together and figure out how to address this together. they never coordinated. they continue to send the busses. democrats say texas and florida governors are using the migrants as political pawns. those governors claimed the borders are not secure in that lawmakers in states. far away from the south are not making immigration a priority. midterm election is just seven weeks away, and candidates are trying to energize voters to head to the polls in november is alexandria
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. hoff reports new poehler's polls on abortion and the economy show it will likely be a close outcome. will he or won't he run for reelection for now? president biden won't say my intentions. i said that began with is that i would run again, but it's just an intention. but is it a firm decision? that i run again that they managed to be seen. control of congress also remains to be seen. and with seven weeks to go, the midterm campaigns are heating up. thank you. this is our fight . it is a fight that we absolutely must win this weekend. former president trump rallied for ohio senate candidate j. d. vance. but the senate is a toss up, a new nbc news poll found. democrats are running even with republicans on which party should control congress and the abortion issue may have something to do with it. six in 10 voters disapprove of the supreme court's decision this summer to overturn roe v.
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wade assigned republic. con's may not get the red wave they hoped for. last week, south carolina senator lindsey graham put republicans on the spot by proposing a federal ban after 15 weeks. i'm pro life even in an election year. and to those who is yet suggest that being pro life is losing politics reject that. but the poll also found inflation is having a major impact. 63% of voters believe their income is falling behind the cost of living. they also disapprove of president biden's handling of the economy. prices remain uncomfortably high. that's why it's the top priority . that's why we're doing everything we can. president biden did say he'd make a judgment on running again sometime after the midterm elections in washington. alexandria hoff fox news stunning developments on the field during the 49ers home opener. quarterback trade land suffers a season ending injury and jimmy garoppolo steps back into his previous role. what's happening with lances injury as
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. backup quarterback jimmy garoppolo came off the bench to lead the niners to their first victory of the season. ktvu joe fonzi has reaction from other 49ers stars on what's proving to be a very strange season already talked about a 49ers quarterback controversy was put to an end in their win over seattle with the injury that ended this season for trey . lance jimmy garoppolo is once again the team starting quarterback 49ers spent the entire offseason grooming their offense to the talents of lance. and his teammates are sympathetic to the emotions. he is now feeling and just seeing all the work trade put in from this year from last year to this year kind of broke my heart, you know, pray for him, you know, he's a great, great guy. that's what makes himself special. you know, it just sucks. those things are just freak accidents . unfortunate. so this feeling bad for trey, but they're also reassured that in garoppolo, they have someone who's been
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there before and brings a sense of continuity. i thought jimmy looked great. and it felt like niners football, man. we're doing this thing for five years. you know, uh and jimmy's been around for a long time. and, ah i mean props to him for just being such a professional. and being ready to go turns out to be a very, uh, smart move for us the fact that we have a quarterback who's done so much for this organization already and his, uh, has all the experience that he has, and the fact that we get him back is very big, fair team, cal. call it someplace that i knew some new ones for me, too. so that was fun, huh? but now it was it was. it was a good process. i try to prepare this whole time like a starter anyway, so it was just like i said, like riding a bike. another little interesting fact about garoppolo. the first rep he took with the first team this year after he found out he was returning. the 49ers was when he stepped on the field on sunday. in santa clara joe fonzi
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ktvu fox to turn back now to the wet weather that hit the big area. the winds have calmed down after yesterday's wind advisory wineries in livermore say things were strong enough to move their customers indoors. even so, winemakers say they're grateful for the wet weather. yeah it's very welcome. if we were getting 3 to 4 to five inches right now, i'd be very nervous, but but there's a little bit of rain. very nice little bit easier on our aquifers did a little free water for the vines. they say the wind will help dry the grapes that are still on the vine, so they'll be ready to pick when they're fully ripe in a couple of weeks, growers say they're relieved to be getting a little water now, and they're hoping to see more rain steady through the winter months. so the question now is, will there be more rain in the forecast? meteorologist rosemary oroczo is here with more on that raspberry and gasia. so the wettest day behind us that was a yesterday into early this morning. now it's just going to be a mix of sun and clouds, scattered showers and the threat of thunderstorms as we get into the first part of the week. here's is a nice look there over san francisco, where we do have
