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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  September 21, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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believe that we need to start talking about as a community is why there's so many guns in our community. why do so many people have access to such high high pod? our weapons and such ammunition? from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth several deadly days in oakland has renewed urgency to try to do something to stem the spike in gun violence. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes, alex savage. police and community leaders are coming together and trying to figure out what is the best way to respond to the violence. crime reporter henry lee has more now on what they believe needs to be done to bring peace to the streets. henry joins us now from the newsroom. alex they tell me a lot more has to be done after four homicides within a 15 hour time period, including a deadly double shooting that was caught on video. surveillance video circulating on social media shows customers outside lay alina cafe and
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restaurant in oakland's pill hill neighborhood. within moments, this white car, possibly a handy alondra pulls up and several people inside opened fire. two men are killed at this time. we are uncertain of the motive and are investigating all possible leads . the shooting happened at 7 45 monday night when the restaurant and the market next door at 31st and telegraph were full of customers. 27 year old assam. all audrey was killed, as was 59 year old dylan ihsa, a 19 year old man was shot in the leg and wounded 45 minutes after the triple shooting of 48 year old woman was shot and killed near east 20th and 23rd avenue in the san antonio neighborhood and at about 2 15 on tuesday afternoon , a man was killed and the second was wounded when gunfire erupted outside oakland city hall. i want our neighbors to know that i'm angry. i'm frustrated. i'm also scared just like they are. oakland city council president nikki fortunata. bass says police are stretched thin even as they focus on violent crime above all other incidents. solving these
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crimes is going to help us stem the violence. getting violence interrupters into our streets like we have now to prevent violence before it happens will help solve the violence. as one individual suffers our entire community suffers control killings works with the city's department of violence prevention, hoping to steer people away from crime. we don't predict violence, and all we can do is try to prevent the next incident from turning into another form of violence. now the city's department of violence prevention has been holding town nights for the community on friday evenings across the city spokeswoman tells me during each of those events, assaults and homicides were down compared to similar time periods last year. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu, fox two and use well. california's attorney general is taking action to try to stop gun violence statewide, rob bonta joining gun safety advocates today in announcing the launch of the new office of gun violence prevention, the first of its kind in the nation. now, this unit will focus on better
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communication between departments, cutting through red tape and providing support to cities and other partners with the goal of reducing firearm injury and getting guns off the streets. it will also promote research and data collection increase awareness of about policy strategies and programs. and try to stop shooting from happening. when is enough going to be enough? when is the violence going to end? we're here to help me answer that question. we are in a full on crisis of full on state of emergency. and in order to fight this epidemic, it's going to take new efforts, creative approaches and new action. a nationwide search is now under way to recruit. the opposite is first director at today's event. families of victims of gun violence spoke about their loss and we're going to hear from them coming up a little bit later today at five, authorities have released their video recording of the interrogation of sherri papini. she's the reading woman who faked her own kidnapping so she could be with an ex boyfriend in southern california. investigators told
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papini they knew she hadn't been kidnapped because all dna evidence was from her and the ex boyfriend he submitted to a lie detector test where he told them what happened. i rented a car. and picked her up. he passed the polygraph tests. that's not what happened. what didn't happen sharing. no way it's two way. still winning doesn't like vienna. dna was 100. no way. on monday, a federal judge ordered papini to serve 18 months in prison. she had already agreed to pay more than $300,000 in restitution for money she took from victims compensation funds , as well as the cost of the investigation into her claims. the woman in oakland is speaking out. excuse me about a fire that damaged a small house on her
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property, and she says she's angry about yet another incident in her neighborhood just last night, a string of small fires less than a mile away. investigators believe those fires were arson case he was cristina rendon is here. now, with the growing frustration among many other people who live along interstate 5 80 in oakland are upset. this is not the first time they have dealt with the fire in their neighborhood. except this time, a lot of damage has been left behind. she used to be the living room. joanna roberts has fun memories of growing up in this cottage behind her current home. hard to see it now, after a fire burned at all. she'd been running this one bedroom, one bath space to a young couple who just got engaged in august. there really hit worse than i am. i still have my home. i have a roof over my head. they're scrambling around trying to find temporary housing tens of thousands of dollars worth of clothes, furniture and musical equipment gone. they're good, decent kids with nothing now. the cottage is one of five homes that back up
