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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  September 21, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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joanna roberts has fun memories of growing up in this cottage behind her current home. hard to see it now, after a fire burned at all. she had been running this one bedroom, one bath space to a young couple who just got engaged in august. there really hit worse than i am. i still have my home tens of thousands of dollars worth of clothes, furniture and musical equipment gone decent kids with nothing now. the cottage is one of five homes that back up to interstate 5 80 damage from a fire that started behind the chevron gas station at the corner of 35th avenue and quigley street last friday. i'm a little upset. we have been complaining to caltrans for 18 months about the brush and the dryness. other families also upset with the lack of maintenance live half a mile away near interstate 5 80 maple, where another fire happened tuesday evening. it's believed in arsonist gained access from the street below the freeway, climbed up through the brush and set of four small fires using flares. firefighters
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quickly put those fires out. arson is very hard to prove or fortunate that we were able to have some signs of a road flare at each of these incidents, which is good battalion chief james barone says investigators are working with police and chp to try to track down pictures or video of anyone in the area at the time the fire started despite the location's being closed, he says this case is separate from friday's fire, which is still under investigation. a lot of people want answers, and we're trying to provide those answers for them, but we're really working. we don't want to put anything out. that's wrong, and we want to make sure we get it right the first time. i'm not going to rebuild. 74 years old. it doesn't make monetary sense to do so. robert's house was spared from a homeless encampment fire in this same area two years ago. her biggest issue now is whether she will stay in the neighborhood. she's called home for 52 years. i was never going to leave. but that's fire has got me thinking about maybe this
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was the sign for it's time to move. you have any information on the arsonist who started yesterday's fires, or, if you know anything about last friday's fire, you were asked to contact the oakland fire department. claudine christina, you can see in the video the brush of the residents are talking about in the overgrowth . caltrans have any plans to address that, but we did reach out to culture, friends and a spokesperson told me late this afternoon that they get about 50 requests every single day for all of the bay area counties, but in this case they are putting it. on their list to address immediately specifically that broken fence on maple avenue underneath 5 80. they have put it on their maintenance request list to be addressed right away. okay, cristina rendon, thanks so much for that. and an investigation is underway into the cause of a fire in stanley andrew fire crews worked through the night to put out the flames that erupted inside a warehouse at 139th avenue and washington avenue. investigators say they're trying to determine if that warehouse was housing a marijuana grow or if there were
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squatters living inside the building fighting the fire was challenging because that building was heavily fortified and difficult to enter. lots of doors, locks. heavy heavy duty, so it'll take us a long time to get in and get to the seat of the fire. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with dehydration. no other injuries were reported several deadly days in oakland has renewed urgency to try to stem the spike in gun violence are crime reporter henry lee joins us live here in studio with more on what police and community leaders say they believe needs to be done here, henry to bring peace to the streets. they tell me a lot more has to be done after four homicides within a 15 hour time period, including a deadly double shooting. that was caught on video. surveillance video circulating on social media shows customers outside lie alina cafe and restaurant in oakland's pill hill neighborhood . within moments, this white car , possibly a handy alondra pulls up and several people inside opened fire. two men are killed at this time. we are uncertain
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of the motive and are investigating all possible leads . the shooting happened at 7 45 monday night when the restaurant and market next door at 31st and telegraph were full of customers. 27 year old assam. all audrey was killed, as was 59 year old dylan ihsa, a 19 year old man was shot in the leg and wounded 45 minutes after the triple shooting of 48 year old woman was shot and killed near east 20th and 23rd avenue in the san antonio neighborhood and at about 2 15 on tuesday afternoon , a man was killed and the second was wounded when gunfire erupted outside oakland city hall. i want our neighbors to know that i'm angry. i'm frustrated. i'm also scared just like they are. oakland city council president nikki fortunato. abbas says police are stretched thin even as they focus on violent crime above all other incidents. solving these crimes is going to help us stem the violence. getting violence interrupters into our streets like we have now to prevent violence before it happens will help solve the violence as one individual suffers. our entire community suffers. cantrell
