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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  September 19, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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he wants to over killing my son. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth and welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm alex savage. and i'm claudine wong. we turned first to that deadly shooting that deadly road rage shooting that happened in the east bay after an argument in a chase ends in gunfire at a busy intersection in san lorenzo , our crime reporter henry lee is here. now, after speaking with the victim's family, henry the victims, a newlywed who was chatting with his wife on facebook messenger when this happened from thousands of miles away in the philippines, the wife was helpless, and she heard the argument and then the gunfire. ryan hardison shown and his wife loved got married just four months ago in the philippines. now she's in mourning after her husband was shot and killed in a road rage incident in san lorenzo. that's it. gone i spoke to love who's in the philippines via facebook messenger. the newlyweds were chatting the same way at the
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time of the incident at about 4 30 sunday afternoon, love was listening live when her husband driving his toyota tacoma pickup got involved in a dispute with several people in another car. that argument led to a chase that ended at a busy intersection of lou welling in his berrien go out. not to go out from his car. but i didn't hear many. our victim got out of his vehicle and did confront the suspect vehicle and at that point, several shots were fired one or two steps or three steps away from his car. i just heard a lot of lot of gunshots, a lot of gunshots. county sheriff's lieutenant ray kelly says the tragedy is a reminder not to engage with angry drivers get yourself away from any type of escalating road rates situation we really would encourage people , um, to take an exit or to make a turn and get away from the situation for love. she will only see her husband in her dreams. the two got married in may after more than two years of being in a long distance
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relationship. chatting through facebook calls. a lot of pain. tired upset. reinhardt has worked as an installer at tesla and fremont for a couple of pare heartbroken. this is unfair. like i know my son. he's working . he's a good man. mercy felix tolentino said he was told the shooter fired at least eight rounds. why you have to shot it like that. just over there some all argument like that, and then you know, and then he he killed like an animal. the sheriff's office is following up on a number of leads anyone with information or dashcam video is asked to give him a call. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. san francisco police are investigating two homicides that happened just hours apart. the first was just after 10 o'clock last night, police found two people suffering from stab wounds inside a home on geary street, the lower nob hill neighborhood. they were both
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taken to the hospital where one of those victims died. the other is being treated right now for life threatening injuries. so far, no arrests have been made, and the motive in that killing is unclear. the second homicide happened just before three o'clock this morning at laguna street and golden gate avenue in the city's fillmore district. this is citizen app video of police securing that scene. investigators have not yet confirmed the victim was shot here, however, shot spotter technology did detect 10 rounds of possible gunfire in that area . police have not announced any arrests or said what the motive was clean up around. the bay area continues from yesterday's series of storms. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary joins us now live from the east foothills of san jose, where the storm did cause damage. he has details on that as well as what residents can do before this next storm system comes in jesse. claudine san jose transportation department officials saying they are dealing with more than a dozen incidents of trees that
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have been toppled, as well as tree limbs around the city. that does not include the most serious and the scariest incident here that has one homeowner, grateful his roof is still in one piece and other homeowners thinking about the trees on their property. across san jose. the sound of recovery is a familiar one has been here have never had any issues and, you know, just worst nightmare. homeowner joe amato supervising the cutting and removal of a near catastrophe. still technically summer sundays, mid september soaker softened, parched soil, the result for the amato family, their longstanding front yard tree crashing on their roof as they headed to the 49ers game was allowed shake, and i was like, hold on, ran outside and holy smokes. the whole tree is laying on the house, san jose transportation department officials say so far. there are 13 incidents of falling trees or tree limbs associated with sunday storm
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sites are spread from the east foothills to downtown piedmont hills in the east neighborhoods in west san jose. additionally storm drains have produced localized flooding on some streets did not catch us off guard, though absolutely it's sooner than usual. colin haney says the city turns its attention to foul weather starting in july preparation for rainy season, he says after the most recent bout of rain, homeowners should inspect their trees on their property and elsewhere. if they haven't had them pruned in several years. it's probably time to get a professional out to take a look. so we recommend that you contact us certified arborists and have them take a look and see if it's time to prune. back to the amato house. what's left of this tree is being put into the chipper a shocking conclusion to a weekend when football was the only thing on their minds. thank god for this fence that we put in just what maybe year and a half ago. it, uh, caught, i think took the brunt of the of the fall and they were lucky could have been a lot worse. lucky because at