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mostly cloudy skies from this vantage point. as we get into the second part of the afternoon, the unstable air they're likely to bring on at least the risk of a thunderstorm or two. with this type of pattern, it's hard to say exactly where it will occur. but the scattered showers and the threat of thunderstorms definitely favoring more of the north bay. take a look at some of these numbers from yesterday into today, ben loman in the senator's mountains, reporting more than two inches as well as cassandra, more than two and 41/100 of an inch reported there. here's a look at again at the center of the storm. so while this is hanging off, our coastline will continue to have this pattern in place. the sun the clouds and then waves of rain just coming ashore and bringing us scattered showers throughout the afternoon and all for today. but tomorrow finally moves out on wednesday. here's a look at what we're seeing out there right now. it looks like we have just a little bit there over the higher elevations on the east side of livermore. the diablo range, maybe a few
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scattered showers moving up over areas of the santa cruz mountains as well, but for most of us, it's a dry one out there, and it's relatively pleasant as well. the winds are generally light coming in from the north fairfield conquered, reporting 56 mph coming in from the south over oakland, six mph and our temperatures are a lot warmer in most areas. livermore, the one spot where we're down by 17 degrees, but areas over santa rosa were up by 10, nevada. we are up by nine by a few degrees over areas of sfo temperatures at this hour 70 degrees in concord, upper sixties in brentwood to the south based 71 over san jose and low seventies in napa upper sixties over san francisco, as well as oakland for the afternoon. today we'll go upper sixties to upper seventies 73 for san rafael along the peninsula, 76 in redwood city and for the east based short 74 expected for hayward. better details on what we can expect in the days ahead and the warmer weather coming our way as we head into the first day of fall and the first weekend of fall coming up in just a bit. president declares
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an end to the pandemic. but is that really the case here? what he said in an interview and how one of our your projects done right
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his administration with his latest comments on the end of the covid pandemic pandemic and is over and we still have a problem with covid. we're still doing a lot of work on it. ah it's but the pandemic is over. if you notice no one's wearing
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masks, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. and so i think it's changing, and i think this is a perfect example of it . price of gasoline president said. the pandemic is over. during this interview on cbs 60 minutes. they came just a few days after the director of the world health organization said the end of the pandemic is in sight. the cdc says nearly 400 people die every day of covid in the united states. some health care experts say it's still not time to declare the pandemic over. i do hope you're with us earlier today on mornings onto the nine when we talk live with ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter chin hong, he said covid is too unpredictable to declare the pandemic is over an aspirational goal we're getting there. um we're coming down the mountain. but we're not definitely, uh, uber the covid pandemic. it's still amounts us. um and i'm worried for three reasons. the first reason is that too many deaths. it's several full higher than a normal flu season number two. it's unpredictable. still and number three. there's still
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a lot of inequities in access to treatment and vaccines. some experts are concerned about a resurgence of both covid and the flu this winter, which is being called a twinned emmick. dr chen hong also said it's a good idea to get a flu shot along with the updated by vaillant covid booster. despite worried that in me, cause me to have a little bit of side effects. i still would get it on the same time because overall the protection that i would get with that i would want and the confidence i would have after getting them with trump. you know any possibility that they may be, you know, a little bit more adverse effects. although i've been hearing that for many people, they haven't felt anything. experts are also concerned that reduced exposure to flu viruses during the pandemic has caused immunity to wayne more aftershocks in taiwan following a pair of large earthquakes over the weekend, the largest aftershock today was 5.5 magnitude. we're now getting video from inside the building that collapsed in taiwan early yesterday, four people were trapped inside, including a five
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year old girl and her mother. it took them nearly two hours. rescue crews only two hours to get them out. they had only minor injuries. three other people were also hurt. when the bridge they were driving on collapsed. there was one person reported dead because of earthquakes, measuring 6.8 and 6.4 magnitude. we also have video from under and inside the building that collapsed, trapping four people, including the five year old girl and her mother. it took almost two hours to get them out, as we said, but their injuries are minor. we're told three other people were also hurt when the break they were driving on as we mentioned before collapsed. navy veteran and contractor who was held hostage in afghanistan for more than two years, is now free. mark frerichs was abducted in january of 2020. he was last seen in a video earlier this year, pleading for his release for eric spent more than a decade in afghanistan. as a civilian contractor. he was let go in exchange for the release of a notorious drug lord in taliban member who was held for years at guantanamo bay. welcome relief for the firefighters and those who live in the fire zone
