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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 20, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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for real quiet like almost like they were inside three people killed in two separate shootings. what we know about a violent night in oakland end hurricane fiona. the storm continues pushing through the caribbean right now. flooding and power outages widespread plus. it's really the kind of economic jolt that we needed. examining the economic reality of the dream force conference in san francisco. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon to you. i'm andre senior gasia mikaelian. we are waiting for an update now from oakland police about the three people who were shot and killed on city streets last night about 30 minutes from right now. police will speak publicly about their investigation at a news conference. we will bring that to you live as ktvu erasmus explains. there were two shootings in separate parts of oakland. ali's live now with the information you learned so far about what happened. it's not known if the shootings are
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connected in any way, but overall, it was a violent night in oakland. the first shooting happened just before eight o'clock at 31st in telegraph, according to witnesses, the river nile market and lyell in a restaurant next door were busy with several people inside each shop. people saw a white car drive by a few times before gunfire erupted. three people were hit. two men died. a teenage boy was shot twice in the leg. but the teens imam says the boy is expected to survive after undergoing surgery today. one of the men shot and killed was identified by congregants of his mosque as an ethiopian man who had a wife and three sons and ran his own business together three times a day. like you said, we pray five times three times today. actually is. it's very sad. it's very certain kind of person. really it's a loss to the community, also, leaders with the nearby oakland islamic center say the two men who were killed had just come from evening prayers at the mosque around the corner. there are members of the mosque. i would like to sweeten their meal
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by going to the shop next door. the restaurant which offers t and they go there and they buy the t. unfortunately when they went there was nothing wrong time wrong place, assistant imam says there's surveillance video also showed the white car driving bip. he and his congregants believe it was a drive by shooting that caused the violence. a witness who didn't want to be identified, heard the gunfire. i was sleep at home, and then all of a sudden i just heard heck of shots like boom, boom boom! real quiet, like almost like they were inside. about an hour later, at nine o'clock, police responded to another shooting. 911 callers reported a woman shot at east 20th street and 23. at avenue. she died from her injuries at the scene. there's no arrest or suspects identified in either shooting case just yet, and no additional information about what led up to the violence. now again, we're waiting for the coroner's office to formally identify the three people killed in these two shootings last night, and as garcia mentioned about 30 minutes from now, we're
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expecting open police to release new information on the investigation. we will carry that news conference live and have it streamed on our website as well. ktvu .com gasia and andre back to you. all right, ellie. thank you. many businesses are hoping the dream force conference turns into the economic wake up call that san francisco needs right now. it's the city's largest event since covid-19 protocols have dropped ktvu is james torres reports from the mosconi center where events are now underway. this year's dream forces san francisco's largest events since the beginning of the pandemic between people who are attending in person, and those registered online organizes here say they are expecting more than 100,000 people to participate. they call this area that dream forest national park theme tech conference given san francisco a nice shot in the arm. it's projected that this event brings in an impact of 40 million and what we really here. i mean, if you happen an uber right now, and you ask them where they somehow figure out that we're connected to the event. they just have so much gratitude and
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they say thank you. dream force put on by salesforce, headquartered in san francisco and serves as the bay area's largest employer. bringing on tens of thousands of people in person to listen to a number of keynote speakers and network for the first time in nearly three years in person events like this , getting to see them in the flesh being able to hug them and say hello and really having having giggle with them is so important because that's how you really connect with people being able to see them face to face, but more importantly, it's filling up hotels and restaurants all around downtown. the event free to move forward without any covid-19 restrictions. that means you have a lot more people visiting . we have restaurants that are going to be full of coffee shops that are going to be blossoming. all of us do well when the city does well on the tourism front, howard between 3rd and 4th street will be shut down for the week. the conference will last until thursday afternoon. in san francisco. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. new in a group of young people is upset
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over san francisco de a brook jenkins plan to prosecute some juvenile offenders as adults, members of the young women's freedom center and reimagine youth justice coalition held a rally this morning outside her office. the d s new policy gives prosecutors the ability to seek adult charges for 16 and 17 year old in certain regions cases, including murder, sexual assault and kidnapping. people at today's rally are calling on jenkins to reverse the policy. and let our youth be criminalized. we will not stand by and now would be harmed. we will not stand by and let r be traumatized, not standing this we are not standing for this anymore. i just need to be free . i didn't have the right to determination for their own path. d a. jenkins released a statement in response to the rally, she said each case will be addressed individually based on the facts and the law that the new policy is in alignment with district attorneys across california and progressive
