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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 21, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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moon bay to the san mateo bridge. what we're learning about the chain of events before the man was struck and killed. plus more violence in oakland. what we're learning about the latest homicide in that city and the calls for increased resources for crime investigations, then just a short time ago, the federal reserve announced another rate hike will take a look at the new rate and the impact on loans and the stock market. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian andre. senior thank you for joining us one more day of wet weather in parts of the bay area before the storm system rolls out begins to clear up. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is here now with more on the storm's track. mark there, guys . yeah this has been coming in amazing this september pattern with the system, producing the beneficial rainfall. we've been talking about this guy since last weekend and moved in from the north. it's just kind of
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been hanging out offshore. it is finally making its move inland for today, and as a result, the showers will be moving out eventually, but you can see rainfall totals after an active sunday still adding to with some rainfall totals, for least over the past 24 hours. livermore yesterday evening yesterday afternoon had a pretty good downpour. 0.46 ford for a measurable rainfall there. napa, 0.5 san jose, oakland just a few 107 inch, but this was the radar earlier today, you can see some coverage impact in the morning commute, especially for the southern half of the region. even some storms reports to show you closer to a davis closer to a sacramento this this is from last night in davis reports of some flooding off of one of the off ramps there, so still some pretty good downpours that linked up with even some thunderstorms earlier yesterday, so we had some activity. the radar, especially this morning. right now, there's not a lot of action, but there is still a chance of a few isolated showers for this afternoon, in fact, because you some lightning strikes out towards the plaster ville area right now heading up towards the sierra. but this is what we have. a mixture of sun
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and clouds, some patchy fog as well and the possibility still of a few leftover sprinkles or a few light showers. we will warm things up, though that's the next developing the weather headline. we'll talk more about that with your forecast in just a few minutes. mark thank you. the chp says the driver of a stolen car was hit and killed on the san mateo bridge early this morning. chp says it all started with the report of a home invasion and burglary in half moon bay at around four o'clock in the morning, homeowners also reported their white ford mustang was tried to pursue the car but kept losing sight oh bridge, and it was that stolen white mustang. we do believe that the suspect did run out of gas just because the vehicle that show that it was low fuel or fuel, so we do believe that the suspect ran o tried to flee the area. the suspect got out of the car. he was hit and killed by oncoming traffic. the corner rise identified the driver as 31 year old eric rolled 31 year old eric
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yeager of fremont. more violence in oakland. there has been another deadly shooting in the city this time just yards away from city hall. the sound of the shooting was sold out. city hall staff inside could hear the gunfire. ktvu jana katsuyama spoke with witnesses and city leaders about the city's fourth homicide in just 24 hours. along frank ogawa plaza near oakland city hall on 14th street. a normal tuesday afternoon turned violent and deadly. i heard the shot i was there. i have come across the street right here. yeah the shots. how many shots were there about 45, starting again fired gunshots and i just ducked. you know, scary. i've never experienced anything like this, tanya cole says when police arrived, they started doing cpr officers say one victim in oakland resident in his twenties, died there in the plaza. we are now at 91 homicides. for this year in the city of oakland, compared to 100
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lives last the same time last year, police said they are reviewing surveillance video. one witness says he saw a car at the scene shooting in the car. need to round one dude fell out of the car ran and got on the grass. over here. shooting happened just yards from city hall as the oakland city council meeting was underway. most of the members were participating remotely, but some staff were inside and heard the gunshots. it was really unnerving to be in city hall and not know how close um the gunshots were and if someone was injured, the city council had just been discussing with the police chief, the need to increase resources for crime investigations. we need the police chief to assign a few more officers to the investigations division. we realize they're understaffed that we have a large backlog in the city of oakland in regards to the crime lab, i would call it the county and as we can use their crime lab, i just want the
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violence to end to be honest people congregate here. people gather here, so there should be a little bit more police presence. but you know what can you do when there's not enough police? we did see a dark infinity sedan being towed away from the scene, followed by an oakland police vehicle. we asked police about it, but they had no comment. they did say they'd likeo any kind of cell phone video footage or security footage that might have evidence to help the investigation and they hope people will share that with police reporting in oakland, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news at noon in a move that was widely expected just a few minutes ago here, the federal reserve raised its key interest rate again to help fight inflation. the fed chair jerome powell announced a substantial three quarter of a point rate hike the third consecutive rate hike of that size. the increase brings the central bank's benchmark rate to a range of 3% to 3 and a quarter percent. that's the highest level since early 2008 head over to wall street here we saw stocks bouncing around and bond yields snapped higher after the
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fed made its third big industry hike in a row. at this point, the dow jones is on the plus side gaining not quite half of percent, but still up a good 100 points snps up by just more than one half, and the nasdaq is up closer to 1. well, this new work is underway to figure out the cause of a fire in san lorenzo barker's work throughout the night to put out the flames that erupted inside a commercial building at 139th avenue and washington avenue. ktvu. magus spoke to alameda county fire division chief about the investigation into the cause. fire investigators aren't saying what caused the fire? there's still working to determine if this warehouse that burned was housing a marijuana grow operation flames erupted late tuesday night at a large warehouse in san leandro went to a second alarm and then third alarm fire. so we have about over 50 firefighters here managing this fire crews from alameda county in oakland fire battled the flames throughout the night. by midnight. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with dehydration by 1 30. the fire was under control.
