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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 20, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. two breakout along interstate 5 80 in oakland for the second time in five days and tonight firefighters are calling this latest incident a case of arson. so we immediately sprung into action and got all the fire. extinguishers and canvassing the area talking to neighbors. seeing if anybody has pictures, photos, ring cameras have
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anybody suspicious in nature arts and investigation is indeed underway after a series of small fires right there along west 5 80 oakland. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach claudine wong. three fires broke out around six o'clock tonight between 35th and coolidge avenue. video posted to twitter shows one fire burning just beyond the guardrail near fruitvale avenue. firefighters responded and quickly put out a total of three fires before any evacuation orders were necessary . and oakland fire battalion chief told us they believed the fires were deliberately set based on flares found at the scene. just last week, firefighters put out a much bigger fire in that same area near 35th avenue. a total of five homes were damaged, and at least one was gutted by fire officials say. these are two separate incidents. so this incident we were able to deem that this one was arson. based upon the stuff that was found at the scene here tonight in the fire we had last week or on friday was that one is still
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under investigation as well. we've got multiple investigators working on that one. and that one still is under investigation. so they are two separate incidents. they just happen to be in close proximity to each other. so far. police haven't made any arrests for tonight's fires. no homes were damaged, but some were briefly threatened tonight. one man is dead, another in the hospital after a shooting right near oakland city hall. it is the city's fourth homicide in just the past 24 hours interviews, jana katsuyama spoke with witnesses who saw the victim. she is live tonight. here in the city of oakland with the story, jenna. mike i called the corner's office tonight. they said they cannot release the name of the victim. they are still working on identification and notifying the family. but people said that the gunshots were so loud. they were heard not just outside city hall, but also by people inside. along frank ogawa plaza near oakland city hall on 14th street. a normal tuesday afternoon turned violent and deadly. i heard the shot i was there. i was coming across the street right here.
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yeah the shots. how many shots were there? about four or five starting again fired gunshots and i just ducked. you know, scary. i've never experienced anything like this, tanya cole says when police arrived, they started doing cpr officers say one victim in oakland resident in his twenties, died there in the plaza. the second victim was transported to a local hospital , where he is currently undergoing surgery. police say that second injured victim is a berkeley man in his twenties. we are now at 91 homicides. for this year in the city of oakland , compared to 100 lives last the same time last year, police said they are reviewing surveillance video. one witness says he saw a car at the scene shooting in the car. need to round one dude fell out of the car ran and got on the grass over here happened just yards from city hall as the oakland city council meeting was
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underway. most of the members were participating remotely, but some staff were inside and heard the gunshots. it was really unnerving to be in city hall and not know how close um the gunshots were and if someone was injured, i was scared. i didn't know if someone was going to come by city hall. the city council had just been discussing with the police chief, the need to increase resources for crime investigations might be technology. more technology that both, uh individual residents and opd can be can used to help with investigations, and we should take that. seriously we need the police chief to assign a few more officers to the investigations division we realized are understaffed, and i know that we have a large backlog in the city of oakland in regards to the crime lab. i would call it the county and as we can use their crime lab and late this afternoon, we saw a dark infinity sedan being towed away from the scene, followed by
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an oakland police vehicle. we asked police about that, but they had no comment. they also are asking anyone in the public who might have cellphone, video or surveillance camera video that could help with this investigation to contact police and share that information with them. mike jana katsuyama live tonight in oakland. jenna thank you tonight we are learning more about two men who were killed in a drive by shooting in oakland pill hill neighborhood. gunfire broke out right in front of river nile market and lay alina restaurant about 7 45 last night, police said there appeared to be multiple shooters in a vehicle that opened fire on individuals at those two locations. the victims have been identified as 27 year old hussam al audrey, who is originally from yemen and 59 year old be law, isa, who friends said was a fixture in the local ethiopian community. bilal. he was helping people. he has his children. he has a family. very nice boy. one of our family or homicide sections, investigating all