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killings works with the city's department of violence prevention, hoping to steer people away from crime. we don't predict violence, and all we can do is try to prevent the next incident from turning into another form of violence. the department of violence prevention has been holding town nights on friday evenings across the city of spokeswoman tells me during each of those events, assaults and homicides were down compared to similar time periods last year live in the studio. henry lee ktvu box duty sometimes in years past, when there's been a spike in gun violence they brought in chp officers they brought in deputies from the alameda county sheriff's office. i wonder if that's a possibility here if this continues in the weeks ahead, the council member noel gaia has said. that's something he wants to take a look at. like he has in the past, but that is politically sensitive. some people in the city don't like other officers already in oakland, alright. henry lee live here in studio henry. thank you. for that. california is now stepping up to expand and pool resources in hopes of preventing gun violence. attorney general
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rob bonta announced the launch of a new state office. but then just as this news conference wrapped up in san francisco shooting occurred just a few miles away. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz with us here with the latest on what happened brooks jarocz ago, san francisco police were called to his shooting along pollux avenue that's in the city's bayview neighborhood. two people were shot and rushed to the hospital , and both victims are expected to survive. but it all follows new efforts to stop these persistent shootings before they happen. dew point guns. we actually doing this in real life. a gathering about guns, violence, prevention groups and victims. families joined california's attorney general in san francisco's soma district wednesday, armed with a message epidemic has paralyzed all of us . it has gotten out of control and is out of hand. scott lost her son 26 years ago, gunned down in a graduation party. since then, she says gun
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violence has only increased beyond belief. we must turn it around, and we can do because this is about all of us, and none of us. every every time i hear of a mother losing her son or someone losing. the mother to domestic violence because of a gun. it rounds my soul. we are not immune to this disease. so attorney general rob bonta just announced a new state office of gun violence prevention, the first of its kind aimed at going beyond prosecution and accountability after crimes occur instead of proactive approach, relying on data and programs, pulling together agencies, advocacy groups and resources boosting collaboration this moment this crisis deserves all of us working together, getting out of our silos reaching out. out to one another partnering on behalf of our communities. bonta says gun violence is a growing threat to public safety, with an average 120 deaths each day in the us the new office will serve as a
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hub to expand intervention efforts getting guns out of the hands of dangerous people and off the streets. it comes following numerous violent incidents across the bay in oakland and beyond. we're not going to accept words and prayers anymore. we're going to ask and demand for commitments by the state. my fellow legislators and our state agencies, including this office of gun violence prevention to stand up. for oakland and the people so that we feel safe every single day. we must stop the killing and start to healing . i want to go to graduations. i want to go to funerals. i'm tired of funerals nationwide search is underway to recruit the offices. first director. a new web page was also launched to provide resources to reduce gun violence. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news today, the federal reserve raised its key interest rate by another three quarters of a percent. the short term rate now stands at three and a quarter percent, which is the highest it's been since 2008
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. the fed says it expects to raise that rate to as high as 4.4% by the end of the year. that chair jerome powell said the hike is necessary to bring down inflation. but he said that achieving a soft landing for the economy will be challenging. no one knows whether this process will lead to a recession or if so, how significant that recession would be. that's going to depend on how quickly wage and price inflation, inflation pressures come down. last hour at four. james mcbride told us that there are some positive economic signs, including lower gas prices, but the feds move could have a negative impact on the housing market is gonna happen now is as those rates go up the amount of people that are the number of people that can afford mortgage is going to go down. that's going to have a direct negative impact on the housing market in the housing market is a huge percentage of our economy's gdp. last week, the average mortgage rate mortgage rate reached its highest point in 14 years at about 6% credit card borrowing
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costs are at their highest levels since 1996. and news of that rate hike did not go over well on wall street today after a choppy session. stocks ended the day in the red plunging during those last couple of hours of trading, the dow is down to 522 points. the nasdaq fell 204 nearly a 2% drop in the s and p 500 lost 66 points. the commander in chief, slamming russia's invasion of ukraine at the u. n general assembly, coming up details on his fiery address before the entire world body and we're taking you live to bermuda. hurricane fiona now headed that direction, and we'll also take a closer look at the destruction the hurricane has already left behind. and last week's quake in the north bay didn't cause much damage, but it did create a watery surprise. a few sprinkles out there this morning, but outside now it's clear and dry and getting warmer weekend just around the corner.