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cruz blasted water on the building from multiple directions throughout the morning to ensure no embers remained. what made this one so challenging to put out was the building heavily fortified and difficult to enter? lots of doors, locks heavy, heavy duty, so it'll take us a long time to get in and get to the seat of the fire inside. firefighters had to evacuate the building because the explosive flames made for high heat and low visibility crews had to fight the flames from the outside, so pulled everybody out. smart call and all we're doing now is trying to attack the fire from the exterior, which is harder and going to take a lot longer. to knock this fire down so very large structure. heavy fire load the owner of an auto upholstery business across the street suspects. there was an illegal marijuana grow operation here at one time that has since vacated , he said he's seen squatters living in the building for the past couple of weeks. i knew what happened. i was having this conversation two days ago. with one of my neighbors. and i said, it's going to burn fire.
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investigators have not commented on what role if any squatters played in starting this fire reporting in san leandro, emma das ktvu, fox two news president biden spoke to the united nations general assembly this morning he focused on russia's war in ukraine, as well as climate change, food insecurity and nuclear weapons. erasmus reports. the president's speech have been just hours after russia's president announced plans to escalate the war in ukraine. putin claims he had to act. because russia was threatened. but no one threatened russia. and no. one other than russia. sought. conflict president biden tried to rally member nations to stay unified in opposing russia's war in ukraine. russia is a member of the united nations security council nations can pursue their imperial ambitions without consequences. then we put it risk. everything is very institution stands for everything. mr. biden's address
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to the un general assembly came just hours after russian president vladimir putin announced plans to mobilize as many as 300,000 reservists to join the russian army in ukraine . putin warned the west that he is willing to use all the means at his disposal to quote protect russian territory. nuclear war can not b. one and must never before. i think he went to the united nations podium with the intention of deescalating because there's really no point in playing the russian game and making another threat just to seem, um, like, you know, you're brandishing your nuclear arsenal as well. kartika sashi kumar is a political science professor with san jose state university. she says the quote about nuclear war that president biden used in his speech has been used before . that was the formula that was first used. jointly by soviet leader mikhail gorbachev and president reagan in 1985, so he was subtly reminding, um, i think the russian people that
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this was something we've spoken by their own leader. also in his speech, mr biden says the us supports the idea of adding more member nations to the u. n security council from continents like africa, south america and the caribbean secret in the contest. between democracy and autocracy. the united states and i, as president. champion of vision for our world. as a grounded in the values of democracy. united states is determined to defend and strengthen democracy. at home and around the world because i believe democracy remains humanity's greatest instrument. to address the challenges of our time challenges. the president mentioned. food insecurity, global public health and ongoing efforts to fight climate change across the world. rasmus ktvu, fox two news the beds, pushing for new technology to keep drunk drivers off the road. what they want to see in every new car plus officials in puerto rico ramping up the recovery effort after a direct hit from
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hurricane fiona. i'm nicole valdez in p o rico
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. amazing vitamin boosts. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. as in all brand new american cars, officials are recommending blood alcohol monitoring equipment becomes standard they say that would prevent intoxicated drivers from starting the cars and would lead
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to fewer alcohol related crashes . federal investigators say drunk driving is responsible for about 30% of all traffic deaths in the us, the ntsb can't require the new equipment that would have to come from the national highway traffic safety administration. hurricane fiona's moving past puerto rico . now we're getting a better look at the damage it left behind fox weather is nicole valdez is in puerto rico to bring us the latest fiona is moving north after battering the turks and caicos islands, while people in puerto rico are assessing the damage three days after a direct hit. the storm brought 90 mile per hour winds and at least 30 inches of rain, causing historic flooding here and destroying thousands of homes. complement explicitly asking for the activation of fema's public assistance program to reestablish services and individual emergency work assistance. major focus at this point is getting the lights back on power knocked out to the entire island at the height of