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angles of this crime. this incident is very obviously tragic. shocking. a 19 year old man was also shot in the leg and wounded. police say the motive is not known, and anyone with information about the case is asked to call police oakland pd did send out a tweet today mapping recent gunfire. police say there were 163 shot spotter activations reported from monday, september 12 through sunday, the 18th opd says it is encouraging residents and businesses to consider installing security cameras and to register those cameras with the city. new attend a video on social media shows a woman taking down four flags of latin american countries from outside of a school in oakland. they are being flown as part of hispanic heritage month s ktvu cristina rendon reports. the oakland unified school district has filed a police report and hope she can be identified. this instagram video is getting lots of attention. why are you taking it down? it shows a woman
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pulling down the flags of four latin american countries outside of coliseum college prep academy , 1/6 through 12th grade school in oakland. at the corner of 66, the international taking it down. i happened saturday sometime between four pm and seven pm the flags of mexico, guatemala, el salvador and honduras had just been raised last week. in honor of latino heritage month, oakland unified district spokesman jon sasaki calls the incident discriminatory. this is a particularly agree gis. moved by someone who obviously had some kind of strange motivations. whatever it is that they were trying to do. they didn't accomplish anything principal happened to be on campus saturday notice the flags crumpled at the base of the flagpole and immediately raised them again, along with black lives matter and pride flags. that's very sad. that's sad. i don't know why the woman act like that. what's so upsetting? too many people here is that this is east oakland, the heart of the latino community more
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than 75% of students here are latino, was completely shocked by this. uh it is latino heritage month and so for this kind of behavior, and frankly this act of hate to happen during this time we condemn, it says is the senior manager of communications at the unit. the council, a longtime nonprofit in oakland's fruitvale district that works to promote social equity. the flags are not just, you know, a physical thing, but for our community, they represent pride they represent culture. usd has filed a police report for possible trespassing or vandalism. zaki says the district isn't looking for the woman to go to jail, but at the very least, that her actions can serve as a lesson. we want to make the message very clear that no matter what happens, we're going to stand by our families. we stand by our students going to stand by our staff, regardless, whether from hopes from this active division comes unity, especially want to recognize principal corozzo
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because within a few hours, those flags were returned where they need to be, which is flying above ccp, a flying proudly above our community. oakland cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. san francisco school board voted within the last 30 minutes to move forward in ad two muslim holidays, including e to the school district calendar. last month, the school board approved closing schools on two of the holiest muslim days, but the district is facing a possible lawsuit alleging that the board violated open meeting laws when it approved those holidays, students, parents and community members at tonight's meeting said it was unfair to not allow students to be off for cultural observations. my name is aisha. i'm currently a sophomore at galileo high school for the past 13 years. i've been at school i've never skipped. but when you see my attendance every year, there's always one excused. absence i gain i have to be reprimanded and marked as gone just to be able to celebrate a religious holiday. i'm here speaking to you guys doing my ap
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world homework to get you to listen to all of us. when we say make i eat an official holiday in the sf usd calendar family resolution that was approved tonight will also give school district staff better time to find the best way to add holidays to the school calendar. dream forces back at san francisco's mosconi center, and attendees from around the country have flooded san francisco streets as ktvu is, christien kafton explains, the success of dream force could influence whether other big conventions returned to the city. after two years of virtual and small conventions due to the pandemic. dream force is back. 40,000 conventioneers have returned to learn about the latest offerings from the business tech company salesforce , the company highlighting genie , the newest edition to its customer relationship management or crm, tool customer. 3 60. yes, it's a new day for customer magic. yes it's the next generation of crm. yes, it's all about the future. but the most important thing is that we're all back together as
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trailblazers hospitality industry has said dream force carries added significance this year since other conventions will be watching closely and deciding if san francisco is the place to hold their own conventions. well, s e i u held a rally outside one of the entrances to the conference, san francisco's police kept a watchful eye on the convention center and the surrounding areas. we want to make sure people come to san francisco. and leave, having enjoyed being here and feel like they were safe while they were here. baker bell from nashville used to live in san francisco and dream force this year, she says, means returning to the city she once knew. she says she's seen improvements since she moved away. when i came back to visit , i was shocked how clean the city was. i lived here many years ago, back in the .com age. a lot of homelessness, a lot of trash and it was just so clean everywhere. i couldn't believe it cruises from mississippi and says so far, the city has shown its best sides and he'd consider coming back again on his own