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now we'l take a k at the
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hospital have voted to authorize a strike, and some of the key sticking points include staffing and wages, the union says residents at children's hospital make an average of $22 an hour. the doctors have not said whether they are going to strike. but if they do walk off the job, it would be the first time in 30 years. a spokesperson from ucsf betting off children's hospital oakland released a statement reading in part we continue to bargain in good faith, as evidenced by the 20 negotiation sessions we have had with the union and the fact that they have formally withdrawn their unfair labor practice
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complaint. santa clara county is expanding its medicis program to cover all medications for diabetes care. this announcement came at the mountain view multi specialty clinic this morning. the program, launched earlier this year provides eligible individuals and families in santa clara county with monthly checks to help pay for their prescriptions. officials say that nearly 120,000 adults in santa clara county live with diabetes and about a third of those require insulin or other drugs to control the condition. the american diabetes association now recommends these newer medications as first or second line treatment for almost every patient with type two diabetes. yet these life saving drugs cost tens of thousands of dollars per year. hundreds of dollars a month, even with health insurance. officials say that providing these medications will save money on treatment and improve the lives of people with diabetes. the santa clara county medicines program also covers other medications, including
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asthma, inhalers, and epipens and santa rosa is flowing once again, not from the rain, but from the ground. ktvu tom vacar joins us live from mark west creek, where locals say they're amazed to see so much water in it. tom. people are asking, how did this happen? well tell you what earthquakes bring along with them usually dread and danger. but in this case with the earthquake brought was a little watery surprise, especially for kids. kindergartners as well as the 1st and 2nd graders of redwood adventist academy played and learned in mark west creek. this creek is now wonder of nature made so by last week's magnitude for plus earthquakes that rocked santa rosa and principal lisa paulsen and all of a sudden i was just shaking and i could hear and it's a portable unit and so you could hear everything crunching together and i felt like i was riding the wave. this is a picture of the creek just before the earthquakes way more stones than water. there was a
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lot of algae. covering the water , and it was just very still and it was almost like is there water in this creek? then came the quakes of wednesday. the 14th. we came down here on thursday and we're like whoa! like we ask the kids. what you know, what do you think happened now? it's just flowing so much better and cleaner and clearer and it's great. it's so much fun for the kids. yes it did rain here over the weekend, but the water rise was days ahead of the rain. there's no doubt at all. we had the kindergartners work on building trenches to keep the water flowing before the earthquake, and it was nothing but a trickle. we came down after the day after the earthquake. it was like night and day difference. this is the delightful result of some very serious science, geotechnical science, seismic science that unleashed this water to the kids delight. it's interesting and mysterious, and i think it's kind of neat usgs gov physicist dublin roll offs says this is very common, but rarely noticed
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. so what we think happens is that the earthquake, um because it's shaking the near surface materials, it's just making them a little bit looser and more permeability and the groundwater is a little more easily able to flow out of the ground. and so a science lesson and a super soak , all of them at one time reporting live. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. yeah that's kind of interesting, actually, that we're just talking about that in the newsroom here or in the studio that you know you shake it up a little bit. you're gonna compress some of those fluids in between the rocks and between the shale and perhaps create an increased flow. of course, the rainfall didn't hurt either, right? and we had contacted almost three inches of rain. this storm totals. but for this time of year for we're coming up on the just getting to the equinox tomorrow. these numbers are really, really good. i mean, we're well over average hundreds and hundreds of percent of average for this time of year
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because we don't typically see much in the way of rain. we had some sprinkles this morning showers up to 2/10 of an inch, maybe a little more in the coastal hills down around ben loman up in terms half moon bay, upchurch, stinson beach and marine county. these are some of the storm totals. san francisco from sunday to wednesday only ended up 3/10 of an inch of rain, half inch of rain and san jose. that's pretty good again. this goes a long way in helping us with the fire concerns that we have been having and will probably continue to have a terminal equinox begins tomorrow . that's when the sub solar point that the sun's direct rate of right over the equator, so it's 63 specific time. the sun's sub solar point would be. it's supposed to be right over the equator. so what it means is right, essentially equal day. equal night. it's not because the way the earth shaped it's not quite equal. that's where the return echo equal right. equal latin. so the equinox tomorrow it's my favorite equinox, actually, well, there's only two but this is my favorite one only because this time of
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year is money in the bay area. we're going to see it. we've got temperatures today. that kind of, you know, trending. not that warm little warmer on thursday, little warmer on friday, saturday and sunday. i've i, it's i was. it's not hot. i mean, 94 livermore. it's very warm. i guess it is hot. it's still relative. but compared to what? there's one seventeens we saw, it just seems about right for this time of year. so there is the trend for this week. the rain has done for a while. the temperatures are gonna warm up for the weekend fire. danger will be think a thing for sure. but again, the rainfall certainly helped increase those fuel moistures. i'll see you back here with the full forecast. all right, bill. thank you. hurricane fiona that strengthened now into a category four storm after blowing right through the turks and caicos islands and devastating puerto rico, this is a look at the flooding in puerto rico, where most people are still without power or even running water. fiona is forecast to come very close to bermuda later this week , and that is where we find fox weather's robert ray, who has been tracking the storm, robert yes, indeed. hurricane fiona.