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to interstate 5 80 damage from a fire that started behind the chevron gas station at the corner of 35th avenue and quickly street last friday. i'm a little upset. we have been complaining to caltrans for 18 months about the brush and the dryness. other families also upset with the lack of maintenance live half a mile away near interstate 5 80 maple, where another fire happened tuesday evening. it's believed in arsonist gained access from the street below the freeway, climbed up through the brush and set of four small fires using flares. firefighters quickly put those fires out. arson is very hard to prove or fortunate that we were able to have some signs of a road flare at each of these incidents, which is good battalion chief james barone says investigators are working with police and chp to try to track down pictures or video of anyone in the area at the time the fire started despite the location's being close, he says this case is separate from friday's fire, which is still under investigation. people want
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answers, and we're trying to provide those answers for them, but we're really working. we don't want to put anything out. that's wrong, and we want to make sure we get it right the first time. i'm not going to rebuild. i mean, it's 74 years old. it doesn't make monetary sense to do so. robert's house was spared from a homeless encampment fire in this same area two years ago. her biggest issue now is whether she will stay in the neighborhood she's called home for 52 years. i was never going to leave. but that's fire has got me thinking about but this was the sign for time to move higher department says monday's rain likely kept those four spot fires yesterday from spreading. but if you have any information on the arsonist who started those fires, or if you know anything about last friday's fire, you're asked to contact the oakland fire department cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. and we have been watching the beneficial rainfall forest september here in the bay area, some area picking up a lot
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of rainfall. some areas not so much but still will pick up any raindrops weekend. especially since we are in the middle of a drought. take a look at some of the jumbo amount here. this is a sunday through wednesday through today, connacht e. approaching three inches of rain up there in lake county, mountie pablo, two inches, ben lomond approaching an inch and a half and fairfax in marin county. just over an inch of rain. these totals, not as high but once again. we're not just talking about trace amounts, or if you sprinkles most areas picking up over a quarter of an inch of rainfall. santa rosa approaching an inch in san ramon, just over a half an inch. here's a satellite the radar once again. we're tracking some thunderstorms. really? not here in the bay area, although we had some downpours this morning, impacting the morning commute right now, as we kind of changed things over just showing you the radar, and these are the lightning strikes up in northern california. just this this morning and into the afternoon hours, so we have an active weather pattern once again, at least outside of the region. but for us, we still have some lingering clouds, and there is still a chance of a few isolated sprinkles or a few isolated showers. this afternoon. current
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numbers san francisco 69 san jose 74 degrees santa rosa 76. here is our live camera looking out towards san francisco. it's also nice about this system and actually cleans out the air so improving air quality for today. and the clouds will gradually move on out and we are expecting lots of sunshine in your thursday afternoon forecast. probably those some patchy fogyd temperatures for tomorrow afternoon will be warmer. in fact, a bit of a warming trend from the mid sixties to the mid eighties for tomorrow, but even warmer temperatures as we head into the weekend. in fact, here is kind of the next developing headline. it looks like a warm to hot weekend headed our way. we'll talk more about this. with your full forecast coming up in a little bit. that is quite the warm up. alright. thanks so much well, they are continuing to pick up the pieces in puerto rico three days now after getting a direct hit from hurricane fiona foxes. nicole valenti's is in puerto rico, where the coast guard continues to survey the damage. hurricane fiona is now a category four storm as it moves north through
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the caribbean. it's caused major damage in the turks and caicos islands and here in puerto rico. the mission has now shifted from rescue to recovery mode. officials are assessing the damage, and it's widespread. most of the island's still without access to power and half of residents do not have access to running water. federal officials are increasing their presence, promising not to leave until the rebuilding is done. i know many of you may feel sadness. you may be frustrated, but what i can tell you is this you are not alone in this recovery. fema is going to be here with you, but it's still unclear how long that will take. the island's power grid is severely damaged, and most people are turning to generators to power their homes, while others are simply at the mercy of the elements with the real field temperature hitting 100 degrees wednesday. we feel the heat. we are a little on edge. anxious your body gets tired. you try to rest a little. and then you labor aren't there are
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also thousands still sleeping at shelters after their homes were either flooded or ripped apart by the winds. lawmakers on capitol hill are discussing ways to help while advocates across the country pushed to get $8 flowing as quickly as possible. the people of puerto rico need our support. they need our solidarity. but more importantly , they need the money next up bermuda, which could get hit by thursday or friday. but as of right now, no threat to the u. s mainland. puerto rico. i'm nicole valdez fox weather. still to come here on the four today president biden delivering a rebuke of russian president vladimir putin and the ongoing war against ukraine, mr putin escalates the war effort. he is now calling up reservists and that has sparked a lot of protests in russia.