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the storm, and by wednesday morning it had only been restored to about 20% of the island. officials said. at first , it would take a few days to get the grid back up and running. but now they estimate it could take weeks or months. the hum of generators now familiar sound throughout puerto rico as people do their best to power the essentials. we've got to turn it on early so as to start breakfast and the fridge so that it can all stay cool and then to turn it off to save gas, which is scarce. administrator dan chris well traveled to puerto rico on tuesday to get a firsthand look at the devastation. while back in washington. lawmakers are promising immediate aid for the island, pushing their colleagues to fully fund the recovery effort. the immediate term get the dollar is out. get him out quickly and don't make puerto rico have to find the money, and fiona is still gaining strength as it heads north towards bermuda. it could hit the island by thursday or friday in puerto rico. i'm nicole valdez, ktvu, fox two news. we're dealing with
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the system here in the bay area. nothing on the scale they're dealing with out there in the caribbean. right now. meteorologist mark myers here with more on that mark, looks like the showers will eventually move on out kind of phasing out throughout the afternoon hours. although we still have a chance over the next few hours here in the bay area, an update on a major hurricane fiona, this is the loop over the past few hours as you can't see that very well defined eye. indicating some strengthening and as a result of category four storm right now, just going back in time, though you can see the track over the past over the past 3 to 4 days we've been over a puerto rico and then moving up to the north as well right now, a category four with winds of 130 miles an hour, and this is the forecast track as you heard could be very close to bermuda as a major hurricane. still, so it's something to be watching. at least over the next 3 to 4 days, checking out our satellite and radar here. you can see the activity the main action. in fact, this was from earlier this morning moving over the bay area because he has some more thunderstorm development. and
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even some snow possible over the higher peaks of the sierra for us right now, it looks like we have partly cloudy skies, mostly cloudy skies and still a little bit of activity on the radar right now, if you can't see, uh , closer to this portion of the region closer to a sunnyvale and saratoga, at least, the possibility still the few lingering pop up showers so we still have to hold on to the chance of a shower this afternoon. very isolated. current numbers. santa rosa seventies san francisco 60 for san jose 73 livermore 71 degrees of kind of a mild pattern once again our live camera looking out toward the bay out toward the golden gate bridge, and it looks like a patrick to some fog trying to regroup here and then some scattered high clouds still paying us a visit. so there's that chance. still, this area of low pressure is way up here last week friday and into saturday dropped down the coast. it's just kind of hanging out here. that's why we have been there keeping the showers and even some thunderstorms in the forecast. it will be on the move, especially as we head into
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a thursday and friday, and this will set up a bit of a warming trends of warming begins thursday. but the real warming kicks in this weekend and the hotspots this weekend will be in the nineties around 92 to 93 degrees. here's the forecast models still keeping this some clouds around here and still some scattered showers. and then, of course, out towards the sierra. but look what happened. so this is right now and then you can see that the forecast model things that scales back on the clouds by four by five o'clock. and we will continue to clear things out in your thursday and are warming trend begins tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow, the first day of fall as we say hello to the new season for us, and looks like our warming trend begins. partly cloudy skies this afternoon still keep the umbrella nearby and temperatures will be in the sixties seventies and warmest locations could be flirting with 80 degrees later on today and look ahead. your five day forecast fall begins with mostly sunny skies. a bit of a warming trend. you can see it kicks in by friday. we're not talking about extreme heat, but still a return of the nineties for saturday and sunday. so if you
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want to get outside this weekend, we're looking just great with mostly sunny skies and somewhat warm temperatures here in the bay area's the rain clouds moving out the warming temperatures moving in that will be the plan of this weekend. well dangerous chemicals found that children's school uniform pushed by san francisco assembly member phil ting and the warni for
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forms may not be safe due to high levels of harmful chemicals
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, a study released this morning says researchers found per and paulie floral, alcohol substances or cancer causing forever chemicals. they were widely used in consumer and industrial products and have been found in stain resistant school uniforms sold across the country. all the stain resistant school uniforms that were tested contained high levels of foss similar to what one might found an outdoor clothing. and this is a big worry because one quarter of all u. s culture children where uniforms both the best and the worst. it has good properties, oil and water repellent. see, but unfortunately, ppe fuss are forever chemicals. they never break down. state assembly bill awaiting governor newsom signature would ban the use of fifa's in school uniforms and all textiles. the bill was authored by san francisco assembly member phil ting. new report says seniors across the country are struggling financially more than any other