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this point, it seems the amato family escaped serious roof damage, city officials say. if you see a potential problem, don't wait. call them or 311. alive in the east san jose foothills. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. all right, jesse. thank you. we want to turn now and talk about our weather. rosemary oroczo joining us now, and rosemary will see the blue skies there behind you. a lot of folks might be thinking well, we're done with all the rain that we saw yesterday. not quite quite. yes that's steady. rain is moved on, alex, but we remain with the possibility of not only a scattered showers but thunderstorms, and we actually have a thunderstorm over the inner east bay at this hour, giving you a look here at a beautiful golden gate park. we have a little bit of fog drifting just inside the golden gate. and we have all those clouds up above the clouds continue to move through. here's a look at storm tracker too. and if i stop it for you there, you can see we've got it looks like
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a thunderstorm in the sacramento area. we also have one right over the antiochus area. so thunder lightning the brief downpour that comes along with it, perhaps even a little bit of small hail as we head to the sierra foothills. i want to point out we have a steady rain right over the mosquito fire at this time until the low the center of the storm moves out of the area. we will remain with this possibility of scattered showers, thunderstorms in and out of the sun and the clouds. there's a look at the center of circulation, right, they're not really expected to move out completely until wednesday. better details on what we can expect for your baby area tuesday and the rest of the week coming up. alright thanks. rosemary would allays on bart in the east bay this morning due to a medical emergency officials say a person in crisis was taken to the hospital after entering the track area at the north berkeley station just before six. a.m. part says the person may have been hit by a train, but they did not have further details for us this afternoon. the station was closed for about a half an hour while crews responded. still to come today
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on the four the official end of an era the elizabethan age comes to a close as queen elizabeth. the second is taken to her final resting place. the conclusion of 11 days of mourning up next president biden discussing the end of the pandemic, claiming it's over what that means and what's ahead in the fight against covid-19 have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what???
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♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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by millions here in the bay area , one of the places that a lot of people gathered this morning to see the service was in san jose. britannia arms almaden english themed sports bar opened early and turned all of its screens to tv coverage of the queen's funeral bar, said it was an honor to be open to pay respects to the monarch. just a privilege to be open to pay a little respect to a woman who gave 70 years of her life to my country into the commonwealth and to the world. pretending
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arms. almaden also had a guest book, which it says it will be sending to buckingham palace. anyone can come by over the next couple of days to sign it and to leave words of condolence in london, members of the public had their last chance to pay respects to the queen before the state funeral at westminster abbey. as foxes madeline rivera shows us president biden. other world leaders were among the 2000 mourners who gathered to honor her memory. an emotional day here in london, as the uk said goodbye to its queen of 70 years. the day of mourning began with a funeral service at westminster abbey, attended by president biden and the first lady, along with hundreds of world leaders and dignitaries honoring a monarch respected across the globe majesty famously declared. on a 21st birthday broadcast. that her whole life would be dedicated to serving the nation and commonwealth. rarely. has such a
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promise being so well kept after the service. the queen's coffin was taken on a gun carriage through the streets of london. king charles led the royal family and walking behind the queen's coffin. hundreds of thousands came out to bid farewell to the only queen most of them have ever known. you can't actually believe that we won't see her anymore, but this was the last thing the last time three shots procession, then made the journey to windsor castle, king charles and senior royals once again joined the procession walking behind the queen's coffin into st george's chapel committal service was held inside and then in a particularly poignant moment, the imperial state crown orb and scepter were removed from the coffin and placed on the altar symbols of the queen's reign that will now be passed down to her son. king charles, the third the queen was laid to rest in a private ceremony. she was buried next to her late husband, prince
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philip, in london mouth rivera fox news and there, you see president biden and first lady dr jill biden boarding air force one on their way back to washington. following the funeral, the president tweeting during the flight back to the us that he was working to address the needs of puerto rico in the wake of hurricane fiona will have more on the impact of that storm coming up in just a bit. president biden is raising some eyebrows with comments he made about the covid-19 pandemic. pandemic and is over and we still have a problem with covid . we're still doing a lot of work on it. ah it's but the pandemic is over. if you notice no one's wearing masks, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. and so i think it's changing. and i think this is a perfect example of it. the president made those remarks in an interview on cbs's 60 minutes that aired last night. it comes just a few days after the director of the world health organization said the end of the pandemic is quote in sight. for more on this. we're joined now by dr peter chin hong infectious