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favorite things to do is fish and i would love to come back and visit and just fish in the bay while they're about 40,000 people visiting dream force in san francisco live, there are another estimated 150,000 participating. online dream force runs through thursday in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news money has announced a soft launch for the long awaited 1.7 miles long central subway rail extension. the transit agency says the t third line will open up on november 19th with weekend service stops at fourth and brandon oh, boy, now union square and the chinatown station bus service. will our service will start up for free in november and december. money also says this will allow for more operator training on the system. the central subway will go into daily service in january , the project did go over budget costing nearly $2 billion and was initially planned to open up in 2018. the california department of public health released updated guidance today
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regarding the use of face masks . california is dropping its strong recommendation to wear mask and now advises people to follow cdc guidelines for their local areas. level of community spread. those changes take effect on friday. and new covid boosters for 5 to 11 year olds could soon be on the way. the new omicron variant shots are anticipated to arrive by early october, if given emergency use authorization by the fda. the cdc anticipates recommending the booster for pediatric age groups. by mid october, the agencies expect to recommend the updated advisor vaccine for 5 to 11 year olds and the moderna vaccine for 6 to 17 year olds. new data, suggesting seniors are falling into poverty, more so than any other age group. how advocates work to confront the new numbers coming out of santa clara county. some heavy scattered showers and even thunderstorms in the livermore valley this afternoon. there's a potential for some more of that late tonight and into the morning hours. i'll have that forecast coming up. also
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hurricane fiona heading north after the devastating polo rico and the dominican republic, the severe damage left behind want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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around the scene of a two alarm fire at a business photos here
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posted by the alameda county fire department can see a large amount of flame coming out of that rooftop ladder trucks on scene dumping water on those flames. this is specifically burning at 139th in washington avenue again two alarm fire. we do have a crew on the way to the scene, and we will bring you updates as we get them into the newsroom. and new attend new numbers showing that seniors across the country are falling into poverty and homelessness, more than any other group, santa clara county's most recent data shows that nearly half of its homeless population his people 55 older ktvu, south bay reporter lamonica peters live for us in san jose with how advocates are responding lamonica. they're calling this crisis. the silver tsunami, where many more seniors or falling on hard times now, of course, this isn't a new issue, but the pandemic and rising rent or bringing it to the forefront. and i'm living just above $1000 . a month is not easy when
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you're paying a 30% of your income for brands 68 year old adrian lawton says she started working at 18 years old, and now that she's retired, she's serving as an associate pastor with pam deliverance ministry in san jose. she helps those in need of housing and other services, even though she still struggles to keep herself afloat. you know, i've been on house myself. it wasn't long and it was a number of years ago, but you know, that's our flesh and blood out there on the streets. people that we worked with. dying? yeah, just. so it still hurts. a recent u. s. census bureau report shows that last year a million more seniors aged 65 older fell into poverty . that's more than 10% of seniors, the highest level since 2002 santa clara county also reported 40% of its homeless population was at least 55 years or older in 2019. what we
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recommend is um, for people just to get connected to resources in the community right now, um, you know, we're we serve a lot of seniors that are on housed or are on the verge of being on housed, um, or are at risk of homelessness. sonia fraser is the clinical services manager at the institute on aging. she says. they've started a new program called cowl aim, which partners with santa clara county's family health plan to serve the end house and its most vulnerable seniors. you can't just stick them in a house and think that they're going to get it. you have to do sustaining housing where they know that they have to pay their bills, and they have to keep their place clean, and they have to be a good community member. the city of san jose says that three new senior housing projects will be completed by the end of the
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year, adding 500 union units, but advocates say more housing and assistance will still be needed to keep people in their homes. lamonica peters ktvu fox two news already if you were in the livermore valley today at about 4 30, you had a pretty good lightning show thunder. hail the whole bit and some heavy rain. at times. other parts of the bay area had similar but not quite as intense as this. sell this one we're tracking. this is at 4 27. so i'm just going to click it through because i want you to watch the development of this thing as it starts to it turns into a basically a thunder and lightning storm here. we're at 4 44 right over a little more. that is heavy rainfall right there and then bam around 4 57 just before five. you get your first lightning strike and you get another lighting store. right, and it kind of moves on off, but you can see the lightning continues as it moves out towards sonoma or out towards the ultimate pass. so that was a great example of the weather that we've been experiencing folks. in uh, say in san ramona, like what's the big deal, but right, you know, just 10, miles 20 miles south.