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group ktvu lamonica. peters breaks down the data in santa clara county, where nearly half of the homeless population there is over the age of 55. 68 year old adrian lawton says she started working at 18 years old , and now that she's retired, she's serving as an associate pastor with pam deliverance ministry in san jose. been in house myself. it wasn't long and it was a number of years ago, but you know that's our flesh and blood out there on the streets. people that we worked with. dying? yeah, just. so it still hurts. she helps those in need of housing and other services, even though she still struggles to keep herself afloat and i'm living just above $1000 a month. it's not easy when you're paying us, you know 30% of your income for brands. a recent u. s. census bureau report shows that last year a million more seniors aged 65 older fell into poverty. that's
12:24 pm
more than 10% of seniors, the highest level since 2002 santa clara county also reported 40% of its homeless population was at least 55 years or older in 2019, and i've seen a lot of senior citizens out here, um, like there's a gentleman across the street that lives in his car. he's 80 years old. he's homeless. what we recommend is, um, for people just to get connected to resources in the community right now, um, you know, we're we serve a lot of seniors that are on housed or are on the verge of being on housed, um, or are at risk of homelessness. sonia fraser is the clinical services manager at the institute on aging. she says they've started a new program called cow aim, which partners with santa clara county's family health plan to serve the in house and its most vulnerable seniors. you can't just stick them in a house and think that
12:25 pm
they're going to get it. you have to do sustaining housing where they know that they have to pay their bills, and they have to keep their place clean, and they have to be a good community member. the city of san jose says three new senior housing projects will be completed by the end of the year, adding 500 units, but advocates say more housing and assistance will still be needed to keep people in their homes. lamonica peters ktvu fox two news americans are feeling the effects of higher interest rates everywhere, especially when it comes to buying property will now home builders are seeing people who had signed contracts for new homes, canceling those deals because higher interest rates are making it more expensive. they can afford. last month, 19% of signed contracts were canceled. that's an increase of more than double the 7% from august of last year. clothing giant gap is laying off 500 workers at its san francisco headquarters as well as well as it offices in new york and asia . the company is also stopping the hiring process for a number of positions. the layoffs come
12:26 pm
after second quarter earnings were down 8% compared to the same period last year. store sales dropped 10% with the loss of $49 million in the same period. online sales also dropped 6% during the second quarter. halloween spending is expected to reach a new record high this year, the national retail federation projecting halloween sales will hit more than $10.5 billion. consumers who participate in the holiday are expected to spend on average $100 each on candy decorations, cards and costumes. spending on costumes in particular, is expected to reach its highest level in the past five years, totaling about $3 billion. spending on pet costumes is expected to reach $710 million, beating out last year's record. the dream force convention continues today in san francisco . look at some of the key speakers and concert set to take place tonight and then update on the long awaited central subway in san francisco. they didn't announce on when you'll be able w te it.
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mation. leading to an arrest in 2016 double homicide. police have released a sketch of a person of interest. the shooting happened in december. 16th of 2016 around nine o'clock at night in the northwest corner of 16th street in south bend, ness avenue 27 year old lindsay mccollum and 51 year old eddie
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tate was shot while inside a wooden box they used as a living quarters in the street. in 2019 . the police department issued a $25,000 reward that's now been increased to 100,000. at noon. california's attorney general is taking action to help stop gun violence bond alongside gun safety advocates just announced the launch of a new office of gun violence prevention. the focus is to break down silos between departments cut through red tape and provide support to cities and other partners. mission is to reduce firearm injuries and get guns off the streets and out of the hands of those considered dangerous. the new office aims to promote data collection, increase awareness about policy strategies and programs and stop shootings from happening. when is enough going to be enough? when is the violence going to end? we're here to help me answer that question. we are in a full on crisis, a full on state of emergency, and in order to fight this epidemic, it's going to take new efforts, creative approaches and new action. a nationwide search is underway to
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recruit the offices. first director a new web page was also launched to provide resources to help reduce gun violence. authorities have released their video recording of the interrogation of the northern california woman who faked her kidnapping and blamed it on to latino women, investigators say sure, but he knew she hadn't been kidnapped because all dna evidence they found was from her and her ex boyfriend. she was actually with that ex boyfriend in southern california. he submitted to a lie detector test and that revealed the truth. i rented a car. and picked her up. he passed the polygraph tests. that's not what happened. what didn't happen. no way it's just way way winning doesn't like dna is dna was behind you. way monday, a federal judge order papini to serve 18 months in prison. she had already agreed to pay more than $300,000 in