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prosecutors across the nation who have similar policies in place. well, hurricane fiona is dropping more rain over the dominican republic and puerto rico where at least two people have died. will nunley has a look at the damage and the rescue operation is underway in pots, puerto rico the rain has mostly stopped here, but the flooding continues as puerto rico begins assessing the damage. island taking a direct hit from hurricane fiona on sunday and monday. at least two people are dead and power was knocked out to the entire island up to 30 inches of rain falling in just two days, sarria in many areas that had never seen flooding, there has been an unprecedented accumulation of water damage to infrastructure, urban areas and residences has been catastrophic. high water rescues are still underway here. the national guard has pulled almost 1000 people from floodwaters, mostly in the eastern and southern puerto rico , where the evacuation orders remain, in effect, some 1300 people and hundreds of pets now sleeping in shelters after their
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homes were flooded or ripped apart by the high wind. it was too much. i didn't expect this. a lot of people lost everything very, very rough. officials here are slowly starting to shift into recovery mode with power restored to about 260,000 customers by tuesday morning, but with so much infrastructure damage, repairs won't be easy. puerto ricans say at this point , it's a challenge just to get necessities like food and water and rebuilding plans will have to wait until the floodwaters recede. we're looking for gasoline, water, ice, all the supplies necessary for getting through this. we were hoping it wouldn't be so big, but well, it was bigger than we expected. fiona has strengthened to a category three storm with sights set on bermuda by the end of the week. in ponce, puerto rico will not only ktvu, fox two news record number of immigrants were arrested at the border over the last past year. officials say southern border agents exceeded two million for the first time. the crisis received national
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attention last week when two republican governors transported migrants to martha's vineyard, massachusetts and vice president kamala harris home in washington, d c. many advocacy groups believe the immigrants were misled into the planes and busses as part of a political stunt. they accuse the governors of arizona, texas and me of political stunts in terms of dealing with illegal immigration . but the biggest stunt was biden coming into office and reversing trump's policies. many of the migrants are coming from venezuela, cuba and nicaragua. repeat offenders have become an issue to as a consequences for illegal reentry are often not prosecuted. under the current administration, the federal reserve has begun a two day meeting today that's expected to result in key interest rates being raised again. fed members say they're hoping to cool inflation without causing a recession. some analysts are predicting another increase of three quarters of a point that would put the benchmark rate at about another three at about 3% the highest it's been in 14 years, the us economy hasn't
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seen rates as high as what's projected since before the 2008 financial crisis. the fed's decision is expected tomorrow. already though we see investors reacting as stocks are falling and trading on wall street today , head of that key decision on interest rates by the fed. the dow jones has spent the entire session in the red and his dow down by almost one and one half percent. losing 400. plus points s and p is down about the same percentage wise nasdaq is down by just more than 1. well happening today. the san francisco school board will reconsider changes to school holidays, including making i'd celebrated by muslims around the world and official school district holiday. the school board approved that change, but a lawsuit is possible over alleged violations of open meeting laws and constitutional rights, a resolution on the agenda for today's meeting would put the changes on hold and look for the best way to change school district holidays coming up expanding the use of license plate readers in san jose the vote happening today meant to help fight crime and improve traffic safety. he in the bay
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area's largest city. plus we are just the right amount that didn't cause any issues in the burn scars and actually somewhat put a pause on fire season. at least here locally was a welcome sight for us here in the bay area. what it could mean for fire season as crews prepare for the months ahead. now outside our doors at this hour partly cloudy skies the chance for showers remaining in the forecast, even thunderstorms. better details n what you can
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fire and a pgd substation in a statement. utility reports of fire started in one of the tesla mega packs at their elkhorn battery storage facility. chp tweeted this photo of the traffic in the area a few hours ago, and you could see back to back there. one is closed and salinas road and melora road, no word on when it will reopen. my children place has also been ordered for that area. at least one person was killed in a large earthquake on the pacific coast of mexico. magnitude 7.6 quake was centered in the central part of the country. one person was reported killed in the ports city of manzanillo, where wall collapsed at a shopping center. there it was spilled nearly 300 miles away in mexico city where people ran out into the streets. there is no word of any major damage there. the quake happened to fall on the same date as major deadly earthquakes that struck back in 2017 and 1985 hour. in fact, before the quake
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hit, many people in mexico city took part in nationwide drill set for the anniversary of those previous earthquakes. cal fire says the rain we got over the weekend helped the firefighters are battling the massive mosquito fire in the sierra foothills. the fire is now 39% contained. it's burned through more than 76,000 acres in eldorado and plaster county's fire says containment is nearly doubled since saturday due to the rain and the good, hard worker, the firefighters, a growing number of evacuees now being allowed to return home. what they're coming home to is, um, no power, some no water. you know, rotting food in their refrigerators and freezers. the rain could continue to fall over the fire area for the next few days, and that's not always good news storms can now trigger mudslides in the burned scarred areas. the recent rain gave the ground and brush across the bay. a good soaking, but fire danger certainly hasn't gone away. ktvu elissa harrington talked with firefighters about how this wet weather has impacted this fire season. it was a wet weekend. across the bay area. rain
