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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  September 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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time of the incident at about 4 30 sunday afternoon. love was listening live when her husband driving his toyota tacoma pickup , got involved in the dispute with several people in another car. that argument led to a chase that ended at a busy intersection of llewellyn and his berrien go out. not to go out from his car. but you didn't hear me. our victim got out of his vehicle and did confront the suspect vehicle and at that point, several shots were fired one or two steps or three steps away from his car. i just heard a lot of a lot of gunshots, a lot of country, it's county sheriff's lieutenant ray kelly says the tragedy is a reminder not to engage with angry drivers get yourself away from any type of escalating road rate situation. we really would encourage people, um, to take an exit or to make a turn and get away from the situation for love . she will only see her husband and her dreams. the two got married in may after more than
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two years of being in a long distance relationship. chatting through facebook calls in greece. lots of pain. it's hard to accept. reinhardt has worked as an installer at tesla and fremont for a couple of years. his parents are heartbroken. this is unfair. like i know my son. he's working. he's a good man. mercy felix tolentino said he was told the shooter fired at least eight rounds. why you have to shut it like that, just on their small argument like that, and then you know, and then he he killed like an animal. alameda county sheriff's investigators are following up on a number of leads anyone with information or dashcam video is asked to give them a call. henry lee ktvu fox two news san francisco police are investigating two homicides, which happened just hours apart . the first happened just after 10 o'clock last night, police found two people suffering from stab wounds in a home near geary and larkin streets in the lower nob hill neighborhood. they were
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taken to the hospital where one of the victims died. the other is being treated for life threatening injuries. no arrests have been made, and the motive is not yet known. the second homicide happened just before three this morning at laguna street and golden gate avenue in the city's fillmore district. this is citizen at video of police securing the scene. investigators have not yet confirmed that the victim had been shot. however shot spotter technology detected 10 rounds of possible gunfire in that area. there is no suspect information or word yet of any arrests or motive. preliminary hearing is underway in the murder case of former police officer and security guard kevin nishida. herschel hail and should be here. mitchell are accused of shooting and killing ashida during an attempted robbery of the television news crew in oakland last november. that third suspect laurent gilbert remains at large witness testified that one suspect wearing a ski mask ordered everyone to get on the ground. he then found nishida on his back with a bullet wound in the center of his torso. this
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hearing is expected to last several days. a former san quentin prison guard is among four people who have been who have pleaded guilty to charges of bribery and smuggling contraband into death row, federal investigators say the guard keith christopher orchestrated a conspiracy to receive more than $10,000 in bribe money. in exchange she smuggled dozens of cell phones into death row. prisoners are prohibited from possessing cellphones. in his plea agreement, christopher admitted to delivering the phones to an inmate who then sold them to other inmates. three civilians also pleaded guilty in the case . six the city of san jose is expanding its use of license plate reading cameras to help solve crimes tomorrow. the city council also expected to tighten its data protection policies to make sure that information is only used for legitimate purposes. interview south bay reporter marc serre takes a look at the changes. moderate and curtner is one of the city's most dangerous intersections for pedestrians with three hit and run fatalities here last year.