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restitution for money she took from victims compensation funds , as well as the cost of the investigation into her claims. jury selection begins today in the civil trial of laurie smith , the santa clara county sheriff . smith is accused of public corruption involving the way the county jail was managed and also for the way her office allegedly used its power to grant permits for concealed carry weapons. she's also accused of withholding documents during an internal affairs investigation of jail operations. smith is denying all allegations. she scheduled leave office in january. what if the jury finds any of the counts against her to be true, she would be removed from office immediately. francisco supervisors approved legislation that allows police to use privately owned surveillance cameras. the one year pilot program will allow officers to use private cameras in real time. the owners of the cameras have to give police permission to use them. the use must be connected to a life threatening emergency or to make a decision on where to send officers during a large event where there are possible public safety concerns. please can also use the cameras in criminal investigations, but only with
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written permission across the bay. oakland fire crews say they think three small fires that broke out last night along interstate 5 80 were acts of arson happened around six pm between 35th avenue and coolidge. video from twitter shows the flames near fruitvale lab just outside the guardrail. the fires were quickly put out didn't spread to the nearby homes. road flares were found at the scene. last week, five homes were damaged in a much bigger fire in the same area. the fires may not be related. there's no word yet on whether there are any suspects for last night's fires. county daycare owner was arrested on suspicion of child abuse. it's every mom's worst fear. that they're going to put their kid in daycare and they're going to get hurt. the center county sheriff's office arrested rachel riley last week after a mother reported that her three year old son suffered cuts and bruises when she picked him up from daycare last week that daycare is run out of a home, she says a son told her that the owner did it, and when she confronted her, she admitted it. he was playing with one of those
12:34 pm
push poppers that kids play with where they pop the little balls in the air. um, and that he rammed it into her fireplace, and she lost her temper and grabbed him by the arm. and then he fell and hit his head on the fireplace, was arrested wednesday for child abuse and released on bail. the next day, the california department of social services is now investigating. we finally know when service in san francisco is expected to start in the long awaited central subway says they will start with limited weekend service on saturday, november 19th. many stops will be at fourth and brendan buena union square and chinatown it won't connect to the main t line for daily service until next year. the limited service will be free in november and december. money says this will let them train more operators. the $2 billion central subway project was originally planned to open back in 2018 marine air, porter says it does not own the busses scene with its logo dropping off migrants from texas in new york city company says it sold two busses back and made it will company in houston in a tweet
12:35 pm
marine air, porter said. it is horrified to be in any way associated with this and said the new owners of the busses failed to repaint them as required. the sheriff in burke county, texas, is now asking to speak with the migrants who were brought from the san antonio area to sacramento. sheriff javier salazar wants to know who sent them to northern california also wants to find out if this is connected to the 48 migrants who were flown from texas to florida and then to martha's vineyard. sheriff salazar is also looking into who arranged the flight that ended in martha's vineyard. florida governor rhonda sentence has already said it was paid for with florida funds to remove migrants from his state. here at home. there is concern in oakland after video on social media showed a woman taking down four flags representing latin american countries from outside of school in oakland. they were being flown as part of hispanic heritage month. it's ktvu cristina rendon reports, the oakland unified school district filed a police report and hopes the woman can be identified. this instagram video is getting lots of attention. why are you taking it down? it shows a woman
12:36 pm
pulling down the flags of four latin american countries outside of coliseum college prep academy , 1/6 through 12th grade school in oakland at the quarter of 66, the international taking down why incident happened saturday sometime between four pm and seven pm the flags of mexico, guatemala, el salvador and honduras had just been raised last week. in honor of latino heritage month, oakland unified district spokesman jon sasaki calls the incident discriminatory. rory. this is a particularly egregious. moved by someone who obviously had some kind of strange motivations. whatever it is that they were trying to do. they didn't accomplish anything. the principal happened to be on campus saturday notice the flags crumpled at the base of the flagpole and immediately raised them again, along with black lives matter and pride flags. that's very sad. that's sad. i don't know why the woman act like that. what's so upsetting? too many people here is that
12:37 pm