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in the sierra foothills. an update on the growing containment and what residents are finding as they go home. hurricane fiona bringing severe damage to puerto rico before bearing down on the dominican republic and fox weathers
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this thing, it's making me get an ice bath again. what do you mean? these straps are mind-blowing! they collect hundreds of data points like hrv and rem sleep, so you know all you need for recovery. and you are? i'm an invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to... nasdaq 100 innovations like... wearable training optimization tech. uh, how long are you... i'm done. i'm okay. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. fiona made landfall in puerto
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rico, knocking out power for millions of people. fox weathers will none leaves in pants to give us a first look at the damage left behind. fiona strengthen to a hurricane and tore through puerto rico and the damage is catastrophic power has been completely knocked out for the entire island up to 30 inches of rain falling. we're also seeing record breaking flooding and mudslides, forcing thousands to hunker down and shelters houses in the flood zone. and it's not in very good condition. i'm worried because it's an old house and it needs repairs. it's still too early to fully assess the destruction, but there are reports of major infrastructure damage, including bridges and roads, winds of up to 90 mph ripping homes apart in damaging businesses. most folks say they're staying in place. for now. the wind doesn't get you with a branch hitting you. then the flood will get you because you won't be able to make it through president biden has declared a state of emergency promising federal funds to help with the rescue and recovery effort, but it won't be easy or cheap. the island still hasn't fully recovered from hurricane maria,
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which hit five years ago this week, destroying much of puerto rico's infrastructure. and with the flooding likely to continue for the next few days, it's not clear when the power will be restored a level of fear the level of devastation the level of scarcity right and the ability dating infrastructure on the island has not improved and the storm isn't over yet setting its sides on the dominican republic in the bahamas by tuesday. puerto rico. will nunley ktvu. fox two news. we have more coverage of fiona on our fox weather app. you can download it right now by scanning the qr code on your screen, or you can also download it in your app store. hellfire says this weekend's rain has helped firefighters better contain the mosquito fire burning in eldorado and plaster counties. it's burned over 76,000 acres and is now 39% and it's morning incident. update. cal fire said that containment is almost doubled in the past 36 hours. this increase in containment can be attributed to the rain and the hard work of
12:32 pm
firefighters who have been working around the clock. with increased containment crews are letting more people go home to the sierra foothills. take a drive up and behold, i got home . i saw my chicken still there. they saw a bunch of red retardant around my property. so, yeah, they did an awesome job to protect everything. just really grateful that we have a home to come back to and several evacuation orders were dropped over the weekend. as more people came back, they discovered whether or not their homes were still standing. at least 78 buildings were destroyed in the fire. fire says the rain has made a world of difference, but still, crews are remaining cautious. long as it's steady and not a torrential downpour will be fine. however you can see the dozer lines back there. several over here. when this rain hit. what's that dirt going to do is going to turn to mud? so even our track vehicles we're going to have, such as those are going to have difficulty. cal fire is telling people who can finally go home to carefully check their properties for things like loose debris and
12:33 pm
burned trees. the battle over tunnels being built in the delta is heating up again. one california congressman says he will introduce a bill today that could effectively kill federal support of delta tunnel project. central valley congressman josh harder of democrat is that bill and says california needs to do something more innovative that the delta tunnel, then the delta tana when it comes to moving water around the state. delta tunnels doesn't modernized anything. all it does is build a giant tunnel to take the water that our community depends on and sends it down to los angeles. i don't call that modernization. i call that theft. the department of water resources says it won't comment on pending litigation, but in a statement said the delta conveyance project projects against water future water protects against future water usage supplies losses caused by climate change. sea level rise in earthquakes it allows us to capture, move and store water by making the most of big but infrequent storm events, and it would help us ensure the state water project will remain reliable. authorities in alameda county near san lorenzo, say one