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that's why it was selected for the first of the city's fixed license plate. reading cameras, which are mounted high on traffic light poles resident matthew mansfield says he is not surprised walking down the street. i hear this screeching tires and the car jumped over the curb. and it went between me and the street. fortunately he was not hurt. but he says license plate cameras could have helped so that that's good for following up. last november, the city approved another $250,000 to expand the use of these cameras and areas with a high number of accidents. but with the expansion come new concerns about how the data is used, and the city is now finishing up a complete privacy review. is that a privacy violation? you think or not think so. data data privacy policy is based upon four key principles, transparency. use of the data only for a specific purpose, limited sharing of the data and
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also public notification, such as posted signs like the one behind me on a city light pole. i don't think it's a bad thing, you know, it keeps people accountable. and also, if something does go like vital wrong. then people can be held accountable. the new policy for the san jose police department specifically allows these cameras for just a few key uses . investigating crimes locating missing persons and locating suspect vehicles. the policy prohibits collecting any data not in public view, monitoring legal activities, such as rallies and protests, sharing with immigration authorities or selling information. the key concerns with automated license plate readers really lay in how much data is collected and how long it's retained for dr matthew greg lia with the electronic frontier foundation says best practices with these cameras are to only use them for active police investigations. san jose is proposing to retain the data for one year. but for all the other people just coming to and from work, we're going
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through these intersections day after day, there is no reason to retain their data and their location. the city council will take up this issue at its regular meeting on tuesday afternoon reporting from san jose. mark sayer, ktvu fox two news. in san francisco. a judge has thrown out $50 million in outstanding fees on traffic fines under a court ruling all late visa says before july 1st of this year will be thrown out late fees assessed after that date will be capped at $100, which is in line with the new state law, according to the city treasurer, about a third of all traffic fines in the city are not paid on time. after a day full of somber ceremonies, queen elizabeth. the second has been laid to rest. members of the public had their last chance to pay their respects to the queen before the state funeral at westminster abbey. afterward the queen was buried in a more
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intimate ceremony next to her husband and her parents. box news. madeline rivera is in london with a look at how people across the uk came together to mourn the loss of their queen. an emotional day here in london, as the uk said goodbye to its queen of 70 years. the day of mourning began with a funeral service at westminster abbey, attended by president biden and the first lady, along with hundreds of world leaders and dignitaries honoring a monarch respected across the globe majesty famously declared. on a 21st birthday broadcast. that her whole life would be dedicated to serving the nation and commonwealth. rarely. has such a promise being so well kept after the service. the queen's coffin was taken on a gun carriage through the streets of london, king charles leather, royal family and walking behind
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the queen's coffin. hundreds of thousands came out to bid farewell to the only queen most of them have ever known. you can't actually believe that we won't see her anymore, but this was the last thing the last time it's very sad procession, then made the journey to windsor castle, king charles and senior royals once again joined the procession, walking behind the queen's coffin into st george's chapel, where a committal service was held inside and then in a particularly poignant moment, the imperial state crown orb and scepter were removed from the coffin and placed on the altar symbols of the queen's reign that will now be passed down to her son. king charles, the third the queen was laid to rest in a private ceremony. she was buried next to her late husband, prince philip in london mouth rivera fox news queen elizabeth's funeral was attended by thousands and seen by millions here in the bay area, one of the places a lot of people gathered this morning to see the service was in san jose
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at britannia arms, almaden english themed sports bar opened early and turned all of its screens to tv coverage of the queen's funeral bar, said it was an honor to be open to pay respects to the monarch. privilege to be open to pay a little respect to a woman who gave 70 years of her life to my country into the commonwealth and to the world. britannia arms . al midan also has a guest book, which it will be sending to buckingham palace. anyone can come by over the next couple of days to sign it and leave words of condolence. firefighters making progress on the mosquito fire up in the sierra and evacuees are cautiously optimistic about returning to their neighbor neighborhoods, plus i want to take this case as assigned to be afraid to come forward to the police. a woman was convicted of lying to the fbi about her own kidnapping. how the judge says he wants to make an example out of her during sentencing. and we're back here. with that. weather forecast. there are some strong storms and parts of the bay
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area, most of us seeing this sunny skies but out to the east, there's quite a bit of rain and thunder activity. i'll have that when i return, but first is the pandemic over president biden says yes, but some health leaders may n
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and with this latest comments on the end of the covid pandemic. pandemic and is over. we still have a problem with covid. we're still doing a lot of work on it. ah it's what the pandemic is over. if you notice no one's wearing masks, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. and so i think it's changing, and i think this is a perfect example of it. the president making these remarks during an interview with 60 minutes last night, they come just a few days after the director of the world health organization said the end of the pandemic is quote in sight. however some health care experts say it's still not time to declare the pandemic over earlier today, we spoke with
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ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter chen hong, who said covid is just too unpredictable. it's an aspirational goal we're getting there. um we're coming down the mountain. but we're not definitely ah, over the covid pandemic. it's still amounts us . um and i'm worried for three reasons. the first reason is that too many deaths. it's several full higher than a normal flu season number two. it's unpredictable. still and number three. there's still a lot of inequities and access to treatment and vaccines. dr peter chang. han also says he's concerned about a resurgence of both covid and the fluid this coming winter season. he recommends getting a flu shot along with the updated covid booster shot in northern california woman has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after she falsified her own kidnapping. sherri papini was found guilty of mail fraud and lying to the fbi reporter brittany johnson explains why the judge gave a harsher sentence than what prosecutors requested. did you, suzanne?