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brought some much needed relief following a brutal heat wave that brought triple digit temperatures to some areas like santa rosa, especially following record breaking temperatures and critically dry fuels and really elevated fire concerns. the rain was definitely welcome sight, the fire marshal with the santa rosa fire department said. burn scar areas are always a concern . during a storm. there is risk of debris flow and flooding. in this case they were focused. on the skyhawk neighborhood, which was impacted by the glass fire, which burned more than 67,000 acres and destroyed homes almost exactly two years ago. but this most recent rain was not enough to cause any major damage. just the right amount that it didn't cause any issues in the burn scars and actually somewhat put a pause on fire season at least here locally, expects this will be a short pause, he said. they need several back to back storms to put a literal damper on fire season and these past few days, the area got just less than an
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inch of rain. we're not out of the season by any means. with temperatures expected to rebound later this week. and then what we typically get with our fall pattern. we could very well be right back into critical fire weather by early october in santa rosa, i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. speaking of the rain, we are in store for some more today for how much that is. meteorologists rosemary oroczo is here to talk about the trend of the weather. yes and even though we do have a warm up coming our way for the first week in the fall, you know, keeping in mind andre gasia this system coming in way earlier than what we typically see when it comes to the rainy season. in any event we love that is happening and the unsettled weather will continue. for a couple more days giving you a live. look here over san francisco. we do have a mix of sun and clouds out there from the spanish point looks mostly cloudy over the east bay hills and storm tracker to here showing you we remain with that moisture off the coastline. if you look to the far left of your
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screen, you can even see a little bit of lightning and thunderstorm activity going on right over the coast. it's been a mainly dry day and very similar to yesterday. it really is going to be a hit or miss situation and it's really hard to tell who exactly may see some scattered showers. we are looking at a little bit of drizzle, perhaps a few sprinkles over the coastline, but into the afternoon when the temperatures are warmer, and the air is unstable. we tend to see those fire. are thunderstorms start to fire off, and that's exactly what happened yesterday for parts of the bay area into the sierra. we go where we have a light showers over the sierra, even picking up on areas of pink and white, indicating some rain and rain. snow mix a picture of mount rose yesterday with a dusting of snow, and there's a lightning strike right over the reno area. at this time i pull back just a little bit, so we continue again to track this. over the last few days. it will finally push out of the area on wednesday. between now and then we'll have the opportunity as scattered showers and thunderstorms to point out something that happened monday afternoon. if you look over
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areas like connacht i clear like the lake county area and the inner east bay, picking up a good amount of rain. this is where we had the thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. so with those thunderstorms come the brief downpours and quite a bit of accumulation in a short matter of time. meanwhile the temperatures out there very similar to yesterday within a degree or 2 70 degrees right now in oakland, 69 in san francisco, low seventies and napa for the inner east bay 70 in livermore, 74 over san jose, so very mild. partly cloudy. partly sunny 73 alamo 73 down ville right now, and our winds are generally light. it's a nice day out there , but don't be surprised if perhaps a cloud rolls over and you feel a few sprinkles. it's that kind of pattern 76 for the afternoon in santa rosa today, 70 san francisco 74. oakland upper seventies livermore, san jose 76 for our coast and our basic communities very much average for inland cities well below a little bit cool for this time of year. a better look at what you can expected for the
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afternoon. today temperature wise and the rest of the week into your weekend coming up. the royal family continues a period of mourning. i'm lauren blanchard in london this as the uk carries on follo ng
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scattered on the road in front of that building. the fire department says they requested help from local bomb squads and explosive agencies to search the structure. the victims conditions arranged from serious to critical the cause is still unknown. as ukrainian forces retake more areas that russia once controlled. they're finding more scenes of destruction and evidence of what they call war crimes. many of the towns and villages had been taken by russian forces soon after the war started in february. that was ukrainian forces. are we taking those areas they're finding houses destroyed and bombs and bullets scattered everywhere. ukraine's president says they'll continue taking back previously occupied parts of their country. prosecutors want to build a war crimes case against russia leaders are gathering in new york for the 77th session of the united nations general assembly, the first in person gathering since the beginning of the pandemic. in remarks this morning, secretary general antonio guterres said the general assembly is meeting at a time of great peril. we have a duty to act. and yet we are gridlocked