12:34 pm
man was killed in a suspected road rate shooting that happened late yesterday afternoon near the wal mart of the 2 38 8 80 interchange. we have video to share now from citizen app of the scene. one man was taken to the hospital where he later died. investigators say the shooter took off toward interstate 80. anyone with information about the case is asked to call the alameda county sheriff's department. emotional day and around the world and around the nation to is. the britain said goodbye to its longest reigning monarch, lauren blanchard has the latest the world, saying goodbye to queen elizabeth, the second honoring her life and historic 70 year reign members of the royal family following behind her majesty's coffin as it was brought inside westminster abbey , where thousands of guests including president biden, and the first lady gathered for her state funeral. we gather from across the nation from the commonwealth. and from the nations of the world. to mourn our loss. to remember her long life of selfless service resting
12:35 pm
atop the queen's coffin, the imperial state crown orb and scepter as well as a wreath cut from the gardens of royal residences, accompanied by a note from her son, king charles, the third outside the abbey. hundreds of thousands lined the streets of london, listening to the service on speakers while waiting for a final glimpse of the queen. it's part of history. is very emotional. i didn't really think that it was going to do. when you saw the family coffin passed, it was very touching so much for all of us such a great woman so special. following the funeral. the queen's coffin was carried by gun carriage through the city, making its way past buckingham palace one last time before a final procession to st george's chapel in windsor, where another service was held for nearly 800 guests in london. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. i hope you're with us during mornings onto the nine when we spoke with alex sinclair, the director of the british manila
12:36 pm
but benevolent society of california. he said. during her reign, queen elizabeth was able to keep the monarchy relevant even with the shrinking of the empire. elizabeth has always had a steadfast hold on the way that the country has viewed the monarchy and also the empire as that transition into a british modern role. she has made sure that slow but very quiet statements have been made. to allow us to transition into a new stage of our government. sinclair also says queen elizabeth was always surrounded by top advisers and was open to meeting people who could speak to the needs of the british and people around the world. when i go around the world, i look at the people in the crowd. a lot of lot of them are latino, and they say you motivate me to start my business to follow my dreams coming up. we'll talk with rapper entrepreneur in san francisco native burner about his growing empire during the hispanic heritage month is considered a local legen and is
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now d
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air.
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yes on 30. highlighting the work of a san francisco man who's making history is now the head of a billion dollar empire in an industry where 90% of the top executives are white. the man is named burner. he credits his latino heritage and being raised in the city. with his success, claudine wong sat down with the men who is an artist, entrepreneur, father and now cancer survivor. let them know
12:40 pm
that you got a right to be in the business. hard man to define . but the san francisco native says one word describes him best . i would just say i'm a workaholic. that's probably the best way to describe it. at 38 years old. he's not putting limits on what's next. opened up a weed store bags. got your boy in a weed war 16 years after his first album was released, he says his music still has a message. i think i'm telling him that anything is possible. i'm trying to tell them, you know, to keep that good vibe and that good energy out there. i feel like a lot of my records are just feel good records. um and i'm also representing the struggle because it took a lot to get where i'm at 11. years ago, he founded his famous lifestyle and cannabis brand, known as cookies like dirty money cookie that i'm lighting this summer insider called cookies, a $1 billion empire. the business landed burner on the cover of forbes magazine. he is the first cannabis entrepreneur to grace the cover of that magazine since it was
12:41 pm
founded back in 1917 like when i hit the cover of forest magazine that was huge. for a latino business entrepreneur with the music that things have accomplished with cookies. i just want to motivate more latinos and you know to be in positions grew up in san francisco, a young kid in a studio apartment dreaming about what could be i mean, i grew up on top of the mexican restaurant on fillmore in california, and you know my father's um, you know, his family is all 100% mexican. so i like to just say i'm latino. i mean, that's where i mean, when people ask me to break down, yes, some mexican italian, but more kind of resonate with the latino culture . then he says, there weren't a lot of people at the top who looked like him. but when i started getting to where i was going in the number one thing i heard when i was out and out and about was you motivate me. and when i look at my shows, and i look at when i go around the world, i look at the people in the crowd. a lot of a lot of them are latino. and they say