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category four trekking up through the atlantic ocean, and it's going to come about 100 miles to the west of where i'm at in bermuda. and if you're not familiar with the island of bermuda, we are just under 700 miles from mainland usa in north carolina, bermuda is really a beautiful place. it is a territory of great britain about 21 square miles that is all consisting of about 180 very tiny. the different islands here . roughly 65,000 people live here, and they are prone to not only tropical storms hurricanes that make their way across the atlantic and fiona are going to come really close. we spent today talking to residents and visitors about how they're prepping. or perhaps some of them not prepping. listen, hopefully not. we don't get too much damage and probably a lot of don trees, power lines and electricity may have people losing their lives in their rooftops, but how to guarantee
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by monday, you wouldn't even think of hurricane came across from you to that's how we are. that's how we ruled on here. we arrived on friday and no thoughts of leaving. um to be honest, from what we've heard of what's happening. it's not really going to touch base too hard on bermuda's about 100 and whatever, miles off the coast. just gonna get the old skirt something like more or less. we're gonna get some little lightning and thunder and little more rain and stuff. and i think that's supposed to get yourself some batteries and water and couple of stuff. generators running and you should be okay. back here live in bermuda. and certainly yes, people should be okay here, but they need to heed the warnings even though this hurricane is going to be 100 miles offshore. we're still going to feel the brunt of those potentially even low category one wins. that's 70 miles an hour plus guys and that can create damage down trees and there's going to be 50. foot swells in the atlantic around
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bermuda starting tomorrow. tomorrow evening into early friday morning, we're going to see the hardest effects here and then get this. i was shocked when our meteorologists in new york were talking about this, it's going to be 600 miles wide when it comes here to bermuda as it tracks up to canada, it's going to widen to 1200 miles. what an amazing piece of energy hurricane fiona is. back to you, robert. i know the state department did issue a travel warning for americans going to and from there like the gentleman said in your piece, he was just going to hunker down. do you get a sense that most people are going to remain in bermuda and they're not going to go to the airport and try and get out of there. that is my sense. yes, the state department urging people to reconsider their travel options. but you know, we flew in here today from charlotte, north carolina, full full flight. and honestly, you know, most people that we talked to when the forecast changed a little bit when hurricane fiona moved a little to the west. i think most people kept their
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tickets even though there are many hotels here on the island that have temporarily shut down, many of them opening back up saturday, but, yeah, even the government here saying to people, you know don't take this lightly at all. i mean, tomorrow at this time, it's going to be blowing like mad behind me. all right, robert ray live tonight. there in bermuda, right appreciate the report. russia has shamelessly violated the court tenants. president biden slamming russia's invasion of ukraine at the u. n. general assembly jackie heinrich in new york. i'll have the details coming up. and coming up at six o'clock. attorneys for elizabeth holmes says she deserves a new trial. but prosecutors claim that's only a stall tactic before her sentencing next month.
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united nations this morning at the 77th meeting of the u. n. general assembly in new york and the president's main focus, calling on u. n member states to show solidarity with the
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ukrainian people and also condemn russia's in beijing foxes jackie heinrich reports. president biden on wednesday, making his case to the world that russia deserves international condemnation for its ongoing war in ukraine, permanent member of the united nations security council invaded its neighbors. attempted to erase a sovereign state from the map. russia has shamelessly violated the court tenants of the united nations charter invasion nears the seven month mark. russian forces have been accused of widespread war crimes as they push to take territory in eastern ukraine. attacks on schools. railway stations, hospitals this war. it's about extinguishing ukraine's right to exist as a state. plain and simple. russia on wednesday announced its first major military mobilization since world war two and repeated threats that it had not ruled out using nuclear weapons. a
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nuclear war can not be one and must never before. the president, also announcing nearly $3 billion in global food security aid to address widespread food shortages caused by russia's invasion and the effects of climate change states. introduced a call to action. a roadmap, eliminating global food insecurity. it's russia's war that is worsening food insecurity. and only russia can end it. biden also called out aggression from north korea and china and pushed other countries to help the u. s. revived the iran nuclear deal in new york. jackie heinrich fox news earlier on the four we spoke with a san jose state university political science professor about president biden's response to the repeated russian threats about the use of nuclear weapons in ukraine. and she says the statement mr biden made has been used before. i think he went to the united nations podium with the intention of de escalating
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because there's really no point in playing the russian game and making another threat just to seem, um, like, you know, you're brandishing your nuclear arsenal as well. that was the formula that was first used. jointly by soviet leader mikhail gorbachev and president reagan in 1985, so he was subtly reminding, um, i think the russian people that this was something was spoken by their own leader. other global leaders from countries such as france, latvia and poland also condemned putin's remarks about the possible use of nuclear weapons flights out of russia skyrocketing and caused all while dwindling in availabilities still ahead, why some russians are suddenly racing to flee their home country and newly released video showing the moment of truth when investigators confirmed that a northern california woman was lying about being kidnapped.