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arriving to the federal courthouse in this black suv surrounded by family and her defense attorney, sherri papini remained tight lipped and did not answer questions from reporters ahead of her sentencing. did you lie inside the courtroom, pippin's defense attorney asked the judge for mercy, saying, what happened five years ago is a different sherri papini than the one you see here today. he also addressed the court while reading a prepared statement. the mother of two broke down into tears, apologizing and admitting guilt. federal prosecutors requested papini served eight months in prison. the defense asked for papini to serve most of her time under house arrest due to the nature of the crime and to deter others from perpetuating the same elaborate hoax. u s. district court judge william shub said both recommendations were insufficient court did not miss the mark. he knew her heart by the time he sentenced her trusting her. with what we
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consider to be a fair sentence, even though it's longer than we wished. a three spoke with assistant united states attorney veronica alegria about the sentencing, she says. justice was served. i agree with the judge. i think it's very important that we send a message to anyone who is thinking about lying to the fbi or other law enforcement officers. or who is thinking that they can defraud the government and cause harm to victims. and i think that it's important that people know that they cannot do these crimes and get away with it. scot free story fell apart in 2020 when investigators connected dna from her clothing to an ex boyfriend today, the judge said papini probably would have continued the lie if she hadn't have been caught. it's important for real victims to know that even though in this case um, miss papini was found out to be a lying the fbi and other law enforcement officers will continue. we'll investigate real victims cases
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fully and that no one should take this case as assigned to be afraid to come forward to the police. our late summer storm brought much needed rain to the region, but it was strong enough to also leave some damage in its wake. in the city of san jose, one homeowner watched as the tree that came down into his home was removed as ktvu jessica reports, city officials say while this storm came earlier than expected, they were not caught off guard. hmm. across san jose. the sound of recovery is a familiar one has been here have never had any issues and, you know, just worst nightmare. homeowner joe amato supervising the cutting and removal of a near catastrophe. still technically summer sundays, mid september soaker softened, parched soil, the result for the amato family, their longstanding front yard tree crashing on their roof as they headed to the 49ers game was allowed shake. and i was like, oh, no ran outside and holy smokes. the whole tree is laying on the
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house transportation department officials say so far. there are 13 incidents of fallen trees or tree limbs associated with sunday storm sites are spread from the east foothills to downtown piedmont hills in the east to neighborhoods in west san jose. additionally storm drains have produced localized flooding on some streets did not catch us off guard, though absolutely it's sooner than usual. colin haney says the city turns its attention to foul weather starting in july preparation for rainy season, he says after the most recent bout of rain, homeowners should inspect their trees on their property and elsewhere. they haven't had them pruned in several years. it's probably time to get a professional out to take a look. so we recommend that you contact us certified arborists and have them take a look and see if it's time to prune. the amato house. what's left of this tree is being put into the chipper a shocking conclusion to a weekend when football was the only thing on
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their minds. thank god for this fence that we put in just what maybe year and a half ago. it uh, caught, i think took the brunt of the of the fallen they were lucky could have been a lot worse. feels lucky. because at this point, it seems the model family has escaped serious roof damage, san jose transportation department officials say. if you think there's a problem, don't wait. call the transportation department or 311. in the east san jose foothills. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news already depending where you were. how much rain? you got some areas really loaded it up. this was over the last couple of days up in cal zero and loma prieta, ben loman. these are the heavy rainfall totals that we gotta and some of these, you know, in other places, you would expect to see a lot of rain but certainly places that can benefit from it as well. tom vacar did that nice story in marin county watershed and how they're doing and that's you know, that was in part of this zone, where they got over an inch and a half of rain in that watershed, maybe even more over two inches on the west side of the mountain. either way, the
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showers are still falling. this low offshore is continuing to spin instability are way you're looking at oakland. now you're looking towards the east and you can't really tell. but if i'm going to pull up the radar now this live picture in which you see here is to the east. you'll see some strong storms. there's some thunder and lightening up around. uh well, it's kind of up there. that's up towards clear lake east of clear lake winters as white flashes. you can see some heavier stuff up around sacramento and then living more. had some stuff going on. yeah, you can see just used to live more out towards discovery bay in the movement on these cells is like this. right? so the liver more about you know about half hour ago half hour ago, some pretty heavy rain falling down in these cells. as you know , um, down towards hollister and gilroy. some scattered showers as well. now this pattern is going to stay put for a while and so that low is going to hang offshore. it's going to continue to bring us stuff like this tomorrow. now, it just depends where you are. this is the model. that's the forecast for the next 48 or 36 hours. 38 hours, i'll back it up again.