12:42 pm
you motivate me to start my business to follow my dreams to do music to try to get in the cannabis industry and we look around the campus industry. there's not a lot of black and brown people so i'm here as a face to motivate people to follow their dreams and to force their way and when it comes to cannabis burner has always been in. i fell in love with cannabis when i first tried it. his first job at 18 was in a dispensary 20. years later, he calls the business of cannabis, both controversial and cutthroat. it's also complicated industrywide, there has been an effort to de stigmatize marijuana use in latino community. was born in part from how the u. s is viewed and handled marijuana use, but also from policies dating back to the 19 thirties that negatively associated marijuana with black and hispanic communities with almost 50 dispensaries in operation and locations around the globe burner, is looking to change the conversation for the entire industry. i think cookies has helped normalize cannabis. i think that you know we made it. i mean, even by putting on
12:43 pm
apparel and good apparel. this is not just a t shirt with a print on right. like i think we help normalize it. i think we're one of the first brands. i think we're one of the first globally recognized brands, so i think we help normalize cannabis just as like a real business. but you know, at the same time we're a big platform. if you go to a cookie store if you go into burners on hate and san francisco right now you'll see the shovels. probably maybe 30% of our of our brand, and then the rest is other brands. and so we built a platform all around the world to help catapult other brands and other good players in the industry. now he is building on that platform with what he calls his creative compound in marin county. marijuana mania new york edition. he's working on the commercial for cookies. it's a place to continue his show marijuana mania supported cookie brand, his podcasts and all his new projects, a place he found last year just after he was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. honestly when i got cancer about this building,
12:44 pm
and it's because they say, you know for cancer survivors, it's really about your diet is about your health. it's about purpose. so besides being a father and i'm working on have another kid right now as well. besides being a father, you know, you have to have purpose to be here and i feel like there's a saying that like write it while you're hot right away. you got it, and i'm gonna ride the wave until it hits the stands. so as long as i got this this momentum and i got this reach, do as much as i can with it. today he is cancer free and says he is appreciating life more trying to take more time for himself. his 15 year old daughter and the new baby on the way, but even now he is committed to making sure his brand is a reflection of him. i like and then we pick them and if i pick them, then we need come over designed. so are you the you decide anyone else decide? no. yeah. as long as i'm alive, decide. hmm that's the way it has to be. the man who is
12:45 pm
hard to define is in some ways. still that little kid living above that restaurant in san francisco. dreaming about what could be that passed by it all the time just to just to remind myself like this is where the dreams were at this where i used to dream about everything we're doing now kind of manifested a lot of it. ktvu fox two news. boehner says san francisco is a big part who he is who he is calling it the birthplace of independent music, and he's also developing cooking shows, documentaries and podcasts as well. ktvu website has much more information on hispanic heritage month just go to ktvu .com slash hispanic heritage month northern california fire crews are relieved to see the storm that's crossing the bay area. the moist air means even if new fires break out, are less likely to spread quickly. areas though that have burned in the past few years are at a greater risk of flooding and mudslides. this includes the area that burned in the glass fire up near calistoga without any trees or grass in the land. the rain water just
12:46 pm
runs straight down the hillside. even in the flatter areas, the recent high temperatures baked the ground, so it's less likely that any water will be absorbed. prepared not just for this event, but for future potential storms this season. this is definitely a weird season to go from record breaking temperatures to now potential of record breaking rainfall in september. experts suggest that people use breaks in the weather to check their gutters and storm drains to make sure that water has a place to go. they also say now's a good time to think about it. the evacuation plans in case your neighborhood has ever threatened by flooding. alright speaking of water right now we're looking for more of it. meteorologist rosemary oroczo is here to tell us if that system is going to bring us some more rain in the coming days. yes we do have an opportunity for a few scattered showers. nothing like what we saw yesterday. some areas picked up more than 2.5 inches of rainfall. that was a quite incredible most of us anywhere from a quarter inch to half inch giving you a live look here over san francisco towards marin and the marin headlands and all those beautiful cumulus clouds there into the north bay
12:47 pm