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it was going off, and that's kind of how it worked out throughout much of the day today, that's the possibility for tonight, not a big thunder cell like that, but the chance of some scattered showers as this system translates through late tonight, early tomorrow morning, and then it's out, but before that, we're going to have the opportunity for this thing to slide through me. we stop this up. so here's this is a long range model. the resolution is pretty. it's pretty fat. it's not really gridded out nicely. but if you look at this area that's the area of low pressure offshore. that's midnight tonight. now you go. oh that's no big deal, but that's this model is showing you where the energy is. the energy is still in a position that it could deliver us. scattered showers even thundershower possible in the early morning hours, but then watch what happens around 67 a. m. it kicks out so i wouldn't be surprised if we saw some severe thunderstorms up around the sierra ville area or up towards susanville tomorrow midday. but for us, that's how it goes so late tonight, early tomorrow morning, a chance of a shower, maybe a thunder shower and then we clear out temperature. we kind of mild
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tomorrow to back into the seventies, maybe some low eighties. whether it's getting good weekend looks warmer and dry. i'll be back here in a few minutes with that, all right. see you soon, bill. thank you. hurricane fiona is slowly moving through the caribbean, slamming the turks and caicos islands denied as a category three storm. the hurricane already let left. much of puerto rico and the dominican republic in the dark boxes, nicole valdez reports. fiona blasting the turks and caicos tuesday as a category three hurricane still getting stronger as it moves north just one day after devastating puerto rico and the dominican republic. it was too much. i didn't expect this. a lot of people lost everything very, very rough parts of puerto rico got more than two ft of rain leading to catastrophic flooding. many roads are impassable due to down trees and mudslides. puerto rico's governor says it will be at least a week until authorities have a full estimate of the damage. most of the island is now without electricity and
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running water. residents are stocking up on gasoline a on. wt wouldn't be so big that it was bigger than we expected, and you have to make do with what you have. puerto rico's power grid is still in rough shape after hurricane maria caused a complete blackout five years ago. the power wasn't fully restored for 11 months after that storm in the dominican republic, fiona is the first hurricane to make a direct hit since janine in 2004. many villages there are now cut off because of that severe flooding . entire farming communities have been wiped out by torrential rain and winds. lot of people had loans to grow bananas, coffee, cocoa. everything is gone. the national hurricane center projects fiona to strengthen into a category four hurricane as it approaches bermuda later this week in caguas, puerto rico. i'm nicole valdez, fox weather, and tonight
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at least five people have died as a result of that hurricane coming up in our next half hour, we'll be hearing from a group of south bay volunteers doing its part to help. the hard hit communities in the caribbean. san jose mayor sam liccardo lending his support to a controversial ballot proposition , also a woman accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of computers right from an east bay elementary school.
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feeling laptop computers and other items. police say officers were called about a break in at rocket ship charter school on cavallo road this morning. less than an hour later, a security officer spotted a woman who appeared to be in possession of stolen property worth about $5000 officers took the 38 year old woman into custody after reviewing surveillance footage. the stolen property was returned to the school. san jose mayor sam liccardo, as well as labor leaders and others gave their support today. the proposition
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30, the california clean air initiative, they gathered at the i, b e w. local 3 22 headquarters in san jose. they say prop 30 will help stop climate change by helping millions of californians of all incomes afford electric vehicles . it would also create a statewide e v charging network and reduce wildfires by funding forest management, more firefighters and fire fighting equipment. we're seeing climate change, devastate our forests with wildfires devastating our air. it's devastating. our water. we see drought continue to be exacerbated by the impacts of climate change. it's taking away everything we love about california. here's our opportunity. to restore california with prop 30. if approved by voters the clean air initiative would generate about $100 billion over 20 years by taxing californians with personal incomes of over $2 million proposition. 30 has also
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been met with significant opposition. today the l. a times editorial board released an op ed urging voters to vote no on prop 30. the paper points out. that lift has spent $25 million in supported the measure and stands to receive much of the tax revenue should the proposition pass other opponents of proposition 30. include the governor. who has called it a handout to ride share companies. still to come. the city of oakland investigating a string of deadly crimes in the last 24 hours how city leaders are responding to a call for dozens, if not hundreds of more police officers, plus this is the bruise, um, from the handprint of her grabbing his arm. also tonight we are hearing from the mother of a toddler who says he was abused at a northern california daycare center at the federal crackdown on the largest covid-19 fraud scheme to take place during the pandemic, the hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for low income children. that was stolen. and still ahead in sports. a wild