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disease specialist at ucsf, doctor always good to see you. do you agree with president biden? have we truly moved beyond the pandemic? i don't agree. unfortunately president biden. i wish it was so i know when we say things. it's over like we're over it. it's different, colloquially from the reality and reality. is there still disease around? we're in a lot right now in the bay area, but i think most people are expecting us to have an increase in cases again in a few months. i mean, obviously president biden, the politician wants to be able to say that covid is behind us here. but when we look at the numbers here will put up the latest numbers from the cdc. we're talking about more than 50,000 new cases a day still here in the us ah, and there you see it 360 deaths per day is what we're averaging in this country in terms of the data that does this still qualify as a pandemic. no i think we need to have two features for me to
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be really convinced that we're in and endemic stage or something in the background like influenza. the first is predictability nobody can predict. and the only thing predictable is that covid is unpredictable and, secondly way too many. that's like you pointed out several times higher than a regular flu season, so that's something extra that we had since 2019 even in a loud, clear it like now, we're since seeing many more times when you average it out per year. yeah. and you talk about that unpredictability and we are expecting and i think that a lot of cases were sort of bracing for this next new variant of concern. a lot of people think it's coming here in the next few months. how does that change the whole dynamic of you know whether or not we are really turning the corner or moving beyond this pandemic? well as long as they are unvaccinated people in the world. there's a chance of a variant being created. that looks different
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from what we have and what antibodies can capture. if you think about delta, it happened in india and unvaccinated people. if you think what omicron south africa and unvaccinated people, africa still has only about 30% vaccination rate, the middle east, not much more so again, we need to think about vaccine, everyone, not just us, despite waves of natural infection. comments like this from from the president, it seemed to signal that the federal government is trying to shift from responding to covid-19 as this emergency health crisis as we have for the past few years to more of having more of a long term strategy, as you said, trying to manage this disease, keep it in the background. keep it at a manageable level. what do you see that shift looking like here? well, i think the biggest shift is frankly dollars. um and i think what you're going to see is a ship from the federal responsibility to responsibly at the local government level, and that's no chump change. if you think about all the things that we've learned to take for
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granted, because it is, after all, more than individual health, it is public health. uh you know your pop up vaccine clinic in your neighborhood paying somebody paying for your testing? i mean, right now, the going is good. but i'm worried about inequities. not everybody having access to a zillion tests to buy it. walgreens every day. um you know when things get rough, and i'm hoping it doesn't get rough, but again, we want to be prepared for that eventuality. all of these interventions are going to go on the private market starting very soon. some of them already have . and that means that people without insurance won't have the option to be as liberal in getting access to all of these. finally here as we wrap up, doctor, you know, obviously we're hopeful that the end is near to this pandemic. what are the metrics that that you are looking at? to let us know that this pandemic is officially over. but i think you know i get i'm hoping that the next increase in cases will be in the
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wintertime. just like influenza. then we'll have kind of a law until next winter. if that's the case, you know we time off flu shot covid booster at the same time were predictable and everyone lives in harmony. i and i'm hoping that will be the case and again even if we settle down two more deaths more manageable amount of deaths per year with proven you know, i think we can predict that. but right now, you know all that's off. we just want that predictability. we appreciate your insight, as always. dr peter chin hong from ucsf. good to see you. thank you. same here likes by coming up a grassroots effort to get disaster relief for undocumented workers impacted during emergencies. the summit aimed at making a c nge i the bay ea
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they are coming together right now for a special summit with the goal of making sure undocumented workers and their families get the support they
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need during a disaster. it's the first ever undocumented summit. it started yesterday in santa rosa, and it goes through tomorrow. advocates we should let people know what they're calling attention to the undocumented essential workers who stayed on the job during wildfires and heat waves and during the pandemic and did not qualify for federal disaster relief for more on this, let's bring in gabriella orontes, just recovery partnership manager at north bay organizing project thanks so much for joining us. thank you for having me, gabriella. let's talk about this. we know we've had, you know, obviously a pandemic. we've had wildfires. we've had a lot of other things that have impacted our entire population here in california. here in the bay area across the country, how have you helped people who needed help, who weren't included in the disaster relief? yes thank you again. my name is gabriel orantes just recovery partnership with the latino community foundations just recovery initiative here in sonoma and napa counties, and,
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um, where here so proud of the organizations that have trump together across the state to support our undocumented communities. um and locally, we have um. locally um, i manage a partnership of 10 organizations that came together and the 2017 wildfires and we're here in partnership with, uh, 30, plus organizations from ben trivial valley up to sacramento, who have responded not just in terms of disaster, um ah of wildfires and heat waves. but during the pandemic as well to support residents, community members of california who were left out of federal emergency assistance programs, so what happens is that there's no money necessarily designated for them . and so you guys have brought together money to distribute that to the communities who still need help. we everyone needed help in those situations.