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in colossal global dysfunction. the international community is not ready or willing to tackle the big dramatic challenges of our age. this crisis threatens the very future of humanity. and the fate of our planet. president biden will address the general assembly tomorrow morning. life is returning to normal in the uk a day after the nation stopped to say goodbye to britain's longest reigning monarch, lauren blanchard has a look at what's next from london . the royal family begins its next chapter as the official period of mourning ends here in the uk, the whole nation stopped and thought and listened and watched after a week of grieving the loss of queen elizabeth. the second life is returning to normal across the uk in london crews began clearing the streets on tuesday after a week of tributes that concluded with her state funeral. thousands of bouquets and cards have been left behind. people are
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continuing to come to buckingham palace to pay their respects. it's just nice to come down and pay your respects to someone who , like my whole family have only ever known the queen. the royal family will remain in an official mourning period until next week, seven days after the queen's funeral on monday night, they attended a private burials. service for their matriarch. one of the next big events for the family will be the coronation of king charles that is expected to take place next year at westminster abbey. prince charles being the king. i mean, he's a quintessential british gentleman. so what more could you want? with charles at the helm, royal experts expect the new king to slim down the official royal family and make more royal residences available to the public is going to fill both personally in the sense of responsibility to his mother's memory, and also just in sense of his own constitutional position over the coming months. passports coins and stamps will all change to reflect king charles, the third in london. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two
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news. prosecutors in baltimore, maryland, have 30 days to decide whether to retry or bed in the murder case of a man whose case became famous when it was featured on a popular podcast at nine c eight, was released yesterday after being convicted of killing his school and high school ex girlfriend in 1999. he was 17 at the time, and he's been in prison ever since. but the true crime podcast called serial question the testimony of one witness and the use of unreliable cell phone records. prosecutors also failed to tell the defense about two other people who were suspected of killing the ex girlfriend. this hidden evidence established that other people had threatened his life had hidden her car in places known to them. under the law. prosecutors should have disclosed this evidence. say it is in home detention and is monitored with gps and who episode of the latest development in his case will debut today on the serial podcast. the northern california woman who faked her own kidnapping was sentenced to 18 months in prison sheriff pleaded
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guilty to one count of making false statements to the fbi and one count of mail fraud. the 40 year old did not answer questions from reporters ahead of her sentencing in sacramento for faking her own kidnapping. in a prepared statement, the mother of two broke down in tears, apologizing and admitting guilt. did not miss the mark. he knew her heart. by the time he sentenced her trusting her. with what we consider to be a fair sentence, even though it's longer than we wished back in 2016 bikini claimed that she was kidnapped by gun pipe point by two latino women and held hostage for more than three weeks. her story started to fall apart in 2020 when investigators linked dna from her clothing to an ex boyfriend who she was staying with. redesigning and renovating japantown peace plaza in san francisco. $6 million state funded boost announced today for the project. plus. this should never happen. kids were just walking home from school. i mean, you can't you
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can't get more innocent than that. three children recovering after being hit by a car in anti h, the long road st l
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readers the city council is expected to approve a measure
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that would provide another $250,000 to install more of these high tech cameras and high crime areas. there would also be more license plate readers at intersections where there are a large number of accidents. one man who frequently walks the streets of san jose says these cameras could have helped track down the driver responsible for his close encounter. with a speeding car. i was walking down the street. i hear this screeching tires and the car jumped over the curb. and it went between me and the street. oh there's agree these high tech cameras would help increase public safety when it comes to both crime and traffic. but these license plate readers are raising privacy concerns. the key concerns with automated license plate readers really lay in how much data is collected and how long it's retained for the new policy for the san jose police department specifically allows these cameras for just a few key uses here. investigating crimes locating missing persons and locating suspect vehicles. the policy prohibits collecting
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any data not in public view and monitoring legal activities such as rallies and protests. it also bans sharing data with immigration authorities and selling that information as well. we are now hearing from the family of a man who was shot and killed in a road rage incident in san lorenzo reinhardt, susan and his wife love were just married four months ago in the philippines. love says she was talking with her husband on the phone at about 4 30 sunday while he was driving when he got involved in a dispute with several people in another car, she said she told him not to get out of the car. but he did, and she heard the shots that killed him. maybe just one or two steps or three steps away from his car. i just heard a lot of a lot of gunshots . a lot of gunshots. i mean grief. a lot of faith. tired. to accept. this is unfair. like i know, my son he's working is a good man. alameda county
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sheriff's investigators say they are following up on a number of leads anyone with information or dashcam video has to contact them. we're hearing from the family of three children who were critically injured when they were hit by a car in antioch's ktvu amberleigh is the latest details after speaking with their great uncle. this should never happen. kids were just walking home from school. i mean, you can't you can't get more innocent than that. and then to be hit on the sidewalk. on friday afternoon shortly before 3 32 brothers and a sister from a blended family were walking home from any arc middle school when they were hit by a car. they suffered serious to life threatening injuries. everybody's devastated, um. the parents still haven't left the best side. the children's great uncle, tim. comfort identified the three siblings cheyenne. mason and jonathan all 12 years old. police say a tan mercury mystique was about to turn left when a red chevy impala that was speeding tried to pass on the