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that's this is the forecast so that low as long as it sits there, even though it's not showing green and orange over us. it gives you an indication that stability is going to be around tomorrow morning at five a.m. tomorrow afternoon, and then tomorrow evening in a little bit into wednesday morning. and that just means more of the same possible. what was the more of the same more sun? more showers? maybe a founder shower? maybe some hail , um and little bit everything, maybe some rainbows. so there it is. that's how it goes next next 36 hours and then wednesday, it moves on. we start to warm up and we drive but great news on the rainfall, really sending some all time? not all the time, but records for the month of september is a dry month, so almost any rain is going to set some kind of a benchmark and that's what we did and we're going to continue to see showers were getting good showers up on the mosquito fire right now up in the central valley up towards the eastern central valley, so good news was good. rain is good. i'll see you back here with the full forecast, and we needed it, bill. thank you. governor newsom has signed a new
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bill into law that protects workers from being penalized for using marijuana while off the clock. the bill bans employers from discriminating against workers who fail a certain type of drug test that attacks not whether a person is high, but whether the person has is used marijuana in recent days, workers can still be penalized for coming to work high goes into effect january of 2024 in ukraine. russia launches airstrikes at a nuclear power plant in ukraine's president pleading for help to avoid what he says could be a nuclear catastrophe. also ahead tonight , the recent rain is welcome news, but the drought remains and water authorities remind people to not slip on conservation.
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all nuclear disaster after russian missile hit close to a nuclear plant. the strike did not hit the reactors. russia has threatened to increase attacks on infrastructure after setbacks on the battlefield box news. jeff paul has more now from kiev. russian troops striking a massive power plant in the southern region of ukraine overnight, with authorities denouncing it as an act of terrorism. meanwhile ukrainian forces continue to liberate towns and villages throughout the country, but as they do, they are beginning to uncover evidence of what they are calling war crimes and the kharkiv region of forces finding locations described as torture cells at a train station supermarket and a seller of a home. they believe these locations were used to imprison
6:25 pm
interrogate. and eventually killed many civilians whose bodies were likely dumped afterwards following this president zelinsky vowing that ukraine is prepared to continue reclaiming territory. maybe now it seems to some of you that after a series of victories, we have a certain law, but this is not a lull. this is preparation for the next series to the next series of very important words for us, but you must be heard because ukraine must be free, all of it. meanwhile crews continue their work and islam to uncover hundreds of bucks. bodies in a mass grave. many of those bodies showing signs of torture. president biden speaking about what it will mean to win the war in ukraine, winning the war in ukraine is to get russia out of ukraine completely and recognize the sovereignty but winning the war in the damage is doing and the citizens and innocent people are being killed. it's awful hard to contact is winning. prosecutors and izzy, um, are working to build a war crimes case.
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meanwhile the kremlin responding to the allegations, saying, it's all quote, a lie. and keep jeff paul fox news are u s navy veteran and contractor who was held hostage in afghanistan for more than two years is now free . mark fredericks was abducted back in january of 2020. it was last seen in a video earlier this year, pleading for his release. frerichs spent more than a decade in afghanistan as a civilian contractor. it was let go in exchange for the release of a notorious drug lord and taliban member who was held for years at guantanamo bay. coming up on ktvu news at 6 33 children in the east bay are seriously hurt after they were hit by a car while walking home from school family and friends now rallying together to offer support. also ahead. much of puerto rico remains in the dark tonight, and authorities worried that recovery from this latest hurricane could take weeks. a lance undergoes successful surgery on his broken ankle. but what does that mean for his
6:27 pm
immediate future with the 49ers joe fonzi has more on that te
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only road rage shooting in san lorenzo over the weekend, deputies say 30 year old victim died after being shot at the intersection of lou welling and his syrian around 4 30 yesterday afternoon. witnesses say the victim had gotten out of his car to confront the other driver.