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absolutely they were left out of programs and policies. um and we honor and recognized the contributions and where, um, coming together to demand and uplift the voices and demand that these policies account for members of our community who contribute so much. um uh and pay around $3 billion in combined state and local taxes and deserve the, um deserves the support that everyone else is getting. let's talk about the changes that you are calling for. specifically what action would you like to see happen at the state level at the federal level to better support these undocumented workers who obviously risked their lives to put food on our tables during the pandemic and during wildfires? um sure. so at the moment we are, we've the organizations that are gathering together. we're never, um the
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setup to be disaster response organizations. however they have risen to the occasion. and we, um, call and welcome policies that account for immigrants and, um, that move. to incorporate language access into emergency operations plans and emergency disaster response planning because that is what we have seen is that formal disasters response systems have typically left out immigrants. people who speak other languages people with access needs and we want to see that changed. gabriella, have you gotten a good response for from elected leaders from different people or is more awareness need to be made in terms of, you know, kind of what needs to happen next and the work ahead. work is ongoing. it was great to see that the moved with philanthropy and, um to, uh in during the pandemic to ensure that there was one time relief
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for undocumented, um workers and many of the organizations that are here acted in that time to move funds to undocumented workers. and but that was one time and we're looking so we've been heard, but we want to see long term solutions from our policymakers. and i know that your your summit started yesterday. it continues through tomorrow. but by the time that you're all said and done, what what? what are the goals? your you and your colleagues with these other nonprofit organizations? what are the goals that you want to accomplish here? by the time you finish with this summit? we wanna we recognize that there's so much power in the organizations and the communities that they come from , and we want to uplift that and bring them together. um uh, we're so proud that we could host them here in santa rosa. um in sonoma county. um and, uh, the goal is to ensure that, um
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when a disaster strikes um and we know we just had an earthquake here in sonoma county last week, so we know that disasters can happen at any moment. but we want to ensure that the structures that are in place are can adapt and, um incorporate all set all residents, um and, um we are very excited that we have been able to come together and provide that space, um so that the stories can be shared because what began as one undocumented here in sonoma county five years ago, has had a ripple effect and has been replicated across the nation. um and there are now reported 80 plus models, um, oven documents and so we want to be seen and heard, um, so that are undocumented community can be, um, integrated, and, um acknowledged for all of their contributions to our regions.
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gabriella orontes, thank you so much. we have to leave it there. we appreciate the conversation, and we wish you the best of luck at this first ever and occupied summit that you're holding there in sonoma county. thanks for joining us here on the floor. thank you. crews continue to work in ukraine to recover hundreds of bodies found in a mass grave there now calling this a war crime. this comes as the country continues its counter offensive against russian forces. us president biden not giving a definite answer when asked if he will run for a second term, what's ahead for both democrats and republicans in the 2024 election?