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and resources in the city of oakland. as ktvu brooks jarocz reports, the oakland police department has dozens of open positions. tremendous drain. it's hard. obviously we tried to manage our resources properly and appropriately as we can. it's not the first time oakland police have been overwhelmed last week, side shows shootings in a crash created a challenge deputy chief james beer says the department is at least 45 officers short police leadership has said before it needs hundreds more. i live here in
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oakland. i'm raising my kids here in oakland. um i would like to have that number of police officers to make sure my neighbors my family and friends are all safe, says 911. calls are triaged. violent crimes are prioritized, but property crimes burglaries and other reports to police are low on the list. enforcement experts say. that's not unique to oakland, a result of reduced officer retention rates attributed to low pay increased scrutiny and more work . your job is understaffed, but yet services still have to be provided. so most of the rank and file are probably working anywhere from 60 to 80 hours. oakland has stepped up training with a group of cadets sent to graduate in october for more academies are being planned for this fiscal gear. but oakland city council president says the burden of emergency calls can't fall solely on officers. we have to do better. we have to focus our police resources on those violent crimes. and find alternatives to deal with the
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other volume of 911 calls that we have strides are being made to separate calls. officials agree the major problem in the city is increasing gun violence completely unacceptable. it means we have to focus and have all hands on deck, not just at the city, but the county of the state, the federal government and getting getting guns off the streets. still oakland is growing the population rising all while police officials say the reason sources are not going to be challenged with responding to calls and if we don't have the appropriate numbers to reflect the population. we're going to continue to struggle. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news roadside memorial is growing for an eight year old boy who was hit and killed by a driver last week in san jose. jacob villanueva was struck in a crosswalk at castleman avenue and driftwood drive while walking to school on friday morning. his babysitter was also hit and suffered a broken leg. people continue to leave flowers
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, balloons and cards at that site. in the boy's memory. the crosswalk has been repainted, but neighbors are calling for more speed bumps and stop signs to keep students safe. some residents have put out traffic cones and makeshift signs to get people to slow down. san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins announced a plan to prosecute some juvenile offenders as adults, and now that plan is being criticized by youth advocates. members of the young women's freedom center and reimagine youth justice coalition held a rally today outside of jenkins's office. her new policy gives prosecutors the ability here to seek adult charges for 16 and 17 year olds in certain cases, including murder, sexual assault and kidnapping. people at the rally, want the district attorney to reverse the policy. not them by and then you'd be hard. we will not stand by and that i be traumatized not standing this. we are not staying for this anymore. are you free happened right to determination for their
10:34 pm
own path. jenkins released a statement in response to today's rally. she says each case will be addressed individually based on the facts and the law and that the new policy is in alignment with other diaz across california and progressive prosecutors across the country who have similar policies in place. the operator of the northern california daycare center, has been charged with child abuse. reporter lisa mitri spoke with the mother of the injured toddler about what happened every mom's worst fear. that they're going to put their kid in daycare and they're going to get hurt, samantha merriman says. that's exactly what happened with her three year old son, sebastian last week. it was hard. it was really hard. he's my little baby. she didn't want to show her face, but she did want to share her story in the images of her son. this is the bruise, um from the handprint of her grabbing his arm, merriman says it happened here at this daycare that owner rachel riot is licensed to run out of her us
10:35 pm
city home off phillips. she says her son told her riot did it and like my heart instantly dropped and i started to shake and i got nauseous and i was like what? and he said ms rachel did it, merriman says when confronted riot admitted it. she was instantly in tears and was like i don't know what to do. i'm so scared and i was like you did it, didn't you and she's like yes, she said. she lost her temper. he was playing with one of those push poppers that kids play with where they pop the little balls in the arab and that he rammed it into her fireplace, and she lost her temper. and grabbed him by the arm, and then he fell and hit his head on the fireplace, was arrested wednesday for child abuse and released on bail the next day. so today we stopped by . hi i'm lizzie. i'm with casey are a not speaking wasn't interested in talking. merriman wants to make sure her message gets out. i want her license revoked and i want her. in jail
10:36 pm
for what she did. that was lazy . mitri reporting the sutter county district attorney's offices, riots charged with misdemeanor child abuse and is scheduled to be in court for her arraignment on october 17th. new attend. federal authorities charged 47 people in minnesota with conspiracy and connection to what they call the largest fraud scheme yet to take advantage of the pandemic. authorities say the defendant stole $250 million from a federal program that provides meals to low income children. prosecutors say the defendant's created companies that claim to be offering food to tens of thousands of children across the state of minnesota. they then sought reimbursement for those meals through the u. s department of agriculture's food nutrition programs. coming up at 11 a bizarre and dangerous challenge on social media is prompting a warning from the fda. what parents need to know. and we're back here with the forecast that includes a chance for some more of those showers.