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...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs. sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm. former president trump and
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several of his children, calling it the art of the steal new york a g leticia adams leticia james scuse me accuses the former president of padding his net worth by billions of dollars. she says that he habitually misled banks and others about the value of his assets. trump's three eldest children, donald jr . ivanka and eric trump, are also named as defendants in this new civil lawsuit. an attorney for the former president says the lawsuit is quote neither focused on the facts nor the law . the house has voted to overhaul and more than century old election law in an effort to prevent future presidential candidates from trying to subvert the will of the voters that today's vote is in direct response to the january 6th attack there on the u. s capitol and former president trump's efforts to find a way around the electoral count. our political reporter greg lee, is here now to walk us through some of these changes. correct so basically, we should point out this was a vote most leslie along party lines, with nine republicans siding with democrats introduced
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by zoloft grin from the south bay and liz cheney from wyoming . as you know, both of them are on the january 6th committee. i want to break down some of what this bill would do so first the vice president's role presiding over this electoral count. this would be purely ceremonial. he has no authority to reject electors from the states. as we saw during january 6th there were calls for pence to reject the count. second it raises the threshold for which members of congress can object to electors requiring the support of one third of each chamber to agree to this objection currently any single member of congress if they have one from the house and one to the senate can object to a state's count. and finally, perhaps one of the sticking points here, states would be required to pick their electors based on election results, keeping them from changing their electors. if they don't like the results. we saw cases like that of states like arizona, where they wanted to submit alternate. votes of electoral college. some
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of these sort of fake elector schemes if you will, you pointed out, obviously all but a handful of republicans voted against this measure here. they say this is a flawed piece of legislation. what are the issues they have with it? some of the arguments we've heard from house republicans as much of what we've heard through this process that this is another attempt to attack former president trump. this is an attempt to take power away from states from the election process and give it to the federal government. and the other argument, though, is from the senate. because there is a similar bill moving through the process there and senators are saying, what are you doing? we already have this process in place. we have a deal with republicans that is filibuster proof, 10. republicans in the senate have already agreed to the terms that are not as serious or severe as it were of the restrictions that the house wants to put on this process, so the bottom line, though, is we may not see any action on this until after the november midterm , doubtful that we'll see any traction. that's right, greg. thank you. mm hmm. president biden spoke to the united
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nations general assembly today and delivered a harsh message to russian president vladimir putin about russia's war against ukraine. the president called the seven month old invasion of ukraine brutal, needless war. global order and said putin is trying to extinguish ukraine's right to exist. president biden cited russia's atrocities and war crimes as he tried to rally more nations to isolate and punish russia. a permanent member of the united nations security council invaded its neighbors. attempted to erase a sovereign state from the map. russia has shamelessly violated the court tenants of the united nations charter. no more important. then the clear prohibition. against countries taking the territory. of their neighbor by force. president biden also accused moscow of making irresponsible nuclear
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threats and set a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought. the kremlin is now calling up hundreds of thousands of reserve troops to fight in the invasion of ukraine. as russian forces lose ground to the ukrainian army as boxes. greg palkot tells us the movie is being condemned by world leaders. and by some russians at home. russian president vladimir putin ordered a partial mobilization of his country's reserve forces putting more than 300,000 soldiers on alert. it's the first such call up for russian troops since world war two says it's a necessary move as he accuses the west of trying to interfere with russia's invasion of ukraine and its aggressive anti russian policy. the west has crossed every line we hear constant threats against our country and our people. western leaders are calling the mobilization and act of desperation and an attempt to make up for russia's setbacks on the battlefield. putin's latest order is getting mixed reactions in russia state media is
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reporting a spike in demand for plane tickets out of the country, while online opposition groups are calling for people to demonstrate. still young, of course, the pride inside me says yes go to war, but the common sense says that i can dye their. meanwhile, putin is also expressing support for referenda to an next occupied areas of ukraine. in his speech to the u. n general assembly. president biden called this a violation of the un charter and of ukraine's rights as a sovereign nation. this world should see these outrageous acts for what they are. putin claims he had to act. because russia was threatened. but no one threatened russia. and no. one other than russia. sought. conflict also on wednesday speech, putin issuing an apparent veiled threat to use nuclear weapons to defend russia in london falcon fox news for
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tical science professor at uc berkeley who specializes in russian politics . professor we always appreciate the time. what what does this effort here by vladimir putin to mobilize hundreds of thousands more russian soldiers? what does it signal do you think about how concerned putin is about the ground that russia has lost to ukraine recently in this conflict? alex. it signals that he's desperate. he really doesn't have any bullets left in his gun that are going to actually make it. you know that are going to make any difference in this war. he can call off these reservists about 300,000, but they're going to be just as poorly trained or more poorly trained just as poorly equipped or more poorly equipped than the soldiers that he's already sent in. 25,000 of whom have already died. and another 80,000 or so then wounded or out of commission, so it's hard to see how this makes any difference on the ground. the fact is, the russian army is deeply corrupt.