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figures today that public health officials are calling out of control and the disease growing at the fastest rate. plus we continue our coverage of the passing of queen elizabeth the second, the queen's image everywhere in britain and coming up at five how the government is embarking on a massive rebranding across the uk. alright well, yesterday we got a bit of rainy relief here in the bay area. of course, that spells good news for firefighters. all the wet weather means that new fires that start are likely to be slower to spread. and the moisture also resulting in this gorgeous rainbow here that was captured on our cameras here at ktvu, and that's not the only benefit of all this moisture. i want to bring in ktvu s tom baker. this is good. what we saw yesterday here in the bay area good for the reservoirs. well it's good for the reservoirs to some degree, but the people that
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benefitted the most of the people who live in southern marin recall back in december, and in january they had these large atmospheric rivers. and while everybody else was really starving for water, their reservoirs filled up to almost full. then what happened? was they relaxed. some of the conservation requirements. but a lot of people didn't take that. seriously. i said, let's just keep conserving. so this time over the weekend, we have this rain about an inch to an inch and a half fell around mount tam and its environs. and the thing that's amazing is on friday, it had excellent amount of water. now it has 106% of the normal they would have. over the many years. they've been keeping records, so they're really above average, which is untrue for almost every other reservoir in the state of california. conservation has been huge in marine county. uh you know, i think the average citizen is really helping out with that. and mm wd directors are really helping out and the young kids right now in the high schools,
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they're really into conservation and everything. so this just goes to show you what can happen when you have a community really just push push ahead with conservation efforts, and everyone adheres right? and because they knew that there was this kind of bounty, they didn't get into this while we can just do whatever i want now, you know, i mean, you're allowed to wash your car, but the point is, you're still only allowed to do sprinkling a couple of days a week. and people took that. seriously no power washing people took that seriously. you don't see a lot of people are doing any of those things. and the thing that's important is they keep conserving so as a result there in much better shape coming into this new rainy season. most other places are on the five o'clock where we really expand on this. we're going to take a look at the sixth biggest reservoirs in california. these are giant reservoirs. and the amount of water they have is appallingly. well, well, i was gonna ask you here what we're seeing in some of those other large reservoirs. obviously the answer coming up tonight when you put your story together for five oclock really looking forward to it, tom. very good. appreciate it. cal fire says
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this weekend's rain showers have helped firefighters better contain the mosquito fire that is burning and el dorado and plaster counties that fire has burned more than 76,000 acres. it is now 39% contained in its incident update today. cal fire said that containment has almost doubled within the last 36 hours, and it says that can be attributed to the rain and the hard work of firefighters. who have been working around the clock. emergency crews in puerto rico are still carrying out rescues and assessing the damage after a direct hit from hurricane fiona, as foxes will not only tells us millions of people are without electricity and a state of emergency has been declared. we're still in the middle of this. some um, yeah. event officials in puerto rico say they remain in rescue and response mode following a direct hit from hurricane fiona . the storm made landfall on sunday packing 90 mile per hour winds, knocking out power to the entire island. more than three million people record flooding
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is being reported with the governor, calling the damage quote catastrophic. unfortunately so i have to say that the hurricane and now the storm related storm. has impact has covered the whole island and about 22 inches of rain falling here so far, and another 4 to 8 inches or in the forecast hundreds of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed, prompting water rescues and widespread evacuations. at least 1300 people slept in shelters last night, bringing back memories of hurricane maria, which devastated the island five years ago this week. it will speak to, uh just to not see this again after what happened, but here we are again the same situation with the same issues. a state of emergency has been declared by the white house, promising not to leave puerto rico in the dark. there are also at least a dozen states sending aid or personnel hoping to shift the rescue effort into recovery mode . new york state will do everything in our power to help them. and we've always been there for each other. but now is
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when they need us the most. fiona is now moving north. it could hit bermuda as a major hurricane by the end of the week in ponce, puerto rico, will done late fox weather to mexico where a major earthquake hit the pacific coast, killing at least one person this afternoon. the magnitude 7.6 quake was centered 23 miles south east of the town of akila. one person was reported killed in the port city of mensa neo, where a wall collapsed at a shopping mall. this quake was felt nearly 300 miles away in mexico city, where people ran out into the streets . the mayor there said. there is no word of any major damage in the city. by coincidence this quake happened on the same date as major deadly quake that struck in 2017 as well as 1985. less than an hour before the quake hit. mexico city residents took part in a nationwide quake simulation set for the anniversary of those previous earthquakes. at least one person was killed in a strong