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mation to an arrest and conviction in a 2016 double homicide 27 year old lindsay mccullum and 51 year old eddie tate was shot and killed while inside a wooden box that they were using as living quarters. police believe the sketch on the right side of your screen resembles a person of interest in that shooting. now this all happened around nine pm on december 16th 2016 on the corner of 16th street and south venice avenue. reward for information
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leading to an arrest has been increased to $100,000 video recording of the interrogation of the northern california woman who faked her kidnapping has been released. the shasta county sheriff released the video of sherri papini, innit investigators tell her that they knew she had not been kidnapped because all the dna evidence was from her and her ex boyfriend, not the two latino women she falsely claimed were responsible for taking her while she was out for a jog. i rented a car. no and picked her up. he passed the polygraph test. that's not what happened. what didn't happen. no way it's james. wait willing dna doesn't lie. vienna dna was on you. away. the interrogation was to find out what really happened
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to papini, the mother of two who disappeared during three weeks and 2016. she was found with bindings and injuries and she fabricated kidnapping story or injuries were proven to be self inflicted. papini pleaded guilty last spring and has agreed to pay more than $300,000 in restitution. just this past monday, she was sentenced to 18 months in prison. authorities have identified 31 year old eric jagger of fremont as the driver of a stolen car who was hit and killed on the same mateo bridge early this morning. the chp says it all started with a report of a home invasion and burglary in half moon bay. about four o'clock this morning. the homeowners also reported that their white ford mustang was stolen. police on the peninsula tried to pursue the car but kept losing sight of it. but then there were reports of a car stopped on the cemetery. oh bridge. that car was the stolen mustang. we do believe that the suspect did run out of gas just because the vehicle that show that it was low fuel or fuel, so we do believe that the suspect
5:34 pm
ran out of gas and tried to flee the area. the chp says when the suspect got out of the car, he was struck and killed by oncoming traffic motorcyclist was killed in a crash in livermore. early this morning, officers were called to isabel avenue and airway boulevard just before 5 30, where a vehicle struck the motorcyclists. the motorcyclist was pronounced dead right there at the scene. livermore police say the driver of the other vehicle did stay in his cooperating with officers. traffic in that area was shut down for several hours for the investigation. jury selection began today in the civil trial of santa clara county sheriff laurie smith. smith is accused of public corruption in connection with how the county jail was managed, and also for the way her office allegedly used its power to grant permits for concealed carry weapons. she has also been accused of withholding documents during an internal affairs investigation of jail operations. smith denies all allegations she is scheduled to leave office in january. but if the jury finds any of the
5:35 pm
counts against her to be true, she would be removed from office immediately. the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas has agreed to be interviewed by the house committee investigating the january 6th. u. s. capitol riots. a lawyer for conservative activists. virginia virginia, thomas says she's quote eager to clear up any misconceptions about her work relating to the 2020 election. virginia thomas communicated with people in former president trump's inner circle ahead of that riot, and on the day the attack happened. and she contacted lawmakers in arizona in wisconsin as part of an effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election. the house panel will hold a hearing one week from today. new york's attorney general, is suing former president donald trump and three of his children , calling it the artist steel new york a g leticia james accuses the former president of padding his net worth by billions of dollars. she says he habitually misled banks and others about the value of his
5:36 pm
assets. trump's three eldest children, donald jr. ivanka and eric trump, are also named as defendants in that civil lawsuit. this investigation revealed that donald trump engaged in years of illegal conduct to inflate his net worth. to achieve to deceive banks. and the people of the great state of new york. claiming you have money that you do not have. does not amount to the art of the deal. it's the art of the steal. and there cannot be different rules for different people in this country or in the state. and former presidents are no different. an attorney for the former president says the lawsuit is quote neither focused on the facts nor the law. today nasa performed key test that could make or break their mission to orbit the moon. the agency's artemis one rocket had a couple of setbacks in recent weeks, but now nasa hopes to green light of launch next tuesday. if it does
5:37 pm
happen on tuesday, will mark the third attempted launch of the artemis one rocket. the first attempt was scrubbed because of a faulty temperature sensor. in the rockets engine. the second attempt was canceled because of a hydrogen leak master repaired that leak and today they tested the repair, and they also used a new way to fuel up the rockets. 300 ft tall booster. the tests are actually still underway, and earlier today there was some concern at one point because another hydrogen leak was detected. it's exactly the same leak they had the other day, which is kind of surprising, so they had to do some work arounds and lower the hydrogen tank pressure to minimize the leak, and that worked. although we haven't heard from nasa yet, dr ken kramer, space journalist says today's test does appear to be going smooth since that leak was fixed. nasa will not confirm launch windows until we do hear the official results of today's testing. no word on when that will come. the launch window, though on tuesday begins at 11 30 in the morning, eastern time.