this is east oakland, the heart of the latino community more than 75% of students here are latino, was completely shocked by this. uh it is latino heritage month and so for this kind of behavior, and frankly this act of hate to happen during this time we condemn, it says is the senior manager of communications at the unit. the council along time nonprofit in oakland's fruitvale district that works to promote social equity. the flags are not just, you know, a physical thing, but for our community, they represent pride. they represent culture. oh, usd has filed a police report for possible trespassing or vandalism. zaki says the district isn't looking for the woman to go to jail, but at the very least, that her actions can serve as a lesson. we want to make the message very clear that no matter what happens, we're going to stand by our families. we stand by our students going to stand by our staff, regardless where they're from hopes from this active
12:38 pm
division comes unity, especially want to recognize principal corozzo because within a few hours, those flags were returned where they need to be, which is flying above ccp, a flying proudly above our community. in oakland, cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. san francisco's school board is now putting on hold the discussion over observing two muslim holidays. the board approved a resolution last night, delaying that move. it's facing a possible lawsuit over open meeting laws from its approval of the new holidays. but students, parents and community members argued it's unfair to not allow students to be off for cultural observations. my name is aisha. i'm currently a sophomore at galileo high school for the past 13 years. i've been at school i've never skipped. but when you see my attendance every year, there's always one excused. absence. i gain i have to be reprimanded and marked as gone just to be able to celebrate a religious holiday. i'm here speaking to you guys doing my ap world homework to get you to listen to all of us. when we say
12:39 pm
make i eat an official holiday in the sf usd calendar says it is now giving district staff time to find a better way to add the holidays to the school's calendar. so big names are set to speak and perform at the dream course convention today, and the success of this conference could determine other conventions coming back to san francisco to new day for customer magic. yes, it's the next generation of crm. yes it's all about the future, but the most important thing is that we're all back together as trailblazers. people attending dream force have flooded the area around mosconi center, with more than 30,000 people expected to attend. some who used to live here in the bay area, say the city has improved since they moved away. when i came back to visit, i was shocked how clean the city was. i lived here many years ago, back in the .com age. a lot of homelessness, a lot of trash and it was just so clean everywhere. i couldn't believe
12:40 pm
it. well, today's dream force speakers include singer and talk show host jennifer hudson, bono, the musician and activists and former vice president al gore. and tonight there will be a concert by the red hot chili peppers at oracle park. coming up a big accomplishment for a kayaker from marin. he was able to complete a trip from the bay area to hawaii and how many days he was at sea. and a very of why they're still tracking a few scattered showers at least the chance for this afternoon, but we will more things up by the weekend. we will
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become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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and yields snapped, as well as the fed made its third big interest rate hike in a row today. at this point, the dow jones is down by one and a quarter percent, losing about 370 plus points snps down percentage wise about the same as is the nasdaq. the former minneapolis police officer involved in the death of george floyd received a three year state prison sentence. thomas lane pleaded guilty to the state charge of aiding and abetting in the second degree manslaughter case of george floyd layne is already serving 2.5 years in federal prison for violating floyd civil rights. this is important because minnesota prosecutors are allowing him to serve both sentences. at the same time, record flooding is still being reported throughout puerto rico following hurricane fiona. people in the south. they're doing their part to help those affected. a new relief effort is underway, helping to raise money for generators and solar lights. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary brings us these details. it's getting
12:44 pm
worse day by day, we still have no power and most of the island and without the power. there's no water either. richard lee retired two years ago from disaster relief with the san jose nonprofit puerto rican civic club. three days ago, hurricane fiona forced him back into service. the category three storm has left five people dead and displaced over 12,000. in its wake. millions of puerto ricans are without electricity, as in rickety power grid is down . this is not going to be an easy task. this is something that they're not gonna be able to fix in a day, or two lines have formed at filling stations while the island braces for another dark night of power in puerto rico. you know that we live on an electrical planet that everything works with electricity. and going back to stay no with no power for a long period of time, it's gonna start bringing dead pieces. in response, 20 members of the
12:45 pm
civic club are raising funds and collecting donated goods. the most pressing need solar power banks and generators. we understand the needs of the people when that grid goes down , they're looking for energy. south bay drop off sites are being established in gilroy and in san jose. some staffers say, in addition to power messages of hope can go a long way to easing suffering posted on our page, and also when we go, we like to just pass them around for random . we have kids. we have elderly and we read their messages. people know that we care and that we are here in the immediate future gift cards and monetary donations carry more weight. that way. what's needed can be shipped directly to puerto rico and aid in the effort to return life to normal . we have lost so much. and for us as so painful to deal with this again. gilroy jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we were doing there is new technology, which could save whales from