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earthquake in taiwan yesterday. the magnitude 6.8 hit yesterday evening. most of the damage was north of the epicenter. crews were able to rescue a family of four people from the collapse of a three story apartment building. a bridge also collapsed on a two lane road and that same town, government officials say three people whose vehicle fell off the bridge were rescued and taken to the hospital. ukrainian troops continue their counter offensive against russia and russia is now pushing back russian missile struck close to a power plant in southern ukraine. as foxes jeff paul tells us this comes as ukraine uncovers more evidence of war crimes. russian troops striking a massive power plant in the southern region of ukraine overnight, with authorities denouncing it as an act of terrorism. meanwhile ukrainian forces continue to liberate towns and villages throughout the country, but as they do, they are beginning to uncover evidence of what they are calling war crimes and the kharkiv region of forces finding
4:37 pm
locations described as torture cells at a train station supermarket and a seller of a home. they believe these locations were used to imprison , interrogate and eventually killed many civilians whose bodies were likely dumped afterwards following this president zielinski vowing that ukraine is prepared to continue reclaiming territory. maybe now it seems to some of you that after a series of victories, we have a certain law, but this is not a lull. this is preparation for the next series to the next series of very important words for us, which must be heard because ukraine must be free, all of it. crews continue their work in islam to uncover hundreds of bodies in a mass grave. many of those bodies showing signs of torture. president biden speaking about what it will mean to win the war in ukraine, winning the war in ukraine is to get russia out of ukraine completely and recognize the sovereignty but winning the war and the damage is doing and
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the citizens and innocent people are being killed. it's awful hard to contact us winning prosecutors and izzy, um, are working to build a war crimes case. meanwhile the kremlin responding to the allegations, saying, it's all quote, a lie. and keep jeff paul fox news, us navy veteran and contractor who was held hostage in afghanistan for more than two years, is now free. mark friedrichs was abducted in january of 2020 and was last seen in a video earlier this year, pleading for his release. he spent more than a decade in afghanistan as a civilian contractor and was let go in exchange for the release of a notorious drug lord in taliban member who was held for years. guantanamo bay in a statement today, president biden said, in part, bringing the negotiations that led to mark's freedom to a successful resolution require difficult decisions, which i did not take lightly. our priority now is to make sure mark receives a
4:39 pm
healthy and safe return. a special event happening tonight aimed at opening a larger discussion about the public symposium happening in the hopes of educating the community on constitutional freedoms up nextr the bay area with the risk of thunderstorms in and around this afternoon. better details on what you can expect for the k ah
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saint mary's college in moraga focused on the legal questions of religious exemptions to discrimination laws meant to protect lgbt q rights. this event is being held in recognition of national constitution day for more on what we can expect. tonight we're joined by steve wolpert, professor of politics at st mary's college professor. good to have you on we appreciate the time and i appreciate you coming on to discuss this event. you're
4:42 pm
bringing together a number of constitutional law experts for this panel. and you're focusing on what we what we are seeing play out across the country. in many cases, these are exemptions for religious institutions that oftentimes infringe on the rights of members of the lgbtq community. what are the key legal questions you are hoping to tackle tonight? well both sides in this dispute are basing their claims on values that are foundational to the american experience. on the one hand, freedom of religious expression is protected by the first amendment. and equal protection under the law is protected under the 14th amendment. but what happens when two valid constitutional values come together. and the constitution, of course, doesn't define what these terms mean. it's up to the supreme court to explain the meaning of the constitution. so while the supreme court has yet to reach a definitive answer on this question, we wanted to
4:43 pm
create an opportunity for an honest and respectful discussion. by respected experts about a topic that is potentially divisive. it's certainly so much that has happened in recent news from robbi wade and some of the wording that came out of that decision is now as congress is considering how to codify you know, same sex marriage into law and have that what that will look like? how has the discussion change with recent events in a way that had you had this? you know panel come together five years ago versus coming together tonight. would the new kind of areas and ways that that you're looking at this same subject matter. well we get organized this originally before the dogs decision came down, but it didn't come as a complete surprise, but what it's done is to create a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about where the court is headed. um will dobbs lead to future decisions that threaten the rights that l g b t
4:44 pm