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left. witnesses say the impact sent the red car into the children on the sidewalk ending up against the house was like 50 ft away in the bushes. jonathan had car on top of them. it's unfathomable. you just every product, every parent's worst nightmare. children and two drivers were all rushed to the hospital. comfort tells me jonathan is in a coma, suffering from traumatic brain injury and may not survive. mason has a broken leg and underwent plastic surgery for facial injuries. cheyenne has a fractured skull but is improving. she's actually drinking water and talking a little bit on our own, so it's incredible, very resilient girl comfort describes the siblings as energetic and loving karate. the family has set up a go fund me to raise money to help their parents make it. how do you go back to a house that's full? the kids and kind of function like that. it's going to be incredible life changing for
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everybody. police have not released any information about the drivers involved possible charges or the investigation. the family is devastated and they're preparing for the children's long road to recovery . amberleigh ktvu fox two news to the south bay, where san jose is dealing with a disturbing rise in the number of people hit and killed by cars on city streets. just last friday, and eight year old boy was hit by a car and killed while walking to school. eight year old jacob villanova was a third grade student at castle mod elementary. he was hit just a block from campus. there were 23 pedestrian deaths in san jose, and all of last year so far this year. there have been 26 pedestrian deaths, and we still have three months to go in 2022. i hope you're with us on mornings on to today we spoke live with san jose's mayor sam liccardo, and asked him what the city is doing to make the streets safer for pedestrians. we received hundreds of complaints every week from residents throughout the city who believed traffic is too fast in their neighborhood. they're concerned about various roadway
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issues that may present safety concerns. the reality is that we have a very defined and scarce budget, and we need to focus our dollars. on where the greatest risk exists. mayor said the data show the largest number of pedestrian fatalities happen on the higher speed roadways. so that's where most of the focus has been in terms of increasing pedestrian safety, he says there is a need to do more neighborhoods as well. things like installing speed bumps and stop signs where necessary. well there was a special team of crisis workers in oakland. the team hopes that showing empathy will prevent already tough situation from getting worse. the team was called macro, a new alternative to having police respond to non violent and non medical emergencies. ktvu evan sernoffsky spent several days with the macro team and shows us how it works. the macro program was designed to reduce the number of unnecessary police interactions with citizens who are not being violent but still need help. its supporters say the program is a resounding
12:36 pm
success, and after just six months they're looking to expand it. we tagged along and got a close look at how they're working to help people struggling with things like mental illness. drug addiction and homelessness. right here, ray somewhere in this area. there's somebody on the right right here. it's a hot afternoon in east oakland, and there's a man unconscious, lying partially in the street, milton and hagan burger for a sleeper. hi. you okay? until this year, the city didn't have anyone to respond to situations like these. it's hot. we want to make sure that you get you some water and stuff, okay? alright my god, we need to stay out of the street. okay? okay don't have no medical problems. pound it you're good. alright guys. macro team offers services like drug treatment and shelter to some of the city's most vulnerable residents. this man named devante was an interested in anything more than some water, but at least he's out of harm's way. we offer resources assistance with
12:37 pm
housing things like that. we've transported many people to get housing, but it took multiple contacts. macro stands for mobile assistance community responders of oakland, their team of 16 people works within the fire department. it began as a pilot program in april serving east and west oakland. there was a groundswell of community support that was putting pressure on the council to develop an alternative response model to address the challenges that the community was having with opd. elliot jones is the program's director, he said before macro and was left up to police to respond to behavioral health calls, officials say macro has responded to 4371 calls since april. they have done over 100 referrals to local resources like housing services since july. they're operating with $5 million from the city of oakland and another 10 million
12:38 pm
from a state grant for the next four years. oakland follows jurisdictions like san francisco and bart, which both launched similar programs. people call 911 not only because they are in need for themselves for their safety security, but because they're concerned. it's called good intent cause people in this city have so much love. they legitimately care about folks they see on the streets. some calls they're not suited for like if anyone is potentially armed or violent. when things get too unsafe for two violent we get out of the scene. we're not there. it's a police anyone or anything. we're just there to help here to help the community and make a difference in the community. when calls aren't coming in the macro team goes where they know they will be needed. like this woman who is pregnant and living in a bus shelter on 104th and international checking on you. if you feel like you need to go to the hospital because of the baby, you let us know goal is to eventually get her into a shelter. but until she's prepared for that we can't really force her being that she is pregnant. we do like to come
12:39 pm