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preliminary hearing has begun in the murder case of a former police officer and security guard kevin nishida. herschel hail and shadia mitchell are accused of shooting and killing the shida during an attempted robbery of a television news crew in oakland last november. the third suspect, laurent gilbert, is still at large. the hearing is expected to last several days. president biden says he believes the pandemic is over. in an appearance on 60 minutes, the president also acknowledged the u. s. still has a problem with the virus and that there is more work to do. the cdc says right now about 360 people die from covid every day here in the us watching ktvu backs two news at 6 30 new details in a horrific crash involving three children as they were walking home from school in antioch ktvu is brooks jarocz reports. the siblings all suffered serious injuries, leaving the family devastated. just two blocks from their antioch's home while walking home from school friday. three siblings, two brothers and their
6:31 pm
sister were struck and thrown after two cars collided. my heart is broken for these kids, and i can i hope and pray that they're going to be okay. police say a 10 mercury mystique was about to turn off sycamore drive when a red chevy impala traveling at high speeds trying to pass on the left. witnesses say the impact sent the red car into the kids on the sidewalk. ending up against this house. lady was saying, where's my daughter? where is my baby? and i walked around the side of the house and saw the shooting and in the middle of the grass looked under the bushes outside the backpack, and she was underneath the bushes. children and two drivers were all rushed to the hospital. two of the kids were airlifted. the family confirms mason, jonathan and cheyenne were critically hurt. they're all 12 years old part of the blended family of 62 parents , jamie hanlon and johnny comfort. a relative says cheyenne is at uc davis with her dad recently brought out of a coma but breathing on her own. the two boys are at children's
6:32 pm
hospital in oakland, mason suffered a broken leg facial injuries and is slowly healing, but his brother jonathan, can barely open his eyes and undergoing. tests for brain activity. his family says he may be paralyzed from the neck down and needs to be an event till ater the rest of his life. they're asking for privacy, prayers and love. the tragedy marked by a memorial worried about all our kids every day. every day is concerned because they say speed and reckless driving along sycamore drive is nothing new. nothing has been done, and i literally have been begging them for just a speed. but like i just want to speed bump by my house so my son can get to school safely. police have not released any information about the drivers involved possible charges or the investigation, all while a family is broken apart. three young lives quickly changed, just walking home from school. the family has set up a go fund me to raise money for the children's medical expenses. they've already raised more than
6:33 pm
$12,000. we put a link on our website ktvu .com. just click on this story in the news sort of brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news at least one person has been killed in a large earthquake off the pacific coast of mexico. the magnitude 76 quake was centered 23 miles southeast of the town of akila. one person was reportedly killed in the ports city of men's ania where wall collapsed at a shopping mall. this earthquake was fell nearly 300 miles away in mexico city, where people ran out into the street. the mayor there said. there was no word of any major damage in the city. this earthquake happened to fall on the same date as major deadly quakes that struck in 2017 and 1985. just an hour before this earthquake, many mexico city residents took part in a nationwide simulation set for the anniversary of those two previous quakes. quake in 1985 killed nearly 10,000 people and more than 360 people died in the quake five years ago. in taiwan , at least one person was killed
6:34 pm
and a strong earthquake. the magnitude 6.8 hit last night. it was the largest of dozens of quakes that rattled the southeastern coast. most of the damage was north of the epicenter. crews were able to rescue a family of four people from the collapse of a three story apartment building bridge also collapsed on a two lane roadway in the same town. taiwanese government officials say three people whose vehicle fell off that bridge were rescued and taken to the hospital. emergency crews in puerto rico are still repairing out rescues and assessing the damage after a direct hit from hurricane fiona as foxes will nunley tells us millions of people there are without electricity and a state of emergency has been declared. we're still in the middle of this, um um, yeah. event officials in puerto rico say they remain in rescue and response mode following a direct hit from hurricane fiona. the storm made landfall on sunday packing 90 mile per hour winds, knocking out power to the entire
6:35 pm
island. more than three million people record flooding is being reported with the governor, calling the damage quote catastrophic. unfortunately so i have to say that the hurricane and now the storm that related storm has impact has covered the whole island about 22 inches of rain falling here so far, and another 4 to 8 inches or in the forecast hundreds of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed , prompting water rescues and widespread evacuations. at least 1300 people slept in shelters last night, bringing back memories of hurricane maria, which devastated the island five years ago this week. it will speak to, uh just to not see this again after what happened, but here we are again the same situation with the same issues. a state of emergency has been declared by the white house, promising not to leave puerto rico in the dark. they're also at least a dozen states, sending aid or personnel hoping to shift the rescue effort into recovery mode. new york state will do everything in our power to help them. and we've always been there for each other. but now is