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its troops are poorly trained and poorly prepared in this group is going to be no different from that putin feels like he has to do something. so when you did last night, and i watched his speech as he gave it was that, he said. you know, we're going to throw more men more cannon fodder into this thing. he also made nuclear threats against the west. he's been doing this for some time. he habitually makes nuclear threats. it's completely responsible. the only other guy in the world who does this is kim jong, un, the north korean dictator. but he did that again . but these are the acts of a desperate man. and i don't think they're going to make any difference in the war. okay professor we heard from president biden offering those really strong words against president putin. we also heard today. from ukrainian president zelensky at the un he delivered this this tape speech in which he says that russia should, in fact be punished. for the invasion of his country, and he also outlined a five point plan to bring about peace to the region. what do you make of his comments and also this plan that he has put forward? well, i
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think he's just calling for something that is, you know, entirely reasonable and within the realm of common sense he wants to take back occupied territories and ukraine. that is his main goal. that's really his his central coal. um, and i think that it's you know, russia is already being punished to some extent for its invasion of ukraine, and that's part of why it's failing. the sanctions are slowing down the russian economy. it isn't tank yet, but the economy's prospects not only this year, but in coming years are much slower than they would have been otherwise and russia's now on the run. ah putin really again. he's just out of bullets . you really doesn't have much to throw under this war. and what's more, i think it's possible that his power will fail. if you look at how vastly diminished his personal prestige is on the international stage, is meeting recent meeting just a few days ago with c. jinping the dictator of china, and with narendra modi, the prime minister of india, where he really looked like a supplicant like a vassal of china, where
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these leaders were dressing him down, basically for failing and you ukraine. you know, these are these are the this is the kind of thing we've never seen before. is protein being humbled like this and this is starting to take. this is starting to happen at home to his viewed as a vastly diminished ruler who could not win. what russians were told, would be a very easily winnable war. now who's calling up all these reservists , which alarms a lot of people and will doubtless lead to more? opposition to this war in russia and a reduction of the already very low level of popular enthusiasm there is for the war. yeah and we are already to that end, seeing a number of anti war demonstrations taking place across russia and a lot of people who do not want to be a part of this conflict. we have to leave the conversation. they're always appreciate your perspective. stephen fish political science professor at uc berkeley. good to see you. thank you. okay here's something to think about. in a few years, you will have the choice to turn your body into nutrient rich compost. we're going to talk
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live with the author of the recently signed state bill that provides you with another al rnative after death.
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dead loved ones to the earth. this week, governor newsom signed a bill legalizing human composting. it's a process that allows the body to naturally breakdown in soil for more on this. we're joined by the author of that bill, southern california assembly member cristina garcia appreciate you taking the time, so let's let's start with how the process of human composting works and what makes this more environmentally friendly than a traditional burial or cremation. okay definitely. thank you for having me here. the process currently takes the body and put it into a vessel and the vessel. you have some, which chips and mulch some dirt, and it decomposes that's airtight into the processes
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quicker than if you were just being put into the ground. it takes about 30 to 45 days, and at the end we have rich soil. transact could be used to plant a garden to plant trees can be donated to conservation out there. and so this this this is a more natural way. it's a more organic way. if you do a traditional casket burial, there's chemicals that are used there that leech into the ground and into our water. there's also methane emissions from that. cremation there's carbon dioxide. that's bad for climate change, and there's other pollution here as well. and so none of this happens with with this process, in addition to the soil is a great way to capture carbon, uh, the trees and the plants are another great benefit for our environment out there, and so it's just the all around better on the front end and back end for the environment. obviously this process has a lot of people talking, and it has