and check up on her often. the street on 57th in holloway, there's a man living in a large pile of trash. are you feeling ok today? until people like this man and others are ready to help themselves. the macro team says they'll keep coming back, just shoving away little by little, and hopefully those interactions lead to that to him saying, you know, waking up one day saying, hey, i'm ready to make this change. macro began as an 18 month pilot program, but given the state funding they've been awarded and overwhelming support from the community. they hope it's here to stay. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. one of the bay area's top infectious disease experts is joining other health leaders who are pushing back against president biden's recent assertion that the covid pandemic is over. i don't agree. unfortunately president biden. i wish it was so i know when we say things. it's over like we're over it. it's different, colloquially from the reality and reality. is there still disease around? we're in a lot
12:40 pm
right now in the bay area, but i think most people are expecting us to have an increase in cases again in a few months, as long as they are unvaccinated people in the world, there's a chance of a variant being created. that looks different from what we have and what antibodies can capture. temic. president biden said the pandemic is over during an interview that aired sunday night on the cbs program 60 minutes. many public health experts have spoken out, saying his claim is not supported. by fact, they point out some 400 people are currently dying every day from covid. new at noon, san francisco's japantown is getting some new help to make big improvements. san francisco assemblyman filtering this morning announced $6 million in state funding to be used to renovate and redesigned japan towns. peace plaza, essential location for festivals, celebrations and historic commemorations project is included in the city's 2020 health and recovery. bond king says the state funding will help keep the project on track and on budget. we knew that there needed to be additional $6 billion to make sure that this
12:41 pm
renovation was done right? and this community has waited decades and i'm saying decades for this renovation to occur. japantown project includes waterproofing and paving, as well as beautifying the space with plants, lighting and seating. uber blames the teenage heck group for last week's breach of its systems. uber says the group lapses was likely responsible for the hack. uber says the attacker used malware to gain access and two contractors, password and internal systems were accessed. but uber insists no other user data was actually compromised. here. the hacker group has been linked to several high profile attacks. all members of the group that have been arrested in the past have been teenagers. let's run back out to the oakland police headquarters, opd is about to hold a news conference detailing the three people killed in shootings just last night. we are about to hear from the chief. i understand chief laurent armstrong has yet to take the podium. let's listen in. together turning it over to deputy chief beer to answer any follow up questions. the first
12:42 pm
two homicides occurred just before 7:45 p.m. in the 3100 block of telegraph avenue communications division received the shot spotter activation in the area for multiple rounds. upon arrival, officers located two male adults. 1 27, years old and the other 59 years old. both suffering from gunshot wounds. opd officers and personnel from the oakland fire department rendered medical aid, but unfortunately, both victims were pronounced deceased on scene. third adult male 19 years old self transported to a local hospital with nonlife britney injuries. there's a preliminary investigation, there appears to be multiple shooters in a vehicle that opened fire on a crowd of individuals to separate establishments in the 3100 block of telegraph avenue. at this time. we are uncertain of the motive and are investigating all
12:43 pm
possible leads. less than an hour later. we received information about a third homicide in the area of east 20th. 23rd avenue. our communications division received multiple calls reporting a shooting that occurred at 8 30. pm in the 2200 block at east 20th street. when officers arrived on scene they located an adult female 48 years old suffering from a gunshot wound. officers rendered aid to the victim relief by medical personnel, but unfortunately the victims to come to her injuries are most pronounced deceased on scene. while investigating these three homicides. officers also had to address four separate shootings that occurred citywide within a 13 hour span. additionally we were also investigating an incident close to home. as two of our officers were actually injured by a
12:44 pm
suspected drunk driver last night. the officers were providing traffic control in the 3000 block of telegraph avenue for the homicide investigation when the collision occurred. an individual suspected of driving under the influence collided with two opd patrol officers. one officer was inside a fully marked nopd patrol vehicle, and the other officer was standing outside. thankfully both officers were transported to an area hospital with non life threatening injuries. the driver of the vehicle was arrested for suspected driving under the influence, and anyone with information is asked to contact the opd traffic unit area code 510777. so i'll now turn it over to deputy chief here for any follow up questions. thank you. good afternoon. i'm deputy chief
12:45 pm
james patrick beer. and i'm open for any questions.hat. he also t there was they were fired from one vehicle to another. targeting specific or indiscriminate targets, or is there someone targeting among the crowd? at this point early on in the investigation. we do believe there was multiple shooters shooting from inside the vehicle. it wasn't a specific direction. at this point. i can't confirm or deny if there was specifically targeting one person. poets of said the two victims on telegraph avenue were muslim descent, and some people believe that it could be a hate crime. are you investigating? this is that or or three bucks currently right now, or homicide sections investigating all angles of this crime? this incident is very obviously tragic, shocking. two for our computer, our community
12:46 pm
to experiences over and over again. we're taking nothing off the table, but we're investigating every possible scenario that may have resulted in this violent crime. unfortunately right now we're still working with our victim outreach and advocates as well as the homicide section to make the proper notifications to family. on the next to ken notifications, so i can't release their names at this point, given the police officers that were injured. release the names of the officers that were injured or. both officers have been working in the downtown area. um. i would say they're veteran officers. they're not brand new. no. roll patrol. the victims or hit. the inside the combination. so chief victims appears were struck outside and