6:36 pm
when they need us the most. fiona is now moving north. it could hit bermuda as a major hurricane by the end of the week in puerto rico. will nunley fox weather gal viruses. the recent rain here in northern california has helped firefighters battling the mosquito fighter in eldorado and plaster counties. that virus burned more than 76,000 acres. it's 39% contained in its incident update today. cal fire said that containment has nearly doubled within the last 36 hours , and with increased containment firefighters are letting more people go home. to their houses in this year foothills as reporter erin hef reports here people are returning to discover if their homes and businesses are still standing. this was the menu that we were going to have on thursday night that week and got canceled, so we're going to try and do it this week. cynthia wardley owns everybody's in. she's had it for 27 years. and like many people up here, fire insurance is out of reach. she says it would cost more each year than what she has to pay in
6:37 pm
property taxes. if they burned, they'd be gone forever. it's kind of a landmark and it would be something that would be just gone forever. fear of looters with cash behind the counter and beer on the wall. she never left breakfast stuff. gotta get the griddle today is her first day back open doing? i'm good, sweetie. he's one that just got back here my whole life and i've been through so many fires up here, so it's just part of living up here across now set up in cynthia's dirt parking lot just got back into the house last night. they're planning to be here for the coming days. a resource for the people who live here, reentering their homes and dealing with what's left behind what they're coming home to is, um, no power, some no water. you know, rotting food in their refrigerators and freezers, and that's not to mention the financial hits the red line down in auburn 1200 bucks mark sugar returned last night after nearly
6:38 pm
two weeks. i guess it's just what's going to happen while you live up here these days, you know his positive outlook, the result of his home still standing. i got to go home. my husband burn down, you know. there's a lot of people that can say that one of my best friends, she lost her house up their back side of town. and you know she's got kids and stuff. i don't know what they're gonna do. recent rain is far from enough to pull the bay area out of the drought. how water agencies are trying to get more people to conserve. also ahead. some airlines claim the bar is just set too high to become a pilot. why they say some egulations should be
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was a welcome sight after a hot , dry stretch of weather. the national weather service says the north bay saw the most rainfall with more than two inches in some areas. most parts of the central bay area saw a third to half an inch of rain. well despite the rain, many northern california counties remain in a stubborn drought counties, reservoirs are now back to normal levels for this time of year. ktvu tom vacar reports, conservation is playing a big role. on sunday. mount tamil pius in the towns around it got more than an inch of rain instead of all that water being soaked into the parched earth. a lot of it got into the reservoirs of tam's watershed now, despite three hard drought years, marines reservoirs are 106% of their historical average . it's not just this weekend's
6:42 pm
localized rains, but the huge atmospheric river storms that hit mount tam late last year and early this year. it's unusual, but it's great. smells good. looks good. all the animals are really happy. birds are great. i'm glad to hear that, too, that the wildlife will definitely helped to um the more water for them. the better to this is in stark contrast to the rest of the bay area and the state, california six big reservoirs shasta oroville, trinity, st louis, new melanie's, and don pedro historically should be at their normal end of summer average of 56% full. instead they stand at a poultry 33. lake sonoma, about 60 miles north of mount tam is only 30% full when it should be 54 like comanche, a major east bay mud reservoir in the sierra foothills should be almost 80% full instead of its current 48% and leak. false, um, less than 40% full should be 74
6:43 pm
. if there's any negative to this at all. it is simply that some folks may take this for granted. and taking water for granted and california anywhere in california is never a good idea. conservation has been huge in marin county. uh you know, i think the average citizen is really helping out with that. and our mwd directors are really helping out. um and the young kids right now in the high schools, they're really into conservation and everything. beautiful yeah, like i said, the more water we get, the better. we really need it. get us out of this drought. the current national drought map puts more than 95% of california and severe extreme or exceptional drought, making marin all that more remarkable. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. some lightning strikes out towards discovery bay will look at that scattered showers as you can see behind me not here but east of the barrier proper in our communities, but not in the central bay. i'll be
6:44 pm
back with the full forecast and the rain. let's not go now to ktvu is alex savage with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu. plus julie, thank you coming up tonight at seven and about face for san francisco school board officials why members are now reconsidering adding two muslim holidays to the school districts calendar. plus, we'll talk live tonight with our legal analyst about the release of adnan syed. and the new, surprising details about that murder case that was chronicled in the popular podcast serial. those stories and much more coming up tonight . live at seven over on ktvu. plus alright, alex. we'll see you in just a bit. but first thousands of people back in san francisco for the annual dream force conference and downtown businesses are helping more conferences will follow.