sonoma reporting almost an inch of rainfall north. they definitely favored well, but even areas like san jose reported a little bit more than half inch san francisco picked up more than 3/10 of an inch castro valley 6/10 of an inch. ah oakland anywhere from quarter inch to 3/10 of an inch or so depending on where you live. here is a look at storm tracker to where the scattered showers will continue to push through. just very on and off in between the clouds as well as a plenty of sunshine out there today. but here's the center of the storm that continues to bring us the unsettled weather. it's not moving any time soon. it's expected to move a little bit closer to the coast into tomorrow, and then it takes really until about wednesday before it crosses over and moves out. there is a look at the future cast. here's a look at this evening. where again we're talking about the mosquito fire and take a look at all that moisture hanging overhead so likely to have some rain there for the evening hours for us. this pattern is really hard to say exactly where the scottish showers are going to fall. any
12:48 pm
of us could actually see some of this and as we get into the afternoon, the more unstable air mixed with the heat will equal the possibility of maybe thunderstorms. so that will happen today. perhaps tomorrow wednesday. it's finally moving out, and we will be warming up for the first day of fall and into the first weekend of fall. how much rainfall do we expect between now and wednesday? well you can see not a whole lot we could see up to a quarter. of an inch, especially if we get a thunderstorm in those brief downpours. meanwhile temperatures outside very mild 64 half moon bay 70 in san francisco in the north bay, 72 napa, 72, walnut creek and for our south based 71 over san jose lot of seventies to go around for today, a low seventies and oakland seventies and napa upper seventies for concord, livermore, antioch. some beautiful weather for us as we get into the extended forecast tomorrow, we are not expecting much change is going to be a near repeat and then it wednesday because the temperatures drop off just a little bit again. the system begins to move out. we're drying
12:49 pm
out first day of fall on thursday and into your weekend temperatures are now into the eighties. far inland cities will go up for seventies too low eighties around the bay and upper sixties to about 70 degrees for our coastline with dry conditions back to you. thanks. helping veterans get their benefits back how a new state law could impact thousands of vets who lost those benefits during the military's don't ask, don't tell period taken home. terry bradshaw's money yet so fox bet super six is upping the ante and increasing the jackpot to $1 million would like a shot of terry's money this week. download the free super six app on your phone. enter your six picks in the nfl sunday challenge contest. all your six pixar correct y win. good
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wait. you're a night manager and mom and birthday cake baker? so adding “and” student might feel daunting. national university is here to support all your “ands.”
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national university. supporting the whole you.
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welcome to my digestive system. it's pretty calm in here with align probiotic. you see... your gut has good and bad bacteria. and when you get off balance, you may feel it. the bloating, the gas - but align helps me trust my gut again. plus, its recommended by doctors nearly 2x more than any other probiotic brand. just one a day naturally helps promote a balanced gut. and soothe occasional bloating gas and discomfort. align probiotic. welcome to an align gut. in california, according to triple a. the national average for the cost of a gallon of regular gas is $3.67 that is
12:53 pm
down about four cents from week ago here in the bay area, the highest gas prices in san francisco, san mateo, marin and napa counties, or the average price is about $5.71. it's $5.60 in alameda county. people looking for work across the state are doing so in a shifting job market. ktvu tom baker takes a look at what's behind the change. even though job growth is positive in california, that growth has slowed significantly. in august, new jobs stood at 20,000 way less than the 60,000 new jobs. the golden state is averaged in the last year. on the other side of slowing job growth. the number of layoffs are now increasing. employment lawyer michael bernick is a former ed director. i think it's a warning signal that, um are they healthy job growth and, um , enormous recovery of jobs in the past two years is slowing and we're entering a new phase. all of this caused the unemployment rate to increase
12:54 pm
slightly from 3.9 to 4.1% still very low by all historic standards here in california. at some time. a slowdown in growth was expected since the state has already recovered more than 97% of the 2.7 million jobs lost during the first months of the pandemic, but layoffs, especially in banking, finance technology. picking up but not spiking across the labor market. california employers continue to try to hold on to workers, um, given the difficulty, of course of finding work. in fact, there are now a near record 1.3 million california job openings , 150,000 more than previous months, including the astonishing reality that once again more than 400,000 workers quit their jobs at the same time among blue collar jobs and wrecked service jobs. these are jobs and home repair and jobs
12:55 pm