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raised some ethical questions, unlike laws that have been passed in other states in regards to human composting the law here in cali if oranje doesn't explicitly banned the sale of soil from composted human remains, or using it to grow food in the future. why not put those limitations in your legislation? hmm so we still have a process that has to go through. this is not going to be, uh, something that's allowed in california until 2027 until the bureau goes through a process and sure we have something that's going to be but respectful of her body's respectful of the environment and respectful of our communities and to the stakeholders will be able to give input as the department comes up with the rules and regulations. for the companies that will be doing this work here. how much of an impact before we go here and we don't have much time left. but how much of an impact do you think this can truly make in terms of fighting climate change? i know that was that was the reason you push for this legislation. well,
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i will say that you know, every little bit helps, and it adds up quickly. we expect that, you know, we just think about it during the pandemic. we had to leave our roles on cremation. we do have a limitation on how much can happen at a given time out there and so metric tons all add up, and so this is not a silver bullet by itself is not going to fix climate change. but we have to think about our fruit, print and all aspects and this is just another aspect. what we could do something that's better for climate change. all right. one more option for what? what could happen after you die? i appreciate you coming on to discuss that in southern california assembly member christina gasia garcia, good to see you. thank you. thank you. well the fda issuing a morning against what it is calling a dangerous tiktok challenge. the challenge involves cooking chicken and nyquil or other similar over the counter cough and cold medicine. why okay? the fda says that that boiling these
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medications can make the solution much more concentrated. and inhaling the vapors could allow high amounts of the drug to enter the body and injured the lungs. the fda releasing the warning after reports of teens being rushed to the emergency room after taking part in this challenge again, one that i clearly don't understand tiktok and procter and gamble, the maker of nyquil, by the way, have not yet commented about this warning. obviously dangerous. also probably taste terrible, right? i just don't understand the point. i don't either, all right. the federal reserve raising rates once again , the quarter point jump the three quarter point jump that has some concerns about another recession. also a new option for people dealing with diabetes. the changes aimed at making insulin more accessible. it's coming u nextxt
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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federal. raised interest rates for the fifth time this year, the fed hiked key interest rate by another three quarters of a percent in the hopes of cooling down inflation without setting off a recession. the down was down 522 points today, the nasdaq fell 204 and the s and p lost 66 points. fed chairman jerome powell reflected on the state of the economy while making the announcement today about the interest rate hike foxes marc meredith tells us officials are raising rates now at the most rapid pace since the 19 eighties. we will keep at it until we're confident the job is done. the federal reserve is taking another major step to fight inflation, the board
4:34 pm
voting to raise interest rates yet again by three quarters of a percentage point. it's a decision expected to impact businesses and consumers nationwide benefit of hindsight , we can say that the fed was way behind the inflation curve. and has been tightening too little too late. that's being forced to kind of gun it. chair jerome powell spoke to reporters after wednesday's rate hike. he admits the u. s economy, like others around the world faces challenges. stocks plunged in response to palace comments. we are talking about a jigsaw puzzle. that is so intricate and where most professionals in most investors have never had a situation like this. chairman powell recently warned higher rates would bring some pain. no one knows whether this process will lead to a recession or if so. how significant that recession would be a chance, not a big chance of small chance of a soft landing is a chance of a mild recession, a chance of a harder recession. economists and
4:35 pm
drivers continue to watch gas prices prices climbed wednesday for the first time in roughly three months, bringing the national average to 3 68 a gallon in washington. mark meredith fox news and here to talk more about this consequential move by the feds today is financial planner james mcbride of the mcbride group, james. always a pleasure to see you, inflation boy, it is just running too hot. you know, it sure isn't anybody that's been to the grocery store or tried to fill up their car or truck with gas, nose and inflation really is high, and it's hitting a lot of people in the pocketbook, and it's a it's troubling. there's no question about it, but there are some good size out there. for example, the trend and gasoline prices, gasoline prices have actually gone down something like 95 straight days in a row, so that's encouraging . and as i say the trend is your print. but quite frankly, heather, this inflation is not going to get behind us until this pandemic and do supply chain disruption are resolved. they will be, but it certainly
4:36 pm