6:45 pm
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6:47 pm
requirements for airline pilots . under current regulations, civilian pilots need 1500 hours of flight time before they can fly commercial aircraft, republic airways as the faa to lower that requirement to 750 hours for pilots who complete a specific training program. the training requirements were last increased from 250 hours to the current 1520 13. the faa says reducing the requirements is not in the public's best interest. visitors are flooding into san francisco ahead of the annual dream force convention. as ktvu christian captain tells us the hospitality industry is counting on this event to revive tourism in the city. the area around the mosconi center has been transformed to welcome dream force in years past, 171,000 attendees have flooded into san francisco. then the pandemic
6:48 pm
struck, although dream force was back last year between 2500 people attended in person this year will see considerably more visitors they're going to have over 40,000 people here in san francisco for dream force, and they're going to these people going to be staying in hotels going to restaurants, shopping going to attractions and museums. it's really the kind of economic jolt that we needed, alex bastian from the hotel council of san francisco, says the city's hotels are filling up , including the city's largest hotel, the hilton. which is fully occupied. that means that we have a lot more people visiting. we have restaurants that are going to be full. we have coffee shops that are going to be blossoming. all of us do well when the city does well on the tourism front, sueno is just a few blocks away from where dream force will unfold. and sylvia sofer says the return of 40,000 visitors means the restaurant is booked. that means chefs and wait staff vendors and florists all get a boost from the conference. the restaurant for three days, so it's huge.
6:49 pm
you know, it's a big, big celebration here. as you see, you know, there's a lot of flowers and things have been stalled right now, so it's gonna be a huge event. the city's hospitality industry hopes dreams force signals the beginning of return of regular large scale conventions. for now , all eyes in the convention industry are on san francisco convention looks at going to a city they want to see how other conventions have performed in the city how the city's perform , so it's really an important piece of our business strategy to make sure that these conventions these big conventions when they come to san francisco go off well force officially gets underway tuesday through thursday. meanwhile, salesforce ceo marc benioff announced $25 million in new grants to support school districts and education nonprofits across the country and right here in the bay area with schools in oakland and san francisco receiving funds in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news all right, a little bit of wild weather going
6:50 pm
on just east of here, part of the bay area, but most of us two thirds of us aren't saying much of anything except a few clouds. as you look out, mount diablo and you look out in the distance here does look a little tumultuous and this kind of just pretty sure we're kind of that's true discovery bay over there, and that's where there are active thunderstorms in such so here's the this is mount diablo! right on this map. it's right about here and that arrow tip and then that's what we were looking back at over here. and so those are lightning hits in the last few minutes or so, and you can see discovery bay into two gold and those areas and then we got more activity up towards clear lake and lake county lightning strikes up there up towards you, kaya as well so unstable, fairly volatile air mass continuing to trigger off activity in the foothills. they're getting a ton of rain up there. they've had a few lightning bumps as well. but just heavy rainfall, which is on the, um mosquito fire is huge up there between barrett grass valley and plaster ville that area that zone is getting hammered with rain. concerns for
6:51 pm
debris flows obviously and things like that, but i think that for uh the idea of pushing this fire out far outweighs the concern for a debris flow truthfully, and so with that that was the model. i just showed you. i want you to see that low wants to hang offshore. this is the low right here, young. we don't get him that much where they just hang off their like this. this system. it should start to rotate here in a minute. let's see. but this system has just been there, and it's going to stay there through tomorrow and through, um part of the morning on wednesday, so tuesday into wednesday and you can see most of the activity is to the east of us was as we showed you on the on the current rate ourselves. tomorrow possibility of a thunderstorm in the bay area just depends where that low goes, if it shifts a little bit west or degree or two east. of where those, uh those impulses will slide through. so what do you do tomorrow? kind of what you did today. tomorrow will be a lot like today i suspect and the potential for a thunderstorm still exists. this is the forecast model and you see all the clouds pushing up kind of a partly cloudy mostly cloudy day is what they're