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coming up. the immigration battle is heating up. as republican governors continue to send migrants to democratic led states plus russian president vladimir putin puts his popularity at home to the test by ordering reserve troops to the front li s n lond .
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kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day. this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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rations battle between republican governors and the white house boxes, casey stengel reports. they are fleeing political persecution, only to be used as a political pond by the florida governor. and that is something that the people in florida should be asking the governor. why is he doing this? florida governor rhonda santis is firing back after receiving criticism for flying asylum seekers to martha's vineyard in massachusetts last week. santa
5:41 pm
says the migrants sign consent forms that read, in part quote i agree to be transported by the benefactor or its designated representatives to locations in sanctuary cities. on tuesday, those migrants filed a lawsuit against florida's governor and other state officials claiming they were told they were going to boston or washington, not martha's vineyard. senator marco rubio says the lawsuit is outrageous. people came into this country illegally violating our laws, and the first thing they do is get lawyers and use our laws to sue an elected governor to sue estate. just think about that. they just got here. they're not even here legally. they didn't enter the country the proper way and they're immediately in court demanding rights and claims under our laws. this is outrageous. the immigration crisis is front and center as record numbers of migrants reached the border states. according to customs and border protection. thousands are entering the us every day. this is not immigration. what we're seeing. this is mass migration. that's a very different thing. even more asylum seekers are
5:42 pm
expected to be flown and bust out of the lone star state as this immigration battle continues. that's the latest from el paso, texas. casey stegall fox news. to animal rescues, the first involving a major operation now underway after more than 200 whales are discovered out of the water. first responders in southern california called in after a fall leaves a blind dog in a dangerous spot. we had a few light showers this morning. they are done for now, except the northern california will peak at where they are now will peak at what's coming up for the weekend, which isn't that far off.
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wait, what are we talking about? gronk! thank you for... nothing. (laughs) the new subway series. what's your pick? hawaii earlier on the four we did speak to serial dirham. oh who completed this incredible journey yesterday afternoon? i was so glad i could share the whole journey on on social media
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and on my website and having people that connected with not only their just tanking side side of the story or even jed venturers side. it's more than human. um spiritual journey that i was in. jaramillo became the first known kayaker to ever make that trip from the bay area to hawaii alone. he attempted it last year but had to be rescued because of some rough water. he said today that he plans on relaxing but in his feet up while in hawaii and tilting back and my tie fire crews in pasadena rescued a blind dog that fell into a hole at a construction site and they posted this video of the search and rescue team hoisting the 13 year old dog named caesar out of that hole. the dog apparently wandered onto that site last night and then fell about 15 ft . it only took rescuers about 12 minutes to lower one team member into that hole, get the dog into a harness and then pull them back up to safety. as you can see, cesar seems to be doing just fine after that fall. san francisco supervisors have
5:46 pm
approved legislation that allows police to use privately owned surveillance cameras in real time. this will be a one year pilot program and owners of the cameras have to give police permission to use them. the use of the cameras must be connected to a life threatening emergency or to make a decision on where to send officers doing a large event where there are possible public safety concerns. police can also use those cameras in criminal investigations, but only if there is written permission. large numbers of russians have rushed to book one way tickets out of the country after vladimir putin announced a partial mobilization of military reservists for the war in ukraine, flights filled up quickly and the prices of tickets for remaining connections skyrocketed today, apparently driven by fears that russia's borders could soon close the price for flights from moscow to istanbul or dubai. by reaching as high as $9100.01 way. as boxes. greg palkot reports. the move is being condemned by world leaders and by russians at home. russian
5:47 pm
president vladimir putin ordered a partial mobilization of his country's reserve forces putting more than 300,000 soldiers on alert. it's the first such call up the russian troops since world war two. putin's says it's a necessary move as he accuses the west of trying to interfere with russia's invasion of ukraine and its aggressive anti russian policy. the west has crossed every line. we hear constant threats against our country and our people. western leaders are calling the mobilization and act of desperation and an attempt to make up for russia's setbacks on the battlefield. putin's latest order is getting mixed reactions in russia state media is reporting a spike in demand for plane tickets out of the country , while online opposition groups are calling for people to demonstrate. still young, of course, the pride inside me says yes go to war, but the common sense says that i can die there is also expressing support for referenda to an next occupied areas of ukraine. in his speech