q people have achieved in recent years. there's much more support and the american people for gay marriage than there used to be. but the court itself is quite concerned about protecting religious expression. so we've got a lot of uncertainty, and i think anxiety on both sides. i imagine a lot of the discussion is going to be. it's going to be forward looking here about how the supreme court in this country now with a with a conservative supermajority is going to settle these issues here. you you talk about a lot of states having laws that prohibited prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, but they also allow exemptions for universities, religious institutions that allow withholding services to members of the lgbtq community. for example, how how do you see this supreme court squaring those two things that that both are true. well it's going to be a question whether one side prevails over
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the other or whether there's room for common ground or meeting place. some kind of compromise. um are forum is not designed as a town hall or referendum where we're going to declare a winner, but we do want to explore the possibility that there are ways in which we could , um reach resolution where neither side feels like they're being deprived of their rights. certainly as this debate and this conversation continues, i mean, we're seeing with dobbs so much happening at the state level and locally in terms of really how many people are really paying attention to not just this subject. it better but how it leads to the ripple effect, you know is that that's also important for because i feel like everyone's kind of gotten a con law. you know, crash course you know, with with recent news events yeah. a lot of people are paying attention to the court. which makes me happy. um i should point out that not all religions have conflicts with all rights for lgbt q persons and not all
4:46 pm
opponents of religious exemptions are themselves gay or lesbian or trans people. but it's such an important issue. we want our society to be informed , and we want to allow space where people can have serious honest discussions. because toxic polarization is really threatening our democracy and we need to be able to create spaces to build mutual understanding and trust. yeah such important issues. happy to hear that you you and your colleagues coming together to discuss them again. that's steve wolpert, professor of politics at st mary's college , talking about the panel discussion happening later tonight. we appreciate your time. thank you. my pleasure. pretty day around the bay area. we've got some cumulus clouds out there. plenty of sunshine temperatures running warmer by several degrees in most areas this afternoon. we still have that unsettled weather, though, and in fact thunderstorms roaring across portions of the state. here's a look at the san francisco beautiful view there
4:47 pm
where we got some clouds right at the top before we step forward. how about a step back and look at some of these numbers been loman more than two inches reported there since the wet weather began, mount diablo reporting an inch and 78 100 so close to a penchant 8/10 casa dero almost 2.5 inches and most areas picking up anywhere from a quarter inch to half inch, including san jose, coming in more than half inch slightly. san francisco about a third of an inch union city 8/10 of an inch sonoma. almost an inch danville 67 107 inch. here's a look at the center of the storm. that is just going to continue to push that unsettled weather in our direction. so while we're not seeing the steady rain any longer on and off scattered showers and the unsettled weather and stable weather and the risk of thunderstorms as we move in a little bit closer, noticing some action going on over the higher elevations, it looks like perhaps mount diablo . and then as we put this in still motion, you can see the thunderstorms that are moving through closer to the sacramento
4:48 pm
valley area. i am picking up on one just here on the east side of st helena as well also want to go back to the sierra foothills where we have steady rain over the mosquito fire this afternoon, and i even saw a picture of me. about rose with a dusting of snow, so very interesting weather on these final days of summer here, the future cast here will show you into tomorrow morning that the center of that storm not moving much, and you can see for us. we're not expecting a whole lot in the way of wet weather, but it will continue to move through the bay area there's tuesday afternoon. there's wednesday morning. there's wednesday afternoon, finally pushing out, leaving us with some drier weather as we get into the first day of fall and into the first weekend of fall as well. temperatures tomorrow morning low fifties to start the day in santa rosa upper fifties san francisco. and for the east bay 58 for you, fremont, your afternoon highs for tomorrow. upper sixties expected for pacifica 70 degrees in san francisco, widespread seventies around the bay upper seventies for the inland east bay seventies for areas like napa
4:49 pm
and santa rosa with scattered showers. a mix of sun and clouds out there and the risk of thunderstorms remaining in the forecast. here's a look at the extended for you notice. temperatures don't change much. today into tomorrow, even on wednesday sixties at the coast low seventies around the bay, mid upper seventies, expected inland first day of fall arrives on thursday. drier weather, sunnier weather and temperatures warming. we've got low eighties in the forecast for inland communities, and we don't stop there for the first weekend of fall upper sixties about 70 degrees for our coastline, upper seventies about 80 degrees for our basic communities and nearly 90 degrees for our warmer spots in lynn back to you. alright thanks for his mary, offering a noncommittal answer as to whether he is going to buy for a second term and questions for former president trump on a possible election run, also the growing likelihood of another aggressive interest rate hike is heightening concerns of a recession what to expect from the federal reserve th week?