6:52 pm
saying. the models, saying, i'm not sure that's the case, but definitely a chance for more scattered showers tomorrow with highs in the seventies kind of mild weather, and then just a nice looking forecast, but i love getting this rain in earlier, you know, and i think the folks up in forest hill and up in the foothills and just the smoke being gone is such a huge relief for many, and this is helping. there's more showers on the way tomorrow a lot like what we had today. all right, bill. thank you coming up here in sports with trey lance out for the season, jimmy garoppolo back as the niners starting quarterback joe fonzi in studio. to take a look at jimmy jazz return
6:53 pm
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and in sports. the 49ers saw their season take a sharp yet familiar turn yesterday on their second offensive series quarterback trey lance took off on the short run, and suddenly all the off season plans they made were changed. lance broke his ankle and they learned that the guy who they were counting on to replace jimmy garoppolo as their franchise quarterback would be out for the season. and it's underwent surgery today at stanford hospital to address two different injuries, fractured fibula and disruption of the ligament. he posted this picture after his surgery. in a statement today, the 49ers said
6:56 pm
a full recovery is expected. kyle shanahan in his conference call today on the sentiment around the team. i know we're all just kind of worried about him and making sure that he's doing alright, mentally and physically talk to him here real soon. i know some guys have been over there already visit them. we're not sure yet, but as soon as you can get back in here and start rehabbing, we're gonna want them apart of everything. every meeting. it can be that be at every practice you can be at. um i know there's he's not gonna be able to do all of that because of how much he's got to rehab, but especially in those meetings and stuff. we don't plan on trade being away from us at all. so now the 49ers offense will again be run by the same guy who was running it last year. the agreement by jimmy garoppolo to take a salary cut and return as lances backup is turning out to be the best insurance policy the 49ers ever bought. drop below did what he did in the vast majority of his san francisco starts leading the team to a win. garoppolo threw that touchdown pass to ross dwelling. he also ran for scores. the 49ers beat the
6:57 pm
seattle seahawks for the first time in three years. since agreeing to come back to the 49ers garoppolo has been running the scout team had not taken a snap with the first team until he stepped on the field yesterday. very rarely those second team guy. get any reps let alone rep all the place, so there's a few places that he had to do for the first time out there, and, um, he didn't well called someplace that i knew some new ones for me, too. so that was fun. but no, it was it was. it was a good process. try to prepare this whole time like a starter anyway, so it was just like riding a bike. this will be a winter of change for the san francisco giants after their disappointing season and now one of the guys who would be responsible for determining those changes is headed elsewhere. scott harris, the giants general manager, the last three seasons will be the new president of baseball operations for the detroit tigers. the move is a promotion for harris and bayer and native who will now in detroit be the equivalent of the job is current boss for anxiety holds with the giants. harris
6:58 pm
came to the giants from the cubs, where he was considered one of the rising front office stars in the game. and the warriors begin defense of the nba championship on saturday when they opened this year's training camp. now it looks like veteran andre iguodala will be back for his 19th season. iguodala, along with steph curry , klay thompson and draymond green, part of that elite group that was on all four of the warrior's recent title teams. the 38 year old forward played in just 31 regular season games and seven playoff games last whn keeping a roster spot open for iguodala, waiting for his decision on whether he would return for another year or retire. iguodala is expected to make it official on the podcast he co host with former teammate evan turner. so they say with the needle. it's almost like having another coach out there. yeah that's what they'll be having if they keep him again to defend another believe that's upon us already, isn't it? let's go to fast every year. alright, joe. thank you. thanks for watching everyone will see you back here at 10. goodnight.
6:59 pm
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