12:47 pm
a third victim was struck while inside one of the locations. that's right. you don't know. was somewhere or injured. yeah so one of the victims that passed away that was pronounced at the scene was actually inside one of the buildings. you don't know if the younger victims it was the older victim inside. yes, sir. chief was so many incidents happening at once, and resources already blended it. in terms of officers and responding to the scene. what kinds of challenges this presented not only officers but also to the entire city and our people at risk because you're stretched so thin. it is a significant challenge, actually, for staff and for the community anytime there's a critical incident, um , whether it be a fatal accident homicide or a barricaded suspect. or just a serious crime that's evolving. it drains a lot of resources to properly do it safe to contain the area to make
12:48 pm
sure not only for the safety of the community, but the officers and then the people involved as well. um so when we're actually responding to critical incidents just say like a homicide. it's definitely taxing, and it prevents us from respond to other calls for service. and as you can hear from officer armstead, there was a lot of calls that were coming in last night related to violence. we had multiple homicide scenes plus shootings, as well as people calling for crimes and progress, robberies and burglaries. so it is a tremendous drain. it's hard. obviously we tried to manage our resources properly. and appropriately as we can, um but yes, when you need the appropriate number of officers on each scene to make sure everyone is safe. how many more officers do you need right now and what types of calls were not responding to lessen. well, we're authorized. 726 officers currently are staffing that 6 81. i would like i would hope
12:49 pm
that we could be fully staffed as soon as possible. um with regards to calls that we couldn't respond to. that's actually you know, we have to triage the calls as they come in that starts with our communications division, so they pretty much the every call that comes in. they prioritize it on whether you know it from many different aspects, but obviously violent crime comes first. if they're suspects on scene if we feel that the you know people are threatened, you know, sanctity of life comes first. um so other calls that would be less of a priority would be property crime calls cold reports or burglaries. where the suspects not on scene, all of those would actually have to wait until we have an officer. be able to clear to take those calls. yes as the opd assistant chief is detailing what was an extremely violent night in oakland? three homicides in total at two separate locations . the investigation released in the very beginning stages, but we just heard him their reference. it's very difficult for opd to handle these major crimes, while other shootings are happening around the city
12:50 pm
and a 12 hour span, a shortage of officers is making it very difficult. police say they were also on the scene attending to a car crash when two officers were hit by a drunk driver. this all happened around the same time that the two men over shot and died at the scene near that mosque and that one woman in east oakland was also killed and died at the scene as well. they're still investigating. no information on suspect yet. as far as the two men who were killed they were at a mosque. police say they're looking into all angles of what's going on here. we'll keep you updated on the story. we have reporters there at the scene. we'll have an update for you on our newscast starting at four o'clock streaming that live right now at ktvu. com and the ktvu news app. what's switch your squid helena switch gears here and talk about our weather rosemary oroczo. we're all noticing how there's a lot of full sun in some parts, but we checked back in. let's say at the four it's going to be a different story, isn't it? yes the thunderstorms expected once again this afternoon, garcia andreas, similar to yesterday areas of lake county, as well as the east bay and over towards the sacramento valley really saw the thunderstorms developed by
12:51 pm
late in the afternoon, picking up a third of an inch of rainfall, even more than that, in a short amount of time. here's a look over san francisco where we do have partly sunny. partly cloudy skies. for folks that are out and about this afternoon. it's a little tough to tell that we have so much moisture just kind of dancing around right off our coastline where we continue to see lightning strikes over the pacific, and we continue to see some activity going on over the higher elevations in the sierra. maybe a few sprinkles here closer to home ride along the coastline, and any one of us has an opportunity at a few scattered showers. and then as we get into the afternoon that slight risk for thunderstorms into areas of nevada closer to arena, we are seeing those thunderstorms already this afternoon. for us later in the afternoon. creeping a little bit closer to sunset is when we typically see some of that more unstable air mass. here's a view of the system we've been watching now for. it seems like several days you can see some lightning strikes there within the wrap around moisture. it will continue to push and eventually ride across california. and that will bring
12:52 pm
us again the opportunity at scattered showers. a few thunderstorms before we finally moves out on wednesday. here's a look at the forecast when it comes to what we can expect into tonight. notice that moisture is just dancing right off the coastline. they're likely to move in. perhaps tomorrow morning. we start out with some scattered showers as the system moves out over the area and out of the way moving east temperatures right now in and around the bay area, 69, san francisco, low seventies and napa 70 in livermore, 74 over san jose. and for your afternoon today, upper sixties pacifica loaded mid upper seventies around the bay and inland 74 for areas over hayward as well as fremont in the north bay 75 napa for the inner east bay nearing 80 degrees, antioch's as well as livermore. your extended forecast for tomorrow we'll call for a near repeat before we begin to warm things up on the first day of fall, drier weather in place heading into the first weekend of fall temperatures along the coastline in the seventies eighties around the bay low nine he's expected inland. back to you, rosemary.