4:50 pm
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is that i would run again, but it's just an intention. but is it a firm decision? that i run again that we managed to be seen . control of congress also remains to be seen. and with seven weeks to go, the midterm campaigns are heating up. thank you. this is our fight. it is a fight that we absolutely must win this weekend, former president trump rallied for ohio senate candidate j. d. vance. but the senate is a toss up, a new nbc news poll found. democrats are running even with
4:53 pm
republicans on which party should control congress and the abortion issue may have something to do with it. six in 10 voters disapprove of the supreme court's decision this summer to overturn roe v. wade assigned republicans may not get the red wave they hoped for. last week, south carolina senator lindsey graham put republicans on the spot by proposing a federal ban after 15 weeks. i'm pro life even in an election year. and to those who is yet suggest that being pro life is losing politics reject that. but the poll also found inflation is having a major impact. 63% of voters believe their income is falling behind the cost of living. they also disapprove of president biden's handling of the economy. prices remain uncomfortably high. that's why it's the top priority. that's why we're doing everything we can. president biden did say he'd make a judgment on running again sometime after the midterm elections in washington. alexandria hoff fox news well judge has sentenced in northern california woman to 18 months in
4:54 pm
prison after she staged her own kidnapping, sherri papini was found guilty of mail fraud and lying to the fbi. she was also ordered to pay more than $300,000. for the time spent on searching for and the cost of compensating the victims. papini claimed that she was kidnapped at gunpoint by two hispanic women back in 2016 and then held hostage for more than three weeks, but evidence gathered during that investigation found that she was actually with an ex boyfriend and had deliberately injured herself. video captures the moments. firefighters in the sacramento area resuscitate a dog metro fire of sacramento shared the video of those firefiters saving the dog. it happened yesterday in the community of ardent arcade east of sacramento. firefighters responding to a house fire found the dog unconscious inside. they were able to resuscitate the dog and then reunited with its family. they also saved a cat who ran away after being rescued. interest rates continue
4:55 pm
to soar with no end in sight. what that means for your dollar next.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
the federalther interest rate hike as foxes mike emanuel tells us many investors and politicians are fearful the fed may get too aggressive and send the economy into a downward spiral. millions of americans are feeling the impact of higher prices despite inflation running out of historic rate, president biden argues the country is still on the right track and the worst may be over in a position where for the last several months it hasn't spiked. it is just barely. it's been basically , even if the administration needs a helping hand to bring prices down. it will have to come from the federal reserve board meets this week, with a
4:58 pm
rate hike expected on wednesday . fed chair jerome powell vowed last month to aggressively raise interest rates, even if it brings economic pain. i am of the opinion that they are just off the rails enough, they may actually try 100 basis points on 4% hike with the midterm elections fast approaching, republicans have a 19 point advantage against democrats. dealing with the economy, according if you're a democratsy can still make their case to voters. we're seeing progress with three straight months of declining gas prices. we're seeing progress with the presidens leadership in ukraine to get the embargo for a week. exports which will bring down food prices, both here and abroad. early voting for the midterm election begins in four states this week in washington, mike emanuel fox news ktvu fox
4:59 pm
two news at five starts now. you can't actually believe that we won't see her anymore. but this was the last thing the last time. it's very sad. and historic moment in britain, as the nation's longest reigning monarch is laid to rest in an elaborate and poignant funeral. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach that state funeral was attended by hundreds of world leaders, including president biden in the first lady and tens of thousands of people lined the streets to bid a final farewell. fox news madeline rivera joins us now from london with more good evening, madeline. good evening, julian mike, and there was such a range of emotions here in london today, sadness and having witnessed a somber ceremony and gratitude for having witness and historic rain. the day of mourning began with a funeral service at westminster abbey,
5:00 pm
attended by president biden and the first honoring a monarch respected across the globe on a 21st birthday broadcast. that her whole life would be dedicated to serving the nation and commonwealth. rarely. has such a promise being so well kept after the service. the queen's coffin was taken on a gun carriage through the streets of london, king charles led the royal family and walking behind the queen's coffin. hundreds of thousands came out to bid farewell to the only queen most of them have ever known. you can't actually believe that we won't see her anymore, but this was the last thing the last time three shots procession, then made the journey to windsor castle, king charles and senior royals once again joined the procession, walking behind the queen's coffin into st george's


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