5:48 pm
to the u. n. general assembly. president biden called this a violation of the un charter and of ukraine's rights as a sovereign nation. this world should see these outrageous acts for what they are. putin claims he had to act. because russia was threatened. but no one threatened russia. and no. one other than russia. sought. conflict also on wednesday speech, putin issuing an apparent veiled threat to use nuclear weapons to defend russia in london, greg falcon fox newso instagram was disrupted following days of mass protests over the death of a woman who was detained by the morality police. instagram is one of the last social media platforms still available in the country that blocks group that monitors internet access, reported widespread disruptions. witnesses inside iran say they are unable to log on and that the whatsapp messaging app is
5:49 pm
also blocked. such disruptions would limit the ability of protestors to organize and share information. in a separate development, hackers launched a cyber attack targeting the websites of several state agencies, including the central bank, the fda issued a warning against what it's calling a dangerous tiktok challenge. the challenge involves cooking chicken in nyquil or other similar over the counter cough and cold medicines. the fda says boiling those medications can make that solution much more concentrated and inhaling. the vapors could allow high amounts of the drug to enter the body and injured the lungs. the fda is releasing that warning after reports of teens being rushed to the emergency room after taking part in the challenge. tiktok and procter and gamble, the maker of nyquil, have not yet commented on the warning. there is new technology out there which could save whales from deadly ship strikes along the bay area coastline and beyond the marine mammal center and the benioff ocean signs laboratory today announced a collaboration to deploy whale safe. it's a
5:50 pm
technology based mapping and analysis system. it uses buoys and acoustic monitoring to detect the whales and then provide real time data to the captains of the ships. the developers say the technology creates something like a school zone for wales call to action to help stop these guys scrapers size ships from colliding with wales is simply too slow down in the same way that slowing down by ships slowing down by schools helps save lives slowing down when wales are present helps to save whales. researchers say whale deaths from ship strikes have increased over the past decade, with estimates of more than 20 or 80 endangered whales killed off the west coast every year. 230 pilot whales have stranded themselves on an australian beach experts in tasmania say only about 35 are still alive. rescuers are trying to keep those surviving wales alive by using towels and
5:51 pm
buckets of water. while they work to get rescue gear toward the beach pilot whales are notorious for stranding themselves, and experts aren't entirely sure why. already pretty nice day out there today. a few showers a few sprinkles this morning to the tune of 2 10, 7 inch or 10th of an inch on like some of the coastal areas of round pacifica and half moon bay as you look outside the live picture, you're looking at some cool alto cumulus clouds off here in the distance, the remnants pretty much fair or will, as that system moves out, it's up in the northeast part of the state, and that's where the rain is. now. this is was our system here. you see those pops? those are lightning hits. that's the current radar, not a lot going on right now. but if i go forward, you'll see the lightning come kind of programmed fall river east of reading use of red bluff, so that's the end of it in the showers are still coming out. nothing is aggressive as we had last night at this time up in the out in the livermore valley,
5:52 pm
that one cell was pretty pretty aggressive or open davis about 36 hours ago, they had an event that was dropped, you know, 34 inches of rain, really in a very short amount of time in the town of davis, so that's that's what those cells are capable of producing in those cells came via this low pressure center that drop the temperatures and gave us a really pleasant run of what they're really considering . this is what you want, right? you want a little rain? so we can back off fire season a bit, and that's what exactly it's done. fire season is not over. you know that. but boy, it helps man. i mean, it helps a lot and so this high is going to build in. it's going to warm up. we will probably talking about fire danger this weekend, when temperatures get in the hot spots back in the low nineties, which is pretty warm, but not crazy for this time of year, but well as soon as things dry out, we're back in the old way, but it's gonna take a couple of weeks to get it as crispy. it would take, you know a couple weeks of some pretty warm to hot weather to get us back to where we were because you forget you probably don't forget, but we
5:53 pm