taking longer than anybody would have wanted. this rate hike affects borrowing costs throughout the economy. what will now be more expensive? well, pretty much everything but your story just a little before it was really good because it showed that one of the big impact is going to be on housing housing prices. as you know, particularly the bay area have been high and the mortgage rates were low, so i bought a lot of hours in. what's going to happen now is as those rates go up the amount of people that are the number of people that can afford mortgage is gonna go down. that's going to have a direct negative impact on the housing market, and the housing market is a huge percen economy's gdp. okay cll, signalr large increases more do you anticipate? well certainly for the rest of this year, there will be more increases in they probably will go into next year . but one of the things the federal reserve has been very good about it saying, look, we're going to be dictated by the data and they'll make their decisions based on the data. and
4:37 pm
although chairman powell is certainly taking a lot of grief from all sides, the federal reserve quite frankly, it's not a particularly good job. it's important to remember the federal reserve has was called a dual mandate. one is full employment. and the other is price. stability for employment has pretty much been achieved. we have unemployment edit 50 year love that's really quite spectacular, and a lot of that is the result of the federal reserve and chairman powell keeping interest rates low inflation has picked up no question about it, but it's certainly nothing like it was in the late seventies and early eighties, where we had 14% inflation. and price stability will be achieved and borrowing costs will go up. but inflation will be controlled and it's going to be nothing like it was like i said in the late seventies and early eighties, okay, labor market, as you mentioned remains strong, but boy still a lot of fears out there about a possible recession. right and some people say we're already in a recession, which is using the
4:38 pm
classic definitions are two consecutive quarters of negative gdp. i'm not so sure about that . and one thing that is interesting. heather is and that's why this is such a great question is there hasn't been a recession at least the last seven that i looked at where there hasn't been significant, even massive unemployment. if we look at the great recession, for example, the unemployment rate was about 5% of the beginning, but it went up to 10% or right now we have an unemployment rate of less than 4% it will increase somewhat, but i doubt it's even when it gets a 5% so the federal reserve is doing a particularly good job of honoring that part of their mandate about full employment, and it's hard to believe we're going to have a deep recession. with unemployment rates so low a job market so tight and you have employers competing for employees, which has had a really nice effect on rising wages. and i think there was wages will stay in place long after this. inflation is behind us. so the federal reserve is doing much better job than people think, and we're closer
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to the end of this recession in the beginning. hopefully you're right about that. james mcbride mcbride group. thank you, sir. thank you, heather. santa clara county sent today it's expanding its met assist program to cover medications for diabetes care announcement came at the mountain view, multi specialty clinic. the program, launched earlier this year provides eligible people and families in santa clara county with a monthly check to help pay for their prescriptions, officials say nearly 120,000 adults in santa clara county live with diabetes. and about a third of them require insulin or other drugs to control the condition. the american diabetes association now recommends these newer medications as first or second line treatment for almost every patient with type two diabetes. yet these life saving drugs cost tens of thousands of dollars per year. hundreds of dollars a month, even with health insurance officials say
4:40 pm
providing these medications will save the county money on treatment as well as improved the lives of those with diabetes. santa clara county's medicis program also covers other vital medications, including asthma inhalers and epipens lord, now for parents, a new study finds some children's school uniforms may not be safe due to high levels of harmful chemicals. the study released today says that researchers found per and polly floral alcohol substances or fast, which are cancer causing forever chemicals in those uniforms. those harmful chemicals are widely used in many consumer and industrial products and have been found in stain resistant school uniforms sold all across the country. all the stain resistant school uniforms that were tested contained high levels of foss similar to what one might found an outdoor clothing. and this is a big worry because one quarter of all u. s skull true children where uniforms both the best and the
4:41 pm
worst. it has good properties, oil and water repellent. see but unfortunately people of us are forever chemicals. a state assey bill awaiting governor newsom signature would ban the use of the foss in school uniforms and all textiles. that bill was authorized by authorized by san francisco assembly. phil team. area man hit the water to do something that has never been done before, and he succeeded. the adventurous in determined kayaker joins us live next to talk about his record breaking trip. barry of weather. it has been active week. as you know, tracking some rain drops out there. it looks like the pattern changes as we head into your thursday forecast and a bit of a warm up around the c ner.