12:46 pm
deadly ship strikes along the bay area coastline, the marine mammal center and the benioff ocean science laboratory this morning announced the collaboration to deploy wail safe technology based mapping and analysis system uses boys and acoustic monitoring to detect whales and provide real time dead at the ship captains. developers say that technology creates something like school zones for whales. like a call to action to help stop these guys. scrapers size ships from colliding with wales is simply too slow down in the same way that slowing down by ships slowing down by schools helps save lives slowing down when wales are present helps to save whales. researchers say well, death from ship strikes have increased over the past decade with estimates of over 80 endangered whales killed off the west coast per year. there are reports that last week's earthquake in santa rosa cost higher water flows mark west creek, according to the press democrat, the quake apparently shoot loose war shot loose,
12:47 pm
rather a water source beneath the creek, boosting the extreme level by about six inches in the hours following that quake. the first quake measured a magnitude 4.4. it was followed by a 4.3 less than a minute later. security or surveillance video recorded inside liquor store shows, bottles, falling our shells and shattering the santa rosa convenience store several hours or houses also reported ruptured. pipelines as well. a little bit of a brightening here behind us along the oakland estuary boy at nine o'clock this morning. we were just socked in with gray mark and we should see some more sunshine. the guys developed this afternoon across portions of the bay area, but still we have to hold on to the possibility of a few isolated showers. still, we're not 100% drive just yet. in fact, the forecast models kind of keeping at least the possibility. of some measurable rainfall in the forecast this afternoon. not a lot, but still, i would keep the umbrella nearby this afternoon. here's a satellite in the radar . some thunderstorm development out towards portions of the sierra. you can see some
12:48 pm
lightning strikes and also some green on the radar, especially from this morning, impacting the morning commute to the main action this afternoon will be moving out to the north and to the east of the bay area right now, though, we still have partly cloudy skies mostly cloudy skies. i've been watching this one cell in the south bank closer to campbell right around santa clara as well just outside of san jose, approaching san jose. so this one self still showing up on the radar this afternoon. current numbers san francisco checking in 64 napa in the seventies bunch of a seventies out towards concord in livermore and san jose right now , checking in 73 degrees here is our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge where we have still a little bit of some blue in the sky and also still some lingering clouds. so this afternoon, probably eventually increase the sunshine as the clouds kind of kick on out of here by mid afternoon, but at least in the short term, especially between now and about three o'clock the chance still of a few isolated showers. this guy that wants to move on out,
12:49 pm
it's kind of hanging out just offshore for the past several days once it moves on out high pressure returns and a warming trend begins tomorrow. that will carry into the carry on over into the weekend. so it's a nice forecast hotspots will be back up into the lower nineties with mostly sunny skies. here's the forecast model. here we are this afternoon. you can still see some lingering clouds and the possibility of a pop up shower. this is by five o'clock though we should be drying out and then into your thursday it's completely dry. know what chance of rainfall and still lots of sunshine for your thursday by the way tomorrow. the first day of fall. take a look at the numbers for this afternoon sixties near the coast seventy's around the bay warmest occasions inland will be in the upper seventies to right around 80 degrees this afternoon and look ahead your five day forecast after that one rain cloud for today will agree to fall with mostly sunny skies mostly clear skies, and there's that warming trend. that really kicks in this weekend by saturday and sunday, the warmest locations back up into the lower nineties around the bay eighties, the coast
12:50 pm
mainly in the seventies, so warming up, but thankfully, we're not talking about extreme heat for saturday and sunday, but still a nice nice weather pattern to get outside for both those days coming beautiful mark. thank you. kayaker from marin county's reached hawaii after 92 days at sea, according to the san francisco chronicle, cyril d. eramo made it to hawaii yesterday afternoon. this is video from when he was getting ready to leave for the 2400 mile journey back in may. he attempted the same trip last year but had to be rescued due to rough waters and weather last week. fremont rural carlo pacino , a friend of dera most completed a 72 days solo row from san francisco to hilo, but had a brief assist at the end. part of new title for baseball legend buster posey, his new role with the giants organization. and no one has taken home. terry bradshaw's money yet so fox bet super six is upping the ante and increasing the jackpot to $1 million. if you want a shot at terry's money this week, download the free super six app on your phone and enter your six picks in the nfl sunday challenge contest. if all of
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prilosec otc one pill, 24 hours, zero heartburn. better hearing in three easy steps. one. screen your hearing like this... two.
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order your eargos on here. three. now, enjoy. oh, and any questions? answered here. "hello. this is eargo" hello.