10:37 pm
maybe even a thunder shower. we'll have the five day forecast next. also, google paid a man a quarter of a million dollars through direct deposit on accident. now the company is now responding
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
all of fire burning at a commercial building off washington avenue 139th very much so an industrial area of the city between 5 80 80 live pictures now from a ktvu photographer who just arrived at seeing you could see multiple agents. they're surrounding this building ladder trucks just dumping a ton of water. you can see the glow of the flames. they're still at this building in san leandro now. initially alameda county called the second alarm that has gone to a 3rd and 1/4 alarm. this basically means mutual aid is being called in and said, hey, we need some help
10:40 pm
here. so the oakland fire department is now on scene, assisting those lines all over the place trying to contain this fire in this industrial area of san leandro will continue to monitor this one, obviously, to make sure that it is contained to this one particular building. we're not sure what exactly is inside the building, but we hope to get that information and other little facts about this fire burning now in san leandro will give you an update coming up tonight at 11. the man was mistakenly paid nearly a quarter of a million dollars by google and what could have been a costly mistake. a spokesperson told npr that the wrong payment was due to human error. google sent wiring instructions to the man for him to send the money back, and he returned the full amount to google and told ktvu there was no offer to compensate him for his time. san francisco based gap is laying off 500 workers at its headquarters in san francisco, as well as offices in new york and asia. the company is also stopping the hiring process for a number of open positions that layoffs come after second quarter earnings
10:41 pm
were down 8% compared to the same time last year. store sales dropped 10% with the loss of $49 million in that same time period . online sales also dropped 6% during the second quarter. on wall street stocks ended the day lower. as investors brace for another large interest rate hike , possibly tomorrow from the federal reserve. the dow was down 313. the nasdaq slid 209 points and the s and p 500 dropped. 44 points. the economy may be scary, but fans of halloween are ready to spend the national retail federation projecting halloween sales of more than $10.5 billion this year. consumers participating in the holiday are expected to dole out an average of $100 on candy decorations, cards and costumes . spending on costumes is actually expected to reach its highest amount in the past five years, totaling about $3 billion , and spending on pet costumes is expected to reach $710 million. beating last year's
10:42 pm
record. well inflation has certainly had a large impact on consumers for gas, groceries and other essential items, but alcohol is becoming increasingly scammed out there on the black market, from tequila to bourbon , and everything between scammers are taking advantage. alcohol has become a big part of the black market was scammers selling fake items for low prices. bottles are usually sold. through their online auctions and marketplaces. empty the bottle or they'll buy recycled bottles because there's value to the individual empty bottle these days. they'll, uh, fill them up with bourbon or something else, which can be very dangerous. customs and border protection seized a record $3.3 billion worth of fake items last year. puerto rico is in crisis mode following that direct hit from hurricane fiona coming up the bay area relief efforts now underway for those hard hit communities. let's give you a live look outside on this tuesday evening, the bay bridge the city by the bay and the distance fall, just
10:43 pm
a couple of days away. we're going to check back in with chief meteorologist bil rtin kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30.
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prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. have you seen my new phone yet? it like, folds in half. i would never switch to samsung, i love my phone. what??? ♪ ( folds in half.) you see i love my phone. i would never switch to samsuuu... (gasping) ♪
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percent the fire, which started on september, 2nd officially burned more than 13,000 acres. cal fire says it destroyed four structures and two people were injured tonight. all evacuation
10:46 pm
orders and warnings have been lifted. flooding is still being reported throughout puerto rico following hurricane fiona and people in the south. they are doing their part to help a new relief effort is underway, helping raise money for generators and solar lights. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary has the details. it's getting worse day by day, we still have no power and most of the island and without the power . there's no water either. richard lee retired two years ago from disaster relief with the san jose nonprofit puerto rican civic club. three days ago , hurricane fiona forced him back into service. the category three storm has left five people dead and displaced over 12,000. in its wake. millions of puerto ricans are without electricity, as in rickety power grid is down. this is not going to be an easy task. this is something that they're not gonna be able to fix in a day, or two lines have formed at filling stations
10:47 pm
while the island braces for another dark night of power in puerto rico. you know that we live in an electrical planet that everything works with electricity. and going back to say no with no power for a long period of time, it's gonna start bringing that pieces. in response. 20 members of the civic club are raising funds and collecting donated goods. the most pressing need solar power banks and generators. we understand the needs of the people when that grid goes down , they're looking for energy drop off sites are being established in gilroy and in san jose, some staffers say in addition to power messages of hope can go a long way to easing suffering posted on our page, and also when we go, we like to just pass them around for random. we have kids. we have elderly and we read their messages of people know that we care and that we are here in the immediate future gift cards and monetary donations carry more weight that way. what's needed