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records voyage across the
4:44 pm
pacific ocean late yesterday, several darom oh paddled ashore in hawaii after a three month long journey from california he became the very first kayaker to ever make that trip alone, arriving 91 days after he set out remote tried to make that same trip last year, you may remember, but he had to be rescued after facing some bad weather early on, and this afternoon we are joined live by this foreign kayaker. thank you so much for being here. congratulate. rations how do you feel after this historic journey? i feel like a million bucks. aloha from paradise. i feel like this is the best days of my life. this is wonderful. yeah what does it mean to you to finally complete this? as we talked about we we've we've chronicled your your journey to get to this point here. obviously you didn't get to do it the first time around and now to complete this what? what does it mean to you? what does that
4:45 pm
sense of accomplishment feel like? well what it means to me, but what it means also to everybody else, and i think it should be just remembering us of what life is all about. it's not success on the first try and that's how a champion things. there's no failure. just experience in my first attempt. a lot of people maybe saw it, you know, got rescued off the coast after six days, you know, maybe you should try it. it's over your head. no no, no. i'm a big dreamer. i'm going to work more. i'm going to prepare more. i know my boat exactly like i need to and i'll make it and mike. that's what dreams is all about. let's let's do it. go after it. and don't let go. i love that attitude. also really digging digging the scruff here when we when we talked with you last you were clean, clean saving, but i guess that's what tom hanks castaway vibe 91 days at sea will do to you talk about some of the biggest challenges. that you endured. well um there's a mental challenge is
4:46 pm
one of the biggest. um first of all, it's very long, and i was talking to my land support. he was very good, you know important that success but it's not a 91. void day voyage. it's 91. times each day and in order reality, it's one day at a time. the past doesn't matter. the future doesn't matter. it's one day so i'm going to have 25 miles of wind and big went. i need to deal with this break my water maker. i need to deal with this and my steering lines or i lose my battery. i need to deal with this and one after the other is just eating an elephant. one bite at a time. and i was so glad i could share the whole journey on on social media and on my website and having people that connected with not only their just tanking side side of the story or even just adventurous side. it's more than human, um, spiritual journey that i was in. that could be able, you know, just to connect. this is what i feel and those 90 days. where pretty much a pause in my life. i'm 45 years
4:47 pm
old, my half life and i declared completely everything. my emails . my work every like three months was this. that's it your sole focus? mhm remarkable. yeah so, obviously, now you are you are in hawaii, feeling the island vibes and kind of kicking back and relaxing a little bit. when do you start your kayak trip back here to california. yeah okay. yeah. no i have some ideas about their adventures. but, yeah, i'm gonna enjoy paradise. put my feet up and eat, some poking and my tie, and that's it. that sounds like a perfect well deserving served. absolutely alright. well, thanks again and congratulations once again on this incredible, incredible journey. thank you. mark that's pretty remarkable when you think, believe it. i can't even fathom your head around. i know i left. maybe i'd make it to the golden gate for some help. maybe maybe if you're lucky, maybe if i'm lucky, yeah. so huge, huge accomplishment. so, yeah, the great the great
4:48 pm
update there as far as whether wise they were talking about. of course, we've been talking about some rainfall over the past few days, but the things will be changing as we head toward the weekend. of course, september 2022 has been pretty amazing members two weeks ago, he had the extreme heat of all time records across portions of the bay area and then talking about some off and on rainfall. stephen some heavy downpours out there. over the past few days, things are starting to dry out and looks like we're going to get ready for this a warming trend that really kicks in. temperatures trend up a little bit tomorrow, but by the weekend, the hot spots will be approaching the nineties around 92. 2 94 degrees. here's the satellite and the radar. we had some rain showers earlier this morning for the morning commute. the main activity has kind of pushed on out to the north and to the east of the barry. in fact, these are all lightning strikes detected here showing you the radar coverage as well. right now, our current satellite showing you partly cloudy skies. still, some lingering clouds and looks like a few showers looks like still up in portions of the north bay closer to mendocino
4:49 pm
and lake county, so we still have to hold on to still the possibility of still some isolated showers for this afternoon, but things will be drying up for your thursday current numbers. san francisco 67 napa in the upper seventies and san jose right now, checking in 74 here is our live camera looking at above san francisco out toward the golden gate bridge, and still some lingering clouds you can see up in the north bay hills so still some lingering instability that could lead to still some scattered showers. this afternoon. tomorrow we say hello to a fall the equinox tomorrow evening 603 , and we will have a warming trend is going to sync up with the changing seasons over the next few days tomorrow morning. we'll have temperatures in the forties and the fifties. partly cloudy skies. some patchy fog out there. you can see this is the guy we've been talking about . it seems like forever this area of low pressure, but it's a finally moving out of town to the showers. gradually moving out later on tonight and into what your thursday and the warming trend begins tomorrow as well. but we showed you that little graph to get temperatures
4:50 pm
peak into the weekend, especially by sunday. here's the forecast model. here we are this evening. still some lingering clouds some fog tomorrow morning thursday morning and then into the afternoon hours, we will increase the sunshine. we will also bump up the temperatures as well. hotspots will be approaching the mid eighties by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. san francisco 74 the look ahead. your five day forecast fall begins tomorrow more sunshine for your friday look at these weekend temperature is the hottest locations in the low to mid nineties. thank you are not talking about 100 and 15 degrees , but still temperatures training up all weekend long. all right. nice start to fall there, mark. thank you. 20 united flights canceled today, but this had nothing to do with ongoing staffing issues or bad weather. the safety checks that grounded some of the largest planes in the sky and coming up at five tonight the delightful side in the north bay in the aftermath of an earthquake last we .