had those record heat days. remember day after day after day 1 15 1 17 low humidities fuels were being dried out. the fire danger was being elevated. this rain tackled that and did a pretty good job. i'm assuming and certainly did a great job kind of hoping extinguished or begin to put out the mosquito fire and get that smoke down forecast tomorrow. yeah. this time he was 20. i've been doing this a long time. and i gotta tell you this time of year is the time of year. all i think about is rain. i really do. it's like you know, even though it's beautiful weather fall weather, which is some of the best weather, but it's such a kind of a scary time for all of us, right. we all have a little ptsd from the events copy park or the oakland hills are all these that we've all been part of these things now and so the sooner we can get that next big series of storms in here, which could be in a couple of weeks. the better so we can get going with winter and move on with some more rain. i'll see you back here in a little bit. sounds good. thank you. bill today marks black women's equal payday coming up a
5:54 pm
conversation with a gender wage gap expert about today's significance and the changes that still need to take place and coming up at six o'clock. the house takes a significant vote to reform how presidential elections are certified. and even though democrats control both chambers, it's not guaranteed that the bill will become law. also ahead. doctors are hopeful that tray lands might return to the field this season. but the niners aren't so sure. later what kyle shanahan had to say t ay at practice.
5:55 pm
have heart failure and still experience unresolved symptoms? heart failure and seemingly unrelated symptoms
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like carpal tunnel syndrome... ...shortness of breath... ...irregular heartbeat... ...and lower back pain could mean something more serious called attr-cm a rare, underdiagnosed disease that worsens over time, so it's important to recognize the signs. sound like you? call your cardiologist and ask about attr-cm. a day that highlights how much longer a black woman had to work on average, earn as much as her white male counterparts did in 2021 voices for change segment. ktvu is greg lee spoke to
5:57 pm
eleanor ramsey, an expert on the gender and racial pay gap. today is black women's equal pay day, marking the fact that black women on average make 58 cents to every dollar, their white male counterparts make explain why today should not just be an observation, but a call to action. because this issue of pay and equity experienced by african american women cuts across all industries and all job categories, and therefore it's a major concern that should be addressed and such a day brings attention to that the need to view it as not only a one day in the year and which attention should be brought to this, but that it should be part of the ongoing approach that we use to addressing the need to level the place. think feel and to bring about equity across the gender, uh as well as the gender gap this day falls about a month later than last year, indicating
5:58 pm
the wage gap is widening. how frustrating is that? and what do you think might be leading to this? well i think one of the things to the extent of the pandemic is a factor has to do with the decisions that were made about who continued to work who, what the compensation was and how comfortable corporations and government and contractors were in paying african american women less and, um, enabling them to work for a few hours. one of the things is where decision makers are people of color as well as those who are caucasian males. are there in a position to make a difference and to ensure when decisions are made about higher that those decisions are equitable and then when decisions are made about leave time, special consideration for in the case of professionals who gets money to do training who gets money to travel? those are decisions that
5:59 pm
profoundly affect the actual inequities in compensation, and so a broader look at how decisions affect the bottom line. line as reflected in the salary and the position in which the person is hired. i think can you really move the needle and change the conditions that we are experiencing? latino women's equal payday will be observed on december 8th of this year for more interviews and content like this just head over to our website at ktvu .com and search voices for change. this is ktvu fox two news at six. california vows to take action on gun violence, with state leaders joining families who have lost loved ones and shootings to announce a new state office dedicated to reducing gun violence. this is about all of us, and none of us. our children should not have to go to school, hiding under desks and having school drills. well california ranks better than most other
6:00 pm
states when it comes to gun violence, but state leaders have now come up with new ideas to strengthen partnerships between law enforcement agencies and community groups. get more guns off the streets. good evening. i'm claudine walking mike mibach . the attorney general's news conference in san francisco, came less than an hour before shooting in the bayview district . police say shots were fired at third in palu avenue at about 12 15 this afternoon to victims were found on scene, both of them transported to the hospital . at the news conference, state leaders announced that they are hoping to pull resources to prevent these types of shootings and better respond to them. when they do happen. ktvu is brooks jarocz has more on the aggies plan guns we actually doing this in real life. a gathering about guns, violence, prevention groups and victims. families joined california's attorney general in san francisco's soma district wednesday, armed with a message epidemic has paralyzed all of us . it has gotten out of control


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