12:53 pm
university system. what could happen if the governor signs legislation that's waiting on his desk? and the all new musical drama monarch is on fox to this fall, and we're giving away a chance to win a trip to the show, setting the live music capital of the world. austin, texas had decayed tv .com slash contest for your chance to enter to win airfare for two deluxe hotel accommodations and $250 to see a live music show. good luck and watch monarch at its regular time tonight at nine on ktvu bo t
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in 30, the california clean air initiative, mayor liccardo san jose environmental, health and labor leaders helped kick off the campaign this morning and i b e w. local 3 22 headquarters in san jose proposition 30 will help stop climate change by helping millions of californians
12:57 pm
of all incomes afford electric vehicles would also create a statewide ev charging network and reduced wildfires by funding forest management, more firefighters and their equipment. we're seeing climate change, devastate our forests with wildfires devastating our air. it's devastating. our water. we see drought continue to be exacerbated by the impacts of climate change. it's taking away everything we love about california. here's our opportunity. to restore california with prop 30 approved by voters. the clean air initiative would generate about $100 billion over the next 20 years by taxi. california's personal income of more than $2 million. governor gavin newsom has come out in strong opposition to prop 30. the california state university system says it could raise tuition and cut programs of the governor signed a new bill that increases pay for non faculty staff. csu trustees say could cost $1.3 billion in the next 10 years to give those employees raises. the governor said he
12:58 pm
plans to give $1 billion in funding to cal state schools to help cover the cost. university officials say they can't count on that until the money is guaranteed. students we talked with said they're concerned about any possible tuition hike. i would like to see them get paid more, but i also don't want to see him. i don't see programs to get cut at the same time. why can't we look at reducing administrative salary by five or 10% to then transfer those costs to non faculty members? students are also worried that if programs aren't cut and administrative cost the same, they may be forced to take out more student loans for their higher education. oakland raised hip hop artists easy. jeezy has now joined the oakland roots soccer ownership group, the oakland roots and oakland soul made the announcement today. in a statement, jeezy said, in part what oakland roots and solar doing for the people of the town and the community is truly one of a kind and something one has to be part of. i had to jump in right away. the oakland reached by the way was launched back in
12:59 pm
2019. 49ers. doctors say they're confident that trey lance will make a full recovery. lance broke his right ankle in sunday's game against the seahawks and is out for the season, the team says atlantis surgery at stanford hospital dealt with two different injuries that factored fibula and disruption of a ligament. lance went on social media tweeted a photo of himself at the hospital with the message truly appreciate all the messages and prayers surgery was success. and i am ready to attack the rehab process. we will never understand why, but i trust that it's all part of his plan. i'll be back better than ever. this chapter is going to make the story even greater. the rapper m i. a is pulling out of next weekend's portola festival in san francisco in an instagram story, the festival said the british star suffered a quote, serious and unexpected health matter earlier this summer day festival on pier 80 takes place this upcoming saturday and sunday. alright that will do it for us, we will have much more on the shootings that happened in oakland. you just heard that news conference a short time
1:00 pm
ago. that's gonna be coming up at ktvu .com and the news at four. 56 and seven as well. and you can always check out the latest news, ktvu .com you can also download the ktvu news app. you're gonna want to tune in at four >> can you guess what this is? >> if you get a lifejacket. >> then you'd be a great contestant on pictionary. our first celebrity captain was inducted into the burnsville high school hall of fame. we're burning out. >> melissa peterman. >> and with her sean and his sisters heena you know, our next celebrity captain is the proud. >> owner of over 3000 refrigerator magnets. catch her on cafe mocha. it's the magnetic loni love. >> she's joined by vegas buddies michael and kevin and now the host of pictionary, jerry o'connell. oh, yeah. i love it. i love it. >> the dictionary, the beauty of pictionary is everyone already knows how to play.


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