4:51 pm
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month. in a row in august. sales fell 0.4% last month, according to the national association of realtors. analysts say that higher mortgage rates, rising inflation and red hot home prices continue to push buyers out of the market. year over year home sales were down. nearly 20% sales have fallen to their slowest pace since june of 2020. united airlines canceling close to 20 flights this week after grounding some of its planes for inspection. 25 boeing 7 77 had not undergone required inspections of the front edges of the wings. as of today, those 10 planes have been inspected. united says it worked to rebook stranded passengers. the airline is working with the faa to return the planes to service over the next two weeks, conducted more tests for the artemis moon rocket today to make sure there aren't any more. the leaks ahead of its future launch. nasa fueled the rocket after making repairs. it says
4:54 pm
seals were replaced and the repairs to all the hydrogen leaks were successful. leaks spoiled the first two attempts at getting into orbit. the launch could now happen as early as next week. first test flight will be an unmanned lunar orbiting mission. astronauts could climb aboard the rocket in a couple of years. san francisco giants has a new membership. that new member excuse me of its ownership group, and it's a face and name that every giants fan knows really well. the giants announcing that three times world series champion buster posey has become a member of the ownership group move marks the first time that a former player has joined the organization as a principal partner and member of the board of directors. seven time all star retired just last november after the 2021 season in part to spend more time with his family. free climb with a risk of a freefall, the french adventure scaling yet another skyscraper coming up next
4:55 pm
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read the front, spiderman actually celebrated his 60th birthday by scaling yet another high rise boxes. marianne rafferty says he also had a message about conquering our fears as we age. and just like that, he's off. famed free climber alone. robert taking on this 48 story skyscraper in france, all without a harness and safety gear, armed with only a pair of climbing shoes and a bag of chalk to keep the sweat off his hands. it's very impressive. it's scary to watch, but i hope he won't fall. and while this daredevil has made it to the top of many structures around the world, this special climb is in honor of his 60th birthday. i want to send people
4:58 pm
the message that being 60 years old is nothing. you can still do sport be active, fabulous things , even though it's stunts aren't for most people. robbers message isn't far off with the cdc stating. regular physical activity is critical for older adults to maintain their health and wellness. adding people 65 older need at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week while scaling a tower isn't on the list of recommended activities, the agency says a brisk walk should suffice. the cdc also recommends adults in this age group do at least two days of muscle strengthening exercises each week as well. it's been three days focusing on their balance. it's not a very difficult building to climb. meantime balances something robert doesn't lack with the french spiderman successfully making it to the top of this building in roughly an hour, according to local reports began climbing back in 1975. since then, he has ventured up more
4:59 pm
than 150 skyscrapers around the world. most of his climbs aren't approved by the building's owners, resulting in numerous arrests. marianne rafferty, fox news ktvu. fox two news at five starts now. ours was fired. other people are being robbed. other people are being beat up. nobody's coming to their assistance are poor law enforcement is stretched thin. now at five, a woman in oakland, speaking out about fire that damaged a small house on her property, and she is also angry about another incident in her neighborhood. just last night. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach wong, a string of small fires less than a mile away. investigators believe those fires were arson. ktvu is cristina rendon here. now with the growing frustration did mike that woman is upset because someone intentionally start did fires last night. and she says she wouldn't be surprised if the fire that burned on her property last week was intentionally said, too, that she doesn't want to speculate. but she says it is
5:00 pm
disappointing to see the damage. used to be the living room. joanna roberts has fun memories of growing up in this cottage behind her current home. hard to see it now, after a fire burned at all. she had been running this one bedroom, one bath space to a young couple who just got engaged in august. there really hit worse than i am. i still have my home tens of thousands of dollars worth of clothes, furniture and musical equipment gone decent kids with nothing now. the cottage is one of five homes that back up to interstate 5 80 damage from a fire that started behind the chevron gas station at the corner of 35th avenue and quigley street last friday. i'm a little upset. we have been complaining to caltrans for 18 months about the brush and the dryness. other families also upset with the lack of maintenance live half a mile away near interstate 5 80 maple, where another fire happened tuesday evening. it's believed in arsonist gained access from the street below the freeway, climbed up through the brush and set of four sll


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