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or at an event organized by the clinton foundation. on friday, governor newsom signed 40 different climate bills. they include measures mandating carbon neutrality by 2045 safety regulations for oil wells and a requirement for the state to produce 90% clean energy by the year 2035. we have not just set forth the most audacious goals. we backed up those goals with regulation and laws. there's no jurisdiction anywhere in the world. that is set now more ambition, backed up by not just policy and regulatory framework , but by a record breaking $54 billion we put up in this year's budget in recent days, president biden has said it was much too
12:55 pm
early to say if he will run for re election. many political analysts say they think governor newsom will likely run if the president decides not to the governor's office told ktvu. those rumors are totally false. one in monterrey is open again after being shut down for more than a day because of a fire at a pgd battery facility in moss landing. the fire started around 1 30 yesterday morning in a tesla mega pack. battery pg says an automatic safety system disconnected the entire battery storage area from the power grid. lithium ion. battery experts say the problem is likely to become more common as the world becomes more dependent on large scale batteries, with all those cells and close proximity, the chances of fire go up and so we shouldn't be surprised that we're seeing more and more episodes of fires. he goes on to say the batteries were originally intended for small scale devices, including laptops and mobile phones. but now larger batteries are being produced. other experts say some manufacturers used poor quality materials often skip expensive
12:56 pm
testing and quickly assemble and ship those items. but they had lithium batteries can be very safe if they are made used and maintained correctly. wholesale energy prices in california reached their highest level since august of 2020 during the heatwave earlier this month. electricity demand hit an all time record on september 6th. the uc haas energy institute says that the wholesale price of electricity spiked to $1200 per megawatt hour that day has millions of californians cranked up their conditioning. one company is now helping with energy savings by rewarding those who helped conserve the power grid. when customers get to reduce consumption with lowers the build, they get rewarded, which further lowers their bill and the grid is stabilized as we transition from traditional generation to renewable generation. the company wants people to always be aware of their energy consumption and the time of day in which they use that energy. it says both of those factors dramatically impact a person's energy bill. the state of california is loosening its
12:57 pm
recommendations when it comes to wearing facemasks starting friday, the state health department is dropping its strong recommendation to wear a mask. now department leaders are telling people to follow cdc guidelines for the level of community spread of covid in their local area. right now, the cdc is only recommending masks for people at high risk in sonoma and marin counties. nearby violent covid boosters for children could soon be on the way. the new omicron variant shots are anticipated to arrive as soon as next month if given emergency use authorization by the fda. cdc anticipates recommending the boosters for pediatric age groups by mid october, the agencies expect to recommend the updated pfizer's vaccine for 5 to 11 year olds and the moderna vaccine for 6 to 17 year olds. the data that show children ages, 8 to 17 or spending as much as 7.5 hours on the screen. everyday experts are recommending that parents teach children to develop healthy social media habits. the cdc says it takes about 25 years for the average human brain to fully developed, experts say an over reliance on social media from a
12:58 pm
young age could negatively impact a child's ability to learn to cope with their environment. experts say social media is not inherently bad, but they are encouraging parents to keep an open dialogue going with their children about their online screen time, especially as a way to make sure they're staying safe online. illinois lottery officials announced two people had the winning ticket for the $1.3 billion mega millions game on july 29th. the single ticket was sold at a gas station in the chicago suburb suburb of displaying the winner agreed to split the prize money . if they won. they also decided not to go public in illinois, a lottery winners can remain anonymous. the lottery says the pair dedicated or decided to take the lump sum payout of $780 million after spending weeks, consulting financial experts the giants have announced that three time world series champion buster posey has become a member of the ownership group. the move marks the first time that a former player has joined the organization as the principal partner and member of the board of directors. the seven time all star retired last november after
12:59 pm
2021 season in part to spend more time with his family. well, we are the very tail end of summer, but it felt a when san y store barrier based companies and also is taking over jeff street on behalf of the san francisco firefighters toy program. company bought more than $13,000 worth of toys and is inviting attendees at the dream force conference to stop by and wrap the toys as a way of giving back there's games. there's ah kids dolls, candy land, um, quite the different types of gifts, and we are partnered up with the san francisco firefighters come here , wrap the gifts and then we'll be donating them to children in need this holiday season. san francisco fire department will come and pick up the toys tomorrow. sentosa says it expects hundreds of people to come through and wrap those gifts during the dream force conference. alright looks like fun. alright that doesn't that's it for the news at noon here on ktvu channel two for the latest news and weather updates you can also you can always download the ktvu weather app and news app as
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