10:48 pm
can be shipped directly to puerto rico and aid in the effort to return life to normal . we have lost so much. and for us as so painful to deal with this again. the civic clubs website has a list of items that are needed. a partial list shows emergency weather radio with a light 300 watt portable power station, a solar generator and solar power bank is also an address where you can send donated items. they started their monetary relief effort about 24 hours ago. actually more than that now, so far, they've raised $2300. they hope that total grows over the coming days. and gilroy, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. okay had a kind of a wild weather day. today. we talked about that out in the east bay but also in parts of the north bay as well up into the valley and up into the whistle of the sierra nevada. no fog out there overnight. those kind of chilly for the most part. here's the model and it pushes that low out. we did that earlier, right, so that's the forecast model
10:49 pm
back it up again. there's the low offshore tonight into tomorrow morning and then by noon. it's moving up and perhaps causing some significant weather up on its way up through reading red bluff up into the mount lassen area because they're still going to be still some significant instability with that system in the potential for it to bring a few showers to us overnight tonight into tomorrow is certainly a possibility as well into the morning hours as this this low right here. kicks on shore, and it's kind of making a little progressive move as we speak. it's starting to move a little bit on shore. i had some showers showing specifically here. we've got something up around ocean beach . it's moving in this direction, so it's rotating like this, but the whole complex is motivating kind of this way towards the towards the east towards the northeast. so it's kinda gonna go like that. so is it pulls through tonight? scattered showers. an outside chance of a thundershower, but scattered showers are real possibility more we did have some down in pedro valley down pacific area el granada and happened there. we had a few sprinkles there as
10:50 pm
well. there's the low, just a cartoon image of it and it does it backs out or doesn't back at it goes out. leaves the high builds back in. so that's the story for the rest of the week. so after tomorrow by lunchtime, it's a distant memory for us, and it warms up. it means one today when the sun came out, right, especially when it was cloudy cloudy in the senate command, but it warm up 10 degrees like that. so here's that system again and it is starting to move out. you kind of see it pulling up that way. the forecast for tomorrow. the cloud cover the overnight lows and in the daytime highs tomorrow. yellows are seventies . so that's where we go tomorrow . a couple of those 70 upper seventies low eighties but no no. mid eighties or nineties it's going to be kind of a nice day with clouds. um maybe a sprinkle or shower in the morning. not yet the rainfall accumulations with this last couple of days has been good right in the coastal hills. couple inches north bay south bay. we've seen over an inch and a half and some areas around the bay. you know, certainly up in
10:51 pm
the middle valley area. they've had some some pretty good, pretty significant rainfall accumulations and for this time of year it's very good, right? this is not the time of year you expect rain, so it does help. i don't cover body says it does help against fire. it doesn't end fire season but oh, it helps. i'll see you back here tonight. 11 thank you. rapper g. eazy has joined the ownership group for the oakland roots and oakland soul soccer teams, the organization making that announcement just this morning, it says the east bay native as always paid respect to oakland's culture and identity. the chief marketing officer for the oakland roots as g eazy will help out in the areas of arts and culture in the organization gives back to the community. g eazy will be performing at the last home game for the oakland roots on october 1st. coming up one certain things straight lands could be back this season . joe fonzi is up next with sports and then on the 11 o'clock news, the latest on this fire in san leandro. once again live pictures here from the
10:52 pm
scene. you can see the ladder truck, putting that steady stream of water onto those flames. this isn't an industrial area, located near 139th and washington avenue. we're back after the break.
10:53 pm
welcome to subway's biggest refresh yet. they're drafting 12 new subs for their all-new subway series menu. you've never seen subs like this before chuck.
10:54 pm
meteoric meatiness, and chowtown cheesiness... let's go to our panel for more appetizing analysis. the new monster's bacon has consummate craveable crispiness! the new boss is a perfect ten. (♪ ♪) wait, what are we talking about? gronk! thank you for... nothing. (laughs) the new subway series. what's your pick? everyone here's what's happening tonight in sports. a new chapter in baseball history was written tonight. the yankees aaron judge was sitting on 59 home runs for the season. he came up in the ninth against the pirates will crow no doubt about it that is number 60 as the yankee fans stood and cheered. judge rounded the bases as just the third american leaguer to ever reach that. mark. babe ruth hit 60. in 1927 roger maris hit 61 in 61. judge got to 67 games faster
10:55 pm
than ruth judge has 15 games left to surpass maris and go even higher. but there was more. the yankees went into the ninth inning, trailing 8 to 4 after the judge homer they wanted to load the bases. giancarlo stanton came to the plate and did this. the five run ninth inning gives the yankees a 98 win a nice capper on judges record night. if the giants goal in their final 14 games is to finish the season with the winning record, they've still got a shot the tradition of passing baseball down generationally alive and well at coors field in denver giants and rocky scoreless tonight in the third inning, joey barton. it's a high fly ball to left. kyle freeland. bart thinks the balls out jonathan daza. randal grichuk can't decide which of them should make the catch. it falls into three base error. bart leader scored on a single by mike ostrowski. still one nothing game in the sixth when tyra estrada rides one opposite field and finds the gap in right center that scores austin slater , and it's two to nothing.