and certified nurse assistants and long term care and um, disability services, independent living coaches and support staff. um employers can't find workers. fact remains. if you want a job, you're likely to find one. especially if you're willing to try something where special skills or degrees are not mandatory. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. ukrainian officials say russia is guilty of war crimes this after another mass grave was discovered in north eastern ukraine. investigators say they found evidence that shows people were not only held captive but also tortured. they fear there are other temporary prisons were russians interrogated, then killed ukrainian civilians. they kept our locals here in the cellar. the people were firstly processed psychologically at the train station where they destroyed there will then when the russian soldiers beat testimonies out of them testimonies they needed. the people were brought here to the seller. they were kept here without food and without medical
12:56 pm
supervision. ukrainian and international investigators say more than 440 bodies were discovered in that mass grave. they say it'll take weeks to determine how the people died and who they are. the kremlin has not responded to ukraine's accusations of torture. speaker nancy pelosi condemned azerbaijan for what she called illegal and deadly attacks against armenia. pelosi led a delegation to our media this weekend, which included bay area congresswoman and issue in jackie spear of whom are of armenian descent. fighting between our media and our subregion broke out last week over disputed territory, marking the biggest escalation between both countries and two years. ms californians. all three of us recognize the 40% of armenian americans. in california, so we feel this is a family visit for us. the azerbaijan ministry of foreign affairs criticized speaker pelosi's visit, calling it a serious blow to normalize relations between armenia and azerbaijan. a new state law could help veterans who lost
12:57 pm
benefits for violating the military's don't ask, don't tell policy years ago in 2012 by president obama. but some veterans say they have hit a wall trying to get their benefits back. when president obama rescinded formerly don't ask, don't tell the department of defense created a away for veterans who had been discharged under this policy. to have the opportunity to correct the record. don't ask, don't tell was enacted during the clinton administration so that gays and lesbians could still serve in the u. s military but not openly prior to 1993, gays and lesbians were banned from serving and importantly to reestablish their eligibility for full veteransbenefits. but many veterans sadly don't know or can't even access this important process. military times reports that 14,000 servicemen and women were forced out of the military because they admitted their sexual orientation as gay or lesbian under. don't ask, don't
12:58 pm
tell it was the thing that almost maybe not enlist, um, because i had to make a conscious choice that i was going to go back into the closet that i couldn't share. all of who i am as a as an individual human herrera served in california's army national guard in the early two thousands and says, although she didn't disclose her sexuality while serving, she remembers how it felt to be investigated. it made an already difficult situation being deployed to an overseas country. the job that we that we were working in the environment that we're working under and then to have our own unit. um come after us as well for you know, simply because of you know who we love a b 3 25 will establish the california veteran's discharge upgrade grant program assisting veterans released under don't ask, don't tell and clearing their records and getting the benefits they earned. military times is also reporting that the v a plans to
12:59 pm
make its own announcement on monday, saying that it will reinstate the benefits of those released because of their sexual orientation. monday also marks the 11th anniversary of the peal of don't ask, don't tell lamonica peters, ktvu fox two news, therefore, celebrating 75 years as its own branch of the u. s military on september 18th 1947 the u. s open the air force or service of the u. s armed services and as the world's largest air force, it has more than 5300 aircraft and more than 329,000 service members, including some stationed at fairfield. tens of thousands of people will be back in san francisco this week for dream force that mosconi center basketball legend magic johnson's among the speakers this year red hot chili peppers will perform live 150,000 people are expected to attend the conference, either in person or virtually heads of restaurants and businesses in the city south of market area hope for a surgeon customers. this event begins tomorrow and runs through thursday. let's see if they bring their dollars with their good ideas. many of the
1:00 pm
restaurants nearby certainly looking for to be sure. all right, thank you so much for joining us and watching ktvu fox two news at noon. the latest news and whether any time of the day you c simply download the kt news (audience applause) - [voice over] can you guess what this is? if you guessed cowboy, then you'd be a great contestant on pictionary. our first celebrity captain is the pictionary king of palm springs. from rupaul's drag race, it's ross matthews. and with him, are coworkers, anna and isaac. our next celebrity captain is an actress, comedian and proud owner of a samurai sword. from the black outside again tour, it's amanda seales. she's joined by coworkers, claudia and amanda. and now the host of pictionary, jerry o'connell. (audience applauds) - thank you. welcome to pictionary. you know what? i'm just gonna go ahead and say it.


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