10:56 pm
giants stand up double as david vr added a little padding to a 3 to 1 lead in the seventh. he finds the left field seats with his sixth on run of the year. six giants pitchers combined on a bullpen game for 63 win, they pull within six games. of the 500 marks. the aids hosting a mariners team very much in the wild card picture. jp sears pitch five shutout innings for oakland. abraham toro doesn't think so. but he's one of a series seven strikeout victims were down one nothing in the fifth, but tony kemp took care of that with one swing of the bat. kemp puts a louise castillo pitch over the right field fence with the pair of runners aboard. five days, pitchers combined to allow just one unearned run as oakland wins 4 to 1, the mariners holding down the third and final american league wild card spot, five games in front of baltimore. when it comes to the 49ers and the quarterback situation. any information is talked about, no matter how valid it may be a team doctor for the rams is weighing in
10:57 pm
today on the condition of trey lance. the old news is that lance had surgery yesterday to address a broken bone and just placed ligaments as a result of that tackle in sunday's went over seattle. the new news is that dr kenneth zhang, foot and ankle surgeon is saying today that lance could be fully recovered in 10 to 12 weeks. that statement is getting some legs on social media today, but it should be noted that the doctor is basing his assumption on yesterday's statement by the 49ers, not a direct examination. 49ers worked out five quarterbacks today in search of someone to put on the practice squad. they signed curt banker who was a member of the packers until it was released in june of this year. this is preseason footage. banker was initially an undrafted free agent with the atlanta falcons played for both east carolina and virginia in college is taken to nfl kneel downs while with green bay blanket was chosen over veterans aj mccarron kevin hogan and, like lenin, who also worked out for the 49ers. the guy who's never taken an nfl snap. brock
10:58 pm
purdy is jimmy garoppolo immediate backup. it's hard to argue with garoppolo credentials when he's been healthy in his four full seasons with the 49ers garoppolo has had to severely shortened by injury in the two healthy ones. he took the 49ers to a super bowl and an nfc championship game right now, his decision to come back as a backup to lance is well documented, but he still gets asked about it. just i'm comfortable here players, the scheme, all that stuff locker room. it's uncomfortable. it's from familiar with it. so it's just yeah, i'm not saying i knew this was gonna happen, but i was ready for this in case it did happen and just want to take advantage of the opportunity. every backup quarterback talks about. you gotta prepare like a starter. but i mean, i'm jimmy's really he's been practicing for, like, two weeks. and um, you know, we've changed a few things , but he came in there and just he ran everything like a well oiled machine man. check this out time on a tuesday night, the
10:59 pm
white sox hosting cleveland, the guardians a med rosario. it's a blueprint to write that ball is headed for basic territory. right tell the white sox josh harrison flattens out and take that hit away great effort by harrison, but cleveland was still attend to seven winner cleveland the number one team in the central. i know you knew that mike and the human spirit is much stronger than some of the obstacles we face. this is a unique football league in england. that demonstrates even if you've had to overcome something that's dating as an amputation. you can still pursue the sports you love. love it great, impressive, athleticism, determination to do that. yeah that's right. alright thanks, joe. next at 11. we are following some developing news for you right now. firefighters are on the scene of a huge fire burning at a stanley andrew business. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again. i'm claudine wong mike mibach. let's get right to
11:00 pm
that developing story. a multiple alarm fire burning at a commercial building at 139th avenue and washington avenue in san leandro. this is an industrial area as you can see, on the map kind of located between 80 and 5 80, south of marina boulevard. let's bring in some live pictures from our photographer there on scene claims were first spotted just about an hour ago. alameda county firefighters quickly got on scene. you can see ladder truck multiple engines are they're dumping a steady stream of water on the flames. you can see those flames are still very active again. this started 60 minutes ago. so those very active fire a ton of engines and ladder trucks again on scene, alameda county actually called for mutual aid, so they're getting help from the oakland fire department as well on this one right now, claudine. dark smoke still coming up showing there's still fuel going? this is from a little earlier. video that shows you as well. those big flames were coming and consuming that building that is when they started calling in for more help right away. now we don't know exactly w


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